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★ Berryz’ good points / bad points★
→ The meaning of good and bad really varies among us :up: :down: :up: :down:

★Each member’s merits★
→ Momo :ribbon: Her feelings, or rather will, toward being an idol :kirakira:
Chi :ribbon: Lively :kirakira:
Ma :ribbon: Tolerance :kirakira:
Miyabi :ribbon: She’s a genius at bringing energy to a place :kirakira:
Yu :ribbon: Her naturalness (airheadedness) :kirakira:
Ri :ribbon: Powers of expression :kirakira:

★ Each member’s faults★
→ I know my own faults, but I don’t really see them in others? :eye: :aseru:

★ Tell us 2 good points about each member (things you respect)★
→ Momo :ribbon: How she is aware of what’s around her
How she can stay calm
Chi :ribbon: Her smile
She eats a lot
Ma :ribbon: Reliability
Her ability to accomplish things
Miyabi :ribbon: She thinks so far ahead
She can speak very clearly
Yu :ribbon: Style
Good at writing
Ri :ribbon: She has confidence in herself
She’s good at packing her luggage

★ What is attractive about each member?★
→ I think everything is attractive about all of them :eye: :kirakira:

★ What is each member’s appeal point / catch phrase?★
→ Momo :ribbon: Yurushite-nyan :cat2:
Chi :ribbon: Smile :nihihi:
Ma :ribbon: Berryz’ mother :music:
Miyabi :ribbon: Miya-beam :thunderstorm:
Yu :ribbon: KumaKuma World :clover:
Ri :ribbon: Her appeal which makes you think she’s not the youngest :ring:

★ Tell us an idiosyncrasy of each member★
→ Momo :ribbon: Burikko (cutesy girl)
Chi :ribbon: Lively
Ma :ribbon: Reliable
Miyabi :ribbon: Tsundere
Yu :ribbon: Airhead
Ri :ribbon: She’s really boyishly handsome

★ Is there a certain role each plays?★
→ We don’t have any defined roles :music:

★ Things you’d like to fix about each member, or that you can’t forgive in them★
→ Momo :ribbon: I want her to apologize seriously :cat2: lol
Chi :ribbon: Do some hosting duties occasionally :karaoke: lol
Ma :ribbon: Since it can make you feel defeated when you’re found out by Maa-chan’s insight, do it in moderation :eye: lol
Miyabi :ribbon: Give a thought to space when we’re sleeping together :guragura: lol
Yu :ribbon: Lend me your electric fan during lives from time to time :clover: lol
Ri :ribbon: When she’s too handsomely boyish :paa: lol

★ Are there interesting episodes / happenings / words / resounding legends / wise sayings which each member has?★
→ They all have too many different ones :paa: :kirakira: :kirakira:

★ What was your first impression of everyone?★
→ I don’t remember it for everyone very well… lol

★ What’s your impression of them now?★
→ Momo :ribbon: So awesome~…
Chi :ribbon: Funny!
Ma :ribbon: I’m curious what she’s like at home?
Miyabi :ribbon: How awesome it is that she can naturally gather herself all together!
Yu :ribbon: She’s really been carefree recently~!
Ri :ribbon: She has different ways of thinking than Saki, so I learn from her!

★ Use 1 kanji character to represent each member★
→Momo :ribbon: 桃 (momo; peach)
Chi :ribbon: 笑 (smile, laughter)
Ma :ribbon: 力 (strength, power)
Miyabi :ribbon: 華 (flower)
Yu :ribbon: 楽 (comfort)
Ri :ribbon: 色 (color, sensuality)

★ If you would use one word to describe Berryz?★
→Zoo :penguin:

★ How did Berryz Kobo come about?★
→ We were chosen out of the 15 members of the Hello! Project Kids :nikoniko: :kirakira:

★ What is Berryz to Saki-chan?★
→ They’ve been my 2nd family throughout my youth :nikoniko:

★ What are the current targets Berryz has?★
→ Though there are many, to give one, doing a solo group concert at the Budoukan :karaoke:

★ What path do you want Berryz to follow next year?★
→ Lots of different ones :guu:

★ What do you want Berryz to become from now on? What are you aiming at?★
→ I hope the 7 of us can run swiftly along :nikoniko:

★ In Berryz future, is it best to focus on live performances, TV appearances, or a balance in both?★
→ I think it’d be best to have a balance in both :paa:

★ Which is more the aim of Berryz Kobo?★
① To become a popular and famous group by often doing activities in Japan / the world
② More than name recognition or popularity, become a group which makes the connection with each and every fan most important
→ For Saki it’s probably ②

★ As you head toward your 10th anniversary since forming, what kind of thing do you want to do to commemorate it?★
→ Since I love lives, a commemorative live :karaoke: :heart:

★ Have you thought about expanding overseas?★
→ I do want to do lives and events overseas  :music:

★ Who is your rival among the members?★
→ Probably everyone :nikoniko:

★ An inside story about the members known only to Saki★
→ Since Berryz Kobo is honestly quite well-known, I think everyone pretty much knows… :nikoniko:

★ Is there something you’ve learned about the members after 7 years have passed?★
→ Rather than just that passing, I wonder if there’s something I’ve learned after 8 years :nikoniko: :music:

★ Who has changed the most since before you came together?★
→ Saki thinks it’s probably Risako :eye: :paa:

★ Do you still talk even now about when it was the 8 of you, or about Maiha?★
→ Occasionally we do :nikoniko:

★ What did you feel when you heard about Maiha’s graduation? Is she doing well now?★
→ I thought I want her to enjoy and work hard in her school life :nikoniko:
Since we don’t keep in contact I don’t know for sure, but I wonder if she’s not doing all right? :nikoniko: :ribbon:

★ Do you still see Maiha these days?★
→ I don’t :aseru:

★ Are there fights within Berryz?★
→ Quite often in the past :nihihi: :music: lol

★ Who’s the member you fought with the most?★
→ I haven’t had any big fights :nikoniko: :music:

★ What kind of pranks have members done to you before now? Conversely, what kind of pranks have you done to whom?★
→ I’ve been pranked quite a lot :paa: Especially by Miyabi :paa: :nihihi: lol
I wonder if Saki has ever done something :long2: ?? :music:

★ What are your dressing rooms like?★
→ Everyone’s moods are completely different depending on the day!!
It’s seriously quiet in the mornings :paa: lol

★ Who can you tell is coming into the dressing room just by her smell?★
→ I know the smells of the members :eye: :kirakira:

★ What gets you energized when you’re talking to the members?★
→ We’ve been getting energized recently by doing impressions of Mickey’s voice :nikoniko: :music:

★ Tell us an episode from when you hung out with a member in private★
→ Relatively recently I went to karaoke after work for the first time with miya and Risako! :karaoke: :music:

★ Which members are you the closest with?★
→ Probably miya :heart:

★ What members do you often go to eat or go out on the town with?★
→ miya and Risako :heart:

★ Whose moods change the most from high to low?★
→ Chinami :nihihi:
But unexpectedly, miya as well :nihihi: :music: lol

★ Who sleeps latest in the mornings?★
→ Risako :long2: :guragura:

★ Who would be #1 in an eating contest among the members currently?★
→ Though I think it’d surely be Chinami, Saki could also do pretty well :nikoniko: :paa: lol

★ Who types fastest on their cell phone? Slowest?★
→ I haven’t watched everyone carefully so I don’t know well, but Risako is fast!!!
Her replies are so quick it’s crazy :guddo: :kirakira:
momo seems slow :paa: lol

★ Who would look the best disguised as a man / would you like to do so?★
→ Maa-chan :kirakira:

★ What family of a Berryz member comes to see the most concerts or plays?★
→ The Shimizu family… lol

★ Have you met the siblings of Berryz members?★
→ I’ve met them all :nikoniko: :music:

★ Have you ever all gotten together privately to hang out?★
→ Nope! :paa: :kirakira: lol

★ What’s a place you’d like to go to with all the Berryz?★
→ The country named Belize (spelled same as Berryz in Japanese) :kirakira:

★ If Berryz had time to use freely some day, what would you want to do?★
→ I’d want to try hanging out with everyone! :paa:

