Okai Chisato

Something’s Come!

9ebd3f1b_240Good evening everyone :wink2::haato:


My first early post in a while :wink2::queen:
I’m at Akasaka BLITZ  noーw!
I’ll do my beーst :haato:!!!


On a day like that today、
from S/mileage’s
Nakanishi Kana-chan
a siーmple(lol)
question cameー(*∩ω∩):sparkle:
What the :nyan:
It seems like it started
from Morning Musume。’14′s Michishige Sayumi-san :wink2:heart
Since I don’t get many of these, I look forward to what’s to come! :happy::haato:


Back to the topic、
Nakanishi Kana-chan
really loves gorillas, huh~(lol)
So unusualーhuuuhー :otsukisama:
Her Osaka dialect is so cute、
I’m envious of dialectsー:happy:


Well well, the question from
Nakanishi Kana-chan!!!
I’ll talk about something which moved my recentlyー:happy:


Something which recently moved me
was Berryz Kobo on 3/3
reaching their 10th anniversary since forming ( ´艸`)★


10 years is so incredible!
Since I think that in those 10 years
lots of different things have happened
and the members have helped each other out
and overcome lots of things :happy::haato:
Making their Budoukan LIVE a success
last year as well
is something that from my heart
as a contemporary of theirs, made me feel
like I’m glad they’ve reached their 10th anniversary :happy::haato:
This is probably something
which moved me recently!(lol)
Just getting something
from Nakanishi Kana-chan (;´∀`) lol
Hahaha! :happy:020[1]


Well then, Chisato
as a Michishige Mission to
Berryz Kobo’s Natsuyaki Miyabi-sama :queen: :wink2::haato: waha
What is something that’s moved you recentlyー???
Berryz Kobo’s tour
has started, right :happy:
Miyabi-chan is really Chisato’s type :happy:020[1]
Since her clothes are stylish、
and she’s great at makeup、
as well as great at making up hairstyles、
she’s a perfect girl isn’t she :rabu:
If I can go to the LIVE I will okayーーーヽ(*´∀`)ノ


I’m waiting for her reply!!

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(∀\*)) Kyaha ♪”

b4696b35_240Good evening everyone :haato:
Today was Naruchika
in Toyama Prefecture :happy::sparkle:


In the morning I went to the Starbucks
with the best view in the world :haato:
It was kinda awesome :wink2:
And so I even went to a bridge
I could see from the Starbucks :wink2:020[1]
The air was clear so it made me kinda calm :happy::queen:
:camera:1「It’s Chisatoー!」


Also also the people cheering us on at
the LIVE in Toyama were so incredibly energetic
it was really fun :happy::haato:a3e34778_240


After the live、
there were messages (┯_┯)heartheart
Thanks so muchー!!
℃-ute will work hard
to be able to go again :nyan: heart
:camera:2「Thanks Toyama!!」


We were so energetic after the performance I did some poses with Mai (lol)
Like a popular artist-san(lol)
:camera:3「So cooーl right!?」


Fufufu (ΦωΦ) lol
Tomorrow is Osaka :happy::queen:

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It’s Chisato~!

209f6a52_240Good evening everyoneheart


Today was opening day of Naruchika!
In Ishikawa Prefectureー!
My first time in Ishikawaーーー
Though it was our first LIVE in a while
it was so incredibly fuーn (☆∀☆)heart
LIVEs really are the best!!!


Everyone in Ishikawa
was staring so seriously hard at us
it made me nervous :wink2:020[1]




I tried putting my bangs up today、
to do the LIVE
and forgetting whether I’d leave my eyebrows as they were
or move them:xface:
I feel like I ended up with a weird face, so I dropped my bangs back down partway through :happy:(lol)


You’ll be sure to come see
℃-ute’s solo live right!?
We’ll be waiting heart


Tomorrow is Toyama Prefectureー!
I’ll do my beーst :happy:


Suzuki Airi gave the
℃-ute members
tops and bottoms
of my beloved Despicable Me as souvenirs :wink2::haato:
I was very happy (*∩ω∩):haato:
I’ll use this at rehearsal(lol)


Byebyーe :happy:020[1]
End of post(lol)


「双方向クイズ 天下統一」に出演します!
2月28日(金)正午 事前登録受付開始!

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eee18bd5_240Hahaっ!It’s Chissaー!


