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It’s coldーーー。☃

Let’s do our best on Friday!

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My dear partner

My partner Advisor Tokunaga-chan will be going to study abroad。

We entered our hiatus in March、 and from April the two of us worked hard at learning computers. That partner of mine, Tokunaga-chan, will be studying abroad。

It makes me sad and lonely、、、。(;_;)
In the depths of my heart, I fully feel like 「Don’t go。。。。(;_;)」。(;_;)(;_;)(;_;)


However、 ever since we were in Berryz, Tokunaga-chan felt more strongly than anyone that 「I want to study English!」「I want to be able to speak!」、 so I’d like to cheer her on!!!

These past few months、 Tokunaga-chan has been learning up on vocabulary while reading English books。
When I took a glance、 Shimizucchi noticed something!
The only one she wrote properly was just the 1st one!(^^)♡ lol

Although I wish that she wouldn’t change、 with that smile、 a Tokunaga-chan who could speak English with a smug look on her face would be cool~✧˖°




I’ll treasure the little remaining time with Tokunaga-chan around!!!!

I love you Tokunaga-chan!!!!!!!!
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Today we had rehearsals for the Nama Tamago Show! that’ll start from this Saturday!!
I never expected that I’d receive a surprise celebration from the staff-san and the members that participated todayーーー!!

It was also a celebration for Yamagishi Riko-chan ♩ from Tsubaki Factory、 who’ll celebrate her birthday tomorrow on the 24th

Many happy returnsーーー✧˖°
Riko-chan’s still 17!
、、、How niceー! lol

Also、 I received a present from Kishimoto Yumeno-chan♩ from Tsubaki Factory

And what’s more, it came together with a letter!!!
It made me happy!!!
Thank you Yumeno ♡


Thank you to everyone who celebrated it ♡♡
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Labour Thanksgiving Day。

I feel like there are people who are working on this 3-day weekend、 and I’m doing my best at work as well today!!

Let’s do our best togetherーー♩

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Opayo ♡

It’s a 3 day holidayー♩
How are you spending it???




The other day, Shimizu made some luxury purchases and was fully satisfied (*´꒳`*)
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Thank you ♡

Taking my own sweet time、 I read all your comments!!!
Thank you for your many 「Congratulations!」 ♡

Lots of people contacted me to give me a birthday wish or send a movie、 the seniors and the juniors、 the staff-san、 friends、 and of course the members. Just receiving the well wishes of such a large number of people、 the fact that they even remembered my birthday, it was such a joyーー。 That’s how I feel (;_;)♡


Thank you to Mama、 for experiencing the pain of giving birth to me on this day 24 years ago。
Thank you to Papa and Mama who have been raising me for these 24 years。
Thank you to all the people that I’ve met throughout these 24 years。


Even as a 24 year old, I’ll do my best to eat lots of my favourite meals and be full of energy!*\(^o^)/*♩







I love youーーーーっ!!!
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I’ve finally turned 24!!

Time flies。 While I think that、 the people around me are wishing me 「Happy birthday!」、 I’m receiving presents、 birthdays really are nice (*´꒳`*)♩
Up until last year、 I’d receive congratulatory comments from everyone directly, so this year it’s a bit lonelier (Looking back at photos, it’s not just a bit! lol)、 but I spent this year’s birthday with the memories of those united scenes of yellow at concerts~♩♩


1 year ago、
I mentioned 『I think that I’ll be facing some huge changes in this year when I’m 23、 so I’d like to treasure each and every day!』
I said that、 but Berryz Kobo’s hiatus was a huge incident in my life、 and my environment has changed greatly since then。
Honestly、 things that I couldn’t get used to happened in succession、 and as I updated this Blog at my own pace、 I read the comments、
I was like
”Even with such short and worthless content (lol)、 there are people looking forward to it、、、。”、
「We’re keeping an eye on you!」「We’re cheering you on!」
Each and every statement like that really gave me relief。>_<

I wanted to grow up in my 23rd year、 but in the end it was a year where I just kept being helped outー。。。。
However、 I’m 24、 and so that I’ll be even more of an adult、 so that I’ll be able to do things properly by myself、 I’ve got to develop!!!!!!




To everyone who’s always been giving me support、 thank you so very much♡
And、 I beg for your continued kindness ♡
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My dearest Maiーーーー♡、 She brought me souvenirs from her Okinawa tripー(♡ノωノ)




Taco rice crackers、 and mushrooms pickled in chilli oil。

Did you know about taco rice crackers?
Aren’t mushrooms pickled in chilli oil classy? lol

But they were really deliciousーー♡♡
Her choices were on the dot! lol



She sent photos in the middle of her Okinawa trip、 and all of them were adorable!!!
Watching Mai’s joyful smile、 it soothed me from beginning to end ♥︎◟⌣̈⃝◞♥︎




Maiー、 thanks so muchーーーー(*´꒳`*)♡(*´꒳`*)

Love you♡♡♡
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Thank you for your hard work today as well ♡


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I went to spica with Tokunaga-chan the other day~(^^)♩

Well、 my hair’s extremely nice and silky with the treatment!!!!!
I’m always really surprised by this silkiness, every time!!!(`・ω・´)ノ✧˖°

akemi-san, thank you very much ♩





We went to have samgyeopsal after that~♡
It was that or Ichiran! lol


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