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Tanaka-san、 here you go!


Don't need it.

Don’t need it.


Don't need it.

Don’t need it.

Don't need it.

Don’t need it.


She left。(lol)


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My hp was… okamari

Good evening!

While I reading through yesterday’s comments

I’m surprised by how many people there were
Who were still using schedule books (°o°) wao

Okada too, with love in every written word
Write down all my confirmed appointments in it.

By the way everyone
Is your December schedule still blank??

For those who have it still blank, please pay attention to this news. lol

LoVendoЯ LIVE TOUR 2013 DecembeЯ

Blog pre-application of tickets
Is still ongoing.

Along with me
Let’s fill up our schedules?(lol)

URL is here↓

Please check it out!

Now then, the preliminaries got a bit long but

I went for a fishing shoot this morning
Then to voice training, and then on to a photoshoot ^p^

An unexpected event occurred during my fishing shoot
And caused major damage to my spirit…。

In pursuit of the truth
I think I can talk to everyone about it.

In any case,
Anyway due to the location shoot I went in my fishing attire to voice training.


Doesn’t it look surreal somehow??lol

But it was a fun and fulfilling day♪

Now then, Rabuon!
Has been uploaded so please check it out☆


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Schedule book okamari

Good evening!

Right now I’m, preparing for tomorrow’s work?As I do that
I started flipping through my old schedule books (*^o^*)


Somehow, I was very particular and everything was color coordinated
There were even purikura pasted inside

Ahh this happened too~
And that as well~

I remembered a lot of things.(lol)

Recently I’ve been coordinating my schedule with only my phone
So I haven’t been writing anything down

But as I look through the collected schedule books from the past
I feel a sense of warmth from them

So I’ll start writing them again♪♪

Everyone, do you prefer to use schedule books?
Or do you prefer your phone??

In a society run by machines
To have something handwritten like this left behind
It surely cant be a bad thing ^ ^

The things you write now will someday
Become something you feel all nostalgic about when you look through it again(lol)

Fufufu~♪ Looking forward to it♪

~Pre-Application now~

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Propose okamari

Good evening!

I went to Home Center Kohnan today!
I am currently in the midst of remodelling♪♪

I’ve collected white furniture so far but,

As time went by
I started thinking that this isn’t a hospital so

I went and bought curtains with cute designs on them.

I wanted to make my room look like my ideal quickly
But my finances couldn’t keep up…lol

It’d be great if I could get it all done within the year.
I’ll work hard.

Yes, anyway,

This guy I knew who lives near Kohnan
Came to meet up with me

I haven’t gone out to play with a little kid for a while
And since we haven’t met up in ages

I was really nervous (・Д・).。oO(ehh~what should we talk about…

But we broke the ice pretty quickly

And when we went to look at the furnishings together

“It would be great if we could live together in a house like this”

It seems like I got proposed to. oi

Such a romantic 5 year old boy.

I wonder what kind of girl he’ll fall for in the future
As the first person he proposed to
I am quite interested in the outcome.(don’t take it so seriously)

On a different subject

Was it yesterday’s question corner???

I watched Despicable Me 2 lately!
I mentioned something like that.



I made this out of tamagoyaki~☆

I wanted to try making a character bento someday…

But only kids would like this right?lol

Everyone, if you were to
Receive something made by your wife or girlfriend

Would you be happy with a character bento??
(Girls, please imagine it too lol)

Well then, goodnight♪

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L,as,t! okamari

Good evening~

UF LICKS will start soon~!

Are you ready with your mobile devices?
If you’ve already gotten the peanuts ready with your drinks
I’m sure you’ll enjoy it even more (´・3・`) ehh

And somehow, starting today

LoVendoЯ LIVE TOUR 2013 DecembeЯ
(take note of the title☆)

Tickets pre-application from the blog!

■Application Period:October 18th(Fri)12:00~27th(Sun)18:00

■Application URL:

At the end of 2013…during the cold of winter
Let’s get all fired up with LoVendoЯ!

Now then, for today’s 100 Questions
Q90~Q100!Finally the last~!

Q91、What do you do to care for your throat?

For winter,
I sleep with a wet mask (:3_ヽ)_

Q92、What type of cars do you like?

I don’t really know much about cars but
I like how it feels to ride in the Delica!

Q93、Do you have any interest in acting?

Overflowing with interest (°o°) *restless*

By the way,
In kindergarten I took on the role of Otohime in the Urashima Taro story
In high school I played a yankee JK character.(oh really)

Q94、How many piercings do you have?

1 on my right ear and 3 in my left!
The ones on the cartiliage have probably closed up though. sob

Q95、Your favorite Disney character?

I love Disney♡
My favorites are probably Donald and Daisy?

It’s Halloween right now isn’t it~♪

Q96、Have you seen the other members without their makeup?

