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Though you’ve already been commenting and I think there are many who already know、、、At a live at the memorable place where we stood on stage as 『Berryz Kobo』10 years ago on 1/14、Nakano Sun Plaza、we announced that as of next spring we would be begin suspending activities indefinitely。

I’m sorry for surprising you with the sudden announcement。
Concerning this、the members have talked over and over again since about a year ago。
With all 7 of us now having come of age、this is the conclusion which has come out after we thought about our futures while continuing to have mutual respect for each other。
As for why we’re suspending activities instead of breaking up、since Berryz Kobo was our entire youth, it holds a very special place in our hearts。
Since if we said we’re「breaking up」、it would feel lonely like Berryz Kobo would be disappearing、for all of us、and for all the fans、it’s something we thought from now on should never be replaced、and so instead of a breakup we chose the words「indefinite suspension of activities」。
Thanks to all the fans’ cheering up until now、we’ve been able to keep going as Berryz Kobo for 10 years。
Thank you very much。
Also、in the remaining half year, we can’t miss all your support!!!

With our September Budoukan、the fall tour、as well as new song releases planned、I’ll make the time I can do activities as Berryz Kobo precious、but since I’ll also be continuing to properly do my best、please don’t take your eyes away from Berryz Kobo!!!


In the remaining time、I want to keep making wonderful memories with everyone!!




Thank you for supporting Berryz Kobo‼︎








Berryz Kobo Captain, Shimizu Saki


The Berrychans appear in 「Idol JUNON」on sale now ♩
It was when Saki’s hair was still long!!
Everyone check it out okay~( ˘͙ ᵌ ˘͙ )♡
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All the Hello Pro Kenshuusei ♩
Looking at all of them, I remember my time in the KIDS (´∀`*)ノ♩
It can’t be helped how cute their shining SMILES are ♡
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Since I got some of my favorite mentaiko as a souvenir in Fukuoka yesterday、I’m happy right away in the morning being able to have some delicious mentaiko!☻

Maasa-hime ♡
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Opening Day!

Opening day today in Fukuoka was the ~KOREZO!~ performance。

It felt even more like, ”This is (korezo) a Hello concertーー!!”!lol

With tomorrow being Morning Musume。’14′s leader Michishige-san’s birthday、everyone celebrated for her and after live Michishige-san gave cake to everyone ♡

Saki also lined up and got some ꒰ෆ⚫͈ ల⚫͈ ꒱*ೄ˚
So cute~~~♡

Also、with it being the hometown of Morning Musume。’14′s Ikuta Erina-chan、lots of her family brought us ice cream‼︎
Since it was hot、I was so very happy…♩

Next is Hiroshima~~~✶
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Rehearsal is over and I’m getting ready now~☻

I went to the beauty salon the other day、and put some red in just in the middle~♩♩

Though the red color fades out easily、every time I wash my hair、it looks good now so got me excited (∩◕∀◕∩)*♡
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Opening day of the summer Hello!Project has come~‼︎☼

yeah!!!(๑•̀ •́๑)/

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Today we came to Fukuoka a bit early、and had rehearsal for the concert starting tomorrow ♩
Though I was worried about the plane and shinkansen because of the typhoon、I was able to arrive safely (∩◕∀◕∩)*

We did a full rehearsal with outfits、so I’m fully prepared! (`・ω・)ゞ✧˖°
I can’t wait for the real thing~!!

After rehearsal was over、、、
I had motsu-nabe~♡♡

It was too delicious it’s crazyyy~( ♡∀♡) ( ♡∀♡)
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Makeup pouch ♡♡
Snow White (♡ノωノ)

Moreover、there are apples hidden around the zipper~

Too cuteーーーー(੭ु ˃̶͈̀ ω ˂̶͈́)੭ु⁾⁾
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It’s Fridayー!
Everyone who’s working、or in school、let’s do our best okay ੯ू•́ू ໒꒱✧

Saki will also do her bestーー!!

Miyabi-hime ♡
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