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Berryz Koubou Festival!

For the past two days,
I was permitted to participate in the Berryz Koubou Festival!



We had the same dressing room,
Country Girls’ Yamaki-chan and I :raburabu:





And, Oda-chan :music:

When I lined the photos up,
I had the same face in both of them lolFor these past two days,
although we also sang Morning Musume.’15 songs,
we got to cover Berryz Koubou-san’s
“Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni” and
“Dschinghis Khan”!!


Before the actual performance,
Berryz-san watched us rehearse,
and it made me happy, that we got praised so,
that even after thatwe were able to perform with confidence \(^o^)/!!
Morseo, Berryz Koubou-san
chose the two songs that we did (^^)
I’m really glad that they chose those two!



When my turn was over,
Then I studied and observed Berryz-san(^^)


Truly, whether dancing or talking,
they have established themselves as they are!
They’re really cool!!


This super balance of
individuality and unified power,
How do they do it?



These were two days filled with happiness (^^)






This is the information for the Hina Fest Live tickets(^^)



On February 28, it first went on sale!
Be quick!!



“Hello! Project Hina Fest 2015 ~Mankai!The Girls’ Festival~”


Ticket Fee: General Seats / Women Only Seats / Family Seating are all ¥7,500 (Tax Included). ※Assigned seating


Venue: Pacifico Yokohama Hall A / Hall B



■March 28 (Saturday) 16:30 Doors Open/17:30 Curtain
“ANGERME & Juice=Juice Premium”
※At this performance, ANGERME and Juice=Juice are the main acts.


■March 29 (Friday) 10:00 Doors Open/11:00 Curtain
“Morning Musume.’15 Premium”
※At this performance, Morning Musume.’15 is the main act.


■March 29 (Friday) 16:30Doors Open/17:30Curtain
“℃-ute Premium”
※At this performance, ℃-ute  is the main act.



Please watch the Hina Fest Video





Sayashi Riho
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A change!

Just before, the blog relay baton
I passed it to Morito Chisaki-chan of Country Girls,
but it seems she has already had a turn (´Д` )

So I shall designate someone else!
Next is, someone whose smile is bright :sun: :sun:
I’m talking about ANGERME’s Muro-tan, Murota Mizuki-chan!

And now, I leave it up to you!!

I’m sorry for causing the confusion!


Sayashi Riho
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Relay ♪

Good evening!

From ANGERME’s Katsuta Rina-chan
who I have recently been getting along with
I was passed the blog baton\(^o^)/

I’m sorry I’m late..

The theme for the relay blog this time,
is “This is just me?”

Everyone must surely love Fuku-chan’s upper arms~,


Ah however, only me,
I’m the only one who has
the privilege of touching Fuku-chan’s upper arms lol






Now, next up is,
Morito Chisaki-san of Country Girls,
I pass the baton to her!!

she is a person
who reminds me of how I was when I first joined ♪

But, from now on,
I look forward to seeing her
Display more of her own individuality (^^)


Well then, good night!!


Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!


Yesterday I got a lot of comments,
asking for the recipe for the
black sesame seed banana soy milk drink that I drank
so I will introduce it!!


Although I say that, it’s super easy (*^^*)
And it’s just something that I found on the net and copied!

★One banana
★Black sesame seeds
★Soy milk
★One drop of vanilla extract

You just put these things into a mixer (*^^*)

Add as much soy milk and black sesame seeds as you like

If you want to use milk instead of soy milk I think that’s fine!!
But, I think even those that don’t like soy milk,
Will be able to drink it like this \(^o^)/



Please give it a try\(^o^)/


Today, was a rehearsal for the Spring tour!
Thinking about facial expressions, and emotions,
while dancing makes it really fun!!!

However, truthfully,
Since there are still a lot of reasons for me to go to rehearsal
no matter what, I’ll stay focused!


Sayashi Riho
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Good evening\(^o^)/

When there was a recording for Young Town last time
the conversation was turned to salad by Murakami Shouji-san,

“If you cut the cabbage and leave it in water for a day, it’ll become crisper!”

Since he told us that,
I’ve put it to the test yesterday for today!!


When I added it to today’s salad it really became crisp!!

Although it was such a simple thing,
it really graded up my usual salad!

This bit of trivia I received, it really helped \(^o^)/





Recently I’ve been addicted to making this,

It’s black sesame seeds, banana, and soy milk (*^^*)

It’s delicious, so please try it(*^^*)


And now!!

Sayashi Riho
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I tried making it!

