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From the morning、 Matchazu will be appearing on stage!*\(^o^)/*


Come and see us, okay (´ー`) 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi
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♡ Pacifico Yokohama

This is Airi!!!

Yesterday when I when writing out my blog post
I noticed that I had typed out
Haro Haro Kensouseaka
Instead of the words Hello! Pro Kenshuusei
Then I fell asleep, just like that lolol
I’m sorry *\(^o^)/* :sweat::sweat::sweat:

Well then!!
We’re done with our Pacifico Yokohama concert!!
Thank you very much to everyone who came ♡♡♡

Here’s a shot from when I got back home ↓ lol


Suu-san。 lolol
The feeling of touching Suu-san, it’s indescribableー♡♡♡

I’m obsessedーー、、、 lolol

Yesterday was our last stage performance
With the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei though >_<>_<>_<

They were lined up in the dressing room after the performance
We got signed boards and room shoes from them ♡♡♡

It was a joy to craft a stage performance with themー>_<>_<

We also made
Lots of eye contact!!

They were all girls that I had yet to talk with at Hello! Cons、 so I’m glad that it feels like we’ve become friends ♡

Compared to when they all started
I feel that their smiles have gotten even lovelier (´ー`)♡

I hope I’ll see them again ♡♡♡


What remains is only the Nakano performance!

I’ll do my bestーー*\(^o^)/*
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♡ Sleepy

Good evening *\(^o^)/*

Today I went for a job after taking an afternoon napー(´∀`) 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi

It’s been a while since I slept so soundly
The phenomenon where you feel sleepy because of oversleeping occurred。 lolol

The nights are coldーーー>_< 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi
It’s a sign that we’re almost completely in winterー>_<>_<>_< Ah! That's right。 The things I'd gotten at the exhibition quite a while back Have finally arrived today (´ー`) 766[1] Airi 766[1] Airi 766[1] Airi

I’m really glad ♡♡♡

Because they’re shoes
Maybe I’ll immediately wear them tomorrowーー 1822-sayu Momo Airi

Hmmーー Anyway, I’m sleepy!!
I feel like I’ll immediately hit the bed when I get home today!!!


Good night (´∀`)
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♡Embarrassed >_<

Good evening *\(^o^)/*

Thank you for your hard work today!!!

How was your day (´ー`)

Something embarrassing happened to me at school。 lolol

I went to class early, and the teacher wasn’t there

I was asked、
『We’ll be going on ◯◯◯day、 but can you comeー?』
By my friends

I checked my schedule, and it was on a day that I couldn’t go
So I said 『I can’t go!!』、、、

And somehow my voice was super loud
It echoed greatly in the large classroom
The people around me immediately looked at me
I feel like I’d never experienced being given attention like that before

It was realllllly embarrassing。 lolol

My friends burst into laughter。 lolol

And I joined in with the laughter as well。 lol

I’ve now got a shooting for Suzunoya ♡♡♡

Got to do my best~*\(^o^)/*


Until later *\(^o^)/*
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Yahhoーー!!! It’s Airi ♡♡♡

I saw various comments
On yesterday’s blog post、 and I tried listening to songs that I didn’t know about、、、

It was a fresh reminder
That there are still lots of songs that I don’t know about!!
It’s really fun! I made new discoveries *\(^o^)/* 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi

Thank you for your comments!!!

Well then、 today I have this announcement to make!

Information about 『SATOYAMA&SATOUMI he Ikou 2015with Yuuki no Tsubasa Aki Fes』 held on 21~23 Nov
Has now been made public (´ー`) 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi

Various booths will be opened up this year as well ♡

This time around、 Okai Chisato-san is unable to participate due to a different job。

By the way, Suzuki will be partcipating in

《Ground floor Waterfall court Main stage》
13780[1] ayumi Airi 12:00 noon ~12:30 noon Uji city, Kyoto corner
13780[1] ayumi Airi 1:00 p.m. ~ 3:00 p.m. Nippon Housou 「SATOYAMA&SATOUMI movement with Yuuki no Tsubasa 2015 ~Watashitachi ga、 Ima Tsuatetai koto!~」
13780[1] ayumi Airi 5:00 p.m. ~ 5:30 p.m. Chichibu Kankou Nouringyou Kyoukai (Saitama prefecture) corner

