Suzuki Airi

:heart2: Yesterday

aa51d3a7_240Yaho (`・∀・´):sparkle:

It’s Suzuki Airi ^ ^heartheartheart

We had a release event IN Osaka :happy:

Everyone who came、 thank you very much heartheartheart

We held it at Senri Selcy
In Senri Selcy’s open-air area、
And we made all sorts of memories lol :sweat:

It was surprisingly cold
There were times when I thought my blood vessels constricted!、、、

It was so bright that I couldn’t open my eyes
It happened almost every time we went outー、、、 lol

When it’s cold、just before handshake events
Fans would warm up their hands using a pocket warmer、、、

When it’s hot、 even though they’re feeling the heat
They fan me、、、

Really、 I’m truly grateful ^ ^heart

But you knowー、 yesterday
Something that no one could do anything about happened。 lol

The moment ℃-ute started our live performance、、、

The rain fellーーー!!
Eh、 what’s up with this。  It’s a major incident! lol

No doubts、 it’s our Yajima Maimi-san。
An addition to the folklore of her being the greatest rain-bringing woman lol :sweat::sweat:

Because of that、
The microphones broke :sweat:

The speakers were humming :sweat:

The rain made its way onto the stage、 and puddles formed、 so the staff-san had to sweep away the rain in the halfway through the performance :sweat:

Nakajima Saki-chan slipped and fell over :sweat

All of the fans had towels on their heads
And looked the same、、、:sweat:

All sorts of incidents sprung forth lol

However、 you’d expect no less from all of team℃-ute。
Even though these kind of things happened
It was still pretty fun!:happy:

In away、 we could enjoy it even more because it felt fresh, different from usual、、、 Or am I alone in thinking that?? lol

However、 in the open-air
I had to plant my feet in order not to slip
So I’m even more tired than usual~ lol :happy::sweat::sweat::sweat:

But, but
It feels like summer has arrivedー!
It’s awesome heartheartheart

This summer、 we’ve got all sorts of events lined up、 so all of you, make sure to drop by ^ ^:sparkle:

Well then、 today
I’ve got to go here and there ^ ^:sparkle:

Until I write my next update ^ ^heart

Have a nice dayheart

Announcement ^ ^heartheartheart

On the 23rd, I’ll be appearing on a television programme :happy:

Fuji TV 『Wao』
It’s scheduled to go on air 12:10 midnight ~ 12:35 am

That was when I felt my voice was a bit nasally。
That’s making me regret it even more、、、

But please make sure to watch it heartheartheart

Let’s do our best today tooーheart

Bye bye ^ ^
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:heart2: Live

ca4921ee_240Good evening ^ ^heartheartheart

This is Suzuki Airi (`・∀・´):sparkle:

We had a Hello! Con IN Hiroshimaー^ ^:sparkle:

Everyone who came、 thank you very much ^ ^heartheartheart02b4f55a_240

The thing that comes to mind when you think of Hiroshima
It’s the home town of Sayashi Riho-chan from Morning Musume。’14 (。・∀・)ノ:sparkleheart::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

Recently RihoRiho’s become more mature

Makes me want to keep my eyes on her even more ^ ^:sparkle:


And、 it’s also the home town
Of Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Danbara Ruru-chan heartheartheart

I got momiji manju ^ ^

And in today’s live
I appeared in
The photo studio MC segment in KOREZO! (`・∀・´)heartheartheart

Since I introduced some amusing photos
Please check out the details at this Facebook page!!…
I’m counting on you to give it a like! heartheartheart

After the live performance、
All of ℃-ute had ramen ^ ^:sparkle:

The char siu was crazy delicious heartheartheart

Tomorrow we’ve got a release event in Osaka、 so I’ll do my best with the ramen power :happy::sparkle:

Well then、 Suzuki’s still got assignments to do!!

Since I’m not sleepy tonight, I’ll do my best heart

Right! Let’s work hard tomorrow too (`・∀・´)

Good night (。・∀・)ノ:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Fufun

Good morningー^ ^heart

This is Suzuki Airi (`・∀・´):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

We had a release event ^ ^:onpu:

Today there’s just a talkー(。・∀・)ノ:tornado:

I was in the Kawaguchi team ^ ^
Everyone who came、 thank you very much (。・∀・)ノheartheartheart

As this week’s the release week
We’ve got a smorgasbord of eventsー!!

