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Concerning Morning Musume. ’14 New Member Auditions

Thank you always for your support。
Going right into it、I have an announcement for everyone。
Starting in 2014 the girls have been doing activities as「Morning Musume。’14」、
and we’ll be recruiting new members to join those girls!

It will be titled「Morning Musume。’14 <Golden>Audition!」

In March 2013 they attained consecutive Oricon chart weekly #1 rankings、
so due to the fans’ support it was a year of a big leap for Morning Musume。
In 2014 they made another big move ahead、and so I want to do a mass recruitment for members who’ll break the current Morning Musume。’14 into a Golden Era!

Those who think, “I love to sing!”and、
“I’m a person who believes in her future!” and
who can imagine, “This is what I’ll be like when working hard at it!” These will receive warm welcomes!!
Those who may still not have confidence in themselves、but even so would like to try to push themselves!
Those who feel these and other things、
Anyone can apply if you’re a single girl from 10~17 years old, regardless of nationality。

Won’t you try to play an active role as a representative partner in bringing the current J-pop sound to the world!
I’m also itching to do that!

Successful applicants will debut at Morning Musume。’14 events this fall、
and while taking lessons will prepare to be able to  fully participate come the New Year。

Even if an applicant doesn’t meet the qualifications, if they’re chosen to pass as an associate、
they can obtain a qualification to right there join the Hello Pro Kenshuusei for free lessons、
and will have the opportunity to participate in periodic live activities。
They’ll be targets for selection in a next Morning Musume。’14 audition held
or for new groups formed within Hello!Project。

Since the skill level of current members has certainly become high、the selection criteria are becoming higher as well、
but even so I think there are still-dormant talents out there in the world which are so great they’ll surprise us。
If you believe in yourself、believe in your future、
and would be endorsed by your parents who wouldn’t judge by their own measures but would anyhow support you、
if you believe in your ability to be chosen by us、I think it’ll be a challenge!

We’ll be waiting for many applications!

Morning Musume。’14 Producer

Details are here


Kame-chan [Fujimoto Miki]

I’ve been fairly busy with work

and I couldn’t get much time

for teaching yoga, but 1787123[1]o0020002012379911080[1]


I was finally able to do a lesson. 


Because this time having read on my blog

that I’m teaching yoga o0020002012436641621[1] Reina

6th-gen Kamei-chan

told me “I wanna try

when she contacted me


The lesson o0020002012397540434[1] Reina1754261[1] Miki




Other members couldn’t arrange a time to meet, o0020002012483528788[1] Reina

with my friend and

Gyouji my manager, there were 3 people http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/o00200020123184664481.gif


Kame-chan also

seemed glad that

she got to relax


It’s been 2~3 years

since I last saw Kame-chan o0020002012469892648[1] Reina

but she’s cute as always

And I was happy to see

her character hadn’t changed at all~ 4329829[1]4329829[1]4329829[1]


Even having graduated and retired, I’m happy

we can still get together once in a while like this http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/o00200020123184664201.gif4370692[1]


The yoga pose I did with Kame-chan

is in this book o0020002012464952023[1] Reina

[Mikitty's Slim-Down Yoga]


T.N.: Special thanks to maxperkins84 at MM-BBS for the translation, I merely edited it, and to Meikochi for prepping.


Announcement regarding Morning Musume。

Truly, thank you very much for always supporting Morning Musume。 as well as Hello! Project.
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude.

Well then、 without delay、 this is an announcement regarding Morning Musume。.

I would like to alter how Morning Musume。 is addressed as a group.
Morning Musume。、 from 1st January 2014 , will have their group name changed into 「Morning Musume。 ’14」.
It will be read as 「Morning Musume One Four」.

Being rechristened in 2014 after 17 years of being 「Morning Musume。」、
For the sake of the group continuing on for 10, 20, 30 years from now on
「The single of the song entitled ○○○○, when was that song from!?」 or 「○○-san、 which age of Morning Musume was she from?」
I think such simple questions can be easily answered by distinguishing them with the 「year」 address.

Accordingly, the plan is to address them as 「Morning Musume。’15(Morning Musume One Five)」 from 1st January 2015.

Well、we’ll try to go ahead with this and if it turns out to be confusing、 we might give it up、(lol)
At any rate、  from the beginning of the new year to the extent of supporting the girls who have become 「Morning Musume。’14」 、 by all means please treat them well!

Morning Musume。’14′s 55th single will be on sale 29th January 2014.
From now、it’s the start of a fresh sensation!

6th December 2013
Morning Musume。 Producer



Morning Musume 『The Best!~Updated Morning Musume~』Interview

The Morning Musume that has definitely hit a turning point with their “3 consecutive #1 singles”。。To hear Michishige Sayumi say「I want you to know about the current Morning Musume」in tears while chasing after the shadow of their seniors, it makes one wonder how one would be needed in this group?Bearing these burdens while steadfastly going on as part of “Morning Musume”, these are the girls with us now.
Sayashi Riho & Suzuki Kanon, the 15 year old combi and their 2 years and 9 months……The dreams and discord that laid there. The real idol story of 15 year old girl who can only be herself with the other, and the other 15 year old who truly loves and respects the first. This is their story.


(For Kouhaku)We really want to appear on it!

--With the accomplishment of “3 consecutive #1 singles”, congratulations. How did you feel when you heard about it?

Sayashi Riho:The release week was especially nerve wracking for us, but we felt this was a chance we had to grasp.

Suzuki Kanon:We were nervous every day, weren’t we.

Sayashi:We were concerned with the daily rankings too. We even said stuff like「Man that other artiste really is strong」. But when the result of our 3rd weekly consecutive #1 came out, it was a huge relief……that would probably be the closest to how I felt about it, like I could finally be at ease. When we got 2 consecutive #1 singles, we actually declared「The next one will be #1 too」……so I was really happy we achieved that goal.


--You joined as 9th generation members in 2011. Compared to now, the 2 of you were just kids back then, and I believe that just getting by day to day was a struggle back then, but have you every imagined that you would achieve 3 consecutive #1 singles at the time?

Sayashi:Oh noー, not at all(lol)

Suzuki:No way!At that time all we had on our minds was how to catch up. Even though we were in the same rehearsals with our seniors, we were unable to match up to their performance levels, so we had to try as hard as we could to close the gap, even if it was just a little. That’s all we had then. That’s why we never even imagined a situation like this at the time.


--Be it the current leader Michishige Sayumi-san, or the leaders when 9th gen joined, Takahashi Ai-san and Niigaki Risa-san, all of them wished for the same thing, that「We want everyone to know the current Morning Musume」, but when was it that you two also started having that kind of consciousness for it?

Sayashi:If you’re talking realistically, probably around last year(lol)

Suzuki:That’s cos we were so busy thinking only about ourselves and how to improve that we couldn’t focus on anything else. That’s why, for me, honestly, it was probably also around last year too(lol)

Sayashi:Probably around the time of『Renai Hunter』or『One・Two・Three/The Matenrou Show』. It was around that time where people around me started saying「Recently, I’ve started liking Momusu’s songs」, and because of that, I started thinking「I have to start aiming higher」too.


--There was once when Michishige-san wept while saying「I want people to know about the current Morning Musume」on the variety show『Ougon Densetsu』. Do the 2 of you bear the same kind of frustration as well?

Sayashi:I have many things I’m frustrated about. I have to balance my daily activities with stuff like tour rehearsals, and there were so many things I couldn’t remember perfectly, so on the day of the full dress rehearsals I couldn’t do everything properly and got scolded for it. Even though I’ve worked so hard, there were no results to show for it, and I couldn’t make it work out right. That was frustrating enough in itself, but even as that went on, other lesser known idol groups were getting to go on TV programs. It worried me, and I felt like Morning Musume had to work even harder.


--What about Kanon-chan?

Suzuki:Of course, I don’t want to lose to the other idol groups either, but I want to learn from their strengths as well. I believe every group has their own strengths and weaknesses, so I feel like stealing only their strengths(lol).

Sayashi: Also, even as we say「We want you to learn about the current Morning Musume」, I want us to continue improving as a group, and I’ll work hard so that the greatest charm of Morning Musume, our performance level, will continue receiving even better reviews from everyone.


--I believe that determination is connected to how you have achieved 3 consecutive #1s so far, but doesn’t it lead to expectations that Morning Musume must achieve #1 every single time? Won’t that be an even greater pressure on you?

Sayashi:Honestly, even with 3 consecutive #1 singles, it feels like「Will this be enough?」. The last time Morning Musume achieved 3 consecutive #1 singles was around the time of「The☆ Peace!」 , and those songs were songs that no Japanese person could fail to not know about. But can the current Morning Musume achieve the same kind of results?That’s the kind of pressure we have.


--I wonder what would have happened if you have gotten 2nd place instead?


Suzuki:But that’s something I don’t really want to think about.

Sayashi:I tried not to imagine it at all(lol)

Suzuki:If we thought about it, it might affect us adversely, that’s why we’ll place our trust in God and our fans(lol)


--If you already feel the pressure with 3 consecutive #1 singles, but Sayashi-san already went ahead and declared “A 4th consecutive #1” as a goal. It’s a record that hasn’t yet been achieved in Morning Musume’s long history.

Sayashi:Since we’ve come so far already, honestly, I have some confidence.…………we do right(lol)!?

Suzuki:Yup. Up till now we’ve mostly been thinking「Can we make it?」, but right now it’s changed to「We might just make it」.

Sayashi:But it’s not like we’ve gotten complacent!It’s not like we think that we will definitely get it, as if it was already all in the bag, not at all!……it’s just that by saying that we will get it, we build our own confidence in actually achieving it.


--So, this thing about appearing on Kouhaku?

