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Hi guys\(^^)/

I haven’t made a blog post in a while.(^-^*)

Finals are so close, I can’t help but be nervous!!
I guess all I can do is study hard.

Recently, I’ve gotten into Korean food! lol
I used to hate spicy food, but not
anymore now that I can handle it.\(^^)/

One of my friends really likes Korea, so we
go to Korean restaurants a lot together.( ¨̮ )

I know I’m talking about my personal life but,

I’ll be performing in Shibuya on 3/2!!
Also in Shinjuku on 3/8!!
Then again in Shibuya on 3/15!
With many more to come.\(^^)/

It makes me happy-py.(*´ェ`*)

By the way, can you believe I turn 16 next month!?
I can’t wait.¥( ˙▿˙ )/♡

Talk to you later
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Also, I don’t understand this whole black+blue/white+gold dress thing\(^^)/ lol

I don’t know why, but let’s all give it our best today.1f60a
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A pink

Another cold day.1f613

A pink are super cute\( ˙▿˙ )/♡
When I found this poster, I took a ton of pictures of it! lol

#NowPlaying A pink lovely day♡

B-5kkj7U8AEI8z0.jpg orig
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B-2iJBxUEAAmX7w.jpg orig

B-2iJB0VIAAR4JP.jpg orig
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Hi everyone\( ˙▿˙ )/☆
These strong winds are a pain!!
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Listening to ONE OK ROCK’s new album right now.\(^^)/
It’s just as great as I’d hoped.1f493

Lately, the range of types of music I listen to has expanded.1f60a
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Thinking right now\(^^)/
with some hot chocolate.1f467

B-rDppzUEAAq5_5.jpg orig
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Hair Cut

Hi everyone(`・ω・´)ノ
Right now, I’m debating whether or not I should cut my hair.
I let you help me decide. lol
To keep my hair at my current length, retweet this.
To get a bob cut, favorite this.
It’s in your hands now.1f467
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Thank you ♪


I held
「Otsuka Aina、 Otsuka de Utau ♪」!!

Thank you very much to everyone who came ^ ^

As this was the first time
For me to do a  LIVE alone、
I was super nervous!

I hope it turned out well!

But、 there were a lot of things I was hopeless with
So I’ve got to improve at those、 and put in more effort、
And make it into a more focused LIVE!!

And、it was the first time
For me to sing these original songs
「Makenaimon ~Kick off~」
「Orange Juice」 (。・∀・)ノ

「Makenaimon ~Kick off~」
My football coach from when I was in primary school had a hobby of making music、
And has come up with an album of original works、
So when I was asked 「Would Aina like try singing a song of mine?」
I answered 「I want to!!!!!」 and this song was made
And I got to sing it!!

It’s a song about primary school days、 before we have yet to start on with all sorts of activities、
The song leaves an impression of the times when we were still small (^○^)

「Orange Juice」

「If I get back to musical activities、
I’ll sing this if someone composes the music」
I only had the lyrics、
But Aina’s thoughts、 and the thoughts of those cheering me on
The lyrics seemed to put them in synch、
I really wanted to sing it on the 5th of July、
So I was forced to put the sound to a minimum、
And the music was at the experimental stage、
But I got to sing it!

With this song of the utmost importance、
I made a slip-up with the lyrics、
What an unthinkable mistake… lol

The next time I sing Orange Juice、
I think it’ll be when the music has been fully completed (^-^)

And、 the announcer at the venue
And the person who helped out Aina, who’s bad when it comes to MC、
Thank you very much to Miura Rena-san (*^^*)


On today’s subject、
I’ve got to put in more and more efforts、
I’ll do my best
So that the people who couldn’t come this time、
Will be able to meet a more developed Aina the next time!!!
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I will be in an event on 5/15 (Thu)っ♪

Though it’s sudden…

Next week on May 15th (Thu) 、


although it’s for a little bit、


I will have the privilege of singing at Tsubasa Fly-san’s regular performance!!


Tsubasa Fly-san, thank you!!
That’s the reason、

I have my first event announcement…Lol
【Tsubasa Fly presents “START IN MY DREAM” vol.7】

2014 5/15 (Thu) Shibuya BURROW

OPEN19:00 / START19:30

Preorder: ¥2,500/Day of: ¥3,000 DRINK separate:¥500

Performances:Tsubasa Fly / 2& / Otsuka Aina

Opening Act:Miyazawa Nonoka & Aina Mai (Tsubasa Fly)



I’m still inexperienced、

but I’ll be glad if I can present my current self as best as I can!

But、I think it’d be nice if I can enjoy myself without getting worked up、

and relax in a good senseっ!


Although this was a sudden announcement、

if those who are able to come will come…、


I’ll be waiting☆
That’s all、this was the second update in one day, amazinglyっLol
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