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This is Maachan4556154[1] Maachan

At today’s concert6087[1] Zukki Sayu Maachan Ogata Haga
My hips hurt in the morning686 Maachan
So it ended up with me participating while sitting down12762[1] Maachan
I’m sorry。686 Maachan12762[1] Maachan

But357[1] Maachan1120[1] Maachan12762[1] Maachan
It really hurts。:sweat:
But I’m really energetic 2993[1] Maachan836 Ogata Maachan2993[1] Maachan
I’m really fine 2349[1] Maachan
To the members as well
I’m truly sorry for causing trouble
To the fans and the members
The staff-san
I caused you concern 9816[1]
Sorry。6352[1] Maimi Maachan10820 Maachan
Until the next tour4459146-Sayu Maachan
I’ll do my best to recover1120[1] Maachan12762[1] Maachan1120[1] Maachan
So please wait >_<672 Sayu Maachan
Maachan is looking forward to it too 1003[1] Maachan

To everyone who came today1003[1] Maachan
Maachan was really 1003[1] Maachan
Glad to meet you 1003[1] Maachan1003[1] Maachan
Thank you very much 4531597[1] Maachan4531597[1] Maachan4531597[1] Maachan4531597[1] Maachan4531597[1] Maachan
Sorry that they’re the same photos as yesterday
While bringing to mind
My favourite sounds
The pain gets blown away 4736 Maachan
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Are angles the angles of a triangle?

This is Maachan4556154[1] Maachan4555675[1] Maachan

Today I had a photo shoot16711 Maachan16907[1] Maachan
Yesterday as well2473[1] Ogata4459146-Sayu Maachan
This week2621[1] Maachan
Is full of photo shoots26670[1] Maachan
It’s bliss90 Maachan90 Maachan90 Maachan

Little devilーchan2349[1]
Completely red, huh22988 Maachan4813 Maachan22988 Maachan
What I want to say now…1060[1] Sayu Maachan
Are tears blood4551244[1] Maachan
That’s what I’d like to ask2993[1] Maachan8413 Maachan2993[1] Maachan
The words floating in my mind now27985[1] Maachan
Maybeww8413 Maachan

Byーe4459146-Sayu Maachan
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This is Maachan349[1] Maachan

Honey is Iikubo Haruna-chan
Today isーーーー:sweat:27985[1] Maachan:sweat:
Harunan‘s birthday~836 Ogata Maachan27985[1] Maachan2993[1] Maachan
Harunan Many happy returns~*\(^o^)/*

Harunan is always really kind357[1]1120[1] Maachan357[1]
There are times when she’s surprised~~~~:sweat:
She’s really quick-witted too4964[1]
I envy her1003[1] Maachan4813 Maachan1003[1] Maachan
She’s a real beauty and cute and amusing22988 Maachan2993[1] Maachan22988 Maachan
She’s too amazingーー1003[1] Maachan8413 Maachan1003[1] Maachan
Maachan has no idea2028[1] Maachan2993[1] Maachan
What Harunan is thinking13445[1]12762[1] Maachan
But I also love1120[1] Maachan357[1]1120[1] Maachan
How she immediately cries so honestly4459146-Sayu Maachan
From now on as well836 Ogata Maachan
I beg for your kindness27985[1] Maachan836 Ogata Maachan27985[1] Maachan
From Maachan129 Maachan
Recently Maachan5652[1] Maachan5652[1] Maachan

Is eating these sweets129 Maachan
It really goes to your throat2349[1]2428 Sayu Maachan2349[1]
It seems that864[1] Zukki-Sayu-Maachan90 Maachan864[1] Zukki-Sayu-Maachan
Everyone recently has
Hay fever4531609[1] Maachan9816[1]
Please take care9816[1]6352[1] Maimi9816[1]
Bye22988 Maachan836 Ogata Maachan22988 Maachan
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This is Maachan1060[1] Sayu Maachan

Yellow is Iikubo Haruna
Deep pink is Fukumura Mizuki-san
Today1120[1] Maachan357[1] Maachan1120[1] Maachan
I did a radio show836 Ogata Maachan
With Harunan and Fukunura-san4964[1] Maachan349[1] Maachan4964[1] Maachan
I really think27985[1] Maachan
That the membersー212[1] Chisato Okai Maachan836 Ogata Maachan32221[1] Maachan
Are like family4964[1] Maachan349[1] Maachan4964[1] Maachan
Maachan is surrounded by older sisters836 Ogata Maachan
What a joy836 Ogata Maachan27985[1] Maachan836 Ogata Maachan
It was fun2349[1] Maachan2428 Sayu Maachan2349[1] Maachan
Everyone, please4736 Maachan
Listen to it, okay445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi

Today Harunan445-2 Sayu Airi4539632[1] Okai Chisato445-2 Sayu Airi
Brought something484 Maachan16928[1] Maachan484 Maachan
To our radio job
Thank you Harunanーー2349[1] Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan5652[1] Maachan2349[1] Maachan
It was really delicious26670[1] Maachan12401[1] Maachan26670[1] Maachan
And836 Ogata Maachan
Today836 Ogata Maachan
On our manager-san’s desk212[1] Chisato Okai Maachan
There was a PRISM2993[1] Maachan22988 Maachan2993[1] Maachan
I found it~10387836 Ogata Maachan10387

Ta daーーーーーh349[1] Maachan
A rose PRISM836 Ogata Maachan
That’s what I foundーーー2993[1] Maachan22988 Maachan2993[1] Maachan
I’m gladーーー1120[1] Maachan357[1] Maachan1120[1] Maachan
Our manager-san6912 Zukki Maachan672 Sayu Maachan6912 Zukki Maachan
Hid it…lolol
Byeー4531597[1] Maachan
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This is Maachan



Today672 Sayu Maachan

We were at Maachan‘s home town of Hokkaido1120[1] Maachan2621[1] Maachan1120[1] Maachan




It was tons of fun。16907[1] Maachan16711 Maachan16907[1] Maachan16711 Maachan

But it was nerve-wracking tooーーー:sweat::sweat::sweat:




Ayumin and Maachan445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi


Don’t we seem like Chip and Dale4531609[1] Maachan



To everyone5249[1] Eripon -Sayu Ogata Maachan16928[1] Maachan5249[1] Eripon -Sayu Ogata Maachan

Who came today16928[1] Maachan


Thank you soーーーー4736 Maachan


Very much4736 Maachan1322[1] Maachan4736 Maachan

I was alーーーways nervous 672 Sayu Maachan6912 Zukki Maachan672 Sayu Maachan

Odango (Oda Sakura)1120[1] Maachan26670[1] Maachan1120[1] Maachan

I love her recently 2473[1] Maachan4459146-Sayu Maachan2473[1] Maachan


MaaSaku‘s the best~5120[1] Maachan8101[1] Maachan5120[1] Maachan





Good nightー484 Maachan16928[1] Maachan484 Maachan


Bye~2428 Sayu Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan
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An important time ♥️

This is Maachan945[1] Maachan :age:








I was allllways 212[1] Chisato Okai10387212[1] Chisato Okai





With Ayumin (Ishida Ayumi-chan)836 Ogata Maachan


We had curry soup766[1] Airi4550940[1] Maachan766[1] Airi

It was super delicious2621[1] Maachan2473[1] Maachan2621[1] Maachan


Because Ayumin is like my big sister


I felt peace of mindーーー22988 Maachan



Nhihi2993[1] Maachan22988 Maachan2993[1] Maachan22988 Maachan


Let’s work hard tomorrowーーー212[1] Chisato Okai


I’m nervousーーーー349[1] Maachan :sweat: 349[1] Maachan

OMG OMGーーーー:sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:




Good night~90 Maachan>90 Maachan



By~e445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi
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There was the J-MELO 10th anniversary concert

It was really fun4452230[1]1120[1] Maachan

It made me really glad

We’ll do our best in order to participate in it again349[1] Maachan

To those who came today, thank you

Very much!

Trulyーー thank you

Very much4452230[1]2473[1] Maachan4452230[1]2473[1] Maachan4452230[1]


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      Heeheeーーーーー1243[1] Maachan484 Maachan 1243[1] Maachan 484 Maachan
To everyone who came to today’s handshake event 484 Maachan 484 Maachan
Thank you very much 4736 Maachan1638 Sayu Haga Maachan4736 Maachan

You know, you know 2993[1] Maachan22988 Maachan2993[1] Maachan22988 Maachan
Today is1003[1] Maachan1003[1] Maachan
Angel’s Day349[1] Maachan8413 Maachan349[1] Maachan
And soーーーーー26670[1] Maachan
On that note 27985[1] Maachan4459146-Sayu Maachan27985[1] Maachan
Angel Maachan1120[1] Maachan357[1]1120[1] Maachan357[1]
Today is Maachan‘s Day 945[1] Maachan4459146-Sayu Maachan27985[1] Maachan
Therefore, today 672 Sayu Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan
Devilish Maachan wasn’t around 672 Sayu Maachan
I’ll do my best at work and school tomorrow 1396[1] Maachan

By~e 357[1]484 Maachan357[1]
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Konchikuwaaaaa ♥️


      Heeheeeheee1120[1] Maachan
Everyoneーーー4804[1] Maachan4804[1] Maachan4804[1] Maachan4804[1] Maachan4804[1] Maachan


Konchikuwaーーーー1120[1] Maachan672[1] Ogata1120[1] Maachan
Today we had a concert at Toyohashi945[1] Maachan :age: 945[1] Maachan
Which is famous for its chikuwa 836 Ogata Maachan2993[1] Maachan836 Ogata Maachan
It was fun…
To those who came today 1003[1] Maachan4813 Maachan1003[1] Maachan
Thank you very much 6631[1] Maachan4736 Maachan6631[1] Maachan