Sayashi:(lol)I’ve always been watching it on TV, and only the chosen show up there, so I have no idea how it’ll turn out……

Suzuki:It’s too much of a dream right now so I can’t even grasp it.


--I feel like you will appear on it though.


Sayashi:As a matter of timing, I really pray now that we can appear on it!


--I really do understand. Rather than having to「start from the beginning」from next year, if you want to appear on Kouhaku you might as well go with the momentum and appear on it this year.

Sayashi:That’s exactly it(lol)!


What if I were not needed in Morning Musume


--But it seems like your media exposure has been increasing. Just the other day you guys appeared on『Music Station』for the first time in 6 years, how do you feel about it?

Sayashi:That’s right……


--Well, even though I said 6 years, for the 2 of you it was your first appearance on it.

Suzuki:Riho-chan, you watched the broadcast 6 years ago too didn’t you?

Sayashi:I was still young then, so I don’t recall it clearly, but I really loved Morning Musume back then, and I really admired them too, so I’m pretty sure I watched it. That’s why, with our appearance on 『Music Station』as a member of Morning Musume, I feel like I have gotten a step closer to the Morning Musume I used to watch……how do I put it?It was a huge dream fulfilled in itself, and from the viewpoint of an ordinary middle schooler, the only people who appear on that program were all respected entertainers/artistes, so when we heard that we were going to be appearing on it as well, all I thought of was how amazing it was. The response was amazing too, with the way my friends suddenly switched to a respectful tone in their mails to me.



Sayashi:I thought「You don’t have to do that!」to them, but it was with this that I felt how happy and amazing it was to appear on TV.

Suzuki:My friend texted me as well, but she has always been a passionate fan of Morning Musume. Anyway, she sent a really long essay in her message to me(lol), and I’m really grateful to the devoted fans of Morning Musume. Even while we were walking down those steps (on Music Station), all I thought of was「Thanks」.

Sayashi: I was really moved by those steps! Something like「Ah, I’m walking down on it」.


--Something like「I’ve seen this on TV」(lol)?

Sayashi:It’s true!It was like「This is!That was!」at everything in sight. And the introductions to the other guests before the show also made me think「Ah, they’re here too!」.


--Previously it was often said that「Even though the names of Michishige-san and Tanaka(Reina)-san were known, our names weren’t known」. But with the effect of your recent increased media exposure, won’t you be better known by now?Like being recognized on the streets.

Sayashi:Ah, it sort of increased but didn’t really.


--Sort of but didn’t really(lol)

Sayashi:Also, even if they don’t know my name, they just say stuff like「You’re that girl with the really difficult name」(lol)


--To the rest of the public, 9th gen still hasn’t shed the image of being “the new members”, but the truth is you guys have already been around for 2 years and 9 months. Both of you are already 15 years old and part of the central core of the group, but how did the journey to reach this point feel like to you?

Suzuki:We just kept running on.

Sayashi:It was really all just happened in the blink of an eye, with 9th gen being next in line after Michishige-san, the speed with which things changed was really fast. We had multiple graduations one after another with the 5th gen members, then 6th gen, and 8th gen as well.

Suzuki:With every tour it was like「They’re not going to be here anymore……」, and it felt really lonely. That feeling really increased after we joined. The lineup hadn’t changed in 4 years before that, and then suddenly everything changed, so even while we were still unprepared for it, everyone was already graduating.


--When Michishige-san graduates, 9th gen will become the most senior in the group.

Sayashi:That’s right…… The current Morning Musume’s activity can be attributed to the efforts of Michishige-san, and no matter where Michishige-san goes she is recognized as “Michishige Sayumi”. She stands out no matter where she is. We too want to be like that, 「So we have to try out best to stand out a bit more!」, and we do our best to try and get our faces recognized, but really only Michishige-san is the only one with that kind of presence.


--I’m sure that the pressure on that end is pretty heavy, but you’ve been in the group for 2 years and 9 months. Honestly speaking, was there any point in time where you felt like「I can’t do it 」or「I can’t go on anymore……」?

Sayashi:Honestly, I’ve felt that many times. Morning Musume really is a group that exists thanks to the efforts of our seniors. That’s why I can’t help but think sometimes「Can someone like me continue on in Morning Musume?」or「Am I not needed in Morning Musume」, things like that……that’s why I have to find all my weaknesses and somehow do something about them.


--What sort of situation would make you think「I am not needed in Morning Musume」?

Sayashi:It just happens spontaneously. 「Can I continue on even with me being the way I am now?」I’ve stopped thinking that now, but the first time it happened was about 2 years ago. I felt like I could improve more during that period, but I couldn’t improve as much as I wanted then. With the entry of 9th gen and the expectations on us, I felt like I had to match up to those expectations but had failed somehow, so I was extremely uncertain and worried then.


--Did Kanon-chan have the same problems?

Suzuki:The toughest part was my first rehearsal upon joining, but since I only just joined then, I never even thought of things like「Let’s quit」then. Basically I just had to work hard. But after getting past that point, even though it didn’t hit me often, but sometimes I wondered whether I was needed. I wondered how I had to change. I thought about those things all the time. It’s not like I wanted to quit just because bad stuff happened.「I’ve never thought of quitting at all」I can say this, but「I’ve always felt like quitting」. Do you understand?


--I understand. You never thought of quitting Morning Musume, but you’ve always wondered whether you were needed by Morning Musume.

Suzuki:I’ve felt that way for 2 years and 9 months.


--Around fall last year, you wrote on your blog that「I had a dream that I was made to quit Morning Musume for some reason today.」, didn’t you.

Sayashi:She did!


--It was quite a shock.

Suzuki:I was shocked myself too(lol). At that time, it was towards the end of our tour and I was scolded for「Didn’t you just totally mess up during the MC」. And then I had that dream of me being made to quit Morning Musume after that. I was probably subconsciously thinking「It’d be bad if I went on like this」which was what triggered the dream. I don’t remember it clearly now though……

Sayashi: When I saw that post I was like 「Oi!」(lol)

Suzuki:I don’t even remember writing that post(lol)


--By the way the two of you are not only in the same generation, but also the same age. Do you discuss your problems with each other?

Sayashi:For that first tour we had way too many things to remember and was stressing out over it, so we often grumbled to each other about it……didn’t we?

Suzuki:It’s totally different from the way we are now though, back then it was a really bad atmosphere!

Sayashi: For example when someone points out to us「It’s not quite right here」, we would be like「……yeah yeah we know」(lol). None of us had any time to relax for ourselves, so we barely spared a thought for the other person. It was something we really had to reflect on, and now we’ve moved on to being like「Sorry」to each other when something like this happens.

Suzuki: But it’s kind of funny when we think about it now.

Sayashi: Just thinking of how it was back then just makes us laugh now. The fact that we were all surly little brats back then. In a way, we’ve come to an amicable conclusion.


I really think that Riho-chan’s dancing is the best in the world


--A 15 year old saying「coming to an amicable resolution」(lol). Compared to when you first joined, what else has changed I wonder. How has Suzuki Kanon changed in Sayashi Riho’s opinion?

Sayashi:At the beginning Kanon-chan was trying her hardest to remember the choreography, but there were parts she just couldn’t grasp. But now she pays close attention and seeks clarification the parts she’s unsure about. Then she sorts it out from start to finish within herself. Kanon-chan is the one asking the teacher the most questions. 「How is it supposed to be like here?」「Is it like this?」, things like that. I only notice these things after I’ve done it once through myself, but Kanon-chan always notices these things first, and I think that’s really amazing.


--Also, the Kanon-chan back then used to do a lot of impersonations. Why did that Kanon-chan of that time disappear to?

Suzuki: Oh, I can still do it any time I want……but, right now I’m already in my third year of middle school(lol). I was still in elementary back then.


--Well then, so how has Sayashi Riho changed from Suzuki Kanon’s point of view?

Suzuki: My first impression of her as a standoffish person has totally changed. At first I had this image of her as the “cool Sayashi Riho”, since she was good at both singing and dancing, and I felt like the difference between us was like the distance between heaven and earth. But after we had joined for about a year, I noticed that「Ah, Riho-chan is actually really cute at times」. She falls asleep almost instantly, and her sleeping face is really adorable. That really made her seem more like a regular human being, and after finding her clumsy side I felt that「We really are the same age」, and the image of the  ”cool Sayashi Riho” in my head slowly changed to the “restless Sayashi Riho”(lol)


--By the way when you’re talking about a “cool Sayashi Riho”, it’s not like she was putting on airs or acting cool right?

Sayashi: During the auditions I didn’t want to talk anyone at all, and Eripon(Ikuta Erina)mentioned that I had an aura like I didn’t want anyone to talk to me either. I was just really focused, and shy among strangers on top of that, so I couldn’t really talk to anyone right at first.

Suzuki:「Ah, a strong challenger」, that’s what I thought about you.


Suzuki:I personally felt like I only just made it to the finalists by the skin of my teeth, but for Riho-chan it felt like she totally deserved to be there. That’s why even after we both made it into the group, I thought that was no way we could talk to each other.

Sayashi: That’s why even though her impression of me has totally changed by now, I actually still haven’t gotten over my shyness with people.(lol)


--Tanaka Reina-san mentioned this as well. During her graduation interview she mentioned「The moment I looked around I’d meet her eyes. I used to think she was really cute, but Sayashi’s not good at approaching people so she would always keep her distance. It’s not just with Reina, but with Sayu too.」.

Sayashi: When there’s someone I want to talk to, I naturally just stare at them a lot!

Suzuki: She wants to join in, but usually she just ends up sitting by the side(lol)


--So you can’t be like Maachan(Sato Masaki/10th gen member. Is afraid of nothing and clings instantly to anyone)and just step in?

