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℃-ute 4/20 sg 「Summer Wind」(Tsunku♂)

Delivering a summer song one step ahead.
For this composition’s theme, I went with my own “If this were a commercial song for summer cosmetics!” kind of image when composing it and writing the lyrics.
This is the song of a girl spreading her wings, going “Alright, let’s quickly grow up and fly!”

The situation is like her pretty arrogantly going “Similar to up until last year, I got in the car of the somewhat grown-up senpai who invited me, but this doesn’t absolutely mean that I wanted to ride in this car just because I enjoy this situation, ok?”
Thinking “I wonder where the place I should fly to is,” she looked around, excitedly anticipating this summer.

For the second verse:
“The senpai who encountered a sort of negative incident got depressed, saying ‘I blamed today’s date!,’ but you wanted me to get depressed with you, right?”
Here again, arrogantly.
On the inside, she sighed.
Even so, her heart is looking past the summer, waiting for a fresh encounter that will make her heart twinkle.
This tune is like one page out of that kind of youth.

The backtrack has fairly few notes, but I think, including the arranger AKIRA’s counter-melody, the chorus work and the scale of the song produce a fairly summer feel.
Suzuki’s improvisation at the end also gave off a good feeling of sauciness.

I want everyone to leave the cassette inserted in their car stereo!
(Although impossible in this day and age)
This is a song with that kind of feeling.
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Hamaura Ayano ~I Definitely Want to be in TIF Next Year Too~

Kobushi Factory, who passed their major debut on 9/2 after being formed on 2015/1/2, is a young Hello! Project group carrying on the spirit of Berryz Koubou who suspended activities on 3/3.
The girls who’ve had many external lives (Battle of Bands events) from summer through the winter, what kind of experience have they been getting through those, and how have they felt? —Pressing for thoughts from the 8 of them.

| The first match was a scorching hot outdoor live

hamachan1—As a group the first external live you experienced was the 7/20 “Summer Conference 2015 Suma Sute! Live” held in Yokohama Akarenga Warehouse, right.

That day really was hot, huh. From the dressing room backstage it was already hot, and standing on stage the heat was incredible. Before it began, I thought, “I wonder if I’ll be all right singing several songs from now on?”

—You experienced a “public rehearsal” on the stage at this time too.

Since it was my first one, I was a bit lost. Since the fans could see us going over our positioning and making mistakes too. I was nervous with so many people being about to see us rehearse like that.

—Many Kobushi Factory fans came too, didn’t they.

Since we were talking before going on stage in the dressing room about, “I wonder if there’ll be like 10 people?” or “Maybe the 2 lines or so from before?” we were surprised when we came out on stage for rehearsal.

—With the performance starting, how did it go?

I remember being incredibly happy that there were people just passing by who stopped to watch us. Also, wanting fans of other groups to get energized too, I was conscious of that as well.

—These external lives give you a chance to appeal to those who aren’t fans, so do the members talk about how to appeal to those who may not be interested?

Yep. We often talk about that.

—Who’s a member who takes the initiative to stir up people like that?

Myself and Hirose Ayaka-chan probably do it the most.

hamachan2—Out of the experiences Hamaura-san has had, is there some trick you’ve picked up? In order to catch their interest.

Looking at the same person many times.

—When you do that, as expected they start to gain awareness of you too.

That’s right. We don’t really get reactions just looking their way once, so I look at them many times during the same song.

—And with that they bit by bit start moving their bodies along with you as well, huh.

Yep. That’s true. Those moments make me happy.

|”Let’s capture 1,000 hearts each” through TIF

—You served as the top batter for the second day of “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2015″ held on 8/2.

At first on the “SMILE GARDEN” stage, it was so incredibly hot starting in the morning. I think it was the largest audience we’ve had for ourselves as a solo group.

—What were the members talking about before going out on stage?

Since we think there are lots of people here who don’t know about us, we were saying something like “Let’s capture 1,000 hearts each”.

hamachan3—Are your feelings before an external live like this different from Hello! Project (Hello Pro) lives and events and such?

