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Hello! Pro Live (Satoda Mai)

I went for it!

Everyone was extremely cool, and it was tons of fun!

I’d like to watch it again!



It was Country Girls’ stage début~

Ahー They were adorable♡

They’re doing their best、 but they still have that innocence、 they’re just so cute that it makes this older lady’s heart skip a beat。

Everyone、 they’re really really cute girls, so please treat them well!




After we had taken the photo of us gathered together, the PureMane (Playing Manager) TsuguMomo (Tsugunaga Momoko) came、 so once again, a compositeー




When I took the solo of Momoko



Ozeki Mai-chan was behind her



That’s a nice face lol

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What should we do to get well known (Satoda Mai)

The other day、
I had lunch with present Berryz Kobo member、
And beyond that, Country Girls Playing Manager Tsugunaga Momoko-chan。

I’m really glad that Momoko will be part of Country、 I feel grateful

And we had a pretty vivid discussion about ‘What should we do to get well known?’

You’d expect no less of Momoko、 member of an idol group with a 10-year history。

She’s really got a good head on her shoulders。

The discussion was so detailed that I can’t write about it here lol

I’ll definitely do so when it’s the right time!

Momoko, thank you for making time in your busy schedule!!


I wanted to take photos、

But Momoko wasn’t doing her business musubi (Two tails, called the Momochi Musubi)、 so it’s just our hands。




Country Girls (Satoda Mai)

As was broadcast on Hello! Sta、 in a sort of a surprise prank, I announced to each and every one of the new members that they’d be joining Country!

It was amusing to see their reactions of surprise、 and their unadorned freshness and honesty was amazing~

I couldn’t meet with Momoko on that day、
But when I met her, I properly conveyed my gratitude。


And in that Hello! Sta、 Shinoda Junko-san chaired the announcement of the joining of the Country Girls’ new members、 thank you very much for cooperating with me!!


Well then、 I’ll introduce the cute, cute members on this blog!



From left

Inaba Manaka-chan

Morito Chisaki-chan

Shimamura Uta-chan


Ozeki Mai-chan


Yamaki Risa-chan


And I don’t have any photos、 but there’s also Playing Manager Tsugunaga Momoko-chan。


The youngest is 12 years old、 18 years younger than me!





Once again、 I look forward to working with all of you (^^)

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A report! (Satoda Mai)

Just as it was announced today、 Country Musume。 has added new members、 and will be making a new start as 「Country ・ Girls」!


For me, who has spent several years as the lone member of Country Musume。、 I’m really glad with how it’s getting lively with the addition of these fresh and cute members、

And I’m truly, indescribably happy that the new members will also get to sing my favourite Country Musume。 songs that we’ve built up so far、 and that those songs will get to the ears of the fans。


My activities next year will be centred in America、 so I’m unable to directly influence the group、 but in my position as supervisor、 even from a distance I’d like seek the members’ point of view and gradually deliver information to help spread news of the girls’ activities。

And! Tsugunaga Momoko-chan, after Berryz Kobo’s indefinite hiatus, has become the playing manager for Country Girls。

Momoko has got guts but actually is a reliable person, and having someone like her inherit the Country spirit、 it’s really promising、 and I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart!!

Momoko、 thank you!!!


Starting with new members、 a supervisor and a playing manager、 somehow the number of stylish positions has increased for Country Girls、 previously Country Musume。

I’m really looking forward to how the group will turn out!

Everyone、 we beg for your kind support!!

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Morning Musume。’14 Live in New York

I was thereー!

I’m happy that all the songs were songs that I love~

Morning Musume’s performance was really stylish、

I like their professionalism!!

The cheers and excitement of the local fans was amazing、 it gave me goosebumps!!

And、 Michishige Sayumi-chan、 who’s preparing for her graduation、 was reliable as usual, a cool leader。

I was deeply moved while watching them on stage!


And、 the day before the concert, I went for lunch with the girls of Morning Musume~

They were all innocent cuties~

I also enjoyed getting to talk with Shige-san, it’s been a while!

I wish I could have talked more with the other members~

Next time、 I’ll try talking more with them!





