Otsuka Aina

Thank you ♪


I held
「Otsuka Aina、 Otsuka de Utau ♪」!!

Thank you very much to everyone who came ^ ^

As this was the first time
For me to do a  LIVE alone、
I was super nervous!

I hope it turned out well!

But、 there were a lot of things I was hopeless with
So I’ve got to improve at those、 and put in more effort、
And make it into a more focused LIVE!!

And、it was the first time
For me to sing these original songs
「Makenaimon ~Kick off~」
「Orange Juice」 (。・∀・)ノ

「Makenaimon ~Kick off~」
My football coach from when I was in primary school had a hobby of making music、
And has come up with an album of original works、
So when I was asked 「Would Aina like try singing a song of mine?」
I answered 「I want to!!!!!」 and this song was made
And I got to sing it!!

It’s a song about primary school days、 before we have yet to start on with all sorts of activities、
The song leaves an impression of the times when we were still small (^○^)

「Orange Juice」

「If I get back to musical activities、
I’ll sing this if someone composes the music」
I only had the lyrics、
But Aina’s thoughts、 and the thoughts of those cheering me on
The lyrics seemed to put them in synch、
I really wanted to sing it on the 5th of July、
So I was forced to put the sound to a minimum、
And the music was at the experimental stage、
But I got to sing it!

With this song of the utmost importance、
I made a slip-up with the lyrics、
What an unthinkable mistake… lol

The next time I sing Orange Juice、
I think it’ll be when the music has been fully completed (^-^)

And、 the announcer at the venue
And the person who helped out Aina, who’s bad when it comes to MC、
Thank you very much to Miura Rena-san (*^^*)


On today’s subject、
I’ve got to put in more and more efforts、
I’ll do my best
So that the people who couldn’t come this time、
Will be able to meet a more developed Aina the next time!!!
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I will be in an event on 5/15 (Thu)っ♪

Though it’s sudden…

Next week on May 15th (Thu) 、


although it’s for a little bit、


I will have the privilege of singing at Tsubasa Fly-san’s regular performance!!


Tsubasa Fly-san, thank you!!
That’s the reason、

I have my first event announcement…Lol
【Tsubasa Fly presents “START IN MY DREAM” vol.7】

2014 5/15 (Thu) Shibuya BURROW

OPEN19:00 / START19:30

Preorder: ¥2,500/Day of: ¥3,000 DRINK separate:¥500

Performances:Tsubasa Fly / 2& / Otsuka Aina

Opening Act:Miyazawa Nonoka & Aina Mai (Tsubasa Fly)



I’m still inexperienced、

but I’ll be glad if I can present my current self as best as I can!

But、I think it’d be nice if I can enjoy myself without getting worked up、

and relax in a good senseっ!


Although this was a sudden announcement、

if those who are able to come will come…、


I’ll be waiting☆
That’s all、this was the second update in one day, amazinglyっLol
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When I realize it…

Golden Week is over ^o^

For Golden Week、I traveled around Fukushima, the Imperial Palace, and Iwate‼︎

I’m satisfied; I was able to encounter many delicious things ^ ^

But when the holidays are gone…
there’s the reality of the fact that midterm tests are soon…Lol

I want to get good marks on the first test, like I should…
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Something I want to convey

Good evening everyone ♪

Just as it says in the title、
There’s 「something I want to convey」、
The sequence of events that led to today、 my feelings、
I think it’ll get quite long、
But I think I want to tell it anyway。

Firstly、 I loved singing ever since I was a kid、
Vaguely、 I thought that、 I’d like to become a singer in the future。
And as a child、I came upon ℃-ute-san’s music、
And I think that there are some who know of this、
But I looked up to Okai-san、 and liked her very much。

It was just about time when it all started
Getting to the the Morning Musume。9th generation auditions、
I was unsuccessful at that audition、
But I got called to be a Kenshuusei (Hello! Pro Egg at the time)、
So I started activities as a Hello! Pro Kenshuusei。

I’m saying this now、
But when I got to the auditions、
In the mind of 6th grade primary school student Otsuka Aina、

I’ll get to meet with Okai-san if I get into Morning Musume。!

