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My thoughts and feelings at the moment。

Good day! This is Aina。
Today I feel like I’ll talk about my current thoughts and feelings。
If you’re asking why now、
It’s because I thought that
It’s kind of the right time to talk about it。
Going straight to the point、
I didn’t want to be thought of as an idol。
To all of you、
I might seem like an idol。
But what I want to become is something else。
I want to sing。 I want to act。
Those are what I want to do the most。
Therefore、 after I’ve become a one-person act
I think I’d like to properly get that message across even more。
In order to properly get that across、
I’ll put in efforts beyond what I’ve done so far。
For me, I’ve got 2 goals。
I won’t mention them now。
But、 they’ll definitely come true。。
To everyone who’s been supporting Aina
I may be normally be aloof、
But I actually do love you all。
I can’t say it directly since it’s embarrassing though。
Accompanying me at all times、
Cheering me on with everything you’ve got、
Giving me support。
Thank you for everything。
I hope that you’ll
Continue to accompany Aina。
~Mugendai Kakumei~
Is being held on the 29th of November。
You’ve got no choice but to come! lol
Please fling your feelings
Wholeheartedly towards Aina!
Aina will go full power too!!
Finally、 I love all of you ( ˊᵕˋ )♡
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Video message

Aina: Hi everyone. That ticket sales event for “Mystical Pistol Donner” is about to start! Naana is eating fried chicken.
Naana: It’s good!
Aina: Anyways, make sure to come over.
Naana: Yeah, come over.
Aina: You can shake hands with the entire cast!
Naana: Come shake my hands!
Aina: Mine too!
Naana: Her cheeks are real squishy.
Aina: They sure are. I hope to see you.
Both: Bye-bye!
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Tomorrow’s event

I’m done with rehearsals.\(^o^)/
Courtney’s fight scene’s are seriously hard! I need to practice more!

We’re having a ticket sales event tomorrow!
You can shake hands with all of us too!
It’ll be at the Mayuzumi Art Salon in Akazaka Mitsuke.1f609 It starts at 19:00!!

CHTbeEUVAAEQqau.jpg orig
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Wouldn’t want to get on Pii-chan’s bad side

There’s this really funny picture I want to post but Pii-chan would probably get mad at me if I did…
I’ll post it once she gets over it! lol

It’s a picture of her following a moving fan because she was really hot after practicing sword fighting!! lol

CHNJ4FrUgAErr31.jpg orig
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The possible embarrassment

I’m done with rehearsals.\(^o^)/
Asupii and I had the same pants on today.1f60a

CHI-swZVIAEersI.jpg orig
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Mystical Pistol Donner☆

Hi everyone1f60a
Today I had a photo shoot for the “Mystical Pistol Donner” pamphlets!!



I play Courtney, wielder of the sacred blade, Francesca!!

She’s really cool.*\(^o^)/*

And look at this!!



My character doesn’t use a gun, but I felt like holding it!! lol


There’s going to be a ticket sales event on Saturday
the 13th at the Mayuzumi Art Salon in Akazaka Mitsuke!!
It starts at 19:00!
You’ll be able to shake hands with the entire cast, so make sure to come.\(^o^)/

Make sure to also come watch “Mystical Pistol Donner” too!

For more information, go to
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Photo shoot over

I just got done with a photo shoot for “Mystical Pistol Donner”.*\(^o^)/*
Courtney is really cool.1f609
You should all come watch the play.^ – ^
There’s going to be a ticket sales event on the 13th! I’m going to be there!

CHDbkMbUcAAUgNh.jpg orig

CHDbkMbUgAEwKBp.jpg orig

CHDbkMfUQAAPkrM.jpg orig

CHDbkMcUAAAFEWd.jpg orig
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Dinosaurs in space?

I like dinosaurs and space.1fbeating

With that said, I need to get going to a photo shoot.1fcamera
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It’s time

It’s time I get to rehearsals.1f6011fvictory
It’s time I get serious! It’s time I stop typing and go.\(^^)/
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