We’ve got to do our best (`・∀・´):onpu:

At times when there’s so many things to do
All sort of things turn upー That’s what I think。 lol

I’ve suddenly become burdened
With not only work but assignments as well~(´・ε・`):sweat::sweat:

What do youー know。
I guess life’s like that lol

But、 because of that
I think that this is the time where God is asking me to do my best with all I’ve got

I’ll do my best while getting wastefully carried away。 lol

And、 I exhausted myself
But I recover after I get some sleep。:happy:

The next day, I’ll be refreshed   heartheartheart

With this and that、
Today’s a sunny morning (`・∀・´)!

I’ll be going for an event in Fukuoka today, after this heart

Looking forward to itーーー!!

Right! I’ll do my best today too!

I’m off (`・∀・´)heartheartheart
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:heart2: Hot

d76b5f37_240Yahoー^ ^heartheartheart

This is Suzuki Airi (`・∀・´):sparkle:

Recently~ It’s been hot~:sweat::sweat:

These past few days have been filled with assignments。
Sorry for hardly updating with a blog post :sweat:


All you students out thereー Are you doing your best?^ ^

Recentlyー、 I’ve been really sleepy in the mornings lol
Every day、 it’s like the clothes I’m picking out are whatever’s in front and matches! (´v_v`):sweat::sweat:

My femininity isーーー! lol

Incidentally、the day before yesterday、 the clothes that I grabbed were something sleeveless、 so thankfully it suited the weather、、、
(Though I might get sunburnt!)

What I grabbed yesterday ended up being three-quarter sleeves!! lol

It was so hot when I went outside、 I was like ‘ick’ー:happy::sparkle:


I’ve got to get around to putting away
The three-quarter sleeved shirts inside :happy::sparkleheart:

I was talking about this with Maimi-chan yesterday、
That while we were in France
It somehow became summer in Japan~!!(`・∀・´):sweat::sweat:

While we were just talking about it

It’s true, isn’t it!!

I’m going to get burnt to a crisp ~!!

But somehow I’m excited!
Isn’t there that aroma of summer!
I remember how excited I was in my primary school years, just before summer break ^ ^:onpu:

Even for things like homework、
I looked forward to doing them before I startedー lol

Once I started doing them, it was such a bother
Urghーーーー!  lol

And my research projects、 those are memories that even now bring a smile to my face。^ ^:sweat:

Well then、 for me

At yesterday’s S/mileage Budokan
I made an appearance as a surprise guestーー(´ー`):sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

We watched them from the guest seats after our performance ^ ^:onpu:

The S/mileage call resounding throughout the venue
Was really warmーheart

At the live、everyone was obviously cute and funny、、、

But the fight video that was played in the middle of the live
Was really entertaining!

What they were pulling off、 it made me think it was S/mileage in their element (`・∀・´):sparkle:

I ended up bursting in laughter while watching it :rabu:

There were changes in the member line-up after their formation、 and I think they also had other tough experiences。

But、 yesterday all of them were smiling widely and were sparkling brightly ^ ^:sparkle:

My hearty congratulations!!

Well then、 today
We’ll be having an event at Club Citta Kawasakiーーー(。・∀・)ノheart

Today we’ll also be singing some songs
Those who have the time, make sure to come, okay :happy:!!
Details below↓…

Right! Let’s work hard today tooー^ ^

An announcement (。・∀・)ノ

℃-ute is appearing on the front cover and opening pages
Of the magazine 『Big Comic Spirits』heartheartheart

Those who haven’t seen it yet、 you have to check it out :sparkle:

Today’s photos are from that Spirits photo shoot~

Ciao (。・∀・)ノheartheartheart
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:heart2: Rakugo

92139bb1_240Good evening ^ ^
This is Suzuki Airi (`・∀・´)heart

Finally、 yesterday was the real rakugo performance!
Up until today、 I was keeping my performance
Under wraps、、、

I was itching to talk about itー!!


It was a new challenge。
I was reminded once again of the feeling of how troublesome it is、 when you’re challenging yourself to something you couldn’t do before。



As it says、 it’s Challenge TV!lol :sweat:

My head was filled with thoughts of rakugo
From since we were in France :sweat:

Looking over my own performance
There were countless things that I still couldn’t get(´-`):sweat::sweat:

So in the end I asked my mother、99a9f45c_240
To watch me practise and to give me her opinionsー(´ー`):sparkle:

Parent-child bonding (`・∀・´):onpu:

It was fun, in a way heartheartheart

Now that it’s done with
I’m kind of relieved (*u_u):sparkle:

It’s just that、 slip-ups are frustrating
And it ended without me being fully satisfied with my performance。

I never thought that I’d feel like that (*u_u):sweat:

Having had this opportunity to challenge myself
I think I’d like to challenge myself to new things from now on (´ー`)

And、 now that the rakugo is done with
I’ve got my head sorted out

But there’s still more things to do!

