Sudou Maasa

Thank you very much!

For the first time in 4 years, we had an autumn tour。
All the performances ended without a hitch!


The hall tours that we’ve always been doing since 2005 have come to an end today。



These 10 years、 I’ve always been gloomy about singing。
Of course I like and enjoy LIVE performances、 but I’d get the shivers whenever it came to my singing parts。
Perhaps it was because I was afraid of singing that I couldn’t enjoy myself to my heart’s content…。
These past few years, I’ve come to like singing、 but honestly I still felt scared of singing up until our spring tour this year。


But through our LIVE performances, we brought joy to our fans。
Wanting to see your looks of joy, I did my best until now!

So it might just be that it was from this autumn tour that I started thinking that I could truly enjoy it from the depths of my heart。
It was really reallllllly fun ٩꒰*´◒`*꒱۶!!!
By coming to love the songs, that’s the extent of how my view changed~♡


Moreover, I had a challenge in this autumn tour!

I sing ♪VERY BEAUTY♪ with Kumai-chan
It’s a truly lovely, wonderful song。
But it’s a really difficult song。

There were girls who were worried that my singing abilities might lead me to cave in at that song, and I was asked 「Would it be better if we changed the song? Will you be all right?」。

If it had been me from a bit earlier, perhaps it might have been changed。

But now that I’ve come to enjoy singing、 I thought “I don’t want to stop before I’ve started!”。

I’ll leave it up to you to decide how I did、 but I’m thankful that the 2 of us could let you listen to that song!
I’d definitely regret it if we didn’t sing it~。
It’d be a lifelong regret!!


It’s sad that our hall tours have come to an end、 but there were a lot of things I gained!


The LIVE performances that we created with all of you at all sorts of places, those performances are Maasa’s treasures ♡
Everyone was there、 and I managed to complete 1 Berryz Kobo song for all of you to hear!!




I think that tours have a truly lovely atmosphere to them、 and above all, everyone’s warm cheers and calls were comforting、 it’s a place of joy that I love!!!





From 2005 until today…
Thank you very much for always creating a place for me to sing!!!






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Dinner Show

It’s my first dinner show ever since the one I did 2 years ago with Chii-chan ♪
And it’s a first with all of Berryz Kobo!!

Thank you very much to everyone who came ꒰*´艸`*꒱

「I’m already 22~。」 I yearned for that age when I was in my teens、 but since I was able to meet all of you as I am from 10 p.m.、 I think getting older isn’t too bad!!!


At this dinner show
♪Renai Moyou♪
♪Aisuru Hito no Namae wo Nikki ni♪
We got to sings songs like that、 which we haven’t sung for ages、 I was personally very happy♡
I was able to enjoy the time we spent ♡


And to those who were busy and couldn’t come!
I’ve got a happy announcement!!

What do you know……



It’s been decided that we’ll be doing a dinner show on the 23rd of January 2015!

Instead of the usual Berryz Kobo who mess about、 please come and see the grown-up Berryz Kobo♡
We’ll be waiting ♡





A mature look today!
And something I don’t normally do……




I tried having my nails done!

Chii-chan painted them for me~꒰ *´З` ꒱♡
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I’m currently in the middle of jobs。
I’ll be playing Berryz Kobo’s songs on shuffleーーー!!


Listening to all these songs、 I remember back to those days、 and get surprised by how young our voices sound! lol

Nevertheless…… Berryz Kobo really has sung songs from all kinds of genres~ ٩꒰*´◒`*꒱۶



It’s a bit weird coming from me……


But Berryz Kobo is awesome ꒰*´艸`*꒱♡♡


Which age of Berryz songs do you listen to~⁇
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1 month remains in this year!
It’d be nice if I could spend every day being productive ♪




Here’s something that made me happy recently、 the other day, Riichan told me 『Your singing has gotten really good ♡』 ♡♡♡



Mama came to our LIVE performance in Gotanda, and her impression was 『You’ve gotten good at singing~ I think!』 ٩꒰ʘʚʘ๑꒱۶!!!


