Suzuki Airi

:heart2: Akita :sparkle:

8c067ef5_240Good morning!
This is Suzuki Airi ^ ^heart

We had the Naruchika in Akitaー:rabu::sparkle:

Once we got to Akita
We went to get Inaniwa Udon ^ ^:onpu:



You could try and compare fresh noodles and dried noodles at the store (・∀・)heart

I heard that you don’t really get to eat the fresh noodles、 while the dried noodles are a staple、、、

To be fair、 I was thinking about getting that set、、、

But what do you know
They also had steamed Hinai chicken
I love steamed kamonanban duck noodles

So it had a similar charm :sparkle:

After strugーーーgling to make a decision
I went for the steamed Hinai chicken。 lol

Steamed Hinai chicken is an Akita delicacy too!!(・∀・)

It was really deliciousーー^ ^heart

At the concert
There were a lot of locals :sparkle:

A lot of girls came
That made me happy ^ ^heartheartheart

Everyone who came
Thank you very much!!

After we finished with the concert
We went to have kiritanpo ^ ^:sparkleheart:

It was deliciousーーheartheartheart

At that store
There were other Akita delicacies、、、

We also ate sandfish ^ ^:sparkle:

At Naruchikas
I eat so much
That my tummy swellーs (・∀・) lol

It’s delicious
But I’ve got be careful not to overeat ^ ^

Well then、 today there’s the Naruchika in Iwate!

I’ll write about it again in the next update ^ ^

Right、 let’s work hard today too heart

1・・ The udon store-san (・∀・)
2・・ Steamed Hinai chicken!
3・・ With Mai ^ ^heart

An announcement (・∀・)
1・・Gakusei Shinbun has been published!!
2・・The magazine 『Street Jack』 is now on sale ^ ^:onpu::onpu::onpu:

My true-to-life face appears in them lol

Make sure to have a look ^ ^

I’m ofーf (・∀・)heartheartheart
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:heart2: A report

e6def957_240Good evening (・∀・)heart

This is Suzuki Airi ^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

I have something to announce today ^ ^heartheartheart

I’ve constantly been mentioning that I’ve got a certain photo shoot、 or another photo shoot、、、(・∀・):sparkle:

Because Suzuki、
Is coming out with a style book heart:rabu:

A 2nd volume to continue from 『Airi-aL』 ^ ^:sparkleheart:

Compared to last time
There’s more about health and beauty ^ ^:sparkle:

For details
I’ll tell you more about it later, okay~heart:rabu:

Guys and girls, look forward to it ^ ^

I had a shooting for it from the morning heartheartheart

I can’t wait for the completed product~^ ^

By the way, it’s going to be released in November!!

So soon(・∀・):onpu:

I’m nervous and excited~^ ^heart

I want immerse myself in it to the very end ^ ^:sparkle:

Right、 let’s work hard tomorrow too (・∀・)


A notice (・∀・)

That’s going on sale 24th October(Fri)
Suzuki Airi’s appearing :excite2:

Please make sure to check it out :haato:

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Hoooi

5d9e2cfc_240Good evening^ ^
This is Suzuki Airi (・∀・)heartheartheart

The Monster tour was IN Osaka!!

Last week、 it was suspended due to the typhoon、 so it feels like ‘Finally, we’re performing in Osakaー’ >_<:sparkle::sparkle:f059c4e6_240

Thank you very much to everyone who came ^ ^:sparkleheart:

For last week’s performance、 the replacement performance will be on the 13th of December、、、93a3afec_240

If your circumstances allow for it
Please come for it ^ ^:onpu:

And、 yesterday
We announced the release of our new songs heart

It’ll be released on the 19th of November!
This one’ll be a double A single too ^ ^:onpu:

:onpu:I miss you



Look forward to it, okーーっ:rabu::sparkle:

Well then。
Together with the live tour
There’s the story which comes with the daily changing bromide!!

I completely forgot about putting them up on the blog、 so here are 3 of them put together ^ ^heart

1・・11 Oct Omiya Sonic

Suuーsan。’s house was hit by lightning :thunderstorm:

(A monster in the mirror、、、!!)


