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♡Part Two!

Offshots from Young GanGan*\(^o^)/*
Part Two ^ ^♡♡♡

Loungewear Part Two(o^^o)

Suzuki gazing outside.
Actually, I went “Wow!” when discovered a lizard


Petal dancing Suzuki. haha


I scattered petals by myself
and the staff also threw some petals up with me
It was fun ^ ^♡

Really cheerful. haha


Well then, we have an event at LaQua today^ ^
From here on, I’ll head off to the second performance*\(^o^)/*♡
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♡Part One

Our event is over*\(^o^)/*♡
It was with Nacky today!!!!!
Everyone who came, thank you♡

Now then, tonight,
I’ll upload part one of off-shots
from Young GanGan that was released on the 15th!*\(^o^)/*

First is loungewear part 1(´∀`)♡

During the photoshoot…






When I lied down,
I got covered in petals!! haha


Things like blue petals are lovely!^ ^

That’s it for today(´ー`)♡
I had a lot of off-shots taken
so I’ll upload them little by little^ ^

So wait for them~~^ ^♡

Well then! See you tomorrow~!
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♡Good Morning

Good morning*\(^o^)/*

This picture looks incredibly like it was produced who knows when haha

We had a release event in Yokohama yesterday!!
And today is an event with Nacky in Akishima♡

Excited, excited(´∀`)

Today I’m wearing a knit gown over a tank top…

If it gets hot, I’ll take it off. haha

Aahh can’t it stay spring for just a little longer >_<♡

Ah! Right, right!
Yesterday was Juice=Juice’s Takagi Sayuki-chan’s birthday^ ^♡♡♡

In all respects, she’s a musical person.
I think, when it comes to singing, things like her level of enthusiasm
are probably #1 in Hello!Project

Because I like that her singing is elegant,
a genre different from mine,

I’m happy when we both don’t understand something(´ー`)

She’s my junior,
but, in a good way, she tells me things without holding back.

Without changing, please continue to take care of me(´∀`)
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Every year, I shoot a commercial for
introducing my birthday goods and

This year,
Kobushi Factory’s Taguchi Natsumi-chan
came back!!!*\(^o^)/*

It’s the year of nyan-nyan*,
so we transformed into Nyairi (right) and Nyaguchi (left). haha

I say transformation, but they’re animal costumes haha


Nyan. haha

For keeping up with my weird hyperness with all your might,
Thank you♡
Tagucchi-paisen**, you’re reliable*\(^o^)/*

When it was time to go home, suddenly

Ta: “Pre…a present! Happy birthdayyy…”

and she gave me a present>_<♡


Her face, she was too nervous. It was cute. haha

She thought of it herself
They were matching necklaces*\(^o^)/*

And then, for some reason,
I got instant yakisoba from Tagucchi-mama, too. haha

Even her mother is funny…haha

Thank you*\(^o^)/*

The set for the CM turned out like this!!


And then,
standard Grandma Airi.


This time, I even drew in laugh lines*\(^o^)/* haha

A big special bonus hahahaha

By the way, you can watch the VTR here. haha

If you feel like it, please watch. hahahaha

*Nyan = Meow

**Paisen is a playful way of saying senpai (addressing an older colleague)
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♡22 years old!!!

I became 22 years old!!!!*\(^o^)/*
It’s Suzuki Airi!!!♡

Sorry for this late-night blog>_<>_<>_<

was Suzuki Airi Birthday Event 2016
which means, I had a live♡♡♡


Everyone who came
thank you!!!

To the extent of the name-plate of my dressing room,
the staff made things cute for me>_<



There was a mysterious fake Suu-san. hahaha

A happy start from feeling love from the morning!!!

This time,
set as “Suu’s meeting” and “-san.’s meeting”
I had two performances.

For Suu’s meeting,
the underlying theme was “to give YELL*”!

For -san.’s meeting,
the underlying theme was “to send LOVE”♡

I wonder if those feelings came through>_<>_<>_<♡

These were the outfits!!


On my head, there was a 22 candle*\(^o^)/*


They made the outfit
in the image of a strawberry shortcake for me!!!*\(^o^)/*


Making my sloppy drawing into something this splendid>_< o0480064013619028664[1]
Thank you>_<>_<>_<♡♡♡

The other one was a cat.

A cat because 22 years old turns into “Meow Meow**” hahahahaha

I have a lot of off-shots
so the cat will upload them as a cat sometime ok. haha

During today’s -san.’s meeting,
I received a birthday cake!!♡
It was a cake made with the motif of this time’s logo♡♡♡

Chisato brought the cake
and came on stage with it!!
I was shocked by the surprise!!

