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♡Taipei Live♡

※This blog is from this morning.

Our live in Taipei is overーーー*\(^o^)/*♡
Our second live in Taipei!!!(´ー`)
It was a reeaally happy time♡

Something I was really surprised by in both Hong Kong and Taipei

Was that people knew about my Nakano Sun Plaza song haha

Lots of fans sung it to me at the handshakes
I was surprised!!!!

This is a sign that it should be recorded onto a CD. hahahaha

Just kidding. haha

But, you know, when we have lives abroad
even if we can’t communicate through words, we convey our hearts through gestures more than usual♡♡♡

Expressing love through a heart sign♡*\(^o^)/*


I love you all**

We communicated a lotーーThank you>_<♡

Before the performance, I ate soup dumplings and stir-fried water spinach
and, on the way home, I drank tapioca milk tea

I was too happy in Taiwan♡♡♡


Thank you everyone**♡♡♡

↓My soup dumpling pose. haha


I want to go again!!
I want to go to Taiwan – wan.*\(^o^)/*haha

From the morning today is a Ray photoshoot.^ ^♡
In the evening, I have an even funner thing is waiting for me♡♡♡

I’ll work hard today*\(^o^)/*

**Written in Chinese
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♡Hong Kong Live♡

※This is a blog from yesterday

Our live in Hong Kong is over~♡♡♡

It was suuuuuper super

Everyone from Hong Kong!!

Thank you*♡♡♡♡*\(^o^)/*


It was our first time speaking Cantonese
so my heart was beating fast until just before the live started
and I was wrapped up in going over everything

But I’m glad we properly conveyed what we wanted to sayーーー>_<♡

…I think we conveyed it. haha

When we read our letters,
I pronouned “多” wrong
so I reread the letter

But it’s fun getting to speak the languages of various countries.♡



Us getting ready*\(^o^)/*↓
More fired up than usual preparing^ ^♡


The cheers were also really loud!!!
We could hear them during the instrumental sections too, where you probably wouldn’t hear in Japan
We got to know a new way of enjoying lives*\(^o^)/*♡

People who have been cheering us on for 10 years,
people who have been cheering me on since I was in elementary school,
people who always come to Japan for us,
getting to meet so many of Hong Kong’s members of TEAM ℃-ute
is happinessーーーー>_<♡♡♡

During the encore, everyone was holding cloth banners that read

Thank You~An Infinite Yell from Hong Kong~**


we were shocked
that fans prepared such a wonderful thing for usーーー>_<♡♡♡


We received these bracelets too>_<♡


We felt a lot of love♡♡♡

Thank youーーーーー>_<♡

We’ll definitely go to Hong Kong again alright*\(^o^)/*

I love you allーー!!!!!

*Written in Cantonese

**A play on words of their last single, Arigatou~Mugen no Yell~
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♡Hong Kong Day 2

Day 2 of Hong Kong is overーー*\(^o^)/*♡♡♡
First off, a portion of the pictures I didn’t show yesterday!^ ^

SuzuHagi in the middle of heading towards the night market.


Riding the night. haha

Symphony of Lights!!!!!
It was suuuuuper pretty!!^ ^♡
When the ship came in front of me, it’s hard to explain
but I thought “maybe it’s my member color???”!!^ ^♡
There’s yellow between red and pink!!! haha

Today, 、
we got a lot of media exposure*\(^o^)/*♡♡♡

And also a lot of delicious food(´ー`)!!

I stuffed myself so much
my stomach is somehow working it outーーーー笑笑笑

Unexpectedly, it rained in Hong Kong haha
Probably meaning Yajima-chan is fired up? hahaha

Tomorrow is finally our live!!!!
We’ll give it our allーーーー!!!!^ ^


Good night*\(^o^)/*
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♡Hong Kong!

We’ve arrived in Hong Kongーー^ ^

At the airport,
we were happy that
a lot of Hong Kong’s team ℃-ute came to greet us*\(^o^)/*

Thank youーー(´ー`)Happiness!!!

This time as well, I’m sharing a room with Nacky!*\(^o^)/*
When we’re overseas, this is the norm. haha


We brought matching clothes from Japanー^ ^


A dress from Takahashi Ai × jouetie*\(^o^)/*


Well then, today
we ate delicious Chinese food
and went to see A Symphony of Lights!!
We also went to a night market*\(^o^)/*♡


Experiencing so much of Hong Kong from the first day♡
The food was so delicious>_<>_<>_<♡♡♡ I’m excited for tomorrow too!!!*\(^o^)/*
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Today’s weather was like summer!!!
It felt really niceーーーー!!!*\(^o^)/*

Yesterday, after looking at make-up with Seira,
I started wanting summer make-up

and I’ve been surfing the net forever hahaha

Gotta consult with my wallet

In private life lately,
putting on mascara without eyeliner has been the norm^ ^

Instead of eyeliner,
I put on dark eye shadow
for a natural look^ ^♡

After that, I use
the darkest eyebrow shadow!!!

