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In Tokyo, after a series of sunny days, it’s raining today。☂
I prefer it when it’s sunny!







Here are several ShimiSaki photos from my Osaka trip




I met Snoopy and friends ♡


o0480064013689905563[1] ♤Charlie Brown♤

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14 years。

Today marks exactly 14 years since we passed the Hello!Project KIDS auditions。

Thank you for these 14 years。
Thank you to everyone whom I’ve met。

The 7 members of Berryz。 The 5 of C-ute。 Erika、 Megu、 Maiha。
We’re all walking on our own individual paths、 but everyone’s shining in their own way、 and I’m proud to see the sight of such companions (´◡`♡)
In this one year、 I hope that I developed a little as well。


I love the Kids ♡
I love BeriKyuu ♡

We’ll be in our 15th year starting tomorrow!
Let’s refresh our feelings and do our best!!
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Having walked around USJ a lot、 we dove onto the bed upon getting to the hotel! lol

The two of us fell fast asleep。 lol
We slept without even setting an alarm、 so we got a good night’s rest。 lol

With lots of sleep, we were full of energy on the 2nd day as well (๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ✧

We had so many souvenirs、 people would look at us every time they passed、 it was a little embarrassing (*´꒳`*) lol



The two of us ate several people’s worth of food!?!
We thought our tummies would burst (^^)(^^) lol
It was delicious〜!!


And because of that, we were fast asleep on our return Shinkansen (^^) lol



It was my first time on a trip with Mai。

It was reallllly fun ♡♡
Since we make decisions on the spot、 the two of us didn’t really make plans lol、 but it was all good fun *\(^o^)/*

I’m on the same wavelength with Mai。
「I’m hungry」
「Let’s take a break」
Our timing would always be in sync。 lol
So it’s fun to be together、 there was no particular need to adjust our pace to match one another。 lol
Ah、 it’s possible that Mai had to adjust her pace to mine。 lol
If that’s the case、 I’m really sorry。 lol

We’d keep on talking when we got started、 I’d listen to Mai talking like a machine gun、 and sometimes it’d get quiet。 lol
But even those quiet times were comfy as well ♡

More than anthing!
This was the first time that Mai’s gone on a trip with a friend!!!
I’m extremely glad that I was her companion for this trip!!!
Mai, thank you ♡*\(^o^)/*♡*\(^o^)/*♡

Where shall we go next〜♩
I’m really looking forward to it ♡♡

Love you ♡♡
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HagiMai, fully enjoying USJ














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Two person trip

Last weekend、 I went on an Osaka trip with my dear Mai〜♡♡

We made decisions on lots of things way too late、 and we were a complete mess until the day before we left! lol
Or rather, I guess we were also a mess on the day itself! lol
However、 going on a trip with Mai in my own private time、 I was in high spirits from the day we made the decision to do so ♡♡


We went to USJ〜♡


We were lucky with the weather as well。
It was really warmーー ☼

We were also able to meet our favourite Minions ♡


We also got popcorn buckets (´◡`♡)


Also! Harry Potter was this trip’s most impactful experience!
I haven’t really watched Harry Potter、 so I don’t really know much about it、 but it’s got a really amazing world!!!


We went on the ride as well、 and it was amazing!!!
Absolutely amazing!!!
The interior of the building leading up to the ride was amazing、 and the rides were amazing、 it went beyond my expectations!!!


We fully enjoyed USJ(`・ω・´)ノ✧˖°




To be continued。
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Thank you all for telling me about your wishes ♩
I can’t tell you how glad I am that even now, there are lots of people who think about Berryz。(;_;)♡




I contacted Tokunaga-chan!!

We did a video call ♡


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What day is it today?

Today’s Tanabata!✩

What did all of you wish for…?



I thought that I’d be alone for Tanabata this year〜、 but I was at the office with this person ☻☻


Maybe I should try getting in touch with Tokunaga-chan♩
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Morning Musume。’16’s Suzuki Kanon-chan will, with their spring concert tour, graduate from Morning Musume。’16 and Hello!Project.

Teenage graduation. Continuing from Sayashi-chan’s and Meimei’s, it makes me think again of how such an incredible decision it is.
And when graduations continue it becomes sad too doesn’t it。。。

I think that sparkling smile of Zukki’s has soothed everyone. I’m one of them.
Her greeting me with a smile and “Shimizu-san, good morning!” no matter what the time left quite an impression on me.☻

I want her to keep running with that Zukki SMILE!

Though graduations continue in Hello! Project, thank you all for your unchanging warm support!!

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Today Miyabi-chan invited me to go to Rosarymoon’s sample sale~~♩

Before going Nacchan was saying, “I think Shimi-chan will like it!” and that was really the case!!
It was so cuteーーー♡

Since I haven’t gone shopping lately, it really did get me excited looking at clothesーー(*´꒳`*)♡
That!And this!I wanted!!!lol

I got some cute clothes and a coat ♡♡

Thank you to Airi-san and Risa-san ♡

Thank you berry berry to Nacchan tooー♡
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Today is Berryz’ birthday!

12 years!!

Congrats to all the members ✧˖°

Also, congrats ✧˖° and thanks to everyone who supports us ♡
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