Though I’m nervous before all of them, the type of anxiety is different for external lives. Like, “What type of sight are they waiting for?”

—Is the way the members go over things different as well?

We did lots of double-checking for things like how we can make people new to us have fun, or how to make sure people even in the back corners could see us.

—Are more of you the type that gets fired up by external lives, or the type that tends to get stiff?

Since all of us in Kobushi Factory are competitive, we don’t get nervous and stiff very much, btu rather the members mostly get like “Let’s do it!” Since we definitely don’t want to lose to other groups in our zeal or energy.

—Have you ever lived like at home (like at Hello Pro events) during any away (external live) experiences?

Everyone really has become good at “instigation”. Though we wouldn’t say things like “Oi! Oi!” much, learning how to instigate people outdoors is something everyone’s come to do.

—Who do you think from the group has changed, or grown the most?

Ogawa Rena-chan. Since long ago she’s been incredibly gentle, and had a really “warm fuzzy!” image, but now she’s developed a cool rock-like singing style, and though her dance was “warm fuzzy!” as well, now it’s sharp. I feel like she’s really changed a lot.

—Have you told her that yourself?

I occa~sionally say it. But since Rena really rides the flow, I try not to say it much.

| The day she went from “Hamaura-san” to “Hama-chan”

hamachan4—Hamaura-san is called the “Senpai of the Kenshuusei” by other members, but at some point you started being claled “Hama-chan” by all of them, huh.

Since I wanted them to quickly become more casual with me, I proposed many other nicknames they could use for me. That lasted about 4 or 5 months. The result of that was “Hama-chan”.

—Please tell us what some of the other candidates were.

“Hama-chan”, “Hama-san, “Hama”. Also “Hamachi”. I’m called “Hamachi” in school.

—They all use “Hama”, huh.

Yep. Since I’ve not been called by my first name. Oda Sakura (Morning Musume. ’15) is the only one who calls me “Ayano”.

—So after that, “Hama-chan” quickly took hold?

Nope, they wouldn’t call me that at all.

—Who’s someone who never called you by that?

Nomura Minami-chan. Since the senpai-kouhai relationship really was long. It’s like she mixes casual and honorific speech when she talks to me too. But now there’s none of that. It’s properly become “Hama-chan”.

| Murota Mizuki (Angerme), Eternal Rival

—Who’s your rival from the same Hello Pro generation as you outside of Kobushi Factory?

Angerme’s Murota Mizuki-chan.

—No different from the previous interview (Hamaura Ayano live photographs & interview “The Distinct Presence and Charm of the Long-Expected Ace of the Kenshuusei”).

Yep. I think she’ll be my eternal rival. We’ve both sing a lot since our Kenshuusei days, and are really aware of each other.

—The two of you were were rivals in the Kenshuusei have been standing on different stages in different groups too, right.

Really when seeing her standing on the stage of the Nippon Budoukan before me, I thought that Kobushi Factory really also needs to become that big.

—Do you still keep in contact with Murota-san?

Yep. I always send her my thoughts after seeing Angerme-san’s lives. We also say things like, “Let’s hang out soon okay”.

| I wanna do lives every day

hamachan5—What kind of activities do you want to do as a group next year?

Though I definitely want to continue live tours, I also hope we’ll keep appearing in external lives to increase the numbers of people who like us.

—Do you like external lives?

I like them a ton. They get me fired up.

—If you’re asked about next year’s TIF, would you want to be in it?

I definitely do. Since it was so incredibly fun. Since I just really love lives, I want to do lots of them. It’s okay if they’re every day.

—Lastly, please tell us about your personal goals.

Though my goal never changes from wanting to be the ace in singing and dancing, in addition to that I want to increase my talking ability. I was able to lead the ramen corner in our live tour, since I always get wordy in it, I want to become able to make it properly brief and succinct. Also, since there are so many foods I like and dislike… I want to work hard to be able to eat more vegetables.

—Are vegetables no good even if they’re put in ramen?