Sayashi:Impossible. I can’t be like Maachan and tackle Tanaka-san the moment she steps off stage at Budokan. I’m not that brave……


--Well then, what do you think hasn’t changed about each other.

Suzuki:The speed with which she memorizes the dance choreography. Not only has it not changed, it feels like she has improved even further, and the speed at which she commits them to memory still surprises me. It’s almost as fast as the wind. I really think that Riho-chan’s dancing is the best in the world. That’s why……

Sayashi: That’s not true!What are you saying!

Suzuki: But that’s what I believe. That hasn’t changed.


--Should I be listening in on this conversation? The best in the wo……

Sayashi:I told you that’s not true(lol)!

Suzuki: Whenever I watch videos where people say「This girl dances really well」, I think「No way, Riho-chan’s better」, every single time.


--Now then, what do you think hasn’t changed about Suzuki Kanon.

Sayashi:Ummm……her face.


--Surely that has changed(lol). It’s a difference from an elementary school kid to a middle school student!

Sayashi:I really wonder. She’s gotten really reliable, and she says what needs to be said immediately, but the one thing that doesn’t change is the way she still drifts off in a daze sometimes. Even when we’re talking, there are times when she totally isn’t listening! 「Eh, what? Did you say something just now?」She says stuff like that. The fans only see the dependable part of Kanon-chan, and she has that image of being the level-headed one, but actually she still has moments where she’s not paying attention. I think that’s what that hasn’t changed, and I don’t want her to change either. If she became too serious she would stop being Kanon-chan.

Suzuki: Actually, when I’m looking straight into the eyes of the other person, most of the time I’m probably not listening. Conversely, when I’m drifting I actually am paying attention.


--When you think she’s listening, she’s actually not(lol). What kind of relationship do you think you two share?

Suzuki: Among all the members, she’s the one that feels most like family to me. We might not fuss over each other all the time, but we have the kind of relationship where we can just let our hair down around each other and not be conscious about it(lol)

Sayashi: If it’s Kanon-chan, I can just relax and be myself. Around the other members I’m concerned about them thinking「Sayashi-san is being sloppy」, so I usually try to be neat and proper around them, like sitting properly and all, but with Kanon-chan I don’t worry so much and just relax.


--Except that as part of Morning Musume, I expect that there is always a sense of rivalry between the members. Sayashi-san is always sparkling brightly, and I have the image of her as someone who would never want to lose to anyone……

Sayashi:Do I really stand out that much!?


--Whenever I go to the Hello! Project concerts, everyone is shining because they’re idols after all, but Sayashi-san is the only one that’s literally sparkling.


Suzuki:I get it!


--Truthfully, do you often feel strongly that「I don’t want to lose to anyone」?

Sayashi:That’s right. Having said that「Dance is my forte」, I especially don’t want to lose to anyone in dance. With all our seniors leaving one after another, I strongly feel that I need to find the strength to be able to lead everyone forward. I feel that it doesn’t matter who, but it would be better if all of us felt this way.


--Currently Sayashi Riho has been pushed as the new ace, and often takes the center spot. Do you feel anything like「That’s frustrating」about that?

Suzuki:Since we’re the same age and joined at the same time, I can’t help but feel that way sometimes, but for me……this is probably a bad thing and I know I probably should feel a healthy sense of rivalry at least, but in the end I just end up seeing her as a fan myself.


Suzuki:I really love Morning Musume. So even though I have to consider the rest as rivals, but as a fan I end up forgetting that and just wind up staring…… When I see the performance my reaction is like「Wow that’s amazing!」. I basically just end up grinning a lot like the way our audience does for us.


--(lol). If you’re wondering why I asked this question, actually it’s because I feel that Suzuki Kanon’s singing is really good.



To their (our seniors)voices「I don’t want to lose」, that’s why

--That’s why I actually want to see you take the lead vocals next to Sayashi Riho.


Sayashi: In『Wagamama Kinomama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundan』’s b-side「Funwari Koibito Ichinensei」, Oda(Sakura)-chan, Kanon-chan and I were the main vocals for this song, but before the recording of this song I was really looking forward to it, because I really like Kanon-chan’s singing too.


Sayashi:When we sang「Shabondama」, I was really moved by Kanon-chan’s singing, I even had goosebumps.

Suzuki:Ehhhh!Are you for real.


--Kanon-chan, your self-appreciation is way too low(lol)

Suzuki:Even though I have to focus on improving, in the end I’m usually thinking「I just like to sing」or「I love Morning Musume」, so I never really thought about whether I’m any good.


--Right now with the tagline「I want you to learn about the current Morning Musume」, it lumps all the members into a single entity. But if your goal of appearing on Kouhaku were to to be achieved, the next step would probably be「What side of myself would I want to show to everyone who now knows the current Morning Musume」, so have you two ever thought about standing together at the center spot?

Suzuki: For me, I still think that Riho-chan is the best in the world. Just being able to sing by her side…………I am honored to be there. I truly respect her, it’s like a dream out of a dream.


--This isn’t quite the level of respect you would normally accord to someone of your own age in the same generation, isn’t it

Suzuki:Since we’re the same age, on our days off we can just go out and interact as “friends”, but the moment we step on stage she becomes “someone I really respect”. That’s why I’m living for the day where someday everyone else would feel the same way as I do.

Sayashi:Kanon-chan has never practiced singing or dancing before joining Morning Musume. Even then now she is able to keep up with the high quality performance levels. She really has a talent for dance as well, and I can see that she has one of the best sense of rhythm in the group. In that way, I can’t afford to lose……


--People like Suzuki Kanon are the scariest types.


Sayashi:Honestly!It feels like she’ll suddenly overtake me and open up a huge gap between us.

Suzuki:Oh no no


--It’s easy to guard against someone like Ishida Ayumi who declares her fighting spirit for all to see, but Suzuki Kanon is the type who doesn’t talk about it but just grows quietly.

Sayashi:She just improves like woaaaahhhhhh, and before you know it you’re looking up at her.


--In order to realize that future, it’s as Sayashi-san said; not only can you not lose to other idol groups, but you can’t lose to the former lineups of Morning Musume as well. Can you win?

Sayashi:I have always admired Morning Musume and pursued them as a goal so far, which is why out of all the idol groups, Morning Musume is the most amazing for me. That’s why I want to work hard so that lots of people would feel the same way, and when I look at all the previous Morning Musume members that have come before me, I feel like all of us have to work even harder to bring out our own individuality. Even if you were to just look at a single photo, you could see the individuality of our seniors clearly in them. But for the current Morning Musume, it’s often said that「All of you look the same」. Even though we improvise by changing hair colors and the like, I don’t think that’s actually the point. It’s something we have to change from within. Having a solid presence is really important.


--There are many idols who also say「We don’t want to lose to other idols」. But in Morning Musume’s case there’s also the fact that「We don’t want to lose to the seniors that came before us」. Which is why the album『The Best!~Updated Morning Musume~』was released in my opinion, so that you can remake the iconic songs of the past with the current members. What did you think when you first heard of this?

Suzuki:I was just simply overjoyed.  Songs like「The☆Peace!」and「Souda!We’re ALIVE」can be found in albums in my house. I used to listen to them all the time when I was in the car, and these songs strongly evoke the image of Morning Musume. That’s why, I was happy……but, I was nervous too. We will be recording with our voices instead of the voices of our seniors that we’ve listened to. There’s a serious pressure when it comes to re-recording.


--How does it feel like to make past hits your own?

Sayashi:Trying to make the songs our own was really a huge pressure on us. Even though it was the same song, we had to make it the New Morning Musume’s「LOVE Machine」or「Renai Revolution 21」. That’s why for the recording, even though we already knew all these songs, we had to keep listening to the demo tape over and over again to relearn the singing techniques. We absolutely felt like「We didn’t want to lose」to the previous voices.


--By the way how old were you two when「LOVE Machine」was released?

Sayashi:Errrr, 2 years old?

Suzuki:Shouldn’t it be like 1 years old?


--(lol)In that case, for the two of you, won’t the Morning Musume who sang「LOVE Machine」be like something out of a legend?

Sayashi:I think we actually learned about it in school during history……

Suzuki:That was how pervasive it was(lol)


--Well then, our time grows short, and it’s time to sum it up. Hm,  suppose if it was confirmed that you will be appearing on Kouhaku……



--Please tell me your resolution for the year’s end.

Suzuki:On December 31st last year I went to the amusement park. If I had been able to appear on『Kouhaku Uta Gassen』that time, I wouldn’t be playing in the afternoon and instead be in rehearsals, and it was when I was at the amusement park when the reality hit that we would not be appearing for Kouhaku. That’s why even though I went to the amusement park last year in order to be given hopes and dreams, this year I want to appear on『Kouhaku Uta Gassen』 and be the one giving out hopes and dreams to others. My greatest joy is to bring a smile to people’s faces with my singing, that’s why on December 31st this year I want to share my singing with the rest of Japan.

Sayashi: I’m not planning to do something particularly audacious or anything, but I want to show off the normal Morning Musume in our usual way and carve that impression deep enough to leave a scar. 「Please watch the current Morning Musume」I want to leave a performance that will remain clearly in everyone’s memories when we are there.


--By the way I want to see Sayashi Riho’s Shuwashuwapon!there.



--And in order not to lose out to her, Suzuki Kanon must also mimic this move too.


Sayashi:What should I do? If this really happens.

Suzuki:Just let it fly, let Japan feel your Shuwashuwapon!

Sayashi:Shuwashuwapon! What if it doesn’t come out right!

Suzuki:Let’s hope it comes out like soda(lol)


--That’ll surely leave a mark.


