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13 years

30th June is the day we passed the Hello!Project KIDS auditions。

Today marks exactly 13 years。


We may be in the midst of a hiatus from our idol activities、 but continuing on for 13 years like this、 everything’s thanks to all you fans、 and those concerned with me。
Thank you so so very much。

Passing the auditions 13 years ago、 being able to meet everyone、 making lotーーーーs of wonderful memories、 getting to have experiences that you normally wouldn’t have、 it truly is a joy!!



When the date entered into the 30th、 BeriKyuu’s LINE group was flooded with 「Congratulations!」 ✧˖°
In this way, our relationship hasn’t changed for countless years、 and it fills me with joy that I was able to meet these precious members *:ஐ(●˘͈ ᵕ˘͈)人(˘͈ᵕ ˘͈●)ஐ:*

From the KIDS、 we split into 2 groups and had activities of Berryz and ℃-ute、 and it’s realllly cool, the sight of ℃-ute who are always facing forward and continuing to shine ✧˖°
I want you to continue on in my favourite Hello!Project from now on!♩






I love the KIDS ♡♡♡
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Berryz Kobo

It makes me feel really happy to read comments where all of you are thinking ‘I’m still doing my best, listening to Berryz’ songs even now!’、 or are watching our DVDs (*´ェ`*)…♡
Berryz is loved…♡





For those people、 I’ll put up some photos that I probably haven’t put on the Blog!!












And of course, finally、、、







A photo of the 7 of us♡
My love for everyone is unwavering ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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Yesterday I was on a date with Hagitaro the whole day ♡♡


We were able to spend a whole day constantly together after so long、 just that had us excited、 but we reallーy laughed a loーーt *\(^o^)/*♡ lol

Mai’s the best!!!!!


It’s hard to find a girl who I can get along with this much、 for helping me out、 for calming my nerves、 thank you!!!





I love Maiーーー!!!❤︎”

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Are you having a look today as well???

Today is 「Father’s Day」


It’s not just Mama、 Papa CHECKS out this Blog too!*\(^o^)/*
I wonder what he thinks of his daughter going 「Opayo!」、、、lol


To my father、 thank you for everything ♡
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It’s been announced that Kobushi Factory will be making their major début in autumn this year!!

Congratulations to all of them~~✧˖°


I think that there’ll definitely be difficult moments in the future、 but more than anything, there’ll be increasingly more sweet memories、 so I hope that the members believe in themselves at all times、 and deliver smiles and energy to the fans ♩

They’ve still got until autumn for their major début、 I hope that they’ll keep on their toes and develop even more!!









I think that there are already people who know about this、 but Country Girls’ Shimamura Uta has withdrawn from Country Girls and Hello! Project。

It was for a brief while、 but the sight of Uta-chan singing and dancing on-stage soothed us as members、 she was loved。

She’s still young at 14 years old、 so there’s lots of things she can do from now on!
I hope she finds her dreams and does her best!!


Country Girls are now 5、 but there’s a dependable Playing Manager、 and they’re packed with eagerness having just made their début、 so I trust that they’ll sparkle more brilliantly from now on!!

We beg for your warm, kind support!!
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Have a lookーー!!
We had some sweーet watermelon~~ପ(⑅ˊᵕˋ⑅)ଓ

This year’s first blast of watermelon!
It was delicious ♩♩



Tokunaga-chan’s divvying it up ♡
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I got to watch the DVD of Berryz Kobo’s last concert before all of you!!!!!!!


This time there’s a DVD sold by itself、 a Blu-ray sold by itself、 and there’s a COMPLETION BOX、 the volume of the COMPLETION BOX really surprised me‼︎‼︎Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ ✧˖°

A DVD and CD of our last concert at the Nippon Budokan on the 3rd of March、
A DVD of our Ariake Coliseum concert on the 28th of February、
A DVD of our Ariake Coliseum concert on the 1st of March、
A behind-the-scenes digest video of the 2nd March Berryz Kobo Festival Post-festival、
Isn’t it a fully packed volume??? lol

What’s more、 the DVD that’s sold by itself has a different picture for its packaging!!!
By the way、、、
As a special something on the one that’s sold by itself、 there’s a behind-the-scenes of the last concert!!


There’s lots of video、 to all the staff-san who packed it to that extent、 thank you very much >_<♡




Ahーーーー I want to watch itーーーーーー!!!

However、 I'll definitely cry watching itーーーーーー!!!! lol




I hope it gets to all ofyou soon (*´ェ`*)…♡
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Yesterday I went to watch ℃-ute LIVE!!


Congratulations on conquering the 47 prefectures throughout the country~✧˖°
And good job ♡
It was something that Berryz couldn’t make a reality、 so I’ve got lots of respect for them!!



I can’t wait for the 11th June Yokohama Arena concert *\(^o^)/*
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I met Hagitaro yesterday ♡



She’s really reassuring, it was a fun time *\(^o^)/**\(^o^)/*

That’s what I expect from Hagitaro!!♡


Maーーiーーーーchaーーーーーーn ♡♡♡
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It’s Tokunaga-chan who’s turned 23♥︎◟⌣̈⃝◞♥︎


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