Suzuki Airi

:heart2: Today was!

eda98d2d_240Good evening ^ ^heart

This is Suzuki Airi :happy::onpu:

Was a realーーーly wonderful day :rabu:heart

Firstly、 we resumed with our autumn tour rehearsals (・∀・)heart

Starting from today
We’ll be rehearsing with microphonesー ^ ^:sparkle:4f7575b4_240

I’m really feeling how close we are to the real thing。
I’ll focus my energies and do my bestーっheart

And、 you、 know、 what!!

After that、 I went to a certain place todayーーーーっheartheartheart

So where did I go?ーー (・∀・):sparkle:

I’m sure you won’t have any idea! lol
Thinking time、 starts now!!

:tornado: (・∀・) Where could it be 。。。


※Hint: My favourite、、、

:tornado: (・∀・)(・∀・) Yuーーーp。。。

※ Hint: Packed with songsーー!:onpu:

:tornado: (・∀・)(・∀・)(・∀・) Oh!!

Right、 time is up!

The correct answer isーーーっ

I went to a LIVE performance of a certain artiste (・∀・)heartheartheart

And that artiste is

back number-san :happy::sparkleheart::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:


My first time seeing back number LIVEheartheartheart

I went with Yajima Maimi-chan and her friend !!

Before we went
We looked up the setlist on the ‘Net
And made preparations、、、

It was full of my favourite songs
I was super duper excited!
Even now! lol

It was really wonderfulーーっheartheartheart

When we first looked it up
The setlist didn’t have
Any of my favourite songs、、、

But they added them today!>_<

Oーーーh、 they’re the best!!heartheartheart

I wish I could go againー^ ^:sparkleheart:

And feeling like that
I’ll have a good night’s rest tonight (*_*):guragura::guragura::guragura:

Right、 let’s work hard tomorrow too!

An announcement^ ^

Announcement of special advance reservations for the official ℃-ute blog
Naruchika 2014 ℃-ute
24 October (Fri) Akita Club SWINDLE【Akita】 (6:30 pm)
14 November (Fri) Shuunan Tiki-Ta 【Yamaguchi】 (6:30 pm)
28 November (Fri) Takamatsu DIME 【Kagawa】 (6:30 pm)
※ Times stated are for the concert start

Ticket price:\6,600(Including tax)
Type of seat reservation: All free(Reference number included)
Resrvation URL:
Reservation period:12 September (Fri) 12:00 noon ~ 18 September (Thurs) 11:59 pm

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Yesterday

b871ab3e_240Good evening(・∀・)heart

This is Suzuki Airi ^ ^:sparkle:

Berryz Kobo had their Budokan concert yesterday ^ ^heartheartheart

℃-ute made an appearance tooーー:happy::sparkleheart:


Before the real thing、 when they were setting off
I gave each and every member a hug

I was almost crying
And I had to really hold back。>_<:sweat:

In my mind, I was thinking that there was so little time left
For me to be able to act like that

Sadness suddenly washed over me >_<:sweat::sweat:

In particular
When I was giving Sugaya Risako-chan a hug cf0416fb_240

Risako may not remember this
But in a really soft tone
She said to me
『Thanks。 I’ll be off』
That really struck my heart。

Everyone has their own path
But knowing that we started from the very same beginnings、 I can’t see them in the same way that I see others >_<:sparkle:

Berryz Kobo is something precious to me。
I felt it once again at the Budokan。

They were amazing、 stylish
And brilliant。>_<

I’d like to keep my eyes on them until the end ^ ^heart

And、 personally
Getting to sing Rock no Kamisama as Buono! was a big thing for me too。

Part of the lyrics go
『For us, even a small stage is our Budokan』

We’ve talked about
Keeping it in reserve until Buono! holds a concert of our own at the Budokan !

However, even us members don’t know
When Buono! will next be on-stage at the Budokan

So given the opportunity to be on-stage
We sung it there and then。

Honestly、 it felt like my tears would start flowing while we were singing
But it would feel like the end if I cried, and I’d hate that

So I held back the tears and sang with everything I had。

It would be great if the 3 of us could have a live concert of our own。 It would be great if we could sing at the Budokan。

It would be great if yesterday’s wasn’t the last
That’s what I’m wishing for, even now。

You switched your glowsticks to the Buono! colours in an instant、 thank you so much ^ ^heartheartheart

For a short while
We were immersed in Buono!’s song。 lol

、、、 Having said that、 there’s only a short time
Until the ℃-ute tour starts ^ ^heart

I’ll flip my switch
And make this tour the best possible heartheartheart


Let’s work hard tomorrow too ^ ^heartheartheart

Are from yesterday, as Buono!!
The stylist-san who made the outfit at the time added the words ‘Buono!’ ^ ^heart

An announcement (・∀・)

Is scheduled to go on sale the 9th October

8 Sept (Mon) 12:00 noon ~ 13 Sept (Sat)

Customers who purchase it during the aforementioned period will be entered into a raffle and 100 names will receive an invite to a special event!!