I can eat them if they’re in ramen.
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FNS Kayousai! (℃-ute)

To everyone who watched FNS Kayousai THE LIVE!
Thank you very much!!

Did you watch it thoroughly??005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi Okai Chisato

Being able to appear on FNS Kayousai、
And、 receiving the opportunity to let
As many people as possible watch Hello! Project、
It truly was our pride、 and it really made us happy!!


This is the present Hello! Project!!


(In Japanese syllabary order)
AKB48-san、SKE48-san、NMB48-san、Keyakizaka 46-san、 Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku-san、 Team Shachihoko-san、Nogizaka 46-san、 Momoiro Clover Z-san、
We were motivated by the many idols there、
And we’d like to develop even further 092[1] png Okai Chisato 092[1] png Okai Chisato


To all the fans of Hello! Project、 fans of ℃-ute!
Thank you so very much for all your support!!


In order to appear again at the FNS Kayousai next year、
We’ll rush ahead full power in 2016 as well!


Hello! Project、
And ℃-ute、
Will go on doing our bestーーー 092[1] png Okai Chisato 092[1] png Okai Chisato 092[1] png Okai Chisato 092[1] png Okai Chisato


                                           All of ℃-ute
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Country Girls (Satoda Mai)

On this occasion、 the office contacted me to inform that Country Girls member Shimamura Uta-chan was withdrawing from the group、 which was truly surprising。

Since Country Girls have only just started、 it truly is a pity。

The loss of members is something I’ll never get used to。
It’s sad to part。

However, I believe that this is a decision that came at the end of a lot of thought by herself and her family, so we could not refuse it。

And for the current 5 members、 I’d like them to work even harder!

Everyone、 I beg for your kind, continued support for Country Girls!
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To the members of ℃-ute。 (Tsunku♂)

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary。
And good luck with your Yokohama Arena concert。
It’s already been 10 years since you were formed。 That was fast。

Almost all of you were in primary school when we first met。
I’m sure you started doing recordings、 dancing、 and singing without knowing left from right。
However、 I think that you got here because you started without knowing anything。

And the members grew up in the blink of an eye。

All of you have become splendid at talking、 which makes me feel the passage of time、 and yet、 the way you sing and your dancing habits haven’t fundamentally changed from when you started、 the sight of that makes me think 「Of course」。

This is why you were selected。

You might be arbitrarily tied to the word 「Idol」。
Your dancing、 your outfits、 your hairstyles、 make-up、 and so on、 although I think that you really pay heed to the things that get noticed by people、 all of you are singers。

Since if you can sing with conviction、 you don’t need to mind anything else。

At any rate、 the number one thing is whether you’re able to deliver your 「feelings」 to the hearts of those listening to your songs。
And even after the passage of 10 years、 have a look at yourselves once again、 and please continue to sing wonderful songs。

I’ll always support you。

I’ll be praying for the success of your concert!
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Thank you! (Tsunku♂)

Thank you very much for your many comments!

Honestly、 wondering how it would turn out with regards to me standing on-stage at the school entrance ceremony、 I was nervous、 but I got such a number of supportive comments as a result。

Whatever you said、 your comments were overflowing with a positive aura that was quite healing!
Indeed、 I believe that the best medicine is relaxing your heart。

From now on、 again、 I’ll do my best with everything I’ve got as a new 「Tsunku♂」、 so for your support、 I beg for your kindness!
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Celebrations、Kinki University School Entrance Ceremony! (Tsunku♂)

I believe that today is the day when all sorts of school entrance ceremonies are happening throughout the country。

The university I graduated from,「Kinki University」 also had its school entrance ceremony today。
I thought that it would rain at first、 it was slightly cloudy in the morning、 but the weather was fine in the end。
I’ve been involved in the school entrance ceremony for
3 years、 and I’ve been producing the school entrance ceremony for 2 years in a row

However、 last year、 I was in the middle of treatment、 so I was unable to make it there、
But this year I made my way there and had my congratulatory message read out。

