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Good evening!


Today is Kudo Haruka-chan’s birthday!
Even the level-headed and grown-up Duu
Is still 15 years old (^^) :raburabu:


Whether she’ll turn cute、
Whether she’ll turn cool、
I’m looking forward to it (^^)






Well then、there’s less than a month
Until the Yokohama Arena performance!


It’s a special performance、 in all sorts of ways
Whether I’m excited、
Or whether I’m possibly uneasy、、、


There really just a limited amount of time left、
So I’ll strive to level up even more!!



Delicacy report。


From when I went to a Hawaiian cafe
Together with my mother!




It’s difficult to convey through photos、
But we ordered all sorts of things、
And the amount was greater than we thought :aseru:


The locomoco on the left
Came in a container that was about as big as a bathtub lol


My mother and I
Managed to finish up those 3 courses without problem、
But my tummy got so full
That it felt like I’d be fine even if I didn’t eat the next day。。

By the way、 these past 3 days、
I’ve been making delicacy reports、
But only these 3 days
Have been compiled within this month (^^)

I wouldn’t be able to eat that much every day lol


Also、 I’d transform into a ponyo、、。


Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!




Today we had an event for our new songs!


The photo is from when we were at Music Station (^^)



By the time I noticed it, my feet were swollen lol
I got to talk a lot today (^^)



Thank you very much!!



Delicacy report。




This is another omelette rice I ate recently!


The egg was bubbly、
More than that, the meat in the sauce was tender
It was extremely delicious d┃・∀・┃b



Sayashi Riho
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Sense of security (^^)

Good afternoon!


Yesterday we made our final appearance as the 10 of us on Music Station!


We got to sing
A medley of 2 songs、


All the fans
Had rushed to the studio、
And of course we were nervous、
But I remember having this general sense of security (^^)


It was really fun!


It would be great if we could appear on it again~


Well then、 today
We had an individual handshake event for the new song (^^)




At the moment、 Iikubo Haruna-chan is right in front of me :music:


Let’s do our best!



A report on something delicious (^^)




Recently、 we went together with our manager-san
And had Eggs Benedict!!


The eggs and the pork were the bomb!!


Such bliss~ :heart: :heart: :heart:


I’d like to go again!!


Sayashi Riho
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Thank you very much!

Good evening!


Michishige-san’s last single before her graduation
『TIKI BUN/Shaba Daba Duu~/ Mikaeri Bijin』
Was released on the 15th of October


We got the 2nd place
In the Oricon Weekly Charts!

To everyone who supported us from all over the country、
Thank you so very much!



At events
You tell us all kinds of things、
Like which parts of the songs you like、


When this song got released
A truckload of communication was born、
And that was able to get this single
To a lot of people!


It’s an important single
That’s particularly memorable for us。
I want to treasure it!


Thank you so very much!




Well then、 we had a shooting today、
But we went to a soba store-san midway
For a meal。




Yesterday、 I ate a ton of soba
So I was glad~(*´∇`*)


I went moon viewing :music:


But、 reading the comments of yesterday’s blog post
It made me want to eat it
Even more (^^)




Here’s an announcement :music:


『CD Journal』On sale 20 Oct
A photo of us assembled together taken at New York
Is on the front cover!


On sale 23 Oct (Tomorrow) 『Young Jump』
Together with Michishige-san、 and Kudo Haruka-chan
The 3 of us are on the front cover!
Even the insides are filled with us!


On sale 23 Oct (Tomorrow) 『JUNON』
Together with Michishige Sayumi-san、 Fukumura Mizuki-chan
Iikubo Haruna-chan、 Kuda Haruka-chan
And Oda Sakura-chan, a photo shoot of the 6 of us!


23 Oct (Tomorrow) 10:00 pm ~ 11:00 pm
Nippon TV 『Downtown DX』
I’ll be making an appearance with Suzuki Kanon-chan!

On the Hello! Sta that’s streaming today
Michishige-san and Sayashi are the MCs!

