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Meow meow

Yahhotabasco4459146-Sayu Maachan

Maachan‘s been thinking836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan
It’s been a while for Maachan2473[1] Maachan
Lookieーーー2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan

The white one is Pii-chan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan
The black one is Shirocchi1638 Sayu Haga Maachan
From when I joined Morning Musume。:sweat:
I haven’t seen them:sweat:
At allーーーーー10820 Maachan10820 Maachan
After a long while 26670[1]26670[1] Maachan
I saw them the other day26670[1]26670[1]26670[1]
I thought they’d~836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan
Forgotten about me836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan
They were way more spoiled from the past1003[1] Maachan
Hear me out1003[1] Maachan
They were really cute2473[1] Maachan4459146-Sayu Maachan
Probably836 Ogata Maachan
For Pii and Shiro26670[1] Maachan
In their heads there’s only836 Ogata Maachan
The Maachan who’s younger than her 6th year of primary school:sweat:
Perhaps they were surprisedー27985[1] Maachan836 Ogata Maachan
The surprise was a great success~2993[1]2993[1]2993[1]2993[1]26670[1] Maachan
And today836 Ogata Maachan
I did a radio recording for
Morning Jogakuin836 Ogata Maachan
At the time1003[1] Maachan
Morning Musume。’15‘s
Next tour349[1] Maachan
We talked about it836 Ogata Maachan
What suddenly came to mind836 Ogata Maachan
The title of our next tour2993[1]2993[1]2993[1]22988 Maachan
Is PRISM 2993[1]836 Ogata Maachan
That is
Like a 1060[1] Sayu Maachan
Diamond1060[1] Sayu Maachan
A jewel1060[1] Sayu Maachan
It means something like that 1060[1] Sayu Maachan1060[1] Sayu Maachan1060[1] Sayu Maachan1060[1] Sayu Maachan
Diamonds484 Maachan
Are just diamonds 4736 Maachan4736 Maachan4736 Maachan
Depending on how it’s cut 6631[1] Maachan
They shine~~~~ with 360 degrees of light 6631[1] Maachan
It shines1638 Sayu Haga Maachan
For the next tour, Maachan and the rest 836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan
Want to become diamonds4459146-Sayu Maachan
(I want diamonds too)2621[1] Maachan12401[1]
To shine with 360 degrees of light 4459146-Sayu Maachan
We’d like to expose the fans4459146-Sayu Maachan
To lots of light as well 836 Ogata Maachan
I’d like to point out that light to the people who don’t know about 836 Ogata Maachan
Maachan and the rest836 Ogata Maachan27985[1] Maachan
But, but…:sweat:
If there isn’t light10820 Maachan
Diamonds10820 Maachan
Don’t become like that。
As diamonds, Maachan and the others
For Maachan and the rest:sweat:
What’s our lightー…10820 Maachan10820 Maachan
Since I thought about that103872993[1]
Maachan will do her best2993[1]
To find her light 349[1] Maachan8413

Bye~836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan836 Ogata Maachan

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Everyone *cries* Sato Masaki-chan





Today Maachan had an event



The KMT event


Thank you very much


For coming


But Maachan‘s voice

Still hadn’t recovered at all *cries*


Maachan‘s really frustrated *cries*



To all the staff-san and the fans


Who had come for Maachan‘s sake

Who had made preparations for Maachan‘s sake

Despite lots of people having listened to

Maachan‘s selfish requests


Maachan is always

Unable to repay the favour *cries*



To everyone who said

That they were looking forwardーーー


To Maachan‘s event


Thank you so very much


Sorry for my voice being like that *cries*



It’s frustrating… super frustrating


For my throat to go bad at this timeー



I’d like to redo it!!!!!!



Sorry to everyone

I’m really sorry…





Will you come again????




Did you have fun?



Konii-san and Tanuki-san and Kenken-san too


For comingーー


Thank you very muchーー*\(^o^)/*





Today the staff-san






Listened to Maachan‘s selfish requests


Thank you very much *\(^o^)/*



Maachan saw this thing in her dreams


Seeing those things


Where the staff-san always write

This is Morning Musume。’15’s dressing room


It made me think


That I wanted to do it。


I wanted it to come true no matter what


I got to do it today



I’m truly happy


For this day

Thank you very much


Maachan is fortunate *\(^o^)/*



I’ve turned 16


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Was gladー Is sad Sato Masaki-chan




We had a concert in Hiroshima:up::up::up:








In your precious:sweat::sweat::sweat:


Golden week , for Morning Musume。’15‘s:up::up::up:




You made your way here


Thank you very much:nihihi::choki:




Since today it was Yasushi-san‘s:music:


Home town Hiroshima :raburabu2:




It was super~ enjoyable:nikoniko: :guddo:



MaachanYasushi-san :!?:






Definiteーーーーly missed out


We’ll do our best:!?:



Tsunku♂-san too:!?:


That was a shock:!?:

Maachan will do her best :excite::excite::excite:









Duuー said she wouldn’t separate from Maachan4329448[1]



Even though you promised~ 2534[1]



Come back soon~4740[1] shiho44






Get well soonー1322 imatoiumirai3773713


The 10th genmembers


Are with you








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Change of image lol






Don’t be surprised lolol
















I dyed my hair~4531095[1]4531094[1]4531093[1]

I put on extensions too~heartai2heartai2heartai2


It’s super funー~II




At today’s photo shoot:!?:


My hairstyle was…:excite2:







Doesn’t the hat look good?


