Shimizu Saki


Thank you to everyone who came ♩

In the middle of the talk、 S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon-chan made a surprise appearanceー!!
Thank you for taking all the trouble to come after work (´◡`♡)

After that、 we got to work together、 and from the wife of Tower Records’ president Minewaki-san、 we got this hand cream that would make a girl happy!!(♡ノωノ)
What’s more, it came with a letter attached!!
Thank you very much for each and every time >_<♡




Tomorrow、 we’ll be appearing on OhaSta (๑•̀‧̫•́๑)
☼6:45 am~☼
Let’s do our best to wake early~!!!
Watch it, ok ♩
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18th November。

good morning!
This morning、 I’ve got a happy announcement for everyone!!!


With Berryz Kobo’s last single
♫ Romance wo Katatte / Towa no Uta ♫
Our records for 「Top Rank」「First week sales」「Cumulative sales」 from our début have received a triple update ✧˖°

It’s thanks to everyone’s warm support。
Thank you so so very much!!!


Since it’s a precious, important single to us、 I hope it gets to as many people as possible beyond this、 and I’d like to continue singing it ₍₍ ू(ᴗ̤ .̮ ᴗ̤ ू̀ )₎₎ෆ


Thank you…♡


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The latest Hello! Sta# 92。

The MCs are… Shimizu Saki/Suzuki Kanon

You can watch the dance shot for ♩Romance wo Katatte♩~!



At the recording、 Zukki gave me a treat (੭ु ˃̶͈̀ ω ˂̶͈́)੭ु⁾⁾♡
It made me excited since I’ve never seen this snack before ♡
Zukki, it was yummy!!
Thank you ♡
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Last single

Berryz Kobo’s last single before our hiatus
ෆ⃛Romance wo Katatte / Towa no Utaෆ⃛
Is getting released today!!!

✝ Regular Edition A ✝
✝ Regular Edition B ✝
✝ Limited Edition A ✝
DVD▷Romance wo Katatte/Music Video

✝ Limited Edition B ✝
DVD▷Towa no Uta/Music Video

✝ Limited Edition C ✝
DVD▷Romance wo Katatte/Dance Shot Ver. & Making-of Video

✝ Limited Edition D ✝
DVD▷ Towa no Uta/Dance Shot Ver. & Making-of Video



I really like both songs、 they’re both very precious ❤︎”

It’d make me happy if as many people as possible get to hear it >_<♡

I’m counting on your support!!!
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Thanks to everyone who came ♩

It’s a pity, but Risako had to be absent again today、 but thanks to your warm cheers, it ended without a hitch!!

It was a short time、 but I let out some sweat and had fun~(* ˘ ³˘)




During the in-between break, all of us had 31ice~♩


It was delicious~♡♡
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The Berryz-chans are appearing on DAM channel~(ノε`*)ノ ♩

It’ll be shown 9th November ~ 6th December、 so check it out when you go for karaoke (*´ェ`*)❁
With MC Hashimoto Kanna-chan…♩
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Thank you to everyone who came ✩
It made me glad to see so many people taking part in the handshake event!!( ˘͙ ᵌ ˘͙ )♡


In the middle of today’s event、 we made several announcements。

Firstly、 we’ll be performing LIVE in Nippon Budokan on the 3rd of March next year!!!
And on that day、 that will be the day that Berryz Kobo will cease our activities for the time being。

Moreover、 on the 28th of February (Sat) and 1st of March (Sun)、 we’ll have a LIVE performance at the Ariake Coliseum!!

And what’s more、、、
On the 21st of January
Our best album 「Kanjuku Berryz Kobo The Final Completion Box」
Will be released♩




We’d like to keep on running with everything we’ve got until the 3rd of March!!

We beg for your kindness、 and your warm support。

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Thank you to everyone who came in the cold ♩

There were also handshake events、 but all 3 of them ended in a flash~!!

Next time I’ll be in Osaka、 it’ll be for our autumn LIVE tour on 22nd November ☻Saki’s birthday~♕
There were a lot people who told me
「We’ll come to see you LIVE!」、 that makes me look forward to it even more~~~(*´꒳`*)
I’m counting on you, okay ♡


Today Risako was in slightly bad health, so it was just the 6 of us at the event、 and we apologise if we made you worry…。
Since colds seem to be spreading、 everyone, please make sure to take plenty of precautions!
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Thank you to everyone who came these 2 days ♩

It’s a pity that it rained today、 and thank you to everyone who came >_<

The passion of the girls left a huge impact & an impression ❤︎"
At the opening、 I saw girls who cried upon seeing Berryz come out on stage、 that made me feel really happy ꒰•̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ ﹏ •̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥๑꒱♡

It was awesome to hear the passionate cheers of girls and guys ーっ♛♕



When we got to the venue, there was a message from the STAFF-san...♩
How cute~(´◡`♡)

Melon Kinenbi’s Saito-san made the effort to rush to see us LIVE after her work、 and we got gifts ♡



The Yasuda Yogurt was super delicious、 and what’s more!! Being able to meet Saito-san after so long、 I’m really glad ♡♡


She was a senior who was kind to us when we were KIDS。
Nothing’s changed from before, she’s a really kind and admirable senior ✧˖°




Niigata is warm…♡
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Shonan Institute of Technology

The cultural festival was fun~꒰๑͒•̀ुꇵ͒•꒱و ̑̑
The weather was good、 and it made me glad to see lots of people had gathered to see us ♩



We were given tenmusu and profiteroles (´◡`♡)


Thank you very much ♡♡




Today、 we’ve still got some work following this、 so we’ll combine our powers and do our best!!
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