Okai Chisato

Yaho :happy::onpu:

08cd8bff_240I’m thankful
That I got to do
All sorts of work today :onpu:


I even had
To write out signatures :happy::haato:
Make sure to GET them, okay :sparkle:
:camera:1『*write write* φ(..)』


What a happy day :happy::haato:
I’ll do my best, step by step!!


I’m practising the bassー!
I have to do my best :blueface:::excite:
A band has been formed、
With members of Hello! Pro :happy:
I’ll put my head into top gear and do my best yay (ノ゜ο゜)ノ:star:


I wanna eat ramen (lol)
I guess I’ll go after I’m done!


And、( ̄∇ ̄*)ゞ:haato:
The 14th (Fri)
1:50 am ~ 2:50 am
Fuji TV 「Afro no Hen 〈Fuji TV Kara no!〉」
Please watch it :sparkle:



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Gratitude :sad::haato:

6c976895_240Good evening everyone!
At the Nippon Budokan :star:
℃-ute performed live :wink2::haato:


To everyone who came、
And to those who couldn’t come
But were cheering us on
Thank you so very much to all of you :sad::haato:


This year、 we got to perform live
3 times at the Budokan、
℃-ute are truly truly fortunate :happy:
That’s what I felt once again :excite2:


Our activities as entertainers、
It’s been 13 years
But finally last year
We finally got ourselves to the Nippon Budokan :sad::haato:


Whether or not we’ll stand
At the Nippon Budokan again next year
It depends on ℃-ute ourselves :bigsob:
That’s what I think:onpu::onpu:


We, ℃-ute,
Can do nothing but our best
In order to make all of you think
『Well, it’s got to be ℃-ute!』
Even more! :happy::haato:


And、 what do you know!
On the day of ℃-ute’s formation next year
The 11th of June :excite::excite:
:star: Yokohama Arena :star:
We’ll be performing there live :happy::excite2:
This is truly due to all of you (;_;):haato::haato::haato:


Another one of our great dreams has come true :sob::sob:!!
I’m so happy
That the tough times we’ve had so far feel insignificant :sob::haato:
It’s good that we worked so hard。
I believe that from the bottom of my heart :bigsob::haato:


And、 what I think… in reality
℃-ute as we are now :xface:
Still have a ways to go before we can make Yokohama Arena a success。
So until June of next year
Let’s make ℃-ute known even more to
Even more people :excite::excite::excite:


Both ℃-ute and myself、
Will go ahead and do our best with everything we’ve got :wink2:020[1]


The staff-san around us
Family、 friends、
And above all, all of you who have always been supporting us :happy::sparkle:
Thank you so much :haato::haato:


I love you :bigsob:
We beg for your continued kindness
From now on too (*^^*):excite:


Bye bye :queen:

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Yahoーi :happy:020[1]

7cd18698_240Good evening everyone!
My return train :bus: Is empty :sparkle:
I was Happy to get a seat!
This is Okaiー:happy::haato:


But I’ve got a backpack today
So it’s hard to sit properly :blueface::blueface: (lol)
That’s my fault :xface:
Well、 that’s all right :happy:020[1]


There’s 3 days、
Until the Budokanー:excite::excite:
For the sake of Budokan:haato:!!
I’ve been holding myself back a little、 but just without ‘eating!’
There’s nothing for me to doー :heartbreak:31204278_240


These are things you hear a lot
From people on diet :wink2:! lol
【I just noticed how many restaurants there are in the world!lol】:xface:
There really are a lot! And!
【The more delicious it is, the higher the calories!】:xface:
In particular, katsudon is dangerous :blueface::blueface:


If it’s things you hear about diets 3f91aae2_240
I mention them a lot :happy:020[1](lol)
I’ll do my best
To slim down my face :onpu:


They’re a woman’s eternal enemy
Diets :wink2::wink2:

Bye bye :queen:

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Hello! Con wrap-up!!!

09787bd6_240Good evening everyone!


For today’s Hello! Con、
We were in Sendai:happy::star:
And we wrapped up the Hello! Con!!!