【Event details】
The 1st UTB NIGHT ~ Ura ℃-ute no Hi Yacchaimasu!~
Date:9th October 2014 (Thurs)
Doors open: 6:30 pm
Event starts: 7:30 pm
Expected end: 9:00 pm
Venue: Akasaka BLITZ
Event agenda: Talk show ・ Special concert ・ Premium raffle and others
※ General tickets are scheduled to be sold on 20 Sept 2014 (Sat)。
(Not sold on Wani Books Official Site。)




Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Yaaーーy!

4ebbf78d_240September 10th isーーー??(・∀・)

℃-ute no Hiーーーっheartheartheart

Good evening(・∀・):onpu:

This is Suzuki Airi ^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:


Today、、、 It’s finally here!
Our Nippon Budokan concertーーっheartheartheart

Continuing on from last year
I’m really glad that we’ll be getting to do a concert at Nippon Budokan again on ℃-ute no Hi >_<:sparkleheart:

It’s thanks to everyone who cheers us on
And the staff-san who support us。

Thank you so very much >_<

Last year was our first time at the Budokan
But standing on stage
It felt different ^ ^:sparkle:

Both last year and this year
We really felt happy and grateful

But as today is the last September 10th
That we’ll be spending with Berryz Kobo

When we were singing together
I was able to reflect even deeper than usual about where we were >_<heart

Since we’ll be standing together on-stage tomorrow as well
For all of you、 I’d like to give a performance that’ll properly support them ^ ^heart

And this time around、
I got to appear as part of Buono! ^ ^heart

In the Budokan、 I guess we haven’t been there since the Yubi Matsuri ^ ^:onpu:

That was funーー^ ^heartheartheart

I was able to show you
Myself as part of ℃-ute and as part of Buono! ^ ^:sparkle:

But what I really think is
It’s great that I’m part of ℃-ute。

team℃-ute、 I love you all heart

Everyーーーone of you is awesome heartheartheart

I’m begging for your continued kindness ^ ^


Right! Let’s work hard tomorrow too ^ ^:sparkle:

Good nightーーっ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Full Dress Rehearsal

b2ec6aee_240 Good evening ^ ^heart

This is Suzuki Airi!!

Today、 we buckled up
And went through a full-dress rehearsal for the Budokan concertーー:happy::sparkle:


That wore me outーーっ!!lolol

Just like the real thing
We put on our outfitsーー(・∀・)heart

Even though it was a rehearsal
I was still kinda nervous >_<:sparkle:

It’s our 2nd Budokan concert、
In consecutive years ^ ^:onpu:

I’m nervous in a different way from last year!!

September the 10th、
Can be read as 『9 (Kyuu) 10 (To)』 in Japanese、 that is, ‘Cute’

Even though it’s got nothing to do with the day we made our début、 but for ℃-ute、 it’s a really important day (・∀・)heartheartheart lol

Tomorrow、 I’ll spend the whole DAY preparing my body!!

I’d like to appear in perfect form for the real thing (・∀・)heartheartheart

Right!Let’s work hard tomorrow too!!

An announcement ^ ^

Announcing special advance reservations for Livehouse Tour 『Naruchika 2014 ℃-ute』 on ℃-ute’s official blog!

Ticket price:¥6,600(Including tax)

Type of seat reservation: All free (Reference number included)

Reservation URL:

Reservation period: 4 September(Thurs)12:00 noon ~ 11 September (Thurs) 11:59 pm

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Michishige-san

e416f592_240Good evening (・∀・)heart

This is Suzuki Airi :happy::sparkleheart::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

We held the closing day of the Hello! Con IN Sendai :happy::sparkle:

And with the Hello! Con wrapping up
It’s the last Hello! Con we’ll do together with Morning Musume。’14′s Michishige Sayumi-san >_<:sweat::sweat:2e275685_240

Time passes by so quickly :sweat:

As it was her last Hello! Con
Michishige-san gave out gifts >_<heartheartheart


What’s more、 she gave a gift to each and every member!

Even though we should have been the ones to do something
We got something from Michishige-san instead、、、>_<:sparkle:

And thank you so much >_<heart

At the final stage、 I reflected thoroughly
And performed!>_<heart

I’m really glad that we got to sing Momoiro Kataomoi together!!

Until the day of her graduation
I’d like to experience a lot
Of Michishige-san’s idol aura :happy:heart

And today
They grilled cow tongue at the venueheartheartheart

Everyone lined up to eat itー :happy::sparkleheart:

It was super duper delicious!

