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FNS Summer Song Festival!

Good evening!

We recorded “FNS Summer Song Festival”!

Since 2013 (*^^*)

Together with beloved Funassyi
we collaborated Renai Revolution 21★★


For today’s outfit,
we imitated Funassyi and wore a red ribbon 169

Because it was an outfit that showed my stomach,
I had to show the area all around my stomach to so many people, it was so embarrassing (;’A`)

Since we’re a group, I can’t be the only one to hide my stomach, huh lol

However, to be on such a big program,
and that we were always starring with Funassyi, I think it became a wonderful memory!!

Due to the relation of the time,
Makino-chan and Haga-chan could not be in the recording,

I wonder if we’ll get to appear on it again?
If we’ll get to appear with all of us?






Sayassyi!!! *



Sayashi Riho


* Stylizing her name like Funassyi.
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A little happy blog.

Today and yesterday was Hello!Concerts in Osaka!


o0480048113376991820.。oO(Lives are fun after all (*^^*)

o0480048013376991854.。oO(I’ll do my best for today’s performance, too!!


Sayashi Riho
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Manchester Bear♪

Good evening!




Today was the recording of Young Town \(^o^)/

They are as energetic as always!!



Speaking of Young Town,
I received this from Sanma-san!
A bear for my birthday present!!



I adorned my bed with it!

I will always treasure it!!



Since I have an early morning tomorrow, I am going to sleep now!




Good night (*^^*)



Sayashi Riho
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Like always (*^^*)

Good evening!

When I woke up this morning, and checked the comments on my blog
I was really surprised ∑(゚Д゚)

So many!!

It took me 10 times longer than my usual time to read them (*^^*)

Thank you!


I came back to work today!
I’m thankful that I got to see everyone (*^^*)


I also went and got my hair cut!
Although it’s shorter than I thought it would be.. lol



Sayashi Riho
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I apologize for the inconvenience.

I apologize for inconveniencing everyone.

I’m allowed to rest for 4 days
And I’ve gotten better so far (*^^*)

On several occasions over the past 4 days
There have been events where I can meat all of you,
And yet I continue to miss them all in succession,

I’m being more of an inconvenience than usual..

I am truly very sorry.

But during this time,
All of the members so kindly followed up for me.

Even today, the event that I am supposed to go to in Hokkaido
Oda Sakura-chan is instead going in my place.

Everyone, thank you.



Also, thank you for all of the comments (*^^*)
Again, I’ll do my best!!

I’ll be careful in my self-management, and I’ll survive the Summer (*^^*)



For causing this inconvenience, I am truly very sorry.



Sayashi Riho
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About Seven Soldiers!

Today, I appeared on Young Town
together with Harunan.
I was allowed to go and see
The theater that Akashiya Sanma-san is starring in, “About Seven Soldiers”!!

I was so busy crying and laughing,
It didn’t feel like it was a long time,
but I then realized it had been three hours!

I was shocked,
but at the same time I was said and I cried

Several times it made me explode with laughter!

I was sad and crying, but also laughing,
I fell into a strange situation. lol

It was truly a wonderful play (*^^*)


And then, I thought
I, too, want to be in this sort of a play!

It started with Sanma-san,
and then from all of the actors, the individuality of their acting, as well as the feeling of their presence,
If I were to appear in a play that had this sort of environment,
I feel like I’d be able to absorb all sorts of things from them (*^^*)

Although something like that happening is the talk of dreams, right!





Sayashi Riho
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Today is!

Good evening!

There was a shoot today \(^o^)/

The weather was really nice, but it was hot(; ̄O ̄)


Speaking of which, Kanon-chan has recently attracted a lot of attention, and due to that influence he number of accesses on the blog is amazing!!!

Surely, she has really changed!


But I… (T ^ T)(T ^ T)(T ^ T)

It’s really a difficult thing
These last few months I’ve been feeling it, too..
Kanon-chan is amazing!!


And so today, the 13th of July,
is Michishige Sayumi-san’s birthday(*^^*)!

Of course, I contacted her(*^^*)

She always watches when we ’15 appear on TV!

Michishige-san! We’re doing our best\(^o^)/



Sayashi Riho
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Hello Concert, open!

Good evening!


The concert in Nagoya has ended!!

Yesterday it was “discovery,”
and today was the first day of “challenger,”

With the various different patterns, Right before the performance started,
I heard a cheer from the audience that was not the usual (*^^*)

I was really happy,
It really raised up my motivation!

I also got excited during the live \(^o^)/




This time, we got to show Morning Musume.’15 new song,
and then, the continuation of the Hello!Station Dance Club!!!

We had quite a lot of power!


I want to savor the festive mood of the Summer Hello!Project concerts
with fans from many different areas again (*^^*)






Sayashi Riho
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Very soon!

Good evening!!


From now on, the Hello! Project
Summer concert is opening\(^o^)/

Rehearsals are over,
Everyone is ready for the performance:music:

Today was also the first performance of our new song,
The members, everyone is excited..

Those of you that come henceforth,
please anticipate it!!


But, from now on I’ll be curling my hair (´∀`)



The followers on our Manager’s Twitter
has exceeded 100,000 people!!

Thank you!!!

Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!!


I slept for about 12 hours last night..


But today,
Is Eripon, that is Ikuta Erina’s Birthday!

The 7th of July, also the day of Tanabata!
I’d like to remember things easily~

At today’s event,
it seems there was a corner that started last year
known as “Sing Sayashi’s part”
Yesterday and such, together, we made sure
of the position to stand and the song to sing (*^^*)

I’ve done a lot to prepare,
So I think I have to raise spirits (*^^*)




Somehow, it seems that there is a theory that there is a rift between Eripon and I,
I want to definitively state that there is not a rift!

Although we don’t get along especially well lol

Congratulations on your 18 years of age! lol


Sayashi Riho
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