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To everyone who always supports me,

At this time, I, Sugaya Risako will be getting married.
And next spring a new life will also be born.

To all my fans who always support me, you are probably surprised by this sudden news. I am very sorry for that.

From the time I entered this world at the age of 8, you have all supported me, and because of that I know I have support now. Thank you so much.

Since this is the first time I have experienced something like this I am a but anxious, but I will do my best at my own pace!

For the time being I will be taking a break from activitives,
but I would be so happy if you could continue to watch over me warmly from now on.

Sugaya Risako
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Yesterday I had a photoshoot all day!

We cant give you the info about it yet, but I’m sure you will be pleased.
Everyone, please wait and look forward to it ♪

Yesterday, 6/12, °C-ute had their Final Live, but since I was shooting elsewhere I couldn’t make it。。

Yesterday was your last as °C-ute, but from today each of you will carve out new moments for yourselves.
You all may be advancing on a different road, but without a doubt will continue sparkling, and I’m really looking forward to your activities from now on.
I still have so many thoughts, but since I am not very good at putting my feelings into words, I don’t have much to say.

From now on I want you to please watch your health, and have fun doing what’s best for yourself!
I will always have your back forever!

Thank you for all your hard work these last 12 years!

Well, I still have to continue shooting, so I will concentrate and do my best to be able to make something good!!!
Since I’ve also haven’t updated much with all the kerfluffle, I’ll do my bestーー(;_;)

Well then, next time.




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First of all, I have some information now that the ban has been lifted.

Since the end of last summer, I have been having lots, and lots of meetings with the staff up until now(and including now)and we have been steadily moving forward!

Since the first point was already posted on this GF site, it would make me really happy if you looked at it!(^^)

菅谷 梨沙子

The whole serialization is on 2/14 at 24:00〜, and even though it is at a late time please be sure to watch!!!
Those of you who are like, I’m going to bed〜!Please watch tomorrow, ok!*laugh*

Fuu〜my heart is racing。。


follow me‼︎

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To Hayama




The other day I went from Kamakura〜Hayamaꎺ

First of all I went to a wonderful shop in Hayama.

They have all kinds of natural goods・clothes, and there is even a cafe space in the back.
Since Hayama has the sea and mountains, there are places full of nature, and it’s a wonderful town♪

Since it was already cold at this time I didn’t go in the water, there were people surfing and I was able to see people far away on a yacht…

I was able to spend this day le〜isurely.


Everyone knows that of course you have to do your best with work・housework・and studying,
I’m not quite sure the best way to say this…

It’s important to also take time off occasionally.
Resting is also work.

When you start to think I’m exhausted〜, please rest even if it’s only for 10 minutes or a moment♪

Lately in the blog comments I have been reading the worries of all kinds of people, and there are times where I think eh〜people even worry about that kind of thing,
But to that person it is something that they worry about to the extent their heart hurts…
People feel differently about things, don’t they.

Especially, daily on my blog, when I write about my feelings or upload a cafe I went to or something, I pick up on the people who comment on those entries, and I can  can only answer with what I think…
And I think to myself, I want to make them happy at least a little bit〜^ ^

…I don’t really know what I wanted to say、、、*laugh*



(3 Hiyoko
Does Risako-chan wear sneakers?
If you have a favorite brand please tell me)
Thank you for your comment!!!


I have been wearing sneakers or Pettanko Pumps for about the past year♪
When it comes to sneakers,
adidas or new balance MAISON KITSUNE’

etc., are all brands that I wear〜!


(11 Bebitan

Rii-chan, good evening!

I also love going into a stupor by the sea.

When I travel I go to beautiful places by the sea a lot

What beach does Rii-chan like?)

Thank you for the comment!!!

Eh〜Where, I wonder?
Of those I have seen the beach in Hawaii was beautiful♪
But, just once I’d like to try and see the most beautiful beach in the world〜^ ^

(44 yuuka

I need to ask Rii-chan some advice.

I am a third year high school student, and I am worried about my relationship with my friends.

In this class all the girls have been the same since second year, and have already formed groups and stuff.

Among those I don’t really want to become a member of any of those groups, but I intend on becoming close friends with all kinds of girls.

But, now at lunch or when we change classrooms, they travel in those groups and I get left behind.