[Billboard Japan] To the girls who are praying for everyone “To learn about the current Morning Musume”

It was a really long time. To have waited for Morning Musume to come up with two consecutive #1 singles (11 years), to once again see them appear on Music Station (6 years), to have waited for them to deliver cutting-edge music like that of Wagamama Kinomama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundan to make a magnificent return to the idol scene (impossible to gauge). How long have the many members over the years striven, how hard have they slogged, just so that the public could “get to know the current Morning Musume”; to have continued smiling despite physical and mental exhaustion, only to find their youth gone as graduation looms, and then entrusting their legacy to the next generation. Do you have any idea?


In recent years, Morning Musume has adopted EDM (Electronic Dance Music) as their style, which in itself was a groundbreaking step for idoldom; and with the introduction of increasingly complex formation dance in combination with the new sound, they are achieving the highest levels of artistry in the current idol movement. To borrow the words of one of the former leaders, “we are striving for a cool Morning Musume”; and even Matsuko Deluxe commented on them saying “These girls are doing something really incredible”; but we want you to remember that this incredible Morning Musume is the result of the hopes and dreams of the members that came before them.


Morning Musume’s direction is decided by the producer and the staff, along with occasional discussions with the members themselves, but if one day that member had not opposed that idea, if they had not appealed to the rest of the members while in tears, if they hadn’t given body and soul to deliver the best possible performance…along with all the other episodes that the world would never know about, the number of times history was changed by the strong will of the members is innumerable. The reason why this current Morning Musume, this group with an average age of 16 years old, is able to deliver unbelievable levels of performance ability is a result of them clinging on fiercely to the hard work and legacy left  by all those who have gone before them.


Wagamama Kinomama Ai no Joke (MV): http://bit.ly/14LPPO4

Ai no Gundan (MV): http://bit.ly/19Bhc5D


Their individual vocals and dance skills are still in the process of evolving and improving, but even if you remove one of them from the equation, their sound has caught on as the foremost trend right now; their appearance is in no way inferior as a group, and as for their performance ability, their current 54th single has hit an all-time high. Even taking into account the long history of Morning Musume, I wonder if there has been any lineup that has hammered out a “cool Morning Musume” quite like this one.


To the girls who have been hoping for people “To learn about the current Morning Musume”, only God knows whether or not the current single can achieve that 3rd consecutive #1 position, but I would like you to take pride in how far Morning Musume has come.


[Article by Hiraga Tetsuo]

*Note: This was written before the Oricon #1 was confirmed.


Morning Musume 8/28 single 『Wagamama Ki no mama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundan』

Tsunku♂ Comment: 『Wagamama Ki no mama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundan』
This is part of the cool, danceable Morning Musume series.

As I thought, just watching that cool dance is refreshing to the heart.


『Wagamama Ki no mama Ai no Joke』
The clincher for this song is the “aisaretai aisaretai” part, probably.
This is a song that would get a crowd pumped up during concerts, but I pretty much planned for that phrase to get stuck looping around in your heads.
I wonder if everyone will end up humming along to that “aisaretai” phrase eventually.
I got the girls to sing the beginning “wagamama kinomama” part in somewhat of a whisper.
When I was writing the song I had originally been planning for them to sing it normally, but when I was recording the demo tape, I thought “Oh, if this part was whispery it would be good!”, so I went with that.

Well then, about the content, it’s a song about a girl who is just a little awkward but still aims to improve her social standing in life.
Even though she tries her best to put on a fake smile and works hard to master social skills, it doesn’t go well and she experiences a lot of trouble, but if one were to look at it in a different way, in the end it’s really a story of a girl who worries too much, but even so is still determined to do her best and move on.
To be honest, I feel like this really fits the current members of Morning Musume.
The underpinning of the sound would the Simmons-style drum beat, and on the whole it has a springy rhythm.
Without getting a feel for the beat, dancing to it will be difficult.
The choreographer for this dance is Yoshiko as well, but I did set a few minor things myself.
With the calmness of the interlude, the spirited dance, as well as the chorus that emerges to smack you in the face.
Well, this is also in part a homage to Imokintorio’s (a famous comic song unit) “High School Lullaby”, so I hope everyone will enjoy it!


『Ai no Gundan』
The points of this song is, firstly, the riff in the intro as well as the digitized voice that enters before the music begins. That voice is also originally from one of the members (It’s Michishige’s voice sample).
In this world, stuff like “There is value in being scolded”, or “Work hard while you’re young” are given out as advice a lot, but sometimes you end up wondering “is that really true!?”.
That’s just the beginning of the complaints of the young, and the repetition of “really?” throughout the song is sort of a characteristic for it.
For someone like me who has spent more than half their life in Tokyo, I gradually start to feel like Tokyo is a second hometown to me.
Well, it may be more because of the fact that my family is here with me.
As there are many members of Morning Musume who were born in the other prefectures, it is my hope that one day they will come to understand the meaning of the lyrics, so I used it in the bridge.
Indeed, it is only human to always be conscious of what someone else has.
But if you were more grateful for your current circumstances, I wonder if that is the split in the path between loss and gain in life? That’s what I thought.
That is why I inserted such a phrase.
As for the dance, it begins with smooth movements in slow motion like in taichi.
But the defining point in the end would be the “Ai no Gundan!” part.
The last half-time has “ai no” on repeat, but this part was an idea that came to me while I was recording the demo.
Michishige is a lot older than the rest of the members, and well, she takes care of them.
This is a great learning experience for her. There’s a lot she can learn from coaching her juniors.
I too have learned all sorts of things from when I started guiding Morning Musume, because I had to look into some many things.

Fukumura’s expressions have changed ever since she has been made sub-leader.
She has set her own lines of expectation and brought herself up to that level, that’s the kind of image she has.
I hope that she doesn’t simply stop at her sheer love of Hello!Project, but to aim for even higher goals beyond that.

Ikuta has gotten even more photogenic on video lately. She looks very stirring.
I don’t know just how conscious she is of the expressions she is producing, but it’s really cool.
The way her hair is slightly mussed with sweat makes for a really cool picture.

Sayashi does no less than expected for dance, but more than that, you can see the way she puts her heart into the song.
There is a certain anguish and depair in her expressions, and adds a convincing finishing touch to the song.
I shall challenge her with songs that will require her to smile and laugh more in the future!

Suzuki’s dance is a lot sharper now. Her singing has more power in it now too.
Now if she could improve on the way she ends a note while singing, it’d be even better.
I hope that she finds more confidence in herself, regain her original humorous character, and then bring that to perfection.

Iikubo is a sub-leader too. I’m grateful for her occasional mail about how things are going.
Like what the other members are doing, so I know very well just what sort of potential Iikubo holds.
And though I was worried about Iikubo’s dancing back when she first joined, but recently she has improved a great deal. I’m looking forward to her future!

Ishida’s dance is sharp and cool as always, but with the colour of her hair, she gives off an impression of a mischievous little devil.
She has learned how to show more expressions now. This is what makes Morning Musume what they are. It can’t be helped that Moring Musume is currently a collection of good children.
Ah, it doesn’t mean that Ishida is a bad child, please don’t misunderstand me!

Satou still has that “are you doing this on purpose!?” image of childishness to her.
But I really want to start raising Satou to become more adult-like gradually.
Since her voice and expressions have developed quite a bit, tis the season to raise a COOL Satou!

Kudou has been growing taller rapidly, looking ever more gallant, and the intensity of her voice is starting to match her body type.
As she hates losing, sometimes she makes fruitless efforts, but even so I hope that she will fearlessly continue to push forward.

Oda has gotten somewhat girlier, her voice more stable, and she has gotten enough fine control over her dancing down to her fingers as well. Despite it not being quite a year yet, she has really improved.
I really hope that she will continue to grow into a member whose singing can touch hearts, so she should study and read more in order to see things from different perspectives and gain insight into them.


Tsunku: An Announcement Concerning Berryz Kobo

Berryz Kobo’s spring tour has also come to an end, and I’m as grateful as can be that lots of people attended their concerts.

The members are also again turning toward the Hello! Project summer concert, as well as new single releases,
so they have daily preparation.

Along with that, Berryz Kobo are aiming even higher, and to intensify their teamwork, though Shimizu Saki has been serving as Captain up until now, it’s been authorized that beyond that, Natsuyaki Miyabi will act as sub-captain.

Because of this, I think an even cooler Berryz Kobo than we’ve had before will be born.

Everyone, please give them your support even more than you have up ’til now!

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Natalie.mu Morning Musume Interview Pt. 1 – Fukumura, Ishida, Sato, Oda

Morning Musume’s 53rd single in total, “Braingstorming/Kimi sae Ireba Nanimo Iranai”, will release on 4/17. For this product, 2 months prior a “Loose Shot Version” video for Brainstorming was posted to YouTube, and along with “Kimi sae Ireba Nanimo Iranai” in which vocals leave an impression, it becomes a double A-side. Notwithstanding the extension of these single song compositions, the sound is being finished to highly polished perfection for the final product.

Natalie this time is giving attention to the complicated formations and high-level dancing skills which the “Brainstorming” choreography demands. Concerning the higher degree of difficulty “Morning Musume Dances” which have drawn attention since the 10th generation members joined, we listened to what 9th generation member Fukumura Mizuki, 10th generation members Ishida Ayumi and Sato Masaki, and 11th generation member Oda Sakura had to say.

Until the choreography for “Brainstorming” was completed

“Not ‘I can’t do it’, but ‘I must do it’”

—-Since last April’s single, “Ren’ai Hunter”, your degree of difficulty in the dances has increased, and so this will be about what you can say about the current compilation of “Brainstorming” and “Kimi sae Ireba Nanimo Iranai”. First off, when you learned it’d be this kind of dance, what did you all think about it?

photo09[1]Sato Masaki: When we first watched the video of our teachers dancing “Brainstorming”, my head was in a whirl.

