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:heart2: Recently!

d9f22347_240Good evening (・∀・):sparkle:

This is Suzuki Airi ^ ^heartheartheart

I haven’t been updating the with daily blog posts
Sorry >_<:sweat::sweat:

I got tons of work in one shot
But they’ve concluded for the time being, so I’ll post an update >_<hearte73fc1f9_240

First, the day before yesterday!!
A photo shoot for the magazine 『Ray』 ^ ^heartheartheart

The other day、 I appeared on their beauty pages doing a centre spread、 and I’ll continue to appear for the 2nd time on their beauty pages :rabu::sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:


This time
I was made up to look mature heartheartheart

I think I can put up off-shots、 so here’s one ^ ^heart

I had a loose ponytail!!

(Photo 1)

It’s the March edition that’ll go on sale 23rd January!^ ^:onpu:

Make sure to have a look at itーーー^ ^:sparkleheart:

And after that
I went back to my memories of the Monster tour ^ ^:sparkle:

I’ll do my best for tomorrow’s concert heart

And yesterday!!

I had a goods shooting with Chisato heart:happy:

That was fun too :happy:

The details still haven’t been finalised
But please look forward to it heartheartheart

And after that
I got interviewed for the newspaper 『Idol Yokochou Shinbun』 (・∀・):sparkle:

It’s a newspaper that’ll be sold from the end of the year
And it’ll be a whole page ^ ^heart

Thank you very muchーー>_<

I wore Suzunoya’s furisode
And had a photo shoot ^ ^:sparkle:

Please get it (・∀・):onpu:

And after that
I had a recording~^ ^:sparkleheart:

We had a lot of discussions while recording、 it went until 10:30 p.m. lol:sweat:

But it was funー!!
I’ll talk about it again when I can give more details ^ ^heartheartheart

Then I went to the chiropractor for maintenance!!(・∀・):sparkle:

It’s the final tuning for tomorrow’s tour ^ ^:sparkleheart:

And today
From the morning、 I made a guest appearance at Suzunoya-san’s kickoff meeting ^ ^heartheartheart

Suzunoya-san had made、
Special business cards for me heart:happy:

I gave them to everyoneーー^ ^:onpu:

Business cards、 these are a first for me (・∀・)

Public company Suzunoya
Furisode PR promotion office
Furisode image character
Suzuki Airi (℃-ute)

That’s what’s written on itーー!!heart

This is huge! lol

Suzunoya-san、 I’d like to do lots of PR ^ ^heartheartheart

And after
There’s something I’m looking forward toーーー!!


I’ll write it in my next blog post ^ ^:onpu::onpu::onpu:

Well then! Until the next update ^ ^heart

Let’s work hard tomorrow too!


I’m offーー ^ ^heartheartheart
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:heart2: Yesterday

3c0e0406_240Good evening ^ ^heartheartheart

This is Suzuki Airi (。-∀-。):sparkle:

With the cooperation of Suzunoya-san

We gathered all the Hello! Pro members who would be celebrating their coming-of-age next year、 and had a photo shoot in furisodeーーー^ ^heartheartheart


I was surprised
I didn’t expect there’d be this many members at that age (。-∀-。):sparkle:

There were all sorts of furisode designs、、、

I was reminded once again that furisodes truly are part of Japan’s beauty~^ ^:onpu:

By the way
Amongst the furisode that I got to wear for the brochure、 this was my choice。(Photo 1)

A photo with Risako~^ ^heart


This furisode、
Is the one I like the most~^ ^heartheartheart

Up until I got to wear all these furisode、

I thought that I’d go whitish or light yellow like my mother。 Red’s so common、 I might as well give up on itー(。-∀-。)

That’s what I thought、、、:sweat:

But after trying them out, my feelings changed heart

As a result、 it’s red。 lol

With a classic loveliness
That you can’t say anything about、 I got charmed
By this deep red colour ^ ^:sparkleheart:

That said。
It’s been ages since I’ve taken a photo with Risako!^ ^heart

Risako’s in a red furisode too!