Before now I would go with all kinds of girls, but now they have conversations I don’t know about or make plans to hang out and stuff and group up, and the result is that I am alone.

Because of this I am stressed and don’t really feel like going to school, it feels like this class hates me.

Rii-chan, if you had this kind of situation, what would you do?

If you tell me it would make me so happy.


Thank you for your comment!!!

I see…this is a conversation specific to girls, isn’t it.

Ye〜ah, to think you can’t insert yourself among good friends is a strong and natural feeling, and at times like that I think you probably distance yourself from them.
So, first of all, without becoming friends with everyone in the group, I wonder if it would be ok to invite the easiest person to talk to to become friends??
I think if you do that with one person in the group, then another, your friends will increase.

Since girls want to make groups,

that kind of a problem is certain to come out、、so first use your courage and speak out(T ^ T)
I’m rooting for you!!!


Well, I’ll end here
See you tomorrow☽




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The Sound of Waves


Today also had really nice weather, so it was easy to spend the day

at such a nice temperature wasn’t it.


The sound of waves was so pleasant I went into
a bit of a stupor.


Since time never stops I have to keep going
and treat each day as important!
Right now, since the sun sets so early, it feels like 1 day is over in the blink of an eye.


Today was also a fullfilling day.
Goodnight ☽





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Good evening꙳


Today it was announced that on 6/30 of next year, Momo will retire from Hello! Project and the entertainment industry.


Momo has decided her path.
I will cheer for her!


I want her to enjoy the rest of her activities without regret.


Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary of
Country・Girls026 Sayu Nonaka


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It’s been decided that ℃-ute will disband next June, huh.

Though I was a bit surprised when I heard the news,
Yep. Yep.
I felt like they’ve really
given their all.

Since I think it’s something they decided after talking and worrying lots and lots about it,
I want to watch over them until the end.

Since that time will come really really quickly,
I hope they make sure to have no regrets.

I also want everyone to work hard and take care of their bodies
until the end.

I’ll always be supporting them from the shadows!

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♡ ♡ ♡

Good evening.
Since I’ve been hanging out with my friends since this morning today’s entry is a bit late…
I’ll write about this morning tomorrow ok ♪
Tonight I met up with 4 of my friends for dinner.
We made a reservation at a very fashionable place.
I was able to meet up with Akane-san who I have been wanting to see(tear)
But the photo is blurry(laugh)
She is really fashionable, ,and cute, and kind, and furthermore we have a lot in common, so I was happy♡
And Akane-san gave me a present of earrings from the store where she works( ;  ; )
Next time I see her I’ll wear them!
As I was thinking maybe it’s time to go home the restaurant got dark and BGM started playing…
Ta dーーーa.
So many emotions(tear)
There were some spelling mistakes, but just ignore those(laugh)
Thank you very much everyone(tear)
Today was a fulfilling day so I should be able to sleep feeling happy☆
…but before I end I’ll do some comment replies↓
As always, Rii-chan is kind enough to politely reply to comments…1 year and 3 months has passed, but the fact that your playful and kind character hasn’t changed makes me really happy.
Lately work has been difficult to the point I am worrying about whether it’s time to make a change, so when I read today that Rii-chan has started working again it made me so happy, that I decided I will properly face work today!!! Today I will do my best at working while Rii-chan gives me energy
From now on I will look forward to you entries. Ah, I copied Rii-chan and went out and bought the UT (Uniqlo Tee Shirt) with the Trump Design you wore. *laugh* Sorry if that makes you feel weird.)
Thank you for your comment!
Since I can’t say that that sounds great, I’m sorry if this comes off as condescending.
There is no such thing as easygoing work in this world!
To be able to enjoy your work is number 1, but of course it will be full of difficult things. Of course it isn’t necessary to overdo it, but I think it is also important to have a certain degree of perseverance. If you think “I’m exhausted~” then I think it’s important to stop and take a break♪
Without overdoing it too much please do your best at work ok!
I’m so happyyy
You’re replying to comments, huh.
I’ll do my best so you’ll reply to my comment too! *laugh*
The fact that the day has come that I can make this comment to Risako is like it’s a dream.  Really, thank you so much.
From now on I’m going to have a Risako-chan comeback party by myself.
I’m going to eat a small cake and stuff.
I hope that Risako-chan is able to pass each day happily and at your own pace.
I will continue to cheer you on.
What is something you are into lately?
Do you have anything you collect lately or anything?
I wonder if I can send you a fan letter?
I want you to please tell me.
Thank you for your comment!!
Thank you, I will do my best at my pace♪
Lately something I’m into…
I guess shopping and movies?
As for something I collect, clothes and accessories I guess???
You can address a fan letter to me and send it to the office (^^)♪
Well, today I’ll stop here.
See you tomorrow ☆
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Thank you

