Sayashi Riho


Good evening!


Today, 17 years have passed
Since the 『。』 was appended to Morning Musume。!


Sayashi’s currently 16。 How strange (^^)
I was born
The day after Summer Night Town went on sale!!


So today we had
A birthday event for Morning Musume。!


Sato Masaki-chan, who was on break for a while、 has come back full of vim and vigour (^^)




We got this lovely cake :raburabu:


It’s been announced
That the new members will be joining us at the 30th of September Budokan performance!


Morning Musume。
Is getting increasingly renewed、


But it’s not just about the composition of members
In order for the members ourselves to change


Morning Musume。 will do out best in our 18th year!!


At today’s event、
It was refreshing to perform songs we haven’t done at events recently!!


Also、 it’s the anniversary
Of Oda Sakura-chan joining Morning Musume。 :music:


For Takahashi Ai-san’s birthday :music:


Many happy returns (*^_^*)

Sayashi Riho
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Currently sorting things out 〜

Good evening!


We had rehearsals again today!

We’re steadily setting up for the autumn tour!!

My head’s packed ∑(゚Д゚)

Today in particular、
There were lots of new things to memorise
And we might mix up the various songs

So now、 while watching the rehearsal video
I’m sorting things out in my head (__,_)b

Ah、 once the rehearsal has settled in
I should sort some things out in my room too。(;’A`)


Well then、 I have an early start for tomorrow too!
An event for our 57th single :music:

Right! I’ll wake up properly tomorrow too!

Good night!


Sayashi Riho
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Lookie lookieー!







I didn’t cut it ★彡
Sayashi Riho


Good morning!


Yesterday, after getting back home from work
Once I got past the entryway, I was out like a light (;’A`)


The fastest knock out in history。。lol

Again、 even though I wanted to write one
I didn’t write a blog post。。


Although I do enjoy sleeping、
It would be great if I could get lots of sleep at times when I should be sleeping (`ェ´;)

Well、 I woke up early today
To head to the Sendai Hello! Con!!!


By the way、 today’s also the final day of the Hello! Con!


It’s already ending!!!

Having said that、
It is Hello! Pro’s summer concert tour、
And we’re already going into September、
So its end should be expected。。


Looking back at it
We got to do concerts at all sorts of places (__,_)b





Recently、 it can abruptly switch between hot and cold
And the temperature changes are intense、


That’s where this fluffy parka comes into service (__,_)b

With that、 I’ll do my best again the whole day today~


Sayashi Riho
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Tomorrow is。。

Good afternoon!
I fell asleep
Midway through writing yesterday’s blog post。。


I’ll place yesterday’s blog post here!
:music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music:


Good evening (*^^*)


I had a shooting today!!






Today was funー!!
That was what I felt throughout the shooting (*^^*)


Since there’s still an information ban
There’s something more for you to look forward to
That’s great :music:






A gift I got today
This cheesecake、
Even a little bite would split it off
It was super duper delicious, the fluffy aroma of the cheese spread throughout my mouth (*^^*)


:music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music:



That’s how far I wrote!


Recently I’ve been sensitive to delicious things (*^^*)
I’d like to know more about delicious foods!!


By the way, now I’d like to go to a Hokkaido product exhibition!


Even today, there’s a lot of places
That my manager-san will be bringing me to
I’ll write againー (*^^*)


Sayashi Riho
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※ There was an error in the name of the magazine。
My apologies。。

Good evening!


Today I had a photo shoot for
『Baseball Game Magazine』-san!!


For the cover!





There were 5 types of clothes!!


They took lots of photos of me
As it was for Baseball Game Magazine
I played catch、
And got to use my body in general (*^^*)


But、 baseball’s difficult。。
Firstly, it’s scary when the ball’s flying at you
So, when trying to catch a pitch
I’d raise tail no matter what lol



I wonder if they got any cool shots…。
It’ll go on sale 25th September!
Please make sure to have a look at it!!


I’ll finish with another photo!
Coming from Hiroshima、
I got to wear the Carp’s uniform!


That’s was fun~ :music:


I was so happy that I ended up dancing~ :music:





Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!

