Sugaya Risako

✐ Announcement ✐

Though I think some of you already know…


In an event sponsored by Korea’s Mnet
「M COUNTDOWNNo.1 Artist of Spring 2014」
we’ll be appearing ♪


Date : 4/2(Wednesday)
Place : Yokohama Arena
Time : 19:00 curtain rises


Since it won’t be just Berryz Kobo fans there、I’ll be happy if even a few people become curious about Berryz through this opportunity。


My heart’s racing already now


I’ll do my best‼




Risako See you
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Osaka・Nagoya LIVE‼

Thank you to everyone who came to see our LIVE in Osaka ・Nagoya ♪



I had my last LIVE as 19 years old in Nagoya‼
The next time we have a LIVE I’ll be 20⁈
Iyaaaaa~I somehow can’t believe it…(lol)
I wonder if I surely won’t particularly change much even if I turn 20…。
But I’ll work hard to be able to become a beautiful adult woman!!!





Please continue to support me 



Everyone who came to the Osaka ・Nagoya LIVE、please let me hear if you have any thoughts on seeing it okay ♪




Risako See you
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Relay Blog

A relay blog begun on 3/3 from Morning Musume。’14′s leader Michishige-san。


It’s at last gotten around to me from Morning Musume。’14′s Ishida-chan‼


Thinking about how Ishida-chan was thinking of me and has unexpectedly been watching me makes me a bit self-conscious。



Well、the relay blog’s theme is 「Something which moved me recently!」…



And it’s reaching our 10th anniversary on 3/3!
It made me feel again that we’ve been supported by a really really large number of people、so it was a day of gratitude to lots of them。





From now on as well the 7 of us in Berryz Kobo will bring out our power and do our best!


Please support us  ( ˃﹏˂ഃ )



My next relay blog will go to Morning Musume。’14′s Fukumura-chan ♪



I sang at the New Year’s Hello concert together with Fuku-chan、and was done in by Fuku-chan’s sexiness(lol)


I can’t wait until the summer Hello LIVE 



Well Fuku-chan、what’s something which moved Fuku-chan recently??




Also, 12 days until 「Hina Fest」!
It’s very soon, huh!I can’t wait ☆




Risako See you
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Risako See you
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Later, on FM Yokohama「Tresen+」I’ll be appearing with Tokunaga Chinami-chan ♪
Be sure to listen okay‼
Risako See you
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I love you…♡




Today is the birthday of my belooo~ved Fukuda Kanon-sama :cake:


I really really congratulate you~Marooo‼



Though I mailed her yesterday right at 12:00…I couldn’t think of what to write so got teary-eyed(lol)
Maro is a very very precious friend to me。Though she’s a junior colleague of mine…I wanna be close to her always。



I hope you’ll have a wonderful 19th year ♪



Risako See you
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NicoNico Live Broadcast




Thanks to everyone who saw my NicoNico live broadcast!! ♪
It was veーーry fun, and I laughed so hard my jaw hurts(lol)



Changing the subject…


I had a business meeting for my birthday event yesterday、so are there any songs you want me to sing??
Though it’s not like I’ll be able to do all the songs you request、I wanna pick up the songs which are mentioned a lot to decide the setlist~!


Though it’s a quick deadline、it’ll be until the date changes to tomorrow ♪



I’ll be waiting for your requested songs‼



Risako See you
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It’s been 3 years today since the Great East Japan Earthquake。
I’ve learned lots of things from what happened that day,
and felt the thoughts of lots of people。
I pray it will be reconstructed if even just a day earlier。
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my coordinate.





jk…Bought from a Harajuku second-hand shop
one-piece…American Appael (sic)
sox…Sock Shop




Risako See you
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Polaroid・Individual Handshake Events‼

Thanks to everyone who came to our polaroid and individual handshake events yesterday in Osaka ♪




It was fun being able to talk so much with everyone~‼


Also, for dinner yesterday we all at at Goemon for the first time in a while (o^^o)





I always order this pasta when I go to Goemon(lol)
It was deliciouuuus ♪



Risako See you
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