Thank you for all the comments on my blog・instagram‼︎

「welcome back」
were the words from everyone that made me so happy it moved me to tears.

You all waited for me!
I’m back~♪

I have a lot I want to write, and a bunch of pictures I want to post, so I will post them a little bit at a time.

I was able to read all of the comments, and from those I chose a few at random to reply to so please read them☆


(24 Rina

Welcome back!

I have continued to love Risako-chan since Berryz Koubou stopped activities.

I always did my best to look at Risako’s photos, and you have reopened your blog, which I have dreamed about, (I really dreamed that *laugh*) and also started an Instagram!

I have a test tomorrow! I feel like I will definitely get 100%

I really, really, love you!)


I’m back~!!!
Thanks for your comment♡
Good luck on your test tomorrow!I’m rooting for you!
(You’ll definitely)get 100% ✨


(1st Year Higher Schooler Picky about Rock Hello Wota-kun

Long time no see to you too!!”

It’s been a while. In January of this year I was watching Berryz Koubou videos on YouTube and got into Inazuma Eleven songs. (By the way, I was in elementary school during Inazuma Eleven *laugh*), and until then I didn’t know that Berryz Kouboy sang it, so when I learned about it from YouTube I regretted to myself “why have I discovered such charm after all this time”.  From there I started watching HaroPuro videos and reading the blogs and stuff.  By the way, in Berryz Koubou I like Sugaya Risako-san.  From now on I will continue to cheer you on!

・1st Year Higher Schooler Picky about Rock Hello Wota-kun

Thank you for your comment!
Is that so~HaroPuro songs are all wonderful so please continue to listen a lot ok♪
ps.李←It’s not this kanji, it’s 梨~(laugh)



It’s been a while! How are you?

Lately I have really been into the band Akashikku! Fukuda Kanon-chan also seems to like them so if Rii-chan can, please give them a listen!

Do you have any music you’d recommend lately?

I’m going to do my best today just because Rii-chan has started blog and instagram again!


Thank you for your comment!
I’m doing well~♡
Akashikku huh!I’ll give them a listen!
The songs I’ve been listening to lately are…

♪Nakada Yuji-san/Yuuwaku
♪Harada Shinji-san/Time Travel
♪Suiyoubi no Campanella-san/Ra
And some others I guess??



It’s been a while since you’ve had an entry huh.

It’s also been a while since I’ve left a comment so I’m nervous lol

The header makes me feel good

Ah I wonder if you’ve made a comeback because today is my birthday

It’s a wonderful birthday present lol

Thank you *laugh*



Thank you for your comment!!
I was also so nervous I couldn’t sleep yesterday~(laugh)
Happy birthday ♡
I hope the next year is wonderful.



When I heard Risako reopened her blog..

I really cried.  I am extremely happy.

Risako-chan was the trigger to make me think I want to be fashionable, and someone I will always admire.

I love you, not as an idol, but as a singer, and someone who is a girl like me.

Since you are my raison d’être, I’m really looking forward to it.

Risako, thank you for returning.

You will always be number on!! I’m cheering for you.


Thank you for your comment!!
Please don’t cry(´・_・`)

But it makes me very happy that you said that.
I plan on posting a lot about fashion, and makeup, etc., so please check again ♪


Well, I think I’ll stop about there today.
See you tomorrow~☆

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It’s Been a While ♡

Everyone, it’s been a while.
Sugaya Risako here.


It’s been about 1 year and 3 months since my last entry.
I’m kind of nervous(laugh)
I’m not really sure what’s good to write…


Since I think this is a place where I want to freely talk about the things I love at my own pace, I have titled it
from French, which I love.


Since I think I also want to reply to comments whenever possible, please take a peek sometime♫


Since I have also started using Instagram, please support me!


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