2・・ 13 Oct NHK Osaka Hall
(The concert was suspended because of the typhoon、 but for the sake of the collection of the bromide’s story、 this was sold on the 19th ^ ^heart)
By the time Suuーsan。 noticed it、 horns had popped out and wings had grown、 Suuーsan。’s getting closer to a monster!!>_<:sweat::sweat:

3・・19 Oct NHK Osaka Hall

Just as the horns and the wings became complete
Suuーsan。 was made to go outside and practise flying!>_<:sweat::Sweat:

(The monster is flustered for some reason lol)


There’s still more to follow ^ ^heartheartheart

Let’s enjoy it until the very endー^ ^:sparkle:

Right! Let’s work hard tomorrow too (・∀・)


Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: ^_^

96ee5d41_240【From the staff: This blog post was from about midnight。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】


Good evening (・∀・)heart

 This is Suzuki Airi ^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Sorry everyoneーーっ>_<
This blog post will be a merged update
About yesterday and today!!

First, yesterday
We had interviews from the morning ^ ^:sparkleheart:


◆ Gravure the Television
I was working with them alone!
I wore two outfits ^ ^heart

It was a photo shoot with a complete sense of ennui ^ ^:sparkle::sparkle:

Since it had this natural feeling
Please look forward to it, okay ^ ^heartf6688af2_240

It’s scheduled to be sold in November!

◆ Weekly Famitsu
I was working with them alone too!
There was one outfit (・∀・)

It was kind of amazing!!
The outfit was flutteryー

It was done
With a fairytale-like feelingーー^ ^heartheartheart

‘It’s all right to bring out the off-shots!’ Since that’s the case、 I’ll put up only 1 ^ ^:sparkle:

Look forward to when it goes on sale okay ^ ^heartheartheart

This one will go on sale on the 20th of Novemberー!


◆ Gekkan Entame
On sale 30th October

On sale 27th November

All 5 of us are in both of thoseー(・∀・):onpu:

We talked about all sorts of things, so make sure to have a look, okayーheartheartheart

Well then、 coming back to today
We had a Naruchika in Nara ^ ^:onpu:

It’s ℃-ute’s first Nara performance!!

In between the performances、 we went to Nara Park。 lol

There were lots of deerーーっ!!
That was a surprise (・∀・):sweat::sweat:

I cautiously offered rice crackers to the deer
Being careful not to let my clothes get bit

We ate mitarashi dango
And headed back ^ ^:onpu:

At the venue、 we got Kakinoha sushi as a gift
We also got Daibutsu Purin as a gift

I had my fill of Nara ^ ^heartheartheart

Well、 tomorrow
Monster in Osakaーーー!!

We’ll do our best ^ ^:sparkle:

Right、 let’s work hard tomorrow too

1・・ The Off-shot!
2・・ Yesterday、 I ate a spam burger at Freshness Burger heart

It was super delicious!
3・・ Playing around with a deer。 lol

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:

:heart2: Today

5c7417e2_240【From the staff: This blog post was from last night。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】

Good evening ^ ^heart

This is Suzuki Airi (・∀・):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Was the 2nd shooting for the Suzunoya pamphletーーっ:rabu::sparkleheart:


I wore a lot of their products this time around too ^ ^heart

That you very much heartheartheart

At the end, I got to wear several yukata、 it really was a fulfilling day :happy:

There’s still more photo shoots to follow、
Which is something I’m happy about heartheartheart29c312f2_240

I’ll do my best until the end ^ ^:sparkle:

Since I got the OK to put up off-shots from today ^ ^heartheartheart

I thought I’d put some here ^ ^:sparkle:

1・・ We’re done with furisode shoots for the time being、 and I got some flowers ^ ^

2・・ Furisode ^ ^heart

3・・ The ramen I ate yesterday!
Bought in Aomori ^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Right、 let’s work hard tomorrow too!

An announcement (・∀・)heart

At 9 pm today, Hello!Sta #88 will be made public:happy:

You can see parts of our Omiya performance from the other day heart

I’m counting on you to check it out :happy::sparkle:

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Monster

b29d435d_240【From the staff: This blog post was from last night。 We apologise for the delay in updating。】

Good evening (・∀・):sparkle:

This is Suzuki Airi!!

Today、 due to the effects of the typhoon、 the scheduled Monster performance in Osaka was suddenly suspended >_<:sweat:

To everyone who was looking forward to it
And everyone who was heading to Osaka for it、 we feel truly sorry >_<:sweat:

This is in addition to the fact that there aren’t many stops for this tour、 so it’s truly regrettable。


But、 everyone’s safety comes first。


I hope no one got hurt?

It would be great if everyone got back home all right!!