I’m thankful
For having so many announcements to make、
So pleaseー! Check them out!!

Sayashi Riho
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A huge!!

Good evening!


Yesterday we appeared on a live broadcast of Viking、


We got this thing
From the locals who appeared on it with us!!






Boーom! It’s a taiyaki, 60 cm in length!




It was heavy to carry。。(`ェ´;)
But、 it definitely was delicious~ :raburabu:


We cut it up and divided it amongst ourselves (^^)

Now I want to eat sobaー。


What would you like to eat?

Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!


We had an event for the new song today (´∀`)
We did all sorts of things today~


Well then、
Tomorrow we’ll be making
A live appearance
On Fuji TV’s 『Viking』!


Please make sure to watch it!







Sayashi taking a photo of Sayashi。



Sayashi Riho
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I heard that they discovered that Tsunku♂-san had cancer
In the middle of the New York trip
Where he was accompanying us
For our concert。


That was a huge shock、

But at present、 I heard that his operation was a success。


I hope he gets better soon!





Sayashi Riho
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Good evening!




At the entrance to a New York supermarket (^^)




The view of the New York cityscape
From a place called TOP OF THE ROCK (^^)

How cool~

Sayashi Riho
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Back from NY!

I’m home!!


I just got back from New York (^^)

There’s such a huge time difference、
That I had to think properly
About what time in Japan I had to update the blog
My head got so mixed up、、
That in the end
I didn’t blog from New York。。(T_T)


It’s been a while :music:





The longed-after New York!


When I went there、 I fell even more for it
Than I had expected。


First of all, at any rate
The concert was really fun!


Honestly、 we had set-up
Songs that were harder than what we’d do in Japan


It was a non-stop concert with continuous dance numbers
With hardly any time to rest、


But I didn’t get tired at all
The only thing I felt after the concert was ‘It was fun!’ (^^)


All the fans
Who had been waiting at New York


Pumped up the concert with everything they had
It was an amazing time!!

However、 even though I had done tons of practice
For my carefully thought-out introduction in English、
My head just went blank in the middle of it
And I couldn’t say it until the end
I was really mortified。。

When I was panicking、 with my mind still blank
The fans at the front responded
And told me
『You can do it!』 in English


Although those words were English words that I understood


I was in a panic
And replied 『You can do it!』 to those people。 lol

Everyone who was there、
Thank you very much for backing me up。。

And、 there really were a lot
Of people at the New York venue、


Normally、 when we’re holding activities in Japan
We’d get messages from fans overseas、
And we’d really feel
Like we’re receiving their support、


But being able to meet all of them directly、


It made me really happy to know that there are this many people cheering us on from afar


Having done this New York concert、 I’m confident about it!

I bought souvenirs、
And all sorts of things for myself、
So I’ll write about it againー \(^o^)/





The sky from the window of the return aeroplane :music: :music:



Sayashi Riho
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An amazing record。




It’s blurry lol

We’re done with the 2 days of Tohoku concerts!
That was a job well done (^^)


Yamagata prefecture, it was my first time there!
Ishida Ayumi-chan’s home town、 Miyagi prefecture!




Once we were done with the Sendai performance
As we were heading back to the dressing room, there was this wonderful thing!!


A mountain of Yasai Ichinichi Kore Ippon
And a cake were decorated adorably :raburabu:


As it was the final concert in Tohoku
Where Michishige-san would be performing as part of Morning Musume。
So this surprise had been planned!


They’re brimming over with love (^^)


And tying in to Michishige-san’s birthday, July the 13th
We had achieved Morning Musume。 713th independent live performance!!


The dimensions of that 713 performances are staggering。。


Making a simple calculation、
Concerts are 2 hours × 713 performances =1426 hours

1426 hours!!?


It’s really amazing!!

But、there’s still more concerts to continue on with、
So I’d like to carve this precious time with the 10 of us!

And with that

Sayashi Riho
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