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Thank you.

Today, December 31, 2015,
I, Sayashi Riho, graduated from Morning Musume.




These past 5 years I received a lot of support, and a lot of love,
and I got to become a member of my beloved Morning Musume.!!!


Everyone everyone thank you~~~~~!!!

My last concert was pulled off with a strike!
I was also made a wonderful red dress kirakira

To all the fans,
and all of the H!P members, thank you!!

These five years are overflowing with memories.. (*^^*)


Myself, as well as the members of Morning Musume.,
will continue to thrust forwards on our own paths!!!

I definitely will not waste the love that I have received until now,
and I will continue to grow!!

I love Morning Musume.! I love Hello! Project!
I love everyoneーーーーーーー!!!!



We’ll meet again, ok (*^^*)

Truly, thank you for these five years!


Happy New Year, everyone (*^^*)




Sayashi Riho
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Heading towards the Countdown Live!

Good evening!

Abe Natsumi-san, congratulations on your marriage!

To all the members of Kobushi Factory,
congratulations on your Record Awards Best New Artist Award!

congratulations on the Record Awards Composer Award!


Today, we were rehearsing for the
Countdown Live (*^^*)

I sweat a lot!!
It seems it’s going to be a really hot live..

Now that the time left has really become so small,
little feelings of loneliness
have started to appear,

Right now, I’m filled with feelings of wanting the live to succeed tomorrow!


Tomorrow, those of you that are coming to Nakano,
and those of you that are watching over us through the live viewing,

I want it to be a live that makes everyone
feel “This is so fun!” together (*^^*)

Of course! Those of you that can’t come
please support us in your hearts (^_-)092



I’ll carry out Morning Musume.’15 until the very end!!



Sayashi Riho
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Finally released!

Good evening!

The new song has finally been released~!!!

I wonder if it has already arrived to all of you yet??

And so today is,
the release celebration event!! (*^^*)



I had so much fun.. ♡

I’m thankful that
we performed a nostalgic song,
and that all the fans got to see us perform the new song so close (*^^*)

Because it’s the end of the year, I’m sure there were many people who couldn’t come!
Well, that really can’t be helped..
But, a lot of peopled rushed over for the handshake,, (>_<) I wonder if you pushed yourselves??

Everyone, I want you to listen closely to the new song,
and because it’s Winter, take care of your bodies, too!

Also, at the handshake I was asked a lot of questions,
so I have to say it properly!

I’ll update my blog until the 31st!

For these last two days,
I’ll write it with all my heart (*^^*)




Sayashi Riho
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Today, I’ve been recording the 9ki DVD since this morning,

And tomorrow is the single release mini live and handshake meet!!!


I’m making memories every single day (*^^*)

There’s also a mini live and handshake
at Laforet Roppongi tomorrow (*^_^*)

I have to sleep to prepare for tomorrow!!

Thank you for today 005 onegai Kumai Yurina


I hope Ogata-chan gets better quickly..

Sayashi Riho
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I’m too happy~ (>_<)

Good evening!

The Sayashi Riho fanclub bus tour in Bousou
has been completed m(__)m!!

I don’t know what to talk about,,
there’s too much,,!!! lol

To all of the fans,
and the staff, to whom I can’t even express how grateful I am..
Truly, thank you ever so much!!!!

On the bus home, the staff
were sleeping like logs…



There was a variety of surprises
even I was surprised, and happy
and although it was very chaotic,

To Suzuki Keita of Joujou Gundan,
I want to say thank you very much
For managing all of us,
And making the event so lively!!

Within these past two days
the twitter followers increased by 1000 people!
So if you would like,
by all means, don’t stop following now!!

Even more, I got a surprise comment
from my bebebebebeloved Rora-san081081081!!

It seems that,
in order to get the comment from Rora-san,
the staff had to research through many people
all the way up to the last minute.. (>_<)

Although we haven’t met before,
and she surely doesn’t know of me at all,
she so kindly gave me a nice comment..

I want to convey my thanks.. (>_<)




And there was even
a fireworks surprise..

Now, I really don’t know who all to be thankful to
to be thankful to..

Anyway, thank youーー!!!!!!!


All of the fans,
thinking it was cold, wore western style clothes that probably felt like the grill for making Genghis Khan,, lol
and you thought a lot about the surprise for me,
so I think you must be tired..!

I think it’d be best if you rested properly, today..

But, tomorrow is the single release event,,,.
Those of you that are planning to come, don’t over do it!!