Photo with everyone。

Morning Musume。’14、 and Country Musume。 and Masao-san。


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Notice related to the leader of Hello! Project

Presently、 the role of Hello! Project leader is an additional post held by Morning Musume。’14 leader Michishige Sayumi、
However, along with the graduation of Michishige Sayumi from Morning Musume。’14 and Hello! Project on the 26th of November、
From then onwards, ℃-ute leader Yajima Maimi will hold the additional post of Hello! Project leader。

From now on too Hello! Project will be humbly begging for your kindness。

Up Front Promotion

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Morning Musume。’14 New York Performance Ended without a Hitch! (Tsunku♂)

For Morning Musume。, this is their 2nd time on the American mainland、
But compared to last time, I think that the crowd was thicker with fans。

And、 I really felt、
That they were looking forward to the current, new type of Morning Musume。’14。

I may be singing my own praises、 but to for my music to be booming in the heartland, America itself、
Seeing the enthusiastic response with my own eyes、
It let me confirm my belief that I wasn’t wrong in what I had done so far、 what I had created。

The moment the concert started、 as the members appeared on-stage, the venue was filled with screams of encouragement。
There were also many female fans、 and the feeling of everyone cheering them on, Japanese-style
It was great, it was truly heart-warming。

Having said that、 it’s like something new will begin from now on、
That’s the hunch I have。

Until Michishige Sayumi graduates、 and for Morning Musume。 beyond that
I humbly beg for your kindness!





Overly stoic idol Miyamoto Karin talks about being an 「Idol Cyborg」

Juice=Juice have released their new single 『Senobi / Date janai yo Uchi no Jinsei ha』 about 2 months after their last release。

Based on how successful they are, you wouldn’t think that these girls were newcomer group hardly a year from their formation last year、 armed with their high performance quality。 This time, let us listen to Miyamoto Karin, known as the「Idol Cyborg」、 talk about Juice=Juice、 and about her personal activities。


-The new song『Senobi』、 is the most heart-rending song that Juice=Juice has done so far。 Please tell us about the highlights。

The songs we’ve had up to now have been songs about girls who are mature beyond their years、 but 『Senobi』 is a song about a girl like us who’s trying to stretch herself further、 so we sympathise with it differently、 but we understand the feeling。 For the chorus、  the words are lined up、 and expressing that was enjoyable、 if difficult。

-The chorus is distinctive。

At the chorus, the fans sing 「Whoa、 whoa、 whoa」 at the same time, so there’s this sense of unity。

-When you performed it LIVE、 how was the response?

We got a lot of opinions on the lines of 「It was mature, how wonderful」 through radio messages and blog comments。 Also、 there were a lot of people who liked our aqua-coloured outfits。 I enjoyed it since I hardly ever pile on the aqua in my personal dressing、 and it feels fresh since we haven’t had any outfits so far where all of us are dressed the same。 Since usually our clothes are all over the place。

-Please tell us about the highlights for 『Date janai yo Uchi no Jinsei ha』 too。

We unveiled this song at a concert、 but I’m happy to say that all the members enjoy this single。 At the intro and the outro、 everyone goes 「Oi! Oi!」 to get pumped up、 and part of the choreography has us jostling with our arms, which the fans do together with their neighbours、 it’s a song that pumps you up。

-It’s been 1 whole year since Juice=Juice was formed。

We commemorated it this time around by holding a fan club event、 but there were a lot of unplanned surprises、 like when the foods we disliked were lined up, we would help each other out by telling one another to「Eat」、 and I think that our teamwork is gradually getting better。  Even at MCs, we’re all helping each other out。

-Foods you dislike?

At the fan club event、 we were really expecting to get a 「reward」、 but actually as a「false reward」, we got the foods that we hated…。 I hate celery and bitter melon… But、 it did my best to eat them! I thought I’d be okay at challenging myself at celery、 but it really was impossible… Midway through I had to sprinkle pepper in my mouth。

-You also got a 1st year anniversary from the staff as well。

We were appearing in the 「Nama Tamago Show!」 , the recitals for the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei、 but after we were done with the rehearsals, the teachers brought us all together for a meeting… That scene had us feeling hopeless。 However、we were talking amongst ourselves 「Ah、 what did we do wrong?」… And with that、 the dance teacher said 「How about you guys try watching it?」、 and the singing teacher had criticisms for us、 and the teachers told us that we should watch our performance on the screen behind us. When we had a look, it was a video of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei dancing to 『Are Kore Shitai!』… And when they went 「Happy 1st anniversary!」 , which had all of us members crying aloud。

-And talking about Miyamoto-san、 there’s the Engeki Joshibu Musical Koi suru Hello Kitty! So、 Miyamoto-san will become Hello Kitty!