With that said、 among other things、 I conveyed my congratulatory message
But while undergoing cancer treatment in the autumn of last year、 just to be sure、 even though the affected part had been cured
All my vocal cords were surgically removed、 so I am unable to speak。
And so、 it means that I did not read out my message as I stood on-stage、 my letter was displayed through the screen on the stage、
And everyone could read it。
I participated in the school song performance at the end with a guitar、 it was like I had become a newly enrolled student。



By the way、 I had my operation in the middle of October last year、 and was discharged at the end of October、 and after being discharged、 I started working while discussing about my health、
Ever since I started working, this was the first time that I could spend the New Year’s leisurely、 and got a lot healthier

I started kick-boxing in the middle of January
Building up my strength to make a new start on life。
(Ah、 that said, I’m doing it at my own leisure, like once a week・・lol)

These are the things that I can do from now on。
I think that there are things that only I can work on、
So I’m begging for the kindness of everyone。

I conveyed this to everyone at the school entrance ceremony、 but I too am in my 1st year of a new life
Spirits restored, I’ll do my best!

Now、 I’m in the middle of writing up a book that ties up my current state of mind、
So please read it if you have the opportunity to!

The production of song and verse、 and compositions are things that are obvious、
But I feel that it’ll be useful to everyone、 you’ll learn things that go beyond those。

Whatever happens、 congratulations to all the first year students of Kinki University!
To those starting a new life around the country as well、 congratulations!

Let’s all fight on!

P,S: The performance by the members of the wind music club was truly lovely、 it was am absolutely relaxing and stylish musical performance。
Thank you so much to the cheering club。 You wound up the place。
And、 to the 
Kindai Girls、 it was truly moving
That you were exuding lovely smiles from the opening。
To everyone else concerned、 thank you so very much。
I may be saying this myself、 but I think that it ended up being a truly wonderful entrance ceremony!
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Tears ・ Berryz Kobo Budokan! (Tsunku♂)

11 years of activities, is that long or short・・・

That thought occurred to me while watching the performance today。

I think that there are a lot of things that these girls still ought to have done。
But while I say that、 they’ve done the things they should have done 。

Perhaps、 it’s because I made the songs that I should have made for them、
But、 there are still songs I want them to sing

That’s roughly why I feel like that。

Amongst the groups I’ve produced
These girls gave me the most varied challenges。
That thought comes from their staggering variety of songs。
That’s how seriously I crafted them。

Based on the number of their singles, they’ve definitely got a lot more compared to Sharan Q。

Growing together with the songs from when they were children until they’ve grown to this extent
They have an unprecedented amount of experience、 that’s the type of group they are。

At any rate、 although there was a member who retired
As idols、 I don’t think that there are any who have stayed as one group for so long。

The performance was roughly two and a half hours。
Today’s setlist was self-produced by the members。
From setting the playlist、 they were also involved in completing the outfits。
I really think that Berryz Kobo didn’t attain 100 points until the end。
A human touch really flowed out of good scenes。 Making fools of themselves。
It reminded me that those things are their peculiarities, their flavour, their individuality。

Thank you!
And good job!
I wonder if you’ll be able to take a little break・・。

Sugaya: Until yesterday, she was getting the jitters, her voice was in bad condition~、
But her voice was solid in the real performance。 It was held back in reserve, right。
I guess Sugaya’s the one who grew to become the sexiest among the members。
There were all sorts of periods where her motivation peaked and dipped、 but her singing really packed a punch。

Kumai: Linked together from the outset until today, I feel that Kumai carries herself。
She grew steadily in stature、 but it was like she had a core that remained unchanged regardless of what the producer said。 In that way, there were times that it could move the producer to tears、 but it’s good that she stuck to her guns。

Natsuyaki: She had her own aesthetic since she was small、 and in that way I think that she was a girl who had the power to produce herself。 Her singing got steadily better throughout。 Her singing got better、
and even her selfish statements had persuasive power。 The flavour of her dancing was gifted with seductiveness。

