Suzuki Airi

:heart2: Hokkaido

db05f931_240【From the staff: This blog post was from last night。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】

Good eveningヽ(・∀・)ノheart

This is Suzuki Airi !!

We had a Hello! Con in Hokkaidoーー:happy::sparkleheart:

To everyone who came
Thank you very much heartheartheart

When we were changing songs
Piercing yells of ‘Kyaーーッ!’ sounded out、、、

That made us go ‘Kyaheart‘ too lol
The guests、
Up Up Girls (Kari)、
Also really packed a punch
I jumped around and got excitedーheart:happy:

That was fun ヽ(・∀・)ノheartheartheart

And、 after that
All of us went for a meal!!

All of the performers and staff-san were there、 so there were tons of people!

Everyone was merry and having fun heartheartheart

Besides, Hokkaido’s aweーsommmeee!!
I really do love Hokkaido!!

I’ve got to make more progress
With my travel plans with Maimi-chan soonーー! lol

And, this morning
We got back to Tokyoー(´ー`):sparkle:

When we arrived at Tokyo
Okai Chisato-chan and Nakajima Saki-chan and Hagiwara Mai-chan
Who had left Hokkaido earlier、
Were probably preparing for the live broadcast of 『Uta ga umai Idol Nippon Ichi Ketteisen』 (´ー`):sparkle:

It’s a pity about the results
But appearing as a representative of Hello! Pro、 I thought that Okai-chan was really cool (´ー`)heartheartheart

I’m sure the pressure must’ve been intense as well。。。

No matter what the results
Chisato’s singing is number oneーー(´ー`):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

On Chisato’s blog post
She wrote that she’ll work hard for her next chance、、、

So definitely、 we’ll be hearing Okai-chan’s voice at an even more amazing level ヽ(・∀・)ノ:onpu::onpu::onpu:

I can’t afford to fall behind!!

That really was a job well done (*u_u)heart

Once I had got back to Tokyo
I had a recording :onpu::onpu:

I wonder when it’ll arrive at your earsーー(*u_u)

Look forward to it, okay (´ー`):sparkle::sparkle:

And after that
I had a birthday surprise for a friend!!

A 20th birthday celebration ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Happy birthdayーーー^ ^ heartheartheart

It was my first time to that store
They had all kinds of tricks available
That was interesting ^ ^

I hope my friend has a wonderful yearー^ ^

Let’s work hard tomorrow too (´ー`)heart

1・・ From Morning Musume。’14′s Ishida Ayumi-chan、 a souvenir from Hawaiiーーーっヽ(・∀・)ノheartheartheart

It was a T-shirt and a parka
We’ve got matching T-shirts (´ー`):sparkleheart:

With that、 we took a commemoration photo~(n´v`n):sparkle:

Thank you for going out of your way for that、 Ayumin!

P.S. An announcementヽ(・∀・)ノ
We starting to stream the 「℃-ute Live in Taiwan Special」!
Complete coverage of ℃-ute’s first time in Taiwan! It’s a documentary compilation where you can fully enjoy approximately 60 minutes with the beginning and ending parts。

℃-ute special page…
Currently developing a comment video from the members!


Good night (n´v`n):guragura::guragura::guragura:
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From now

e994fbe4_240Good evening (・∀・)
This is Suzuki Airi :haato::haato::haato:

I’ll be appearing on the live broadcast of
NHK E-Tele「Aoyama 1-SEG Kaihatsu」from now  ヽ(・∀・)ノ:haato::haato::haato:

There’s a closing poll
For the drama 『Sumo Neko』

Please, please, watch it when it airs and place your votes (ノ_・。):sweat:

The votes from all of you
Can change the future of Sumo Neko!!

It’s from 12:20 midnight (・∀・)

I’m begging for your kindness :haato::haato::haato:
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:heart2: Momoー

0c1201e3_240Good evening (´ー`)heartheartheart

This is Suzuki Airi!!

Today was a really plentiful day (・∀・):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

I went for an exhibition in the morning :sparkle:

My objective at the time、
Was my favourite brand 『Ungrid』heart


It was my first Ungrid exhibition
But the winter clothes were stylishーーheartheartheart

They were super cute(´ー`):sparkleheart:

There were also ladies from Press who I looked up to
I stared at them from afar, and that was it。 lolol

I couldn’t get to talk with themー:happy::sweat:4c34dea4_240

I’m looking forward to the delivery of my winter clothes!!