Good evening everyone!
I actually went skiing yesterday :happy::haato:


Skiing after 10 years :happy:020[1]
You know、 Chisato was splendidly、
Hopeless :happy::sparkleheart:
I wasn’t scared at all when I was a kid, but the fear’s come back to me now that I’m an adult
Since I was scared of falling over、 I wanted to challenge myself
But I didn’t (T^T):happy:
My weakness stood out too much :sob:


My sister was really skilled、 I was really jealous!7e033390_240
My friends were pretty good as well、
They left me and went on their own way :happy2::happy2::happy2:(lol)
Chisato、 so uncoooooool (・へ・) :heartbreak::heartbreak::heartbreak::heartbreak::heartbreak:


And since tomorrow I’ve got the day off、
I’d like to challenge myself to snowboarding for the first timeーーー(lol)
Since I’ll be starting from nothing I feel like I’ll be able to do it :wink2::sparkle:


Give me supportーーー( `皿´)*screech*!!
Bye bye (´・ω・`)020[1]d6044104_240

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45f70dc6_240Good evening everyone :wink2::haato:
The things I’ve been up to recently、
I can’t talk about them (lol)
But I’ve been a bit busy :xface:
Before you ask, it’s not a photobook ( ´艸`):haato:lol






I’ve been watching all the Olympic competitions
Like figure skating

Japan’s representatives、
Looking at their appearance after countless years of practice
For the sake of this day、 my chest went tight、 and I think from my heart “Thanks so much for what you’ve done for Japan!” (;_;)
Whatever the result、
No one else can replace what all these representatives can do、
I expect that the amount of hard work they’ve put in is incomparable


We can’t complain about things being difficult!
Let’s do our best!
Bye bye!

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It’s Osaka :excite2:

9462a48e_240Good evening everyone :happy:020[1]


Yesterday and today
We had Hello! Con LIVE performances in Osaka (≧∇≦)heart


And today is the final day
Of the Hello! Cons :wink2::excite2:
And、 I got to sing solo today :happy::haato:
I sang Goto Maki-san’s 『Sayonara Tomodachi ni ha naritakunai no』 :sparkle:
I was glad since I love this song ( ̄∀ ̄)heartheart
Those who heard it, what are your thoughts??




This is a bit sudden、
I’ll introduce these shoes to you、they’ve recently become my favourite :excite2::camera:1『Reebok:haato:
They’re great for exercising、
Everyone in ℃-ute has a pair :excite2:
The three of us have the same ones :devilish::excite2:


:camera:2『Imitating the Chip and Dale stamp on LINE (lol)』
In the centre is Berryz Kobo’s captain Shimizu Saki-chan :happy::haato:
By the way, Chisato is Chip and Mai is Dale :happy::haato:


:camera:3『Pulling up my bangs at a LIVE performance after quite a while :wink2::haato:


Bye byーe ( ̄∀ ̄):star:

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Recipe :haato: Chisato

a3db5a9e_240Good morning everyone :happy::haato:


At long last :rabu::excite2:
Since tomorrow is Valentines Day
I’ll introduce an
easy way of making
apple pie (≧∇≦):sparkle:
I thought it’d be easier to understand while looking at photos so, try it while looking at these pictures :excite2:


:haato: Ingredients :haato:(for a lot of people)
Pie sheets ・2
:star: apples ・2
:star: Pokka lemon・2tbsp
:star: sugar・80g
:star: egg yolk・2
:star: water ・20mle970e52c_240


①First, cut the apples! :appleai:
Cut them about the same size as the picture :excite2:


② Then,:camera: do you see the red lines on top of the apples :happy:??
If you cut notches right there, the flavors from the other ingredients will totally sink into the apples :onpu:


③ And then,  take the ingredients next to the :star: symbols
and scatter them all over a frying pan,
and then boil at medium heat for 15 minutes :happy::haato:99159f33_240


④ Once it is done cooking, turn off the heat and let it cool for 10 minutes!


While you’re waiting this time,
prepare the pie sheets!
Make them as large as you like
and any shape is really


⑤After you take out the pie sheet from the fridge, they start to get really soft so before that happens
I recommend that you the apples into a size that is about a scoop :happy::choki:
Then,  put them only in the areas with the red lines on them that are shown on :camera:2!


⑥After cutting them,
④ then right after that is over, put the apples on the pie sheets in an easy to fit size!   

This is the key Point:excite2:
⑦On top of that, put a pie sheet that is cut the same size (as a method to notch the edges) with a fork.
I did it like in the photo!


