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Good evening (*^^*)

Today, we went to see the stage play “TRUMP”
which was written by Suemitsu Ken’ichi-san,
who also wrote and directed our own “Stacies” and “LILIUM”!

Suemitsu-san himself even appears in this stage!

Although this time it was men actors only,
the individuality was strong,
and the intensity wasn’t incomplete.

When I’m standing on the stage myself,
as a woman,
I wonder how to portray this amount of individuality
so I watched it while thinking a lot about that!


Also, the same words are said in Lilium,
so when that sentence was said, I felt a chill and it startled me..

They’re tied together, aren’t they..

I also look forward to Lilium’s sequel!!



At the end of the stage,
I got to meet with Suetmitsu-san,
and, from when I played Momo in Stacies,
Yamamoto Shouma-san who played my big brother!

Suemitsu-san said to me,
when you return from studying abroad,
it’d be nice if you could be on the stage again. (*^^*)



I have to work hard, too.


Sayashi Riho
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Today, the 9ki went out to play~~~!!!



At the Oedo Onsen (*^^*)

Although I don’t usually soak in an onsen,
we did fish therapy,
and went in the rock salt bath,

It was like we aren’t young… lol


But, it was really funkirakirakirakirakirakira,
and we relaxed~~~!!!

Thank you, Manager-san,
for planning our days off at the same time!!!

Also, thanks for playing with me everyone (*^^*)
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Interview day

I’m sorry I didn’t write on my blog..

Recently, I’ve had to get up early
ever day for the past few days for my job!!



My nails were made sparkly for the photoshoot kirakirakirakira

Today was was interview day for our new song!!
I’m having lots of interviews and shootings for the first time in a while!

It’ll be released in “GiRL POP” on 12/22!!

As for the other magazines,
I’ll announce it soon (*^^*)

Tomorrow is finally a slow day~!!!




At the Satoyama Satoumi event ❤️❤️❤️



Sayashi Riho
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Sayashi Event!!

Good evening!!

I had various work today, too (^O^)

And dance lessons!

My back that was cramped yesterday is better now!!!


But my muscle pain from being massaged too much
hurts a bit.. (・ω・`)






An announcement!


Sayashi Riho Fanclub Tour in Bousou

has been decided!!!!

My first and last solo bus tour!

It’s from 12/26 to 12/27!!!
Let’s make a lot of memories, everyone!!!


for those who bought the special set of
“Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi/ENDLESS SKY/One and Only” which is being released on 12/19
a Special Sayashi Riho Solo Live
has been decided!!

The details are here!!


That my chances to see you all before I graduate keeps increasing
makes me happy (^-^)

If you please, everyone, come and play!!



Now, tomorrow,
at Mallage Shobu,
we appear on “Play. Live. Grow. Let’s Head for SATOYAMA&SATOUMI 2015 with The Wings of Courage Fall Festival”

The information is here!!

There’s also a handshake for our new song (^-^)

By all means, please come and play! I’ll be waiting!!



Sayashi Riho
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At the lesson..

Thanks for all your work!

Today I had a solo recording!!

It was in a really nostalgic place,
and so I was able to be immersed in memories of up until now… lol

I look forward to everyone seeing it!!!



Then after that, a dance lesson!
In the middle of the lesson I got a cramp in my back..

I have to take care of my body.. (・ω・`)

In the winter, my body is prone to getting stiff…

Don’t forget to keep warm, everyone!!!

There isn’t a photo, but goodnight… (^◇^;)



Sayashi Riho
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My bangs..

Good evening!!


Today was a photoshoot and lesson (^O^)

Ah, that reminds me, I cut my bangs a little bit!

Only a little okay!

When my bangs are so long that they’re heavy, my feelings also become heavy..

My hair is black


and I’ve wanted to go and get it treated more than usual lately~!


Sayashi Riho
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Kanon Smile★

Good work!!

Today there was a recording of
Suzuki Kanon-chan’s regular “Itsudemo! Kanon Smile”!

I talked a lot for the first time in a while!! lol

Since there’s about 2 weeks left until it comes out, please look forward to it (^O^)


I’m sorry this is so short!
Good night!!

Sayashi Riho
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Bouquet (^ ^)

I’m done with my work!

Today there was a recording for TV!!

After the recording was done,
I received a bouquet
and congratulations on my graduating from the program’s Staff (^ ^)


So pretty.. kirakira

Thank you (^ ^)

When today’s recording is put up, I’ll make an announcement!


I did my best today, too!


Good night (^ ^)


Sayashi Riho
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Good evening (^O^)

Today, it was a serial event
for our 59th single, in Shinagawa!!

Normally at a serial events,
We don’t sing, and it isn’t in a place
where we can do MC corners in good taste,

But it was very fresh, a fun event!


Also, during the event, all of the titles
of our 60th single were announced!!

“One and Only”
That we’re singing on our current tour

As well as,
“ENDLESS SKY” and “Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi”!! [A Cold Wind and An Unrequited Love]

Please look forward to seeing what type of song they are!!




Sayashi Riho
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Dishonest 9ki..

Good evening!

We had a concert in Aichi Prefecture,
Suzuki Kanon-chan and Makino Maria-chan’s hometown!!

The venue was big,
and more people than usual came to get pumped up!!!

Thank you ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Today we four 9ki had a dressing room to ourselves!!

Until now, the four of us have rarely gathered together,

Recently, when we’ve been in the same dressing room,
even when all of the members are in the same room,
the four of us just naturally line up together..

So the other three of the 9ki
Actually liked me that much, huh (´∀`)(≧∇≦)



Well, putting that aside..

There are only 7 performances left
in Morning Musume.’15’s solo concert tour..!

And there’s only a month and a half left
of me being in Morning Musume..

I’ll treasure every single moment, with no regrets (^ ^)


Sayashi Riho
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