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Fuu〜… Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan

Tomorrow I’ll change my mindset and without losing.
Believe in myself
and work hard.
I’ll changeーーーー2993[1] Maachan70102993[1] Maachan70102993[1] Maachan70102993[1] Maachan



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There are also times you just have to let go: Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan

Today is Sayashi-sun’s graduation day
when I heard that Sayashi-sun would graduate
I really couldn’t believe it.
The reason is…
Until now she’s always been helping out and watching over
Maa-chan from the shadows.
At times when Maa-chan wasn’t getting along with the members well, she’d always be watching Maa-chan from the shadows
as a big sister in the shadows.
Though I was thinking
I want to repay that favor.
As Sayashi-sun said, Maa-chan.
Just says many things.
When Maa-chan was sad, or having a rough time, or wanted help, Sayashi-sun
would definitely notice
Though there were probably lots of times she thought she shouldn’t do anything…
Sayashi-sun watched and thought of that girl.
She made a path for me.
From the shadows
But these things.
I think she did for everyone and not just Maa-chan.
But Maa-chan
is sorry for not being able to help Sayashi-sun.
I’m sorry for not being able to notice…T_T
I think Sayashi-sun
has thought about this so much.
And so if I cry.
I’d waver from Sayashi-sun’s
determined heart, I thought.
But I became overcome with too many memories.
and scales came from my eyes
Maa-chan really can’t
properly understand people.
I don’t understand someone’s feelings like,
“I wanna do this” or “I’m thinking this”.
The goal of Morning Musume ’16’s
Maa-chan from now on
is to have compassion for the members.
I’ll work hard so be able to see the whole picture
And leave room for myself.
And on top of that, in singing and dancing
I’ll surpass Sayashi-sun
Sayashi-sun, congratulations on your graduation
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Back to Reality: Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan445-2[1]445-2[1]445-2[1]445-2[1]

Today was countdown 70102993[1] Maachan22988 Maachan2993[1] Maachan
rehearsal~4531938 Maachan

Yassan too when tomorrow is over9816[1]13445[1]
will be returning to reality2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan
It’s such a mystery 16840[1] Maachan
tomorrow’s dream is 205401120[1] Maachan20540
to the extent I’ll want to return to reality16711 Maachan2473[1] Ogata
I’ll burn out 4964[1] Maachan70104964[1] Maachan
And will kindle a new flame 836 Ogata Maachan

By~e 836 Ogata Maachan
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Happy… things pass by so quickly: Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan445-2[1]445-2[1]445-2[1]

Please please pleーーーase4740[1] shiho444740[1] shiho444740[1] shiho444740[1] shiho444740[1] shiho44

Today a superーーーー2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2473[1] Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2473[1] Maachan
funny thing happened2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan
It’s cute, and funny 836 Ogata Maachan
The left is OdangoOda Sakura-chan
The right is Fukunura-sanFukumura Mizuki-san
They put their faces in the mats 2621[1] Maachan (lol)
In order to not annoy peopleー349[1] Maachan12401[1] Maachan349[1] Maachan
Where they’d sing out 836 Ogata Maachan
they did so several times 212[1] Chisato Okai Maachan836 Ogata Maachan
Though I really want to show you the video 2621[1] Maachan7010
Since it’ll be rough if I do6087 Airi Maimi6087 Airi Maimi
I’m sorry32221[1] Maachan7010
But4736 Maachan
It’s so incredibly cuーte16928234916928
Moreover the two of them at the same time 2993[1] Maachan10032993[1] Maachan1003
Twins4532039 Maachan
Sisters4531610 Maachan
Corn4532039 Maachan4531610 Maachan

By~e 836 Ogata Maachan
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Maa-chan in the Morning ♥️ Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan445-2[1]445-2[1]445-2[1]

Everyoーーーーne2993[1] Maachan836 Ogata Maachan2993[1] Maachan836 Ogata Maachan

MerryChristmaーs2993[1] Maachan22988 Maachan2993[1] Maachan22988 Maachan
I got this from Santa-sanーーー1003


A black hamsterー349[1] Maachan

Its name is1003
First taking from the names of the three sisters
it becomes
But mom said
Take the “Bu” from black (burakku)129 Maachan
and the “Ra” from lucky (rakki)129 Maachan

and make it Blacky (burakki)129 Maachan129 Maachan

but in the end212[1] Chisato Okai Maachan

it became Twinkle 23492428 Eripon

Things I got from Santa-san2993[1] Maachan22988 Maachan2993[1] Maachan22988 Maachan

Wii cassettes 22988 Maachan
Something that’s like aqua bead art22988 Maachan
A DS and22988 Maachan
DS cassettes 22988 Maachan
A helicopter 22988 Maachan

The next oldest sister got a cell phone…22988 Maachan
So unfairrr~836 Ogata Maachan2993[1] Maachan


The morning was funー1003

Like always 1003
my family is fuuunーーーーーー1003100310031003

Byーe 2993[1] Maachan836 Ogata Maachan2428 Eripon
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Good Evening Past, Wait a Sec Future: Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan445-2[1]

Today2993[1] Maachan2993[1] Maachan2993[1] Maachan

Yassan2993[1] Maachan
Ayumin 32221[1] Maachan
Maria1120[1] Maachan26670[1] Maachan

had a handshake eventttーーーーー212[1] Chisato Okai Maachan2993[1] Maachan212[1] Chisato Okai Maachan2993[1] Maachan

