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I ate a baked sweet potato!

Good evening!


I did my best for the selfie, Nonaka Chel Miki-san.

Chel-san is blurry, I’m sorry!


we appeared with

Aoi Eir-san,
everyone from Silent Siren,
and May J.-san on J-MELO’s 10th anniversary live!!!

we don’t do a lot of lives or concerts
with other artists,

I was pretty excited!!


Today we performed “One and Only,”
which is going to be J-MELO’s theme song for October, for the first time!

This songs lyrics are completely in English,
and the pronunciation was rather difficult,

During recording I had to be taught over and over
by both the English Singing Teacher, and by Nonaka Chel-san,
I hoped it went well!

I wish it to remain so!!!


At today’s live

We stood on our feet for a really long time,
so we used a great amount of stamina,

A lot of people who weren’t Morning Musume.’15
fans also came,

Who danced with us, called to us,
they were so warm, and it made me happy!! Thank you!

Also, to all of Morning Musume.’15’s fans,
thank you for keeping up the support!

I really enjoyed it!


It’d be nice if we could go again~


I didn’t get to take a 2 shot with May J.-san,
so I’ll add it next time


Sayashi Riho
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MIKI’s birthday!!

Good evening!

This is Sayashi Riho,
who finds Chloe Moretz adorably refreshing.


Today is 12ki member Nonaka Miki-chan’s birthday!
Congratulations on turning 16 (^^)/ 005 onegai Kumai Yurina005 onegai Kumai Yurina005 onegai Kumai Yurina


Actually, I crashed her event… 002 Kumai Yurina

But because I had to leave the venue as soon as my turn was over,
I didn’t get to take a picture of Nonaka-chan..


As for Nonaka-chan,
nearly every little thing she does is so cute that I can’t take my eyes off of her!

Nonaka-chan and I battled at her event,
and because I lost,

Nonaka-chan coordinates for me, but I pay for it!! 015[1] Kumai Warainaki

It’ll be announced someday! Look forward to it!!


Truthfully, for the surprise and such,
Because I was really nervous I was anxious before the event, so thank goodness that she was happy!

Nonaka-chan, congratulations on being 16!!!


Sayashi Riho
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This is bad..

Good evening~!


Today, we recorded for Morning Jogakuin~

We also made arrangements for a program we’ll appear on another time~

And video comments~ *

That’s how it was!!


Oh yeah,
my schoolwork hasn’t let up at all,
This is really bad….

This is bad… Really bad…

I always neglect it..


I’ll do a little of it today..


Sayashi Riho


* The word used is actually the word to describe when they talk about their own upcoming releases, like when they announce new singles on the Hello! Station and they stand in their outfits and give comments about the single.
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Angel’s Day!

Good evening!


Today, there was an event for our 59th single!!

Always always at the handshake meets, the conversation never runs out,
It’s so fun, right (´∇`)

Speaking of which, many of you told me this,
Today, October the 4th, is “Angel’s Day 157“, so it seems!!

10 (ten) and 4 (shi) is what it is!! *

I wonder if an angel-like baby
was able to come and play at the handshake today~


Since there was no concert, just the event
I got to meet with all sorts of fans!

Being able to meet with all of these people,
is something that I wouldn’t be able to do,
if I hadn’t joined Morning Musume. lol

I’m thankful… m(__)m


From now on, concerts, events
my schedule is really full!!

I look forward to it!!!



Sayashi Riho


* Reading 10/4 as ten/shi, and tenshi 天使 is the word for angel.
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I was so happy!

Good evening!

The concert in Aichi Prefecture,
which is Kanon-chan and Makino-chan’s hometown, has ended!!

It seems that today, even during the MC, the fans
were reacting so much more than I expected,
that it made it impossible to not be so very happy! lol

We 9ki have completed 300 concerts independently now,
And I though, from now on we’ll get to meet more and more sorts of people still,
and together with them make more wonderful atmospheres


Recently, I haven’t really been able to take pictures..

For the sake of my blog!
I have to make it a habit!!


Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!


I’m in good health!!

It’s become October, hasn’t it~

Although it’s hot during the day, it’s also cold at night,,,
It makes clothes difficult,,,.

Toyohashi tomorrow (≧▽≦)


Sayashi Riho
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Kyushu Live!

Good evening!

This weekend, there were concerts in Fukuoka & Kumamoto (^^)/

The Kumamoto performance only just now ended!!

Though this was the first time in Kumamoto
for the current members,

We were given a really warm welcome, it made me happy,, 005 onegai Kumai Yurina


We ate “horse” meat sashimi,
So we’ll have “horse” power too (← Borrowing that from what my Manager said.) We did our best!!


Thank you for the hot concert!!

Well, come! a! gain!


Sayashi Riho
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This week!

Good evening!


It’s been a long while now |ω・`)

There was a concert in Duu’s hometown of Saitama,
An appearance on Music Station,


Nakazawa Yuuko-san,
Iida Kaori-san,
Yasuda Kei-san,

Thank you for watching over the currently active members (≧▽≦)!!

That we got to perform Love Machine
with our seniors watching so close, we don’t often get this chance,
and though a lot of us had pounding hearts,
after the performance we were praised an amazing amount,
I was happy, I was relieved.. (^^) There were also these feelings!


Starting tomorrow, Morning Musume.’15 is going to Kyushu!!

Fukuoka! Kumamoto!

Please wait for us 001001001


Sayashi Riho
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With proper care!

The second day in Zama has finished!!

From the day before the first day until now,
counting the actual performances and rehearsals,

5 performances in a row!! Σ(・□・;)

At the last performance today,
the stamina level was supposed to be severe,
but my body moved with a burst of emotion \(^o^)/

All of you who came to the concert
did you enjoy it until the end??

There were even people in the standing room!
Thank you ever so much, everyone 001001001

In two days, the Saitama performance will be immediately awaiting us!!

I’ve got to recover my strength!

Today, I think I am going to go to sleep aerly,

For all the fans who enjoyed themselves,
it’s important to care for your body after!


Well now, good night!!


Sayashi Riho
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Tour Opening Day!!

Morning Musume.’15 Concert Tour Fall ~PRISM~

The first day has ended safely!!

“Well, can you really say that it ended safely!?”
or such, there was a bit of a scene… lol

There weren’t any injuries!
No one was crushed by the pressure of opening day nervousness!

It was a really fun concert!!

Those of you that came to play with us
I wonder if you had fun??



The reactions from the fans were really refreshing,
that even on this side we enjoyed it003003

It seems like it’ll be a good tour!!


The concert was so much, too much fun
I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s performance!




Sayashi Riho
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