Okai Chisato

Yahoーi :happy:020[1]

7cd18698_240Good evening everyone!
My return train :bus: Is empty :sparkle:
I was Happy to get a seat!
This is Okaiー:happy::haato:


But I’ve got a backpack today
So it’s hard to sit properly :blueface::blueface: (lol)
That’s my fault :xface:
Well、 that’s all right :happy:020[1]


There’s 3 days、
Until the Budokanー:excite::excite:
For the sake of Budokan:haato:!!
I’ve been holding myself back a little、 but just without ‘eating!’
There’s nothing for me to doー :heartbreak:31204278_240


These are things you hear a lot
From people on diet :wink2:! lol
【I just noticed how many restaurants there are in the world!lol】:xface:
There really are a lot! And!
【The more delicious it is, the higher the calories!】:xface:
In particular, katsudon is dangerous :blueface::blueface:


If it’s things you hear about diets 3f91aae2_240
I mention them a lot :happy:020[1](lol)
I’ll do my best
To slim down my face :onpu:


They’re a woman’s eternal enemy
Diets :wink2::wink2:

Bye bye :queen:

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Fuaー(-ω- )

8a89629d_240Good evening everyone!
Today at Nakano Sunplaza
We held three LIVE performances:rabu::haato:


Knowing that it’s the last time
That we’d be standing on the stage of Nakano Sunplaza
With Morning Musume。´14′s Michishige Sayumi-san
I felt sad :blueface:
It really is sad to part :ohno:
But we have to keep smiling, right :haato::excite2:


And today、5facf4dc_240
Morning Musume。´14′s
Kudo Haruka-chan
Was wearing Chisato’s birthday T-shirt :rabu::haato::haato:
That made me really happy:happy::haato::haato:
For Chisato、
I noticed that T-shirt in the morning
But I was embarrassed :ohno::haato:
I didn’t call out to her
But when Kudo herself said
‘Please take a photo with me!’
Chisato took a photo too (*´∇`)ノ:haato::haato:
Kudo’s cuteーっ!
I envy her looks :rabu:020[1]
We made eye contact in the middle of our song
What a cute junior :happy::sparkle:


And then、
All of THE Possible
Came as guests :heart:
I took a photo with Goto-chan, who’s the only one whose mail address I have, we exchanged ours at a TV programme:wink2::haato:
After the performance、 where Chisato was eating an onigiri (lol)
Goto-chan looks like someone with mixed blood
So pretty:rabu::redribbon:


All of the girls produced by Tsunku♂-san are cute :onpu:


See u:queen:

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Berryz Kobo.

1c52b59c_640[1]5a2e273a_640[1]Good evening everyone :redribbon:
Today at Nakano Sun Plaza
we had a Hello concert!

There, before going on stage
I heard from our classmates Berryz Kobo
that next spring they would be
indefinitely suspending activities.

Even now I can’t get it straight in my head, and
just keep thinking over and over… it’s so sad.
Also, our memories from these 13 years are spinning around in my head :sob:

Everything from when we all passed the auditions until now.
The day we stood on stage for the first time
The day we debuted.
The days the members fought together
The day I found there were people who supported me.
The days I received energy from all the fans.

Happy things,
things from days I cried.
There were countless times I felt hurt.
Studies and vacations,
there were so many things I endured.
We’ve properly gotten through
these 13 years.

Though I thought a day like this would come sometime,

nevertheless I didn’t think the announcement
would be as quick as this :aseru:
and was surprised so much that I thought my heart would jump,
but it was something Berryz Kobo decided
after talking among them all.
When I hear that, I think from my heart that I want to support Berryz Kobo until the end.

And so, especially since they’re classmates,
I think that ℃-ute
understands what Berryz Kobo are feeling more than anyone.

So until the end,
I want to support Berryz Kobo
and send them off with a smile.

Everyone, from now on as well,
please support Berryz Kobo :guu: !

Okai Chisato

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Kya :rabu::haato:

I had the day OFF
I was chilling


And what do you know、
Fujimoto Miki=sama:queen:
Invited me over for a meal :ohno::haato:
So I went with her for some grub:happy::onpu:


I was super-duper glad (。・ω・。):sparkle:
And、 it was fun :age:


Her son Tora-chan
Was just too cute :happy::haato::haato::haato:
Fujimoto-san and Tora-chan
Were both really very wonderful :sob::heart:
Even though just Fujimoto-san’s blog
Always makes me happy、
I got an unspeakable amount of happiness
From the two of them today :haato::haato:


Next time、 we’ve promised to play table tennis or badminton:happy:020[1]
So I’m waiting, looking forward to it:happy:


And I’d also
Like to go for Fujimoto-san’s yoga classesー :haato::haato:


I’m having a meal with my family after this :haato::haato:
It really was
A happy day (*´∀`)020[1]


See u :haato::haato::haato:

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Ga~o :happy: :age:

390a58ba_240Good evening everyone :onpu::onpu:


Yesterday we appeared for one song
at S/mileage’s
Budoukan LIVE、
and then went back to watch the LIVE :happy:
S/mileage、congrats on making your Budoukan LIVE
a success!!
Since they’re still so young I think
that they still have lots of places where they can grow :happy::haato:
I’ll be supporting them from the shadows!


today is the release day of
The Power and Kanashiki Heaven(Single Version):age::age:
Everyone, have you listened to them loーts :rabu::queen:


We had release events today too!
℃-ute announced :haato::haato:
for 「℃-ute Concert Tour 2014 Fall~Monster~」the final additional performance on 11/11
will be a Budoukan LIVE :happy::choki:


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :haato::haato:
℃-ute will do our best with all our strength!
Please be sure to come watch :queen:


It was a happy announcement :happy::sparkle:


(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ See yaー♪

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It’s unbelievable。
It’s not true right?