We kind of look the same、、、(。-∀-。)

Here you go, a close-up。 (Photo 2)

After the furisode photo shoot
I made a guest appearance
On Nakajima Saki-chan’s radio show ^ ^heartheartheart

We talked a lot~ lol

It’ll be aired soon
So don’t miss out on listening to it~:onpu::onpu::onpu::rabu:

And here I’ll let you have a look
Of us being all weird after the radio show。 lol (Photo 3)

Whatever it is, the cold days are continuing >_<
I’m gonna freezeーーー>_<:sweat::sweat::sweat:

Everyone、 please take care not to catch a cold
And lets do our best with our spirits upheart

Well、 at this time
I’ll be taking a half-body bathheart:rabu:

Right! Let’s work hard tomorrow too。

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Photo shoot

f6c3a8e1_240Good evening (。-∀-。):sparkle:

 This is Suzuki Airi ^ ^heartheartheart

I had a shooting from the morningーー^ ^:sparkle:

It was a gravure photo shoot
For the cover & opening pages for the magazine 『Young GanGan』 ^ ^heart


It’s for an edition that’s going on sale next year ^ ^:sparkle:

I wore 4 outfits
But since I can’t put them up yet
I’ll put them up next time, ok~^ ^heartheartheart

We went to Hayama for the shooting 6ff27997_240
And an old lady at Hayama
Gave me cinnamon candy ^ ^heart

But you know
She gave me the cinnamon candy
But she wanted the candy wrapping back
So she told me that she wanted me to eat it there and then (。-∀-。):sweat::sweat:

That was kind of weird~^ ^heart lol

It was an on-location shoot with Young GanGan, who I haven’t worked with for quite a while
It also let me come into contact with the warmth of the area。

Look forward to when it’s done, okay ^ ^heart

After that
I chilled out alone at LOFT~^ ^heart

I wandered around shopping~^ ^

And after that
I had a meal with a friend from senior high school、 on short notice ^ ^heart

、、、We went for motsunabe。 lol

It was delicious (。-∀-。)heartheartheart

You eat nabe in winter :happy::sparkleheart:

Well, we eat motsunabe when it isn’t winter too。 lol

It was bliss~(。-∀-。):sparkleheart:

Feels like I can work hard again tomorrow!!

I’ve got work from the morning tomorrow ^ ^heartheartheart

Let’s work hard tomorrow too ^ ^

The photos are
The second furisode series (。-∀-。)

Good night (。-∀-。):guragura::guragura::guragura:

:heart2: Yahoー

8f1b526e_240Good evening ^ ^heart

This is Suzuki Airi (。-∀-。):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

I had all sorts of things
In these 2 daysー^ ^:onpu:

I’ve put together almost all
Of all my make-up implements that are about to finish、、、



I finished a ton of assignments too

I went to this store I like, Soup Stock, by myself tooー^ ^heartheartheart

It’s been a while since I had tonkotsu by myselfー^ ^heart

I also got to see my father after quite a while

It’s the first time I’ve walked in Shibuya with my father (my mother was there too though lol)~ lol

I just had too much luggage、、、
And what’s more, it was raining
My shoulders feel like they’ve blown up lolol

It made me want to cry while I was heading back、、、lol:sweat:

Honestly, all sorts of things happened heart

And、 today
I had a recording for The Girls Live for work
We went to Suzunoya-san ^ ^heart

I picked out furisodeーーー^ ^:sparkle:

I’ll give you more details next time ^ ^heart

To commemorate、 life-sized panels of me! lol

Because it’s the start of December
There’s a lot of me in Suzunoya-san’s storeー(。-∀-。)heartheartheart

There are pamphlets too
They’re free of charge, so please get your hands on them, okay ^ ^heartheartheart

So, today
I’ll put up some off-shots from when I was doing the photo shoots for Suzunoya-san!^ ^:sparkle:

Today it’s up to here ^ ^heart

Right! Let’s work hard tomorrow too (。-∀-。)

Here are some details about tomorrow!

