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The correct answer is!

Good evening!


On yesterday’s blog I got so many comments
that it surprised me m(_ _)m

Everyone, thank you!!


The correct answer for yesterday is…

“Morning Musume.”!


There were many of you who got the correct answer,
however, daringly, there were those of you that read it backwards!

Since there were 9 characters, including the “.” to match the pictures,
I made it a problem~~!!


Thank you for your participation \(^o^)/



Sayashi Riho
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A problem!

Good evening!

Stage practice, Budoukan rehearsal,
birthday event practice, that and more. lol

I have so many things to do I’m busy~ \(^o^)/

However, although I say that I’m busy
I’m too happy that I can do my work :music::music::music:


Today there’s a problem from me!


In these nine photos,
what is it that I am trying to say!??



To those of you who are correct…!

..I’m sorry. I don’t have anything prepared, but.. :aseru:


When everyone gets pumped up talking about the same thing,
I enjoy it. lol


Constantly, I await your answers \(^o^)/



Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!


Rehearsal for the musical
“Triangle” started today \(^o^)/

I play Lieutenant Kiri, a male role!
This is my first real male role!

This is my first time doing a performance that has two patterns,
and there’s only one month left until the production,
so I think this is a time that will really test my concentration abilities!

although I have only just started practicing,
I’m already beginning to remember my lines rather quickly!

this is the 12th generation’s first theater!
As such, we have to support everyone,
and I’ll do my best to make it a perfectly enjoyable performance! Please treat me well!



Sayashi Riho
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For the Spring tour, we have now finished all of the hall performances!

After these two days, yesterday and today,
Now, I feel a sense of accomplishment that I used up all the strength I had to use (*^^*)

We 13 have come to form a sturdy shape!


We’ll take what we’ve cultivated up until now and crash into Budoukan with it!!

We’ll do our best!


Also, I received a lot of thoughts on
my narration from yesterday :music: Thank you (*^^*)

I was allowed to receive a very valuable experience
I have learnt a lot!!

Also, I was permitted to introduce,
badminton player Naraoka!
Although he’s younger than me at only 13 years old, he carries the future of Japan with him, I can’t believe it!
I myself was motivated (*^^*)

To all of you who watched the broadcast,
thank you!


Starting from yesterday my birthday T-shirt has been released for sale!
Those of you that came immediately got to see it \(^o^)/

If you want to be dressed fashionably,
by all means, please wear it with me (*^^*)


Sayashi Riho
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By all means!

Good evening!

The first day of our 2DAYS in Osaka has ended \(^o^)/

In between concerts
there was a week without a concert,
so at that time it felt like we released all the power we had stored up at that performance!!

Tomorrow is the last hall concert,
so I’m all fired up again~ (*^o^*)


Now! Broadcasting at 24:15 on TV Asahi,
“Tokyo Support Announcement,”
although there may be schedule changes,
By all means, please listen to my first narration \(^o^)/




Sayashi Riho
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Ah~. It was so exciting..

Good evening!

My exciting work today was..





Set to broadcast tomorrow, 5/16 (Sat) at 24:15,
on TV Asahi, “Tokyo Support Announcement,”
(※The contents of the broadcast are subject to change. Please understand.)
I got to record the narration for one corner of it!

It was my first narrating job!

Well! It was exciting!
Although I enjoyed it, I was nervous!


Although I got advice from the Staff,
since it was my first, I wonder if it turned out well..?

Please, if you so choose,
listen to the broadcast scheduled for tomorrow,
and see how my narration is..

But, there is a limited area for the broadcast,
so please keep that in mind m(__)m



With my heart thumping again,
I will await the broadcast m(__)m



Sayashi Riho
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Hello!Station MC

Good evening!

Although it’s a day late,
for this week’s Hello!Station,
together with ANGERME’s Sasaki Rikako-chan
we were asked to host it!



Though this was the first time
that I have talked with Rikako-chan face to face,
during the recording and during the breaks we talked a lot
It was fun (*^^*)

On the Hello!Station this time
is the Morning Musume.’15 version of “Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari”
has been delivered!

Please take a look \(^o^)/



Now for today,
after I returned home,
and after I did my chores at home,
I was watching a movie up until now!

Now, I have been keeping it in mind to walk a lot (*^^*)
Even when I don’t have somewhere to go,
I’ll just take detours lol

Ah, still the same lonely behaviors as ever.. lol


o0480048013307086118 (1)

Tonight, when I was in the middle of such a walk, I bought this
A silicon container that you can somehow make things in
So I made steamed vegetables \(^o^)/

It was easy, and it made it deliciously~ :music::music::music:



I have work that seems really exciting waiting for me tomorrow!
Work that I haven’t done much of up until now..?


Sayashi Riho
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The spread?


Good evening!

Today there’s a shooting :music::music::music:


Right now, I’m really sleepy~ (´Д` )

But, there’s only a little more!

I have to wake up(≧∇≦)
It’ll look like my eyes aren’t open again..


Also, my nose has been itching a lot recently,
and lots of the Staff’s have, too!

Somehow, allergies seem to spread don’t they??

Though there’s lots of “You’re the one who sneezed!”,
it’s still not clear who actually did it.. lol




Sayashi Riho
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Gifu & Toyohashi!

Good evening!

The concert in Toyohashi and in Gifu has ended!


When we were in Gifu yesterday,
I went to the Nagara river that was close by!

I hadn’t got to feel it for myself up until now,
my nervousness went away instantly \(^o^)/

I felt like I had a good start these past two days!

It’d be nice to take a nap here~:music:


And now, our second time in Aichi for this tour!
Kanon-chan and Makino-chan’s home prefecture (*^^*)

Today it was in Toyohashi! The streets in Toyohashi are calm
In any case I think the last two concerts were performed in an air of relaxation!!


The number of performances this tour
has become rather small..

We are still growing!!



Sayashi Riho
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Nakazawa-san and Akane-chin.

Good morning (*^^*)

There was some news yesterday!
Our great senior, Nakazawa Yuuko-san
gave birth to a boy!

On the 7th of May
which is also Masaki-chan’s birthday,
and in the Sayashi family, my mother’s birthday (*^^*)

When your birthdays are on the same day,
it sort of makes you happy, doesn’t it

I am looking forward to meeting your child!

Nakazawa-san, congratulations!



And now, we as Morning Musume.’15
Today, we are on our way to a concert in Gifu~

In the seat next to me,
Haga Akane-chan known as “Akane-chin” is sleeping


I wasn’t able to take a good picture of her sleeping face,

Being the one to take the picture this time, my skills at it are so-so (´Д` )

Although I couldn’t get the face today
someday, I want to be able to properly catch the “sleeping face” lol


By the way, I planned
to wake up at about half past 6, but I woke up at 5
so today, too, I was active since the morning \(^o^)/

Well now, those of you waiting in Gifu!
Be patient only a bit more!!






I took it when it was freshly cooked, enzyme brown rice (*^^*)



Sayashi Riho
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