Sayashi Riho

All sorts!

Good evening *\(^o^)/*


Today we had dance lessons、
You knowー♪♪



After that I went to all sorts of places
I had all sorts of chores to finish up、、、


、、 Ah、 it’s nothing but 『all sorts』 lol




And、 soba for dinner!!




I ate it by putting the grated yam and egg into the broth *\(^o^)/*


The soba scores full marks for volume
My tummy’s packーed  :music: :music: :music:



And so!




『Photo Technic Digital』
Has gone on sale *\(^o^)/*


The theme of facial expressions is different from the usual!


I think it’d be great
If that could be conveyed through the photos (^^)



Please check it out :music:



Well then!



I’m currently challenging myself to using a carbonic acid face pack。。!




Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!




We had a handshake event the whole day today!!


Our manager-san
Bought tapioca
For us!!


Sayashi’s was peach frozen flavoured  :music:






My face is hidden。。




There probably won’t be any more individual handshake events any time soon。。
I wonder if I’ll get lonely。。?




Sayashi Riho
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Everyone’s come to Hiroshima!

The Hiroshima Hello! Con was today :music: :music:







Who hails from Chugoku, just like me *\(^o^)/*




I found that there were a lot of people
Who had come for one of our concerts for the first timeー、


There were also a lot of people who came and thanked us for always coming!


Thank you very much to you all *\(^o^)/*



It kind of makes me happy、
That all of the Hello! members
Have come to Hiroshima lol



Next time around、 I’d love to do a live in Hiroshimia again、
And I’d love it if
Even more people would come and watch*\(^o^)/*





Here’s a photo I’ve got with another person (´∀`)




Miyamoto Karin-chan from Juice=Juice :music:


She’s cute and her skin is fair、
It makes me look up to her even though we’re the same age (^O^)



I want to have a fair complexーion! Sayashi Riho :music:  lol




Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!!





Currently、 suddenly、
I have this feeling
Like I want to hang out at Model House!!



I enjoy dropping by Model House, since ages ago!!


There are lots of Model Houses in Hiroshimaー


I wonder if there are any in Tokyoー??



And that’s what’s currently occupying my mind *\(^o^)/* lol




Yesterday I mentioned the homework that had the character 『Saya』 written in it、
But I was surprised that a lot of people wanted the specifics、
Of the title of the story where that character appeared!


And even with nothing but that small section (°_°)!!


You got it right! It’s Rashomon!


People wrote about it in the comments (°_°)


A!Maz! Ing!


It seems that everyone learnt it at school :music:


It makes me kind of happy 、
Knowing that many people
Are laying their eyes on the 『Saya』 character~:music: lol




Well then、 since I overate for dinner、
I’ve got to let out some sweat after this!!(ノ_・。)



Good night!



Sayashi Riho
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A small happiness (*^^*)

Recently on a sheet of school homework、




I discovered the 『Saya (鞘)』 kanji *\(^o^)/*


It makes me happy to
Discover the character for 『Saya』 somewhere else besides my name :music:


A small happiness  :music:


By the way、 the place where I think you’d see it the most、
Would be in tendonitis(腱炎)
Which also has the character for 『Saya』 in it (*^^*)




Well then





An off-shot
Taken by our manager-san  :camera:


Sayashi、 zero idol aura。。



It’s a photo of us having dinner
At yesterday’s Budokan performance (*^^*)


The pork-and-bean stir-fry
Was really yummy *\(^o^)/*




Since I’ve worked hard today
I really want to sleep。。(●´ー`●)



Good nigーht *\(^o^)/*


Until tomorrow~*\(^o^)/*



Sayashi Riho
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S/mileage Budokan!

Today I got to appear
At S/mileage-san’s Budokan live
As a guest (^O^)


It’s been a while since
I last stood on the Budokan stage、


The sight of all the fans
Crowding my field of view
Naturally, it made me proud (*^^*)


And、 after getting to sing 1 song、
I went down to the guest seats
To watch S/mileage-san’s live (*^^*)


Before I knew it, my body was moving
Dancing together with them、
And the way all the members sang、 and spoke
It was moving!


All sorts of emotions were born in me、
But the time really just passed by in a flash!



It was impressive!!!


I was dragged into S/mileage-san’s world、 and was entranced (*^^*)



In autumn、 we’ll be able to stand on the stage of the Budokan
For another independent live
Imagining it
Is making me excited :music:



Today was really fun *\(^o^)/*







Together with Takeuchi Akari-chan *\(^o^)/*



Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!




The outcome of the banana muffin↓



It’s looking good d( ̄  ̄)



Taste-wise、、 So-so。 lol


If you were to ask how it was、
So-so。。 lol



Wellー、 It’s my first time making them!!


For a first attempt, I guess I couldn’t pull it off well (≧∇≦)



Here’s an announcement!!


You can find 『Kimono Walker』
Lined up at kimono stores and bookstores (^^)
Please! Please! Make sure to give it a look!




『Idol JUNON 2014 Summer』
Has also gone on sale!!


Michishige-san graces the front cover *\(^o^)/*




Everyone、 I’m counting on you to check them out :music: :music:




Well then! Good night (^O^)


Sayashi Riho
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Michishige-san’s birthday!

Good evening!


Today is Michishige-san’s birthday :music: :music:



Michishige-san is obviously cute、
But for us juniors looking at her back
She’s really really cool!!




There’s only a limited time left
For us to spend time


Together with Michishige-san
As fellow members of Morning Musume。、


But until the day she graduates、
We’ll be studying under Michishige-san!!





And、 I’d like to put in efforts
So that when my juniors look at my back
They’ll think that it’s just as cool!



Michishige-san、 happy birthday!







Currently challenging myself to banana muffins。



Sayashi Riho
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Today was the opening day
For the Hello! Project summer concerts *\(^o^)/*

Surveying the audience、
It made me happy
That there were a lot of people who came from near to far!


Today’s surprise was
A celebration for
Michishige-san who celebrates her birthday tomorrow ★

Normally、 the person who’s responsible for surprises
Is Michishige-san、

But today, Michishige-san herself
Was the one being surprised、

In particular、 when the gigantic cake appeared
Her look of surprise was super cute!



We savoured the cake after the performance :heart:

Today, Michishige-san
Will be celebrating her birthday
With all of her fans at her event
I’d love to go、

But while imagining how much of a blast the event’ll be、

I think I’ll send her a message
At exactly 12 midnight *\(^o^)/*


And so!
Good night (^O^)

Today Sayashi appeared
In an article in Yomiuri Shimbun!!

Those who get Yomiuri Shimbun, please check it out!


Sayashi Riho
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Be careful!

Today、 I had the day off from work!

I went to the movies with Ikuta Erina-chan
And watched 『Maleficent』 !!

It’s a heart-shaking tale on the theme of true love
The 2 of us were sobbing (T ^ T)

This photo’s from yesterday。

A shot of delicious-looking monja ♪

This photo’s from today (^^)

My hair’s in a mess since I’ve got the day off work。 lol

Currently、 there’s a danger posed by the typhoon
So please be careful whenever you’re outside!!

Well then、 good night!!
Sayashi Riho
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