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Good evening!

It’s become a long time m(_ _)m


Although now this is late,
July the 1st was Sanma-san’s birthday!!

During the time of the recording for Young Town
I was on stage for the production and couldn’t go,
so I haven’t been able to congratulate him directly yet,

It’s been half a year since I became a Young Town regular,
Sanma-san made my talking funny

He made it seem as though what I said was actually funny. lol

However, just from that kindness, my topics expanded,
and I enjoyed the recordings (*^^*)

With that precious time of being on the radio together,
I would like to see Sanma-san grow as well
I want to do my best (*^^*)

Congratulations on your Birthday!!



Sayashi Riho
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It’s late..

Although it’s late,
Triangle’s last day was safely finished (*^^*)


For the stage this time,
Even though I still didn’t know the story,
When asked if I had anything to say,
I came forward myself and said “I want to play a male role.” lol

But I didn’t think I would really get to play a male role,
When practice started,
It was, after all, difficult to do the male behavior closely,

There was a different felling of tension
in this stage than in any up until now.

But, since the play started,
My act of Kiri was able to
be assessed by a lot of people
I faced a new challenge, and I was glad that I did my best until now (*^^*)



And, this time our director was Yoshida Ken-san!
The same director that was there when we 9ki first stood on stage.
Although the me of that time thought of nothing but doing my best, I feel that I wasn’t able to do much but be a bother..

And yet, Ken-san said to us,
“It’d be nice if we could work together again when you all are the seniors,” so kindly.

That was this time! From the 9ki Fuku-chan and I appeared,
and Ken-san directed that work!

When the last day ended
and we talked with Ken-san about that,
We both had tears in our eyes (*^^*)



Also, the heroine for this time was Ayumi-chan
who I think also had quite a bit of pressure put on her,

Because I, within the members, stand on this stage a lot,
I think I was able to play a good supporting role(*^^*)

Again, everyone tackled this production with all of their heart,
and I think we’ve been able to grow!!


Everyone who came to watch!
Everyone who came to support us!!

Thank you(*^^*)!!




Lieutenant Kiri (Sayashi Riho)
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Already drowsy-shi. *

Good evening!

Today I overcame three performances!!!

I really did my best!

I’m already sleepy~~ ヽ(´o`;


As soon as I got home I bathed immediately!!!

Tomorrow is the last day of Triangle!

With everything that I’ve gone over repeatedly up until now
I’ll deliver it’s completed form!!!

<<↓There's a spoiler for the play's set in the photo!>>



Sayashi Riho

* Riho said 眠師 nemushi, 眠 nemu which means sleepy/drowsy, and the 師 shi that comes from 鞘師 Sayashi.
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After talk!

Good evening!


Today was a β performance! And then, for the members playing male roles

There was also a talk show \(^o^)/

At that time, I wondered if I should return to the normal Sayashi Riho,
or if staying Kiri would be good,
and it was hard, lol

And similarly, if I should go back to Sayashi Riho or act like other male roles played by women
But I had fun that I got to talk with everyone \(^o^)/



And now, an announcement!

From 9/19 the Fall tour is starting!!
For the 9/26 Fukuoka, 9/27 Kumamoto, 10/1 Takamatsu, 10/12 Kouchi, 10/24 Sapporo, 10/31 Hiroshima, 11/1 Okayama performances
The information for these are first put on the blogs \(^o^)/

The acceptance period is
6/24 (Wednesday) 12:00 ~ 6/30 (Tuesday) 23:59.
Reception URL:
※You can signup at any time from PC, smartphone, or cell phone.
※You can sign up 4 per person.
※The results are not first come first serve, but are determined by raffle.
I’m really looking forward to it from now on!!!!!
This is our last solo tour as ’15!
By all means, please come and play \(^o^)/
Sayashi Riho
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Good evening (*^^*)


Together with Asada \(^o^)/

Because the show was canceled for one day yesterday,
today the show had quite a long-time-no-see feeling to it!

At that moment, I think we were able to do a performance with a good air of tension!!

Today we returned!

I’ll do my best for the second half as well!!!!




Sayashi Riho
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Stretching is important!

Good evening!


Today’s performance was canceled!

We rehearsed though (*^^*)
But recently, since I’m always moving my body,
My shoulders are stiff, and the muscle pain in my neck and such is

At those times stretching is really effective!

Even before, when I injured my leg
Stretching helped, and I recovered (*^^*)

I think today I’ll carefully stretch and then sleep!



Sayashi Riho
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Without issue!

We finished the first day of both the α version and the β version!!


More than I thought
I was very nervous before the performance,

It ended safely and without injury (*^^*)

Also, at one time yesterday,
I heard that tickets for the performance sold out!

I didn’t think this would happen!!
Thank you!

I want to do my best until the end
with the people of the Planet Alpha!!!


Together with Dice (*^^*)

I like Masaki-chan’s acting~
Not just anyone can act like that (*^^*)



Sayashi Riho
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Tomorrow is the first day!

Good evening!


Today we rehearsed on the actual stage for the first time!!

I honestly can’t think that tomorrow is the performance(; ̄O ̄)

But, my heart is gushing…rhythmically? lol

By the way, my Dad is praying for the success of the play.
He even made the lock screen on his own phone the poster from the musical. (*^^*)


First, the first day! Please let us end the day without injury!

(; ̄O ̄)



Sayashi Riho
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I’m sorry!


Good evening!

I’m sorry that it’s been a while..

I read the comments
Thank you (*^^*)

Yesterday, the rehearsals for Triangle ended!

I have to take care on days when we have rehearsal,
but since there wasn’t today, I was able to eat nattou for the first time in a while. lol

As for the rehearsals,
though it has been a tight schedule for a month,
It’s quite a good feeling (。ゝ∀・)b

On the reverse, I think I was able to concentrate for a short time!!

I look forward to entering the theater!!




I bought this today, “Rhythm Heaven The ☆ Best+”




I also look forward to playing this (*^^*)



Sayashi Riho
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Wednesday Song Festival!

Good evening!




on Fuji TV’s “Wednesday Song Festival”
it was a wedding special, and so
we were allowed to sing Happy Summer Wedding!!

I was happy that
my seniors from my company,
Moritaka Chisato-san and Abe Natsumi-san,
got to sing with Wednesday Singer Eric Fukusaki :music:



Because of the matter of time,
Makino-chan and Haga-chan could not make an appearance,
Today we 11 were permitted to perform, with all of our might \(^o^)/

It was so fun!!!

Also, on today’s broadcast who we were kindly joined by,
Ono Masato-san, I was very impressed with his singing!

He had such a clear voice quality,
as well as he sang strongly and his expressions were wonderful.

I’ve been drawn in..!



After the live broadcast, when I was looking back at the video,
together with the feelings of “It was so fun,”

I thought.. my face is bulging (;’A`)

As for me,
since I came to return to normal more than before,
I intend to do my best, little by little in this manner!

With warmth or strictly (Whichever it is.)
please watch over me!!


Good night (●´ー`●)



Sayashi Riho
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