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M Station!!

We appeared on music Station!!

I danced myself crazy~\(^o^)/

Did you see???



I wonder if there were more of us that felt excited rather than nervous!

It was very fun \(^o^)/

Also, it has been decided
that we will also appear on the Music Station’s
Ultra Fest, on September 29th!!!!!

Watch! For! It!


Sayashi Riho
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The way!!

It’s been a while!
I’m sorry..


From yesterday, at Ikebukuro Sunshine City
an event called “Cool Japan ~Road (DOU)~”
has begun\(^o^)/

Yesterday, we got to show the 15 songs
that we as Morning Musume. chose
in a fresh new sort of live!!




In this time when it seems like Summer is ending,

I finally wore a yukata for the first time this year006[1] rabu love Kumai Yurina006[1] rabu love Kumai Yurina006[1] rabu love Kumai Yurina006[1] rabu love Kumai Yurina

I’ve always wanted to go to a festival with the members like this~


With Oda-chan, we two sang “Furusato”!

Because we did our best practicing the 15 songs for this day,
truly, I feel thankful that it ended safely!



And, there were these two events
Miki Ryosuke-san’s “Long Breath Course” and
everyone’s 30-DELUX “The Way of The Sword Fight”


The long breath also has effect on dieting,
and it’s also easy to do for training for singing
I thought maybe I should give it my best…

Anyway, the sword fighting was fun!!!
I took my position on the stage,
and was allowed to receive a good experience (*^^*)

Because I was praised and told that I have the makings of a great sword fighter,
I want to try challenging it again someday!

My~ No matter how many times I say it,
“Seriously!” it was so fun\(^o^)/







Lastly, Mitsui Aika-san,
who always so kindly comes to see our concerts!

And kindly gives us advice!

Really, thank you for everything \(^o^)/


Tomorrow is the Music Station!
I’ll dance until I go crazy, don’t miss it!


Sayashi Riho
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I wonder if I’ll be alright.

Good evening!


We have returned to Tokyo from the Hello!Con in Nakano~!!

Because we’ve been flying all over the country this past week,
I’ve been worrying about my stamina and such,

Surprisingly, it seems like I’m alright!! lol

I sweated a good amount~ \(^o^)/



But you know..
Where as today there were two performances,

Tomorrow there’s three isn’t there… lol


Oh, this is serious. I wonder if I’ll have enough stamina this time.


Well… I’m sure if I go to sleep early today everything will be alright~

And so, good night \(^o^)/



Sayashi Riho
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Handshake meet!

Good evening!

Yesterday was finally the handshake-meet,
so I couldn’t update my blog, sorry!!

Yesterday, it was the 30 Nationwide Handshake Meets.
I was obliged by all the people in :music:Iwate Prefecture:music:Fukushima Prefecture:music: and Yokohama Prefecture\(^o^)/

When the members were scattered over the whole nation,
and so many fans were waiting at all the different venues002

For the very warm and kind welcome, thank you!

Although I think my solo event progressed with some difficulty, did you all enjoy it???



And now, today,
together with Ikuta Erina-chan and Nonaka Miki-chan
we three intruded on the Tsurumiryokuchi Aeon Mall!

I was also a bother here before,
so it had a rather nostalgic feeling,

During the talk about the National Handshake-meet yesterday,
I hadn’t heard about it from Nonaka-chan yet, and so with the other members, and with with all the fans, we reported how it went and I think it was a very refreshing talk!

Those of you who came to the event,
Thank you051051051




Also! On next week’s Music Station, we get to appear on the 2 hour special!!!

It will be our first as Morning Musume.’15!

By all means, please watch it \(^o^)/



Tomorrow is a Hello!Con in Nakano!

I have to hurry and sleep~\(^o^)/


Sayashi Riho
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New song release!

Good evening003

Today was the DAY of the release for our new song,
Also, it was the release event at Club Citta in Kawasaki!!




Although there was of course the LIVE corner,
the MC corner was fun too (*^^*)

When we had the new songs dance course,
thanks to me teaching the magic words to learn a dance easily,
the fans learned the dance as well!