And the concert was amazingly fun too heart

Let’s work hard tomorrow tooーーーheart

I’ll have a good night’s rest tonight (・∀・):guragura:

An announcement (・∀・)

Announcing that we are taking advance reservations for ℃-ute concert tour 2014 Autumn ~ Monster~ Final! Nippon Budokan Special Performance play guide
For details→…

Until tomorrowー(・∀・)heartheartheart
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:heart2: ヽ(・∀・)ノ

73048d0d_240【From the staff: This blog post was from last night。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】

Good evening ^ ^heart

This is Suzuki Airi!!

We had Budokan rehearsals again today!!

We got to relax in the morning
But from the start of the rehearsals
We danced with all our mightー lol

What’s more、 from today
We’ll be rehearsing with microphones in hand

To make it even more like the real performance heartheartheart


The real thing
Is even closer than I thought、、、

So while I’m still enjoying it
I’m also focusing my mind :happy::sparkle:

Today passed in the blink of an eyeーっ。

Tomorrow there’ll be rehearsals again ヽ(・∀・)ノheart

I’ll eat delicious things and do my best :happy:

Ah、 that’s right。
The other day、 I had lunch
At Freshness Burger ヽ(・∀・)ノheart

My favourite is
The bacon omelette burger heartheartheart

It’s got a new food texture ヽ(・∀・)ノ:sparkleheart:

If you haven’t eaten it before, please give it a try (ノv`*)

Today, I’ll upload a photo from then :sparkle:

Right! Let’s do our best tomorrow too!

Good night (´ー`):guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Oooh!

42fa5499_240Good evening ^ ^heart

This is Suzuki Airi :happy::sparkleheart::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

Today、 in the morning
We had a recording for TV『The Girs Live』 :onpu:

I was rushing around for several recording sessions heart


First、 Berryz Kobo’s Natsuyaki Miyabi-chan coordinated outfits for  ℃-ute!!

I was movedーーっ^ ^heart

Look forward to it, okay ヽ(・∀・)ノ

And、 I also got to coordinate outfits for a certain group ^ ^heart

My heart was running wild
But all of them looked so cute in the outfits、 I was really elated!e5e7cbec_240

As to whose outfits I coordinated
And what concept was used

Please look forward to it when it gets broadcast ^ ^

We also had a Buono! song recording!!

It’s been ages since we did that song in a studio ^ ^heart

It’s also been ages since I did twintails lol

It’s been about 2 years
Everyone was jittery at the rehearsal、 but we were able to recapture that feeling ヽ(・∀・)ノheartheartheart

Please wait for the broadcastー^ ^:sparkle:

And after that、
We had rehearsals for the Budokanーっ!!

Since we had been rehearsing for our tour before that、、、

My head’s all mixed upーっ>_<:sweat::sweat::sweat:

But、 I’m pretty much in Budokan mode
My switch has been completely flipped!

We imagined being at the Budokan in the studio
And earnestly went through the rehearsal ^ ^heart

We thought about things like the distance
And we rushed
Making round trips from one end of the studio to the other、

We let out a lot of sweatーーー!!lol

Wellー But
These daily rehearsals are tough
Every day, these muscle sores can’t recover! lol

But、 I shouldn’t just focus on muscles
But my body as a whole

I’m pumped up ^ ^heart

There’s about a week more to the real thing!!

The outfits are cute too、、、
How you’ll perceive it
Will depend on my current efforts ヽ(・∀・)ノ:sparkle:

I’ll go at it with everything I’ve gotーー!!
Heehee ^ ^heartheartheart

And with that
After the rehearsals

In order to take care of my body
I went to the chiropractor ^ ^heart

It’ll help me do my best from tomorrow!!

Let’s work hard tomorrow too!

1・・  Everyone’s feeling the heatーー!!
2・・ I drank up this Jasmine tea!
3・・ A nostalgic Buono! outfit~^ ^heart

An announcement ヽ(・∀・)ノ

At 9 pm, Hello !Sta #82 will be released to the public!

You can see our appearance at the 1st August JUNON Produce Girls Contest  heart

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:

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:heart2: Towel

【From the staff: This blog post was from last night。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】

Good evening ^ ^heart

This is Suzuki Airi :onpu:

We had Budokan rehearsals
And had our clothes fittedーー(ノv`*):sparkleheart:

You knowーー、 the outfits are cute!!

I really can’t want until the time comes for all of you to see themーーーっ(ノv`*)heartheartheart


I have to keep a close eye on my body too。
Ooooh ! I’m pumped up (°_°):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

The rehearsal went well too!!
Honestly、 there’s just a short while until the real thing
So I’ve got to concentrate and do my best!!

