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Surprapples!!Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan who goes by Sato Masaki 004

Characters appearing today 

Former Morning Musume。’15
9th gen member
as she’s called(Sayashi Riho

I love her dancing
I love her singing
Her dancing is just so great
She also randomly falls with a thump
so even though she’s agile with her dancing and singing to music
she’s clumsy just walking down the street ww

Morning Musume。’16
10th gen member
Maa-chan as she’s called(Sato Masaki

12th gen member

Marian LOVE-rin as she’s called(Makino Maria

she who shines cutely like the sun with all her heart at the things told to her by her teachers and director-sans and manager-san senpai


Sasshi-san as she’s called(Sashihara-san

Like a diligent mature big sister
she’s always alーーーーllways
smiling *\(^o^)/*

Mayuyu=san as she’s called(Watanabe-san

With her eyes all crinkly
like a nyan-nyan kitty
and her hair all crinkly
she gives off a warm feeling
with her kind smile

Yesterday as well I had one of my beloved concerts 082 Maachan

So much funnnnーーーーーーーーー 089 Maachan 025 Maachan 089 Maachan

Yesterday 094 Maachan 082 Maachan 094 Maachan


Sasshi-san and Mayuyu-san 081

came 001 Maachan019 Maachan001 Maachan019 Maachan001 Maachan019 Maachan001 Maachan

to the Zama concert 006 Maachan084 Maachan006 Maachan084 Maachan006 Maachan084 Maachan


Even though Yassan wasn’t there 093 Maachan 093 Maachan 093 Maachan 093 Maachan

I wonder if she was able to have funー 095 Maachan

My heart’s raーーーーーーcing 082 Maachan 082 Maachan 082 Maachan 082 Maachan

Mayuyu-san  081

Since I heard from the adults around me 

that she likes Makino Maria-chan  082 Maachan081 082 Maachan 081 082 Maachan

I was relieved 083 Maachan 084 Maachan 083 Maachan 084 Maachan 083 Maachan

Ahh!!! 092

AKB48-san 005 Maachan

that they came, made Maaーchan 005 Maachan005 Maachan005 Maachan

have so much fun fuu~ 019 Maachan 082 Maachan 019 Maachan 082 Maachan 019 Maachan

Cause y’know 019 Maachan019 Maachan019 Maachan019 Maachan

AKB48-san has 005 Maachan016005 Maachan016

suーーーーーch big 067 Maachan067 Maachan067 Maachan067 Maachan

audiences 005 Maachan005 Maachan005 Maachan005 Maachan

and do so many concerts 001 Maachan

and appear on TV soーーーーー much 005 Maachan

They’re so much more senior 093 Maachan093 Maachan092 Maachan093 Maachan093 Maachan093 Maachan092 Maachan092 Maachan092 Maachan092 Maachan

That those great seniors 082 Maachan

came to see us made me so happy 081082 Maachan081082 Maachan

Thank you 005 Maachan081


Byyーe 081081081081081081
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It’s Maa-chan
Concerning C-ute-san's news…
I haven't composed myself yet.
I'm sorry.
I'd like you to just please
give me a bit more time
If you're thinking, "Time for what?"
What is it I should do?
Maa-chan also
doesn't knoーw
But I'll do my best*\(^o^)/*

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Ugyoo〜n…Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan 5652[1]301

Today 2993[1] Maachan2002993[1] Maachan
Morning Musume。’162473[1] Ogata
From 3/12 in Hachioji this year129 Maachan2473[1] Ogata
Odango’sOda Sakura〕birthday
we’ll begin Morning Musume。’16’s1638 Sayu Haga Maachan
solo tour 1638 Sayu Haga Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan

Morning Musume。’16 Concert Tour Spring~EMOTION IN MOTION~
We had rehearsal for it2002993[1] Maachan
Todayy1133917701[1] Okai Chisato
Last week4551244[1] MaachanThe other day4551244[1] Maachan4551244[1] Maachan4551244[1] Maachan
After being sick with something 1120[1] Maachan357[1] Maachan
and resting7010701070107010
OdangoOda Sakura
2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan
has healed up and came baack1243[1] Maachan

Kuduu Kudou Haruka

No4531609[1] Maachan4531892
OdangoOda Sakura
with colds spread around 9816[1]9816[1]9816[1]9816[1]9816[1]
the whooーーーーle time
            whistlingーー13988[1] Ogata
it got to be like6352[1] Maimi Maachan6352[1] Maimi Maachan6352[1] Maimi Maachan6352[1] Maimi Maachan
but her singing skills were all over the place4531597[1] Maachan
Maa-chanSato Masakime〕〕4736 Maachan
was all hyonhyon yaaーーーーy 1322 imatoiumirai4736 Maachan1322 imatoiumirai
OdangoOda Sakura4736 Maachan
out of Morning Musume。’16 5120[1] Maachan6631[1] Maachan
is the beeーーーーーーーst4531597[1] Maachan4531597[1] Maachan4531597[1] Maachan4531597[1] Maachan
at singing 10038413 Maachan1003
and the beeーーーーーーーーーーーーst 22988 Maachan
at lifting her bangs *\(^o^)/*10038413 Maachan8413 Maachan1003
The members 836 Ogata Maachan
laugh a ton 4964[1] Maachan103874964[1] Maachan10387
and are aーーllways messing with her 836 Ogata Maachan
Messing with her…
    Nn~…probably means teasing her
         with words2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan
Nn well, it’s like that 106[1]

From the left

Morning Musume。’16 9th gen leader 186[4]
Fukunura-sanFukumura Mizuki
and somehow sick and with singing skills 193
OdangoOda Sakura
is the other

OdangoOda Sakura
is so fuuーーーnny176176176

That’s all, this was Sato Masaki

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・・・>_ Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan2493[1] Ogata