But, oyasuminasayashi~!



Sayashi Riho
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Bus tour first day!

Good evening!

The first day of the

Sayashi Riho Bust Tour in Bousou has ended(*^^*)

Thanks to all the staff,
and all the fans,
this event was really pumped up
and super fun(*^^*)!!!

I was at the climax of my nervousness,
after the solo live last night,
and this released me from that
and relieved me (*^^*)084084

But even so,
the live was fun~003

Because I thought long and hard with my manager
over the setlist!

I wonder if you were satisfied~ 005 onegai Kumai Yurina??


I’m looking forward to tomorrow, too 004

Oyasuminasayashi 090


Sayashi Riho
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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas278280[1] png282

Today is
the release date for
Morning Musume. Sayashi Riho Preservation Collection 2011-2015!!!

Did you acquire it??

For the book this time around,
I like the words that are written on the pictures.002 Kumai Yurina

There are the occasional musings throughout it,
so please don’t miss it!


Today I autographed the book!!
Although I wasn’t able to complete all of them today,
I hope that yours arrives quickly!!


Now then, tomorrow is,
my fan club bus tour!

Since it’s my first solo bus tour,
I wonder if it’ll be ok..

I think it’ll be fun (*^^*)


I have to go to sleep early tonight (*^^*)kirakirakirakira




Sayashi Riho
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Photobook handshake!

Good evening!


A handshake event for kirakirakirakira
my “Morning Musume. Sayashi Riho Preservation Collection 2011-2015″
that is finally being released tomorrow!!

Thank you, everyone!!!


So many people came,
that it turned into a wonderful Christmas Eve,278
and I didn’t turn into a lonely chestnut! lol

By all means, I want more and more people to see
my 5 years that are so tightly packed into it(>_<)

Because it’s late,
I’ll have to leave it off here!

To everyone that came today,
truly, thank you so much!!!!!


Sayashi Riho
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So many of you came (*^^*)

Good evening!

Good job on finishing the work! The day has already ended..

Thank you for coming to see me
on this precious national holiday that was your day off (*^^*)092

I rotated and was at four different places,


And there was the Niconico live at noon!

888888←Apparently that means handshake!! clap clap


The NiicoNicodoogaa♪ melody
is stuck in my head.. lolol

Did you enjoy the handshakes, and the live??


Tomorrow, at the Shinjuku Fuyuka store,
is the handshake meet for
“Morning Musume. Sayashi Riho Preservation Collection 2011-2015″!

It starts at 6:00,
so by all means, please come and play (>_<)


And now, good night!

Yesterday, when I took my yuzu bath,
my skin felt all tingly.. (・ω・`)


Sayashi Riho
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Nanba Tower Records!

Good evening!

Today was the handshake event
at the Tower Records in Nanba (*^^*)084


The population density in the inside of the store was so great that it became very hot and humid,
I’m thankful that so many of you came (>_<)

Your physical health didn’t break down, right?

I talked about a tragedy that had befallen me recently,
and I also talked about meaningless things..
but the smiles of all the Osaka fans relieved me. lol

Thank you for everyone who said something when I became silent! lol

Both the handshake meet and the talk were very fun (*^^*)kirakira


Tomorrow, 12/23 (Wed・Holiday)
there’s a handshake meet and a talk in the Tokyo metropolitan area (*^^*)

①11:45~ Hello Shop Akihabara
(Ikuta, Sayashi, Oda, Nonaka)

②13:30~ Niconico Live @ Ikebukuro Head Office
(Suzuki, Sayashi, Kudou, Ogata)

③16:30~ Hello Shop Akihabara
(Fukumura, Sayashi, Iikubo, Haga)

④19:00~ Tower Records Kinshicho Shop
(Sayashi, Ishida, Satou, Makino)

I’ll do my best the whole day~!!! 114

I’ll be waiting at each venue 004004
Please also come see the Niconico live!



Now, there are some announcements (*^^*)

I’m in the
current issue of Tokyo Sports!
And it seems this is the last time!

Also check the magazine “SPA!” please!

Also, following the Morning Musume.’15
au headline,
I alone get to appear as a guest!

<First Part> 12/25 (Fri) Starting at 12 (24:00 on the 24th) First Part

<Last Part> 12/28 (Mon) Starting at 12 (24:00 on the 27th) Last Part

By all means, please watch it114114114


Since today is the Winter Solstice,
when I go home I’m going to take a yuzu bath~ (*^^*)


Sayashi Riho
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