Himuro Kyosuke-san。
Graduating from LIVES!?
Is that for real?
Though I don’t know
since a comment from Himuro Kyosuke-san himself
hasn’t come out yet :sob::sob::sob:0680f6b5_240


There was a Himuro graduation announcement
for Yokohama Stadium
on the 19-20。。。


But if it’s something Himuro-san decided
then I’ll feel like
it’s cool。
It was like,
is this the timing
of the BO?WY breakup too??。
He’s someone who’ll always
be a legend of the time。


For now。
Though Chisato can’t go since my schedule isn’t open、
I’m desperate since papa and mama got tickets(lol)


Himuro Kyosuke-san。
What is the truth!?



(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ see yaー♪

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Good evening everyone :happy:90fecaad_240


Today is Morning Musume´14′s
Michishige Sayumi-san’s
25th birthday :happy::age:


Congratulations :rabu::haato:


To the extent
that I don’t think there’s an idol
who surpasses Michishige Sayumi
I think Michishige-san :happy::haato:
is a perfect person!eb188d18_240


And you know?
Throughout these 12 years、
she’s had black hair、and maintained her figure、
and has had pink as her image color、
Are there that many girls who look good in twin tails??
I don’t think anyone does that easily :happy::haato::haato:
So Michishige-san is awesome!!!


Her personality as well、although she always
has a bit of that sharp-tongued image, usually
she’s a very kind
big sis :wink2:


Since it’s sad she’ll be graduating from Hello Pro
I think I’ll keep my eyes fixed on Michishige-san
at the Hello concerts ( ; _ ; ):haato::haato:


Really, congratulations!!


Well then (* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ see yaー♪

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FukuOkai :point: Chisato

3577c2b3_240Good afternoon everyone!
Today in Fukuoka、
was opening day of the Hello concert :happy::queen:


Since we arrived early yesterday、
in the evening with
Berryz Kobo’s Shimizu Saki-chan、
Nacky and Mai and Chisato
talked about lots of things :happy:heart
Work friends really are precious, huh :choki:
I hope it’ll never ever change!


I had mentaiko!
My belly swelled :xface::sweat:
Since I ate it twice today from the morning until now (=_=):sweat:


Since in Fukuoka
there’s ℃-ute’s favorite motsu-nabe
and mentaiko :happy:
and ichiran :happy:
and the dialect is cute :happy:
if Chisato lived in Fukuoka I’d get faaaaaat(lol)
It’s one of my favorite prefectures!!!


Speaking of Fukuoka、
Morning Musume ´14′s
Ikuta was energetic today too。lol
We got ice cream
from Ikuta’s family :haato::haato::haato:
Thank you!


from the morning today、
℃-ute had handshake events in Fukuoka!
Thank you very much for coming so fired up in the morning (*∩ω∩):haato:


The LIVE today as well
was fuuun :happy::choki:
Thank you for your support :happy::sparkle:


Well then (* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ see yaー♪

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It’s Been A Whi~le!

50838344_640[1]637afe5f_640[1]fb0cca1a_640[1]Good evening everyone!
It’s been a while :wink2: :paa:

I went to France :happy:
Our LIVE in France
and my first autograph session :haato:
It was happiness being able to see
fans from overseas
for the first time :happy:  :ring:

We went to Versailles Palace in France,
and it seems Chisato likes
French pictures and things :haato: :haato: :haato:
It was a beautiful place!!
I wanna go again :onpu:

And then,
today we appeared on MJ :wink2: :sparkle:
The Power and Kanashiki Heaven (Single Version)
we sang them both :blueface: :haato:
I’m really thankful and happy :haato: :haato:
I’ll work hard to be able to appear again (*∩ω∩) :onpu:

Well everyone
(*^-^*)ノ~~ see ya~ :redgem:
7/10 (Thursday)
I’ll be appearing on Fuji TV “Out Deluxe SP” :rabu:
Though I’m so incredibly nervous, please be sure to check it out :queen:

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The members of ℃-ute
Threw a surprise party for me :happy::queen:


Since I was told we would have an interview about Airsoft, I was excited (lol)
(I'm actually still waiting for one ー:rabu:heart )


When we got to the interview location
I kind of felt like I heard Maimi’s voice? Excitedly telling a story?
Probably a mistake on my part??
When we went inside :happy:
Crackers went pop (lol)
I was told that today、 we would be having time to ourselves~~~:excite2:
I was so happy :happy::age::age:


We did karaoke
We did karaoke
We did karaoke (lol)
℃-ute is really
An awesome group :haato::haato::haato:
I hope that we’ll be able
To enjoy ourselves merrily together, into the future!!7c42a193_240


For doing it for Chisato
Thanks a lot :rabu:heartheart
I love youuuuu :happy::ring:


(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ Until next timeー♪

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