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Berryz Kobo

To everyone who sent their POWER to Berryz Kobo、 and to Shimizu Saki、 thank you very much ♡♡♡

It was a truly lovely LIVE performance…(*˘︶˘*)♡



Lots of things happened in these 11 years、 but due to the support from lots of people、 Shimizu is how she is now。

I was blessed by my friends、 who of course cheered me on in this line of work、 but also came to see me perform LIVE countless times、 they’d contact me and cheer me up if something happened、 they’re precious people who understand my feelings!!
Thank you。

We got lots of love from all the staff too。
To all the managers who were at the company when we first started out、 we truly brought them a lot of trouble。
Even within Hello!Project、 we think that we must have been a bunch of astoundingly selfish brats、、、lol
Apologies for doing as we pleased。

There were tons of warm people among the tour staff too、 they excited us with silly stories、 and whenever there was something to be celebrated、 they’d craft handmade photo books and posters、 we really felt your great love、、、♡
Thank you very much。

I caused a lot of trouble to my family too。
I gave them a lot of painful memories。
And yet you still came for many of our concerts and stage plays、 and you’d check out magazines and TV shows every time Berryz would make an appearance、 my closest source of support。
Thank you so much。


And、 to all the fans who cheered us on。
Your presence was the source of our energy!!!
At the LIVE performances I love、 you’d always be there、 giving us POWER、 and through your fan letters and Blog comments、 I felt a lot of your love。

I’ve got nothing but feelings of gratitude!!
Thanks you so so very much!!!
I’m full of thanks!!!!!



I love Berryz Kobo ♡♡♡
I love all of you who came to love Berryz Kobo ♡♡♡


Thank you very much for the wonderful 11 (12 and a half) years!!!
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3rd March。 The day of our début。 11th anniversary。

Opayo ♡





This day has finally arrived、、、!

For our last concert、 we’ll be standing on the stage of the Nippon Budokan。

How like Berryz Kobo!!!!!!!
How like me!



To everyone coming to the venue、
To everyone watching through the live viewing、
To everyone watching through the Sky Perfect live broadcast、
To everyone who can’t watch it but know of and love Berryz Kobo、
Please give us your POWER!!!!!!!

And let’s have a wonderful time together!!!!!!!






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Thank you to everyone who came、 though it was a weekday ♩









It’s a day where everyone seems to be having such fun…(*˘︶˘*).。.:*
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Ariake Coliseum-2

Thank you to everyone who came for the 2nd day ♡♡


Today, representatives of the Hello!Project OG、 Iida Kaori-san、 Yoshizawa Hitomi-san、 Ishikawa Rika-san came as guests ❁

They brought a large bouquet、 and a message in a letter。
For seniors who have graduated to come for us like this、 I really felt their love、、、(*´꒳`*)
Thank you very much for coming despite your busy schedules!!

The leaders of the various groups gathered up、 and ℃-ute Leader Yajima Maimi-chan read us a letter as their representative。
Maimi’s tears wouldn’t stop、、、
I really felt the love for Berryzーー >_<

It's great that we had contemporaries。
It's great that ℃-ute were our contemporaries。
Thank you so very much for 12 and a half years、、、♡


I got the bromides that were on sale as goods、 where the members of Hello!Project wrote messages for Berryz!!

Each and every one of them brings me joy、 it’s such a joy to have met such wonderful companions!!!
It truly is my pride!!!
Thank you very much for pumping up the ♔Berryz Kobo Matsuri♔ together with us ♡




Today’s LIVE performance was just too much funーーーー!!!!(੭ु ˃̶͈̀ ω ˂̶͈́)੭ु⁾⁾♡♡
I really do loooove LIVE performances ♡♡♡

And、 I love Berryz Kobo ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

And and、 I love all of you who love Berryz Koboーーーっ♡♡



Saki’s happy!!!!!

