Sayashi Riho

Was looking forward to it!

Today、 there was the photo shoot that I’d been looking forward to ♡


I guess you’re asking what sort of photo shoot it was、、、、








Together with Michishige Sayumi-san
Fukumura Mizuki-chan
And Iikubo Haruna-chan
We had a photo shoot for 『Kimono Walker』 (^^)


Since I rarely get the chance to wear a kimono、
I was really looking forward to it、
But actually it took dozens of minutes to put it on
How problematicーー(*_*)


But once it was done、 it was absolutely stunning (^o^)/


I got it fitted beautifullyー♪



Once we’re closer to the publication date、
I’ll give another report!!




Harunan, past Sayashi。




Also、 we’ll be having an event the day after tomorrow (^o^)/


11th April 2014 (Fri)  7:00 pm~
At the event space in the interior of HMV’s Sapporo Stellar Place  store


I’ll be together with Fukumura Mizuki-chan
And Sato Masaki-chan!!


Please、 make sure to drop by ♪




And、Hello! Sta is ready for public viewing!
Dance explanation!! It finally got put in!
Please use it as a reference、 and make sure to dance (^^)



I’ve started to get sunburnt。。



Sayashi Riho ★
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Banana Juice!

Good evening!!




Recently、 during the nationwide handshake events
I dropped by Nagoya station
Komeda Coffee’s Banana Juice ♡
It was deliciousー★



Today、we had interviews from midday!
It’ll be in Gekkan TV navi-san that’ll go on sale on the 24th of April! Look forward to it~♪


With Michishige Sayumi-san
Fukumura Mizuki-chan
Ishida Ayumi-chan
And Oda Sakura-chan!



Tomorrow、 a photo shoot that I’ve really been looking forward to
Will be waiting for us!!


Won’t it become tomorrow soon, I wonderー??


However、 I’ve got some official papers left over whose deadline is looming close!


I have to do it quickly~(*_*)



Also、 going on sale on the 7th
I’ll be appearing with Suzuki Kanon-chan in 『TopYell』!!


As Hello! Project members
Who were born in 1998
We tell our tale (^^)


Please make sure to check it ouーt。♪






This was from the time of the nationwide handshake events
At Mie prefecture、 when I was doing a live broadcast on radio
The sweets I received as refreshments (^∇^)


It would be great to have another chance to go to Mie prefectureー(^^)




With that、 oyasuminasayasshiiー!!


Sayashi Riho ★
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It seems like I had a good dream today。

Good evening!!


The Hiroshima concert has been wrapped upー★




It’s already done withーー。。


If our performance goes along smoothly
The concert would come to an end
So I don’t want it to go along smoothly、


But if it doesn’t flow smoothly、
Everyone、 you wouldn’t be able to go home。。(*_*) lol


So, reluctantly, I’ll let it flow。。



It really was in the blink of an eye、
But it was an enjoyable time (^^)


So far、there are times when I wonderー what sort of person am I、


But the looks from members and the staff-san around me、 and all of the fans haven’t changed、


I’m told that when they look at me、Sayashi’s always like this, or is like that kind of person、it makes me glad。。(^^)


I think there are still many points where I’m still far from competent、 but from now onwards I’d like to constantly tackle them with all my might!


So that we’ll be able to have a Hiroshima performance once again、
I’ll do my best!



Ah、 I was nervous、
But I’ve grown considerably more used to it compared to the previous tour!


That’s greatー(^^)





In the midst of it being easy to lose your footing、
Thank you so very much to everyone!!!




Tomorrow we’ll be in Okayama~!!



Sayashi Riho ★
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Announcement ♪

Good evening!!


Without delay、
For the stage play【LILIUM-Shoujo Junketsu Kageki-】


From Morning Musume。’14
Fukumura Mizuki-chan
Sayashi Riho
Suzuki Kanon-chan
Ishida Ayumi-chan
Sato Masaki-chan
Kudo Haruka-chan
Oda Sakura-chan


From S/mileage
Wada Ayaka-san
Fukuda Kanon-san
Nakanishi Kana-chan
Takeuchi Akari-chan
Katsuta Rina-chan
Tamura Meimi-chan


From the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei
Tanabe Nanami-chan
Kaga Kaede-chan
Sasaki Rikako-chan


We’ll be appearing in it ★





We’ll be having initial sales of tickets
Through the member blogs (^^)
Reservation period:28 Mar (Fri) 12:00 noon ~ 6 Apr (Sun) 11:59 pm


Reservation URL: (PC、 common mobile phones)

Furthermore、 there will be no reservations for the concluding Tokyo performance to be performed on the 15th of June (Sun) 3:00 pm。


Please、 make sure to come and watch it ★


And today、 we had a photo shoot related to the stage playー♪

Since there are a lot of things I want to talk about、 like memories

I’ll talk about it againー(^^)



Tomorrow’s the Hiroshima live performanceーーー!!!


