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Morning Musume。’16’s Suzuki Kanon-chan will, with their spring concert tour, graduate from Morning Musume。’16 and Hello!Project.

Teenage graduation. Continuing from Sayashi-chan’s and Meimei’s, it makes me think again of how such an incredible decision it is.
And when graduations continue it becomes sad too doesn’t it。。。

I think that sparkling smile of Zukki’s has soothed everyone. I’m one of them.
Her greeting me with a smile and “Shimizu-san, good morning!” no matter what the time left quite an impression on me.☻

I want her to keep running with that Zukki SMILE!

Though graduations continue in Hello! Project, thank you all for your unchanging warm support!!

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Today Miyabi-chan invited me to go to Rosarymoon’s sample sale~~♩

Before going Nacchan was saying, “I think Shimi-chan will like it!” and that was really the case!!
It was so cuteーーー♡

Since I haven’t gone shopping lately, it really did get me excited looking at clothesーー(*´꒳`*)♡
That!And this!I wanted!!!lol

I got some cute clothes and a coat ♡♡

Thank you to Airi-san and Risa-san ♡

Thank you berry berry to Nacchan tooー♡
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Today is Berryz’ birthday!

12 years!!

Congrats to all the members ✧˖°

Also, congrats ✧˖° and thanks to everyone who supports us ♡
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Recently, I’ve been intruding in on
「Hello!Project Kenshuusei Recital 2016 February MarchSINGING!~」

It’s fun dancing together with everyone (*´꒳`*)♩

The Kenshuusei are growing in their performance too, but not just that, it’s incredibly how tall they’re growing!!!Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ

After rehearsal I took pictures with everyone who participated today!
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Listen up everyoneーーー!!

Today I had a video chat with Tokunaga-chan~~~~~~~~(^^)♡♡

I’m glad she seems well ♩
Though it seems she has anxiety over not being able to remember grammar very well too,
she asked me lots of questions like,
「Shimizu-chan, here’s a quizー(^^)」!lol
Though it was a vocab quiz, and Saki didn’t know the words she asked about, when I asked for the answer she said it meant “hiyake” (sunburn” (^^)
I was put at ease by Tokunaga-chan’s mama (^^)♡

It seems she’s made friends, and Shimizucchi being able to see an energetic-looking Tokunaga-chan gained energy herself *\(^o^)/*

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is coming of age day.

Congraーーーts to everyone coming of age!!!


Congrats Mai ♡

The coming of age festival which only comes once in your life.
I hope you’ll have nostalgic meetings, and a wonderful day you’ll never be able to forget…♩

When looking at pictures from my own coming of age ceremony, though they’re from 4 years ago, I was so youngー、、、lol
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A person I love.

I wanna go out to dinnerーーT^T
Date me on your breaks from Hello consーーT^T♡
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I think this year was an important year even to the extent that in my future life I’ll think, “That year was really a year of changeー.”

Berryz Kobo’s indefinite suspension of activities.

My environment changed so much from what it was to that point, and although there were honestly times I was bewildered, at those times as well I received warm words from the fans through my Blog and fan letters. That made me feel again that I was able to get through this year thanks to the huge presence of all of you!!
I have only feelings of gratitude for everyone who supports me through this time of suspension of activities when we don’t have chances to meet。。。(;_;)♡

Also, through my studying as an advisor since April , though I really knew it before, I’ve even more come to know the work the staff-san does which I never saw at all before.
Along with that the people at the agency gave me kind words, which really gave my heart hope and became the key to my vitality.
Thank you.

I think this must have been a year where for myself, I’ve made big decisions and learned many things, which have helped me be able to grow as a person.

Though I don’t at all know what’ll happen next year, I’ll keep doing my work as an advisor to where I’ll be able to look back on 2016 when it’s over and think, “This was a fulfilling year!”!*\(^o^)/*

Thank you as well, 2015! ♡
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Kobushi Factory

Kobushi Factory,
「57th Shining!Nippon Record Awards」
Best Newcomer, congrats!!!


From now on as well with all your strength, keep doing your best and aiming higher and higher okay!!!
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Night Sky

Yesterday the stars were shining here and there, and I glimpsed the Orion constellation ✧˖°

And the day before was the full moon ✧˖°

Though I love the sun as it shines through the crack of the morning’s curtain, I also really do love looking at the night sky…☪·̩͙

3 more days go to in this year Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ

Yesterday was my last work of the year!!
I want to make my voice loud and say!!!

「Otsukaresama deshitaーーー!!!!!!!」


Today I’ll probably do my favorite spring cleaning!!✧•̀.̫•́✧
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