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It’s Amazing★Akari

An AB blood type book!!
I love reading these kinds of books :kirakira:
I’m such a typical AB type person :paa:
The book I read a while ago about Gemini’s was pretty spot on too!
I also have a book about people born on 6/8 and it’s also correct~ :guddo:
It’s like they wrote it based on a survey I answered!
When did they see me…
Some things that aren’t right are written too, but it’s still fun♪♪
My skin got a bit burnt today… :aseru:
After I took of my bathing suit I felt a bit dizzy.
I had to get into the pool at school, so it’s unavoidable, but the feeling of being burned was somewhat shocking
Saho Akari
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was a day where my throat hurt :paa:
On Saturday’s event and at yesterday’s location, I yelled too much, so today my voice feels a little funny.
Everyone told me my voice sounded kind of different today!
Only at times like this do I get called on at school~ :shobon:
I made sure to answer properly, in my weird voice :guddo: :guddo:
Later in English, I was looking up a word I didn’t know in my electronic dictionary, but I accidentally pushed the voice button :paa:
And then a woman’s voice started speaking loudly from my electronic dictionary and I got scolded.
I feel like I’m being gotten everyday. :gan:
Don’t mi~nd :paa:
I have vowed never to press that button again.
I hope nothing happens tomorrow.
Saho Akari
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Today was the first day
of filming for Up-Front Girls (Temporary) TV show~!
This is the first time for me and I couldn’t wait,
so since last night I was really excited♪♪
I was very bouncy
Saho Akari, known as Mi~↓↓

The laughing stops here……
That’s right, I was gotten again (lol)
They took us to the top of a  taaaall taaaall bridge…
Fear Dread Dismay Terror Horror Scare Panic
↑That’s was was going on inside my head.
I think everyone else felt the same way.
I love roller coasters.
But bungee jumping is completely different~ :shobon:
Did everyone jump, or not? Please watch the broadcast to find out :paa:
Up-Front Girls (Temporary)
Is interesting~
Saho Akari
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The event
is over :kirakira: :kirakira:
I have a lot of points to reflect on, but I had fun nonetheless!
Before we went on stage I was nervous, anxious, and panicking, but when I was up on the stage all my worries flew away :kirakira: :kirakira:
One me out of seven wonders :guddo: :guddo:
Ah, but when it got the singing parts I was worried about suddenly my heart started pounding.
I got congratulated by everyone for my birthday for the 2nd time!
Thank you very much!
Cake :heart: :heart:

The missing part is from when I ate some of it on stage :paa:
This was our first event as Up-Front Girls (Temporary) so I was really nervous but it was rea~lly fun!
Just like the rumors said, there was something I was surprised about…
From now on, I will discipline my heart :guddo: :guddo:
Thanks so much to everyone who came out and supported us.
Ah, and lastly we were scolded by Konatsu-chan and Moritea for throwing pies at them (lol)
Sorry~ :heart: :heart:
It was fun! :guddo:
Saho Akari
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It’s Tomorrow~★Akari

I just came from our event rehearsal!
I can’t wait for tomorrow :paa: :paa:
I still have a lot of things I’m worried about, but I have of lot of time before the actual show, so I’ll be okay :guddo: :guddo:
…but if I don’t think about it I’ll panic (lol)
I need to calm down :paa:
Everyone has said that they are looking forward to tomorrow, and so am I, so I want to hurry up and eliminate my worries and just look forward to tomorrow :kirakira:
I’ll do my best not to disappoint everyone!
Today everyone did their best while wearing (Temporary)* T-shirts!
I’m filled with a lot of feelings, it’s a mysterious feeling~
Well then, then met at tomorrow’s event :star:
Saho Akari
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Thank you for the birthday comments
I was really~ happy :kirakira:
This is the most birthday I have ever received
Thanks to everyone, I really feel like I have become 16 :paa:
And I feel like I have become very level-headed :paa:
As expected of 16 years old
and during yesterday’s event rehearsal, I received this from the staff!

They told me I can chew this candy as much as I want to until I get sick of it :paa:
Thank you.
I well be careful so that my teeth don’t go bad
I also received a lot of phone calls and text messages :heart: :heart:
I even got texts from my friends so I haven’t been able to see recently :shobon:
I usually forget those kinds of things, so I was really happy
Today we had rehearsal for our event :guddo:
I danced a bunch!
But I felt pretty rushed.
I have more day left to do my best!!
I’m 16 now, so I should be able to do it :guddo: :guddo:

Saho Akari
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I safely made it to 16~
I’m glad I did :heart: :heart:
When I think I was born just a while ago, I’ve already become 16~
How fast~

Papa bought me a birthday cake

It was really delicious.
The  n-a-m-e!!!!

It says A(kari)…(lol)
What’s that supposed to be~ :paa:
Even though it’s my birthday cake~
Even though I’m 16~
I was completely gotten :paa: :paa:
It seems that it was written normally at first, but then Papa said
“Please put parenthesis around it after all.”
What courage!!
Furthermore he said
“The people at the shop were surprised( ̄ー ̄+)”
Of course they were :paa:
He said it all proudly (lol)
It’s not liked I aksed him to do that or anything :paa:
But it was a fan cake :heart: :heart:
Everyone, from now on please continue to treat me well!
Saho Akari
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Today I entered the pool for the first time this year
It was for my class at school!
I learned how to swim in PE, so the activities we do in PE are a precious time :paa:
Our teacher said that they would would in front of us, so we swam!
And then our teacher told everyone
“Swim like you’re Saho” (lol)

Having that said made me want to grin the whole time we were swimming
But of course I didn’t do it.
Before we got in the pool it was a bit cloudy, so I thought it would be cold, but once we started swimming my body really warmed up :aseru: :aseru:
I haven’t been in the pool since a year ago, so naturally I got very tired from swimming.
I felt all dizzy when I got out( ̄∀ ̄)
And my muscles hurt
It’s going to be goodbye to the 15 year-old me soon~
Saho Akari
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On today’s U-st
Everyone’s colors were decided
My color is,

Yeah, I’m still not used to it yet…
But I’m sure I become used to it :paa:
Probably, since I’ve worn a lot of light blue outfits, I think there a lot of people who have the image of me as light blue, but from now on it’s like I am showing another part of myself, so I’m glad that I am yellow :paa: :paa:
We decided the order of who chooses colors by rock-paper-scissors and drawing lotteries, and I got yellow so, everyone, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Also it was our first time doing a U-st with all 7 of us, it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for our event~
Our colors have been decided now so I will do my best
Lastly, with Konatsu-chan↓

During the show we kept talking about our colors, and taking doll wigs, I apologize.
Saho Akari
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Happy Birthday
Last year I completely forgot to send her a text congratulating her, but luckily this year I remembered :kirakira: :kirakira:
But it isn’t like this year is the first time I texted her or anything :paa:
Let’s continue to be friends(o^∀^o)
This picture is a purikura from quite a while ago
And because my birthday is in 3 days
We had a birthday party a little early
And we watched videos of me when I was little.
In the video I was fooling around and it was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing :paa:
The funniness, I don’t think I can explain it without you seeing it, but it was re~ally funny!!
At that age I didn’t have things to worry or think about, so it was really fun then.
Everyday all I did was fool around (lol)
I’ve become an adult now~( ̄∀ ̄)
It was kind of a strange feeling laughing at myself :kirakira: :kirakira:
Saho Akari
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