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Good evening\(^o^)/


In Ogata Haruna-chan’s hometown,
there was a live in Osaka!!


At Ogata-chan’s solo live,
since it was her first time coming back home,
even though she herself really conveyed her nervous feelings

When I looked at that Ogata-chan,
I remembered my first concert returning home (*^^*)

From now on we’ll experience lots of things together,
so I think it’d be nice if we could grow together \(^o^)/

I’ll have to invite her to dinner!! (^-^)/

Thank you for today as well!



Today I was in charge of the solo MC corner
although that corner had a bit of a peculiar feel to it,
those of you that listened, please! I want to hear your thoughts (^-^)



Good night (^-^)/




Sayashi Riho
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Handshake meeting!!

Good evening \(^o^)/

After returning home yesterday, I fell asleep immediately..
I apologize..

The nationwide handshake meetings have ended..
I got to talk to a lot of people, it was fun!!

Furthermore, at the national handshake meeting,
I got to do a MC by myself,
I talked my head off!!

To those of you I relied on,
all of you that gathered in Hiroshima and Ikebukuro,
Thank you ★(*^^*)



Oh! That’s right!
When I returned to Hiroshima, I asked a favor of my Manager
I went to zoom-zoom Stadium!


There wasn’t a match that day,
the shop wasn’t open,
so I was only able to take a commemorative photo (*^^*)

I wonder if I’ll get to stand on the sports ground someday…



Today was the individual handshakes!!

But you know. My face was swollen~ (´Д` )
I’ll have to get a massage..


Then, return Starbucks time!

I’m simple and got a hot coffee :music::music:
I don’t add milk or sugar in it!

So adult, right? lol

I wonder if I’ll be able to talk a lot in the afternoon, too!?



Today’s Young Town guest is,
Fujimoto Miki-san!

And then, suddenly!
From Sanma-san…



Sayashi Riho
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Tower Records Hiroshima!


At the Hiroshima Tower Records store
I had the handshake meeting (*^^*)

It’s the first time I’ve come back to Hiroshima in a while~ \(^o^)/

In the middle of the busy weekday,
After school and work ended,
and again many people from different prefectures came!

Although I was the MC for 15 minutes,
everyone was very ind and listened to me closely
It was impressive, that I was welcomed so warmly, I was very happy!!
Thank you!!
Tomorrow is in Ikebukuro! Please come and play!!




I ate okonomiyaki!

My bangs weren’t how they usually are,
so I hid them. lol


Sayashi Riho
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Release, finally!

Good evening:music::music:

Today was an event at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro!


To get fired up before I put on my makeup
I used a mask \(^o^)/


A panda mask. lol

Thanks to that, my skin was soft
and I was able to meet with everyone:music::music:


Although it was the first event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City for the 13 of us,

That the fans voices were reverberating throughout the whole place,
It felt really good, events at Sunshine City are really fun, after all★

Thank you to everyone who so kindly came
during the weekday!



Also, today we #2 on the Oricon Daily!
Of course, #1
we weren’t able to surpass them,

But many people got to listen to our new song,
when I realized that, I was thankful!!

We’ll still broaden it even more~!


Starting tomorrow is the Nationwide Handshake Meeting!

Even the day after tomorrow
I’ll be relying on Ikebukuro Sunshine City!

The people at Shinseido’s store are holding an event,
so if you can, please come!!


And, tomorrow is in my hometown of Hiroshima Prefecture~:music:

I’ll wait for you at the Tower Records in Hiroshima \(^o^)/
It starts at 18:30!




Sayashi Riho
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Today was an event at Club Citta in Kawasaki!!!

Even though it was a weekday,
many people came to enjoy the live,
so I thought that we were really blessed (*^^*)

I’m sure that everyone is definitely
tired after work or school!

Please rest properly tonight!!!


Also, tomorrow is our new song’s release date!
And an event at Sunshine in Ikebukuro!!

If your situation allows you to, please come and play \(^o^)/





Oh, it seems something amazing is at Shinjuku station….




Sayashi Riho
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It was fuuun~

Greetings! Chubby Sayashi here!

Today was the individual handshakes \(^o^)/


Because it’s been a while,

My legs swelled up again and they were bulging..
But it was so fun I didn’t notice until the end\(^o^)/

Afterall, to hear the fan’s voices directly
makes me happy!

I used my voice a lot all day!!


The events will still continue from now on,
So I look forward to meeting with everyone ★彡


This is what,

On the 14th, Club Citta in Kawasaki

On the 15th, Sunshine in Ikebukuro

On the 16th, Tower Records in Hiroshima (Nationwide 13 Locations Simultaneous Handshake)

On the 17th, Shinseido in Ikebukuro (Nationwide 13 Locations Simultaneous Handshake)

this week has become★


If you so choose, please come to play when your plans permit it!!



Also, my DVD “Sixteen” has been released for sale!

The digest clip for it has also been released on YouTube, together with the photobook please look at the 16 year old me!!

I’ll become 17 soon!!







For breakfast, cute tomatoes are good



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Thank you\(^o^)/

Good evening\(^o^)/


Today we had a concert in Hokkaido
Satou Masaki-chan’s home town!!

I think it was like Masaki-chan,
it was a concert that if you came you could really feel the warmth (^^)


Recently, we’ve been able to do a concert in Hokkaido every time so I am very happy!!

For the new Morning Musume. to be able to
come to Hokkaido many times
We’ll do our best \(^o^)/

Thank you very much :music::music::music:


Good night★彡


Sayashi Riho
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Thank you\(^o^)/

Last time, I went out to play with the Rinapuu of Katsuta!!


Right after, we had to work,
so it was only for a short time,

but the conversation was always fun \(^o^)/

We had promised to go play before,
it was nice to achieve it~~★彡

Really, thank you for playing with me \(^o^)/ lol



And there’s something that made me happier!!

For my birthday this year, on May 28th
My Birthday Event for the Fanclub has been decided \(^o^)/:music::music::music::music::music::music::music::music::music::music::music::music::music::music::music:


It will be at Differ Ariake!!

Because I was, by chance, at my workplace yesterday,
I got to participate with the Staff
at the preparatory meeting for the event!

It seems like it’ll be interesting ★★★

Please, come and play!!

You can get the details here!



Sayashi Riho
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The other day, Tsunku♂-san
announced that he had surgery on his vocal cords.


Lately, when I talk to Tsunku♂-san,
I’ve been having text conversations, however

I thought he just had to rest his throat a bit,
I never thought he had already lost his voice.

Even while he was fighting his own disease,
Always, he would ask the members,
“How are you recently?”
Tsunku♂-san, who took care to keep in contact.
He has a presence like he is my “Tokyo Dad”!

Already, the 9th generation members
are rushing into our fifth year from debuting.

From now on I’ll still
receive lots of advice from Tsunku♂-san,
and have to keep my thoughts steady to be able to sing,
and still have to keep training!

When I received a mail from Tsunku♂-san saying that,
I replied with “Go forth relentlessly!”

I’ll do my best! Please treat me well!



Sayashi Riho
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First Oita★彡


Good evening \(^o^)/

Today was our first concert :music::music::music: in Oita!

Although I’ve gone on a trip there with my family before,
if we get to come here again as Morning Musume..

I’ll be happy :heart:

At the concert,
I’m sure there the people that came
were wondering what sort of songs we would sing,

I felt that there were a lot of people
that had come for the first time (^^)

Because we got to get pumped up with everyone, I enjoyed it ★彡


I think there will be more opportunities for me to come to Oita,
Whether it’s for a concert or in private,
When that time comes, please treat me kindly.. (*^o^*) lol



Sayashi Riho
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