Ishida Ayumi: For sure.

Sato: It’s easy to understand now since we’re splitting up wearing red and blue outfits, but when we watched the video of our teachers dancing it, “Eh?” is what I thought.

Fukumura Mizuki: I thought it looked tough, but it wasn’t “We can’t do it” but “We have to”. Everyone watched that video at home and after memorizing our own parts started going to lessons.

—-Well, at the stage of your first lesson, were you able to dance it to a certain extent?

Ishida: Yes. Since the dance itself is incredibly difficult, we surely couldn’t memorize it by ourselves just being taught it at the lesson. The 10th generation members have also already started piling up experience… … This is our (single) number what now?

Sato: Already our 6th! (counting from the 48th single “Pyoko Pyoko Ultra” in January 2012)

photo03[1]Ishida: … …Because of that, we had the feeling we had to deal with going to our first dance lesson after properly memorizing it for this single. Since this is just Oda Sakura-chan’s 2nd single, I think she probably had to work on memorization more than the rest of us.

—-I think that’s true for all new members, but in Oda-san’s case she also had to memorize the choreography of past songs, and then also in addition to that, for the new song as well, right.

Oda Sakura: After I joined, I memorized our recent songs and concert songs, as well our new song at the time (2012/10’s 51st single released in October) “Wakuteka Take a Chance” by watching the videos, and then going to the lesson. Though I was a Hello! Pro Kenshuusei before joining Morning Musume, and though during my time as a Kenshuusei I had time for voice training and dance lessons every day, when I’d just debuted I didn’t really have much time for lessons. But I think what I learned during my Kenshuusei time was incredibly useful for now.

Thanks to the 9th generation being there, the 10th gen were able to be at ease

—-Everyone aside from Oda-san also passed Morning Musume auditions, and I think had various lessons before joining up with your senpai members. With all that, wasn’t it probably tough catching up with a group that has 15 years of history?

photo01[1]Fukumura: Since the 9th generation were Morning Musume’s first new members in about 4 years, more than filling in the huge gaps our senpai left… first of all, we started with the spots which had to be identical to before. Moreover, there were 4 of us in the same generation, and though we’re close to each other now, at first it was a terribly stressful environment we weren’t used to and had to deal with one by one. The manager-sans got angry with us, and our senpai got angry with us, and it was nothing but having to memorize the songs, so it was incredibly tough. But there was a lot we could learn while the senpai were still there, and we had lots of experiences during concerts as well watching senpai like, “It’d be good to do it this way”, so I’m really glad about that.

—-How is it for all the 10th gens?

Sato: Though I don’t know if the 9th gen-sans were protecting us, we were taught about a lot of what we should watch out for by our senpai and manager-sans. For example, Fukumura-san told me things like “Masaki-chan, you have to do a proper introduction,” from the first. If the 9th gen weren’t there, I think I probably still wouldn’t be able to do proper introductions.

Ishida: It’s really big that thanks to the 9th gen-sans being there, the 10th gen were able to really be at ease in Morning Musume. As Masaki-chan said, the 9th gen-sans told us, “Since we were made to watch out for these things, it’s best for 10th gen to do it like this,” but when I came into the position myself of having a kouhai (Oda), I felt again that it’s incredibly difficult to teach something to someone. I’m really full of feelings of gratitude.

Difference in rhythm from past to recent songs

—-Everyone’s had strict practice on the choreography to past songs like that, but which was your toughest choreography to do up until now?

Sato: (42nd single released 2010/2) “Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai” and (32nd single released 2007/2) “Egao YES Nude” and (30th single released 2006/6) “Ambitious Yashinteki de Ii jyan”.

Ishida: There really are quite a few, huh (lol).

photo05[1]Sato: Rather than the toughest, there were also ones where we had just short lessons on, and though I’d planned to memorize it by myself, I couldn’t dance it at all. Moreover, they had a different type of rhythm compared to recent songs.

Fukumura: What songs are you talking about?

Sato: “Egao YES Nude”. The “dara~tta tta tarara ♪” rhythm.

Ishida: Ahh.

Fukumura: You don’t know where best to put the accent, right.

Ishida: It’s not the violent dance like what we’ve had until now, and has an incredibly precise rhythm.

Sato: The steps are also kinda like, “ponponpan!”

Ishida: The rhythm was too refined, so we didn’t know how much power to put into it.

Sato: So it got to be quite a jumble. It also has some right, left, back, front crossings, and for those as well we move differently from how you’d think of it by yourself. That was incredibly rough. Man, I had such trouble being able to do it that I even got irritated at it myself (lol).

You have to practice more than just your part

—-What do you think, Fukumura-san?

Fukumura: For me it’s probably “Bravo!” (album recording from 2010/12’s 11th album “Fantasy! Juuichi”). The choreography for this song is too complicated so I didn’t understand it. Though we did it on the first tour after 9th gen joined, at that time we really had to memorize dozens of songs. Though there were lots of girls in 9th gen with no dance experience, we had to memorize 20 songs all at once, so it was really rough. We practiced the complicated choreography many times, and we’d gradually get tired out and sleepy, and our brains wouldn’t work. I have a memory of getting really yelled at after not being able to focus, to where they told us, “Get out of the rehearsal room!” So then all the 9th gen apologized… … It was really surprising how cruel it was.

—-But having to suddenly memorize 20 songs without dance experience is expected to be tough, right.

Fukumura: At first after I passed my audition I thought, “Let’s memorize it early!” and so practiced many songs. Out of those there were some we did on the tour and some we didn’t, but there were too many things to memorize. I think I was taking it a bit lightly.

—-What song was tough for Ishida-san?

Ishida: I had a tough time with (36th single released 2008/4) “Resonant Blue”. Choreographies 1 and 2 were incredibly similar, and if I didn’t think hard about it before dancing, I’d really mess up. We did this song on our last tour (“Morning Musume Tanjo 15shuunen Kinen Concert Tour 2012 Fall ~Colorful Character”). I’d mess up if I didn’t set myself on doing the aggressive dance, and it’s a song where if I don’t give it proper focus, I can’t dance it perfectly. Since the original choreography has an aggressive, cool image, and moreover I think I’d have to work hard to get it close, there were parts I just couldn’t get close however hard I tried, and so however aggressively I’d dance it, it wouldn’t quite look right. It made me think again that my senpai of that time really were awesome.

—-I see. Well then, Oda-san?

photo07[1]Oda: We did “Naichau Kamo” (38th single released 2009/2) at this year’s Hinamatsuri Festival (3/3 “Hello! Project Haru no Daikanshasai Hinamatsuri Festival 2013 ~Berryz Kobo 10nenme Totsunyuu Special!~”), and I memorized it watching a video at home beforehand. But since there are lots of close-ups of the person singing in live videos, I couldn’t go over it all the way to the little parts. That said, I practiced to memorize as much as I could, but when I went out to dance, it was terrible. Moreover, on that day it wasn’t just “Naichau Kamo” but lots of other songs we danced too, so even if I tried it thinking, “Ah, since I memorized this, I’ll be all right,” it was still no good. Things like that kept continuing. Though I thought when I was just a fan of Morning Musume, “If I get into Morning Musume, I’ll become able to dance like this,” right when I joined I was made to notice how much incredible effort everyone puts into it. I fully realized that you have to practice more than just your part.

The shortest lesson time of any song

—-Well then, I want to ask again about the “Brainstorming” choreography. What part of this song was especially tough?

Sato: The part when we sing, “Kayowaki otome wo nakashicha naranai ♪,” where we touch our toes, and then next our heels, and dance while repeating the contact. But it wasn’t shown all the way to the steps in the first choreography video we watched, so I thought we’d just move while walking normally.

—-It’s the part where you had to shuffle your feet to move slowly during the B-melody, right.

Sato: That’s right. And, Ayumi did understand those foot movements, and was the only one to properly be able to do them. There are lots of small movements like that in this song. And so, we were talking about how “It’s too difficult, so we definitely couldn’t unify it”. Moreover, since this time it’s a double A-side single, videos for 2 songs are shot, and so the members thought strongly that we had to properly perform them both. At first we were nervous so sweated and felt cold a lot, but it was really fun when we were able to properly do it well.

—-Your sense of accomplishment when you’ve precisely unified a dance with this degree of difficulty is really incredible, isn’t it.

photo02[1]Fukumura: Moreover, this time we had the shortest lesson time of any song. So during the learning period we desperately worked during our own time more than usual, to make it perfect when we did the video shoot.

Sato: We were really cracking smiles. Grinning (lol).

Fukumura: Also, there were lots of changes made just before the shoot. Like the day before, they added the part where Ayumi-chan and (Sayashi) Riho-chan dance as a pair.

—-Ah, the scene at the interlude when the two of them come up front and do a dance battle, right.

Ishida: That’s right. We had our last dance lesson the day before the shoot, and it was there that my dance battle-like choreography with Sayashi-san was decided. “All right, this is my chance. Since I’ve gotten something like this, I’ve gotta work hard and dance it!” I thought, and got fired up and dealt with the shoot on the next day, and so the choreography there was changed a bit. Oh, I was so insanely nervous… …When I was too aware of the part that’d changed after the shoot started, I’d quickly make mistakes on other parts and such. But when I looked at the completed video, I thought again that I was really glad to have been able to get a dance part like this. Since the parts where you can see me increased with just that, I’m grateful.

I wonder if it was a trial for “Brainstorming” until now

—-When your positions change just like that, how do you all memorize it? At times like that especially you probably imprint it into your body by dancing it many times, right?

