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I went for a meal with Erika yesterday〜♩
We had our fill, 1 day before meat day (ノε`*)ノ ♩
Salted tongue with green onions are the bomb ♡

She always understands me、 worries over me、 and yesterday, she listened to a lot of my stories as well、、、♡


She’s a one-and-only presence ♡



Ah、 the two of us also did a sweets information meeting、
Telling one another 「This is delicious, I recommend it!」
We exchanged information (^^)♩ lol

I told Erika about my latest recommendations yesterday、 so I’ll tell you guys about them later ok ♩
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I’m looking back at lots of photos、 and grinning…..♡

There are a considerable amount of amazing shots in my camera folder! lol







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Happy birthday ♡♡




I like Miya, who’s always excited whenever we meet ♡


With your new group activities, it looks like your 24th year is going to be a productive one (๑•ω•๑)/”♩
I hope that you’ll be able to deliver your singing to lots of people ♩


I hope you have a wonderful year…♡
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The store I bought rice balls from today、、、


What do you know、、、、



It was Momochi、、、、


What an amazing name。 lol
My voice involuntarily let out an 「、、、Ehh」。 lol



My favourite mentaiko。
It was really delicious♩♩
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DVD viewing

I chilled at home since it looked like it would rain today、、、。
I watched the backlog of dramas I had recorded、 and enjoyed a DVD at night〜ϵ( ‘Θ’ )϶


The DVD was
「Berryz Kobo Debut 10-shuunen Kinen concert Tour 2014 Aki 〜Professional〜」

♩Sekai de Ichiban Taisetsu na Hito♩
At the first B-melody
I smiled inside at the ”Kamigata Homerareta〜” (You praised my hairstyle)。
And I also like the ”Seーーno”、
As we entered the bridge。

♩Nachuu Koi wo Yatteru YOU KNOW?♩
In the first A-melody
After ”Oogoe de Sakebimasu Full Name” (I shout out your full name in a loud voice)、
You could see Kumai-chan on the screen, looking so happy as she heard the fan’s voices。

Miyabi-chan had such an innocent look on her face at the last step of the hopscotch at the bridge。

♩Suhada Pichi Pichi♩
At the end of the song、 Maa-chan was grinning as she hugged Tokunaga-chan。

♩Romance wo Katatte♩
At the second A melody
Nemurenai hi mo Tama ni aru kedo〜” (There were even nights when I couldn’t sleep)
After she sang that、 Tokunaga-chan’s eyes opened for a moment at the end。

Before the first A-melody、 Momo-chan spontaneously faced the camera and did a double peace。


I could say something about each and every part。 lol
I could go on forever。 lol

And、 there were so many parts where the fans all applaued us!!! lol
It was the best ♡♡

Watching DVDs like this、 I’m sure that all you fans have parts that you individually like〜(*´꒳`*)
I’d like to ask what part you liked ♩


I love Berryz Kobo。
Until the day I die。 Love them。
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3 day weekend

The last day of the 3 day weekend。

Looks like it’s going to rain in Tokyo…☂


How are you spending your day?
To all of you who’ve got work、 let’s all do our best!


Today’s music…♩


Shimizu Shouta-san

Kimi ga Kurasu Machi
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(_ _).。o○

Honestly, I can’t help feeling sleepy, day after day。。。




However! Today!
There’s something I’ve been looking forward toーー♩*\(^o^)/*
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I didn’t notice when it happened
But I injured my right hand’s index finger。

It stingsー。


I heard that it heals faster if I don’t put on a plaster、 but is that true?



、、、I wish that my fingers would become long and slender。 lol
Me and my pudgy hands。 lol
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( ̄(工) ̄)♩

I get really sleepy every day…( ̄(工) ̄)


I wonder why。




What music have you been listening to recently…?
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