And、 we had rehearsals today too (・∀・)

After that
I went for a meal
With Berryz Kobo’s Tsugunaga Momoko-chanーーheartheartheart

We talked about all sorts of things (´ー`):sparkle:

For details
I write about them in a future date (´ー`):onpu:

Phewー! That was fun (・∀・)heartheartheart

Ah、 that’s right!
I have an announcement today!heart

I’m announcing the commencement of Macchaz activities :happy:

The other day、 my partner Kumai Yurina-chan
Had a job at Uji、、、

But I couldn’t go since I had a work schedule mismatch (´・ε・`):sweat::sweat::sweat:

I wanted to go tooーー:sweat::sweat:

Ah、 that’s right!
This year, Macchaz will be making tea utensils in Uji
At the village of ceramics、 Tanzan!!(´ー`):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Getting to do my favourite design-related work
Coupled with a traditional craft collaboration, I’m excited (・∀・)heart

I can’t wait to see how it’ll end up heartheart

Ah! Since we’re talking about Uji, Kyoto
This year, the character mascot that we supervise
「Chacha Oukoku no Ouji-chama」
Will be participating in the character mascot Grand Prix again!!(゜∀゜):sparkle:

When we were doing a photo shoot in Tanzan、 he got so hot that he was just cooling off in front of the air conditioning lol

How cute。 lol

We’re begging for your support for Ouji-chama (´ー`):sparkleheart:

Right! Let’s work hard tomorrow too

1・・ When I went for tea with Maimi-chan yesterday!(゜∀゜)

2・・ How it was at the Ungrid exhibition (・∀・)

3・・ Motsunabe again today~(´ー`)heartheartheart

An announcement (・∀・)

Tomorrow, the 28th of August (Thurs)
At 12:20 midnight ~ 12:45 midnight
I’ll be appearing in a live broadcast of NHK E Tele「Aoyama 1-SEG Kaihatsu」 ♪

I’ll be counting on your support for Sumo Neko :sparkleheart:

Good night~(´ー`):guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Ahー

2f964d3f_240【From the staff: This blog post was from around noon。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】

Mornin’ー^ ^heart

It’s Suzuki Airi (´ー`):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

I fell asleep on the sofa again yesterdayーー(ノ・Д・)ノ:sweat::sweat::sweat:

Maybe I’m experiencing summer exhaustion。(-∀-`;)
And with that, here’s yesterday’s blog post!

I had a recording for TX『The Girls Live』!

This time, the location was at
WEGO Harajuku Headquarters ^ ^:sparkle:

I was nervous、 and excited。 lolol

I thought about going around and surveying the store (´ー`):sparkleheart:

It was already filled with autumn clothesーーー(・∀・):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:7c98108b_240

And the summer fashions were on sale
It reminded me
That time really does fly pastー (・∀・)heartheartheart

With the time I had in the shooting
I did some shopping (・∀・):onpu:

And managed to GET some autumn clothingーー(´ー`):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

I’ll upload pictures on the blog when I wear it (・∀・)heart

And after that
I had a recording、、、

And a bit of study TIME (・∀・):sparkle:

After about two hours

I met up with Hagiwara Mai-chan heart

We went for dinner togetherーーheartheartheart

We went to Onyasai (´ー`):sparkle:

We had a half-half of sukiyaki-style nabe and paitan soup~heartheartheart

We split up after talking a bunch (´ー`)

I’m really on the same wavelength with Mai (・∀・):sparkleheart:

Let’s go for a meal againー (´ー`):sparkle:

Well、 for today
I’ll be spending the whole day in rehearsals~(´ー`)

I’ll work hard until night!!

Right、  let’s work hard today too (・∀・)

An announcement (・∀・)

☆ ℃-ute’s official blog is currently taking advance reservations ☆

℃-ute concert tour 2014 autumn ~ Monster ~ Final! Nippon Budokan Special!

11th November Nippon Budokan (5:30 pm/ 6:30 pm)

Ticket price:\7,500(Tax included)

Reservation seat types: All tickets are assigned/ General seating ・ Family seating

Reservation URL:

Reservation period: 21st August (Thurs) 12:00 noon ~ 31st August (Sun) 11:59 pm

For details, please check the blog bulletin board :sparkleheart:

Until tomorrowー(´ー`)heartheartheart
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:heart2: Fufuーっ

0c67652a_240Good evening ヽ(・∀・)ノ
This is Suzuki Airi ^ ^heartheartheart

Yesterday, for the Challenge TV recording
We had an event at Akasaka BLITZー^ ^:sparkle:

Thank you very much
To those who came ^ ^heartheartheart


You know
As this was the final recording of Challenge TV

Our challenge was to make a Guinness World Record™ーーーヽ(・∀・)ノheartheartheart

The records were


「Greatest number of people passing an egg in relay」

「Greatest number of people being fed snacks in relay」

Two of them ヽ(・∀・)ノ:sparkle:

For both、 the result of the cooperation of all the fans at the venue、、、

In fine style、 we were acknowledged by Guinness (´ー`)heart


Thank you very much >_<heart

I didn’t think we’d be able to achieve them、 so I’m really glad (´ー`):sparkle:

I’d like to really really treasure it :sparkle:

、、、Challenge TV、
It was the first regular programme for ℃-ute (*u_u)heart

We got to go through all sort of challenges in the programme、 and I think that we’ve grown little by little、haven’t we ^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Since there’s still time to go before they go on air

Please watch them all to the end ^ ^

And today
We had polaroid events & handshake eventsーheartheartheart

To everyone who came
Thank you very much ^ ^heart

We’re starting with 『individual polaroids』 from nowー^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

It’s fun, trying out a new experiment!