I’ll do my best just as always。 lol


Even without saying it、I’m nervous。。


We’ll also be holding handshakes~

From 12 at noon at the concert hall, Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall


Sayashi Riho

Suzuki Kanon-chan

Iikubo Haruna-chan

Ishida Ayumi-chan

Oda Sakura-chan


The 5 of us will be waiting (^^)



Are you nervous? I rarely get asked thatー

But that’s what I’m feeling inside。lol


Since the possibility of making me nervous if you say that

Is exceedingly high。。


Don’t handicap me like that。 lol

Please be graceful。


Really really。。


Sorry for being selfish and whimsical。。 {Trans: selfish and whimsical = wagamama kinomama}


But it isn’t a joke。 lol






Well then~


Sayashi Riho ★
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This is Sayashi!

Good evening!


The broadcast of au-san’s new CM
『Live stage compilation』 have started ★


The homepage has also been updated (^^)


All of the fans lent their strength to the new CM!
Please、 make sure to check it out (^^)




NHK BS Premium-san broadcasted
「Morning Musume。55 Special!」


Did you get to watch it??


The staff-san worked to their utmost best up until the end
To put everything together、


With the current members、 plus the comments from the senpai who were previously enrolled、
The 55 songs released up to now were aーll broadcasted (^^)


It reminded me once again how I feltー being part of such a long history。。 I’m really appreciating that even more as I get to see that history practically with my own eyes。


How marvellous。。



Also、there was a public recording of a medley of songs、and we got to sing 『Be Alive』 (^^)



And、 once a new song goes on sale、
We’ll continue to update Morning Musume。’s history!!
I’ll do my best!







During the HinaFes、
I got to take photos with lots of the Hello! members ★


Tsugunaga Momochi-senpai、
Takeuchi Akari-chan、
Yajima Maimi-san、
Uemura Akari-chan、
Takagi Sayuki-chan!!





A photo from the time of the wanko soba showdown。



In the blink of an eye、 we’ve got into April!
The tax has increased!


Seeing things that used to be 105 yen、being sold at 108 yen、 it gave me a surprise。


A quarter of this year has already ended。。


How quick ーーーーー(°_°)



Time is valuable。(^^)




Tomorrow、 the whole country simultaneous handshake event!
Sayashi will be heading to Mie prefectureー!


Looking forward to itー!!!





Sayashi Riho ★
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1st day!

Good evening!



It’s already spring~♪



I found some sakura that were blossoming ♡


With the sunlight、 it looks like it’ll get sunburned。。
Yesterday in particular、 since I would be walking outside for a bit、
I went out having put on sun block (^^)


I’ve got to steadily keep my eye on taking care against skin damage from the sun ♡




We’re done with the 1st day of HinaFes and the SATOYAMA & SATOUMI events~(^O^)/


The 1st performance had Morning Musume。’14
As the main performance、
So I couldn’t stop my heart beating fast、
But when I became aware of how it turned out、 I was having so much fun
Already、 I felt as if I would crash on the back seating
Since I had gone out full force!!



What we performed at Morning Musume。’14′s main dish part、


★ Kimi sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai
★ The Matenro Show
★ Mikan
★ Love & Pea~ce!HERO ga yattekita。
★ One・Two・Three


That was it!
Since we were able to sing the complete song for all of them、 it was an extremely precious performance for us!



Yaaーy (^∇^)


Kudo Haruka-chan’s solo song
Was also really adorable (^^)


Duuー cute。




Have also powered up from last year (^^)


Be it the events or the live performances
Also、 since it’s continuing until tomorrow、
Please come and drop by if you can (^^)


It seems that there are same-day tickets for the live performance ★






Kanon-chan is giving a Buddha-esque smile ★



It seems that the Book Pass showdown will be until noon tomorrow!


We’re begging for your kindness to vote for Morning Musume。’14、 so make sure to ★



And、 S/mileage-san、
Congratulations on your Nippon Budokan performance!



Well then~♪



Sayashi Riho ★
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Relay ♪

Good evening!


It’s Sayashi Riho、 who ended up sleeping on the floor of her own room last night。


I got in the bath、 and fell asleep in the midst of putting on body cream。。






Do you know what these are??


It’s a version of almond chocolates
With a cocoa finish (^^)


The almond chocolates I often eat、 are pretty smooth、


But these almond chocolates、 with their cocoa powder coating、
The exterior was like ganache ♪
It felt pretty high-class~♪


During yesterday’s photo shoot、
A person from the office gave this to the members as a present!!


It seems that they bought it at Tokyo station (^^)


Since I’d received it before and it was delicious、 I think I’d like to go and buy it myself~




Well then、 for the『Morning Musume。’14 10 location simultaneous handshake event』、
To be held on the 2nd of April、
I’ll announce the details about the venue for the place I’m going to, Mie prefecture!


Date and time:2nd April 2014 (Wed) 6:30 pm~
Location:Æon Mall Suzuka Speciality store street 1F Centre court


Those are the details (^^)


Please come if you can ★




Moreover、 through au-san’s 「BookPass」
Free distribution of our digital photo book has started!!