Ah、 that’s right!!
Today、 there’s something I want all of you to see heartheartheart

Maimi-chan has already put hers up on the blog、、、

But at the Budokan、 they’ll be selling
Towels designed by us >_<heartheartheart

For meー(ノv`*):sparkleheart:

It’s a Suuーsan。towel again!!

『10th September is ℃-ute no Hi!』
『WE ARE TEAM ℃-uteheartheartheart


That’s what’s written on it heartheartheart

The one wearing a crown represents ℃-ute
The one with a glowstick represents the fans heartheartheart:happy:

Please hang it over your neck and make use of itーー(ノv`*):sparkleheart::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

I’ll upload a photo of it today :onpu:

Right! Let’s work hard tomorrow too!

Mai and Chisato bought this from Starbucks for me (・∀・)heart

Good nightー(ノv`*)heartheartheart
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:heart2: Hokkaido

db05f931_240【From the staff: This blog post was from last night。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】

Good eveningヽ(・∀・)ノheart

This is Suzuki Airi !!

We had a Hello! Con in Hokkaidoーー:happy::sparkleheart:

To everyone who came
Thank you very much heartheartheart

When we were changing songs
Piercing yells of ‘Kyaーーッ!’ sounded out、、、

That made us go ‘Kyaheart‘ too lol
The guests、
Up Up Girls (Kari)、
Also really packed a punch
I jumped around and got excitedーheart:happy:

That was fun ヽ(・∀・)ノheartheartheart

And、 after that
All of us went for a meal!!

All of the performers and staff-san were there、 so there were tons of people!

Everyone was merry and having fun heartheartheart

Besides, Hokkaido’s aweーsommmeee!!
I really do love Hokkaido!!

I’ve got to make more progress
With my travel plans with Maimi-chan soonーー! lol

And, this morning
We got back to Tokyoー(´ー`):sparkle:

When we arrived at Tokyo
Okai Chisato-chan and Nakajima Saki-chan and Hagiwara Mai-chan
Who had left Hokkaido earlier、
Were probably preparing for the live broadcast of 『Uta ga umai Idol Nippon Ichi Ketteisen』 (´ー`):sparkle:

It’s a pity about the results
But appearing as a representative of Hello! Pro、 I thought that Okai-chan was really cool (´ー`)heartheartheart

I’m sure the pressure must’ve been intense as well。。。

No matter what the results
Chisato’s singing is number oneーー(´ー`):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

On Chisato’s blog post
She wrote that she’ll work hard for her next chance、、、

So definitely、 we’ll be hearing Okai-chan’s voice at an even more amazing level ヽ(・∀・)ノ:onpu::onpu::onpu:

I can’t afford to fall behind!!

That really was a job well done (*u_u)heart

Once I had got back to Tokyo
I had a recording :onpu::onpu:

I wonder when it’ll arrive at your earsーー(*u_u)

Look forward to it, okay (´ー`):sparkle::sparkle:

And after that
I had a birthday surprise for a friend!!

A 20th birthday celebration ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Happy birthdayーーー^ ^ heartheartheart

It was my first time to that store
They had all kinds of tricks available
That was interesting ^ ^

I hope my friend has a wonderful yearー^ ^

Let’s work hard tomorrow too (´ー`)heart

1・・ From Morning Musume。’14′s Ishida Ayumi-chan、 a souvenir from Hawaiiーーーっヽ(・∀・)ノheartheartheart

It was a T-shirt and a parka
We’ve got matching T-shirts (´ー`):sparkleheart:

With that、 we took a commemoration photo~(n´v`n):sparkle:

Thank you for going out of your way for that、 Ayumin!

P.S. An announcementヽ(・∀・)ノ
We starting to stream the 「℃-ute Live in Taiwan Special」!
Complete coverage of ℃-ute’s first time in Taiwan! It’s a documentary compilation where you can fully enjoy approximately 60 minutes with the beginning and ending parts。

℃-ute special page…
Currently developing a comment video from the members!


Good night (n´v`n):guragura::guragura::guragura:
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From now

e994fbe4_240Good evening (・∀・)
This is Suzuki Airi :haato::haato::haato:

I’ll be appearing on the live broadcast of
NHK E-Tele「Aoyama 1-SEG Kaihatsu」from now  ヽ(・∀・)ノ:haato::haato::haato:

There’s a closing poll
For the drama 『Sumo Neko』

Please, please, watch it when it airs and place your votes (ノ_・。):sweat:

The votes from all of you
Can change the future of Sumo Neko!!

It’s from 12:20 midnight (・∀・)

I’m begging for your kindness :haato::haato::haato:
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