It was the last Hello! Con
For Morning Musume。′14′s
Michishige Sayumi-san :sob::sob::sob:862a610e_240


It’s the last time I’ll be hearing
Pep-talks、 the comments from Michishige-san、
Michishige-san’s voice, at a Hello! Con、
So it’s pretty sad。。


It doesn’t mean that I’ve talked a lot with Michishige-san、
But we got into Hello! Pro
At roughly the same time
So I’ve seen a lot of Michishige-san :happy:


Her cuteness、 her figure、 her character
You could say that being an idol was her calling
And countless times, I’ve felt jealous at how cute she was :rabu: I thought that today as well :star: lol


I remember being surprised
When Michishige-san
Became Hello! Pro leader
And her atmosphere really changed in a stroke:happy:


To that extent、 I think that there must have really been all sorts of hardships。
Her generation-mate Tanaka Reina-san
Had also graduated、
And the unease、 the pressure
Must have been mounting。


However、 Morning Musume。′14 with Michishige-san in it
Really really led Hello! Pro forward :bigsob:


However、 I’ve got some worries
Now that BeriKyuu will be inheriting
Michishige-san’s position。。。:xface:
We’ve got to work hard to lead just as Michishige-san has :happy::excite2:


Thank you very much
For bringing together such a large host of membets!!!


Our groups may be different
But having spent about 12 years
In Hello! Pro
Together with Michishige-san 、
When she was Hello! Pro leader
Michishige-san was truly brilliant
‘Let’s follow this person! I want to go with her! I love her!’ That’s what I thought :happy::haato:


Until Michishige-san’s graduation、
I’ll cheer on Michishige-san with all my might、
I’ll watch her!!!


Thank you so very much :happy::onpu::onpu:
Michishige-san’s awesome :excite::excite::excite:
I love her :haato::haato::haato:


Bye byーe:queen:

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d04e082e_240Good evening everyone:excite2:


The screen of my mobile phone cracked, so I’m updating from my manager’s phone :sparkle:


I appeared on the live broadcast of 「Uta ga umai Idol Nihon Ichi Ketteisen」 :happy::excite2:
I was super duper nervoussssssss :thunderstorm:


Mai and Nacky came came to support me as dancers :excite2:
Before the real thing
The two of them gave me a lot of emotional support :happy:
Leader woke up early to see off Chisato for my early departure (/_\;)
She’s a really kind Leaderrrrr heartheartheart
Thanks to Airi too, who sent me a message :sparkle:


And thank you so very much to everyone who came to the venue。
Thank you so much for coming for Chisato’s sake :sparkleheart:
The results were crushing, but I’ve got no regrets。
However, I’ll definitely bring home the championship at the next 「Uta ga umai Idol Nihon Ketteisen」 :queen:


I’m going to start intense training now (^ω^)


To everyone who came
To everyone who watched
Thank you very much :sparkleheart:
I’ll improve :excite2:
More and more and moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :sparkle:


Bye byーe :queen:

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BS-TBS :happy:020[1]

bce24531_240Good evening everyone:happy:020[1]
At Akasaka BLITZ
We held an event for BS-TBS :happy::choki:


And in it、
We were aiming for
The Guinness World Records!!!
When we heard about that、
℃-ute was surprised too (°д°)



But you know、
With the cooperation of everyone at the venue
Today, we managed to attain
2 Guinness World Records
In 1 day :happy::haato::haato:


One of them was 「Greatest number of people passing an egg in relay」
The other one was 「Greatest number of people
Being fed snacks in relay」、
Those were the Guinness World Records
We had our eyes on!
To get the greatest number of people
We got the cooperation of our fans、 and we challenged it together with the fans :age::age:


How splendid :excite2:

It took quiーte some time ( ?ω? ):sweat::sweat:
But we succeeded safely :haato::haato:
It was nerve-wracking and exciting~~~(*´∇`)ノ:sparkle:


But getting a Guinness World Record is a pretty big thing
So I’m really happy :happy::choki:
team ℃-ute holds both records!
That’s amazing :excite2::excite2::excite2::excite2::excite2:
It’s my pride ( ;∀;) :haato:


And、we became
Image characters


And ℃-ute
Got to have a regular programme on BS-TBS :happy::haato:


But with today’s recording、 it’s our last inning
And the recordings have ended ( ; _ ; )
Throughout the course of this programme
I learnt about all sorts of things (*´ω`*)


℃-ute will do our best so that we’ll be able to have our own programme again :haato::haato:!!


