Sayashi Riho


It’s around half past midnight in Hawaii (*^_^*)


The food we had today was really delicious~ :raburabu:






We were brought to bills for pancakes
It’s reputed to be the greatest breakfast in the world!!


I was thinking that it would be great
If I could come here in my free timeー!


But I couldn’t make time for it
And was a bit downhearted at first、

But I was brought back up from the dumps、


Anyway, it was super-duper delicious :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu:

Taste-wise、、、I’ve got no complaints。
As you’d expect from the world’s best pancake-sama m(__)m


And that was itー( ´▽`)

It didn’t need any toppings or anything、
In the battle of taste and texture
It’s a winner! (^^)


The stickiness and airiness of the dough、
Plus the original flavour of the butter
Made an awesome combination ( b^ェ^)b

I’m seems like there’s one in Tokyo too、
I’d like to go there
When I want to give myself a special treat :music:






Today’s Hawaii fashion :music:


It fits the mood perfectly。

Aloha~ :music: :music:

Having got to Hawaii、
I can’t help but become more of a ponyo~。
That’s a mystery~。
That’s how much I’ve eaten。。(`ェ´;)

And、 I was able to make memories
With all of the members~ :music: :music:


Such bliss (^^)


Until I write again :music:


Sayashi Riho
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Hawaii Tour!

Good evening!!


It’s about half past 11 in Hawaii :music:

I’m a bit late in writing this blog post、
But the Hawaii fan club tour has ended!



Since we had to wake early for the 1st day
Everyone gathered together
Firstly、 we did zumba hula exercises
To wake up
Our still half-asleep bodies (*^_^*)


We were led by a person named Tiffany-sensei
Everyone had to memorise the dance、


But since the movements
Weren’t something that we were familiar with


It was a tough challenge
For the fans and myself to remember it :aseru:

In the middle of that、 I adapted my favourite sayings
To go with the hula rhythm
And make it easier to remember、
And seeing everyone cooperate and come up with ways to remember it
It left an impression!



After that、 at the end of the 1st day’s event、
We had planned a surprise
As this would be Michishige-san’s last Hawaii tour as part of Morning Musume。’14 (*^_^*)


We had collected gifts of songs from everyone
For Michishige-san :music:


As it was a surprise、 we didn’t have time to rehearse
We just had a go at pulling it off
We were left wondering


Whether it’d be a success~ Or whether it would be exciting~


Since we had no idea how it’d turn out、

But Michishige-san was happy and her face shone、
Her joy was to be expected、
But thankfully, it was a success~( ´▽`)
We were flooded by relief :music:

I wrote about the things that left an impression、
But there were tons of other things besides those :music:

I expected it at the handshake、
But besides those set-up events
Even when we were impulsively doing an event
The fans seemed to be murmuring
That 『It was fun』、


I feel like I heard your voices leaking out from the heart
And it really gave me enjoyment
That it made me happy (^^)

Writing this blog post now、
I remember going here and there for the tour
And I’m breaking out in a big smile。 lol

I had a really fun time!!


Sayashi Riho
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2nd day。

It’s about half past 11 at night in Hawaii (*^_^*)
Today、 we had an optional tour event
With the fans!


Sayashi was in the factory field trip team、
And we went to
A chocolate factory and a coffee factory :music:


I’ve actually been to a chocolate factory
3 years ago
I was such a kid in those daysー
How nostalgic (^^)


I’ve been drinking coffee recently
So I was able to savour the taste
Of Hawaii’s flavoured coffee :music:


I like the coconut flavour!!


It’s odd
To be in Hawaii with the fans、


But it was fun to learn about the famous products of Hawaii togetherー!d┃・∀・┃b
And、 once the optional tour was done with
We all had dinner together :music:




We were brought to
A store known for its delicious meat :music:


It was just so delicious that I ate so much~
But、 since I felt that it might affect me from tomorrow onwards
I bought salad on the way back
So that I’d have something healthy tomorrow morning。。lol


The fan club tour starts tomorrowー!
I’ve got to get up early so I’ll sleep early (^^)


Good nightー  :music: :music:
Sayashi Riho
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Already asleep!

Good evening (^^)


I’m now in Hawaii (^^)
It’s 11 pm on the 20th over here 
While it’s about 6 pm on the 21st in Japan!