She always has nothing but harsh criticisms for me, so this extremely sudden attack gave me the jitters!!
Seriously, it’s a miracle ꒰•̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ ﹏ •̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥๑꒱1075 Zukki Eripon1075 Zukki Eripon


Occasionally receiving nothing but praise makes me happy、 but more than that、 thinking that she’s been keeping a proper eye on Maasa makes me pretty happy ♡♡
And so, a lot of harsh words fly out!!

Thank you for everything ♡



After this, I’ve got a recording to do today、 so I’ll do my best to be able to deliver a wonderful song!!!
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It’s handshake events today!

Morning ♡

Today’s the last day of November!
It’ll get even colder starting from December~꒰ ˃̆ૢ௰˂̆ૢ◍꒱

Do you take any counter-measures against the cold⁇
Maa’s hands and legs get cold almost immediately, so I put on fluffy socks when I go to sleep、 and oc~casionally I’ll go to sleep with gloves!!


And it’s the winter of the 2nd year since I cut my hair。
My hair’s grown by quite a bit from last year, so it’s warm around my neck ꒰ღ˘◡˘ற꒱♡♡♡


I want you to tell me what your counter-measures for the cold are~♡
Please let me use them as a reference!!



The winds blowing past my forehead。 lol
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The Berryz-chans are having a concert today, but unexpectedly, it’s raining…。


Berryz Kobo have caused countless miracles 1075 Zukki Eripon
I wonder if it’ll turn out sunny today, as you’d expect⁇


It’s been exactly 1 year since our first Nippon Budokan LIVE!
Time does fly by!!
It flies by so quickly!!!

But it’s thanks to all of you that we were able to perform there LIVE again this year ♪
Thanks ♡


I’ll raise my spirits and do my best today too!
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Thank you very much!

I went to the Morning Musume。‘14 concert that would be Michishige-san’s last!

We joined Hello! Project at around the same time。
These 12 years、 we’ve stood on stage together、 and I’ve watched Michishige-san、 but I think that in all that time, today she was at her most attractive!!!

I felt her love towards Morning Musume。‘14 ♡


Michishige-san’s graduated、 and Morning Musume。‘14 will enter a new order!
I look forward to how those girls will further develop from now on ♡

I got a lot of smiles and energy today, so I’ll continue to do by best from tomorrow ꒰◍”౪`◍꒱۶✧˖°



Michishige-san ♡
Once again…… Congratulations on your graduation!
And as Hello! Project and Morning Musume 。‘14 leader、 thank you for your hard work!
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It’s Ururu’s 9th birthday ♡
Many happy returnsーーー( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )◞♡⃛



The tsundere Ururu-chan ♡
Because of that, there are the oc~casional times when Ururu gets all sweet、 that difference makes you curl up in a ball ꒰ ´͈ω`͈꒱♡♡♡
Well~、 just being around, Ururu makes my heart skip♡ a beat though ♡♡


Ururu-chan ♡
Thank you for being born ♡
And…… thank you for coming to the Sudo household ♡
I’ll continue to beg for your kindness!
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Good morning~~♡


Yesterday’s LIVE in Osaka was awesome, fun, filled with happiness ♡

Every time we perform LIVE, I think that the abilities of our members is the reason we can seriously mess around like idiots~꒰*´艸`*꒱

『Only Berryz can make silly things look picture-perfect!』
That’s what Maasa thinks d(⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎)


Thank you to everyone, for always watching over us with your warm eyes! lol


Well thenー!
Today there are Satoyama and Satoumi events at Funabashi’s LaLaPort TOKYO-BAY!
You can listen to the event on
JOLF 「SATOYAMA&SATOUMI movement with Yuuki no Tsubasa 2014」
From 12:00~♪


And also~。


Individual handshake events!!!

The 2nd day of the 3 day weekend。
Let’s go for it with high spirits~~٩( *˙0˙*)۶
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♡Happy Birthday♡

Our Captain!
Shimizu Saki-chan has turned 23~~~٩꒰*´◒`*꒱۶





Saki-chan, she’s reliable!!
But when she takes my hand and goes “Maa-chan♡”, all sweet on me、 she gets increasingly cuter than usual and my heart just melts~꒰ *´З` ꒱♡
But it seems that recently her heart melts over the manga that Maa lends her……。


Could this be jealousy⁇


Make Maa-chan’s heart melt sometimes too~♡♡♡

Saki-chan ♡
Have a wonderful year!!!
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