It’s assignment season for students!!
At today’s handshake event、 there were a lot of people mentioning that they had reports to submit~ Or tests to take~ (`・∀・´) :tornado:

Assignments will come along one by one
So let’s do our best to deal with them as they come along :happy:heartheartheart

Ah、 that’s right。
The lingering memory of the rakugo
Has me occasionally using Edo lingo。 lol

Hehehe (`・∀・´):sweat::sweat:

Right! Let’s work hard tomorrow too!

1,2・・Yesterday’s yukata~(´ー`)heart


Announcementヽ( ・▽・ )ノ

To commemorate the opening of the Hello!Project 2014 SUMMER Concerts、 an official Facebook page 「Hello! Pro Ki ni Ittara Share」 has been opened!
Focusing on the theme of musical programmes (contents) throughout the tour、 it’ll be updated when the occasion calls for it!
If it catches your interest, please 「Like!」 and 「Share」! I’m counting on you。

Hello! Pro Ki ni Ittara Share…

Good night (´ー`):guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Hyafun

ce17e37a_240Good evening ^ ^heartheartheart

This is Suzuki Airi :sparkle:

Yesterday、 we had a photo shoot for the promotional goods for our upcoming lives ^ ^:sparkleheart:

There’ll also be photo shoots tomorrow :sparkle:


And、 I also had training for rakugo heart


It’s difficult~(´v_v`):sweat::sweat::sweat:

But, but。 I can’t do anything but my best :sparkle:

I’ll do it when I have to!

To prepare for the real thing on the 13th、
I’ve got to work at it more and more heart

And、 today
We made an appearance as a surprise guest
At an event called 『UNIDOL 2014 SUMMER』~^ ^:onpu:

A lot of people from our generation
Sang all sorts of idol songs ^ ^heartheartheart

Yup、 you know
It motivated me ^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Appearing as a surprise guest、 I was really happy、 but I was really nervous too! lo

We have to work hard ^ ^heartheartheart

The university student-sans who danced today

Are currently in the period of preparing their final reports。。。

Let’s all work hard together heartheartheart

Well then、 today
This has been uploaded ^ ^heart

Hello! Sta #74

「Hello! Sta」 has undergone a renewal starting today :happy::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

There are two MCs (`・∀・´):onpu:

We also did new corners ^ ^heartheartheart

We’ll also be showing the MV for ℃-ute’s 「Kanashiki Heaven (Single Version)」、

And the 「Japan Expo 15th Anniversary:BerryzKobo×℃-ute in Hello!Project Festival」 held on the 3rd of July at 「The 15th Japan Expo」 ^ ^:sparkle:

Please make sure to check it out ^ ^heart

Right! Let’s work hard tomorrow too!

In the photo
Today my clothes were similar to Maimi-chan。 lol

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: MJ

c05ca758_240Good evening ^ ^heart

It’s Suzuki Airi!!

I had a recording for Hello! Sta after the full dress rehearsal ended ^ ^:sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

Since it went on until pretty late at night、 I fell asleepー Sorry (´v_v`):sweat:

Today we had a recording

To everyone who came、 thank you very much ^ ^heartheartheart

We got to sing 2 of our new songs :onpu:

Thank you so very much!!
To those who couldn’t make it、 look forward to the broadcast~^ ^:sparkleheart::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

It’s almost time for the new single to go on sale、、、^ ^:onpu:

Starting from today, at the Shibuya station Yamanote line platform
They’re putting up a ℃-ute poster that’ll change day by day ^ ^heartheartheart

Look out for ℃-uteーーーっ!!^ ^:onpu:

I’ll do my best so that lots of people will listen to it ^ ^heartheartheart

Right! Let’s work hard tomorrow too (。・∀・)ノ:sparkle:

Announcement ^ ^

℃-ute × Côte d’Azur are starting a collaboration campaign!

Campaign period:7th July (Mon)~ 31st August 2014(Sun)
Request for the  JOYSOUND room at Côte d’Azur
Sing the set pieces and you could win signed goods!

Details here→…

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: I’m home

b5f11475_240I’m home ^ ^heartheartheart

It’s Suzuki Airi (`・∀・´):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

I got back from France this morning!

