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I met Hagitaro yesterday ♡



She’s really reassuring, it was a fun time *\(^o^)/**\(^o^)/*

That’s what I expect from Hagitaro!!♡


Maーーiーーーーchaーーーーーーn ♡♡♡
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It’s Tokunaga-chan who’s turned 23♥︎◟⌣̈⃝◞♥︎


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Takahashi Ai-san, whom I look up to ♥︎◟⌣̈⃝◞♥︎

The kind Aichan ♡
The fashionable Aichan♡

Love you ♡♡


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Tokunaga-chan and I went to Shibuya Public Hall yesterday to watch the ~Hello! Project New Fes! 2015~!


♛ Country Girls ♛
♕ Kobushi Factory ♕
♛ Tsubaki Factory ♛
It was an event with these 3 new groups。 That said、 they were really brimming over with youthfulness!!
Tokunaga-chan and I, the both of us went 「Must be nice to be young~。。。」。 lol



The girls of Kobushi sang ♫ Piriri to Yukou!♫ 、 it made me really happy to see the venue getting excited over a Berryz song~(灬˘╰╯˘灬)♡。・゚

Also、 all of them sang
It was so nostalgic、 I found myself unconciously dancing it (ノε`*)ノ ♩


There was also a game corner、 and for the ”intro quiz”, they played ♫ Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi♫!
Faster than anyone else、 I confidently went 「Got itttttt!!!」! lol
I’d like the new members to listen to lots of Berryz’ songs、、、 lol



Tsubaki Factory have started a Blog、 so please make sure to CHECK it out ☻




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Everyone、 it’s been a while!!!♡


How have you been spending every day?♩

The sakura have finished blooming、 and soon it’ll be May ❁
The days have been warm recently、 I feel really happy…☼



For me、 I’m doing realーーly wellーーーーっ୧꒰๑͒•͈ꇵ͒•͈๑͒꒱୨ᵎᵎ✧
I’ve been eating lots of my favourite rice、 and gradually gotten bigger (il`・ω・´;)
Since I’ve been doing nothing but eat、 not moving at all。
、、、Right, I’ll exercise!!




It’s been ages since I did a Blog update、 but I read your comments every day ✧˖°
There were messages from those eagerly awaiting the revival of the Blog、 and it made me happy that the comments increased day by day even though I hadn’t updated (*´꒳`*)
Thank you。





About a month since the 3rd of March、 I’ve been spending it leisurely ♩


And、 I’ve been starting with preparations as Hello! Project Advisor from the 1st of April!
The start of a new life!!!


I used to appear centre stage up until now、 but I’m learning how the staff-san supported us。

Similar to myself、 Hello! Project Advisor Tokunaga-chan is together with me、 we’re using computers which are a necessity for the staff-san、 and now we’re learning how to type and create documents、 but wellーー It’s not really sticking in my mind ーーー( ̄(工) ̄) lol
While I got a shock seeing the other staff-san typing quickly、 with Tokunaga-chan next to me giving my spirits a big boost、 I’m enjoying work!!☻✭


I think that in the next 2~3 months、 we’ll learn and be taught about sound production、 concert production、 goods production, and so on。
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What day is it today…?

Of course, it’s 「Mother’s Day」。



Mother、 thank you for everything ♡
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Yesterday the 「HaroPuro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2015 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~」 was held at Nakano Sunplaza、 and as Hello! Project Advisor、 I joined in on-stage for just a bit!!

It’s the first time I’ve been on-stage since the 3rd of March、 I was a bit nervous ❤︎”
But I was glad that all the fans received me warmly…(*˘︶˘*)♡



Watching over the first public appearance and first introduction of Tsubaki Factory、 and watching the performance of the Kenshuusei after that、 I think that they were all realーーly nervous、 but they were doing their best with everything they had、 their power and efforts got conveyed、 and their idiosyncrasies were amusing (^^)♩
I was really surprised by the growth of each of them ✧˖°
Everyone was brimming with eagerness、 which made me happy ୧꒰๑͒•͈ꇵ͒•͈๑͒꒱୨ᵎᵎ✧

The Kenshuusei will gradually evolve from now on。
Keep an eye on them!!








And、 these members were gathered backstage。
Momochi-san appearing as Country Girls ♡
Tokunaga-chan appearing as a judge ♡
Nacchan who came to watch ♡

We took a photo without thinking (๑•ω•๑)/”♡ lol

I’ve met them separately here and there、 but we don’t stop taking when we’re gathered like this!!
What a lovely relationship ♡✧˖°
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Berryz Kobo

To everyone who sent their POWER to Berryz Kobo、 and to Shimizu Saki、 thank you very much ♡♡♡

It was a truly lovely LIVE performance…(*˘︶˘*)♡



Lots of things happened in these 11 years、 but due to the support from lots of people、 Shimizu is how she is now。

I was blessed by my friends、 who of course cheered me on in this line of work、 but also came to see me perform LIVE countless times、 they’d contact me and cheer me up if something happened、 they’re precious people who understand my feelings!!
Thank you。

We got lots of love from all the staff too。
To all the managers who were at the company when we first started out、 we truly brought them a lot of trouble。
Even within Hello!Project、 we think that we must have been a bunch of astoundingly selfish brats、、、lol
Apologies for doing as we pleased。

There were tons of warm people among the tour staff too、 they excited us with silly stories、 and whenever there was something to be celebrated、 they’d craft handmade photo books and posters、 we really felt your great love、、、♡
Thank you very much。

I caused a lot of trouble to my family too。
I gave them a lot of painful memories。
And yet you still came for many of our concerts and stage plays、 and you’d check out magazines and TV shows every time Berryz would make an appearance、 my closest source of support。
Thank you so much。


And、 to all the fans who cheered us on。
Your presence was the source of our energy!!!
At the LIVE performances I love、 you’d always be there、 giving us POWER、 and through your fan letters and Blog comments、 I felt a lot of your love。

I’ve got nothing but feelings of gratitude!!
Thanks you so so very much!!!
I’m full of thanks!!!!!



I love Berryz Kobo ♡♡♡
I love all of you who came to love Berryz Kobo ♡♡♡


Thank you very much for the wonderful 11 (12 and a half) years!!!
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3rd March。 The day of our début。 11th anniversary。

Opayo ♡





This day has finally arrived、、、!

For our last concert、 we’ll be standing on the stage of the Nippon Budokan。

How like Berryz Kobo!!!!!!!
How like me!



To everyone coming to the venue、
To everyone watching through the live viewing、
To everyone watching through the Sky Perfect live broadcast、
To everyone who can’t watch it but know of and love Berryz Kobo、
Please give us your POWER!!!!!!!

And let’s have a wonderful time together!!!!!!!






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Thank you to everyone who came、 though it was a weekday ♩









It’s a day where everyone seems to be having such fun…(*˘︶˘*).。.:*
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