Tomorrow’s events are the same as today’s heartheartheart

I hope I’ll get to chat a lot with all of youーーーっ>_<:sparkle::sparkle:

I’m looking forward to tomorrowーー:happy:

Let’s do our best tomorrow too ^ ^

Good night ~(´ー`):guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Yesterday

4cd5945f_240Good afternoon ー^ ^heart

This is Suzuki Airi !

I was halfway through writing my blog post yesterday
When I fell asleep >_<:sweat::sweat:

But、 I’d pretty much finished writing it
So I’ll put it UP ^ ^:onpu:


Good evening ヽ(・∀・)ノ
This is Suzuki Airi ^ ^heartheartheart

Today was a maintenance DAYーーー^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Having said that
Yesterday、 after my date with KanaTomo
I got home and wrote up my blog post

Before I knew it, I was asleep on the sofa >_<:sweat:

When I woke up in the morning, I was freezing on account of the air conditioning hitting me directlyーーー>_<:sweat::sweat::sweat:

It’s such an unhealthy way to sleep。

Sleeping badly yesterday and going for maintenance today。。。

What a huge difference。 lol

I’ll make sure to properly sleep in my futonー。ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Let me tell you roughly what I did today

I had set the mornings as study time heart

And、 I had lunch alone。

For lunch、 at 『Obon de Gohan』
Pork and eggplant with kimchi udon…
That was the name of what I ate ^ ^heartheartheart

Recently I’ve been eating extremely quickly
That it surprises me。 lol

And after that
All sorts of maintenance for my body ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Yup。 Feeling great ヽ(・∀・)ノ:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

And、 dinner alone
At MOS Cafe。

Are you familiar with MOS Cafe??

It’s not MOS Burger。
MOS Cafe!!

At MOS Cafe、 there are thinigs like loco moco, taco rice、 and other rice-based dishesーーヽ(・∀・)ノheartheartheart

And so、 I had loco moco!
Also、 something I can’t miss
From MOS Burger’s menu、、、

Onion rings ヽ(・∀・)ノ:onpu:

And as an addition
A banana honey soy milk shake heart

Ooh! So delicious~heart

And、 after that
I went to the beauty salon ヽ(・∀・)ノ:sparkle:

I went through a head spa and a treatment ^ ^heartheartheart

My head’s refreshedーー^ ^:sparkle:

With this I’ll be able to do my best tomorrow too ^ ^


Right、 it was until there lol

Today, I’ll be having rehearsals after this ^ ^heart

And Buono! radio at night!!

There’s still a long way to goーーーヽ(・∀・)ノ:sparkle:

Let’s do our best today too!

An announcement ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Late night today 21st August (Thurs) 12:20 midnight~12:45 midnight

NHK E-TV Aoyama 1-SEG currently developing drama 『Sumo Neko 3rd episode』 will go on air。

I’m counting on you to check it out ♪
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:heart2: Summer!

ac3c6188_240Good evening ^ ^
This is Suzuki Airi ヽ(・∀・)ノheartheartheart

℃-ute had a photo shoot from the morningー^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

If you’re wondering what the photo shoot was for8f37de47_240
It was for the magazine 『UTB+』!!ヽ(・∀・)ノ

It’s got a concept
That’s easy to understand、 Black and White!!

We wore two types of clothes ^ ^:sparkle:

It was really fun ^ ^heartheartheart


At the photo shoot、
I got to transform myself in all sorts of ways
It was really funーー^ ^:sparkle:

Moreover、 when I’m with C-ute
Somehow we end up making a din lolol

I love them allーーヽ(・∀・)ノ:sparkleheart:

I’m looking forward to the completed product ^ ^heartheartheart

It’s scheduled to go on sale in October ^ ^heart

For more details、 I’ll update you at a later date ^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

And、 after that
Study time, something I’ve often been doing recently。

About 2 hours after that

I had dinner with Juice=Juice’s Kanazawa Tomoko-chan ー^ ^heart

We went for ramen ヽ(・∀・)ノ

After that、 we felt like something cold
So we went to have a fruit parfait。 lolol

Whenever the 2 of us hang out, we always end up eating lots。 lolol

Having said that、 this is going to make Ayumin jealous again >_<:sweat::sweat:

Recently、 after I had gone with a date with KanaTomo
I happened to see that Morning Musume。’14′s Ishida Ayumi-chan、  had uploaded a  blog post out of jealousy (>_<)heart

How cute。。。

Ayumin、 our schedules just aren’t coming together >_<:sweat:

But we’ve promised to go watch a movie
So let’s go once you’re back from Hawaii ^ ^

Right!  Let’s work hard tomorrow too ヽ(・∀・)ノ

1,2・・ An off-shot from today’s photo shoot!
3・・ KanaTomo eating parfait。 lolol

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Bubbly

d840cc92_240Good eveningヽ(・∀・)ノ
This is Suzuki Airi ^ ^heartheartheart

We had rehearsals for ℃-ute’s autumn tour!