Of course ^ ^
However, I feel like they don’t really change much…lol

Q97、Is it true that there are no evil people amongst people who like fishing?

For now, the bad seeds among the people who like fishing
I haven’t met any (・ω・)b

Q98、What kind of behavior/gesture does Okamari find to be girly?

To brush aside a loose strand of hair…or something like that?

When it comes to Okada, when I brush my hair upwards
My forehead says hi. ehh

Q99、Any movies to recommend?

I absolutely recommend the Twilight series!
This was recommended by Tanaka-san too!

For those that are airing now,
I went to watch Despicable Me 2 lately
It was funnier than I expected. good!

Q100、Are you glad to have joined LoVendoЯ?

Finally at lastーーー!Since we’re here
A question that fits the ending(lol)

Of course
I am glad^ω^(I’m not failing at this lol)

Being able to talk to everyone through this blog too
Is a result of having become part of LoVendoЯ!

These 100 questions were spread out over a long period of time but

With everyone’s help, I have finally answered everything~!!

Once winter has passed,
I think I’ll do it again (*^_^*)

To everyone who asked the questions
Thank you very much♪♪



As I have no new pictures
Please forgive me for posting a purikura from some time ago. lol

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This smile really gets me。okamari

Good afternoonー!

Thanks for your comments everyone!

To the question I asked before(I want to become a singer○※♯×♪)
There were many who responded to this

Before long, I shall talk more about things related to Okada.

Please read it if you’re interested!

Next up, I went out  for a meal
With our support bassist Tabasa-san recently~!

Tabasa-san has always promised that
She would bring me to go eat Thai food but

The first place we went…
And the second place as well…

The shops seemed to have closed down ⊂⌒っ*○*)っ*dotdotdot*

So, this was the third stop…
This time, definitely…we thought

The shop was closed for the day~⊂⌒っ*○*)っ*falls over*

…This is as if
A spirit of ill luck is at work here. lol

In any case

We made a last minute switch to another location
And she brought me to a Korean restaurant she recommended this time♡


Tabasa-san often talks about lots of different things with me

Is it the atmosphere or the way she thinks?
I really like it in any case

And I feel like we have a lot in common.

She’s like a big sister figure I can tell anything to.
I’ve always been in her care♡

And then Tabasa-san

Went to a spot Okada recommended,
The Springs of Mt. Fuji, the other day

She’s usually afraid of fish
But she told me that she had fun
And that the fish weren’t scary at all^ ^

During the previous tour(Yamanashi show),

The fans who went to the Springs of Mt. Fuji
You guys left a comment about it right…??

Those who haven’t been there
It’s a place I would like you to visit

If you have time please go♪(who the hell do you think you are)

Haaa, in any case the next round
Will be the last round for the question and answer corner!

Sorry about the delays in between sob


TBS Radio『Music Navi』
LVーR and also, Late Night Fishing Festival will be aired!

Don’t miss it…
No, please definitely tune in to it!lol

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I was fulfilled〜 okamari

Good evening~

I woke up at 4am today, and went fishing!

I used baits and lures for about 6 hours or so I think…?

I did all that
But sadly my catch today was 0 (T_T)

The people around me caught stuff like whitings and crabs
In particularly wrasses seemed to be biting today.

And then, the man just a stone’s throw away from me
Actually caught a flathead…!

It’s the first time I saw a live one~It’s weird. lol


Right now my father,
Is really pumped up to try and catch a flathead too.

It would be good if he caught it. Fight-o!lol

And then in the evening, I went to watch
U-WAVE’S concert!!!

Kaori-san was cool~

Actually, watching from the audience like this
She really is very beautiful.

Watching a senior’s band like this
We got to learn a lot from them.

I am glad that we were able to
Get this chance to come watch!Isn’t it great!

And as for the pictures,
I am definitely absolutely sure that someone probably uploaded them so

I would like to end
With pictures of my fishing trip today. lol

Kaori-san, thanks for your hard work!
Also, thank you very much!


Beautiful morning sun


Nothing’s biting…but I’m not discouraged…


My makeup-less face for the first time?lol

In the end the right side of my face and neck,
Were burnt red by the sun. sigh

Until tomorrow~

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Thankful。 okamari

Good evening!

Even though I requested at the last minute
Thank you for all the questions!

The remaining 10 questions,
I have selected them out of the mass☆

For the questions I didn’t get to answer this time round,

When I do another corner like this again
I’ll answer them then (o^^o)

Everyone, thank you so much♡

Oh that’s right,
There’s something I was curious about

There are those who are aspiring to be singers
A few questions came from such girls.

That there are those who have the same dreams as I
It makes me really happy!!!

I don’t know if it’s any good picking someone like me as a reference
But it’d be great if I could be of help to everyone!