Today we had a shoot for 『Shonen Sunday』-san  :music:


A photo from the photo shoot  :camera:

I got a delicious
American hamburger(*^^*)

Today、 I was joined together by
Fukumura Mizuki-chan and Ishida Ayumi-chan :music:


It was raining the whole day
So it was a little cold


But there were a lot more outfits
Besides those for the photo shoot
We took lots of photographs
The photo shoot had lots of diversity!!

I’ll update you again when I know the release date ★彡

And at night、
We parted with Fuku-chan, who had some errands to run


And then Ayumi-chan and our manager-san
Went for a meal!





Using the wall of the store as a mirror、
Sayashi was able to have a twin sister for a moment lol

Recently、 my tummy might have started becoming American sized。。


While everyone was saying that they were full up、
I was still there thinking
『I can still eat more though。。』と (°_°)


Sayashi Riho
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Live broadcast!

Good evening!


Over the weekend
We got to appear on live broadcast programmes each day (*^^*)


Yesterday it was 『Mecha2 Iketeru』-san
Today’s was 『24 Hour TV』-san


I got to talk and sing
In those programmes、


Looking at the other performers there
They were proactive in keeping up the tempo
That’s something I’ve recently begun to realise, so I learnt from it!





At 24 Hour TV、
Iida Kaori-san、
Yasuda Kei-san、
Tsuji Nozomi-san、
Niigaki Risa-san and Morning Musume。’14
Did a medley of songs :music:


From now on too
I’d like to perform with love (*^^*)
Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!




Today at Hokkaido
We had a Hello! Project concert!


Today my make-up was applied skilfully、
My bangs were set up glossily
And being in top form, I was on top of the world :music:


Hawaii was tons of fun、


But getting back to Japan and having rice、
Doing concerts、
It feels like Japan really calms me down~ (*^^*)


You know、 when I was eating rice
The flavour really did spread through my body! It spread!


It’s the same with concerts (*^^*) :music:


That’s right! Speaking of Hawaii
There’s still things that I’d like to talk about、

But for today!


This cake!

On the final day of our stay in Hawaii
When all of us were having a meal、
As a surprise
This cake was presented to Michishige-san :raburabu:


The staff-san prepared it :music:


『See you again.. Michishige chan!』
Was written on it (*^^*)


I wonder if we’ll be able to go to Hawaii with Michishige-san again。。


By the way, the cake had a unique flavour、、
It tasted a bit salty、
I could grow used to this flavour that you can’t find in Japan!


Even the fresh cream
Seemed to have turned cheese-like somehow
It was delicious :music:


Currently、 we’ve finished with the post-concert party (*^^*)


We had Hokkaido-style seafood :raburabu:


The sea urchins were delicious。。(●´ー`●)


Well then! Tomorrow
On Fuji TV 『Mecha2 Iketeru!』
We’ll be making an appearance! It’s a live broadcast!


I’m nervous~!
But、 I’m looking forward to it~
But I’m definitely nervous~lol


It’s from 7:57 pm! Please watch it!


Sayashi Riho
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It’s around half past midnight in Hawaii (*^_^*)


The food we had today was really delicious~ :raburabu:






We were brought to bills for pancakes
It’s reputed to be the greatest breakfast in the world!!


I was thinking that it would be great
If I could come here in my free timeー!


But I couldn’t make time for it
And was a bit downhearted at first、

But I was brought back up from the dumps、


Anyway, it was super-duper delicious :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu:

Taste-wise、、、I’ve got no complaints。
As you’d expect from the world’s best pancake-sama m(__)m


And that was itー( ´▽`)

It didn’t need any toppings or anything、
In the battle of taste and texture
It’s a winner! (^^)


The stickiness and airiness of the dough、
Plus the original flavour of the butter
Made an awesome combination ( b^ェ^)b

I’m seems like there’s one in Tokyo too、
I’d like to go there
When I want to give myself a special treat :music:






Today’s Hawaii fashion :music:


It fits the mood perfectly。

Aloha~ :music: :music:

Having got to Hawaii、
I can’t help but become more of a ponyo~。
That’s a mystery~。
That’s how much I’ve eaten。。(`ェ´;)

And、 I was able to make memories
With all of the members~ :music: :music:


Such bliss (^^)


Until I write again :music:


Sayashi Riho
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