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Video message

Aina: Hi everyone. That ticket sales event for “Mystical Pistol Donner” is about to start! Naana is eating fried chicken.
Naana: It’s good!
Aina: Anyways, make sure to come over.
Naana: Yeah, come over.
Aina: You can shake hands with the entire cast!
Naana: Come shake my hands!
Aina: Mine too!
Naana: Her cheeks are real squishy.
Aina: They sure are. I hope to see you.
Both: Bye-bye!
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Tomorrow’s event

I’m done with rehearsals.\(^o^)/
Courtney’s fight scene’s are seriously hard! I need to practice more!

We’re having a ticket sales event tomorrow!
You can shake hands with all of us too!
It’ll be at the Mayuzumi Art Salon in Akazaka Mitsuke.1f609 It starts at 19:00!!

CHTbeEUVAAEQqau.jpg orig
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Wouldn’t want to get on Pii-chan’s bad side

There’s this really funny picture I want to post but Pii-chan would probably get mad at me if I did…
I’ll post it once she gets over it! lol

It’s a picture of her following a moving fan because she was really hot after practicing sword fighting!! lol

CHNJ4FrUgAErr31.jpg orig
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The possible embarrassment

I’m done with rehearsals.\(^o^)/
Asupii and I had the same pants on today.1f60a

CHI-swZVIAEersI.jpg orig
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Mystical Pistol Donner☆

Hi everyone1f60a
Today I had a photo shoot for the “Mystical Pistol Donner” pamphlets!!



I play Courtney, wielder of the sacred blade, Francesca!!

She’s really cool.*\(^o^)/*

And look at this!!



My character doesn’t use a gun, but I felt like holding it!! lol


There’s going to be a ticket sales event on Saturday
the 13th at the Mayuzumi Art Salon in Akazaka Mitsuke!!
It starts at 19:00!
You’ll be able to shake hands with the entire cast, so make sure to come.\(^o^)/

Make sure to also come watch “Mystical Pistol Donner” too!

For more information, go to
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Photo shoot over

I just got done with a photo shoot for “Mystical Pistol Donner”.*\(^o^)/*
Courtney is really cool.1f609
You should all come watch the play.^ – ^
There’s going to be a ticket sales event on the 13th! I’m going to be there!

CHDbkMbUcAAUgNh.jpg orig

CHDbkMbUgAEwKBp.jpg orig

CHDbkMfUQAAPkrM.jpg orig

CHDbkMcUAAAFEWd.jpg orig
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Dinosaurs in space?

I like dinosaurs and space.1fbeating

With that said, I need to get going to a photo shoot.1fcamera
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It’s time

It’s time I get to rehearsals.1f6011fvictory
It’s time I get serious! It’s time I stop typing and go.\(^^)/
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Sore throat

I have a sore throat…( ´∵`)
I need to go get some propolis cough drops.
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