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Today’s is a long post。

Good evening!


This morning
To get my fill of veggies, KoreIchi!!


By the way, until the 30th of November、
KoreIchi will be running
Their Zenryoku Yasai Musume。× Cup no Fuchico-san campaign、


The deadline is drawing near、
So get lots of veggies、
And please
Make sure! To complete your collection on our alarm app :music:

Just as mentioned
On the broadcast of today’s Young Town Doyoubi、
Sayashi will be appearing as a regular from next week!


What do you know、
I didn’t expect this either、
So I was pretty surprised when I found out、


But I also got a cheer from Michishige-san、
So while I help out Iikubo Haruna-chan
I’ll start grappling with it with all my strength from next week!


Today’s broadcast、
Was Michishige-san’s last、
We can still listen to
Michishige-san’s Young Town broadcasts from the past、
But it feels like I’m seriously turning to Young Town、


And I don’t want to lose to Michishige-san when it comes to enthusiasm!!


Please、 make sure to watch over me (^-^)



There’s something else I’d like to talk about
It’s getting long、
But please follow along for a while。。m(__)m

We appeared at
SATOYAMA & SATOUMI events today、


After that I went to a recording of
TBS『WADAI no Oukoku』 with Suzuki Kanon-chan!



Today I was alone in the dressing room, which was a rare sight!!


But in the end、
Sayashi ended up in Kanon-chan’s dressing room tooー


Recently、 the 2 of us have increasingly
Been turning up on television~。。That’s what I feel!


There’s this huge sense of relief
When I’m together with Kanon-chan :music:


We talked a ton today
And it was a fun recording!!

The scheduled broadcast dates are、
04 Dec 2014 (Thurs) and
18 Dec 2014 (Thurs) :music:

Sorry this got so long!


Well then、 good night!!

Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!


In the time I had stepped out of my seat
These middle-schoolers had messed around with an iPhone that wasn’t theirs、、

Oh boy (-_-;)

They’re cute。。 lol


This story was from yesterday♪ lol




I woke up before 6 today
And a super wholesome day started!

Thanks to that、 I had some extra time in the morning
So I walked
And my walking distance was further than usual~♪

Even the weather was fine ☀︎
It felt like even my mood got refreshed ☀︎

Since it’s a hard-earned wholesome day
I have to sleep some more!!


Well then、 I have an announcement (^O^)

From tomorrow, the 22nd until the 24th of November
We’ll be having a
SATOYAMA and SATOUMI movement event
At LalaPort TOKYO-BAY!!

I’ll be appearing
On MBS 『Young Town Doyoubi』!

It’s the last broadcast
Where Michishige-san will be participating!
Make sure you don’t miss listening to it!




Sayashi Riho
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At Shizuoka。

Good afternoon!
My nose and throat haven’t been in good condition、
It’s like I’ve caught a cold。。


However、 I drank the medicine that I got from the hospital
Got some more hours of sleep than usual
Now I’m good (^ ^)


I’m in full health!


Everyone、 we’re at the change of seasons
So please take care of your health m(__)m





All of us did Usa-chan hair
At the rehearsal!!!


Michishige-san said it suited me、
And inside my heart, I let out a resouding ‘Yeah!’。 lol

And with that euphoric mood、
Today we had a transfer performance at Shizuko prefecture!


Despite it being a weekday、
A lot of people came!


I’m sure that there definitely are people who couldn’t match their schedules for today。
I performed at the concert
While keeping the feelings of those people in mind。


I think that we did a performance that was appropriate for the last of our hall performances!!


From now, we’re heading towards YokoAri!!




Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!!




It made me glad to read、
The many impressions you had on yesterday’s ballad concert (^^)



Thank you very much :music:

Tomorrow we’ve got a Naruchika in Saitama prefecture :music:
Recently、 we’ve been doing a lot of concerts where the contents have changed、
But each time, my head gets mixed up、、 lol
So cool your head!
Let your feelings burst! Do your best!!

Since I love concerts
I’m really looking forward to the Naruchika (^^)!!
We get to do concerts even on weekdays (^^)

But、 since it’s a weekday
I think that there’ll be a lot of people coming after work、 after school!


Please be careful!


Hello! Sta has been updated!


Finally we’ve been able to realise something involving the 14 of us
Now that the 12th gen has joined!


I think you’ll get to know more about the 12th generation (^^)


Sayashi Riho
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I like eggs too much。。

Good afternoon!

Yesterday was the last time that we’d be having events like individual handshakes with the 10 of us。。

Even with the fans who came for handshakes with me
Talked a lot about Michishige-san、
But their stories made me notice how near in the future it was。

And it made me think that at handshakes
I’d like to treasure the time that I’m able to spend together with the fans!

To everyone who came、
Thank you very much (*^^*)



Well then、 this morning
I woke up earlier than usual
So I made a meal for myself!!


