Shimizu Saki

24th November。

Today’s a holiday、 and our autumn tour will be at Nakano Sunplaza ♩♩

Nakano Sunplaza、 it’s the place where Berryz Kobo was formed。
Let’s make it a blast~(๑•̀ •́๑)/


☝︎ Camera: MIYABI
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Eh? lol

I’m very glad that all of you are delighted too…(ノ_・、)
Personally, I didn’t think of all that as a priority。
Even though I wanted to let as many people as possible listen to our songs、 I’m really glad ♡

If it wasn’t for all of you, we wouldn’t have updated our records。
Many, many thanks!!









One day。

Tokunaga Chinami-chan brought a toy she had bought to our place of work ☻

And、 Chinami-chan immediately brought it out from the bag and began inspecting it, down to the finest parts ☻
Super serious。


When I went
「That’s cuteー! Let me have a look ♩」、、、

She leaned forward even more and didn’t let me see it! lol
Plunged into her own world、 she was all smiles (〃≧◡≦〃)

Of course she let me have a look after that、 but I wasn’t irritated at all when she turned her back to me (◍⁃͈ᴗ•͈)४४४♡*
You know, since her innocence was extremely cute ❤︎”
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I went to see Morning Musume。’14 leader Michishige-san’s LIVE graduation concert。

With every single release、 they’d update their weekly chart 1st place record、 and Michishige-san spearheaded the Morning Musume。 that was creating these new records。
In a group that was made up of only her juniors、 I’m sure that there must have been many difficulties、 but she took a stance of not letting it appear on the outside、 Michishige-san maintained her smile and cuteness as usual、 which made me think ‘That’s amazing~。 That’s so cool~。’。

At today’s graduation LIVE concert、 she was really cool ✧˖°
I feel that today、 I saw a lot of the parts of her that are like ‘This is what’s attractive about Michishige-san!’。

To make up for her hard work as Morning Musume。 leader、 and、 Hello!Project leader、 I want her to get a good rest……(*˘︶˘*).。.:*



At the next New Year’s Hello! Project concerts、 there won’t be any older sisters any more…>_<
It's the last Hello! Con that I'll be participating in、 but this last Hello! Con will one with new members joining in、 and I think the atmosphere will change completely、 so I think I'd like to do my best and let what our seniors have taught us so far get inherited by our juniors!



Michishige-san、 congratulations on graduating。
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Thanks to everyone who came ♩
I’m truly grateful since a lot of people came today。>_<♡

As we entered into the night, it got cold enough to realーly give you the shivers、 so were you all right???(;´ー`)ノ
Please take care not to get sick!!

We got to do a release event at LaQua for ♫ Koi no Jubaku ♫、 so we put it in today's setlist、 and it really got everyone pumped up、 so in my mind, I was really glad...(*˘︶˘*).。.:*

Also、 the illuminations were beautiful、 it made me think 'It's already winter, huh~'...*:ஐ

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Thank you to everyone who came ♡
Thank you to everyone who sent their power ♡

Birthdays happen only once in a year、 so getting to do my favourite LIVE performances、 getting to spend it with all of you, it really real~~ly is bliss~(♡ノωノ)


The venue that had turned completely into a sea of yellow was just too beautiful…✧˖°
The member colour given to me wasn’t one that I originally liked、 but I started to like yellow before I knew it、 you could say yellow brings me a sense of relief、、、
So it made me really happy (´◡`♡)

Ah、 also、 after the LIVE had completely ended
「Opayo! Opayo!」
I heard everyone calling out、 that filled me with joy from within~(ノ∪≦*)ノ
Even though I started using 「Opayo!」 on this Blog in the first place、 it spread without me realising it, that’s amazing~!! lol



If I wasn’t in Berryz Kobo、 I wouldn’t have my birthday celebrated by this many people、 so I think that it’s great that I met you all~!(ノ_・、) ♡


I think that I’ll be facing some huge changes in this year when I’m 23、 so I’d like to treasure each and every day!










Such bliss!!!
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Thank you…♡

Thank you for the many congratulatory comments~(♡ノωノ)

There were already so many comments in the morning‼︎‼︎
That made my day♡♡

I was reading them on the Shinkansen、 but I fell asleep before noticing it and I only got halfway through、 so I’ll read everything when I head back home today ♩♩


I received congratulatory mail messages from the members and my friends、 and I’m floating with happiness~~(〃≧◡≦〃)♩
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I’ve turned 23~✭✭

When I was in my teens, I imagined that 23 year old Saki would be way more grown-up、 but I haven’t grown up at allー。。(;・∀・)

So that I’ll grow up in both in appearance and inside、 I won’t forget to polish myself and do my best!!
The 23 year old Shimizu Saki also begs for your kindness ♡♡



Well then 、 today we’ve our autumn tour in Osaka~٩̋(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)
Performing LIVE on the day of your birthday is something to get really happy about~❤︎”
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The eve

Thank you to everyone who came to my BIRTHDAY EVENT…♡

I was crazy nervous doing an event by myself、 my hands were shaking、 I was sweating, I was completely self-concious、 but your applause and laughter were real lifesavers、 the power just welled up in me (๑•̀ •́๑)/✧˖°

The surprise message from Hagiwara Mai-chan made me happy too~♡
The letter from my beloved gramma had me in tears…꒰•̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ ﹏ •̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥๑꒱

An amazing cake!!!!


I also got presents from the fans and the staff-san, a boatload of ♡Thank you very much♡s!!!





The date’ll be changing in just a bitーー!!
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Thank you to everyone who came ♩

In the middle of the talk、 S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon-chan made a surprise appearanceー!!
Thank you for taking all the trouble to come after work (´◡`♡)

After that、 we got to work together、 and from the wife of Tower Records’ president Minewaki-san、 we got this hand cream that would make a girl happy!!(♡ノωノ)
What’s more, it came with a letter attached!!
Thank you very much for each and every time >_<♡




Tomorrow、 we’ll be appearing on OhaSta (๑•̀‧̫•́๑)
☼6:45 am~☼
Let’s do our best to wake early~!!!
Watch it, ok ♩
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18th November。

good morning!
This morning、 I’ve got a happy announcement for everyone!!!


With Berryz Kobo’s last single
♫ Romance wo Katatte / Towa no Uta ♫
Our records for 「Top Rank」「First week sales」「Cumulative sales」 from our début have received a triple update ✧˖°

It’s thanks to everyone’s warm support。
Thank you so so very much!!!


Since it’s a precious, important single to us、 I hope it gets to as many people as possible beyond this、 and I’d like to continue singing it ₍₍ ू(ᴗ̤ .̮ ᴗ̤ ू̀ )₎₎ෆ


Thank you…♡


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