Shimizu Saki


Thank you to those who watched it ♩

We’ve been in their care several times before、 but this was the first time all of us made an appearance、 it really was a blast!!
It was riddled with laughter~(ノ∪≦*)ノ
Time passed by in the blink of an eye!!


Nishikawa-san、 thank you very much ✧˖°


I’m on good terms with the assistant Masuda Yuka-chan, since we were friends from our senior high days、 so it made me happy to get to work with her~~*\(^o^)/*
She’s so grown-up, you wouldn’t think we’re the same age!!
Yuka~、 I want to go out for a meal~♩♩
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BeriKyuu ♡

Yesterday morning we had work as BeriKyuu、 for February’s 「UTB」、 and for the front cover of March’s 「Hello! Pro BEST SHOT!」~♩


I love BeriKyuu ♡♡
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9th January。

Are all of you doing well~???
Lets go out dressed warmly again today >_<



I hope that the 7 of us will gather together soon~、、、
It feels like were really lacking even if just 1 person isn't around、 it definitely feels most natural when it's the 7 of us!

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11th anniversary。

It’s Berryz Kobo’s 11th anniversary of our establishment!!




Thank you ♡




Love you ♡
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Juice=Juice leader Miyazaki Yuka-chan ☻

My impression of Yuka-chan has greatly changed compared to when we first met!
It feels like she has an impish scent to her… lol
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ANGERME Leader Wada Ayaka-chan ☻

S/mileage changed their name to ANGERME、 and the members have increased from 6 to 9 people、 in the midst of all sorts of changes、 I hope Ayacho does her best without losing her mellow atmosphere ♩
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7th January。

Yesterday、 I watched the DVD for
♔Berryz Kobo Debut 10-Shuunen Kinen Suppecial Concert 2014 Thank you BeriKyuu! in Nippon Budokan [Kouhen]♔
That was held on 11th September 2014~!




You know、 I kind of had no idea、 but the tears wouldn’t stop!! lol

Seeing myself in the video having the time of my life、 I feel like I understand how brief these 2 months until our indefinite hiatus are…。

And because of that, I’d like to spend every day without a wasted moment!!!

Since I still want to create lots of fun memories with everyone✧˖°
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Morning Musume。’15 New Leader Fukumura Mizuki-chan ☻

I got a New Year’s card from her~♩
She wrote some comments that made me happy ✍

From now on、 we’re looking forward to how the Morning Musume。 brought together by Fuku-chan will grow, right!!
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I’ll be putting up ♩
2shot photos with Hello!Project members~♞♘
To start with、、、


Hello! Pro new leader Yajima Maimi-chan ☻
Yajitan ♡
Sucーh a beauty…✧˖°
Let’s go out for a meal again ♡

3rd January。

There are 2 performances today!!

And、 we’ll be running a full rehearsal before that、 so you could say we have 3 performances lol

I’ll do my best today too (il`・ω・´;)✧˖°

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