Thank you for making me feel this happy ♡♡♡

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Ariake Coliseum-1

It was roughly 4 hours in a constant state of excitementーっ✧˖°

The moment we came on-stage、 the pretty glowsticks at the venue were such a spectacle、 my heart went ”Whoaーーー!! That’s craーーーzy!!”❤︎”
It was really lovely!!!



Today’s LIVE performances were a time of joy~、、、♡

At the final MC, Nacchan went
「Do you love Berryz Koboーー??」
「Do you care about usーー???」
Raising that question to the fans、 with everyone’s voices going 「Ohhーーーー!!!」、 your passionate feelings were conveyed、 it was crazy for ShimiSaki、、、(ノ_・、) (ノ_・、)

Being loved by such a larーーge number of people、、、
Thank you so much to everyone ♡




And also、 at the unit songs in the 2nd part、 your passionate cheers made me realーーーly happy *\(^o^)/*♡♡

I’m looking forward to tomorrow tooーーーっ♡♡


Ahーーー、 I’m hungry。 lol

I’ll have a meal on my way back、
Massage my feet in the bath、
And go to sleep early、、、✩°。⋆⸜(ू。•ω•。)
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28th February。

The 1st day of our Ariake LIVE has arrivedーーー!!!!!!!

My heart’s already beating like crazy!!!(ノ∪≦*)ノ lol



While I’d like to treasure our time pumping up the ✮Berryz Kobo Matsuri✮ with the members of Hello!Project、 I’d like to make it an awesome LIVE *\(^o^)/*✧˖°



(☝︎Saki’s favourite shot!)
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27th February。

good morning!☻

It was raining in Tokyo yesterday、 so yeah for it being sunny!!☼


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Tomorrow in the 「The Girls Live」 at 1:00 a.m.~
♫ Anata nashi de ha Ikite Yukenai ♫
♫ Love together! ♫
It’s the last time we’ll be on The Girls Live as Berryz、 so make sure to wake up and watch it, okay (ノε`*)ノ




Today we had a full run-through for Budokan!

Ariake is the day after tomorrow!!!
Oh myーーー!!
I’m already nervousっっ❤︎”




Ah、 there was something happy that happened today…♡

Chii gave each and every member a hand-made album T^T♡
There are lots of nostalgic photos、 it’s decorated with adorable stickers、 you can really feel Chii’s love ♡♡♡

In the middle of our hectic schedule、 we got this wonderful album、 thank you so much Chii >_<>_<>_<

I'll alーーways treasure it ♡
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Concert & handshake event

It ended with a this-time-only suppecial LIVE performance ♩
Everyone was nervous and excited ❤︎”


The fun time passed in the blink of an eye、 and when I was thinking ”There’s 1 more song until the endー…”、 the staff-san suddenly came on-stage
And said 「Representatives、 forward。」、、、。
We were like ‘What? What?’、 when 7 fans came out as representatives、 and delivered messages to the members 1 by 1。
Moreover、 we also got message cards from everyone who participated >_<♡

I believe that the feelings of the fans who were unable to participate this time around were included in the messages from the representatives and the message cards、 so thank you to everyone ♡♡


And finally we had the handshake event!
Everyone’s tears and words、 Saki felt like crying too ꒰•̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ ﹏ •̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥๑꒱

Thinking that today’s the last that I’ll be able to talk with everyone directly、 it was a truly important time!!

Thank you ♡





We were cheered on by a lot of people at this tour、 the 7 of us made a selfish request to the fan club staff-san、 「We want everyone to get in!!!」 because it was difficult for everyone to get in、 and we were able to spend an enjoyable time in Okinawa with lots of people!!!
One day before the bus tour、 the members had a meal together with all of the staff、 and we got a lovely cake at the time、 we felt a lot of love。




With such a wonderful Fan Club Tour、 we’ve added another memory (*´ェ`*)…♡

Thank you so very much ♡
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After this

Today from half past midnight、 all of Berryz will be crashing into Toku-chan & Kuma-chan’s regular radio show ✩BZS1422✩!!!


It was a really free, fun recording~♩
Make sure to listen, okayっ☻

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