We’ll be holding a release commemoration talk show for Suzuki Airi style book 『Airi-sT』 on the 6th of December (Sat)!
Time and Date 6 Dec(Sat)11:30 a.m.~
Time and Date 6 Dec(Sat)12:45 p.m.~
Venue Hello! Project Official Shop Akihabara, Tokyo store
Reservation period 29 Nov (Sat)10:00 a.m. ~ 6 Dec (Sat)11:00 a.m.

After that、

We will be having a release commemoration handshake event for Suzuki Airi stylebook 『Airi-sT』 on the 6th of December (Sat)! Time and place 6 Dec (Sat)3:00 p.m.~
Venue Sanseido Bookstore Yurakucho Store participation tickets 26 Nov (Wed)10:00 a.m.~
※Please see Sanseido Bookstore’s FB page for details。

Bye byーーe ^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:
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:heart2: Buoーyant

8494f7db_240Good evening ^ ^heartheartheart

This is Suzuki Airi(。-∀-。):sparkle:

Today I’ll write about the things that I’ve recently gotten into

、、、Or rather

The things that make my chest squeeーーーze! ^ ^heartheartheart

Recently, I’ve been liking
Shibasaki Kou-san >_<:sparkle:e208d634_240

Every time I see her in a Häagen-Dazs commercial
She’s so cute it makes my chest squeeーーze!!

The commercials that have been broadcast recently
Are for their chocolate brownie ice cream、、、

I don’t normally go for chocolate-flavoured ice cream (。-∀-。)

But Shibasaki Kou-san was just too cute
That I bought it。 lol >_<:sweat::sweat:

I’ve always liked dignified ladies, for a long time。f2895b5b_240

I love Shinohara Ryoko-san and Igawa Haruka-san tooー>_<heartheartheart

When you think about mature women
Those are the names that come to mind, right~^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

If you admire someone or set them as your goal
Wouldn’t you get closer to that ideal!!^ ^heartheartheart

The women I look up to、、、
It would be nice if I too would be a cool grown-up in the futureー(。-∀-。):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Well then、 today
I had a shooting from the morning ^ ^heart

It’s been pretty productive recentlyー^ ^:onpu::onpu::onpu:

At year end、 I have to properly plan and finish
The non-work related things
That I have to get done now ^ ^heartheartheart

It seems that it’ll be cold tomorrow
So please be careful not to catch a cold ^ ^:sparkle:

Right! Let’s work hard tomorrow too!


1・・Häagen-Dazs and me
2・・An off-shot from Airi-sT ^ ^heart

I did aerial yoga :rabu:heart

Even though it was just part of the plan、 I’ve completely gotten into it!!^ ^heartheartheart

An announcement (。-∀-。)

We’ll be holding a release commemoration handshake for Suzuki Airi style book 『Airi-sT』 on the 6th of December (Sat)!
Date and time 6 Dec (Sat) 3:00 p.m.~
Place Sanseido Bookstore Yurakucho store
Tickets 26 Nov (Wed)10:00 a.m.~
※ Please see Sanseido bookstore’s FB page for details。


We’ll be holding a release commemoration talk show for Suzuki Airi style book 『Airi-sT』 on the 6th of December (Sat)!

