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Together with Berryz Koubou…♡

Today was a rehearsal for the Okinawa Tour and Ariake live!!

Combined we danced to about 30 songs~!!

For this Ariake・Budokan LIVE we had the privilege of adding our own input and ideas into the setlist!!

I can say with confidence that “It’s going to be a fun LIVE!”( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ )b

Tickets for the Ariake Coliseum ・Nippon Budokan performances go on sale today、so even if you go alone I hope a lot of people come to the Berryz’s LIVE。


We want you to see Berryz Koubou singing and dancing!!!!

“Who do you want to see the scenery with?”

I think that、“Who you want to see the scenery with ” is more important than the actual location!

For me、it was the members and fans who were always by my side♡

So I want to spend our final time together as Berryz Koubou singing with the fans while gazing at that wonderful scenery !!!

To all of the fans♡
Together with Berryz Koubou、let’s have an awesome time!
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★good night★

We had a concert in Hiroshima~~♪

I brought a DVD thinking I’d watch it on the shinkansen on our way home, but I passed out as soon as I sat down in the seat…(-ω-;)

I was fast asleep for 4 hours straight!!

But I can still sleep!!!

Since Tokunaga Chinami wrote on her blog that she’s going to bed first、I’m going to intrude in her dream tonight꒰*´艸`*꒱♡
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Today we had a rehearsal for the Budokan LIVE~♪

In two days of rehearsal we’ve almost finished mapping out our positions!!

I think we have a tremendous ability to concentrate, if I do say so myself!!!

We were saying……

I’m working hard to write notes on the lyric cards、but I can’t remember a single one。

But、I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to do each song tomorrow

So I’m going to fall asleep after I drill the lyrics into my head!!!

You guys…

See you in my dreams♡

Sorry for my unattractive pajamas♡ Lol
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We had a concert in Morning Musume。’15 member Ishida Ayumi’s hometown、Sendai!!

I’m close with Ayumin(at least I think so)、so when I’m cheering Morning Musume on from the support seats and my eyes meet her’s、we wink and make kissy faces♡!(I’m the only one who does it)

It’s important to do something and stick to it!!

So, I’m going to keep doing it without feeling discouraged!!!

Also, it’s ℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi・Hagiwara Mai’s birthdays。
On the 5th we celebrated Nakajima Saki’s upcoming birthday in the dressing room♡

All together…
I wish the three of you happy birthdays♡
Have a great year!!!

This picture is neither Maimi-chan nor Nakky、not Mai-chan nor Ayumin. It’s……

The 3 Idiots!Lol

We’re so dumb we forgot to take the picture!
To make it even worse、I’m so dumb that I got my thumb in the left-hand corner of the picture!

Long live the idiotsーーー!Lol
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Today was rehearsal for our 2/8 event at Nakano Sun Plaza。
We had an interview and recording as well!!

We got back from Thailand yesterday. Whenever I go abroad I end up getting jet-lagged…。

But not this time!!!!

I was surprised by how much my recorded shows have accumulated!!


They’ve accumulated quite a bit, right?Lol

So I’ll watch a few and then go to bed。
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I’m home~♡
I arrived home safely!!

Today is my mama’s birthday、so we’re going out to eat now(o˘◡˘o)
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The LIVE ended safelyーーー!!

I’ve had the privilege of performing 3 live performances in Thailand from 2010 to today!
I’m so grateful to know from experience that lots of people are supporting me beyond my country’s borders♡

I want to come to Thailand again!!!
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Thai Kingdom

Berryz Koubou is in coming to Thailandーーー!!

For some reason……

I sleep and sleep, but I’m still tired……。

It’s probably jetlag……(´-﹏-`;)⁇

The temperature here is about 24℃ so it’s warm and feels great~~!!!
It makes me sleepy!Lol

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Today was a Polaroid& Autograph event꒰*´艸`*꒱

Unlike individual handshake events, we can’t take the time to talk slowly with everyone、but it makes me happy every time just to be able to see everyone’s enthusiastic faces at the Polaroid&Autograph events♡♡

I hope we have another opportunity like this…♡


Just a while ago I broke the hanger I use to hang up my costume、now I feel bad for not grasping the full extent of my power …(´-﹏-`;)

Uh oh~。

I wanna become weaker!!
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