Right! You learned it right!! lol



Anyway, since the new song event was filled with nothing but fun stuff,

Thankfully that new song
we were able to get #1 on the Oricon Daily (*^^*)


Tomorrow is the 30 Nationwide Handshake Meets.
I’ll be intruding on Iwate, Fukushima and Yokohama.007

I want more and more people
to hear Morning Musume.’15’s new song,
so I’ll be going on a journey!!

I’ll be waiting for you at the handshake venue:music:


Just to be sure, I’ll write the details one more time!

Ion Morioka South 10:00~

S-PLA Koriyama 14:00~

HMV Lalaport Yokohama 19:30~



on NTV’s “Sukkiri!” and TBS’s “Hayadoki”
our comments will be broadcasted,
so please check that as well (*^^*)


Well now, good night (*^^*)


Sayashi Riho
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To everyone who came to the event today

Today, with all of those that came to the event,

we livened it up during the live
Thank you (*^^*)



And, after that it was the handshake,
I’m sorry that I couldn’t shake hands with everyone who bought the CD..

All the fans lined up early,
even in the midst of the heat,
We couldn’t greet everyone until then end, I apologize..

“Even though we could only shake hands with them today…”
Knowing that some of you may think that pains me, but…

The tickets for today’s handshake,
though it’s just one part of the events for this single,
we were able to interact with one another.

Those of you who were not able to do the handshake today,
I’d be happy if you’d take great care to get the tickets another time!




Sayashi Riho
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Today is Senri Selcy!

Hello 001001001

at Senri Selcy in Osaka,
is an event for our song that is being released tomorrow \(^o^)/

It’s been a while since I was at Senri Selcy~!!

When there was an event here last time,
even though it was the middle of winter, my outfit was sleeveless and had a miniskirt,
so right before the event, my Manager
hurriedly went and bought me some stockings. lol

It was really cold!!



But today it’s hot!


Those of you that have come today,

please be careful and take countermeasures to not collapse of heatstroke in the middle of the event!!!


Now then, until later 005005:music:


Sayashi Riho
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Nationwide handshake meetings!!

Good morning!


Unfortunately there is the threat of rain (・ω・`)



This is the cup that my Dad got me from Okinawa some years ago (´∀`)

It was made red :music:

I always drink things in it!

Although the design is elegant, there isn’t any sake in it!*


And now! As it was announced the other day,
the Morning Musume.’15 simultaneous Nationwide Handshake Meetings!

It is such a handshake event that
all 13 members will be scattered across the whole nation,

I, Sayashi Riho,
am permitted to go to Iwate, Fukushima, and Yokohama, please excuse my intrusion!! \(^o^)/


Event details!
:music: Iwate
Ion Morioka South 10:00~

:music: Fukushima
S-PLA Koriyama 14:00~

:music: Yokohama
HMV Lalaport Yokohama 19:30~

In Yokohama
Ikuta Erina-chan and Suzuki Kanon-chan
it’ll be an event with all three of us!!

I look forward to meeting everyone \(^o^)/!!!



Sayashi Riho


* The word she used for elegant is 渋い shibui, which when used as 渋い酒 shibui sake, means cheap or rough sake. Shibui can mean elegant or tasteful, but it can also mean bitter or harsh. A bit of a joke.
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The Hiroshima Haro!Con has ended!!


Because the speaking parts of a song
that has to do with my hometown are the part that stands out the most,
since they were given to me,
I was so nervous lately that they seemed to fly out of me… lol

But the result is that I was able to safely say them, I’m relieved~ (^◇^;)

We had a handshake meet for the new song before the performance,
I received a lot of “Welcome home~!”‘s
It gave me a really warm feeling♪♪♪

Thank you (*^^*)♡

Kanon-chan had,
an eye-patch on because her eye was inflamed,
Though I wasn’t able
to show my perfect performance today,
in the end, I’m just happy to sing with everyone else (*^^*)

Although she looked cute in an eye-patch, lol
I hope Kanon-chan’s eye heals quickly!!






Sayashi Riho
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Thank you for all your work!

Everyone, are you properly resting your hearts and your bodies
on this Obon holiday break??


I’m resting as well (*^^*)


Sayashi Riho
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