Sayashi Riho

Normal operation〜

The other day、 it seems that I somehow wrote a great blog post。。


It got a great response at a point that I couldn’t even imagine、


I can’t write a future blog post
That can top that。。 *cries*







But I’ll be going back into normal operation and writing at ease (^-^)





Today we had a signing event for our album
As well as long individual handshake events ♪

We were trying out
Long individual handshakes
So we thought about
What we should talk about with all the fans、
And we were nervous and excited、

But as for how it turned out、
Our chats were even more enjoyable than usualー!
It was funー! That’s how it felt ♪♪


Today it was in Osaka、
Tomorrow it’ll be in Tokyo (^-^)
Can’t we get to tomorrow earlier~♪



By the way、
The 12th generation have promptly started blogging ♪
Please make sure to check it out!→12th generation blog





Sayashi Riho
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A new!?

I’ve started getting back into
『Games』 I haven’t played for a while、
But since I’ve got this easy-to-warm, easy-to-cool personality
I have no idea when、 but someday I’ll run out of hoobies
This is Sayashi Riho (^-^)

I’ve started Mario Brothers
And Tomodachi Collection ♪


Mario Brothers in particular
Takes time to complete、
Since it isn’t too hard、
It seems that
It’ll be a long lasting hobby (__,_)b



After not having worn this white skirt for a while
With such good timing, I spilt my coffee。。











That’s it~♪



Sayashi Riho
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We’ve got events today too!

Good evening!


It was cold yesterday、
So at night、 I had a good long bath
It feels like I got warmed up from the core (^-^)


Yeah (^-^)


It’s important to heat yourself from withinー!


And yet、
You can go overboard with warming your body
So I had some cool Acai bowl in the morning lol






This photo looks the same as yesterday’s、
But it’s a different photo (^-^)




A photo from today (^-^)



Today I went out for a bento in between sessions、
But I ate too much as usual、
And now my tummy feels heavy。。(T_T)


I think I’ll have something that’s kind on the stomach
Tomorrow morning。。




To everyone who dropped by today、
Thank you very much~♪
Please be careful going home!




Sayashi Riho
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It’s cold〜

Good evening!






Today we had polaroid and handshake events (^-^)


It’s kind of a laid-back atmosphere, isn’t it?
It looks like we’re still dreaming。




Also、 it’s cold。。
Sayashi was shivering when she entered the venue。 lol


『Sorry that my hands are cold。』
All of you gave me that consideration。


But、 don’t handshakes warm you up (^-^)?



The coldness is going to get even more full-blown、
So let’s get through it by regularly keeping ourselves warm ♪



Ah! Please listen to Young Town at night!
RIHO-DELI’s tomorrow too!





Good ni~ght (^-^)


Sayashi Riho
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Voice training today!

Good evening~





Today I went for voice training!


It’s the first time I’ve had a 2 person lesson with Ishida Ayumi-chan (^-^)


It was fun, singing while exchanging looks at one another~ :music:


At first, the 2 of us were both pretty shy、
But we were able to focus after repeating several times
And thankfully we felt like we could seriously do it ♪

And at night、
I watched the play 、
『Kuru kuru to Shi to Shitto』, which Niigaki Risa-san appears in!


The story was quite complicated、
So my head was spinning while watching it!
Niigaki-san was really cute!





Fuji TV’s 『Duntsukupa』 will be broadcast!
It’s our first performance as a 9 person group (^-^)
Please watch it from 11 p.m.!



Sayashi Riho
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Broadcast tomorrow (^-^)

How do you do! It’s Sayashi Riho!! lol

Tomorrow, the 4th of December, from 11:53 p.m.
On TBS 『WADAI no Oukoku』-san、


I’ll be making an appearance
Paired with Suzuki Kanon-chan!


This time、 the topic that we’ll be introducing、
Is the extremely gentle love from the fans
Who always cheer us on (^-^)


We talked plenty about the fans’ kindness、 which we always feel when we’re doing a live performance or an event!


And、 through the project、
Sayashi was able to directly convey my gratitude to actress Matsuoka Mayu-san、
For cheering on Morning Musume。’14、 and spreading the good word about us at all sorts of places!


Since it was a slightly different method of giving thanks
Sayashi was nervous too、
But the plan turned out to be really joyful!
Please look forward to it ♪


Everyone、 please make sure to watch it, okay~(^-^)





And with that、 good night~ :kirakira:


Sayashi Riho
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Things I like。

Thank you for your many comments yesterday ♪


They’ll make a pretty good reference!
Currently、 with the opinions I got from various viewpoints
I’ve got something to think about (^-^)





I guess my desire to collect clothes
Has welled up once again…??


By the way、 what I’m wearing in the photo
Are the clothes I wore
When I got to appear on Akashiya Terebi :music:


A lot of people told me that
It really fits Sayashi’s image
So it’s become a favourite set-up for me ♪ (Uncomplicated。lol)

Actually、 I’m currently
Customising my room on my own!
(Eh、 I might have written about it in a previous blog post。。)


Of course、 doing designs and coordinating it、 I like cute things、


So now I’m thinking
Maybe I should gather more of those~♪




With that (^-^)



Sayashi Riho
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Recently、 I’m looking for a new hobby (^O^)


I want to try doing something differentー!


When I get some hard-earned time to myself
I feel that the time spent wondering what I should do~
Is such a waste。


The time just passes while I’m thinking like that~…




The members sleeping in the background behind me。


And、 Sayashi sleeping in the foreground。 lol


Which reminds me!
A few days ago、on-location for NHK『J-melo』
I got to do Perfume-san’s dance moves
And went to interview MIKIKO-san!


Sayashi and Ishida Ayumi-chan and Oda Sakura-chan
It was the 3 of us!


It was a pretty charged up recording! I hope you watch it!


Please keep your expectations high!


Sayashi Riho
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Day off。

Good evening (^^)


I spent the whole day today
Completely with my family ♪


I bought new sneakers
And a schedule book for next year (^^)


When I went to New York
My sneakers got dirty and they wouldn’t get clean no matter what、 so I threw them away and came home。。


However、 I’m happy getting a new pair (__,_)b


You can really blow off the steam
Spending time with family、 in a good way。lol






I blew off too much steam、
I could only take weird selfies。。lol


Sayashi Riho
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26th November。

Morning Musume。’14 in Yokohama Arena。




Michishige-san let us, her juniors
See this view、 isn’t it just too awesome?


Morning Musume。’14
That was built up by Michishige-san、
Isn’t it just too awesome?


Just too cool、、、Michishige-san。





I truly、 truly、 love Michishige-san。

Sayashi Riho
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