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To Everyone…♡

Yesterday was like a dream.

Those of you who rushed to the venue to cheer us on, those of you who cheered us on through the TV or at the movie theater, thank you so much, you really sent us so much power.

It’s been 12 and a half years since I entered the time of the Kids…
There have been all kinds of things.

I had lots of fun and happy times, but there were more painful times.
If it had just been me I think I would have quit long ago.

Family ・ Members ・ All of the fans ・ The staff ・My friends.

Since I had lots of people supporting me, I really feel that that is how I made it this far.
I have so many feelings of gratitude towards everyone.
Really, really thank you so much‼︎


Yesterday my voice was still rattly, but I think I sang with all of the power I had until the very end.
So I have no regrets.


Everyone who has supported me until now, thank you very much.

Those of you who came to like Berryz Koubou, and who came to like me, thank you very much.
It made me really happy.


Everyone…I love you‼︎‼︎

Berryz Koubou・Sugaya Risako
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3/3 has finally arrived…
Anyway, I want to enjoy it with everyone, and I think I want to use my full power without any regrets‼︎




Everyone, please support me until the end ♪



Risako See you
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Berryz Koubou Matsuri *Festival After Party!

Today was the Berryz Koubou Matsuri Festival After Party!
It was a short time, but thank you to everyone who came ♪




There were all kinds of booths, and it gave me a nostalgic feeling, and I remembered all kinds of things.





Isn’t this really an event full of memories?I thought ♪


Since my throat was still not healthy today, in the break between the first and second performance, to take care of it for tomorrow I went to the doctor, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to the booths for the second time.…
I’m really sorry to those of you who were like I wanted to meet you~, but since I absolutely want to be better for tomorrow going to the doctor was a priority.


No matter what it takes to sing properly tomorrow and be able to go out with a bang, I will heal myself with medicine and fighting spirit!!!








Please continue supporting me until the end!


Well, I’m going to take a bath, and after going over things for tomorrow I will go to bed early‼︎


See you tomorrow ♡



Risako See you



*I wasn’t quite sure how to put it succinctly, but the word used, “kouyasai,” basically means an event held on the night some kind of festival ends.
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Ariake Coliseum LIVE ♪

Thank you to everyone who has come to the Ariake Coliseum LIVE


Yesterday, the guests on behalf of the Hello!Project OG, Iida Kaori-san, Yoshizawa Hitomi-san, and Ishikawa Rika-san rushed over‼︎




They had a huge bouquet, a letter and message, and it moved me so much it seemed like I would cry, but I was extremely happy.


And, there was a letter from Hello!Project’s leader, Maimi-chan.
It brought total silence.


I thought again that I’m glad ℃-ute is from our same generation, and I was full of feelings of gratitude.
Really, thank you.



Ah~2 days passed in the blink of an eye, but they were really, really fun!
It made me happy.


I only have one regret.
Even thought it was an important day, my throat’s condition became not so well so I feel like I wasn’t really able to sing.
In the middle, when I wasn’t able to sing like normal, I became angry and frustrated and about to cry.
But, since I was able to clearly express my emotions with my singing, I’m happy.


Including today there are 2 days left.
I will focus and do my best until the end!


Everyone, I want you to watch over us warmly until 3/3‼︎



Risako See you
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Good morning ☀︎

Today we also have a LIVE at Ariake Coliseum‼︎


Now that this day has finally come I feel a bit lonely.
But, I wonder if  we wereable to convey a fun, awesome LIVE yesterday so that I can forget the lonely feeling♪


Since today’s Ariake Coliseum LIVE is the last, I’ll focus myself to do my best and have fun until the end‼︎





Risako See you
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Thank you

Thank you for all of your comments.


I was very surprised that even the news and stuff picked it up!
I think furthermore I was surprised that so many people pay attention to my blog, I am really happy‼︎
Since I will give it my all until 3/3, please continue to cheer me on and support me ♪



Risako See you
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I have an announcement about what I’m going to do after this.


From when I joined the Kids in 2002, until now, I have been rushing.
Fun things,  painful things, sad things, frustrating things, happy things, I have experienced and learned from all kinds of things.


Those of you who have cheered me on since the time of my debut, those of you cheering me on that have become fans recently, since I always say what I am thinking bluntly, you told me it was a cold response…(laughs)
I am really thankful for my fans that have accepted and supported me no matter what kind of person I was until now.
I have passed these 13 years as if I was in a happy dream.


Really, thank you so much.


After this, for the time being I want to take a break , and I think I want to take some time to think about「Who I will be from now on」.



Sugaya Risako
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Okinawa diary

This is the Okinawa Diary.


On the day before the Fan Club Tour, since we had OFF I went shopping, and went to Churaumi Aquarium










We went to all kinds of places♪
It was so much fun!


We just barely made closing, but it was satisfying to be able to go to Churaumi Aquarium!!









It was so pretty.
I want to go to Okinawa again~


Well then, see you.



Risako See you
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Thank you ♡

We have successfully completed the two night, three day Okinawa Fan Club Tour‼︎
To everyone who participated, thank you very much.




Even though it was 2 nights and 3 days, 1 day seemed to go by incredibly fast, and since the 3 days I was able to spend with everyone was so much fun I was able to make lots of wonderful memories.


For those of you that were unfortunately unable to come, I am happy if I was able to give you a bit of a taste of Okinawa through my blog!




In these 11 years, I have had fun at all of the Fan Club Tours and events I have been able to participate in with Berryz, and I still hold those memories!
Being moved to tears, laughing, getting angry…(laughs)


I have also troubled the Staff with selfish things I’ve had to say, but I have come to realize they listened to those selfish things…


This goes to the fans as well, but I am also super thankful for the Staff.




At today’s LIVE at the end we got a surprise from the fans.
I am really happy for the letter.
Thank you.


When I get home I’ll be able to read it carefully.




The last fan club tour was really, really fun‼︎
Well, I will write another Okinawa Diary.


For the time being… …the end.



Risako See you
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see you



Day 2 is over‼︎


I think today I was able to spend a really fulfilling day with the fans.
I wonder if they’re having fun??






Tomorrow is the last day‼︎
It has really been a blink of the eye since we started…。
But, I want to be able to make great memories with everyone until the end♪


Everyone, let’s look forward to tomorrow as well!
Well, see you tomorrow☆


I have to do run through for the LIVE and then get to bed early~。



Risako See you
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