Those were my thoughts。
Basically、at the time

I’d never really seriously thought about things like、
Wanting to join Morning Musume。、
Or wanting to début、
What I had been seriously thinking about、

Was that I wanted to meet Okai-san、
I’ll meet her if I pass、

That was it lol
So when I got the call to become a Kenshuusei、
If I appealed to them by working hard as a Kenshuusei、
I might just be picked for a Hello! Con and get to meet Okai-san!?
With all that going through the brain of Otsuka Aina at the time、
I practised with everything I had for it to happen。

There were also several auditions during my tenure as a Kenshuusei、
But my feelings were the same。

I was aware of débuting、
But thinking realistically、
Little by little I made appearances at Hello! Cons、
「I want to meet Okai-san!」
Having achieved that goal、
Those feelings settled down。

It might be obvious、
But the members of the Kenshuusei around me、
Had goals like
「I want to début」
「I want to be an idol」、
Having regained my composure、 I felt that conciousness around me
And became aware that
「I want to be among them too」。

Of course、up to then
In conversations with those around me
「It would be great to début」 or、
「Let’s work hard so that we’ll get to début」
I’d respond with
「Yup、 let’s do our best」、
But I thought that it was something unrelated to myself…

Thinking about it philosophically、
「Do I want to début as an idol?」
That was the first doubt that had been born in my mind。

Everyone has their own values which may not be public、
But for me、 putting aside my preferences、
Idols are people who would be
「Thought of as cute (pretty) by anyone (by a lot of people)」。

I never thought of myself as being cute、
And I was far from the image I had of what an idol was、
So I thought that it would be impossible for myself to be an 「idol」。
Beginning from then
I started worrying about whether I should continue on as a Kenshuusei、
I recalled the feelings I had、
From my vague childhood dream
「I want to be a singer」。
And when I reflected up to then
I felt that my own singing prowess hadn’t improved。

The singing prowess of myself at the time (of course, even now)
I thought that I was leagues away from being called a singer at my level。
So at the time, I’d been hanging on for several years、
And I was thinking that while I was a Kenshuusei
I’d like to build up my singing prowess, even if just by a little。

It was at that time that I was selected for a new unit。

Since I’d never thought that I’d get to début at my level of ability、
I thought it would be somebody else’s problem、 and the moment my name was called out、 I got scared。

It was from then that we started talking、
That continuing in this condition would be impossible。

But on the other hand、
Since it wasn’t the case that we’d début immediately、
So with everything I had up to then、
I thought positively、
That I could just satisfactorily build up my ability 。
Instead I became worried about my singing、
And I truly felt at the time that I couldn’t develop in that condition。
And like that…、 in a rush、

Our major début was announced。

I got really worried。

I thought that I’d be able to develop if we got to début。
But、 at the rate I’d been developing so far、
I considered the circumstances after our début、 and had discussions、
I thought that it would be difficult to expect only reasonable growth after our début。

But then I thought that、
There are people who are cheering me on、 looking over me warmly。
I thought that I’d do my best
For the sake of those who were cheering me on。
I was praised、 by everyone、 that my singing was excellent。
Receiving such praise really made me glad。
However、 being unable to sing songs convinvingly、
It was extremely complicated for me…

And with my personality、
I thought that someday I’d be spoilt by that warmth、 that kindness。
I thought that、
If I got spoilt、
I might stop developing someday。

Worrying and worrying…、
My family and those close to me told me that、 it would be such a waste、 or、
Is it really all right?

Perhaps、 I thought that if only I had the ability for a CD début、
I wouldn’t be worried。
However、 having a CD début with my abilities as they were、
I couldn’t assent, no matter what。

What I had chosen、 was to sing songs convincingly、 by myself。
No matter how many years might pass、 be it 10 years or 20 years、
Though I might not be able to attain that level、
Yet、 I thought that、 until I’m satisfied、 I’d like to aim to be a singer。

Everyone who cheered me on、
I’m grateful from the depths of my heart。
Thank you so very much。
And、 for being unable to live up to your expectations、
I truly am sorry。

Otsuka Aina is presently、

Neither an idol
Nor a singer。

With my eye on becoming a singer、 I’m just a regular high school student。

No matter how many years may pass、I’ll improve little by little from now on、
And someday when I have the confidence to call myself a singer、
I think I’d like to go on with musical activities。

And once again、 everyone
Even if it’s only a single person who’s interested、
I think I want to do my best。

It ended up being quite long、
But this is something I wanted to convey 「Something I want to convey」。

For reading until the end、
I deeply thank you very much。

Decision Announcement!!

