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The best :happy::excite2:

6435b03c_240Good evening everyone!
Today in Osaka、
We wrapped up
The winter Hello! Con! :wink2::excite2:


The stage that Berryz Kobo have stood on
In summer and winter, every year
For about 12 and a half years :excite2::excite2::excite2:
Today is the last time
That Berryz Kobo will stand
On the stage of a Hello! Con。daf9dd7b_240


Thank you so so very much for your hard work :happy::excite2:


The passage of 12 and a half years
Is definitely、 not a short period of time
So there are a mountainload of various memories spinning in my head :xface::blueface:


We weren’t able to memorise the dances fac6bd34_240
And got a great scolding (lol)
And we got scolded for running in the corridors (lol)
We’ve got so many memories that I wouldn’t be able to finish if I started talking about them :happy:020[1]:lips:


When the Hello! Con started、
「Oh myー there’s a lot of peopleー」、
「This person’s grown!」
BeriKyuu had lots of discussions like that :happy::haato:


But in the summer Hello! Cons
Berryz Kobo will no longer be around :blueface::blueface:
It’s sad, it’s sad
I feel like
「Will Berryz Kobo really not be around for the summer Hello! Cons?」


Today、 with Berryz Kobo
We got to sing
Ganbacchae! at the end of the Hello! Con :sad::haato:

When we were singing、
「I’ve got to burn the memory of today into my mind」
I thought :happy::excite2::excite2:
Fully and properly!
I’ll bake it in :xface:


I think that it’ll become a memory
That I’ll always remember in the future
Just like when I made my debut :ohno::haato:


The Hello! Project Kids truly are the best :rabu::haato:


Berryz Kobo
For the Hello! Cons。
Thank you so very much for your hard work :happy:020[1]:haato::haato:


Ahhー My eyes have swollen up :sweat:
What’ll happen to me
On the 3rd of March :sweat: lol
I’ll do my best with a smile…ー!!


Berryz Kobo’s the best :haato:
Bye bye :queen:
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Wow :blueshock:

f32eceb8_240Good evening everyone :happy:020[1]
Today we had a Hello!
live performance at Osakaっ:happy::lips:


Tomorrow is the last day
Of the winter Hello!…7202ac3a_240


But tomorrow
Wil be the last time that we’ll stand at a Hello! Con
With Berryz Koboー :blueshock:
I’ve been thinking about it、
There are all sorts of memories
Spinning around in my head :ohno::haato:4fe2241f_240


The curtains were raised
The music for Ganbacchae! played、
And we sang it
With the seniors of Morning Musume。。


If I remember correctly、 the oldest of us
Umeda Erika-chan
Was 11 years old :happy:
And the youngest、 Mai-chan
Was 6 :happy:020[1]


We were so small
That the 15 of us didn’t even know right from left…


And now
We’ve all gone past 20, besides Mai-chan :xface: lol
Such a long time has passed, huh… (lol)
I’m feeling it。


Hello! Cons。
They’re the stage that we first performed on、
In the past, we’d learn from our seniors’ performances、 occasionally we’d get told off by the seniors
And we’d reflect…
This is something I’m feeling anew、
But it ties back
To Berryz Kobo and ℃-ute’s growth。


But now a lot of the seniors
Have graduated、
Last year、 Michishige-san
Graduated from Morning Musume ’14、
I thought
Berryz Kobo and ℃-ute
Have become the most senior。
We’ve got to lead
Hello !Project!!


But still、
Berryz Kobo decided on their indefinite hiatus。
It’s like a huge hole
Opened in my heart
I couldn’t express what I wanted to say (lol)
However、 we were always
Active together、
So I couldn’t really feel anything、
Tomorrow is the final Hello! Con for Berryz Kobo
Thinking about it
A feeling of unease :blueface::happy2:
Stirs in me。


I can’t remember
What it was that I wanted to say (lol)


That’s right! What Chisato wanted to say、
Was about tomorrow’s Hello! Con。
I’d like to have tomorrow’s performance be a wonderful one that leaves an everlasting impression
Just like when we first stood on-stage:happy:
To do that, we need everyone’s power。
All you Hello! fans。
And all you Berryz Kobo fans :excite2::excite2::excite2::excite2::haato::haato::haato:
I’m counting on you :excite2::excite2::excite2::excite2::excite2::haato::haato::haato::haato:


And today。
We’ve been watching various videos of BeriKyuu
From the pastっ:happy::excite2::excite2:
From 13 years ago (lol)
It’s nostalgic。 lol


No doubts about it!
BeriKyuu are the best :ohno:


And so everyone。
Bye bye :queen:
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February :happy::haato:

1a6dc3d2_240Good evening everyone:happy:020[1]


Today is the birthday
Of Maimi-chan and Mai:haato::haato:
Many happy returns:excite2::excite2::excite2:


And on the 5th
It was Nacky’s birthday :happy::haato:
Happy birthday :excite2::excite2::excite2:1a612f8c_240


For 3 people out of 5、
To be born in February
It’s amazing, right :rabu:020[1] lol
It’s also amazing that Maimi-chan and Mai-chan have the same birthday :xface::haato::haato::haato:
That’s just so amazingー!!!
1 out of 365
That’s crazyーーー:star::star::star::star::star::star:


In February、(lol)388ccc76_240
Since I’ve got to get presents
For the 3 of them
Chisato’s allowance
Gets in a spot of trouble :xface::happy::excite2: lol
This year I gave the 3 of them
Appropriate presents :rabu:
Complete satisfaction :devilish::haato:


Well then、 I’d like to talk about them
One by one :happy::excite2:


Firstly、 the youngest
Mai-chan (lol):haato:
Although Mai-chan’s the youngest、
She’s the one who pays the most attention to her surroundings、
And I feel she’s the one who thinks the most about all sorts of things (lol)
And、 she’s really loved by those around her :happy::haato:
It makes me really envious
That’s what I always think :wink2::excite2: lol
A long time ago、 there was a time when Mai-chan was rebellious :blueface: (lol)
There were times when she was really down in the dumps and times when she was anxious
But now she really is in control of herself
Looking at her、
The number of things about her that I think are grown-up
Have increased。
Chisato should keep her cool too :xface: (lol) There are times when I think that
In contrast, Chisato feels that there are lots of times when Mai has helped me out (lol)


Howeーver :excite2:
There are still parts of Mai that are childish, she’s cute and like a little sister
She’s cute, it can’t be helped :wink2::haato:
I like Mai as she is!
Enjoy your last year as a teenager :happy:020[1]
Happy birthday :haato:


And then、 Nacky!
Nacky、 compared to a long time ago
We don’t hang out any moreー
That’s what I honestly feel :devilish:(lol)
Well、 the both of us
Have things we need to do
A lot of the time our days off don’t jive :xface::sweat:
Chisato’s waiting for an invitation for a tripー:happy:020[1]We promised! That we’d go on a trip someday!
I want you to invite me moreー!
And then、 when there’s something you’re worried about, don’t just worry by yourself and feel free to consult with me :happy::excite2:
You occasionally have this look on your face like you want to say something, I’m interested!← If I’m misunderstanding, that’s embarrassing
I’ll catch up as a 21 year old soonー:happy:020[1]
Happy birthday :haato::haato:


Maimi-chan’s 23 :happy:
23 is pretty grown-up :happy:!
But Maimi-chan is still
Way youthful :rabu:
When Chisato turns 23
I think
I won’t be able to move like that (lol)
And Maimi-chan became Hello! Pro leader last year
In a good way、 it’s a relief that it hasn’t changed Maimi-chan :happy:


I’d like to hear
Maimi-chan’s own opinions
From her own mouth
About Hello! Pro
And about ℃-ute、 and I feel like I want to see her、
Rousing up Hello! Pro
And ℃-ute :happy:
And so I want her to do her best and lead us more in that way now as a 23 year old :happy:
If it’s Maimi-chan, everyone will followーーー:haato::haato:
Happy birthday :excite2::excite2::excite2:


And with that、 no matter how many years
We celebrate your birthday
No matter how many celebrations there are、
For coming into this world
Encountering Chisato
And always helping out
I’d really like to thank you:happy:
That’s what’s on my mind:haato:
Maimi-chan、 Mai、 Nacky!
Thank you for being born :haato::xface::haato::xface:
Beyond this, let’s always always always
Celebrate together!!!