Sato: It’s certainly true that if I dance something many times, it comes naturally to my body. At the time of “Pyoko Pyoko Ultra” when the 10th gen members had just joined, it of course wouldn’t naturally come to us, and they’d get angry at us, but I got happy when occasionally I’d be praised by our teachers (lol).

Fukumura: I know, I know, I know, right (lol).

photo06[1]Sato: After “Ren’ai Hunter” our dance performances kept getting more difficult, and so I feel like I’m evolving. For “Wakuteka~” we were able to make a good line and be unified in a clean dance, and for “Help me!!” we made a circle and such and danced in it. It’s definitely not good if we don’t dance it to where we can make it clean and unified… …I feel like “Wakuteka~” and “Help me!!” were a trial before we finally arrived at “Brainstorming”.

—-Ahh, I see. You moved up a step, and so as time went on the degree of difficulty increased.

Sato: That’s right. We practiced movements that changed one by one for various dances and positions. I feel like those two songs were quite a bit of a drill for us. Especially “Wakuteka~” was really tough to memorize at first, and so then next in “Help me!!” I noticed “Ahh! This is from ‘Wakuteka~’!” “Ah, if I move like this, I won’t bump into (other members),” I quickly came to understand, and so I wonder if it was all leading up to “Brainstorming” in the end.

Ishida: Yep. That’s what it’s like. Though it was tough, while doing it we’re like, “… …I did it!”

We don’t want to lose to Oda-chan

—-This makes me think again that in the current idol scene, there are really few groups who are stoically pursuing dance to this extent.

Sato: That’s true. Moreover, what surprised me the most was that the first Morning Musume single Oda-chan participated in was “Help me!!” right? However, her memorizing the dance for “Brainstorming” so quickly was incredibly frustrating to me.

—-Ahh, you didn’t want to lose to your kouhai?

Sato: Yes. My consciousness of not wanting to lose to Oda-chan was incredibly strong, and I thought I should memorize dances before Oda-chan at lessons and such, so I was watching Oda-chan the whole time through the mirror.

Oda: Ehh!? (lol)

Ishida: What are you saying? (lol)

Sato: When I watched Oda-chan wondering how much she’d memorized, at first Masa was winning.

Fukumura: It was win or lose (lol).

Sato: But I was left behind before I knew it. When Masa was just practicing the choreography for the hook, she was already practicing the end, and so I was like, “Eh?” and started rushing.

photo08[1]Oda: But I really didn’t want to make trouble for my other senpai. While I was thinking, “Huh? What’s the next pattern?” being nervous about the choreography, the formation would change, and I was really sorry to bump into someone, so I was memorizing all the choreography beforehand thinking it’d be best to just think of the formations already. Then at the lessons, the teachers taught us the foot movements we couldn’t see in the video, and so I started thinking about all of the movements, from the formation movements to the dances to the foot movements, as one.

—-I see.

Oda: I memorized walking as well as moving around opening up my toes and heels as part of the whole dance. But since the hand movements were small and complex, I had to be aware of those angles and such too, so I danced while being worried whether only I would look out of place.

When the 12th gen joins, the dances will become even more complex

—-Since all of you cast your own shadow of effort, you’ve become able to do some great dances up until now, haven’t you.

Fukumura: That’s true. And so I think it’ll get even tougher from now on when the 12th gen members join (lol).

Oda: I really do think that.

—-Since they’ll be joining after you’ve performed dances which could be said to be unified in a certain way.

Fukumura: From (50th single released 2012/7)「One・Two・Three」until now, I think memorizing the choreography has been especially difficult. When I think about that, I think Sakura-chan is really awesome. She was probably able to memorize quickly since she has an excellent ability to observe people, and was good at imitation. Though we don’t know what kind of girls will be joining with the 12th gen, I think it’ll be really tough after they do.

Sato: A little while ago we were told by the staff-san, “If 4 people are added in one go in 12th gen, what would you do?” Honestly, I definitely think it’d be tough. As for why, though I’d be happy with lots joining, just with the one girl joining in Oda-chan  a change came to the formation of “Wakuteka~” and if we increased by 4, the formations would have to be reconfigured even more.

Ishida: The positions which are set now would have a big change again.

Fukumura: For things like “Help me!!” we’d probably have to make two circles, right.

Sato: There’s not a crack where you can enter into it now, you know. And so we’re talking about how it’d be like impossible with 4 more. The dance formations which are hard for Morning Musume now, if we increase with 12th gen by four members, will probably become even more complex, which is something I’m worried about.

—-I see. So certainly the songs that existed before all of you joined as well had their dance formations changed at those times too, right.

photo04[1]Ishida: That’s true. And so, although 12th gen will have a tough time, it seems it’ll also be unexpectedly tough for the members who’re already here. In this year or so, the dance difficulty of our single songs has been increasing, and it reached its peak for “Brainstorming” and “Kimi sae Ireba Nanimo Iranai”. When you consider that, it’ll probably be difficult even for those with dance experience, won’t it.

—-As the current dance style has solidified since 9th and 10th gen joined, with the 12th gen joining it seems that it’ll evolve again into a new Morning Musume, right?

Ishida: I think that’s true. Though I’m looking forward to this next single, I’m also a bit uneasy about it. But now I’m really looking forward to what kind of girls will be joining!

Brainstorming PV: http://youtu.be/csmwgui5BMk

Kimi sae Ireba Nanimo Iranai PV: http://youtu.be/Nwh3Kc-Nta0

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Interview – Kaneko Rie & Miyamoto Karin

Aiming to make their debuts in the entertainment world, the Hello! Project Trainees are working hard to improve their singing and dancing skills, occasionally they hold performances. On December 9th they performed in Shibuya and we were there to interview 2 of the members. Kaneko Rie (15) and Miyamoto Karin (14)

The girl who has been a trainee for the longest period of time Kaneko Rie. She sang a few Morning Musume songs with some of the other girls. She said “Tsunku told me to me think about my facial expressions while singing so I’m careful about that. Also I try to think carefully about the way I perform. I want to remember everything we are taught during our lessons and use that to do my best during our concerts”

Miyamoto Karin who sang songs by S/mileage, Berryz Koubou and Morning Musume had this to say “This time I really wanted to focus on singing well and there are difficult parts in the song “Only You” that I wasn’t able to sing as I would have liked. I think this frustrating feeling was showing on my face during the show”

Recently Karin took part in S/mileage’s tour. “I think it was very important for me to get the experience of performing live and being on the stage, our seniors in H!P can rely on their experience of performing live many times to improve themselves. Us trainees have more lessons than performances and so we were really nervous before the show started. I think I was able to show an improvement thanks to the experience of performing live with S/mileage”

Kaneko recently performed as a back up dancer for Morning Musume “I was a back up dancer when Michishige-san performed her song, she told me that our dancing really helped to express the feeling of the song, I was really happy to hear that. I’m the leader of the trainees and so I learned a lot from Michishige-san who is the leader of Michishige-san. For our latest show we had some new members and I thought carefully about how to advise them and help them. In the past I haven’t really felt like a leader.
Karin replies “but that style was good too, Kaneko and I and two of the other older trainees would work together to help the others”

“During this rehearsal, the S/mileage tour and the Morning Musume tour the four of us were busy all over the place but if we were to make our debut then we will become even busier so having an experience of being as busy as this was really good for us I think”

The trainees were joined by six new members for this show, Karin had this to say “The new members were really nervous but I was surprised by how much courage they showed”
They have had many dance routines to learn and seeing how much they had to learn in a short time had me thinking it was tough for them. I wanted them to have confidence in themselves and go on the stage and perform well so I told them not to worry and not to be too nervous. I remember being happy when someone said this to me when I first performed live”

Kaneko continues “The appeal point of the new members is that they fresh and new and so I told them that just dancing as well as they could is fine. but in spite of that it seems the new members actually have more courage than we do” she says laughing. It seems she was really surprised at the difference between themselves and the new members.
In the past when I first joined I wouldn’t chat at all with my seniors, they were quite scary but they often taught us things and advised how to perform better etc and now I can begin to understand how they felt at that time. Seniors like Noto Arisa and Kikkawa Yuu conveyed things to us in a way we could understand easily and so now I want to be able to help out my juniors in the same way my seniors helped me.

We asked them what they wanted to do next
Kaneko answered “if I can debut then I want to debut in a group with the other trainees. I want to perform overseas and become a well known group around the world, If it’s ok I want this group to be only made up of the trainees I have worked with for so long. We have been together for a long time and become good friends”

Miyamoto answered “I always say to myself “Raising Raising” My image is that of a line on a graph that is always going upwards diagonally. That is to say that no matter what I do I want to become the best I can be. Singing, dancing, talking on camera, acting etc. I want to become a singer that is known to the whole world. You can show anyone a photo of me and they would know who I was.
I want to sing in all kinds of places and sing anywhere I can. Whether that is on the north pole, the south pole or in the jungle. I want to sing wherever I can. If I’m in a place where they don’t have any microphones then I will use my own voice to make people’s souls soar and their hearts melt.
And for this dream to come true there are many many things that I want to do. I must work hard and improve all the time. Also I want to study many foreign languages.”

These two are full of wonderful sparkly dreams for their futures.

The next concert is scheduled for March next year. Also the Hello! Project Kenshuusei are currently looking for new members. If you are successful in joining you will take many lessons for dancing, singing etc and will get the chance to work with many famous idols. Morning Musume, S/mileage, Mano Erina, Kikkawa Yuu for example.

Profile -

Name – Kaneko Rie
Born – 1997 July 1st
Hometown – Kanagawa Prefecture
Joined H!P – 2008

Name – Miyamoto karin
Born – 1998 December 1st
Hometown – Chiba Prefecture
Joined H!P – 2008
Also – Alongside her work with Hello! Project she is also busy doing stage plays and acting work. She is currently the voice actor for the TV show “Copinks!” コピンクス!