Thank you>_<♡

I took some as Nyanko*** too(´∀`)






I tried getting on
the cart used in the opening that was handmade by the staff.


I came out in during the opening in the shortcake outfit
and cake=must be kept cool so
Requires refridgeration. hahaha

I’m really delighted. haha

Kenshuusei’s Horie-chan and Maeda-chan
also worked with me♡


Thank you very much~~~*\(^o^)/*♡

It’s been a suuuper suuuper fun day!!♡

Not recorded for the DVD,
◎Ikimonogakari-san’s SAKURA
◎Rihwa-san’s Harukaze
◎Teshima Aoi-san’s Asu he no Tegami
are what I got to sing^ ^♡♡♡

I feel like I got more practice than usual this time,
so it felt really really good singing^ ^♡

I love singing! I love everyone!!!!

Thank you really for the happy time!

I feel like I broke into my 22nd with a good start
I’m reeally happy!!!!!

Please treat me well this year too♡♡♡

Sorry it’s so late!!!

*Giving yell in Japan means lifting up somebody’s spirits

**22 can be read as “Nyan-nyan” (Japanese version of meow-meow) if you twist it

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♡Watch until the end ok!


Today is my mother’s birthday!!!
I’m happy she got one year older safely>_<

She’s always supportive of me,
so I end up thinking
I have to support her too.

I want her to live a long life…
That’s all!! I wish for that. Everyday!

Thank you for everything(´ー`) :haato: :haato: :haato:


Well, I had a Ray photoshoot today.*\(^o^)/*
※The picture is from a different day though!!! hahaha

Starting now, I’ll hole myself up at home and practice for tomorrow(´∀`)♡
I’ll do my besstt~!!!!


Only members of Hello! Mobile have heard but,
when I made a guest appearance on
Hello! Radio “Yajima’s Room,”
Are you listening???(´ー`)♡

So during the show, it was decided hurriedly that
Yaji and I will hold an acoustic live…maybe! is how things turned out.

It depends on request emails from all of you…

And what…
the deadline is

If we get over 500 emails,
the live will be set…

Those who are saying “I forgot!!!”
send an email ok!!!

For more details,
please check out Hello! Mobile site*\(^o^)/*


※Members only*\(^o^)/*

We’ll be waiting♡♡♡
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♡Good morning Good morning Gooooddd morning!


Good morning~~~*\(^o^)/*

I have a Ray photoshoot today too(´ー`)♡♡♡

It’s rainingーーーーーーhahahaha
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♡Goood evening!

It’s Airi^ ^♡

I was at home the whoooollleee day.
I didn’t take even one step outside haha

On this day when I didn’t have to come into contact with pollen,
I did my utmost to not encounter pollen haha

But I’ve been planning to do that since yesterday,
so, for that purpose, I bought coffee I like
and had a fairly fulfilling day.

To the point that it was an eaasssyygoing day haha

But I properly
did the things I had to do!!!!

…is what I want to say but~~~haha

I realized it when it got to this time,
but I might have only done about half the things I thought of doing hahaha

Or rather,
I have so many things I want to do that it’s impossible to do them all!!! haha

I suck at making schedules?!!!! haha

In any case,
I somehow managed to arrange the university course I’m taking,
make and write down my schedule changes,
and kept playing the music for my birthday event on the speakers in my room

…is what I got done??? haha

One time, I faced my laptop,
gave in to a shopping ad,
and ended up getting caught up in checking out clothes and making a wishlist hahaha

Well, I was taking a breather. That’s important, right? haha

The new school term is startingーー
My last year of university.
This is also the first year for some people too, huh.

I feel the time passing>_<>_<>_<

I’ll devote myself to learning until the end!!!
A slightly tough daily life is fun!
I don’t need things like free time right now yet(´∀`)

Let’s do things while I canーーーー!!!!!!

Then, just a little earlier
the Hello!Station Version of the music video for “Summer Wind”
was released♡

I’ll show the outfits too here*\(^o^)/*


Only from the chest up though hahaha


My bangs weren’t curled that much
A detail I paid attention to haha


Listen to it lots ok!!!!!*\(^o^)/*

And then, after recording yesterday,
spending a while filling out some things I had leftover is what I did.

