Sudou Maasa

Come! Let’s go forth!

【℃-ute (910) no Hi Special Concert 2014 Thank you BeriKyuu! in Nippon Budokan [First part]】
Has come to an end‼︎


Everyone was brilliant and danced up a storm and were so cool~♡
℃-ute’s the best~‼︎‼︎
And having stood on that stage today、 it makes me even more excited for tomorrow’s concert ꒰ ˃̆ૢ௰˂̆ૢ◍꒱ 1075 Zukki Eripon
We’ll show you Berryz Kobo’s potentialーーーーー❗️




Everyone, bring it onーーーー❗️❗️
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I’m done with today’s work ( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ )b

The Budokan concert feels like it’s shaping up to be something super amazing~~‼︎
With the wide venue, we’ll definitely have to run the 100m on-stage :dash:
It feels like I’ve turned back into a middle school student ♪


But about 10 years have passed since I was a middle school student、 and our faces might look a bit desperate running around, but even including that、 Berryz Kobo will bewitch you ❗️❗️❗️



You over there!
We’ll make you into a captive of Berryz Kobo ♡


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Today I had another janken challenge with Chinami for drinks‼︎‼︎





An instant kill! lol

I don’t feel nervous nor excited playing janken with Chinami!
Cause you know………


She starts out with the same thing every time! lol



You kinda learn all sorts of things having been together for 12 years~♡
But there are extremely rare times when it does change、 so I’m a bit scared since that extremely rare situation happened recently …Σ(゚д゚ノ;)ノ


I may be exposing it to Chinami by writing about here (Talking about whether or not she takes a look at this blog)、 but from now onwards, I can enjoy the janken to my heart’s content ♡‼︎


Perhaps after this, Higuchi Ichiyo-san (depicted on a 5000-yen note) might disappear from my wallet ⁉︎⁉︎


Chinami-san, thanks for the treat~(๑´ڡ`๑)
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Thanks for a job well done!

All the performances for the summer Hello! Con have been completed!



Thank you very much to Michishige-san for her 12 years of hard work ꒰*´∀`*꒱



Not just on-stage but even when we were backstage、 her constant cuteness was soothing ♡

Personally, Sayumin’s twintails hit the mark ♡ lol

I’m super jealous that she can pull it off even when she’s turned 25~!

Please continue to do twintails from now onwards too, okay ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )◞♡

I think she can’t really come because of her busy schedule、 but I want her to come to a Berryz concert today~♫

I’ll wait forever!




From tomorrow, I’ll brace myself for Budokan rehearsals and do my best!





(Written with tomato sauce: 神友 (lit. god friend), in the sense of someone who’s beyond a best friend i.e. a god-level friendship)



The “omelette rice” made by the friend I have a god-level relationship with

It was delicious ♡‼︎
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Since Saki-chan has been calling me that、 the members have recently started using it too!

Ages ago……
Saki-chan→ Maa
Momo→Suu-chan ・ Maasa
Chinami→ Maasa
Miya→ Maa
Kumai-chan→ Maa-san
Risako → Mama

Saki-chan→ Maa-chan
Momo → Maasa
Chinami → Maa-chan ・Maa
Miya → Maa-chan ・ Maa
Kumai-chan → Maa-san
Risako → Maa-chan ・ Maa
Now more than half the members are calling me “Maa-chan”‼︎‼︎


Nevertheless………… It’s impressive at how unwavering Kumai-chan is (lol)
Though being called anything besides “Maa-san” would feel out of place!


Since I’ve generally been called “Maa” a lot of the time since I was in primary school、 having all sorts of nicknames feels fresh to me、 and I’m really happy to be called “Maasa” by all of the fans ♡

But in my 4th year in primary school、 the newly appointed vice-principal called me
『Sudo……… Mama-san!!』。


Of course, the kanji in my name can be read as Mama, so he didn’t make a mistake, but… lol
The only one who can call me Mama is Rii-chan ♡


And so, please refer to me to anything besides Mama ♡ lol
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Mama & Baby



The tsundere Chan-Rii ♡
But Maa’s been babying her since forever ꒰ღ˘◡˘ற꒱♡
Letting her rest her head on my shoulders、 linking arms ♡
Just today, at the rehearsal, she came to sit a bit on Maa’s lap…♡

Risako has mature looks and has become level-headed since she turned 20、 but to Maa she’ll always be a baby ♪

And so, even from ages ago, I wanted her to occasionally call me “Mama”~! lol

It would be great if I could continue to pamper her even more♡‼︎‼︎
Maa would also like to learn a lot from Risako’s singing、 and deliver beautiful songs at the Budokan ♪
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As expected!

Having done rehearsals for the Budokan concert for 3 days, we’re done with all of the standing positions~!
Doesn’t it feel like the Beri-chans are outstanding ꒰ *´З` ꒱??

Seeing it gradually take form in front of my eyes、 it makes me enjoy it even more‼︎‼︎
Can’t we get to the 11th any sooner~~♡?
Even now, I’m looking forward to itーーー꒰⚈้̤͡ꇴ⚈้̤͡ ॢ꒱✧

It’s important for us to enjoy ourselves、 but making sure that all of you enjoy it comes 1st‼︎‼︎
Since what makes us happiest is to show you something enjoyable、 we’ll make an effort with the rehearsals from tomorrow onwards so that we can deliver our best performance!





I’m wearing the ☆Berryz parka☆ which you can buy at the concert、 while on the train going to work! lol
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Taking up the challenge!

Chinami proposed that 「The person who loses at janken has to buy the drinks!」。
That kind of challenge、 you have to take it up, right ❗️❗️

Chi & Maa『Starting with rock, janken…』



…… I won with an instant kill。
Such an unworthy opponent(lol)




In these cases、 the person who suggests these things are generally the losers~( ›◡ु‹ )


Thanks for the treatーーー!
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Let’s do it with everything we’ve gotー!

Currently in the middle of a photo shoot!
Good thing that it’s sunny~ :sun:

Kumaaz in the middle of a break ♡
Playing around with Momochi’s ribbons! lol




Photo shoot→ Budokan rehearsal
I’ll do my best the whole day today‼︎
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