Nice to meet you!

Though there are probably those here who I saw a long time ago too…

I’m Otsuka Aina!!!

I want to write on this blog bit by bit
what kind of person I am…

but for now……

Actually…I appeared on an internet radio public recording
held at Ootsuka Shisui deux-san on 4/20
called『Girls Side (仮)』 ♪

Since I was a bit interested in it from a friend’s event
I had planned on helping out on that day、
but while preparing for the event
I thought,「I’d like to sing a song~」
and when I tried asking them about it with all my heart
since they said it was OK, I participated (o^^o)

Since it’d been a long time since I sang in front of people
though I was a bit nervous, it was so incredibly fun!!
Though I participated in the talk too…
I was still bad at it as always
and since I wasn’t able to say what I wanted to well
and I was messy responding to questions too
my bare idiocy made the broadcast a wreck…(ーー;)


There’s something I’ve decided
by participating in this event!!!!

Otsuka Aina… sings

I want to sing!

And so, I will sing!!

Though more specific things will be decided from now on,
the people related to this event I participated in
and my friend as well
said that if I’m serious about it, and if it’ll give me strength,
they’ll help me out with it
so while having discussions about various things
I want to keep moving forward one step at a time!

Those who appeared in the event,
those connected with it,
and everyone who attended,
thank you very much。

I’ll do my best from now on ☆彡


Since bit by bit from now on in the blog
I’ll talk about myself、
and about those who know about me、

please for the time being today, take this as the announcement of my decision。
I’m in your care!


Since I have permission from my guardians!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please relax。lol lol



Though there are probably those who already know…

As in the official announcement、

Otsuka Aina will、as of today、be withdrawing from Juice=Juice and the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei。

I really apologize that I’m not able to give a proper salutation in this way。

Everyone who’s supported me until now、
thank you very much up until now!

Well then、bye-chaーko (*´ `*)



Today is Tomo’s birthdaーy ♪


She’s become 18 years old, huhー(。>∀<。)

A big sister! lol

From now on as well、fight on as subleader ♡

I wonder if she liked my birthday present?

I worried quite a bit over itーwww

A picture today with that Tomo!


Well then、bye-chaーko ♡

The Best☻

Konban-waniiー(。 >艸<)

It’s been a while!

I’ve been studying for final exams~lol

Finished up yesterday ^_^

Today we were allowed do be the opening act for ℃-ute-san~♪

As our first opening act in a while、
and furthermore since it was at Pacifico Yokohama’s National Great Hall、I was more nervous than normal!

We did the first performance as the 6 of us in Juice=Juice of Ten made Nobore! (*´□`*)♪


Did those of you who saw today’s opening act notice?ww

Something about Aina, www

I believe you noticed, ww

For those who weren’t able to come today…




I cut my hair~(。>∀<。)

I think this is the shortest I’ve had it in my life, ww


We have an event tomorrow at Matsudo’s temporary shopー!

Those who have the time、please support us ♡

Well then、today!

Bye-chaーーko (★´v’)ノ
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Today、I went for a dance lesson with Juice=Juice~(。>∀<。)

I got burnt out~( ̄∀ ̄*)イヒッ

Our sweating was tough once again! (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧

Something I thought again today…

Everyone has their personal dance homework!

I want to go ahead and get through this!

I’ll do my best (●^口^●)

Also today…

is my admired senpai

【℃-ute’s Okai Chisato-san’s】 birthday! ♡


I’ll be in your care for the summer concert as well!

I’ll work hard to be able to be a senpai like Okai-san! (o’д`o)ゝ

Well then, I’ll leave it here today! ♡

Bye-chaーーーーko ★⌒(●ゝω・)ノ

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In my previous blog、when a question appeared asking, 「What is Aina’s blood type!」…


Lots of people got the right answerー♡

The answer is……

Type Oーーーーー! (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧

Waaーーーi (*^▽^)

My friends and such tell me I’m type B、but it was O~ww

There are lots of O types in Juice=Juice, huhーw

It’s kinda funny (。 ノ∀<)

Well、I’ll leave it here today

Bye-chaーko ♡

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