I really love Hello Kitty、 and I often went to the Sanrio shop when I was small. I enjoyed the 「lucky draw」 so much that it was a must-do every time I visited!  I have no idea how I’m supposed to feel, becoming that beloved Hello Kitty、 it feels really strange。 In my mind, she’s the true 「idol」 。 However、 I’ve seen Mano Erina-san’s previous performance of Hello Kitty、 but I’d like to do a just-right Hello Kitty in  my own way。

-What preparations have you made in order to become Hello Kitty?

I’m really being careful about the way I use my words、 I’ve got to be courteous。 I occasionally inflect my words strangely、 so I’ve got to be careful。 Also、 I’ve got to improve the smoothness of my speech and speak clearly。

-It’s amazing how deeply you’ve thought about becoming Hello Kitty!

Doesn’t Hello Kitty come out in all sorts of forms, like dolls or in anime? And so、 because I’m going to be part of that、 I have to become like Hello Kitty。

-A lot of little girls will be coming to watch it。

Since Hello Kitty’s fans will be coming、 I have to do my best and not let them think 「This is no good」。

-Kanazawa Tomoko-san is looking cool playing the male role。

Since I like cute, stylish people…。 I thought she was cool when I first saw her at the photo shoot for the pamphlet、 and I thought the same seeing her at the event (blushes)。

-You’ll only be able to see that cool appearance during the duration of the musical。

That’s right! It’s really valuable, so I definitely want you to see it。

-Is Kanazawa-san usually boyish?

She’s really open hearted about it、 saying「I guess among the members, it’s got to be me if we’re acting」。

-And you’re on tour。

It’s really fun、 and I look forward to how places differ from one place to another every time。 The venues too have many unique characteristics、 like there are ones that span quite a distance from front-to-back、 or venues that have blind spots… We want the fans to enjoy themselves no matter what the venue、 and it’s fun when the members are all enjoying it。

-Do you alter every performance based on how the venue is like?

We make minor alterations、 like standing positions。 I’m short、 so I’ve got to attract attention if we’re doing somthing like getting on a platform。

-Compared to the halls used for Hello! Project concerts、 are there any differences with the concert halls for this tour?

They have their own strong points、 but where I really feel the difference is it that our expressions change depending on whether or not there is a screen。 Like your hands should be in this position if you’re being filmed by a camera、 or conversely, you put your hand in a different position at livehouses since you want everyone to follow the moves… It’s only a difference of several cm, but it drastically changes how it looks。 It’s something small、 but the members discuss it。

-Do those meetings get wrapped up by leader Miyazaki Yuka-san?

Well、 everyone contributes their opinions! Rather than Yuka-chan forcefully leading、 Yuka-chan’s the type of leader who checks to see ‘Is this girl doing all right? ‘ or notice if we’re not cheerful。 A leader that’s like a mother。

- Speaking about leaders、 Morning Musume。’14′s Michishige Sayumi-san will be graduating from Hello! Pro、 and Morning Musume。’14。 Do you have any memories with Michishige-san?

I really was under Michishige-san’s care at my first play。 I was a clueless primary school student and did nothing but be a bother to her、 but she introduced me on her blog、 giving me kind advice and taking photos with me… She really was nice to me。 At the Sapporo Hello! Project concert、 each and every member got a message card from Michishige-san… It surprised me that it was handwritten!

-Switching topics、 Miyamoto-san has been referred to as the 「Idol Cyborg」。 At our last interview, you made a sensation for having an overly stoic lifestyle, doing things like immediately doing yoga after getting up。

Fufu (laughs)。 Yoga’s a daily routine。

- Has anything been added to your 「Overly stoic lifestyle」 recently?

Yu~p、 recently I’ve been eating germinated brown rice! I’ve definitely got to have germinated brown rice for breakfast。 It seems that sugary stuff doesn’t really go well with me、 so I don’t really take it。 After that、 I’ve been reading and learning from health-related books。

-Germinated brown rice is good for the body?

It raises your body temperature! I get so warm that the members ask 「Are you all right?」, mistaking it for a fever。

-So you’re learning from health-related books。

I just read a book about 「Suturing the cranium」。 You can bind the cranium to make your head smaller!I was wondering how I’d get through the book since it was filled with extremely complicated kanji characters… But I’ll put it into practice somehow。 Also, since I’m short、 I’ve have to be careful about not getting bow-legged。 There’s also methods to loosen up the shoulder blades、 and I use dumbbells…。

-Eh? You have dumbbells in your room?

Ones that you can add up to 100 levels of water!