I wish we could say sayonara to the typhoon soonー>_<:sweat:

Seeing all sorts of comments
I think that there must’ve been a lot of people who were looking forward to it、 and it’s tough on our end as well :sob:


In some way or another、 I feel that there’ll be other opportunities for us to have fun
To make up for today >_<

All sorts of transportation facilities are being affected、

So everyone, please be careful okay >_<:sparkle:

By the way, Suzuki’s doing well ^ ^heart

Today I was cooped up at home the whoーle time :onpu:

Watched the news leisurely
Went to the supermarket leisurely
Got in the bath leisurely

And the day was over、 lolol

We had sukiyaki for dinnerー^ ^heart

That was delicious ^ ^heartheartheart

I wonder how the typhoon will be tomorrowー>_<:sparkle:

I’d like to return to the usual daily life soon!!

With that said、
Let’s work hard tomorrow too (・∀・):sparkle:

1・・Sukiyaki heart

2・・The coffee maker that was at yesterday’s photo shoot location (・∀・)
Awesomeー^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

3・・These got delivered from Ungrid~^ ^heart

A novelty iPhone case tooー ^ ^:sparkle:

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: HagiSuzu

c67b4619_240Good evening ^ ^heart

This is Suzuki Airi (・∀・):sparkle:

First! An urgent announcement!
In tomorrow’s broadcast of
『Kin Kyori Ren’ai ~Seazon Zero~』9205c4ad_240 At long last、 I’m making my appearanceー^ ^heart

It’s just for a short while, but don’t miss it ^ ^

It’s from 1:05 am (・∀・)heart

Check it outーーっ^ ^:sparkle:

Well then、 I’ll start by talking about yesterday。



There was a commemoration event for the renewal of the magazine 『UTB+』 (・∀・):sparkleheart::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

(Photo 1)

We were on-stage with the editor-in-chief, who’s been watching over us for a long time

We talked about the past
And stories in our memories

And lastly, we did a concert whose setlist had been thought up by the editor-in-chief ^ ^heart

It was an event where we felt a lot of love :rabu:heart

UTB-san (・∀・):sparkle:

We’ll continue to beg for your kindness!!^ ^heartheartheart

You know、 yesterday
Hagi-chan and I had the same hairstyle :happy:

(Photo 2)

The both of us are into Ariana Grande-sanーーっ^ ^heart

So we tried copying her a little。 lol

But copying is just copyingー:sad:

Ariana-san is definitely cute。 lol

I’d like to go to her concert somedayーーっheart

Well then、 today
At Nagoya Diamond Hall
We held the opening performance for Naruchika ^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Naruchika ^ ^
It really was funーーheartheartheart

This time around, for Naruchika
We’re using the outfits
That we used at the end of the last tour^ ^heartheartheart

We can’t afford to put on weight ^ ^:sparkle:

But having said that
One of the things I look forward to during Naruchika is sampling the local delicacies

On today’s return Shinkansen
I ate a grilled eel over rice bento ^ ^

It was deliciousーーー:rabu:heartheartheart

At the venue、 I had fried prawns
I had my fill of Nagoya ^ ^heart

And when you speak of Naruchika
There are lucky draws。

But for today’s lucky draw
Hagi-chan and I didn’t make an appearance
So we changed our hairstyles in the middle of that。 lol

Amazingly, we did twintails。 lol
(Photo 3)

It’s all right once in a whileー I guess。 lol
Tomorrow it’ll be Monsterー(・∀・)

Let’s work hard tomorrow too ^ ^heartheartheart

A Matcha―z。 announcement ^ ^:sparkle:

The tea utensils (chaki) that we crafted as part of this year’s activities are finally out :rabu::sparkleheart:

Kumai-chan’s is named 「Kumai Chaki」
While mine are 「Airi Chaki」 heart

The illustrations are our own
So please get your hands on them ^ ^:sparkleheart:

These utensils、we’ll be taking advance orders

At Uji’s 「Ouji-chaMatsuri」
「Tanzan Kamamoto Matsuri」

And at the run-off vote to the Yuru Kyara Grand Prix on 1、2、3 November

「Yuru Kyara Grand Prix 2014 in Aichi Centrair」heartheartheart

Please, let’s all go and cheer on Oujichama :onpu:

By the way、
It seems that「Cha Cha Oukoku no Oujichama」
Is getting well received at the Yuru Kyara Grand Prix ^ ^:sparkleheart:

I’m counting on you to cheer him on even more heart

With that said
We’re begging for your continued kindness!