Morning Musume “Wakuteka Take a chance” Interview – Sayashi, Sato, Kudou

–After Michishige Sayumi became leader, the first single with the new system, “One・Two・Three/The Matenrou Show” became the first single to break through 100k in sales for Morning Musume in 10 years, but how did you feel about it?

Sayashi Riho: We’d normally be ranked #2 or #3, right? Even if we were told, “100k”, we didn’t really understand it at first…… But at handshake events and such, the fans would be telling us, “I hope you’ll be able to become #1″, so we had a feeling of expectation around us for our 50th single. Since there were people who bought a Morning Musume CD for the first time as well, I thought even more that we wanted to respond to that expectation.

–Due to the vigorous promotion and that the single become a hit, there were more people who reassessed Morning Musume. You’ve had close-ups on the front covers of magazines and such, so does that honestly make you happy?

Kudou Haruka: Yes. I’m incredibly happy that I was able to be in Morning Musume when our 50th single came out, and I was also incredibly happy that we each had a poster in rural city stations. I went to our meeting place after going out into the country just to see those (lol).

Sato Masaki: A girl from school told me, “Morning Musume CDs have been catching my eye lately,” and normally I’d be like “All right~!” in my heart while replying, “Ah, is that so?”

– (lol)

Sato Masaki: Then, I quickly reported it to my mom. Also, since our posters have been put up in lots of different places, when I’d be told, “I saw it, Maa-chan!” “Look look, I took a picture!” I’d think, “Wo~w!” Even on boring days at school I’d get excited when hearing that, or rather, I’d think “Yahhoo~!” I’d normally be happy inside, and be able to do my studying smoothly as well. So it made me think that I’m glad we were able to do “One・Two・Three/The Matenrou Show” with this 10-person system. I was like, “wa~!” from my heart!

–You conveyed how incredibly happy you are about it. At that time, new leader Michishige Sayumi had lots of different pressures on her, and she cried at some of the release events as well, so looking at it as kouhai, what kind of Michishige-san is projected to you now?

Sayashi Riho: At first she didn’t burst out showing her feelings about how the pressure was really getting to her. In the middle of that she paid an awful lot of attention to us, and then her mental state would come out bit by bit as she’d advise us, so I thought, “Be strong and do well. I don’t want to worry her”. At a release event Nakazawa Yuko-san told her, “Shige-san should just keep on as Shige-san”, and I heard her reply, “Ah, I’m happy and relieved,” so we all thought we’d want to support each other so if someone had any trouble, she’d be helped out. It made me hope that we’d become a group that, even if not directly, would be able to help each other out somewhere.

–Speaking again of pressure, concerning being introduced as Morning Musume’s ace, as well as standing in the center of the jacket photo, how does that make Sayashi-san feel?

Sayashi Riho: Let’s see. Hm~m……

–I want to hear you talk openly about it.

Sayashi Riho: Ahaha! It’s scary, or rather…… I thought like, “What am I gonna do?” When we did “One・Two・Three/The Matenrou Show” I thought, “Is it all right for me to stand here even though it’s the 50th single?” but since the bad sides of that pressure I felt are a pattern I’ve experienced often in my life up until now (lol), I thought I’d just come to grips with what’s given to me this time. It’s odd to say, “I’m not worried about it”, but I’ve become able to stay calm and not think of it very much as a burden.

–Though it’s an arbitrary image, I’ve thought that Sayashi-san is not a relatively cheeky member in the current Morning Musume. “Eh? I’m the center?” “Eh? I’m the lead vocalist?” you say, each time as if you’re surprised, and you’re worried like, “What should I do?”…… How is that, in actuality?

Sayashi Riho: At first, they’d for example let me sing the first part of a song, and I’d be in the middle in concert positioning, so I was genuinely happy like, “All right~!” but as my next thought I’d get like, “What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?” But now I take care when I’m impatient to become calm. Also, since I certainly am inexperienced compared to Tanaka (Reina)-san and Michishige-san, there are lots of parts  where I’m not as good as them, so now I want to make sure to properly show what I can, throw out my chest with pride, and say, “I can get there if I put all my heart into it!”

–Though I think you battle with yourself like that as well, aren’t there members like the obvious Ishida Ayumi who can be seen as rivals to you? Are you enjoying that? Or is it like, “Uwaa, there are some incredibly good people joining. What should I do?”

Sayashi Riho: Ahaha! Ayumi-chan has seen me as a rival for a long time, but lately she’s told me, “I haven’t been seeing and applauding you as a rival! It’s calmed down now.” (lol)

※ When we went to confirm this matter with Ishida Ayumi, she replied, “When I first joined, I said ‘My strongest skill is dance’, but Sayashi-san’s presence really is large. Though of course there are places where I think, ‘I don’t want to lose’ I can’t match the way she dances. Sayashi-san’s dancing isn’t just intense, but since she has clean movements as well, and I think I can’t chase her at all yet in that way, so I won’t just work on dancing in Morning Musume, but I’ll also become better and better at singing and expression, the total package, so that  I won’t become a person of which people will think, ‘All you can do is dance’.”

Sayashi Riho: But first of all, I thought it was awesome. Though I haven’t thought myself, “This person is my rival”, the 10th gen brought that attitude out a lot in the beginning. (Sato) Masaki-chan hasn’t been greedy about it, but I’m becoming a member who always comes up in conversation.

–What do you think of singing shoulder-to-shoulder with Tanaka Reina, who’s much more senior than you?

Sayashi Riho: I think that although you can say I’m growing, you can’t think that I’m good at singing. There’s still of course quite a difference, and Tanaka-san can do recordings with a great take right away. Since for me much more time is necessary…… I think that Tanaka-san is really awesome. But since I don’t want to think, singing next to her, that “This is terrible”, and I want to become better and better at it, and I don’t want to stand out badly shoulder-to-shoulder with her, it’s something I want to continue working on.

–What kind of existence is it for the 10th gen, having a 9th generation possessing someone like Sayashi Riho?

Sato Masaki: At first there were lots of things we didn’t know, right? The 9th gen-sans started showing us the right way to progress, so that we wouldn’t go down the wrong path.

Kudou Haruka: At first the 10th gen had 4 very different members, and I was even more aloof. So we weren’t all that close, and at that time the 9th gen talked to us and if there were members who were slow to pick up things, they taught us in various ways. So, if the 9th gen-sans weren’t there, I think the 10th gen would be considerably lonely.

–However, in a previous interview, behind the scenes of author Ootsuki Kenji’s play “Stacy’s Shojo Saisatsu Kageki” I heard there was a bit of 9th gen vs. 10th gen conflict. Kudou-san and Ishida-san would criticize Ikuta (Erina)-san’s and Suzuki (Kanon)-san’s mistakes…… So looking at scenes like that, how did you feel as a 9th gen member?

Sato Masaki: Iya……

–Wait a second. Maa-chan, you’re not 9th gen, are you?

Everyone: (lol)

Sato Masaki: I was thinking, “What are you saying, you two!”

–Wait wait wait. Aimed at who?

Sato Masaki: Toward Kuduu (Kudou) and Ayumin (Ishida). I thought, “Is it alright to say things like that?” It was giving me goosebumps and a cold sweat. But concerning that, Ikuta-san calmly replied, “I’m sorry, I understand”.

Sayashi Riho: But that took some guts. I was surprised. Maa was also watching it and thinking, “Since we’re 10th gen we can say that, right?”. It’s just as expected. Though I’m not really sure what I mean by “as expected” (lol). I was afraid they’d say something like that to me as well.

–Have cracks developed between the 9th and 10th gen since then?

Kudou Haruka: They haven’t.

Sayashi Riho: Since the 10th gen are happy with themselves and burning with desire, they have lots of extreme characters, and the 9th gen is easy going and not like that, right? We’ve started talking like, “The 10th gen are incredible, aren’t they”, but since we haven’t developed anger from that, we directly take criticism when they give it and settle ourselves down like, “We have to work hard”.

–Kudou-san bore a big role in “Stacy’s”, and worked as host for the 10th gen Ustream show, so you’ve started to stand out as well. Doesn’t that give you pressure in those areas?

Kudou Haruka: As far as “Stacy’s”, I was really happy that out of all those people, I was lined up with Tanaka-san and Sayashi-san. Since they’d gone through the effort of choosing me out of the 10th gen, I thought that I really had to work hard. But since the role of Drew was of a very unique girl, and difficult, I fought with it each and every day. When I had trouble, all my co-actors, Tanaka-san, and Sayashi-san would help me out, and when I was putting all my effort into becoming Drew, Harunan (Iikubo Haruna) and Da~ishi (Ishida) advised me on the dancing. I was helped an awful lot by those two, so I feel like I was somehow able to get through it until it closed. However, since I’m the type that likes doing things like hosting, I’m always saying, “Yes yes yes, I want to do it” (lol).

–What kind of impression does Maa-chan have of her, being from the same generation?

Sato Masaki: Eh? You know, she was crying during practices.

Kudou Haruka: This person was making fun of me during practices!

Sato Masaki: I wasn’t making fun of you. I heard Kudou Haruka-chan asking “What should I do?” from beside me to our co-actors. Then she steadily kept crying. I was able to support her like, “Don’t work so hard, you’ll kill yourself.” Though at first I thought, seeing the posters with Tanaka-san, Sayashi-san and Kuduu on them, that “I’ll work hard so I can be like that too”……

Sayashi Riho: Do your best!

Kudou Haruka: Do your best in “Stacy’s”

–Are you not working hard enough (lol)?

