Otsuka Aina



Though there are probably those who already know…

As in the official announcement、

Otsuka Aina will、as of today、be withdrawing from Juice=Juice and the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei。

I really apologize that I’m not able to give a proper salutation in this way。

Everyone who’s supported me until now、
thank you very much up until now!

Well then、bye-chaーko (*´ `*)



Today is Tomo’s birthdaーy ♪


She’s become 18 years old, huhー(。>∀<。)

A big sister! lol

From now on as well、fight on as subleader ♡

I wonder if she liked my birthday present?

I worried quite a bit over itーwww

A picture today with that Tomo!


Well then、bye-chaーko ♡

The Best☻

Konban-waniiー(。 >艸<)

It’s been a while!

I’ve been studying for final exams~lol

Finished up yesterday ^_^

Today we were allowed do be the opening act for ℃-ute-san~♪

As our first opening act in a while、
and furthermore since it was at Pacifico Yokohama’s National Great Hall、I was more nervous than normal!

We did the first performance as the 6 of us in Juice=Juice of Ten made Nobore! (*´□`*)♪


Did those of you who saw today’s opening act notice?ww

Something about Aina, www

I believe you noticed, ww

For those who weren’t able to come today…




I cut my hair~(。>∀<。)

I think this is the shortest I’ve had it in my life, ww


We have an event tomorrow at Matsudo’s temporary shopー!

Those who have the time、please support us ♡

Well then、today!

Bye-chaーーko (★´v’)ノ
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Today、I went for a dance lesson with Juice=Juice~(。>∀<。)

I got burnt out~( ̄∀ ̄*)イヒッ

Our sweating was tough once again! (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧

Something I thought again today…

Everyone has their personal dance homework!

I want to go ahead and get through this!

I’ll do my best (●^口^●)

Also today…

is my admired senpai

【℃-ute’s Okai Chisato-san’s】 birthday! ♡


I’ll be in your care for the summer concert as well!

I’ll work hard to be able to be a senpai like Okai-san! (o’д`o)ゝ

Well then, I’ll leave it here today! ♡

Bye-chaーーーーko ★⌒(●ゝω・)ノ

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In my previous blog、when a question appeared asking, 「What is Aina’s blood type!」…


Lots of people got the right answerー♡

The answer is……

Type Oーーーーー! (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧

Waaーーーi (*^▽^)

My friends and such tell me I’m type B、but it was O~ww

There are lots of O types in Juice=Juice, huhーw

It’s kinda funny (。 ノ∀<)

Well、I’ll leave it here today

Bye-chaーko ♡

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I Know It〜☆


It’s been a while! ♡

After going to school today too、I had a lesson! (*´□`*)♪

My sweating is awful! www
It’s because of my revival recently, ww
But it’s a good thing! (。+・`д・。)


There’s something I’ve come to know lately (*´艸`)

That is…

my blood typeーーーー*\(^o^)/*

I got to know it through scans when I got injured~v(・∀・)♪

So a question here! ☆

What is Aina’s blood typeー?

Do you knowー(・・?)

It’s a bit of a difficult question, huh, ww

Well then!

Let’s work hard over the day tomorrow too (∩˃o˂∩)♡

Bye-chaーko ヾ(о´∀`о)ノ゙

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Di~ng ☆

Good moーrninggー(*´□`*)♪

We did an event the day before yesterday at Sunshine’s fountain plaza~!

It was a surprising event with the announcement of our major debut as well! ☆

I totally didn’t know what was going on、and I still don’t feel like it’s happening!

Since we’re still at our STARTing point、I have to work hard!


As for my injury、it’s healed quickly since I’ve gotten rest and so it’s all better already! (。 ノ∀<)

I’m sorry for worrying you!

Also, thanks for worrying about me!

We have a Nama Tamago Show! today in Osakaー♡

I can’t waーit( ̄∀ ̄*) ehe!

Well then、I’ll work hard at our live dance Show!

Bye-chaーko (>∇<)

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Thank You ☆



I’m sorry for worrying you。

Thank you very much!

Since I’m getting rest、I’m healing well!

I hope if I can, I’m able to perform even if just a little bit at the Sunshine event~(●´□`)

But I’ve gotta heal up properly!

I’ll do my best without pushing too hard!

Well then、

Bye-chaーko (・0・。)
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Konban-waniiー(´× ×`)


we had the

「Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2013~June Nama Tamago Show!~」~(´xωx`)

I injured myself just before going on stage this time、so I couldn’t perform…

I’m sorry for causing you various trouble and worry。

Though I wanted to announce it with my body on stage、

in the hospital I was diagnosed with a 「left psoas muscle contusion」!

Since I couldn’t remember it、they tried showing it to me on my back…

And so、though I couldn’t do intense dances、since it was okay to stand on stage、I participated in the MC!

Since there’s an Osaka performance this time too、I want to heal up so I’ll be able to perform on stage in Osaka!

Though I won’t be able to perform tomorrow either、since the Kenshuusei and Juice=Juice will be performing with all their hearts、

everyone who bought the CD!

Those who plan to buy the CD tomorrow!

Let’s enjoy itー(*^^*)

Well then、bye-chaーko (★´v’)ノ
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Ueno Shop ☆


Today I was allowed to do some CD delivery at Hello Shop Ueno with Uemura Akari-chan~(*´꒳`*)

Though it’s a weekday、I was happy just that lots of people came ♡

Thank you!

Since this time we’d planned to call out everyone’s names、I was kinda anxiousー♡

I’ll be happy if you listen to our CD a lot (*^▽^)ノ

Though it’s sad that Hello Shop Ueno will only be open until this Sunday、I’m very happy that I was able to participate in.. the Ueno shop’s last event? (ノд・。)))

Though the Ueno shop is open until Sunday、I want to do events at other Hello Shops and such as well (*´艸`)


I got lots of Okai-san and Mano-san pictures~♡

I’m too happyー(*/▽\*)

I’ll make them precious ^ ^

Thanks to those in the Hello Shop ♡

Well then、I’ll leave it here today!

Bye-chaーko ★⌒(●ゝω・)ノ

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