I made something pretty simple with bread! lol
(I forgot to put in ham。。)


Doesn’t today’s tamagoyaki look delicious、 if I do say so myself?

I put in lots of veggies too!

Among the things I’ve made by myself
This is the most delicious so far♪


Phew、、 My tummy’s already full from the morning。。

Having said that、 did I eat too many eggs??

Well、 my original intention was just the bread、

But I somehow felt the urge to have tamagoyaki, so I made it。。(~_~;)

I’m biased。。


In the first place, I’m mixing up East and West (°_°)



Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!

We had a concert at Takamatsu
In the udon prefecture (Kagawa prefecture)!

And、 it’s the first concert
For Iikubo Haruna-chan
Since she celebrated her 20th birthday!!

Here’s a 2-shot with Harunan
That was on my iPhone’s camera roll。。 lol

By the way, in it。。 Harunan’s adorable (^_^)


Both she herself and the members were deeply moved
By the Harunan call!

The sea of yellow glowsticks
Was wonderful (。ゝ∀・)b

Harunan’s finally an adult、
I like her funny parts、
But I have expectations
That she’ll become an increasingly wonderful lady (*^^*)


And、 after the performance
We went for udonー!!!

Yet still firm
It was deliciousー!!!

There were several varieties of broth to choose from、
But I had it covered with broth(?) and ate it!

I went back with udon as a souvenir for my family!



First thing today、
We landed in Shikoku!
So I was really excited
The concert was fun
And the day passed in the blink of an eye!

Thank you very much (^_^):raburabu::raburabu:




Sayashi Riho
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During the photo shoot。

Good evening!




This was from the photo shoot we did
For Shounen Sunday-san、 which is currently on sale (*^^*)


By the way, that bag
Is actually Sayashi’s。(゚o゚


I just happened to be holding it
And we started talking about how it matched the outfit、
And going with the flow, I brought it for the photo shoot♪


I’m glad♪






And this was when we were with B.L.T. U-17-san!
The photo shoot was at Tsukiji
Where there’s lots of Sayashi’s favourite seafood!!!!



In the photo、 above the abalone shells
That’s where they put things like minced abalone
Tuna, sea urchin, etc.
And grill it!


Of course、、
It was su~per delicious (__,_)b


The tamagoyaki at Marutake, owned by Terry Ito-san’s brother
Was GOOD too!!



Tsukiji was busy with people in the morning~!


I’ll like to try coming in the morning again~




The other day、 we got our flu shots、


It’s still swollen and itchy。。(ー ー;)




Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!


Today we had a concert in Hiroshima!






The red glowsticks and the Sayashi call
Is always always emotionally moving (*^^*)


It made me glad。。
Thank you so very much (*^^*)

There was only 1 performance today、
But the feeling of ‘Let’s do it here!’ was so strong、 now I’m completely worn out。 lol


I’ll do my best so that we’ll be able to return to Hiroshima again!!


And、 I want to hold 2 performances!!




Let’s do it again!(__,_)b


Thank you very much!

Next, were going to Kagawa prefecture!!

Sayashi Riho
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Yamaguchi prefecture〜( ^ω^ )

Good evening (^O^)


Today we had a concert in Yamaguchi prefecture!


As it was Michishige-san’s home town
It was awash in a sea of pink!!
What a wonderful scene :heart:
It was super beautifour [sic] (^O^)



The concert


Was super exciting too!!


Continuing on for the 2nd day after yesterday’s 2 performances
I thought。。 I’d definitely need strength、


But I was dancing in such ecstasy、
That I didn’t feel the fatigue!!


It was really fun!






Well、 there are a lot of things that I’d like to write about、
But I don’t dare to talk too much (^O^)




Firstly, we’ll be heading to Hiroshima tomorrow
So I can’t let my feelings change!!



Wellー There’ll be 2 performances tomorrow~!
Can I do it lol


I’ll focus on the 1st performance
This time around, I’ll think positively and do my best!




The day before yesterday、 although I had gone for sushi with my father
To build my spirits up、
Earlier today
I got a sushi bento lol


Of course、 I ate it。 lol


I love sushi~( ^ω^ ) :raburabu:




Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!




We’ve got 3 days of concerts starting tomorrow、
So to fire me up, for dinner tonight
I went to Tsukiji with my father for shiSu! lol


It was delicious~ :raburabu:


What’s more、 the abalone was alive!!∑(゚Д゚)
That was a bit scary。。

Tomorrow it’ll be a concert、
So I can’t wait (p^ェ^q)!!



And! At 9 pm tomorrow
On BS Sky Perfect!-san (BS241ch/CS585ch)


They’ll be broadcasting 「Morning Musume。’14 Live Concert in New York」!!


It’s not just scenes from our concert、
It’s fully packed with things that happened behind the scenes as well, so don’t miss it!






And with that! Good night (p^ェ^q)



Sayashi Riho
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