Bye~4532918[1] Maachan
Dear god
I hope that tomorrow is a good day
I hope that everyone
Has a really good dayーーー6722456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan
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A serious face How funnyー


Maachanー1120[1] Maachan357[1]1120[1] Maachan


Morning Musume。’15
18th anniversaryーーーーー
Congratulations4459146-Sayu Maachan



(Oda Sakura)
Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary tooーーー1396[1] Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan1396[1] Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan
OdanGO, at first349[1] Maachan26670[1] Maachan349[1] Maachan26670[1] Maachan
Referred to Maachan and Kudo Haruka-chan as2621[1] Maachan
Kuduuーーー2621[1] Maachan16711 Maachan
Maa~chaーーーn2621[1] Maachan16907[1] Maachan
Somethinglike that8413 Maachan26670[1] Maachan8413 Maachan26670[1] Maachan
Seeing OdanGO
Being scolded by the manager-san
It was the first time for Maachan672 Sayu Maachan
To see someone besides Maachan
Being scolded in front of my eyes2993[1] Maachan2993[1] Maachan2993[1] Maachan2993[1] Maachan
It was a firstーー6087[1] Zukki Sayu Maachan Ogata Haga6087[1] Zukki Sayu Maachan Ogata Haga6087[1] Zukki Sayu Maachan Ogata Haga6087[1] Zukki Sayu Maachan Ogata Haga6087[1] Zukki Sayu Maachan Ogata Haga
I remember that happening4813129 Maachan4813129 Maachan
Though now
She doesn’t mention Maachan or Duuー 2983[1]-Maachan Ogata Airi
Also OdanGO836 Ogata Maachan
Then and now, she’s completely different12401[1]8413 Maachan12401[1]8413 Maachan
In a good senseーーーー26670[1] Maachan:sweat:26670[1] Maachan:sweat:
Zero make-up at first12401[1]6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata12401[1]6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata
Maachan was sitting in a chair and told OdanGO to go wild~26670[1] Maachan
She went wild on me357[1]1120[1] Maachan357[1]1120[1] Maachan


Also the person who made Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan
Use make-up1396[1] Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan1396[1] Maachan2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan
Was OdanGO1120[1] Maachan672 Sayu Maachan1120[1] Maachan672 Sayu Maachan
Saying to Maachan1120[1] Maachan
This make-up suits Sato-sanー22988 Maachan
As she applied make-up6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata
To Maachan‘s face4459146-Sayu Maachan
I guess it was since thenー672 Sayu Maachan672 Sayu Maachan672 Sayu Maachan672 Sayu Maachan
Maachan started using make-up2456[1] Okai Chisato Maachan
Next, when I noticed26670[1] Maachan12401[1]26670[1] Maachan12401[1]
How good OdanGO was at singing26670[1] Maachan26670[1] Maachan26670[1] Maachan26670[1] Maachan
Oh myーー672 Sayu Maachan6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata672 Sayu Maachan6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata
I can’t let myself lose to herーーー1003[1] Maachan1003[1] Maachan1003[1] Maachan1003[1] Maachan1003[1] Maachan1003[1] Maachan
That’s what I thought:sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat:
Maachan, with everything I had3869[1] Maachan
With everything I had3869[1] Maachan
With everything I had3869[1] Maachan
Aimed higher and rushed towards it4740[1] shiho44
Yet OdanGO, with a really serious face12762[1] Maachan
Quickly went up the stairway16840[1] Maachan20260[1] Maachan
Wowーーー4551244[1] Maachan4550843[1] Maachan
Was what I thought349[1] Maachan4550940[1] Maachan


Occasionallyーーー1243[1] Maachan
She’d nonchalantlyーーーー2473[1] Maachan
Join in the middle of the 10th gen1120[1] Maachan672 Sayu Maachan1120[1] Maachan
At times1396[1] Maachan2621[1] Maachan1396[1] Maachan2621[1] Maachan
It would be the 3 others besides Maachan357[1]
OdanGO4459146-Sayu Maachan
There are times when things like that happen6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata
And it makes me think ‘hmph’4550843[1] Maachan
But the occasional time she joins in the 10th gen4804[1] Maachan
OdanGO945[1] Maachan2349[1]2349[1]
Within 100%…… is the only thing I can think about1638 Sayu Haga Maachan
Many congratulations232 Maachan3768-2 Eripon Maachan232 Maachan3768-2 Eripon Maachan232 Maachan
That’s the end of
OdanGO Paradise
Rehearsals for
Monrning Musume。’15‘s concerts
For this year
Have ended
It’s amazing, this time around
It’s funー
I think that there are things that’ll make you think
Sorry it’s so long
By~e2428 Sayu Maachan5652[1] Maachan2428 Sayu Maachan5652[1] Maachan
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