-You hardly ever hear about idols having dumbbells in their room。


-How would you like to be in the end?

I’d like to give good performances、 and as much as possible, I’d like to enchant  people when I’m in tip-top condition。 Also、 I’d like to become an actress who can do musicals in the future!

- By the way,  when did you start being called 「Idol Cyborg」?

It started from when we got mail from the fans through our radio show、 and it got mentioned quite a lot after that。 The first time I said 「I am Idol Cyborg」[sic]  was when Chouno-san came to an event。

-So you’re definitely aware of acting as an idol cyborg?

Well、 that’s not completely the case、 but it would be fine that way。 The fans hold expectations beyond what we ourselves hold、 so I’d like to pursue perfection as an idol。 In my mind, Michishige-san’s an idol cyborg too、 so I definitely would like to aim for that!

-In Miyamoto-san’s mind、 are there any other cyborgs besides Michishige-san

For me、 I love Matsuda Seiko-san, and I think she was magnificent as an idol! Her singing ability is superb、 and I’d like to aim for that!

-What’s your favourite song by Matsuda Seiko-san?

Ones like 『Denwa de Date』, 『Mizuiro no Asa』、 『Miami Gozen 5ji』…。

-That’s quite the enthusiast’s selection!

I’ll definitely sing them when I go for karaoke! Although there are times when they aren’t in the song selection…。 However、 when I go with the members, we sing Hello! Project songs (laughs)。

- Well then Miyamoto-san、 please give a message for your fans!

Juice=Juice is celebrating our 1st anniversary、 and we’re doing our best to slowly improve our teamwork。 For our previous single, we were labelled as 「Super aggressive pure-type idols」、 but while the aggressive parts、 the mature parts still remain, we won’t part with our pure, fresh parts either、 and I think it would be great if we’d do our best, recklessly, in our 2nd year。

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An announcement from S/mileage

4 and half years have passed since S/mileage made their major debut。
We initially started with 4 members、but after Ogawa and Maeda graduated one after the other in 2011、the survival of the group was in crisis。
During that time, the 2nd generation members joined. The 6 of us have overcome many things as a group and were even able to succeed at our dream of performing at Budokan。
That was a very big thing for S/mileage、and it was due in part to our confidence in ourselves。
We’re eternally grateful to our 4 2nd generation members。
Rather than stopping at our Budokan success, we want to make S/mileage even bigger。

From time to time, the 2nd generation members have expressed their anxiety about what will happen to the group when us two original members graduate. And so, after consulting with the staff,  it has been decided that members from Hello! Project Kenshuusei will be added to the group.
We hope that new members joining will be good motivation for everyone。
In order to establish ourselves as a brand new group, we’ve decided to change our name as well。We will be taking ideas for a new name from all of you。
If the S/mileage up until now was our 「First Chapter」、then we’d like to carve out the start of our 「Second Chapter」with the new members with a fresh new name。
We think we’ll be able to accomplish things we were unable to do in the past,  so we’d like to gradually challenge ourselves to new things。
Please continue to give us your support。

S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon and Wada Ayaka
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Berryz Kobo Concerning their Suspension of Activities Next Spring

Thank you for always supporting Hello!Project、as well as Berryz Kobo。

Though it’s sudden、I have a report for everyone。
As was already announced by the Berryz Kobo membersduring the Hello!Project2014 summer concert『KOREZO!』held on (8/2)、
Berryz Kobo in spring 2015 will be entering an「indefinite suspension of activities」。

Though it’s extremely unfortunate as their producer as well、
the members who have been together for the same length of time since they were little talked about their futures among themselves、and this is the result they came to。
For me、I’ve been watching them grow along the way as I’ve developed many compositions for them。
And so、I think the next steps for them will be a great opportunity。

At the time they almost all debuted as elementary students、
since they were intent with the amazingly pure emotions of「I love to sing!」「I love to dance!」「I wanna try wearing cute clothes!」and jumped into this world、
I think they’ve been able to come to now remaining in the same group the whole time。
I’ve also supported these pure feelings from my heart、
and am very grateful to all the fans who have raised them to this point。

And so, I think it is my duty to keep watching over them as they flap their wings and turn toward their next new dreams。

Furthermore、concerning details about their upcoming schedules or what they’ll do after the suspension of activities、
we’ll announce them as soon as they’re decided。

For now, I’ve reported this right away。
From now on as well、please support this summer’s Hello!Project concert as well as the Berryz Kobo fall tour。

Berryz Kobo Producer

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