One more time :excite2::excite2::excite2::excite2::excite2:
For being born
Thank you so soooooo much


Love youー:haato::haato::devilish::haato::Haato:


Bye bye :queen:
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Wow :rabu::haato:

f6b937a2_240What a surprise (lol)
I bought the same schedule book
As Maimi-chanーーー:happy::excite2::excite2::excite2:


There are virtually a countless variety of schedule books, yet it’s pretty amazing that we got the same one :haato::haato::haato:


I felt that it’s definitely
Our 13 years of being together :rabu::haato:


Fufu :star:
Byebye :queen:
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77e2ed01_240Good evening everyone :happy::haato:
Happy new year :onpu:
I’m begging for your kindness for this year as wellー:happy:020[1]


The moment it turned into 2015
We were spending our time at the Countdown live
With all of the fans who were there :happy::haato:


Whenever a countdown happens
I get nervous and restless (lol):haato:43b00b79_240


We went to Osaka and Kobe、
It was kind of a rush
It was the end of the year
But it made me happy to be busy :happy::haato:


Several years ago, it was vexing that despite being active idols, we didn’t have work at the end of the year and the New Year period :blueface::blueface:
I really wanted to appear on music programmes (lol):haato:


After we were done with yesterday’s live performance、7dc947e2_240
℃-ute went and joined in a festival
At a shrine in Osaka :rabu:
It was pretty fun :haato:
Things like the food carts were really awesome :happy:
Chisato will put up some of her favourite photos :happy::onpu:


I’ve got a break today :haato:
I had chirashi sushi with my family、 zōni :happy:
And salmon roe :rabu:
It was awesome :haato::haato:
That said, the Okai family is awesome (lol)
We kept playing the werewolf game :happy::haato::haato:


We’ll be doing our best at Hello! Cons from tomorrow :happy::haato::haato::haato:


I’m begging for your kindness in 2015 too :happy::onpu::onpu:


Byebye :queen:
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8df8cad7_240【From the staff: This blog post was from last night。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】


Good evening everyone!


The influenza has safely
Left Chisato’s body :ohno::excite2:


The flu、
Was less painful than I thought it’d be :happy:


I had an appetite、
I could move、
And my throat didn’t hurt!
My situation was that my temperature was higher than usualー
And noises resounded in my head。 lol


What hurt the most
Was the pain of not being able to work, more than anything :ohno:


I had to be absent from the event
The members、
The staff-san、
And above all
The fans who had been waiting for
The 5-person ℃-ute with Chisato、
I’m truly sorry。


I went to check my condition at the hospital today
And I’m healthy enough that I’ve got permission to go outside from tomorrow!


You know、
When I first went to the hospital、


:apple: 『From your pulse, the movements of your lungs
Your throat, the state of your lowered temperature
And your expression, the possibility of flu is low
So we’ll dispense cold medicine for you~』
I was told (lol)


With this and that、 I felt that I was doing worse than usual、


:nyan: 『Just in case、
Can you check for the flu??』
I requested…


15 minutes later…


:apple:『You tested positive for influenza (lol)、 but you’re looking well。 That’s pretty rare。 I’ve now learnt that such things happen。 Please take care。』


Having said that, I received medicine and went home。 (lol)


That’s the extent that it didn’t appear
On my body、 on my face。 For me。
It wasn’t really painful
I’m grateful to my parents for bringing me up in such good health。lol


However、 that rod they put in your nose to check for the flu
That hurtー:blueface::blueface::blueface:


I’ll be ready for work from tomorrow, so I’ll do my best!!


Everyone, please take care of yourselves!