⑧ And then, take the egg yolk and
spread it only on those notched edges


After that, set the oven for  210℃
bake for 15 min,
and when it is done baking, coat it with the juices from when you boiled the apples.
Lower the temperature to160℃ for 10 minutes to bake and you’re DONE heartheartheartheartheartheartheart


You ought to give it
to the person you like :haato:
By the way, Chisato made a whole bunch to take with me today for Go Go Smile and the members but…………
I forgot them all at home (>_<):thunderstorm:


Bye byyeee ( ̄∀ ̄):star:

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:onpu: Hiroshima Sendaーi (lol)

458abbfd_240Good evening everyone :happy:020[1]


At Sendai today
We had a Hello! Con LIVE :happy::haato:
I feel like there were a ton of girls today :happy:020[1]
Hello! Pro is really loved by guys and girls :sparkle::sparkle:
It would be great if we get to go
To all sorts of places in the future :happy::haato:


Worrying about whether or not I should cut them、 I cut my bangs  (^∀^)ノheart
Leader cut them for me ( ̄∀ ̄)020[1]
Though I’m still not used to it
It looks good :sparkle:


Since it’s almost Valentine’s day
From S/mileage’s Wada Ayaka-chan :devilish:heart
I received this :age::age:
Thank you :wink2:020[1]
I really want to pick up a Valentine’s recipe
But I really don’t have the time :xface::sweat: OMG (>_<)
:camera: 2


Mai didn’t play with me (lol)
When I still had long bangs (^∀^)ノ:haato:a9998727_240


Bye byーe ( ̄∀ ̄):star:

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Birthdayー Congratulations :haato:

Good evening everyone :happy:020[1]


Today, February the 7th
Is the birthday of Yajima Maimi-chan and Hagiwara Mai-chan :excite2::excite2:
Many happy reーturns ( ̄∀ ̄)020[1]


Maimi-chan is 22
And Mai is 18, huh~:haato:
First of all, it’s great that Mai has turned18 since it means that the 5 of us can appear on all sorts of programmes :sparkle:
In 2014, ℃-ute
Have become adults~:happy::onpu:


She’s really diligent and straightforward
There are parts of her that I really need to learn from (´3`):choki:
Could I become an adult like Maimi-chan
Not being dependent on those around me
And thinking about things in my own way :sob:
Her way of thinking is really mature :happy::haato:
(^∀^)ノ Many happy returns heartheart


On to Mai!
I think it’s amazing that how Mai continues to upload what she’s wearing on the blog every day :wink2:020[1]
Because it’s pretty difficult to continue :xface::sweat:
Therefore, in return for all her effort
I think it would be great if all sorts of + things would come to visit Mai  :happy::haato:
With that, the one thing I’ve been thinking about is that if you calmly listen to the opinions of those around you、I think that you’d be even more amazing! Though that’s also a problem for Chisato :happy::choki:


Meeting the two of them、
I’ve learnt a lot of things from both of them、
If the two of them weren’t here
℃-ute would likely not be here too
Getting to meet the two of them in this wide world
Was something really great for me :happy::sparkle:
The ℃-ute from now on、
I don’t know what’s waiting for us in the future、but I think it’ll be all right if the  5 of us can combine our strengths :happy::excite2:


Happy Birthday( ̄∀ ̄)heartheart

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420dab3b_240Good evening everyone :happy:020[1]


It might be a bit off the mark、
But February 5th is Nacky’s :hiyoko:
That is, Nakajima Saki-chan’s birthday :excite2::excite2:
Many happy returns ( ̄∀ ̄)020[1]


She’s finally turned twenty (≧∇≦):choki:
Twenty sounds fresh, like it’s a new beginning to one’s life!?
It’s the point in life where everything becomes your own responsibility (⌒~⌒)


Well、 Nacky can do
All sorts of things by herself
She’ll be all right since she’s the level-headed one within ℃-ute :choki:
I think she’s amazing
She goes for cooking classes, she can make handicrafts, she can diet
She investigates things concerned with fashion, and she knows about all sorts of things!:excite2:


It’s given Chisato motivation to humbly work hard on all sorts of things too。


Also、 I hope she takes care of her drinking (lol)
I pray that she doesn’t end up
Like my father :happy:020[1] *roar of laughter*


Chisato is uneasy
About turning twenty~(lol)
I have to do my best :excite2:


A ton of congratulations to Nacky :haato:


Bye byーe ( ̄∀ ̄):star:

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