All the fans4689301
who came today 301
Thank you2993[1] Maachan3857
Today1638 Sayu Haga Maachan
was a Hello! Project concert 2473[1] Ogata

Morning Musume。’16
Country Girls
Kobushi Factory
Tsubaki Factory
all the Kenshuusei
A total of groups129 Maachan864[1] Maachan129 Maachan
had a concert together 445-2[1]
You know, with all the members2993[1] Maachan2473[1] Ogata
I occaaaーsionally 1638 Sayu Haga Maachan2428 Eripon1638 Sayu Haga Maachan
make full eye contact 4556154[1] Maachan
when on stage 90 Maachan2428 Eripon90 Maachan
with them at times 2003857
Although Maa-chan gets very nervous 2473[1] Ogata
when our eyes meet 2473[1] Ogata
it also makes me veery 2493[1] Ogata
happy 2493[1] Ogata2493[1] Ogata
so that’s what’s fun about concerts 5652[1]5652[1]
Today 2473[1] Ogata
we were in Sendaiーーー2493[1] Ogata
You know Morning Musume。’16129 Maachan
Is there anyone here who knows4551244[1] Maachan
We have someone from Sendai 301
Ishida AyumiAyumin129 Maachan129 Maachan
It’s her hometown 1638 Sayu Haga Maachan

From the left

Sato MasakiMaa-chan and
Ishida AyumiAyumiiーn 3857
Ishida AyumiAyumin is very2493[1] Ogata
good at dancing, and sometimes38572993[1] Maachan
she’s good at doing impressions of people129 Maachan
Moreover, the way she does the impressions is a bit funny2473[1] Ogata
I want her to do a Sendai impression too!!1638 Sayu Haga Maachan2349

But when you think of Sendai 38572993[1] Maachan

Beef tongue 2473[1] Ogata
It was happiness 2493[1] Ogata2493[1] Ogata2493[1] Ogata
It was delicious 2493[1] Ogata
Thank you23491638 Sayu Haga Maachan
Ishida AyumiAyumin129 Maachan6087 Airi Maimi
you need to get129 Maachan
more famous than beef to~ngue90 Maachan2428 Eripon90 Maachan

Tomorrow 445-2[1]
Morning Musume。’16 2349
serial events for our 60th single 2493[1] Ogata
at Osaka Morinomiya Piloti~Ha→ll2493[1] Ogata
will be held 3 times129 Maachan129 Maachan129 Maachan129 Maachan129 Maachan129 Maachan
I’m really looking forward 2493[1] Ogata
to what kind of events they’ll be 2493[1]

It’d be great if there were emergency stairs
for people too
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Bacchaーーn, Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan




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It’s Daa~Maa, Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan445-2[1]

It was cloudy today 17881638 Sayu Haga Maachan
I’m surprised 2349

DaaーMaa had a radio show2473[1] Ogata
All Night Nippon’s 5652[1]

I laughed a ton 2493[1] Ogata17701[1] Okai Chisato2493[1] Ogata
It was fun 301
Though it was cloudy 3869[1] Maachan5652[1]

Tomorrow is a handshake event⁉︎5652[1]46895652[1]
Uhiyooーーーー113393869[1] Maachan11339
Byy~e 3869[1] Maachan
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ooo it can’t be helped…Sato Masaki

It’s Maa-chan031[1]031[1]031[1]

Today was a Hello con and it was veery 035[1]
>_< ←I was asked by a friend about this, “Are you crying4551244[1] Maachan
Does this show crying4551244[1] Maachan
Yep!!! That’s aaーーーll 205401120[1] Maachan205401120[1] Maachan

Duuーーー1638 Sayu Haga Maachan2428 Eripon1638 Sayu Haga Maachan4531597[1] Maachan1322 imatoiumirai4531597[1] Maachan
That’s all ww
I’m sorry 1003   Ehehe864[1] Maachan129 Maachan
From now on 1003100310031003
Hour by hour!! 232 Maachan3768[1]-Sayu232 Maachan3768[1]-Sayu

19th afternoon「Morning Musume。’16 Premium」

19th evening「Juice=Juice・Country Girls Premium」

20th afternoon「Angerme・Kobushi Factory Premium」

20th evening「℃-ute Premium」


Along with this information, member blogs will hold advance ticket sales.


「Hello!Project HinaFes 2016」 member blog advance ticket sales


※PC・Mobile both can access


Masaki will be waiting 4736 Maachan







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…… Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan

Today was very
Everyone please don’t catch cold

Together with Odango at a hotel~
We laughed an awful lot, huh ww

I’ll work hard to make it a memory…
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Naunau。Not now: Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan 4313 Sayu Haga

Lookーーーー6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata928[3]6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata
Maa-chan today 1243[1] Maachan
feels like Nausicaa 212[1] Chisato Okai Maachan
I’ve become Nausicaa16928169281692816928





Maa-chan’s awesome point

I don’t cry even when cutting onions 10820 Maachan4813 Maachan

Byy~e 1003
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No〜t sad。Sato Masaki-chan

It’s Maa-chan1060
I was able to see everyone today too *\(^o^)/*
Full of different personalities6087 Airi Maimi1496 Zukki Ogata
So funーーfuー4313 Sayu Haga
Toumoroーtoーmorokoshiー2473[1] Ogata12401[1] Maachan2473[1] Ogata
 (note: ‘tomorokoshi’ means “corn”)

Today, Zucchini-san’s eyes5652[1]2428 Eripon23492428 Eripon
were so big and cuuーーーーte2349

12th gen16928
So cuteーーーーー23492428 Eripon2349
We sweated from the lesson today too >_<
Tomorrow and the day after will be fun tooー!! 2428 Eripon2349

Byyーe445-2 Sayu Airi
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