That’s itーーー*\(^o^)/* 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi

At the opening ceremony
I’ll also appear with Chacha Oukoku no Oujichama
So cheer us on, okay 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi

For this event
Matchazu did all sorts of shoots
After our event in Kyoto the other day (´∀`)♡


What are we doingー(´ー`)




Wheーーーe! lol






Make sure to come and play okay*\(^o^)/* 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi
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♡ Music

I’m done with workーー*\(^o^)/*♡♡♡

I had all sorts of shootings today (°_°)445-2 Sayu Airi

Because I started the day listening to a lot of music
I’ve kinda been feeling euphoric the whole day *\(^o^)/*

Music really is amazing!!!

I’m the kind of person for whom the energy somehow comes gushing through
When I listen to songs that make me feel nostalgic。。。

Like BoA-san’s old songs that I used to practise before I went to primary school
Like the songs that Yuzu-san sang at the concert that I went to with Momochi
Like Buono!’s album songs
Like songs that remind me of FunMon’s break-up concert
Like Shounan no Kaze-san’s songs that make me remember middle school

Remembering those times gets me excited (´ー`)♡

I wish I could have gone
To more FunMon concertsーーー。。。(°_°)


I only went to their break-up concert!!>_<

In order not to regret the past
I’ll continue to spend the time energetically with a smile from today~♡


Ah、 that’s rightーー。
I took several pictures
So I’ll put up a collection of this morning’s picture。 lolol








It was warm in the afternoon today
But it’s definitely cold at night >_<

I hope you don’t catch a cold!!!♡
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♡ Morningーー


It’s kind of warm today, it feels good ♡
Are all of you doing wellー??(´∀`)

For Suzuki
Ever since I woke up in the morning
I’ve been looking up songs and giving them a goーーod listen ♡♡♡

Recently I’m liking rock again。*\(^o^)/*

I happened to go to a CD shop the other day
Where I happened to give SCANDAL-san’s new song a trial listen
It was super cool♡♡♡

Since then I’ve been looking up all sorts of songs and listening to them~(´∀`)

Do you have any songs that you’ve recommended recently??


On a day with such good weather
It makes me want to take a walk while listening to music ♪
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♡ Kobe

Rightー*\(^o^)/* Yaho yahoー!!!

Today we had a concert in Kobe ♡♡♡

Thank you to everyone who cameーー(´ー`)♡


Today, I was responsible
For holding and fortifying Nacky’s bangs lolol

They’ve collapsed splendidly *\(^o^)/*

Yaーy yaーy (´ー`) 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi 445-2 Sayu Airi

This tour has been quite fun
But what remains are only the Nakano performance and the Pacifico performance (´・_・`)

How sad、、、>_< 6087 Airi Maimi6087 Airi Maimi6087 Airi Maimi

We’ll do our best until the very end ♡♡♡
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♡ Osaka

Today、 we had individual handshake events and other things in Osaka ♡
Lots of people came todayー、、、
There were lots of people that I hadn’t met for ages
There were people who had gone to study abroad which made it hard to meet
There was someone that
Could only get their parents permission to come for the handshake events if they came within the top 3 position in their class、 so they worked hardー!! (°_°)♡
You know、 we really do receive
Support from a lot of people (´∀`)♡
Thank you >_<♡
I got this thing from Nacky。


What’s more、 it was bought at a convenience store in Kyushu
According to Nacky, the soy sauce flavour is sweet!!!
My breakfast for tomorrow is set。lol


Tomorrow we’ve got a concert in Kobe *\(^o^)/*
Let’s do our bestーー!!!
And here’s an announcement!!!
「Hello! Project 2016 WINTER
Announcing blog reservations *\(^o^)/*
Time period
13 Nov(Fri)12:00 noon~
19 Nov(Thurs)11:59 p.m.!!!
Please drop by okay ♡♡♡
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It rained suddenly today
It gave me a surpriseーーー>_<6087 Airi Maimi6087 Airi Maimi6087 Airi Maimi

Will I get wetー? Will I be all right??(°_°)

Since Chisa put up some ChisaAi、
I’ll put up a different version ♡ lolol


I’ve got a shooting for Ray tomorrowーー!!
Let’s do our best ♡
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