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Two Days from Tomorrow (^^)

Good evening!


For the lots of thoughts about my photobook,
thank you very much\(^o^)/

But, there are those of you who want to see it that haven’t received it yet (´Д` )

Let it reach you quickly~~
I’m still waiting for your thoughts (^^):music:


Well, tomorrow at Pacific Yokohama,
there is a SATOYAMA&SATOUMI event
as well as the Hina Fest!!

The SATOYAMA&SATOUMI event is free of admission
so anyone can come and join \(^o^)/

Also, at the Hina Fest,
at tomorrow’s performance I’ll sing in the limited unit!

At tomorrow’s performance there will be BS SkyPerfect live broadcast :music:



It looks to be an intense day. ( ^ω^ )

I’m looking forward to it:music::music::music:



Sayashi Riho
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A snack. lol

Carrots are delicious \(^o^)/



Now, today is,
rehearsal for the limited units for the Hina Fest the day after tomorrow\(^o^)/

The name is
“Peaberry with Suzuki Kanon accompaniment”.

With Suzuki Kanon-chan and Wada Ayaka-san, we three
are the composition of the unit \(^o^)/

Although the unit name is rather unique, lol
We will seriously perform \(^o^)/

It’d be nice if we can create a stage where it feels like you saw something precious!

Today we three were taking pictures,
but since we were wearing the real outfits I can’t show it..(´Д` )





An off-shot from the photobook \(^o^)/
(Self advertising. lol)


I have to get up early tomorrow!





Sayashi Riho
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Photobook release!!


My photobook “Sixteen” is now on sale \(^o^)/

Has everyone seen it??


I want you to see this moment of my being “Sixteen”!!

I want those of you who don’t have it yet to see it, too!


Those of you that have seen it,
I’d be happy to see your impressions of it



Sayashi Riho
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As promised yesterday!

I took a photo with Ayumi-chan\(^o^)/



That’s all, please forgive me.. (´Д` )



Sayashi Riho
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It’s Sendai!

Good evening \(^o^)/


Today there was a concert in
Ishida Ayumi-chan’s hometown, Miyagi Prefecture!!

I forgot to take a picture again(; ̄O ̄)

I’ll take one! Tomorrow! With Ayumi-chan!


Which reminds me! Even though the weather is still cold!
In with the fruits that were left for us in our dressing room
Ayumi-chan’s beloved watermelon was there as well!

The hospitality of the Sendai staff is amazing!

I was so impressed with that, *
so I was able to enjoy today (*^^*)

Those of you that came,
Thank you (*^^*):music:


Now, it’s almost the release date of my photobook(^O^☆♪

Has everyone pre-ordered it already!?

I’m counting on those of you getting it from the store, too \(^o^)/


On March 30th there’ll be a handshake at the Fukuya book store
so I’ll be waiting for you there (*^^*)

Since it’s been a while since my last handshake I’m excited..(^ω^)


Sayashi Riho


*This is lost in translation, but she wrote 感動 (kandou: impressed, moved) as 感どぅー, using the same kan as the proper spelling but using Kudou Haruka’s nickname どぅー (Duu) but added the correct word in parentheses.
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There was a concert at Koriyama in Fukushima Prefecture (*^^*)

It seems like we haven’t had a concert in Fukushima,
in 14 years!!

About when I was turning 2!

It’s amazing!!


Also, MaaDuu who have just graduated from middle school.

Maa-chan was being careless(; ̄O ̄)
Although it feels like they were in elementary school, it’s high school!
This is amazing, too!!


I have thought that “It’s amazing!” several times today,

While thinking that it would be nice if we could properly
convey the messages of our songs to the people of Fukushima,
I got to perform (*^^*)

I thought it’s amazing! that we get to be on stage
I’m happy :music:

Everyone, thank you very much!

Tomorrow it’s Sendai \(^o^)/
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I’ll do my best\(^o^)/

Today I moved my body\(^o^)/

Although it almost felt like training,
I was told
“Sayashi-san, because you have a good metabolism,
if you really wanted to, you could quickly become muscular”
by the teacher

I’ll believe I can do that,
and I’ll do my very best \(^o^)/

As well,
Once before I got tighter after being chubby,
and it seems like then I got a beautiful body..

About Shuwa-chan
It seems that even Hollywood actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger
are doing it, too.

From those words I received courage. lol

Ah, that reminds me,
My plumpness was on the Yahoo! News lol

I’m not really happy about it..
but this sort of thing makes the news.
That reasoning makes me rather happy (*^^*)


Yay ♪  way♪

An offshot from my photobook!

And now!
Sayashi Riho
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Koi no Hana Theater♪

Good evening \(^o^)/

Yesterday, I kindly received the warm call from everyone
Thank you m(__)m

Somehow today,
I have an odd appetite that I didn’t yesterday
It’s just up and disappeared (*^^*)

It seems like I won’t ever
forget this feeling (*^^*)

Which, by the way, after having sweat so
Last night I ate Korean hot pot :music:


And although it’s today,
Hiroshima Home TV’s
a program named “Koi no Hana Theater” [Flower Carp Theater]
I got to record it!!

It taught me about the history of the Hiroshima Carps,
It made me remember, I need to know more about the Carps! I need to support them more!

It’s an honor to be called to appear on
a program that has had many celebrities representing Carp fans in the past. :kirakira:

It broadcasts on
April 22nd and April 29th
at 24:15 each!

I’m counting on you \(^o^)/


The recording finished,
So I still had time to go shopping before the day ended :music:

And so..

I bought a cute knit hat\(^o^)/

I’ll use it a lot.



Now, my blog still continues.\(^o^)/

Here I’ll properly greet
Oda Sakura-chan’s birthday which I missed!

Happy Birthday(*^^*)


Oda-chan’s singing is really powering up, isn’t it!
She’s relied on a lot during the tour (*^^*)

However, Oda-chan,
Because she joined alone, she really has to take, even when other members complain.

Therefore, since we’re the same age after all,
I want to get a chance to have a good, long talk with Oda-chan(*^^*)
This is how I feel sometimes ★


Anyway, I think today’s solo event is
about to bust open \(^o^)/


And now!


Sayashi Riho
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Spring tour!!


The Spring tour has started!

I think we were able to get off to a good start\(^o^)/

Even so, before the performance,
All of the members were extremely nervous..

Something I haven’t felt up until now,
it felt like a feeling was welling up inside.

However, once we stood on the stage,
both the members and the fans
were able to share a feeling of “This is fun!” and it was so amazing
it became a really happy feeling (^_^*)

Thank you!

Also, to those of you that came,
I am sure that you noticed
My plumpness is undeniable..

I’ll do all that I can to right it quickly~..

I’ll do my best m(__)m

And so, I’ll do my best from next week, too!

Sayashi Riho
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Starting this weekend
Morning Musume.’15 concert tour begins!

It would be nice if the amount of people
that we can make smile with our performance would grow!

If we could make smiles all throughout Japan, I’d be happy!

Sayashi Riho
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