Sato Masaki: I wanted to be on the poster too, so I was incredibly envious of Kuduu, thinking like, “Mou!!” But when looking at Kuduu crying from deep inside at practices, thoughts like that vanished and I just said, “Kuduu, do your best!”

Sayashi Riho: Maa-chan, do your best as well!

Kudou Haruka: Really! I wonder how much I came to hate Maa-chan at “Stacy’s” practices……

Everyone: (bursts out laughing)

Kudou Haruka: There were really lots of different things that happened in that play. Even if not, since I wasn’t originally the proud type, I had a bit of a feeling that she’d be hard to work with when we joined together. But over half a year has passed and we’ve gotten close, and just when we got settled, something unbelievable happened at “Stacy’s”. But I didn’t think like…… not that I dislike Maa-chan, but rather it was like, “Don’t come over here!”

–What happened?

Kudou Haruka: Maa-chan and Harunan didn’t really have roles with a lot of lines, and Harunan at that time was working hard at dancing. But I couldn’t see that attitude in Maa-chan at all during “Stacy’s”. There was a scene of conversation between Ikuta-san and the hospice doctor, and everyone was watching the rehearsal, but she was like by herself in the waiting room. What made me seriously irritated was that she was eating candy in the waiting room! During practice! I wanted Maa-chan to not eat candy, and properly participate in practice.

–Maa-chan, why were you eating candy?

Sato Masaki: I was hungry……

Everyone: (bursts out laughing)

Kudou Haruka: It made me angry!

Sato Masaki: Iya, since I was told it’s a break, I thought, “It’s break time. I can eat this!” Since I’m simple. Then, I thought it was odd that nobody came to the dressing room. And then when I ate it, Kuduu got angry at me, but at that time I couldn’t directly say, “Yes, I understand,” And did more like, “Uh huh!”

–All right, I got it. Let’s talk about Maa-chan’s good points.

Sayashi Riho: (lol)

–In our previous interview, thanks to Maa-chan forcing Tanaka Reina to have a connection with her, I heard that the mood of the group improved.

Sato Masaki: In some DVD manga-zee……

Kudou Haruka: Magazine!

Sato Masaki: Kuduu, me, Tanaka-san, and Mitsui-san had a love square battle (?) and there Tanaka-san told me, “You’re my favorite! I love you.” When I returned to my school in Hokkaido, “How was Tanaka-san? Scary?” I was asked, and I wondered why everyone was asking me things like that. Even looking in YouTube, I couldn’t see at all why she would be scary. But since everyone was asking me, “Was she scary?” I thought “I wonder if she really is that scary?” the whole time, but in that DVD ma…

Kudou Haruka: Magazine.

Sato Masaki: When we did that magazine, Tanaka-san would talk to me, and when I teased her like “Tanaka-san!” we steadily became able to talk normally. And so, on that occasion it was initiated by Tanaka-san. Since she talked to me, I was able to just go right up to her. Like she was yielding and soft!

–But I was hearing that Maa-chan would talk to her senpai without any reservations.

Kudou Haruka: I think that’s incredible. I can respect it.

–Don’t you feel scared of your senpai?

Sato Masaki: My school senpai were scary. The 6th years were really scary. As for why they are, they would be hitting away the balls that 1st years were playing wtih. I thought that was unbelievable for the 1st years, so we all went to tell the 6th years to please stop it. Everyone got together from team 1 to team 5. Then the 6th years started crying. Since I was a girl who wasn’t concerned even if the balls were crushed, or if they intruded where I was playing, when watching them cry I pitied them, and went up to them by myself to say “Sorry”. Then, since the 6th years also apologized, I thought, “Ah, senpai really are kind”.

–Maa-chan, what are you talking about?

Sato Masaki: About a ball!

– I get that (lol). I meant for you to talk about your Hello! Pro senpai, not your elementary school ones……

Sato Masaki: Then I started thinking, “Older girls really are kind”. Since I have 2 younger sisters, I was from the standpoint that I had to be reliable. Changing their diapers, or watching for problems, or playing with them, or making dinner. But joining Morning Musume, I became the youngest. Then when I got to know Tanaka-san, since Okai Chisato-san (℃-ute) and Natsuyaki Miyabi-san (Berryz Kobo) would all come to see her, she introduced me to them and got me able to talk to them. And so, the impetus was always Tanaka-san.

–But I think Maa-chan got close with your senpai because you have that innocent character as well. Therefore if Maa-chan wasn’t there, I think the current Morning Musume would have been more brutal. It wouldn’t have come together like this as a group.

Kudou Haruka: I think that’s true. If Maa-chan wasn’t here, we wouldn’t have been able to talk like this to Tanaka-san and Michishige-san. When we just joined as the 10th gen, since Maa-chan would comfortably go up to our senpai, though it would have been frightful for the rest of us (lol), Maa-chan being too airheaded perhaps charmed them, or rather they got like, “There’s a funny girl here”, and they were able to be affectionate to her, and riding that wave the other 9th and 10th gen members also were able to become closer to our senpai. So I think it’s quite true that Maa-chan has enabled us to become close with our senpai.

–An 11th gen member has been added to that Morning Musume. Oda Sakura-san. What impressions do you have of her as of now?

Sato Masaki: Yep! I stayed with her as my roommate at a hotel, and got to know various things about her. She’s incredibly kind……How should I say it? Ah~, She’s a Sayashi-san type.

Sayashi Riho: Wait a second. Isn’t that too vague!

Sato Masaki: (ignoring her) I can’t fill the bath with hot water, and since I can’t be relied on for it, I was talking the whole time from the instant I got in the room about things unrelated to the bath.  Then, she finally said, “Are you taking a bath? Should I heat the water?” and I replied, “Eh? You can heat it?”! Then, “Masaki-san, you can’t heat a bath?” “Ah, I don’t mean that I’m concluding you can’t do it……” Like that.

– (lol)

Sato Masaki: Then she asked me, “What temperature is good for you?” I didn’t know what to say since until now Kuduu had been setting the temperature and such, so I said, “Normal is ok.” Then, since Oda-san said, “What is a normal temperature?” I thought, “What should I do!?” (lol) But I said “Whatever temperature Oda-san likes”…… I really worked hard! At that conversation! And then she heated it for me but I was called outside the room. By the time I got back it’d already gotten cold, so I just took a shower and slept. So Oda-san was attentive to each one of my needs, and is reliable, and good at singing……


Sato Masaki: When we were staying together, I got to know deep deep deep inside, “Ah, she’s this kind of girl”.

–I see, I see. Iyaa~, today is incredible~ isn’t it.

Everyone: (bursts out laughing)

–That’s incredible, Maa-chan. You know, today, I still have half of the questions I thought of left over, but hearing stories about school and the bath made our time wind up (lol).

Staff: (Bewildered) There’s about 5 minutes left……

–All right, let’s talk about the new song. With the 11th gen member being decided, the last song as the current 10 members will be released as “Wakuteka Take a chance”.

Sayashi Riho: We’ve had our 50th now, and so I think there are expectations for our 51st like, “How is it going to do?” While being cautious of that, I want this to be a single that pushes us further and further out. Since it’s “Wakuteka Take a chance”, I want us to go and capitalize on this chance. Iikubo Haruna-chan is appearing by herself on a variety show, and things like that are cautious chances for us. I think we’re abundant in personality now, so if you come to know us, I think you’ll definitely find us interesting……

–You are interesting.

Sayashi Riho: (lol). And so, I want even more people to get to know us through “Wakuteka Take a chance”.

–Well then, lastly, please tell us your respective goals or dreams as Morning Musume members.

Sayashi Riho: Kudou Haruka-chan said this earlier as well, but lots of idols are around now because Morning Musume was here. And so, as the origin of these idols, I want to become a group where people in society think like, “Well, it has to be Morning Musume.” From that meaning, with members with an abundance of personality gathered together now, I want to gain even more abilities to where we’ll be people who surprise others like, “Uwa!”

Kudou Haruka: I hope that Morning Musume will continue to evolve steadily with our 11th gen Oda-chan joining as well. Conversely I want to work hard to have the standing and position to be able to pull us along, and so to do that, I want to define my character even more. Since I’m in my first year of middle school there are things I totally can’t talk about…… and my height will probably change from now on too.

–You’re at that age, huh (lol).

Kudou Haruka: But I’ll enjoy my growth in both outward appearance and on the inside… Or rather, I hope you’ll watch over me.

–Well then, Maa-chan please.

Sato Masaki: Hai! Oda-san has joined with such a good singing voice, right? Until now I’ve been saying, “I’ll work hard at dancing and singing to not lose to Sayashi-san and Ayumin and such,” but from now on I have to make sure not to be overtaken by my kouhai. In dancing and singing. Also, in things like expressions and smiling and scary faces.

Sayashi Riho: Scary faces!?

–You want to become able to do serious faces too, right (lol).

Sato Masaki: Attractive faces. I want to steadily learn the ability to express myself like that. I think Oda-san will be a girl who’ll continue to grow. Getting better at singing and such since she’s joined Morning Musume. Since I heard that from someone.

Kudou Haruka: What are you saying!?

Everyone: (bursts out laughing)

Sato Masaki: Since I heard that, I want to make the level of the 10th gen steadily rise so that we’re not overtaken by Oda-san…… Since I feel like that could happen all of a sudden.

Kudou Haruka: If we stay like we are now, right.

Sato Masaki: I’ll work hard to become a senpai who, like the 9th gen-sans, can say, “This is not good”.

–I see. As part of that, you should learn how to heat the bathwater.

Sato Masaki: Eh? I secretly watched that time and learned how.

–When Oda-san was heating it?

Sato Masaki: Yep!

–All right, let’s do our best.

Everyone: (lol)