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Honky Tonk Sapporo

To all of you in attendance。
To all of you who sent your thoughts。

Thank you very much!

At the high-five events、 I got plenty of kind words about the play and Juria ♡

You used your precious time to tell me in your own voices, so I was really happy〜〜(^ ^)♪


Above all, the words “I love Berryz Kobo” make me the happiest ♡♡

I am who I am now because of my experiences as Berryz Kobo’s Sudo Maasa。

It makes me really happy to be told that you love my starting point!!!

We’ll be going to various places after this、 so I’d like to fascinate as many people as possible with this play。
And、 I’d like to do my best so that they’ll come to be interested in Sudo Maasa!!!!

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Tsubaki Factory

In Jannuary 2017、 my cute little juniors Tsubaki Factory will be making their major debut!!

I’m happy, sharing in the joy ‧⁺◟︎( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ ) ♡♡

They added 3 new members、 and they’ll be having activities with 9 people after this、 so I’d like to keep on watching over the development of this evolved group of girls ♪

I want to see them all soon ♡
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“Nemurenu Yoru no Honky Tonk Blues”

This is Maa-san!!

Kumai-chan, thank you


[Reblog of Kumai Yurina’s blog post]
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This is Maa-chan!!

Thank you ShimiShimi

[Reblog of Shimizu Saki’s blog post ‘Maa-chan’]
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Just after!

Done with the impromptu and full-dress rehearsals。
Saki-chan and Kumai-chan came to watch〜〜☺️



The photos are blurry。
That’s Kumai-chan for you! lol

We’ll finally be starting to perform the play from tomorrow。
I’ll brace myself、 and with love, I’ll ram into this production head-on \( ¨̮ )/
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Overcoming the summer

The practices for Honky Tonk
Have all been completed。

We’ll present it to you with confidence!!!

For 1 month after this、 we’ll be taking care of our bodies and getting through it。

Please make sure to come and watch \( ¨̮ )/
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Today’s socks



The power is rising up from my feet!!!
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Today is Miya’s birthday 271[1] Birthday Cake png Kumai142[1] png Kumai Yurina


Thank you for relaxing my eyes ♡
You’re so beautiful that you’re dazzling!!!
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Today it was announced that in June next year、 ℃-ute will be breaking up。

They are comrades with whom I had activities with as the Hello! Project Kids since 2002。

Those 5 girls have become grown-ups、 and this decision to break up was made in respect of the opinions of all the members。

They can only do a limited amount of things in the limited amount of time they have、 but I’d be happy if the 5 of them could spend as much time together as possible。
And、 I’d also be happy if they would show the fans a wonderful view。

While I don’t need to say this, I think that the 5 of them are the ones who are feeling this joy the most。

In order to share that time with as many people as possible、 I’d like to lend my complete support to the 5 of them。

Until June of next year、 please watch over the gallant figure of ℃-ute、 Berryz Kobo’s greatest contemporaries。

We ask for your kindness in supporting Hello! Project’s ℃-ute!!
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Messy hair

Despite curling my hair, the rain has turned it mostly straight。
That said、 it’s similar to how messy it gets when I wake up。

Anyway! Can’t help it if it’s become like that!
I’ll do my best at practice!!

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