Good evening!





Today I tried to make a meal by myself (*^^*)




Well, it’s not like I make it often anyway lol

And then, the salad was too big
And I couldn’t even eat the side dishes(; ̄O ̄)lol


But, since it’s been a while since I’ve eaten grated yam I was happy  :music:



Now, the preparations for the Spring tour have begun!
To be able to deliver a performance as ’15 with confidence
Whether it’s individually, or with everyone, I think I want to decisively go for it!!


And now! Good night!!


Sayashi Riho
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Hello!Concerts have ended now..

It was the last Hello!Concert in which we were able to do it with this line-up.
Berryz Koubou-san and ℃-ute-san singing together,
I burned it into my visual memory.

In the middle of the tour,
they were truly kind, even to me,,
It was a wonderful 4 years in which I was able to make many memories(*^^*)

They’re like big sisters to me!

Although there is not much of it left,
Please treasure your time until the end ♪


Also, although now it’s late,
the 15th was Ogata Haruna-chan’s Birthday!


We’re the same age,
Haruna-chan who so kindly said she looks up to me, and I (*^^*)

However I also,  for her figure skating,
I was very impressed! I truly want to see it! Although on video!

Everyone wants to hurry and see her figure skating, don’t we~ (*^^*)

On top of the ice, as she whooshes around and glides in all of her splendor!!





Because I as not able to write on my blog for  a few days,
I have a lot I want to write about,
so please accompany me until the end!


And now, live on the 25th of this month on BS Sky PerfecTV
“Sky PerfecTV Music Festival 2015″ it has been determined that we get to perform!!!

We get to sing live (*^^*)
To me, singing live is more exciting,, lol

I’ll do my very best to sing magnificently so please watch!!



And now! Good night!!

Sayashi Riho
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Meat! Meat!

Today in Osaka!

And it’s also Valentine’s Day (^_^)

I exchanged a lot of chocolate!
However, since I knew I would eat a lot of it in the hotel,
I purposely left it at the venue,, lol

I look forward to eating it one day♪


After the concert ended today
I went out to eat yakiniku \(^o^)/

Meat! Meat! Meat!!!



Oda-chan wasn’t paying attention,
so one more! lol



OK \(^o^)/
It’s been a while since I have had yakiniku, it was the best :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu:


Tomorrow is,
the last day that we can do a Hello!Concert with the current members!

I want to make it a very memorable and happy performance! (^_^)



And now, good night!

Sayashi Riho
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Today there was a concert for my triumphal return to Hiroshima!!!


From the Hiroshima, the same as me,
H!P Kenshuusei, Danbara Ruru-chan\(^o^)/

It seems that today,
I received Valentine cookies♪

They’re even hand made  :raburabu:

Thank you~ \(^o^)/


Today it was really hot in Hiroshima~!
I wonder if I was able to convey my energy and such better than usual today?
When I think that I did, it makes me happy!!


Thank you for all of the encouraging support (≧∇≦)


Ah, Today,
I took a lot of pictures with several of the H!P members,
so from now on I’ll show them little by little!!

Also, since a lot of members
have written about me on their blogs,
I’m as happy as I can possibly be m(__)m



I’m squishy!!

(; ̄O ̄)



Sayashi Riho
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Yesterday was
a shooting for “girls!” and “GetNavi” serialized magazines!!

The shooting was outside,
but unfortunately it was raining, and cold~(´Д` )

However, even though I think that the Staff-san were cold as well,
I was kindly given a lot of pocket hand warmers,
that I couldn’t say I’m cold I’m cold! I think,
And so while taking great care, I did my best until the end \(^o^)/

And then, that night,
I also went to the Berryz Koubou event
that was held in Nakano Sun Plaza!

When I met the members at the venue
and I was welcomed so warmly
I was really glad to have come, even if justt for this, I thought lol

The live was fun, too!!

Even though they’re in a H!P group like I am,
It’s really amazing that Berryz alone has a different atmosphere than the rest of us,

It made me think that I too want to
show a different atmosphere and color of my group!!




Also, because there was a comment recording today,
I did my own makeup(^_^)☆

Because my hair was finished and really shiny,
I think I might have grown a bit closer with the makeup artist-san..
I thought of that as a result!

The thickness of the curling iron was thicker than it usually is!


Oh, by the way,
Recently, I had been addicted to not parting my bangs,
but since my hair has grown, I need to..

Maybe I should cut my hair so that I don’t need to again~(^_^)



Sayashi Riho
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