There’s no litter so I think it blends into the skin well♡

Girls, try looking it up♡♡♡

If I do more research on summer make-up, I’ll upload it ok*\(^o^)/*

…I say, even though it’s still May. hahaha
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I had a date with Uenishi Seira-chan today♡♡♡

Went to a cafe for snack time,
wandered around cosmetics departments and such,
watched a movie,
ate dinner,
went to another cafe,
and went home*\(^o^)/*♡♡♡

We found lipstick that matched both of us,
but they were out of stock,
so we asked for a rushed mail order. hahaha


The movie was really supposed to be
but it was sold out>_<>_<>_<

so we watched
our second choice
“If Cats Disappeared from the World”*\(^o^)/*♡

The two of us cried our eyes out>_<

It was a good story>_<

In terms of age, I’m two years older,
but we’ve become friends that can relax and chat without feeling the difference in our ages^ ^♡

Maybe our tones are the same? When we speak

Starting today,
we’ll call each other Seira and Airi. hahaha


We took a lot of pictures
so I’ll upload them sometime*\(^o^)/*♡♡♡

I’m fullーーーー!!!!!


I’ve even taken a bath already.
I guess I’ll start getting ready for Taiwan and Hong Kong now^ ^

Sweet dreamsーーー*\(^o^)/*♡
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♡Ice cream and Offshots

Last night, I got tempted by this little thing at the convenience store
and ended up eating it up quickly. haha


It’s Haagen Dazs maccha!!!!!
It was limited editionーー…
Limited edition. A crafty phrase. haha

I consulted my wallet,
but, as an Uji Tea♡Ambassador, I thought of course I can’t ignore this! haha

It was really rich and extremely deliciousーー!^ ^


It was a happy night^ ^

Ah! By the way,
on Yaji-chan’s blog yesterday,
she put up some offshots
so I’ll also put up some scenes of Yaji’s practice*\(^o^)/*

KyaaーーーThis is hardーー>_<


↓Listening intently to the teacher’s pronunciation.

Huh? Did I get it right? Huh??? hahaha

After this, she got the hang of it♡

We’ll properly communicate!♡

It was rainy today>_<
On days like this, Tsuugaku Vector*♡hahaha

*Airi’s solo song from one of ⁰C-ute’s mini-album. It means “School Commute Vector”
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♡Good evening!

Good evening*\(^o^)/*
Today, I had a pretty uncharacteristic face. haha


But since I had work starting from the afternoon,
I woke up early and was moving around all day!!^ ^

After finishing one job,
it was body maintenance time*\(^o^)/*

And after that,
personal training that I casually started^ ^♡

I’ve added squats into my regiment(´∀`)♡

And after that was the dentist haha
It was a complete reset day.^ ^

By the way, today’s “my music” is,
still being immersed in the high from their live, SCANDAL♡


◎Koi no Gestalt Houkai
◎Anata ga Mawaru

are what I likeーー*\(^o^)/*♡


Then, during handshakes,
some people have told me
“Put up some pictures of your private clothes from now on too,” but

It’s embarrassing so once in a while…I’ll show them maybe haha

By the way, I was wearing this kind of clothes today

I was alone so it’s not a full-body shot but>_<


◎lace gown…DHOLIC

It’s been warm lately, so I thought I’d go with a summer feel
I tried showing a bit of my stomach. hahaha

But then, it was somewhat cold today>_<

I wore high-waisted pants,
Straight denim^ ^♡

Tehehe. haha

Then for food,
Negishi* alone. hahaha

But as a curve ball, I got the set that wasn’t tongue!


Of course, I got a refill of rice!*\(^o^)/* haha

And after that,
in preparation for our Hong Kong and Taiwan lives,
we studied Chinese and Cantonese^ ^

It was difficult>_<>_<>_<

But in my first year of university,
I took Chinese

So it’d be nice if I could make use of what I learned from that time^ ^♡

I can’t speak extremely well though! haha

Wait for us~~!!! Taiwan! Hong Kong!!

I have something I’ve looking forward to tomorrow^ ^

The excitement won’t stop(´∀`)♡♡♡

Sorry for the late post! Gotta sleep early!!

P.S. A little earlier, there was an earthquake in Ibaraki Prefecture.
Is everyone alright???

In Tokyo too, there was an emergency earthquake announcement and we felt a little shaking.

It seems that Chiba also shook from a magnitude-4 quake.

After this, please take care of yourselves during aftershocks and such>_<
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♡Part Two!

Offshots from Young GanGan*\(^o^)/*
Part Two ^ ^♡♡♡

Loungewear Part Two(o^^o)

Suzuki gazing outside.
Actually, I went “Wow!” when discovered a lizard


Petal dancing Suzuki. haha


I scattered petals by myself
and the staff also threw some petals up with me
It was fun ^ ^♡

Really cheerful. haha


Well then, we have an event at LaQua today^ ^
From here on, I’ll head off to the second performance*\(^o^)/*♡
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♡Part One

Our event is over*\(^o^)/*♡
It was with Nacky today!!!!!
Everyone who came, thank you♡

Now then, tonight,
I’ll upload part one of off-shots
from Young GanGan that was released on the 15th!*\(^o^)/*

First is loungewear part 1(´∀`)♡

During the photoshoot…






When I lied down,
I got covered in petals!! haha


Things like blue petals are lovely!^ ^

That’s it for today(´ー`)♡
I had a lot of off-shots taken
so I’ll upload them little by little^ ^

So wait for them~~^ ^♡

Well then! See you tomorrow~!
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