Bye bye :queen:
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Good evening ♪

84266a06_240Good evening everyone :queen:020[1]


Today I had a photo shoot for an event
With Airi :happy:
Being around Airi brightens up my feelings :happy2::haato:


I met Mai for a moment
But we had a good laugh :star::happy:
I also had a good laugh with Maimi-chan and Nacky :excite:


The members of ℃-ute
Really are the best!b5ee85d2_240


I watched the video of Matsuura Aya-san’s dinner show :sparkle:
Her singing is really wonderful~~ It struck my heart while I was listening to her :rabu::haato:


You know!
I asked our manager-san
And got thissss:happy::excite2:
Matsuura Aya-san’s DVD:haato::haato:


Chisato wants to have a dinner show too someday、 and for that, I guess I’ll have to raise my singing ability higher and higher :sad:020[1]


Byebye :queen:
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Michishige Sayumi-san。

2069fe3d_240Good evening everyone!
Yesterday at Yokohama Arena
I went to see with my own eyes
The moment of Michishige Sayumi-san’s graduation :happy::haato:


It was truly, deeply moving :wink2:
I think that
It’s the most moving
LIVE concert I’ve ever seen so far。:excite2:


Before Michishige-san’s graduation、
I thought that I’d watch the video
Of the 6th generation at the lodging house during their auditions!、
And I watched it before I went for the concert。79c64fd3_240


Who was so frail,
Like she’d break if she wasn’t held up、
Was on-stage
With more confidence than anyone else、 her lovely singing voice resounding in the venue
She’s become someone who can attract more attention than anyone else :sparkle:


She became leader of Morning Musume。′14
And brought them together
That was honestly something we hadn’t imagined, and I think that she put in a lot of hard work and went through hardships。891a560d_240


She’s really amazing:excite2:
There’s nothing else I can say。


【With only my feelings of love towards Morning Musume。
I did my best with whatever turned up。】
Those words were deeply moving。


Midway through、 it seemed that she injured her leg
And that made even us uneasy、
But even with that
Michishige-san continued to dance on-stage。
Honestly, she was extremely cool to the very end。


From now on
Morning Musume。′14
Will no longer have Michishige-san…


But to all the juniors、
I want all of you to move forward without forgetting what you learnt from the time Michishige-san was leader。


We too won’t forget what Michishige-san has taught us。


Many congratulaions on your graduation!
I’m still sad at the moment:sad:


But all of us、
We’re supporting Hello! Pro :excite2:
Please watch over us!


Congratulations on your graduation。
Michishige-san, from now on, happiness will be waiting for you in the future :excite::excite:


From Okai Chisato
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Thump thump…

6b8f74de_240Good afternoon everyone。


Is the day、
That Morning Musume。′14、
And Hello Pro leader 、
Michishige Sayumi-san graduates。


Even from the morning、 I too
Was kind of uneasy。


And 、it’s also the day that ℃-ute leader Yajima Maimi-chan。
Will inherit the position of Hello! Pro leader。


The time whenb85b7995_240
Michishige-san joined Hello! Pro、
Was completely at about the same time as us、
We haven’t really had deep conversations、 not that much


But I think that there’s no question
That we can assuredly say that where the current Morning Musume。14′ is at
Is because Michishige-san was Morning Musume。′14 leader!


Today、 what sort of words
Will come from Michishige-san、
It truly has my heart beating hard。


And、 Maimi-chan
Maimi-chan too
Must be facing all sorts of feelings。


You know, writing this blog has somehow made my tears flow :happy2:


I expect that today
Will be a wonderful day which will hold a lot of memories。 No、
It definitely will be!
Let’s head on to Yokohama Arena :excite::excite::excite:


From Chisato
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Yaho :happy::onpu:

08cd8bff_240I’m thankful
That I got to do
All sorts of work today :onpu:


I even had
To write out signatures :happy::haato:
Make sure to GET them, okay :sparkle:
:camera:1『*write write* φ(..)』


What a happy day :happy::haato:
I’ll do my best, step by step!!


I’m practising the bassー!
I have to do my best :blueface:::excite:
A band has been formed、
With members of Hello! Pro :happy:
I’ll put my head into top gear and do my best yay (ノ゜ο゜)ノ:star:


I wanna eat ramen (lol)
I guess I’ll go after I’m done!


And、( ̄∇ ̄*)ゞ:haato:
The 14th (Fri)
1:50 am ~ 2:50 am
Fuji TV 「Afro no Hen 〈Fuji TV Kara no!〉」
Please watch it :sparkle:


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