Our time in France this time around
Was very much like a bullet (´・ε・`):sweat:

Everyone was in a rush to buy souvenirs at the airport。 lol :sweat::happy:

I bought macarons ^ ^:sparkleheart:

After that、 today
We had Hello! Con rehearsals from middayーー(`・∀・´):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

As expected, we were all affected by jet lag
And everyone was all drowsyー lol

Since we have more tomorrow, we have to do our best ^ ^:onpu:

Going back to talking about France

I’ve written up blog posts up until the 2nd day、、、

The 3rd day was the BeriKyuu LIVE heart

It was a really fun live heart

Thank you to everyone who came heart

We’ll do our best so that all of us can go to France again ^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

It’s been a while since we’ve spent every day as BeriKyuu
So we got to talk about all sorts of things ^ ^heartheartheart

In particular
I had a nice long chat with
Kumai Yurina-chan~^ ^heartheartheart

We made really wonderful memories
In France ^ ^:sparkle:

With the signing session and the handshake event
We got to interact a lot、
With everyone in Franceーheart

Please look forward to meeting us again someday ^ ^heartheartheart

Let’s work hard tomorrow too!

The photo is
With this baby that I took on the plane with me。

It’s a doll I got from BABYMATAL’s [sic] MOAMETAL, Kikuchi Moa-chan、 for my birthday~^ ^heartheartheart

I got it through some staff-san who were in charge of a magazine ^ ^:sparkle:

We haven’t talked much
But it made me really happy :happy::sparkle:

It seems that the girls from BABYMATAL [sic] also
Just had a live in France!

I wish I could have gone for itーー(´v_v`):sweat:

I’ll go someday!

An announcement (。・∀・)ノ

As part of NHK E Tele Aoyama 1 SEG Kaihatsu、I’ll be appearing in 『Sumo Neko』 planned for August!

【NHK-E Tele】
★ 9th August (Sat) 12:20 am – 12:45 am・・・The 1st story
★ 15th August (Sat) 12:20 am – 12:45 am・・・The 2nd story
★ 22nd August (Sat) 12:20 am – 12:45 am・・・The 3rd story

【1 SEG broadcast】
Once it’s been set、 I’ll update you!

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:

♡ France

43369fc3_240【From the staff: This blog post was from last night。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】

Yahhoーー^ ^:haato::haato::haato:

It’s Suzuki Airi (´・∀・`)ノ:sparkle:

I’m in France ^ ^:haato::haato::haato:

This is my 3rd time in France!!

I can’t describe how happy I am ^ ^

On the first day
We went to the palace of Versailles、 and the UNESCO headquarters ^ ^

And then、
We went around the neighbourhoods of France~(´ー`):sparkle:

I bought a bag ^ ^:sparkleheart:


And、 everyone had dinner

、、、But I definitely was sleepy~ lol

The first night、 my jet-lag was horrible
That hasn’t changed from the last time I was here lol:sweat::sweat:

And just like that、 I dove into the bed、、、 Good morning。 lol

Today、 we took part in the JAPAN EXPO (´ー`):haato::haato::haato:

We got to interact with all of the French fans
At the signing session and the talk eventー^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Tomorrow we’ll finally be having the live!!

I’m going to enjoy myselfーーー^ ^:haato::haato::haato:

Let’s work hard tomorrow too (´ー`):onpu:

While I’m in France
Kanazawa Tomoko-chan from Juice=Juice
Has turned 19 ^ ^:haato::haato::haato:

Happy birthday ^ ^:onpu::onpu::onpu:

I wanted to go for her birthday live、 but I couldn’t go、、、

So I gave her a birthday comment ^ ^:haato::haato::haato:

We don’t really meet much
But I hope that this year、 it’ll be a year where I’ll make lots of memories with KanaTomo :sparkleheart:

I love you ^ ^:haato::haato::haato:

Well then!
Time for a mealー!!:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Good night ^ ^:guragura:
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:heart2: Currently

e3c83a7b_240Konbanuhhiー^ ^heartheartheart

(I’m using it since Risako told me to use it。 lol)

This is Suzuki Airi (`・∀・´):sparkle:

Well! We’re now heading off to France heart

I’m currently chilling at Ueshima Coffee at the airport :onpu:

We’ll be boarding the plane after thisーー(`・∀・´)

It’s been a long time since I was last at France、
And even more, we’re with Berryz Koboheartheartheart

It’s going to be fun!

Until next timeーーーー^ ^:sparkle:

Bye bye (。・∀・)ノ
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