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My radio program

1f64cBig News1f64c

Starting today at 21:00 on the Bigbay channel,
Otsuka Aina’s “The Feelings of a Melodious Maiden”* will begin it’s broadcast.1f493
Please make sure to watch it.1f60a


*The Japanese title is “音女の気持ち” (Otome no Kimochi). A pun is being made here where “乙女” (otome), meaning a pure girl or maiden, is spelled “音女”, which can also be read “otome”. The first kanji is changed to “音”, meaning sound and is used in “音楽”, meaning music.
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The two evented day

And done.\(^^)/
Thank you to everyone who came to the performance and/or the ticket sales event.1f493

CC9PXamUIAIXrnP.jpg orig
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Ticket sales event

Aina: The ticket sales event is about to begin.
Aina and Ayaka: Yay!
Aina: If you have the time, please come by.
Ayaka and Ruka: Please!
Aina and Ayaka: Bye-bye.
Aina: If you’re wondering where we’re at, we’re at the Mayuzumi Art Salon in Akasaka Mitsuke.
Ayaka: Salon!
Aina: We’ll be waiting.
Ayaka and Ruka: Make sure to come.
Aina: Rukapyon,
Ruka: Pyon
Aina: Aina… Say your name already.
Ayaka: Ayaka.
Aina: All right, bye-bye.
Ayaka: Bye-bye.
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From one job to another

Thanks to everyone who came to performance.1f493
Now I’m on my way to the play’s ticket sales event.\(^^)/
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Gooood morning2728
Today I’ll be performing at the kings X tokyo in Ikebukuro!
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Akasaka Tenjiku

Thank you to everyone involved with today’s 2 performances.1f495

CC4O6kVUIAAipPV.jpg orig
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I bought this yesterday.\(^^)/

CC2CyaqUIAAo2PA.jpg orig
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Darn it. I forgot my towel.
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Reply Time #2

Time for some noontime replies.1f4aa

Q: How do I beat morning drowsiness?
A: Brush your teeth right away!!
Or down a glass of water!! lol

Q: Hi Aina-chan. How long will you be singing today?
A: 20 minutes.\(^^)/

Q: How will you do your hair for today’s performance?
A: I haven’t decided yet.1f60a
Whatever I go with, I’ll post pictures of it after the performance.1f4aa

Q: Who have you been listening to lately?
A: SHINee and SCANDAL1f493

Q: What’s your favorite sport?
A: Soccer!!!

Q: I love you. Why’re ya so cute?
A: Thanks for confessing your love to me.1f60a1f495
I plan on getting even cuter too.

Q: Which SCANDAL album would you recommend I listen to?
A: These two!

CC19Mr-UgAEhs5-.jpg orig

CC19MtmVAAAEMdF.jpg orig

Q: What’s you favorite L’Arc-en-Ciel song?
A: the Fourth Avenue Cafe1f495

Q: Will you ever perform you original Halloween song again?
A: I don’t think so!

Q: Will you be at TIF2015?
A: Not unless they pencil me in last minute!

Q: At what time do you usually go to sleep at and wake up at on weekdays?
A: I usually go to sleep at 12 and wake up anywhere between 6 and 6:30!

Q: Tsukapon, Tsukapon. Do you plan on coming to Osaka any time soon?
A: No, unfortunately.(இдஇ`。)

Q: Do you know where Tottori Prefecture is?
A: In the Chuugoku region!!

Q: Come up to Hokkaido!
(Though you’ll probably just tell me to come down to Tokyo instead. lololol)
A: Hokkaido’s is really cold…
But, I’d like to eat some crab! I want to go now!

Q: Do you sleep on you stomach or on your back?
A: On my stomach, I think!

Q: If you could have a little gathering with your fans, what would you want to do.
A: Mmmm, a picnic.( ˙灬˙ )

Q: I’m looking forward to your next batch of goods. I’d like a towel.
A: Let’s see what I come up with.1f493

Q: Do you feel older yet?
A: I do! Now that I have juniors at school!

And done.1f4671f467
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Later today

Opayo\( ˆoˆ )/
I’ll be performing at the Akasaka Tenjiku today, so if you have the time, why not come down?1f60a1f60a


CC14MpFUkAAHCaZ.jpg orig
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