In the plane (^^)


Watching anime, sleeping, eating
That was how I spent the 7 hours (^^)


Last time I thought it was loーng。 Boring~。。
That’s what I used to think about those 7 hours
I’ve gotten a little used to it  d┃・∀・┃b
Since we arrived at Hawaii、
Sayashi hasn’t gone out much today compared to the other members、 I just went for a bi~t of shopping (^^)




When our manager-san was picking out a wallet
We got this drink from the storekeeper (^^)


As expected! A high-class brand!
Such a difference in service。。lol




After that、
All of us went for dinner~ :music:




The exciting first day of Hawaii is done~ :music:
I brought my noisy alarm clock just in case、
But I might just oversleep tomorrow because of the jet lag。。


Looking forward to tomorrow’s event~(*^_^*) :music: :music:


Sayashi Riho
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Good morning。

Good morning :sun:



Yesterday evening and night、 I got plenty of sleep、
So I felt a bit drowsy when I woke up this morning
That’s Sayashi Riho for you。。


Oversleeping isn’t good eitherー。。
While entertaining that thought、 I turned on the television、
And they were reporting on the news that Hiroshima had been hit by a disaster due to heavy rain。


A landslide had occurred in the middle of the night
Causing a great amount of damage。。 It’s very sad。


I hope there will be no further damage beyond that。。


Sayashi Riho
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The timing is。。

Good evening~ :music:
I had the day off today、
So I was out getting supplies of the essentials!!


Like things I need to bring to Hawaii! For example!

I had Loco Moco for lunch (*^^*)




With this kind of timing、
I’m experiencing Hawaii in Japan。 lol


On that note、 I was a little interested in it、
But I was pacing in front of the store wondering what I should eat


Although I hardly ever line up at stores normally
I lined up and had some (。-∀-。)

It was delicious d┃・∀・┃b


And、 after I was done with shopping
I went back home early、
But without realising it, it seems that I slept for about 3 hours in the living room。。(`ェ´;)


I won’t be able to sleep at nightー!
Though I was worried about that happening、


At this moment、 I’m being beaten down by waves of drowsiness。
That’s great。 Great。 lol




I’m yawning a lot too( b^ェ^)b
I’ll be getting plenty of sleep at night~ :music:





↑ Among the photos that I took yesterday, this shot has me looking pretty tense!


And with that!


Sayashi Riho
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A happy announcement (*^^*)

Good evening!


Today I’m taking my own sweet time writing this up (^^)



There were 2 announcements
From Morning Musume。’14 yesterday!!



First、 the release of our new single was announced!


【TIKI BUN/Shabadabadoo~/Mikaeri Bijin】, our 57th single will be a triple A side single
That’ll go on sale on the 15th of October!!


All of those are A sides、
Is a Michishige-san solo song、


Mikaeri Bijin will be a song
Sung by the members besides Michishige-san、


It’s a single whose contents will come in all styles (^^)



And、 the closing performance for
Michishige-san’s graduation tour


Will be held on the 26th of November (Wed)
At Yokohama Arena!!


And so
The countdown to Michishige-san’s graduation
Has officially started。


Moreover、 for the 9th gen members and beyond
This is our first time at the Yokohama Arena
So we’re fired up!


I still don’t know how I’ll feel in the time we have until the 26th of November!
However、 I’d like to treasure every day and make our activities meaningful (*^^*)





Well then、 having made those two announcements、
Today!A special site has been set up!!


There、 there’s a countdown
Until the 26th November graduation performance!


Please、 make sure to take a quick look at it, okay~ :music: :music:






And with that!
Good night  :music:



Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!




Yesterday、 although I had written up a blog post、
It seems that the rough draft
Got erased a few minutes after I saved it (T_T)


Thankfully I could do it today~(^O^)



Continuing on from today、
Tomorrow we’ll be having Hello! Project concerts!


Since it’s been a while since I’ve waken up early
I’ll make preparations and go to sleep (^O^)


Sorry it’s so brief。。
Good night!



Sayashi Riho
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Serial event (*^^*)

Good evening!




Today we had serial events for our single!!


With 3 performances, it was packed with events、 but the whole day ended in the blink of an eye (°_°)


I enjoyed getting to talk
At the handshake event (*^^*)


We’ll be at Osaka the day after tomorrowー :music: :music:



I danced plenty today、
So I’m super sleeーpy!!


Even though I’ve got to get in the bath~




I’ve got to hold back the sleepiness since now I’m currently cleaning the tub (__,_)b




And that’s it :music: :music:



Sayashi Riho
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Good evening~ :music:


Today we had rehearsals for the Hawaii tour!!




Now it’s a bit too late
To be excited for the Hawaii tour :music:


But、 we’re almost about to leave、
Yet I haven’t done any packing at all (°_°)


Although there probably are things that I have to buy~!!


Do I even have the time to go shopping~??(ノ´д`)



I need to make preparations naruhaya (’Narubeku Hayaku’ – as early as possible)!!



Talking about that! I still haven’t bought a carry-on bag (°_°)


I forgot。。

I should start with that, right。。lol
And、 in addition、 today
I went to the pharmacy
To GET the sought-after Rola-san design MediQtto!!!




The heart-shaped pattern is cute~ :raburabu:

I’ll use them carefully (*^^*)




And that’s it!



Sayashi Riho
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