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♡ Live broadcast! After this!

Goooood evening!!!
This is Airi!!!

Matsuoka Mayu-chan’s radio show!!

AVALON J-WAVE 22 Aug (Mon) 10:00 p.m.~
Matsuoka Mayu Guest: Suzuki Airi (℃-ute)

It’s started!!!

I’ll be appearing on it after this, so listen to it, ok 007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi

It’ll be a live broadcast!!!!




Airi caught between them。


I ate the doughnuts right after (´ー`)♡

Where were they from!!!(´∀`)

I’m off!!!!
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♡ To everyone。

To all of team ℃-ute

I believe that many of you know about this from this morning’s news、 but we, ℃-ute, as of June next year、 with our Saitama Super Arena performance、 will break up。

We apologise for making such a sudden announcement。

Ever since it had been decided
That ℃-ute would stand on the stage that we’d always dreamed of
This was the result of countless discussions between the members、 as well as the staff。

It was something that we decided upon having discussed about our individual futures、 so while it does feel sad to part、 we would be happy if you would lend us your warm support。

For myself, who’s done nothing besides being an idol
After the breakup, to continue on with singing, which I love, it would be insufficient if I didn’t experience all sorts of things。 I think that the more I learn about the outside world、 the more deeply I’ll be able to express myself!!!

Since I love singing、 I’d like to continue to be someone who gets my message across through music ^ ^

My work as an idol as well as having been part of ℃-ute、 is something that I will bear with pride。


I think that it’s due to the support of lots of people since 2005, when we started activities as ℃-ute、
That the day that we’ll be able to stand on that dreamed-of stage of the Saitama Super Arena will be coming。 I’m really glad that we’ll be standing there as ℃-ute。

With the remaining 10 months
I’d like to express as much gratitude as I can
And treasure my time singing as ℃-ute!

I’d like to make lots of memories with everyone!
I’d like to be with everyoneas much as possible!!!

Please follow along with us until the very end!

We ask for your kindness‼

℃-ute Suzuki Airi
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This is Airi!!!! 006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi

I had Buono! rehearsalsー007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi
We’re gradually bringing it together!!!

We’re preparing and reviewing our songsーーー 002 png Kumai Yurina Maimi Airilol

Offshots from a rocking time!!!

Always available backstage every year、
The whole melon cream soda *\(^o^)/*


It was super delicious、、、 lol


I took lots of offshots backstage
So I’ll be putting them up ♡

Well then、 today there’ll be Airi’s Potion after this ♡

Don’t miss out on listening to it!!!*\(^o^)/* 445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi
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♡ Today too

This is Airiーー!!!

This morning was complete chaos! lol
I overslept、、、014 png bikkuri Kumai Airi
I forgot some things、、、020[1] png Airi
I forgot to charge my phone
The electricity got cut off the first thing in the morning、、、018 Maimi Kumai png Okai Chisato Airi018 Maimi Kumai png Okai Chisato Airi018 Maimi Kumai png Okai Chisato Airi lol

Tohoho。 lololol

These kind of days happen, don’t theyー!!!
You could almost turn it into lyrics for a song。 lol 021[1] png Airi gurasan

And today we had more Buono! rehearsals ♡
I keep messing up at the same parts >_< 029[1] ase Okai Airi

But I’ve got the lyrics down more or less perfect 006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi


We’ve got singing rehearsals starting from next week
I can’t wait 007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi

Well then, today we have an off-shot from our new song *\(^o^)/*


This is what the whole body looks like!!*\(^o^)/*


The white Martens are cute *\(^o^)/*♡

With the attached chain belt
I thought
Ahー This is how Buono! is like!(´ー`)♡

Heehee (´ー`)

And! Here’s an announcement!

You know、 for Buono!’s Budokan performance
There’ll be a live viewing 006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi

For those of you who missed out on ticketsー>_<


Those of you who can’t go because it’s too farーーー>_<

It’s a must-see!!!*\(^o^)/*

They’re planned to be held at 21 places throughout the country and Taiwan!
Make sure to check it out, ok!!!


Let’s all enjoy ourselves at the same time 006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi


Right!!! We’ll be rocking tomorrow 001[1] Kumai Bakuwara png Maimi Airi001[1] Kumai Bakuwara png Maimi Airi001[1] Kumai Bakuwara png Maimi Airi

And、 at the Olympics
Wrestling has started!!!!

Let’s cheer all of them on 007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi


Good night (´ー`)♡
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♡ Yesterday & Buono!