This was an announcement from Matcha―z heartheartheart

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Today

6f9d16c5_240Good evening(・∀・)
This is Suzuki Airi ^ ^heartheartheart

I had all sorts of things to do from the morningー^ ^:sparkle:

First、 a photo shoot for the magazine 『girls!』 ^ ^:sparkleheart:

I wore two outfitsーheartheartheart

One that was mature
And one that looked pop  (・∀・):sparkleheart:

Since it seems that it’s okay to show you the outfits
I’ll put them UPー^ ^heartheartheart

Off-shots from today (・∀・):onpu:

And after that
I had a meeting~^ ^:sparkle:

It made me super excitedー!!
How’ll it turn outー、 how’ll it turn outー heart

And after that
I met up with everyone、

And we had a rehearsal for Naruchika :rabu::sparkle:

It’s going to start soon~っ>_<:sparkleheart:

Since it feels different from a regular tour、 all of us are looking forward to it heart

Well then、 tomorrow
Is reverse ℃-ute no Hi

Let’s go to the eventー:happy::sparkle:

We’re trying it for the first time ^ ^heartheartheart

Just like how we had

19 no Utagoe ~Futatabi~

Where we switched around the 12th of April to get the 4th of December、
When you switch around the day and the month of September 10th
You get reverse ℃-ute no Hi (・∀・):sparkle:

I’m looking forward to it~~っ(・∀・)heartheartheart

Since I had lots of things to do today
I’m sleeping soon ^ ^:sparkleheart:

Right、 let’s work hard tomorrow too!


Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: An announcement

65c526ca_240Good evening (・∀・)
This is Suzuki Airi ^ ^heartheartheart

I have an announcement for everyone :rabu:heart

Basically、 、、

I、 Suzuki Airi。。。e412de30_240


From next year、 I’ll be the image character
For 『Suzunoya』-san!!>_<heartheartheart


Usually、 it’s Suzunoya-san who lends us things like yukata for publications such as JUNON、、、(・∀・):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Receiving the role of image character for Suzunoya-san、 it makes me really really happy heart:rabu:c2d90d14_240

With that said、 immediately
I had a shooting for Suzunoya-san today!!

I wore a lot of furisode ^ ^:sparkle:

There’s still 1 more day of shootings to do
But at any rate, I wore a lot (・∀・)heart

Look forward to the catalogue distribution、 which’ll be shipped on the 5th of December!!

There are all sorts of difficulties doing a shooting with kimonosー、 but I’ll mention those in the future ^ ^heartheartheart

I’ll upload several off-shots ^ ^

1・・ I was in the middle of doing my hair
When it became a twintail for some reason。 lol

2・・ I also wore a hakamaーー^ ^heartheartheart

3・・ Suzunoya-san’s character。
You know, the girl is 『Osuzu』 lol

Everyone, please give her some love (・∀・):sparkleheart:

Right! I’ll have a shooting from tomorrow morning~^ ^
Let’s work hard tomorrow too

An announcement (・∀・)

We’re currently taking limited-time advance reservations of Berryz Kobo × ℃-ute「JAPAN EXPO 15TH ANNIVERSARY: Berryz Kobo×℃-ute IN HELLO! PROJECT FESTIVAL」DVD through e-LineUP!!

Details here→…

Good night ^ ^:guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Off

10390d4d_240Good evening (・∀・)
This is Suzuki Airi ^ ^heartheartheart

Sorry for the delay >_<:sweat::sweat:

I had a break todayーー(・∀・):sparkle:

I got some really restful sleep。 lol

It might be the effect of that good rest
But my right eye
Is almost perfectly recovered ^ ^heartheartheart

And because of thatー、 I was a little happier
And went to Shibuya aloneー lol

Recently、 at Shibuya
I’ve been shopping a lot at Bershkaー(・∀・)heartheartheart

There was a bit of a SALE
So I bought some things ^ ^:sparkle:

I bought things like disappearing perfume
And massage oils

Yup、 I’m satisfied (・∀・):sparkleheart:

Sometimes it’s good to go out
Just for the sake of shopping ^ ^heart

I had Starbucks’ new offering!!

The milk was even thicker
It was deliciousーーーっ^ ^:sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Please try giving it a drink ^ ^heartheartheart

It’s hot!


Riーght! Tomorrow
There’s a really important photo shoot >_<:sparkleheart:

Let’s work hard tomorrow too ^ ^

Good night (・∀・):guragura::guragura::guragura:
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