Sayashi Riho

An amazing record。




It’s blurry lol

We’re done with the 2 days of Tohoku concerts!
That was a job well done (^^)


Yamagata prefecture, it was my first time there!
Ishida Ayumi-chan’s home town、 Miyagi prefecture!




Once we were done with the Sendai performance
As we were heading back to the dressing room, there was this wonderful thing!!


A mountain of Yasai Ichinichi Kore Ippon
And a cake were decorated adorably :raburabu:


As it was the final concert in Tohoku
Where Michishige-san would be performing as part of Morning Musume。
So this surprise had been planned!


They’re brimming over with love (^^)


And tying in to Michishige-san’s birthday, July the 13th
We had achieved Morning Musume。 713th independent live performance!!


The dimensions of that 713 performances are staggering。。


Making a simple calculation、
Concerts are 2 hours × 713 performances =1426 hours

1426 hours!!?


It’s really amazing!!

But、there’s still more concerts to continue on with、
So I’d like to carve this precious time with the 10 of us!

And with that

Sayashi Riho
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Good morning!


Today is Morning Musume。’s
First concert in Yamagata prefecture (^^)


In the morning、what I’ve gotten into recently
Is making onigiri with brown rice, and getting replenished with energy once I eat it!


I think the time that’ll be spent for this 1 performance is precious (^^)


I can’t wait~


Before that, I’ll be participating in a handshake event at the venue!
I’ll be waiting at the handshake event and the concert ♪


Also、 I heard that
Tsunku-san’s symptoms have entered into complete remission!


I hope that his throat will get better soon。


To make up for that、
Today too、
I’ll sing with all my heart!!


Sayashi Riho
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Today we had a concert in Aichi!


As it was a homecoming performance
For the Aichi prefecture native Suzuki Kanon-chan、
The sea of green glowsticks was impressive (^^)


And、for Sayashi、
Today my physical strength was everlasting
And I was in top form。 lol


No matter how much energy I used
I really didn’t feel tired at all!




That was a surprise。。


In replacement、
Even though only a short time has passed since the concert ended、
A great drowsiness is swooping down on me ♪





Maachan (Sato Masaki-chan) with eel on rice :heart:

On the way back today we got eel on rice、
But in a rare turn of events, I’m not hungry at all
I’ll eat it tomorーrow ♪




Late last night I ate bread。。 *cries*


Whatever it is、
To everyone who came today
Thank you very much (^^)


We’ve still got more of the country to visit~!!!







Sayashi Riho
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Zama Performance!

『Morning Musume。’14 Concert Tour Autumn
GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Michishige Sayumi Sotsugyou Kinen Special~』


The 2 days of performances at Zama are over (^^)
Compared to the ones we had before, this tour’s rehearsal schedule was pretty tight
Then we had the opening day yesterday!


When the performance started
Seeing the faces of each and every guest
Made me happy (^^)


I thought about all sorts of things
Like how much people were waiting for
Today’s concert。

And、 the weekend performances ended without a hitch
The staff-san talked with us
About things that would happen after this、


But I was reminded once again that in order to pull off a tour that’s more interesting, we’ve got to start with a good opening day (^^)





Let’s make even more memories until the very end (^^)


Sayashi Riho
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The 2nd part!

Good evening!



I bought this at the general store yesterday
A salad something-or-the-other。

Well、 it’s for putting salad in!! lol


Today、 we’re rehearsing at
The venue for tomorrow’s concert、
But I got the salad from the all-you-can-eat corner at the venue (●´ー`●)

The pink thing on the top
Is where you put in the dressing :music:

This salad container was 300 yen!

It was cheapー!!


It’s for breakfast tomorrow!



Anyway、 tomorrow’s the opening day for our autumn tour :music:

My heart’s thumping…。

Please look forward to it, okay


That’s it (^o^)/
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Good evening!


Today, 17 years have passed
Since the 『。』 was appended to Morning Musume。!


Sayashi’s currently 16。 How strange (^^)
I was born
The day after Summer Night Town went on sale!!


So today we had
A birthday event for Morning Musume。!


Sato Masaki-chan, who was on break for a while、 has come back full of vim and vigour (^^)




We got this lovely cake :raburabu:


It’s been announced
That the new members will be joining us at the 30th of September Budokan performance!


Morning Musume。
Is getting increasingly renewed、


But it’s not just about the composition of members
In order for the members ourselves to change


Morning Musume。 will do out best in our 18th year!!


At today’s event、
It was refreshing to perform songs we haven’t done at events recently!!


Also、 it’s the anniversary
Of Oda Sakura-chan joining Morning Musume。 :music:


For Takahashi Ai-san’s birthday :music:


Many happy returns (*^_^*)

Sayashi Riho
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Currently sorting things out 〜

Good evening!


We had rehearsals again today!

We’re steadily setting up for the autumn tour!!

My head’s packed ∑(゚Д゚)

Today in particular、
There were lots of new things to memorise
And we might mix up the various songs

So now、 while watching the rehearsal video
I’m sorting things out in my head (__,_)b

Ah、 once the rehearsal has settled in
I should sort some things out in my room too。(;’A`)


Well then、 I have an early start for tomorrow too!
An event for our 57th single :music:

Right! I’ll wake up properly tomorrow too!

Good night!


Sayashi Riho
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Lookie lookieー!







I didn’t cut it ★彡
Sayashi Riho


Good morning!


Yesterday, after getting back home from work
Once I got past the entryway, I was out like a light (;’A`)


The fastest knock out in history。。lol

Again、 even though I wanted to write one
I didn’t write a blog post。。


Although I do enjoy sleeping、
It would be great if I could get lots of sleep at times when I should be sleeping (`ェ´;)

Well、 I woke up early today
To head to the Sendai Hello! Con!!!


By the way、 today’s also the final day of the Hello! Con!


It’s already ending!!!

Having said that、
It is Hello! Pro’s summer concert tour、
And we’re already going into September、
So its end should be expected。。


Looking back at it
We got to do concerts at all sorts of places (__,_)b





Recently、 it can abruptly switch between hot and cold
And the temperature changes are intense、


That’s where this fluffy parka comes into service (__,_)b

With that、 I’ll do my best again the whole day today~


Sayashi Riho
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Tomorrow is。。

Good afternoon!
I fell asleep
Midway through writing yesterday’s blog post。。


I’ll place yesterday’s blog post here!
:music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music:


Good evening (*^^*)


I had a shooting today!!






Today was funー!!
That was what I felt throughout the shooting (*^^*)


Since there’s still an information ban
There’s something more for you to look forward to
That’s great :music:






A gift I got today
This cheesecake、
Even a little bite would split it off
It was super duper delicious, the fluffy aroma of the cheese spread throughout my mouth (*^^*)


:music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music:



That’s how far I wrote!


Recently I’ve been sensitive to delicious things (*^^*)
I’d like to know more about delicious foods!!


By the way, now I’d like to go to a Hokkaido product exhibition!


Even today, there’s a lot of places
That my manager-san will be bringing me to
I’ll write againー (*^^*)


Sayashi Riho
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