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Who is it??

I met a certain person at the office the other day ♡
And with a、’Here you go!’ I got some sweets ♡


Thank you…ෆ⃛ෆ⃛



The girl was using a cute iPhone case、 so I took a picture!
Who is this girlーー???(๑•ω•๑)/”♡


It’s such a simple quiz questionーーーーーー。 lol










So I might as well give you the answer! lol

The answer is of course, this person!

Miyabeam ♡

「Can I put this photo up on my Blog?」
I asked her that as I sent the first photos、 to get her affirmation on LINE、 then she put on flashy stamps、 and sent a different picture (ノε`*)ノ
That’s what you’d expect from Miyabeam!!!


I wanted to talk about it for a whileーーーー!!!
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Starbucks’ new product
”Peach in peach frappuccino”

It’s crazy deliciousーーーー!!!٩̋(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)
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I went to watch the musical
It’s being held at Ikebukuro Sunshine、 with appearances by selected members of Morning Musume。’15、 and our own Sudo Maasa~!

I watched the α version、 and the β version as well、、、
I enjoyed both of them!


The sets were cute、 the songs were lovely、 I was completely drawn into the world they had created!!!
I’d never seen the girls from Morning act、 but their roles really seemed to fit, which made watching it even more enjoyable ♩
It was a heart-warming production with laughs、、(*´꒳`*)


Ishida-chan’s 「Kamu!」
That line made my chest grow hotttt!!





Backstage after it ended、 everyone had gone back to their usual selves and they were making a racket!(ノε`*)ノ
It lifted my spirits!
Maachan, Sato Masaki ☻
She’s a cute junior that immediately hugs me with a 「Shimi-saーーn!!」 when we meet (๑•ω•๑)/”♡
She said
「Let’s go for a 3 person trip with Hagi-san (℃-ute MaiMai)ーーーー!!」!!
It got quite livelyー! lol
I really hope that we can do it ♡

Ah、 this person、 was chomping down on watermelon that they had received as a gift、
Suddenly she asked
「Eh、 what do you with seeds?」
「Don’t you gulp them down??」
I answered、 with an ‘isn’t that obvious。’ mood!
、、、She did it! lol



Kudo Haruka-chan☻

Duu’s cuteeee!!!
She’s cool、 but cute!!!
Whatever it is、 I really like her ♡ lol
Her acting and singing both hit my spot!!


I didn’t take photos with all of them、 but good job on doing this for days in a row ♡

There’s only a bit left、 so have fun and keep on fighting‼︎‼︎





And from there~~~
Our Maa-chan ♡
And、 Tokunaga-chan ☻
Maa-chan’s enjoyment of acting really got through、 watching it made me feel warm inside…(´◡`♡)

Love you love you~~~♡
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7th July

It’s Tanabata!

Berryz’ Tanabata LIVE performances that became an annual tradition were something to be happy about、 where we got to do things we couldn’t really do at normal tours、 I’ve got lots of memories about themーー!!(〃≧◡≦〃)♡
Whatever it was, they were Berryz-ish LIVE performances that were packed with fun times ♩♩


This year, the 2 advisers held a LIVE performance ♩

I hope that everyone’s wishes come true…✧˖°









(By the way!!
That was the 6th take!! lol
We had to redo it several times in a row because Tokunaga-chan was laughing!!
This is the take we got at long last!!lol)
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happy birthday!!!

Maa-chan happy birthday!!!♡




It’s unfortunately raining in Tokyo、 but I hope it’s a wonderful birthday for Maa-chan ♥︎◟⌣̈⃝◞♥︎

And、 have a lovely 23rd year、、、♡




Get in touch with ShimiShimi occasionally, ok ♡♡

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13 years

30th June is the day we passed the Hello!Project KIDS auditions。

Today marks exactly 13 years。


We may be in the midst of a hiatus from our idol activities、 but continuing on for 13 years like this、 everything’s thanks to all you fans、 and those concerned with me。
Thank you so so very much。

Passing the auditions 13 years ago、 being able to meet everyone、 making lotーーーーs of wonderful memories、 getting to have experiences that you normally wouldn’t have、 it truly is a joy!!



When the date entered into the 30th、 BeriKyuu’s LINE group was flooded with 「Congratulations!」 ✧˖°
In this way, our relationship hasn’t changed for countless years、 and it fills me with joy that I was able to meet these precious members *:ஐ(●˘͈ ᵕ˘͈)人(˘͈ᵕ ˘͈●)ஐ:*

From the KIDS、 we split into 2 groups and had activities of Berryz and ℃-ute、 and it’s realllly cool, the sight of ℃-ute who are always facing forward and continuing to shine ✧˖°
I want you to continue on in my favourite Hello!Project from now on!♩






I love the KIDS ♡♡♡
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Berryz Kobo

It makes me feel really happy to read comments where all of you are thinking ‘I’m still doing my best, listening to Berryz’ songs even now!’、 or are watching our DVDs (*´ェ`*)…♡
Berryz is loved…♡





For those people、 I’ll put up some photos that I probably haven’t put on the Blog!!












And of course, finally、、、







A photo of the 7 of us♡
My love for everyone is unwavering ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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Yesterday I was on a date with Hagitaro the whole day ♡♡


We were able to spend a whole day constantly together after so long、 just that had us excited、 but we reallーy laughed a loーーt *\(^o^)/*♡ lol

Mai’s the best!!!!!


It’s hard to find a girl who I can get along with this much、 for helping me out、 for calming my nerves、 thank you!!!





I love Maiーーー!!!❤︎”

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Are you having a look today as well???

Today is 「Father’s Day」


It’s not just Mama、 Papa CHECKS out this Blog too!*\(^o^)/*
I wonder what he thinks of his daughter going 「Opayo!」、、、lol


To my father、 thank you for everything ♡
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It’s been announced that Kobushi Factory will be making their major début in autumn this year!!

Congratulations to all of them~~✧˖°


I think that there’ll definitely be difficult moments in the future、 but more than anything, there’ll be increasingly more sweet memories、 so I hope that the members believe in themselves at all times、 and deliver smiles and energy to the fans ♩

They’ve still got until autumn for their major début、 I hope that they’ll keep on their toes and develop even more!!









I think that there are already people who know about this、 but Country Girls’ Shimamura Uta has withdrawn from Country Girls and Hello! Project。

It was for a brief while、 but the sight of Uta-chan singing and dancing on-stage soothed us as members、 she was loved。

She’s still young at 14 years old、 so there’s lots of things she can do from now on!
I hope she finds her dreams and does her best!!


Country Girls are now 5、 but there’s a dependable Playing Manager、 and they’re packed with eagerness having just made their début、 so I trust that they’ll sparkle more brilliantly from now on!!

We beg for your warm, kind support!!
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