I haven’t really talked much about what it was like to be interviewed and such

But is it ok if I talk about
How I stepped onto the path of my dreams as a singer…?
(Actually, it’s probably alright right?lol)

I will wait and decide
After seeing everyone’s responses~ lol

Noooooーw then!

Something really good happened today!

I somehow happened to coincidentally meet someone

The drummer
Murakami “Ponta” Shuuichi-san, and I took a picture with him!


(Taking advantage of the chance~lol)

To a little girl he couldn’t quite vaguely remember
He was still quite willing to speak with me
He’s really a wonderful person♪

I wasn’t able to see him drumming
But I’m glad I met him!

Thank you very much♪♪

So until next time~
We have UF LICKS today☆

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It’s been a while okamari

Good afternoon!

As a result of yesterday’s radio recording
My desire to fish is overflowing.

I feel so happy to have jobs related to fishing♡
I am truly grateful that I was invited.

And then even the fans are happy for me
I’m really happy about that too…(ToT) sobsob

With me, from day to day
The fans are my support.

Now then, today at TBS as well
We had a recording for LVーЯ (o^o^o)

How it’s read is a little special
So did everyone remember how to??

It took the capitalized letters of LoVendoЯ and put them together
And is read as “Level R”.

With a name like this
I would like to deliver high level talk to everyone.

We talk a lot about music and stuff
So please listen to it everyone♪♪

TBS-R Music Navi
Every Tuesday 27:00~28:00 on air!

Now then, I’ve left it empty for several days now but
I shall re-open the question and answer corner!

(I have a request to make of everyone, so please read it to the end☆)

Now then, Q81~Q90!

Q81、If a dish that was different from what you ordered came at a Chinese restaurant etc, what would you do?

I’ll eat it!
I can eat anything(^~^)munch munch

Q82、Who do you admire most out of all the Morning Musume members there ever were?

Personally I like Yoshizawa-san’s appearance and personality
I really admire her。。
I want to become an adult like her someday!(I’m already 20 though)

Q83、Do you cook often?

When I actually make a proper meal

When I’m alone at home at night because my mother is doing overtime at work
And I’ll cook only when my father comes home and asks about dinner. ehhh

When I’m onmy own though
I tend to just make do with salad and stuff (b_d)

Q84、Do you know about Tochigi prefecture?

Yes, I know about it.

However as I’m not good with Japan’s geography,
So I can only just try and feel out the exact location of it on the map.(go study)

Q85、Is there any easy way to get better at singing?

Basically just sing a lot maybe…?*sweatdrop*
If you like it, get better at it!←I managed to round it up lol

Q86、I’m younger than you, but is it ok if I call you okamari?

I’m totally fine with that!
Just call me whatever you like ( ^ω^ )

Q87、If you were to express the time spent with the other members in a single word, what would it be?


Q88、If you were in Morning Musume, what image color would you like?

Hn~ I want a color that has never been used before。。

Gold.(you’re standing out too much oi)

Q89、If you were not a human, what would you have been?

A telephone pole maybe

Q90、Your favorite music genre?

I like listening to R&B.
It’s hard to sing…but I admire it!

In any case,
The 100 questions will end next time!

However there is an issue!

There are not enough questions ー\(^o^)/lol

What I have answered, what I haven’t answered
I completely lost track of it.(You didn’t plan it out!)

I wanted to answer everything without exception,
But if I happened to miss you out
I’m sorry. sob

Everyone, please help me out here…。

For the additional questions, I will be waiting for them(quickly please).。

Please come through for me somehow!


My friend sent me this(lol)

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A time of bliss okamari

Good evening!


TBS-R Music Navi
As part of a program
『First Ep Late night fishing festival』

I went for a recording for this >* ))))><

As part of a girls’ gathering
And being able to talk so much about fishing!!!sobsob

Together with me were,
Nagahama Iria-san and Tsuribit’s Takeuchi Natsuki-san.

For Nagahama Iria-san,
It seems like she’s entering her 10th year of fishing experience!

She is someone who has experience from sea fishing to river fishing
And she knows everything there is to know
As a girl fisher she’s a respected senior。。

But really, when I looked up her blog
Her love for fishing was really something…

I want to live a life of fishing the way Nagahama-san has too.
It would be great if we could go fishing together someday (^o^)

Takeuchi Natsuki-san is still only 13 years old!shock

She seems to only just have started fishing
It’s not just for work, since she practices on her private time too.

Natsuki-chan who is part of this new genre of “fishing idols”
I would be happy if one day I can work with her and go fishing together♡

We promised to go together,
So I hope it will become reality!

The whole day today
I learned a great deal about various things, and got to discuss fishing dee~ply

We sure talked a great deal。。。

For this TBS-R Music Navi
『First Ep Late night fishing festival』

October 15th~17th 3am~
It’ll be aired 3 days in a row!!!


If you listen to this and come to like fishing
It’d be great if more people would come to like it☆彡

I’m counting on you to check it out!

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