Yesterday we had a Hello! Con IN Shizuoka *\(^o^)/*

Recently at the Hello! Cons
I’ve been looking forward to seeing my juniors’ stage performances from the wings of the stage ^ ^

I can see how they’re developing
And occasionally, there’ll be a girl that crosses eyes with me006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi lol

In the past、
When the seniors would watch me from the sides
I’d feel embarrassed, but happyー007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi

Though I’m the type who can’t bring myself to look towards the wings
Since I’d get embarrassed lol

I have no idea what they thought
But I remember thinking that I wanted even the seniors to take notice of me!! How nostalgic 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi Okai Chisato005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi Okai Chisato005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi Okai Chisato

I don’t know how everyone sees me
As a senior

It would be great
If I could notice even the small changes that no one else notices
And properly tell them about it、 be it good or bad ^ ^

It would be great if I could get that across〜007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi

At a point in time when I had no confidence in my dancing、
And no one was there to tell me whether I was doing good or bad
Takahashi Ai-san、 at a Hello! Con
Praised me for my dancing

I was really happy
It made me want to press on even more with my dancing 007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi

I’d like to properly
Pass those thoughts onwards as well!

It might seem like I’m being condescending
But watching the juniors recently
I feel like we’ve been getting increasingly more girls
Who are brimming over with wholehearted smiles that come honestly from the bottom of their hearts (´∀`)♡

They sparkle, they’re really cute *\(^o^)/*

Since smiles bring people happiness 006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi

We’ve got to express that feeling of joy with everything we’ve got! 001[1] Kumai Bakuwara png Maimi

I may be 22 years old
But I’ll enjoy performing live like a fool。 lol

Everyone、 I hope you don’t leave me behind ♡ lol


Well then, it’s gotten long
But today, we had rehearsals for the Buono! Budokan!

Since it’s been 5 years, there are lots of songs! lol

We had to double check the lyrics and the choreography、
My mind is all Buono!Buono!!!! lol

We quickly jumped into stage arrangements
So after this, I should let my body remember
And practice singing!!! 010 png Kumai Yurina Reina010 png Kumai Yurina Reina010 png Kumai Yurina Reina

Since it’s rock
It seems that I unconsciously sing in a different way than I do in ℃-ute (°_°)
My voice always gets scratchy
So I’ve got to be carefulーーー014 Kumai014 Kumai014 Kumai007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi

And besides that
There’s been some activity on our YouTube Buono! channel!

A short version of the Music Video of our new song 『So La Ti Do 〜Nee Nee〜』
Has been UPloaded ♡


In the MV、
I may have seemed really dazzled ♡ lololol

I was dazzled ♡ lol

But it was so much fun
So make sure to check it out, okーーー*\(^o^)/*


Please treat me well *\(^o^)/*
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♡ Ray & After This!

Good eveningーーー(´ー`)
This is Airi ♡

Today I had a Ray photo shoot from the morning! 006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi
It was a tight shooting schedule, from morning to nightー*\(^o^)/*

It was lots of fun!!!*\(^o^)/*


We spent a lot of time on-location
But since we’re already doing autumn clothes, there were lots of knit outfits (´ー`)

And there was even a coat among the things I wore!!!

The location was really bright
I had a lot of funーーー001[1] Kumai Bakuwara png Maimi001[1] Kumai Bakuwara png Maimi001[1] Kumai Bakuwara png Maimi

There was also something we were doing for the first time
So look forward to that!!!*\(^o^)/*


Well then、 after this at 10:00 p.m.
Airi’s Potion!!!

We’ll be starting with a new segment!!!

Make sure to give it a listen, ok 006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi

We’re awaiting for your messages!!!!
Good night (´∀`)♡
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♡ Hello! Con

This is Suzuki, who immediately fell fast asleep yesterday
Despite it being Tanabata *\(^o^)/* lol

But I’m glad that the skies were clear!!!>_<♡
Seems like Orihime-san and Hikoboshi-san were able to meet 300[1] png006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi081 png Kumai Okai Airi

Well then、 today
I had Hello! Con rehearsals as well
And I’ve got lots of things I’d like to talk about!(´ー`)♡

ANGERME’s Murota Mizuki-chan

Out of nowhere
Gave me a birthday present!!>_<♡

While she apologised for it being late!!!
I would hear nothing of it, just getting something made me happy >_<♡

This is what I gotー 007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi007 png Tere Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi


She thought that these were the Disney characters
That resembled me the most!

*\(^o^)/* lololol

Thank youーーー>_<♡
I’m gladdd (´ー`)081 png Kumai Okai Airi081 png Kumai Okai Airi081 png Kumai Okai Airi

I missed out on taking a photo
Next time for sure!!!!

Morning Musume。’16’s Ishida Ayumi-chan ♡

When I entered the studio after having bought something at Starbucks
I was going to write my name on my drink and put it in the fridge〜、 when I crossed eyes with Ayumin 445-2 Sayu Airi

Ayumin wrote my name for me *\(^o^)/*


She also drew a bunny, for some reason ♡
It’s a special cup of coffee *\(^o^)/*

Well doneーーーWell doneーーー*\(^o^)/*445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi


Good girl。♡

This was announced today!!!