Date and time 6 Dec (Sat) 11:30 a.m.~
Date and time 6 Dec (Sat) 12:45 p.m.~

Venue Hello! Project Official Shop Tokyo・Akihabara Store
Acceptance period 29 Nov (Sat)10:00 a.m. ~ 6 Dec (Sat) 11:00 a.m.
Details here→…

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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5d5aaad6_240Good evening ^ ^
This is Suzuki Airi (´ー`)heartheartheart

Yesterday we were at Kochi、 today we’re in Tokushima
For the Naruchikaーー^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

To everyone who came
Thank you very much ^ ^:sparkleheart:dd18b22f_240

For the time being
We’ve finished with Naruchika

But there are still 20 prefectures that we haven’t stopped at through our Naruchika tour

Someday there’ll be other Naruchikas
Where we’ll get the opportunity ^ ^heart

For now、 thanks for a job well done ^ ^:sparkle:


And and。
The established Naruchika delicaciesーーheart:happy:

Yesterday it was grilled mackerel sushi、
Today we ate Tokushima ramen heart

The mackerel sushi was juicy
And the ramen was delicious with its strong flavourーーheart:happy:

It’s been a while since I had ramen ^ ^:onpu:

It was delicious heartheartheart

Also、 Kochi brings to mind Sakamoto Ryoma。

The last time I came, I saw Sakamata Ryoma-sama
At this convenience store、 and we met again there :sparkle:

I took a photoーーー ^ ^heartheartheart

Well wellー well then。
I’ve got tests tomorrowーー(。-∀-。):sparkle:

Let’s work hard tomorrow too!

Good night ^ ^:sparkle:
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:heart2: Kagawa

41d06dbe_240Good evening ^ ^heartheartheart

This is Suzuki Airi!(´ー`)

Naruchika was IN Kagawa!!

Starting today, we’ll be having 3 days of Naruchika in Shikoku ^ ^:sparkle:

I’d like to fully enjoy it (´ー`)heartheartheart


Before today’s concert
We did some recordings at Kagawa !!


At Radio 『Weekend Shuttle』
We did a live performance as studio guests ^ ^:onpu::onpu::onpu:

And after that、
We recorded for KBS Super J Channel’s
『Kimi to Arukitai』 corner ^ ^heart


It was on-location at Ritsurin Garden ^ ^:sparkle:

It was a location that felt autumn-ish and Japanese、 it made me feel really calm ^ ^heartheartheart

By the way
We also recorded for Ana ch (Video in KBS Website)

So look forward to when it goes UP ^ ^heart

Well then、 this is late
But 『Airi-sT』 went on sale yesterday!!

I’ll put up an off-shot ^ ^:onpu:

When there’s a day without a Naruchika
I’ll write about the book in detail ^ ^heartheartheart

Tomorrow’s Naruchika will be in Kochi (´ー`)

Let’s work hard tomorrow too ^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Michishige-san

5767609d_240Good evening ^ ^
This is Suzuki Airi (´ー`)heartheartheart

I went to Yokohama Arena
To watch Morning Musume。’14 Michishige Sayumi-san’s graduation concert ^ ^:sparkle:

It truly was a wonderful concert、 and I was reminded once again how she’s a leader who conveys things to her juniors by her actions。ae9ec32a_240

I never see Michishige-san’s tears
Besides the times when she’s frustrated、 but her tears today were even more lovely!!>_<

Among the many successive leaders、 it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she’s the number 1、 and there’s this really big impression that she’s a person with a deep love of Hello! Pro ^ ^heart

Furthermore、 that love I mentioned
Isn’t just any love
She keeps mentioning that the members are cute、 really cute、

There weren’t a lot of things that she said to us directly、

But aren’t there a lot of juniors who received confidence from Michishige-san 9ffec32e_240
That’s what I’m thinking once again now ^ ^:sparkleheart:

Even now I really remember that on New Year’s、 she’d personalise the messages she’d send to each and everyone before sending them ^ ^:sparkle:

She even noticed
Someone like me
It made me really glad ^ ^:sparkleheart:

Running continuously for 12 years、
I think that today、 she’s hit the stop button for the time being

Her activities as part of Morning Musume。、 and the burdens she continued to carry along that from before she was leader、 with this, she can now let them go、 and from now on, I would like her to enjoy every day for the sake of her own happiness、 and not just for the sake of the happiness of others ^ ^heart

From tomorrow、 for BeriKyuu
The rest of the Hello! Project members will become our juniors。

The things we can do are limited in number

But just how Michishige-san poured her love

We’d like to shower our juniors with lots of love

Michishige-san、 thank you very much for your hard work!