★ If you could exchange places with a Berryz member for one day, who would you want to exchange with? The reason too ★
→ Risako :heart:
Since she’s so cute!! lol

★ Saki is a boy and going on a date with the Berryz members! Tell us what kind of date you’d want with each★
→ Momo :ribbon: We’d go to Sweets Paradise :kirakira:
Chi :ribbon: I’d want to go to an amusement park :kirakira:
Ma :ribbon: We’d to go the movie theater :kirakira:
Miyabi :ribbon: I’d want to cook with her :kirakira:
Yu :ribbon: We’d go to Shin’ookubo :kirakira:
Ri :ribbon: I’d want to go shopping for clothes :kirakira:

★ If you were a boy, who would you want to go out with? Conversely, if one of the members was a boy?★
→miya :paa:
If a member was a boy, Risako :paa:

★ If Berryz members were part of a family?★
→ Grandma :ribbon: momo
Papa :ribbon: Maa-chan
Mama :ribbon: Kuma-chan
Eldest daughter :ribbon: miya
2nd daughter :ribbon: Chinami
3rd daughter :ribbon: Risako
4th Daughter :ribbon: Saki

★ If Berryz were in Anpanman?★
→ Momo :ribbon: Tekka’s Maki-chan
Everyone says that,
but no~!! Princess Aurora!!!
I’d say :paa: lol
Chi :ribbon: Cheese
Ma :ribbon: Batako-san
Miyabi :ribbon: Dokin-chan
is not what she’d be…
but Kokin-chan
Yu :ribbon: Shokupanman
Ri :ribbon: Rollpanna

★ If Berryz were in Momotarou
→ Momotarou :ribbon: Chinami
Pheasant :ribbon: Kuma-chan
Dog :ribbon: miya
Monkey :ribbon: Risako
Old man :ribbon: Saki
Old woman :ribbon: momo
Demon :ribbon: Maa-chan

★ If Berryz were oceans?★
→ Is there such variety in oceans? :wave:

★ If Berryz members were flowers?★
→ Momo :ribbon: Peach flower
Chi :ribbon: Sunflower
Ma :ribbon: Rose
Miyabi :ribbon: Tulip
Yu :ribbon: Lily (yuri in Japanese)
Ri :ribbon: Sakura

★ If the members weren’t in Berryz, what do you think they’d be doing?★
→ Momo :ribbon: Kindergarten teacher :memo:
Chi :ribbon: Seems like she’d be a badminton player or working at a zoo :hiyoko:
Ma :ribbon: Studying anime :glasses:
Miyabi :ribbon: Beautician :hair:
Yu :ribbon: Flight attendant :plane:
Ri :ribbon: Dental assistant :building:

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  1. daisuki
    Posted July 2, 2013 at 00:15 | Permalink

    This was a great post, how I can miss out this one

  2. Ość
    Posted July 2, 2013 at 06:32 | Permalink

    Great post! :D
    Whoa, I just realized how long Saki have known the members. They really must be like family to her! Just imagine that – seeing someone almost everyday for 10 years! She must have so many experiences and memories from this that time, this is amazing.
    Though I understand it, I’m a bit disappointed that she doesn’t contact with Maiha anymore. Well, maybe other members does.

    Thank you for translation!

    • daisuki
      Posted July 2, 2013 at 23:01 | Permalink

      I’m really love this kind of question. It make you wonder how their relationship going on in the group. I like to read this kind of question on other member and other group too. Especially Momoko because its seems there are some member have a little “cold” relationship with her…

  3. Posted July 3, 2013 at 00:43 | Permalink

    Wow, I’m surprised at these comments after so long XD I actually still have a few of Captain’s Q&A posts from last year which I haven’t gotten to yet >_< I was pushing them off from being busy and then pretty much just forgot about them… Maybe I’ll try to throw one up from time to time on slow days, since otherwise it’ll be impossible to find them being buried so far back. Actually, reading through this again, it’d be a good reference for people who’re doubting Berryz these days. Especially the questions she answered concerning how they had a goal of Budoukan at least from early last year actually, and that she’d prefer personal connections with fans vs. booming popularity.

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