It covers me up just nicely4172179



That’s it \(^o^)/*



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Answer a survey ❤️


For birthday goods
How do I put it…:raburabu2: 4223214[1]
We’ll be using your opinions as a reference :nihihi::choki:
To make the goods:up::up::up:
What do you think would be good:hatena::hatena:
Please :heart:
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Hanging out~




I hung out
With my friend~✌️

I got super lost going there


I walkーーーed a lot today lolol


Long time no see⁉

I want to hang out again with everyoneー *\(^o^)/*



My voice…



It’s finally coming out~❤


I’m really sorーry


I’ll get well this week


Please wait ok️❤


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Because I depend on everyone…


Heey~ lately, you know…

Isn’t there light from the sun?

My apartment house and apartment house room

Are being captured by the light from the sun.


Image isn’t it in the sun

That’s the largeness of my apartment house and such.

Isn’t it an unusual thing

I saw that recently, when I was in the car

“I wonder if the song’s from the sun…”

I thought

“Image in the sun, image in the sun, image in the sun” hahaha


Nothing but good things this week~

Look, looo~~~k :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


I lo-lo-lo~ve her


Maa-chan Tanasa-tan together

I want to be with her fore~~~ver

And it’s sudden, however

Ittt’s an anNounceme~nt!!


・3/28(Sat.) performance→ANGERME+Juice=Juice are the main performance

・3/29(Sun.) noon performance→Morning Musume. ’15 is the main performance

・3/29(Sun.) evening performance→℃-ute is the main performance

【Hello! Project HinaFest 2015 Special priority notice】

Acceptance period: 1/31(Sat.) 12:00~2/6 (Fri.) 23:59

Acceptance URL:

Eeheehee :peetta:

I’ll try my best tomorrow, too!!
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I apologise for each and every year…


Really really really :!!::!!::!!::!!::!!:
Every year
I apologise for each and every year…3074:gan:
This year~
My leg⁉︎
In the middle of a rehearsal the other day
I hurt my right leg。
It felt painful、
And when I went to the hospital
Please refrain from dancing
、I was told
When I went to the hospital after several days
Maachan felt like she had recovered early
It was healed but
Doctor Dr. told me
Please rest a little more
So today
I held myself back from the vigorous performance
And sitting on a chair
I got to participate
But besides my leg
Currently I’m lively and in good health⁉︎
Honestly :bikkuri:
To the staff-san
And the fans
And the membersー…*cries*
Was I a bother⁉︎ *cries*
Sorry for being a bother and making you worry
But honestly
It’ll heal in a bit…:sweat:
It seems ^_^;^_^;
From now on too
I’ll do my best :nihihi: :choki: 
In a while
The year will come to an end 3768-2
I’m nervous~
Lots of things happened this year  :shock::up::up::up:
Next year、、、
I hope that I won’t be a bother 
To the staff-san and the fans and the members
I’d like the year to be like that…⁉︎!!
That’s what I think 

But today’s Countdown concert
Was awesome :up::up::up::up:
It was fun~
This year was an awesome ’14
I’ve got tons of memories as ’14⁉︎
I won’t forget any of it
Definitely 3768-2
I’m sorry, every year
A good yearーーーーーー
To the members and the fans and the staff-san
Thank you for evーーーerything
Next year… I’ll probably still be a bother
At those times…
I beg for your kindness
I love all of you 
By~~~e :up::up::up:
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Kyupaa >_<


Kyupa kyupaーーー


Congratulations on your graduation *\(^o^)/*


To the fans who are graduating with Michishige-san

Congratulations :heart: :heart:

I love love loーve


You know

I think I wrote think in a previous blog post

But tears drive Masaki mad

There were lotーーーs of weird things

It seems like I’d have
Lots and lots to write

So I thought I’d write once I calmed down

And that’s why this comes today

Sorry 4513061


It was the most awesome concert we had so far

Just like Minishige-san



It’s like we did a concert

At a place that’s

As stylish as Minishige-san

I’ll always
Do my best

Minishige-saーーn, please wait, okay


Deliーciouーs cow’s milkー

That’s what I drank pyoーーーn

For the days of happiness

And for caring for Masaki and the rest

Thank you soー veryー much

There’s too much I’m grateful for。

I loーーーve youーー

And Minishige-san

She… let us see this amazing view

I’ll nevーーーer forget

ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーn *cries*


Is it all right if I cry my heart out? *cries*…
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We’re in Osaka


Good morning!

Tanasa-taーーーーーーーーーーーーーーn 4511888 4511888 4511888 4511888



Sorry it’s so late!!


I reallyーーーー

Love love love loーve you

I haven’t seen Tanasa-tan recently :ase: :ase: :ase:

So what sort of faces you’re making

What the colours of your nails are

What colour your hair has turned

I don’t know

I want to meet sooーーーーn  :up: :up: :up: :up:

Even if a rubbish bag on her head

Tanasa-tan wouldn’t get mad

Love youーーーーーー :heart: :heart: :heart:

Yo Yo Yo

Feeling goodーー :up: :up: :up:

Like that, right :!?:

I realーーーーーly want to meet Tanasa-tan

Tanasa-tan, I lovーーーー e you

This feeling, no one will be able…

To change itー


Loーーーーーーve youーーーー

I’ll do my best at today’s concert too!


I’m off to the concertーーー 

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