It was funーーーー8413 Maachan349[1] Maachan

Yassan349[1] Maachan349[1] Maachan349[1] Maachan349[1] Maachan349[1] Maachan

Otsuka-samantha heyーーーーー2473[1] Ogata836 Ogata Maachan

Though she’s always by my side 7010

She’ll stop being thereー! 7010701070107010701070107010


Shuwa poku

Shuwashuwa pokupoku
Shuwa poku dokkaーーーn

I’ll work hard tomorrow too2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan1243[1] Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan1243[1] Maachan


Suzuki Airi-saーーーn

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I Wanna See Youu~ Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maaーchan 


was a handshake and cheki event 

They were fuunーーーー  11056[1] Maachan  11056[1] Maachan


Today 11056[1] Maachan

at 22:00 

With Ayumin appearing 

the drama 
NHK BS Premium 

44-year old Cheerleader!!

will be starting      


Please be sure to watch 

Maaーchan’s family too  864[1] Maachan  864[1] Maachan

are waiting for Ayumiーーーn!  


Third daughter-chan…”Not yeーーーt”    

 4530959 Maachan

is saying 

Mada mada yade ww
(this is “not yet” in kansai dialect)

Today, really 

thank you  661[1] Maachan

Byy~e 864[1] Maachan  864[1] Maachan 

I don’t wanna think about it.
I wanna forget
I wanna aim forward.
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Though I Love It… Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maaーchan 445-2 Sayu Airi

Today… 129 Maachan

I ate too much caaakeーーーーー 3869[1] Maachan  7010

It was delicious 3869[1] Maachan 26670[1] Maachan

Today~ 2993[1] Maachan 2993[1] Maachan 2993[1] Maachan

was funーーーーーーー 4813 Maachan

the best  22988 Maachan 22988 Maachan

The events and all the fans 22988 Maachan

and the corners 22988 Maachan

and the members 22988 Maachan

and and and aaaーーーnd 2028[1] Maachan 2993[1] Maachan 2028[1] Maachan 2993[1] Maachan

Maaーchan’s house too 4459146-Sayu Maachan

a tree2473[1] Ogata

was decorated 1003[1] Maachan 1003[1] Maachan 1003[1] Maachan 1003[1] Maachan


Mom bought 7010

BIG star lights 7010

I was so surprised I burst out laughing  7010 7010 7010 7010

I’ll do my best with the cutting tomorrow too 2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan




I want to sing with the mic soon 6352[1] Maimi Maachan
at the recordingーー… 6352[1] Maimi Maachan

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Today *\(^o^)/* Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan 

Today 129 Maachan

was our last hall concert 4813 Maachan

It was very fun 2993[1] Maachan 836 Ogata Maachan

In addition 4555675[1] Maachan

Today 357[1]

Is my dad’s birthdaーーーy 20540

When I got home today I made a cake 4459146-Sayu Maachan 1120[1] Maachan


Daughter 2-chan’s area of responsibility was 16711 Maachan

sponge cake and raw chocolate 26670[1] Maachan

Daughter 3-chan’s area of responsibility was 16711 Maachan

candles and putting the whipped cream around the sponge 26670[1] Maachan

That’s it 2621[1] Maachan (lol)
Soon after Maaーchan got home too 349[1] Maachan

I heーlped 2993[1] Maachan 2993[1] Maachan 836 Ogata Maachan

with the whipped cream and the sponge 4964[1]

They were aーll handmade by mom 4964[1]

The whipped cream wasn’t too sweat and so very 4964[1]

delicious, mom 1003[1] Maachan

The sponge was delicious too 4555675[1] Maachan

I’ll do my best with the cake power tomorrow at the Nippon Budoukan too 4964[1] 10387


By~e 445-2 Sayu Airi

Maaーchan won’t lose…
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This is Maachan4556154[1] Maachan

At today’s concert6087[1] Zukki Sayu Maachan Ogata Haga
My hips hurt in the morning686 Maachan
So it ended up with me participating while sitting down12762[1] Maachan
I’m sorry。686 Maachan12762[1] Maachan

But357[1] Maachan1120[1] Maachan12762[1] Maachan
It really hurts。:sweat:
But I’m really energetic 2993[1] Maachan836 Ogata Maachan2993[1] Maachan
I’m really fine 2349[1] Maachan
To the members as well
I’m truly sorry for causing trouble
To the fans and the members
The staff-san
I caused you concern 9816[1]
Sorry。6352[1] Maimi Maachan10820 Maachan
Until the next tour4459146-Sayu Maachan
I’ll do my best to recover1120[1] Maachan12762[1] Maachan1120[1] Maachan
So please wait >_<672 Sayu Maachan
Maachan is looking forward to it too 1003[1] Maachan

To everyone who came today1003[1] Maachan
Maachan was really 1003[1] Maachan
Glad to meet you 1003[1] Maachan1003[1] Maachan
Thank you very much 4531597[1] Maachan4531597[1] Maachan4531597[1] Maachan4531597[1] Maachan4531597[1] Maachan
Sorry that they’re the same photos as yesterday
While bringing to mind
My favourite sounds
The pain gets blown away 4736 Maachan
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