And afterwards, Yaji hadn’t gone home yet so そしたらまだやじが帰ってなくて
I went “I’m huunnnnggrrrryyy005[1]005[1]005[1]
as I looked at Yaji with wide eyes

“Let’s go eat007[1]003[1]

she immediately replied
so I went to get all-you-can-eat barbeque with Yaji-chan haha


A problem eating too much two days in a row hahaha

Focusing too much on the meat,
her left hand plainly became cute hahaha


It cooked wellーー(´ー`)haha

We stuffed ourselvesーーーーー
It was really delicious!!!!!

We ate a lot…seriously.
Our stomachs transformed.

Our stomachs were sticking out so much our waistlines changed hahaha

The position of the waist of the shorts I was wearing
kept rising as I walked home. It was rough haha

Moreover, those horns
The restaurant manager was too funny…hahaha
a lot of things happened hahaha

Well, I think this story too
I’ll probably talk about at a live♡haha

I ate a lot and laughed a lot~

So today I got by
eating a bit of leftover curry
and drinking coffee*\(^o^)/* haha

Adjusting adjusting(´∀`)♡

I wonder how was everyone’s day was??^ ^
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It’s Airi(´ー`)♡

I had a Ray photoshoot with Mai-yan yesterday*\(^o^)/*♡
She’s always like an older sister to me♡♡♡

We laughed a lot yesterday too~(´ー`)♡

I’ll put up off-shots some time!!!

And after that yesterday,
I went to Meguro River to do hanami* with Yaji*\(^o^)/* :hanami:


Cherry blossoms at night~*\(^o^)/*

Even though we say hanami,
we were looking forward to the food stands… haha

Like Yaji wrote on her blog,
we ate quite a lot*\(^o^)/*

Taking a picture of Yaji right when she was eating okonomiyaki.


A beauty from a side-view(°_°)(°_°)(°_°)

Ah, I got exposed hahaha



And then,
these potatoes were super delicious!!!


But an incident occurred hahaha

We had mentaiko mayonnaise on them,

“Oh! Yajima-chan you’re going to spill” hahaha

My shoes became mentaiko-mayonnaise-flavored haha
We both went”Aaahhh!!!015[1]” laughing it off and when we mentioned it

Yaji’s coat had also become mentaiko-mayonnaise-flavored hahaha

We went
Uwaaaーーーーーーヽ(;▽;)ノ hahaha

And then Yajima-chan
She had brought a large quantity of pocket hand-wipes from home hahaha

Hand-wipes came out of her bag hahaha
003[1]←she made this face

She took those out and started wiping off with all her might

I thought it was kind of cute007[1] haha

Like “You have that many hand-wipes at home??” haha

Yesterday was Hand-wipes Yaji-chan haha

I was in her care hahahaha

We took a picture in front of the cherry blossoms too!*\(^o^)/*


Taken from way to the side hahaha


On our way back, we took a stroll for a while~

While singing Yokaze no Message010[1]010[1]010[1]
While adding to the interlude and such haha

But it was too cheesy

Yajima Riding on an evening breeze~
Suzuki Riding~
Yajima Dancingーーー
Suzuki Hai! Dancingーー
Yajima Coming for meーー
Suzuki SomebodyーーーCome get herーーーー!!!!Lameーーーーーーー!!!!!!
Both hahahahahahaha

is how it went hahaha

It felt like spring so I went in spring clothes,
but it was too cold, it was so chilly that I couldn’t type on my phone!!

Even so, it was reeaaally fun!
I want to go again~~(´ー`)

On another note, it’s still not getting warm?
It’s too cooo-o-o-llldd haha

I want to feel like it’s spring~~>_<haha

Ah, by the way,

I had a recording for “The Girls Live”*\(^o^)/*

Look forward to it airing♡♡♡

Aallriight! Today was another fun day!

Good night*\(^o^)/*zzz

*Hanami is like having a picnic while enjoying cherry blossoms
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♡Good morn’!

Good morning~~~~*\(^o^)/*

I fell asleep with the page where you select blog pictures open♡haha

I used up all my power for the tour concerts hahahaha

Iyaaa~~It’s fun.
Things I can learn from doing this tour
This seems like a tour that has a lot of those.

I like being lively
and putting on a cool, enchanting performance,

But I came to realize
my range of abilities is still not that large…

In preparation for this tour,
we did do things like building up our bodies,

But it feels like
there are still many things we have to do during this 14th year.

It’s still the best getting motivation from the stage*\(^o^)/*

Let’s aim for the top!!!!!

With that, here’s a picture
Of YajiSuzu after our live.


Our hair is all messed up hahaha

Lots of things happened after the performance ended hahaha
But I think I’ll talk about them during the next tour haha

Today is a Ray photoshoot*\(^o^)/*

I’ll do my best~~~(´∀`)♡♡♡
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