Sudou: You might say she plays the role of a natural airhead、 but that isn’t artfulness、 I think she possesses a simple and honest heart。 I thought about giving her a lecture and telling her 「Slim down and become pretty!」 as we headed towards today’s performance、 but since Sudou was around、 it was cool。

Tokunaga: There are great efforts behind that smile。 That’s what I think。 I think that Tokunaga’s smile greatly helped out the group。 Even as producer, there are often scenes where 「This has got to be Tokunaga!」。 At those times, Tokunaga delivers, right on the mark。 A girl who brings a sense of security。 Giving Tsugunaga the cold shoulder, in response to the question 「What did you dislike the most!?」, I think it’s amazing how 「Since I didn’t get the centre position」 suddenly came out。

Tsugunaga: Just before today’s performance、 even though almost all the members were teary-eyed、
This girl was steadily improving herself。 She was a professional until the very final end、 and I think the proof of that is that she was 「Momochi」。 Tsugunaga and Tokunaga’s long MC in the middle while waiting for the outfit change were as per what you would expect from them。 Talking like a pro, she got laughs right on the mark。

Shimizu: She’s the oldest、 but what I thought seeing her today、 she’s the purest、
I think she’s the member who most retained the image of Berryz Kobo’s early days。
I wonder if it was born from her sense of responsibility as the captain・・・
Throughout、 there were times when the position of Captain must have weighed on her、 but I think that’s how we’ve got the Shimizu of today。

PS、 that said、 you truly did a good job。
At the final Love together!
Sugaya’s rhythm veered from the piano accompaniment、
But it’s the most she’s gotten into the mind of the 「song」 so far。
It was like an influential singer of new music was singing。
Starting from that、 the solos continued、 but each and everyone’s mannerisms truly appeared、
And I remembered the many hardships faced at the scene of the recording。
Your second lives begin tomorrow。 From now on, it’ll be your own life, even more than before。

I’ll watch over you with anticipation!
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We Asked 251 Idols, “What is your Top 5 of 2014?” (Otsuka Aina)

150220_1343_001 (2)Otsuka Aina

DOB: 1998-04-03 Blood Type: O
Twitter: @aina_otsuka43

My Top 5 of 2014

①Stage Play

⑤I’ve loved Disney since I was little, but it wasn’t until last year when I collected a lot of goods. I wasn’t able to go to Disneyland a lot last year, but the times I was able to go have fun with my friends after school left an impact throughout the year! ④I got really into the color yellow last year, to the point where everything around me, whether it was a pouch or a pencil, was yellow.(laughs) Every year, I like to find a new color and try to spend the year without getting tired of it! I feel like this year’s color is going to be turquoise blue! ③I entered high school last year, so it ended up turning into a very studious year! Even though English is my worst subject, I’d like to master it before graduating! ②Since going solo, I’ve had a number of chances to perform with a live band playing in the back, through which I found out how fun it is to have them in the background! Sometimes it feels a bit lonely performing by yourself, but when you have others on stage with you, I feel like you get less nervous and are somewhat more at ease! ①In December, I played a role in a stage play for the first time! While the rehearsals were fun, it was a difficult play overall. Despite that, the fun I had with the other actors and actresses and the staff while helping create this piece left a very large impact on me! For 2015, I’d like to challenge all different kinds of jobs!

(Taken from TRASH-UP!! Vol.21, pg.87)

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Hello! Pro Live (Satoda Mai)

I went for it!

Everyone was extremely cool, and it was tons of fun!

I’d like to watch it again!



It was Country Girls’ stage début~

Ahー They were adorable♡

They’re doing their best、 but they still have that innocence、 they’re just so cute that it makes this older lady’s heart skip a beat。

Everyone、 they’re really really cute girls, so please treat them well!




After we had taken the photo of us gathered together, the PureMane (Playing Manager) TsuguMomo (Tsugunaga Momoko) came、 so once again, a compositeー




When I took the solo of Momoko



Ozeki Mai-chan was behind her



That’s a nice face lol
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