Sudou Maasa


On Yahoo!’s entertainment news
【10-shunen no Berryz Kobo no Miryoku】{The charms of the 10 years of Berryz Kobo}
We got an article written concerning us‼︎‼︎‼︎




…… Today might be April Fool’s but this story is real‼︎‼︎




It seems that a lot of people read that article ♡




Thank you very much Yahoo!-san ♡
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The checked costume I wore at Budokan。




I’m wearing it for this HinaFes as well~♪
No doubts that I like blue~♡









I also did a boyish hairstyle, which I haven’t done in a while (o゚3゚b)b



Since I’ve been loose~ly curling my hair a lot recently, I wanted to do this hairstyle after quite a while!







But I wonder if being “boyish” makes me look like a “boy”…?
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We did itー♡

『HELLO!PROJECT Original Photo Book Produce Battle!』



And the victorious team is……





Berryz Kobo‼︎‼︎‼︎





We got the gold medal~
Berryz Kobo will get to act as the radio personality on 『All Night Nippon  GOLD』-san on the 2nd of May……♡
It really makes me glad‼︎


Thank you very much to everyone who voted‼︎‼︎



Please make sure to listen to us on the radio ♪




And we’re also one of the main dishes at the HinaFes today。
It was reallllly funーー٩̋(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)
Why are live performances so enjoyable
But I actually wanted to sing and dance more ( ›◡ु‹ )





Even alone, I’ll do my best in order for Berryz Kobo to receive cheers from lots of people!
We’ll be begging your kindness from now on too‼︎
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Excited ♡

☆『Hello! Project HinaFes 2014 ~Full Chorus~』
★『Forest For Rest ~SATOYAMA & SATOUMI he Ikou 2014~』
Currently in session at Pacifico Yokohama



As a memory of this spring、 please make sure to invite your friends and family to drop by ٩꒰๑ ´∇`๑꒱۶


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It’s spring ♡

Wasn’t today’s weather good‼︎
It finally feels like spring‼︎‼︎


It’s definitely the season for sakura now 4472369[1] Tree
I’d like to go for a flower viewing soon、and I’d also like to see the sakura at night 
Every year, I’d go with Mama on a drive to go and see the sakura at night ♡‼︎‼︎
That’s 1 of the things I look forward to ꒰*✪௰✪ૢ꒱



And Detective Conan’s movie will be opened to the public soooooon ーーー♡
Tomorrow there’ll be a 1 hour special, I’m happy ♡♡♡





Should I invite Saki-chan and Rii-chan to go and watch Conan ♡?
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On the 4th of June!

Our 35th new song will go on saleーーー ♪




And the day when we were recording the new song was the day that my earphones broke recently!



But I immediately went to GET new ones、 and since it finished without a hitch, I feel that the recording definitely turned out wonderfully with my lovely voice   ꒰*✪௰✪ૢ꒱♡
Since we’ll be carrying out a handshake event for those who have reserved the new song after tomorrow’s 「Haru no PON! Matsuri」 event、 make sure to take up this opportunity for my precious, lovely voice‼︎ lol
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『Berryz Kobo Début 10-Shuunen Kinen Concert Tour 2014 Spring  ~Real Berryz Kobo ~』

We had two performances in Osaka yesterday ☆
And 1 in Nagoya today ★
I’m glad that we got to pull of 2 days of LIVE performances in the midst of this 3 day break ♡
But if I could make a selfish wish………
I would’ve liked to do a LIVE performance tomorrow too~♡
And a more selfish wish………
Osaka・ Nagoya、 I’d like to do 2 days of LIVE performances at each place~♡
For next year……… Or rather‼︎‼︎…… I’ll do my best so that we’ll be able to come back within this year!
But to everyone who couldn’t make it for yesterday and today’s LIVE performances!
If we’re able to come back within this year、 please make sure to come at that time if you have the opportunity ♡
Those who were able to make it in these past 2 days are also greatly welcomed ꒰◍”౪`◍꒱۶✧˖°
I want lots of people to come and watch Berryz Kobo’s LIVE performances ♡
We’ll deliver to you our power many times over‼︎‼︎
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My earphones are broken…



Despite having a recording after this……
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The mission from Morning Musume。’14′s Michishige Sayumi-san!
【Recently、 something that moved me】
With that theme、 everyone in Hello! Project has been doing a blog relay ♪



And today it’s my turn‼︎‼︎



If I have to mention “something that moved me recently”……
It would be the e-mail I received telling me
『I’ll love Berryz Kobo-san my whole life ♡』
I got it from the person who passed along the mission to me, Morning Musume。’14′s Fukumura Mizuki-chan ꒰ღ˘◡˘ற꒱



Berryz Kobo-chan, feared by our juniors for some reason (lol)
Berryz Kobo-chan, whose name doesn’t come up when asked which senpai is looked up to(lol)
Yet Fuku-chan said that “I love you” ♡‼︎‼︎‼︎


♪ Omoitattara Kichi desse♪
♪ Ai suru Hito no Namae wo Nikki ni ♪
And others、 she told me about a lot of her favourite songs ♡




Please continue loving Berryz Kobo from now on too ♡ lol




Well then、 next shall be Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari-chan!
She’s a spoilt brat, but as she doesn’t fear the Berryz-neesans, we’ll continue to spoil her ♡





…Speaking about that, somehow or the other, the junior-chans have started to address me recently、 it makes me feel relieved ♡
At HinaFes on the 29th ・30th of this month、 please make sure to come and see us having fun and making a din with our juniors ♡



12 days left until the HinaFes‼︎
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good morning

On my way to work while listening to a lot of my favourite songs ꒰ღ˘◡˘ற꒱♫





We’re heading to Osaka today for 【Otona na no yo!/ 1=oku 3-zenman Sou Diet Oukoku】’s release event‼︎
Looking forward to it ٩꒰*´◒`*꒱۶
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