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It’s been a while since my last update。

7th December
It was the last of Berryz’ own tours。

Starting with summer 2005′s 「Marugoto」 LIVE tour、 we’ve done 17 tours, including this LIVE concert。

I’ve got tons and tons of memories through hall tours。
At the start, I was just crying all the time…(lol)
Almost all of them were tears of frustration。

While performing LIVE、 I’m thinking ‘Ah~ there was this。 There was that’ while singing、 and already the tears start flowing non-stop。
But I wanted to sing properly for our Last LIVE、 and thinking that it was still too early to cry, I did my best to keep up a smile、 but instead it made me stiff (lol)


Honestly, whichever LIVE performance it is, I’ve got lots of memories、 so I was really happy。

To everyone who came、 and to those who couldn’t come but left comments cheering us on to do our best with our LIVE performance…
Thank you so very much。

There’s still more until the 3rd of March、 so we members will continue to run!
We beg for you continued kind support‼︎
Risako See you
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LIVE in Gotanda


To everyone who came to see us LIVE in Gotanda、 thank you。

Come to think of it, there’s only 4 performances left in our autumn tour…
It really went by in a flash。
I’ll do my best so that we can deliver a fun LIVE performance until the end, with no regrets‼︎

We’ve got individual handshake events again tomorrow and I’ve got to get up early, so I’ll do what I have to do, then go to sleep ☆

Good night。

Risako See you
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❤︎ Resolutely Sayumin ❤︎


Yesterday、 I went to see Morning Musume。’14 leader Sayumi-san’s LIVE graduation concert。


It was deeply moving。


I’ve stood on the same stage with Sayumin-san for about 12 years、 so we have all sorts of memories together。
She’s always been cute、 but yesterday she was even cuter than usual、 and cool、 she really was shining。


At all times, Sayumin would always have a smile on her face。 Although I believe that she must have faced a lot of difficulties…
She probably did her best until now、 and I want her to really get a good rest。

Sayumin-san’s graduation、 additional new members、 changing into Morning Musume。’15 next year…
I’m looking forward to the increasing progress of all of them from now on‼︎


…Well~ At any rate, I was surprised that Ikuta became subleader (lol)
Good luck ♪ I’ll be cheering you on!


Sayumin-san、 thank you for your hard work these 12 years。


 Lo~ve you

    Risako See you
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It’s a bit late, but…
:cake: happybirthday♡Saki :cake:

…I’m making an outrageous face(lol)

…23 years old…
Despite her baby-face、 inside she’s a lovely Captain who’s really reliable and dependable。
And、 occasionally she’s all sweet, and that makes my heart skip a beat…(lol)

I hope this becomes a really wonderful year for Shimi-chan。

Well then、 we had a LIVE performance at Nakano Sunplaza today‼︎
What do you know、 all sorts of feelings welled up and touched my heart, even more than usual。
At the 1st performance、 I cried at ♪ Towa no Uta ♪ …
All of your warm cheers、 the sight of you cheering with everything you had、 seeing the smiles on your faces、 the tears wouldn’t stop。

Nakano Sunplaza is the place where Berryz Kobo was first revealed to the world、 and remembering that day、 only the first 3 or 4 rows of the venue were filled、 but 10 years have passed and lots of people have come to watch Berryz perform LIVE…
There are fans that have always been cheering us on since we made our début、 and there are lots of people who became our fans recently…
While performing LIVE, I was reminded once again that we were able to last 10 years thanks to the tons of support from many of our fans。

While thinking about that、 I was still sobbing when it was time to do the last song (lol)

Today’s a day where my tears have been continuously flowing freely for some reason (lol)

But thankfully、 it was a really enjoyable LIVE concert‼︎

To everyone who came、 thank you。
We’ll still do our best with the remaining performances、 so please come and see us again ♪

Well then… I’m a bit tired so I’ll go to bed early (;p;)
Good nigh~t ☆

Risako See you
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♪ Romance wo Katatte / Towa no Uta ♪

I think that there are already people who are aware of this…

But with Berryz Kobo’s last single
『♪Romance wo Katatte / Towa no Uta♪』
We’ve made a triple update to our 「Top Rank」「First week sales」「Cumulative sales」 since our début。

It’s thanks to all of you‼︎
I’m truly filled with gratitude、 thank you very much。

I’ll do my best so that beyond this, our songs will reach lots of people。
We beg for your kind support ♪


Risako See you
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Tokyo Dome City!

To everyone who came in the midst of the cold today、 thank you so very much ♪
The 3 performances were fun、 it really was a blast‼︎

Among the fans、 it looked like some of you were toddling about with colds、 so please submerge yourself in a hot bath、 and keep warm when you go to sleep★



And、 we got Moomin bread as a gift。
It’s so cute that I feel that eating it would be a waste…


Risako See you
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Ikebukuro Sunshine ・ Announcement‼︎

Thank you very much to everyone who came to today’s Ikebukuro Sunshine event ♪

With the many people who had come to see us、 we made several announcements。

・ 1st、 we’ll be having a LIVE concert in Budokan on the 3rd of March next year、 and on that day Berryz Kobo’s activities will cease for the time being。
And、 on the 28th of February (Sat) and the 1st of March (Sun)、 we’ll be having LIVE concerts at Ariake Coliseum‼︎

What else we’ll be doing still has yet to be fully decided、 but it’d be great if we could deliver amazing stage performances that would leave an impression in your heart。
Everyone、 please make sure you come to see us‼︎‼︎

・ 2nd、 on the 21st of January
Our best album「Kanjuku Berryz Kobo The Final Completion Box」
Will be released‼︎

This album is an album fully packed with 10 years of our memories、 so it’d make me happy if lots of people got to listen to it。


In order not to have any regrets with our remaining time、 all the members will put our strengths together and do our best‼︎
Everyone、 please accompany us until the end‼︎

Risako See you
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happy Halloween♪♫

To everyone who came to yesterday’s Naruchika LIVE in Hokkaido…
Thank you very much ❤︎

This year for Halloween、 I dressed up as Elsa from 「Frozen」。




♪~Let it go~ Let it go~Can’t hold it back~ Any more~♪

For Elsa’s image、 I put lots of sparkly glitter around my eyes。


This time around、 all the members did Disney cosplay。
I also wanted to try Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas or dark Cinderella、 but this time I tried Elsa ♪

Since I took lots of photos with the members、 I’ll upload some again ★

Risako See you
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An announcement…。

This is an announcement about the suspension of the 13th October (Mon・Holiday) 【Naruchika 2014 Autumn Berryz Kobo】 Tokushima performance。

It was scheduled that 【Naruchika 2014 Autumn Berryz Kobo
Tokushima club GRINDHOUSE performance】 would be held on the 13th of October (Mon ・ Holiday)、 but taking into consideration the safety of the guests due to the influence of Typhoon 19 on transportation facilities、 the performance itself will be suspended。


I believe that there were many people who were looking forward to it…
It’s really unfortunate that it had to be suspended、but we’ll do our best so that the 7 of us will get to do a LIVE in Tokushima again!

Risako See you
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♥︎ happy birthday ♥︎



Miyahappy birthday


22 years old, huh~ So soonっ。
Miya is like an older sister to me。Please be kind to me from now on too♪


For Miya, may she have a lovely year…。
Risako See you
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