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Teretteーi ♡

I’ll announce the answer~~17701[1] Okai Chisato35797[1] Okai Chisato
There were quite a loーーーt of Mai-chan answers
But it wasn’t Mai、、、
The correct answer was!!!


It was heartNackyheart4539632[1] Okai Chisato4539632[1] Okai Chisato4539632[1] Okai Chisato
It’s rare to see Nacky sleep this boldly2456[1] Okai Chisato
Today’s Nacky is a protected species lol


Because there were a lot of incorrect answers、
Those who get it wrong, please tell us your number one failure story! lol

Wahhahhahhahhahha 30149[1] Okai Chisatoheartheartheart
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Who is thisー 4539632[1] Chisato4539632[1] Chisato4539632[1] Chisato
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I cut my bangs246[1] Ogata Chisatoheartheart


You know、 I passed by Airi on my way!

Oka 212[1] Chisato Eh 13438 Chisato! Airi~~~!
Suzu 212[1] Chisato Morningー 17701[1] Chisato
She said that without turning to face me、
Without getting close to me、

She was
Walking briskly though、、、

What’s this??
It was kind of a shock to me 4539632[1] Chisato4539632[1] Chisato4539632[1] Chisato
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Aren’t I handy? lol ❤️

Leader and Me。 212[1] Chisato Okai


And today、 this Chisato had free time
So I got Nacky to teach me
And I made this 4539928[1] Okai Chisato4539632[1] Okai Chisato

Totoro soba heart
I looooove Ghibli
So I made it myself, it left a great impression on me 4539632[1] Okai Chisato

You’re handy even if you look like that
Okai Chisato。4539632[1] Okai Chisato

4539928[1] Okai Chisato4649
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Hagi-chan was walking
While chatting with the staff-san。

Hagi. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa 4527025[1] bikkuri4527025[1] bikkuri

Hagi-chan splendidly spilled everything。
Ahーh 2479624796
Even though she’d blogged
That she’d drink Starbucks and do her best! 4528921[1] 驚 odoroki4527025[1] bikkuri

The Yokohama Arena rehearsals
Have ended。
Ah、 I’m completely nervous。
Eh。 Chisato’ll be standing at the Yokohama Arena?
Could this be a dream!24796
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Happy returns ☺

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1604 Zukki Sayu Okai Chisato :heartai: :heartai:

Airi 4527665[1]
Happy 21st birthdayーーー :bikkuri2: :bikkuri2: :bikkuri2:

Airi’s turned 21、

I think that Airi、 she really is a genius :nikoniko:
She’s academically adept
And pretty good at keeping fit、
And she’s also good at singing :heart:
Her figure’s great as well…
There’s nothing that’s bad about her!!!!!! :bikkuri2: :bikkuri2: :bikkuri2: 4539632[1] Okai Chisato

Looking at her…
I always feel envious。
Airi、 in her own way、
Is a hard worker
So I think that she must have put in great efforts :star:

Airi is always ahead of Chisato、
So there are a lot of times
When I feel frustrated、 or envious :shira: (lol)
But I feel that with someone like that among the members 115[1] Okai Chisato4527025[1] bikkuri Okai Chisato
As long as she’s in ℃-ute、 as long as Airi’s around
Chisato will keep on growing :bikkuri2:

So for Chisato
Airi truly is a comrade、
and the greatest rival :heartai::heartai::heartai:

I’d like to have another ChisaAi event :up::up::up:



And、 she’s become a model for Ray
Congratulations 4527211[1] Okai Chisato4527211[1] Okai Chisato4527211[1] Okai Chisato
Chisato will do her best on the variety circuit as well :lips:
Friendly competition :bikkuri2: Friendly competition :bikkuri2: 4539632[1] Okai Chisato

Many many happy returns on turning 21 :raburabu:
Love youーーー :nikoniko:4539632[1] Okai Chisato


Thank you for being born into this world 4529031[1] Okai Chisato
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Live ☺

forTUNE fes vol.0

Ended without a hitch kao[1] Okai:music:

It was fun、
And to everyone who came to cheer us on
Thank you so very much :bikkuri2::bikkuri2:
I was a bit worried、
But your faces gave me energy
I went full throttle with that power :raburabu2: :up::up::up:

I hope that we’ll get to appear again
At events like these!


Niji no Conquistador-san



Yume Miru Adolescence-san!

For Country Girls
We got one only with Momo-chan…


I’m sorry, gomennasai ne ee[1] Okai Chisato:raburabu:
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Thank you!☺

We had a release event in Ikebukuro :bikkuri:

Thank you very much
To everyone who made their way there 106[1] Chisato

Daily 1st :heart: :heart:
Seriously thank you very much :shobon:
I feel that it’s been a while since we last heard about first places (lol)

We’ll do our best!℃-ute :music: :music:


Caption: What do you mean you still don't know ℃-ute by now

Caption: What do you mean you still don’t know ℃-ute by now

The newspaper!! :bikkuri2:
One page of ℃-ute :nikoniko: :raburabu::raburabu:

I’m happy!!!
I’ll do my best :up: :up: :up:


That’s right!
What do you mean you still don’t know ℃-ute by now。


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Close at hand ☺

No、 wait a second。 :bikkuri2: :bikkuri2: :bikkuri2: :bikkuri2: :bikkuri2: :bikkuri2:

If Chisato had this kind of waist
I wouldn’t wear clothes!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


Mai-chan’s awe-inspiring waist :gan: 280[1] Chisato
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How about a drink?☺

Kanazawa Tomoko-chan
And Miyamoto Karin-chan :nikoniko: :bikkuri2:


Kanazawa-chan、 she’s 19 :bikkuri2:
Which is unexpectedly close to meーーーー!
I haven’t really chatted with her
So I’d like to talk with her~~kao[1]

Karin-chan cut her hair short recently
It’s cute :nikoniko: :heart::heart:
It made me happy when she said
A long time ago、 I look up to Okai-san! :nikoniko:
Now… It’s definitely (lol) Not (lol)
I didn’t ask (lol)

Well well well、 I’m happy even if it was way back!(lol)

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