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Bulk purchase

The other day、


I made a bulk purchase of 4 sticks of my favourite 17ice in one go ♡

Ahー! Such a high level of satisfaction!!(ノε`*)ノ ♡



All of them were delicious, of course ♩♩
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Gekidan Shiki

I went to watch Gekidan Shiki’s 『The Little Mermaid』~♩


Gekidan Shiki-san were really amazing!!!
Ariel’s voice was so pretty, it was crazyーーーー!!!
It’s a world that I love, so I couldn’t stop trembling in delight ❤︎”
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October starts todayーー。
It’s already autumnーー。

I hope that everyone has a smile every day ☻♡



In the photo is Mitsui Aika-chanー!
She’s 1 year younger、 but Omitsu has grown-up opinions ♡
Thank you for always listening to me talk about what’s weighing on my mindーー (;_;)(;_;)
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Family trip – 4

The first thing we did on the 2nd day was go to Kamogawa Seaworld!

The jellyfish-sans came in all shapes and sizes、 but their movements were somehow adorable ♩

And from there, this had me really excited‼︎
Do you know what it is? lol
Shall we get a close-up?
It’s Nemoー*\(^o^)/*
Ah、 they’re clownfish, right!
Isn’t it a crazy amount? lol
Looks like there’d be a lot of accidents inside the water tank!!!

And this got me even more excited!
An orca show!
The orcas and their trainers made a nice combination, it was really thrilling (๑•ω•๑)/”♡
They made lots of huge jumps!!! I got good photos!!!




We went shopping at an outlet after that~♩
As she was there, mama was sweet on me and I had the special privilege of buying what I wanted♡ lol
Thank you ♡

My tummy got emptyー。
Saki 「Heyー、 How about a mealー?」
Shimizu household family members 「Eh、 you’re hungry?Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ 」
Saki 「Ohー、 Could it be that it’s just me、、、?(;・∀・)」
That said、 I had my fill by myself!
Well, it’s true that I had a lot to eat in the morning、 but it’s because of that meal that my tummy went empty。
Of course! I got dessert after the meal?





And with that、 the 2nd day went by in the blink of an eye、 but it was a really enjoyable memory for me ♡
The Shimizu family used to go out a lot together in the past、 but I had work、 so I feel really sorry that I was unable to make time for my family。
But that we could be at leisure like this after so long、 it was really greatーー ♡♡

I’d like to thank my brother who looked up all sorts of things to draw up the plans、 and was always behind the wheel ✧•̀.̫•́✧

And、 the incident that only my family knows。
papa, I’m sorry。 lol








The end。
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Family trip – 3

On that day, we stayed at an inn in the style of an old Japanese-style house that would only house 2 groups in 1 day。

Isn’t this like the first time I’ve come to a place like this?! I was excited by myself ♩
Or at least that’s what I thought、 but my whole family was excited! lol
We took tons of photosー!! lol

Once we had calmed down after taking photos、 we had dinner。
It was a lovely atmosphere, as we had it around a hearth‼︎
There, we were able to have continuous amounts of really delicious dishes、 it was a joy~。

Along with the meal、
We also got grape juice ♡
I got the bottle、 and wouldn’t you believe it, I finished it all by myself *\(^o^)/* lol
It surprised even my family!


Once my tummy was filled up、 I had a bath~♩
The bath had been privately reserved, so I relax~ed ♩


The next morning、 a delicious meal filled me up in the morning、 and we left the inn in a joyful mood!


The inn that had taken care of us was managed by a married couple by themselves、 they were really kind people, it was healing…(*´꒳`*)







Looks like this’ll be continued。
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Family trip – 2

After our meal、、、
We went fruit-picking, which is something I’ve alllllways wanted to do‼︎

This time it was for grape-chansー♡


The prospect of getting to go fruit-picking had me excitedー♡♡




I was just running around in the end! lol


In the end, this was the one I choseー *\(^o^)/*


We’ve been eating fruits every morning recently、 and we bought some back as souvenirs、 but they came in huge bunches、 and the size of the grapes got us excited!!!
Do you get it??? lol

I’d like to convey how amazing it is、 but at any rate, they were huge and fully satisfying ♡







To be continued。
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Silver week

It’s the final day、 how did you all spend it~???
Did you enjoy Silver Week???
To those who had work、 good job ✧•̀.̫•́✧
Today I went to Gotanda to watch the 『Hello!Project New Fes! ||』!


Kobushi Factory


Tsubaki Factory


H!P Kenshuusei
They were the ones who made an appearance。
All of the members looked like they were having fun~☻
Kobushi Factory’s songs are constantly playing in my head!!
I’m addicted to all 3 songs~! lol
Also、 Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory also sang Berryz’ songs!
They were roused up while watching videos of our dance lessons、 and for the parts they didn’t understand, at the Nama Tamago Show! 、 Hirose Ayaka-chan and Hamaura Ayano-chan expressly came to ask me about the parts that they had no idea how to perform、 and it made Captain glad to convey the feeling of how to do it properly。( ´•̥ו̥` )♡
Country Girls also appeared at the Osaka performance、 which means that Momochi made an entrance!
Don’t lose to the rest, fight onーー(๑•̀ •́๑)/♩lol


(A photo that I took at the Nama Tamago and probably haven’t put up!)


Hama-chan’s figure is my ideal!
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Family Trip-1

With the summer break and Silver week, all in all, I’ve surprisingly got 12 straight days of holidays‼︎ Having got such a miraculous number of consecutive holidays lol、 I went for a bit of a family trip~♩♩*\(^o^)/*


My brother drove the car、 and we headed to Chiba!

First thing we did when we got there was have lunch~♡
At any rate, we did this! lol






It was so delicious, we ate and ate!!!

The prawns were the most delicious~✧˖°
I wouldn’t normally eat the heads、 but the storekeeper told me 「They’re delicious, so try eating them!」 And when I tried eating them、 they were really delicious!!!!!
I asked for seconds of the prawns (ノε`*)ノ lol

That was the MVP ♛







To be continued。
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Is it already autumn?
This season has come aroundddd。


I like pumpkinsー♩

They’ve been selling pumpkin puddings at Family Mart and Seven Eleven、 and they are deliciousー(*´꒳`*)


I’ve got hay-fever、 so I think that’s the cause of my nose itching and endless sneezing、 but I definitely enjoy autumn!
I look at autumn dresses and I’m like ‘How adorableー!’!


『The autumn of appetite』
『The autumn of reading』
That’s what this autumn is to me!

What is this autumn to you~???
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『HaroPuro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2015~9gatsu no Nama Tamago Show!~』
Was in Nagoya today!
I made my way to the final dayー☻


This time、 wearing an outfit that Shimizucchi wore during the Hello!Project concerts、 Akiyama Mao-chan ♩
How nostalgicー。 At the same time、 Akiyama-chan’s got such a great figure!!! How adorable!!! Yet、 her dancing’s sharp! Shimizucchi’s got my eyes on her!


I haven’t put up any photos from that time、 but I found some!! ↓↓↓




For the 9gatsu no Nama Tamago Show!、 I got to be involved in the member selection、 and I learnt a lot from that first experience、 I’d been keeping a constant eye on the Kenshuusei from their lessons、 and it makes me glad that I was able to watch their gradual development in such a short time from up close!!
They’ll probably have developed even more the next time we meet~。

There’ll be a Nama Tamago Show in December、 so please come if you have the time!!!

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