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Thank you for everything up until now!

The last event in Nagoya has ended!

There are a lot of things I want to say,

but now I truly don’t know if it’s okay
to write it all now…

The members,
who were always always there
even more than my family,
To not be able to see them

makes me truly lonely.
With everyone
I’ve laughed a lot
cried a lot
I’ve even fought with them, but
because we were all together
I was able to do my best and come this far.
For everything up until now
truly, thank you!
Saki will do her best.
All of the fans
thank you so very much for always supporting me and cheering me on!
When the venue turned green
I was so happy tears suddenly came.
I’ll never forget.
From now on
I’ll be continuing as a normal girl, but
I’ll do my best
without forgetting
my smile and my energy♪
For the 7 years since I was an egg, and the year and three months since my major debut, truly, thank you very much :heart:
Ogawa Saki
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Sorry for making you worry.

Good evening!

Yesterday there was
an announcement but
on the 27th
I will graduate from S/mileage
and Hello! Project.

Up until now
I’ve worried about it, but continuing in S/mileage
while worrying wouldn’t be good, so I decided
to graduate!

I’m sorry that the announcement was late.

But until the 27th
I’m still part of S/mileage,
so right up to the end I will do my best with a smile
as S/mileage’s glutton. :guu:

Until then, everyone
please continue to support me!

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Important Announcement Regarding S/mileage

Important Announcement Regarding S/mileage
Thank you for always supporting S/mileage.
We have an important announcement regarding S/mileage’s Ogawa Saki.
On August 27th at the live event for “Uchouten LOVE” at Nagoya Higashibetsuin Hall, Ogawa Saki will graduate from S/mileage and Hello! Project.
– Hello! Project

Comment from Tsunku♂
I sincerely thank you for always supporting Hello! Project as well as myself, Tsunku♂.
This is sudden, but I have an announcement for everyone.
Although we just made an announcement the other day of the five winners who will become sub-members, on August 27th Ogawa Saki will graduate from S/mileage and Hello! Project.
At the beginning of May this year, she made an official request, saying “I’ve been struggling with this for a little while and I have asked the staff for advice many times, but my desire to return to being a normal middle school student has become strong, so please allow me to quit.”
She is the youngest, but I had complete faith in her singing talent.
However, there was what comes next to think of,
as well as the strong desire to improve as a group and as individuals,
and as a producer I decided that it would not be good for the current members or the group to continue it’s activities while looking out for a troubled member,
so I accepted Ogawa’s request.
When the group first formed I announced that it would be a unit with fluctuating members, and because of this matter I hurriedly announced the search for S/mileage members in June.
Because of various parties connected with herself and the group, as well as the terms and conditions of her contract, I could not disclose the details or her intent until today. Please forgive me.
Furthermore, she is still an inexperienced student and a minor.
It might be unforgiveable for a working adult to abandon their job halfway through,
but I am hoping that you will please take into consideration her frank feelings and somehow watch over her warmly.
To all of the fans, I hope you please continue to support S/mileage for a long time.

Heisei year 23, August 24th,
S/mileage Producer
Comment from Ogawa Saki

Thank you for always supporting me.
I, Ogawa Saki, will graduate from Hello! Project and S/mileage on August 27, 2011.
Since our major debut in May of last year, I have had fun every day as a part of S/mileage.
However, somewhere in my heart I felt that my true self and my S/mileage self were vastly different.
I asked the staff for advice many times, and worried about it for a long time, but I felt that it wasn’t good for S/mileage for me to be uncertain while the other members were working very hard and facing forward, so I decided to return to being a normal girl.
I am sorry that the announcement became so last minute.
I feel sad, but S/mileage’s trademark is our constant smiles!
I will give it my all and finish the event on 8/27 with a smile, and though my time left is short, please support me!
After I graduate the new members will join, and I would like to continue to cheer on the powered up S/mileage.
Thank you for all of your support up until now.
S/mileage  Ogawa Saki
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New Members (・∀・∩)

Good work-ty :heart:
was the last day of the HelloCon :light:

Today o(^o^)o
was the announcement
of the new members
of S/mileage :nikoniko:
The new members are :kirakira:
Takeuchi Akari-chan
Katsuta Rina-chan
Tamura Meimi-chan
Kosuga Fuyuka-chan
Nakanishi Kana-chan
They’re sub-members
so we don’t know which ones
will become official S/mileage members. (*^-^)ノ
But continuing forward. :heart:
Please keep supporting S/mileage. :cat2: :heart:
:cherry: Byebye-ty
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With Kanon!

Today I had an individual handshake event
with Kanon. (^^)ノ :heart:

We also had
a mini event
and for a long time
the two of us have said
I want to do this!!
So I’m glad we got to. :kirakira:

also came. o(^o^)o

Thank you so much
to everyone who came. :nikoniko:

After that was
Live Suma!

It was our last Live Suma
as four people!

It was fun
and became a good memory. (・∀・)

Well then,
I’ll see you tomorrow. :cat2: :raburabu:

Byebyetii :cherry:
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Individual Handshake Event(・∀・)

Today we had an individual handshake event. o(^o^)o

An individual handshake event
is longer than
a normal handshake event
and we can talk a lot
so it’s really fun. :raburabu: :raburabu:

who came
Thank you
very much. :cat2: :kirakira:

Ayacho & Kanon & Saki
will be at
the Nippon Seinenkan
so definitely come okay? :nikoniko: :lips:

Alright then
byebyetii :cherry:
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And the correct answer isヾ(^▽^)ノ

The correct answer
to yesterday’s picture is




The one with the leopard print
was Saki


The one in black was Ayacho


( ´艸`) :heart:



Yesterday was
our dress rehearsal


Before the actual show
there’s a lot of dance moves
and stuff that I need to go over
I have a lot of points to reflect on
Σ( ̄□ ̄) :guu:


I’ll do my best :heart: :kirakira:


The songs that keeps
playing over and over
in Saki’s head is :cat2: :heart:


Of course
S/mileage’s song~


:heart: Uchouten LOVE :heart:


Zutto Aishiaimasho

I LOVE You :heart:


That part.




In the dance moves, there’s part where we shoot like BANG :cat2: :heart:


During that move

Whether it’s shooting it (lol)

Or shooting it back (lol)


I want to try it doing it

( :heart: ´艸`)

My hair :kirakira:

I’m so happy(^з^)/chu




Bye byes☆
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I’ll say this first
It’s short :cat2: :heart:


Today was
dress rehearsal





I’ll write more tomorrow :nikoniko: :guu:

I went to a footbath
with Ayacho


Which one is Saki


Tomorrow is
Oha Star
Watch it, kay?(^з^)/chu


Bye byes☆
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( ´艸`)



Only pictures :cat2: :heart:


Bye byes
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Next Generation World Hobby(*^-^)ノ

The second day of
the Next Generation World Hobby Fair
is over


We only did our exchange
successfully 2 out of 4 times :shobon:


We lost


I’m sorry(>_<。)


We have a
punishment game waiting for us


We have to blacken our teeth & wear a top-knot wig♪♪~( ̄ε ̄)


Please check out Oha Star

who came out
to support us


Everyone who couldn’t come,
but still supported us


After our
Summer Hello
Concert rehearsals
I always want to
eat ice cream


I want to eat
Banana Milk ice cream


When it’s hot
I want to eat ice cream as much as possible


Well then
tomorrow I will do my best with energy


Bye byes
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