My legs are really exhausted today

I’ll give them a massage, then go to sleep ( ̄□ ̄;)!!
Recently I’ve been having a ton of bad dreams, so I hope I don’t get any tonight :sob:


Now as a reward for our hard work
℃-ute’s going for a meal :happy::choki:


See u :queen::queen:

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Fuaー(-ω- )

8a89629d_240Good evening everyone!
Today at Nakano Sunplaza
We held three LIVE performances:rabu::haato:


Knowing that it’s the last time
That we’d be standing on the stage of Nakano Sunplaza
With Morning Musume。´14′s Michishige Sayumi-san
I felt sad :blueface:
It really is sad to part :ohno:
But we have to keep smiling, right :haato::excite2:


And today、5facf4dc_240
Morning Musume。´14′s
Kudo Haruka-chan
Was wearing Chisato’s birthday T-shirt :rabu::haato::haato:
That made me really happy:happy::haato::haato:
For Chisato、
I noticed that T-shirt in the morning
But I was embarrassed :ohno::haato:
I didn’t call out to her
But when Kudo herself said
‘Please take a photo with me!’
Chisato took a photo too (*´∇`)ノ:haato::haato:
Kudo’s cuteーっ!
I envy her looks :rabu:020[1]
We made eye contact in the middle of our song
What a cute junior :happy::sparkle:


And then、
All of THE Possible
Came as guests :heart:
I took a photo with Goto-chan, who’s the only one whose mail address I have, we exchanged ours at a TV programme:wink2::haato:
After the performance、 where Chisato was eating an onigiri (lol)
Goto-chan looks like someone with mixed blood
So pretty:rabu::redribbon:


All of the girls produced by Tsunku♂-san are cute :onpu:


See u:queen:

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Berryz Kobo.

1c52b59c_640[1]5a2e273a_640[1]Good evening everyone :redribbon:
Today at Nakano Sun Plaza
we had a Hello concert!

There, before going on stage
I heard from our classmates Berryz Kobo
that next spring they would be
indefinitely suspending activities.

Even now I can’t get it straight in my head, and
just keep thinking over and over… it’s so sad.
Also, our memories from these 13 years are spinning around in my head :sob:

Everything from when we all passed the auditions until now.
The day we stood on stage for the first time
The day we debuted.
The days the members fought together
The day I found there were people who supported me.
The days I received energy from all the fans.

Happy things,
things from days I cried.
There were countless times I felt hurt.
Studies and vacations,
there were so many things I endured.
We’ve properly gotten through
these 13 years.

Though I thought a day like this would come sometime,

nevertheless I didn’t think the announcement
would be as quick as this :aseru:
and was surprised so much that I thought my heart would jump,
but it was something Berryz Kobo decided
after talking among them all.
When I hear that, I think from my heart that I want to support Berryz Kobo until the end.

And so, especially since they’re classmates,
I think that ℃-ute
understands what Berryz Kobo are feeling more than anyone.

So until the end,
I want to support Berryz Kobo
and send them off with a smile.

Everyone, from now on as well,
please support Berryz Kobo :guu: !

Okai Chisato

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Kya :rabu::haato:

I had the day OFF
I was chilling


And what do you know、
Fujimoto Miki=sama:queen:
Invited me over for a meal :ohno::haato:
So I went with her for some grub:happy::onpu:


I was super-duper glad (。・ω・。):sparkle:
And、 it was fun :age:


Her son Tora-chan
Was just too cute :happy::haato::haato::haato:
Fujimoto-san and Tora-chan
Were both really very wonderful :sob::heart:
Even though just Fujimoto-san’s blog
Always makes me happy、
I got an unspeakable amount of happiness
From the two of them today :haato::haato:


Next time、 we’ve promised to play table tennis or badminton:happy:020[1]
So I’m waiting, looking forward to it:happy:


And I’d also
Like to go for Fujimoto-san’s yoga classesー :haato::haato:


I’m having a meal with my family after this :haato::haato:
It really was
A happy day (*´∀`)020[1]


See u :haato::haato::haato:

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Ga~o :happy: :age:

390a58ba_240Good evening everyone :onpu::onpu:


Yesterday we appeared for one song
at S/mileage’s
Budoukan LIVE、
and then went back to watch the LIVE :happy:
S/mileage、congrats on making your Budoukan LIVE
a success!!
Since they’re still so young I think
that they still have lots of places where they can grow :happy::haato:
I’ll be supporting them from the shadows!


today is the release day of
The Power and Kanashiki Heaven(Single Version):age::age:
Everyone, have you listened to them loーts :rabu::queen:


We had release events today too!
℃-ute announced :haato::haato:
for 「℃-ute Concert Tour 2014 Fall~Monster~」the final additional performance on 11/11
will be a Budoukan LIVE :happy::choki:


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :haato::haato:
℃-ute will do our best with all our strength!
Please be sure to come watch :queen:


It was a happy announcement :happy::sparkle:


(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ See yaー♪

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