They’ve finally startedーーヽ(・∀・)ノ:sparkle:

In all honesty、、、
It’s shaping up to be a really enjoyable concert heart


Today we just had rehearsals, the whole day long
But it was really fun heartheartheart

The C-ute-chans are definitely the best ヽ(・∀・)ノ:sparkle:

I laughed so much that it made me sweat! lol

And we’ve hardly even started ^ ^heart

We’ll shape it up into something good :sparkleheart:249cc21b_240

At any rate
Today was hotーーー>_<:sweat::Sweat:

Just commuting to work had me sweaty。(ノ・Д・)ノ

We’re really in the thick of summerーーー>_<heart

I feel like this year, I’ve had a lot a opportunities to listen to the shrills of cicadas。。。

The short-lived cicadas
Are living their life to the fullest!!

I’ll do my best too ^ ^heart

Well then、 about the photos from yesterday。
It seems like everyone has their own favourites heart

I’ve still got moreー (・∀・):sparkle:

I’ll put some more UP ^ ^

But today
It’s an off-shot of me alone ^ ^:onpu:

And then、 today I took a nostalgic shot
With Hagiwara Mai-chan。 lolol

I wonder if anyone remembers this?(・∀・)

We tried bringing our trousers high on our waists

Let’s start working hard from tomorrowーー!

Right、 let’s do our best tomorrow too!

An announcement ^ ^

Today 12:55 midnight ~ 1:00 am
NHK 1-SEG2「Sumo Neko 2nd episode」

I’m counting on you to check it out ♪

Good nightヽ(・∀・)ノ:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: YajiSuzu

2ed4af8f_240Good evening ^ ^heartheartheart

This is Suzuki Airi ヽ(・∀・)ノ:sparkle:

Yesterday and today、
There were Hello! Cons IN Nakano Sunplaza!

To everyone who came
Thank you very much!^ ^heart

Yesterday we had 2 performances、 today we had 3。
Everyone、 job well done ^ ^:sparkle:



For this Hello! Con、
I got to speak with many members
It was really funーーーヽ(・∀・)ノheart

There were plenty of times when we crossed eyes while performing  >_<:sparkle:

We were in high spirits at the tiered gallery too!! lol

There’s only a few more Hello! Cons left。>_<:sweat::sweat::sweat:


I’ll enjoy them to the very end heartheartheart

Well then、 yesterday
The magazine 『Young GanGan』 went on sale ヽ(・∀・)ノheartheartheart

It’s a 2 person feature with Yajima Maimi-chan!!

On that day
We took a bunch of off-shots!

So I’ll be putting them up bit by bit on the blog, okay ^ ^heartheartheart

To those who haven’t seen the magazine、
Please make sure to give it a look ^ ^:sparkle:

It’s the so-called、『YajiSuzu』。 lol

And so、 today’s photos are those off-shots ^ ^heartheartheart

Which do you all like? lol

Right! Let’s do our best tomorrow too ^ ^

Announcement ^ ^

18 Aug (Mon)
12:55 am ~ 1:00 am
NHK 1-SEG2 「Sumo Neko 2nd story」 will be broadcast!

I’m counting on you to check it out!

Good nightヽ(・∀・)ノ:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Hotー

ed28a606_240Good evening ^ ^
This is Suzuki Airi ヽ(・∀・)ノheart

We appeared on TV Asahi・ Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STATION ーーーヽ(・∀・)ノ:sparkle:

Everyone who came、
Thank you very much heartheartheart


This was an outdoor concert ^ ^:onpu:

You knowー
I really let out a lot of sweat >_<:sweat::sweat:

The sweat continued to drip down my chin :happy2:


I wiped off the sweat with my hand and danced just like that
The sweat flewーー in the sky ヽ(・∀・)ノ lol

But you know
It’s great to be outdoors in the summerーheartheartheart

To prepare for tomorrow’s Hello! Con
I think I’d like to get a good night’s rest。

Let’s do our best tomorrow too!

1・・ Me today!
2・・ I’ve finally got to drink it ヽ(・∀・)ノ
Frozen coca cola!

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura:
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