Until the very end
As idol Michishige Sayumi
She was truーly brilliant heartheartheart

Please have a good break ^ ^


Riーーght! From tomorrow、
I’ll once again focus my energies and do my best!

Let’s work hard tomorrow too ^ ^:sparkle:

An announcement ^ ^

This announcement is a little late、、、

But 『Shuukan Famitsu 4th December 2014 special issue』

Has gone on sale!!

The photo shoot was in an elaborate set、、、

The finished product is really strange and interesting ^ ^heartheartheart

The shoot came out really nicely, so please make sure to get your hands on it ^ ^:sparkle:

I’ll put up some off-shots!
(Photo 2)

What’s more!
Please make sure to check out
『Girls! vol.43』 which went on sale today as well ^ ^heartheartheart

It’s been 1 year since I last appeared in it
I got to wear 2 outfits!!

I’ve put up off-shots before
But I’ll put up a different one ^ ^

(Photo 3)


And! Finally, tomorrow
『Airi-sT』 goes on sale!

More details will be in tomorrow’s blog post ^ ^


With that! Good nightーー^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Toyohashi

ce8f24cd_240Good evening^ ^heart

This is Suzuki Airi (´ー`):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

We had our Naruchika IN Toyohashiheartheartheart

To everyone who came
Thank you very much!!67ef1fbf_240

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Fujii Rio-chan
Hails from Aichi prefecture

And we got some gifts from her motherーーー>_<heartheartheart

They were things like eye masks and vitamin drinks
All things that are useful for beating off the fatigue >_<:sparkle:

Thank you very much!!

Until today
We’ve had 11 days in a row
Where we met up with all you fans!824f720a_240

For the time being、 it’s come to an end!!

As it was our release week
We shook hands with tons of people in these 11 days ^ ^heartheartheart

I’d like to take the time to have a leisurely bath
And get lots of sleep。 lol

On our way back
I had Toyohashi’s speciality of curry udonーーー(´ー`):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

We were asked

Is this your first time having Toyohashi’s curry udon??(。-∀-。)

By the lady at the store lol

We got a really detailed explanation
On how to eat it (´ー`)heart

After you’re finished with the udon and the ingredients on top of it
You’d be given rice and grated yam to eat with the remaining roux

So I did my best to eat up the udon
Until I got to the grated yam (。-∀-。)heart

That was deliciousーーー!!

My additional order of fried prawns was incredibly awesome too!!

Fried prawnsーーーheartheartheart

I’d like to come again (´ー`):sparkle:

I’ll get a proper rest today
And let’s do our best tomorrow too (ノ∀\*)heart

Good nightーー(´ー`):sparkle:
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:heart2: Pufoー

84c68569_240Good evening ^ ^heartheartheart

This is Suzuki Airi (´ー`):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

We were at

『Forest For Rest ~Satoyama・Satoumi he Ikou~ SATOYAMA & SATOUMI with Yuuki no Tsubasa 2014 Shuukakusai』

Todayーーー^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

To everyone who came
Thank you very much ^ ^heart

From before LalaPort opened until after it closed
We worked hard the whole day!!

There were all sorts of things happening at the event as well、 alーl sorts of things were being run throughout the dayーー>_<:sweat::sweat:

I was out like a log on the return bus! lol

Tomorrow we’ll also be participating in events from the morning
After that we’ll be having a release event
At Tower Records Shibuya

So please drop by, okay ^ ^heartheartheart

Details are here (´ー`)…

Sorry it’s short!
Let’s work hard tomorrow too ^ ^heart

In the photo
We’re wearing outfits coordinated by Morning Musume。’14 ^ ^

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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