At this Hello! Con
Suzuki Airi、 Oda Sakura、 Takagi Sayuki
The 3 of us will be performing together!*\(^o^)/*


The 3 of us made a LINE group
We contemplate seriously about singing
We talk about silly things
Anyway, we’re getting along great。 lololol

I really like the voices of these members
But the 3 of us have completely different ways of singing。

This time around、 we’re not battling it out
It would nice if we could craft a world that can be only be made by the 3 of us (´ー`)♡

Our first experiment! We’ll fuss over the things that we’re particular about
We’d like to make it something wonderful ^ ^♡


Right!!! We worked hard today as well*\(^o^)/*

Good nightー!!!!(´ー`)
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I went to see ANGERME’s Budoukan live^ ^♡

It was Tamura Meimi’s graduation live.
I thought it was a live that clearly showed
the will of MeiMei,
who’s aiming to be a musical theatre actress^ ^

And, hearing the messages from the other ANGERME members,
I thought
MeiMei was a wonderful senpai admired by everyone^ ^4459146-Sayu Maachan

The hard worker, researcher, funny, and cute
MeiMei^ ^♡

The one-woman musical she put on at a Hello!Project concert
was amazing to the point that it’ll go down in Hello!Project history haha(´ー`)♡

I’m reeeally looking forward to MeiMei becoming big as an actress.♡

The ANGERME members, one by one,
gave me a cookie with messages^ ^♡

Thank you for going out of your way^ ^♡

And I thought
ANGERME’s live had impact and was interesting*\(^o^)/*

After changing their name to ANGERME,
different from their cute image as S/mileage,
I got the impression that they’ve turned into a group that puts on powerful performances.

Each and every one of them have so much personality that
when we thought we were getting moved to tears,
I and Yaji-chan who was watching next to me
ended up crying tears of laughter instead hahaha

We laughed a bunchーーーhaha>_<♡ ANGERME who are evolving day by day I'm looking forward to them from here on too♡ And then today, I'm in the middle of work with Chisato^ ^ o0480064013660299224[1]

This picture isn’t from today though hahaha

Today is the graduation live of
Suzuki Kanon from Morning Musume.’16!!!>_<♡ Unfortunately, I and Chisato can’t go watch today, but I was able to meet Zukki yesterday and delivered some power in advance^ ^♡♡♡ I hope it’ll be a wonderful stage until the end♡
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♡Good morning

Good morning*\(^o^)/*
We had a live in Koshigaya yesterdayーー^ ^♡

It felt like it’s been a while since our last tour performance^ ^♡
It was funーーー(´ー`)4459146-Sayu Maachan4459146-Sayu Maachan4459146-Sayu Maachan

Thank you everyone who came!


Us after the performance*\(^o^)/*
Worn-out and dripping in sweat! hahaha

When I think the next performance probably won’t be until Osaka,
that’s so far awayーit’s sad>_< Furthermore, after that is our last live of the tour at the Budoukan. So fastーーー>_<>_<>_< This tour is really fun, Let's enjoy it until the end007[1]007[1]007[1]


And then, there was an announcement from Okai-chan yesterday

We’ve come all this way supporting each other,
things like covering for me when I caught colds,

℃-ute have to work hard so
Okai-chan can be free to devote herself to recovering*\(^o^)/*

Leave it to us!!!(´ー`)


We have a handshake event in Nagoya today^ ^♡♡♡

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of people!!!^ ^
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♡Taipei Live♡

※This blog is from this morning.

Our live in Taipei is overーーー*\(^o^)/*♡
Our second live in Taipei!!!(´ー`)
It was a reeaally happy time♡

Something I was really surprised by in both Hong Kong and Taipei

Was that people knew about my Nakano Sun Plaza song haha

Lots of fans sung it to me at the handshakes
I was surprised!!!!

This is a sign that it should be recorded onto a CD. hahahaha

Just kidding. haha

But, you know, when we have lives abroad
even if we can’t communicate through words, we convey our hearts through gestures more than usual♡♡♡

Expressing love through a heart sign♡*\(^o^)/*


I love you all**

We communicated a lotーーThank you>_<♡

Before the performance, I ate soup dumplings and stir-fried water spinach
and, on the way home, I drank tapioca milk tea

I was too happy in Taiwan♡♡♡


Thank you everyone**♡♡♡

↓My soup dumpling pose. haha


I want to go again!!
I want to go to Taiwan – wan.*\(^o^)/*haha

From the morning today is a Ray photoshoot.^ ^♡
In the evening, I have an even funner thing is waiting for me♡♡♡

I’ll work hard today*\(^o^)/*

**Written in Chinese
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