Sugaya Risako

An announcement…。

This is an announcement about the suspension of the 13th October (Mon・Holiday) 【Naruchika 2014 Autumn Berryz Kobo】 Tokushima performance。

It was scheduled that 【Naruchika 2014 Autumn Berryz Kobo
Tokushima club GRINDHOUSE performance】 would be held on the 13th of October (Mon ・ Holiday)、 but taking into consideration the safety of the guests due to the influence of Typhoon 19 on transportation facilities、 the performance itself will be suspended。


I believe that there were many people who were looking forward to it…
It’s really unfortunate that it had to be suspended、but we’ll do our best so that the 7 of us will get to do a LIVE in Tokushima again!

Risako See you
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♥︎ happy birthday ♥︎



Miyahappy birthday


22 years old, huh~ So soonっ。
Miya is like an older sister to me。Please be kind to me from now on too♪


For Miya, may she have a lovely year…。
Risako See you
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Polaroid events & handshake events

There’s a polaroid event & an individual handshake event today‼︎
The polaroid event’s finished, and currently I’m in the middle of a break~


It would be great to talk a lot at the handshake event ♪



Risako See you
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good night



I got into the bath early today。
I’m refreshed‼︎


I hooked up these shell-shaped lights I bought recently, and they look really pretty




Good thing I bought them ♪
I have a weakness for shells and mermaids! (lol)




I was looking at all sorts of things on the ‘Net, and discovered these super cute mermaid T shirts‼︎



Summer’s ending soon、 but I think there’s still time to collect these shell and mermaid products。



Risako See you
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Fireworks Display

The other day、 I went for a fireworks display with Mama ♪
I wonder how many years it’s been since I’ve last been to a fireworks display…




It was really pretty‼︎
But summer break’s ending soon… What summer-ish things did all of you do??



Risako See you
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Me from the time I got to appear in my own clothes for magazine work。


The earrings are ones miya gave me as a birthday present。
They’re a favorite♪



Risako See you
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Risako’s bangs、are in top-shape…(Lol)




Our two-day Hello!Con at Nakano Sun Plaza has ended~


First、I should explain the title, since I think you’ll want to question it…


During the LIVE’s MC with Makoto-san, I was praised, like「Your bangs are nice~」…and even in the final line-up, he kept praising me:「Risako’s bangs were in top shape today」(Lol)


I get embarrassed when I get praised that much, so…
I’m embarrassed to think that my face probably turned red >_<





Well, then、I got up early today and I’m sleepy so I’ll go to bed ea~rly


Good night。



Risako See you
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Good morning everyone
We’ll do our best with the 3 Nakano Sunplaza performances‼︎



Risako See you
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Good afternoon!
Yesterday was filming for our new song’s MV‼︎


Geez, the time was late, so at the end everyone was laughing the whole time with a weird energy(Lol)
It was fun(Lol)


I’m looking forward to its completion~



Well、the other day, Miya and I appeared on NHK Radio’s「GirlPop」‼︎




We talked about lots of different kinds of things。


Hyadain-san…rather than calling me Miss Sugaya、please call me Richako(Lol)

I think there are some who won’t understand what this is、so those who are interested, definitely, please have a listen to the broadcast♪



Risako See you
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Today、I had a day OFF, so I headed for the beauty parlor and eyelash maintenance。




My beloved Nandy-chan took a lot of photos for me






The interior is so cute, it doesn’t even seem like a beauty parlor, and I look forward to every time I go, like I want to live there(Lol)




Nandy-chan、thank youu~



Risako See you
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