It’s currently a showdown between all of Hello! Project (^^)


Hopefully Morning Musume。’14 will be the victor!!




And、 and
Hello! Project’s relay blog、
From S/mileage’s Wada Ayaka-san、
The baton has finally been passed on to me!


Today I’m in charge of it!


Something that moved me recently、
I graduated from junior high、 and I was able to
Celebrate it with lots of people!!


My family and relatives congratulated me as well (^^)
And、 all of the staff from the company、 the members、 the people whom I work with、
All of the fans、


Even though it’s something personal to Sayashi、
When I felt that there were so many people who were celebrating my graduation along with me
I was moved、


I think that~ it’s quite the luxury♪(^^)


Everyone、 thank you very much!!






With this feeling、
High school student Sayashi will honestly do her best。



The HinaFes that will be held for 2 days in a row from the day after tomorrow、
Everyone、 please come and spend some time with us!!


With Wada-san、
There’ll be an appearance by Peaberry (^^)



The relay has reached its goal here (^^)



With that~★


Sayashi Riho ★
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TokiSora ♪

Good evening!





Iikubo Haruna-chan
Gave me this hair tie that matches hers ★


It seems that at the store
Honey-coloured and red were the only two types (^^)


By the way、 attached to the hair ties、
Sayashi has a chicken、
While it seems that Harunan has a tiger ♪


Tying up out hair with these、
It’ll be really eye-catchingー♪


Thank you! Harunan (^^)


And、 Sayashi is appearing、
In 『UTB』-san which has gone on sale!!


I’ve always been in their care since my 6th year of primary school、and since I’m now graduating from junior high、 we had this planned (^^)


I’m counting on you to make sure that you check it out ♪




After I was done with today’s photo shoot、
When I went to Bic Camera、
Mori Musume。 was at au-san’s corner!!





With about 5 commercials lined up for television
It makes me glad to see it being played numerous times (^^)


And、the music videos for
『Password is 0』 , the song we did for au-san’s commercial
And  『Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe』 which is being sold as the other part of the double-A side
Have been unveiled on Hello! Sta!!



You have to watch them! You have to!!





Again, recently、 my appetite…。


Ah! Also、 I looked at the comments、 and since there seems to have been some sort of misunderstanding、 let me announce this here
I’m not dyeing my hair。 lol


Just take a look at the photo and you’ll see。。 lol



Sayashi Riho ★
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Corn soup ♪

Good evening!


Did you watch today’s
『Mezame Terebi』??


It was the first public unveiling of the MV for
『Toki wo Koe  Sora wo Koe/Password is 0』, our new single to be released on the 16th of April!


Sayashi was able to watch it too~


I’ll inform you again when the complete version has gone UP  (^^)



Moreover、 on the 2nd of April、
It’s been decided that we’ll be holding a『Morning Musume。’14 10 Kasho Douji Akushukai』 {10 locations concurrent handshake event} !!


The decision of where each member would go was by lottery (^^)→ Video


Sayashi will be making her way to Mie prefecture (^O^)/


Since there are 10 locations
Please、 make sure to go and meet
The members who are closest to your location!!








My unkempt hair after the live performance。。
That is、
What Michishige-san made
For the recent Sendai performance


A dish consisting of white rice+ corn soup + pepper (^O^)/ It was delicious ♪


Everyone, please give it a try ♪



The textbooks for high school have arrived~


Despite playing around during the spring break、
I was dragged back to reality。。


I feel like wanting to forget
Going to the land of dreams (°_°)


But、 I’ll work hard on my studies too!!





A snap of the middle school graduate group ♪




Sayashi Riho ★
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Good evening!!


We had polaroid events and individual handshake events today (^^)





My get-up today was like this~


It’s the plain clothes get-up  from
The MV of  『Egao no Kimi ha Taiyou sa』★


It’s a favourite


I’m told a lot that it suits me (^^)


For the polaroid event、 I was paired with Michishige-san ♡


Taking photos with Michishige-san
It made me glad since I was able to do
The classic Usa-chan peace many times (^^)




And、 as promised yesterday
A photo with Ishida Ayumi-chan ♪




Ishida-san was giggling ♪


The illusion below the 2 of us、
Was Fukumura Mizuki-san。


Everyone who came to hang out with us、
Thank you very much!



Well then、 tomorrow will be、
The day I’ll stop going to junior high in the morning!


It’s such a wonder。。


Ah、 today a lot of people
Congratulated me on my junior high graduation (^^)



Speaking of junior high graduation!!
This might be a little late、
But with Suzuki Kanon-chan and Oda Sakura-chan、 the 3 of us are making an appearance in a special feature about graduation in  『BOMB』-san which is currently on sale!
Please、 make sure to check it out



And、 I might not have school tomorrow
But we’ve got a public recording for


I’ll do my best (^O^)/




Well then、 oyasuminasayasshii ♡



Sayashi Riho
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