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♡ After this、、、



I’ll be going somewhere with my family after this!!! lolol

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Good night♡



Airi-san in off-mode。(´∀`)

Well thenーー
There’s something fun scheduled for tomorrowー♡lolol

I can’t wait ♡

Ah! That’s right, here’s an announcement!!

Announcing 「℃-ute concert tour 2016 spring」℃-ute official blog ticket special advance reservation
Reservation period: 28 Jan (Thurs) 12:00 noon ~ 11 Feb (Thurs) 11:59 p.m.
Reservation URL:
※ The same for PC and mobile

We’re doing a completely new tour
Everyone, please comeーー(´ー`)♡

Byebye (´ー`)♡
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♡ Morningー lolol

After yesterday’s Hello! Con ended
I immediately fell asleep!!!! lolol


This outfit is worn during a shuffle~*\(^o^)/*

It’s a sleeveless dress with a chequered pattern!♡♡♡

To those who haven’t seen it yet、 come to the Hello! Conー! lolol

I slept until 1:00 p.m. todayーー(´ー`)
And it was so cold and I was completely snug and warm at home。。。

I played games and spaced outー
Ate a meal and spaced outー

That was my day。 lol

What sort of day has this been for you???
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♡The temptation of curry!

I kind of blanked out yesterdayーー
So I immediately went to sleep。 Sorry >_<

Having fallen asleep wanting to eat curry
I dreamt of Mai in front of me、 eating Sukiya’s rice topped with beef and curry。 lolol

I want to eat curryーー Maybe I should make some。 lolol

Speaking of curry
I’ll put a sunny-side-up egg or a raw egg on mine
But it seems that Mai makes sure to have gyoza as a side-dish with hers。(´∀`)

It changes depending on family, doesn’t itーー(´ー`)16913[1]


I’m hungry, so for lunch, I’m going to have curry for real!♡

Ahーーー There’s lots of things that I want to do。
I’d like to start with pilates soon。*\(^o^)/*

Maybe I should start shaping up in preparation for the tourー♡

It’ll be an early start!!!*\(^o^)/*

It’s seems to be a bit warm today
But to those of you who have gone outsideー、 how is it??(´∀`)♡
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♡ Continuing from yesterday!

Continuing with the Ray off-shots *\(^o^)/*

Framboise chocolate version *\(^o^)/*


This make-up is my cup of tea *\(^o^)/*


I think I’ll look back at the process ♡


Strawberry Chocolate Version *\(^o^)/*


There’s a pink line below my eyes!!


Many make-up implements that have this strawberry milk feel to them
Will be published in its pages
So please check it out ♡


The endーー♡ lolol
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♡Ray off-shots

Here are some Ray off-shots。

From when I did 18042[1]‘s chocolate colour make-up!!
I wonder which one’s your favourite!!*\(^o^)/*

Bitter chocolate version *\(^o^)/*




Milk chocolate version *\(^o^)/*


Orange chocolate version *\(^o^)/*


Mint chocolate version *\(^o^)/*


I’ve still got moreーー(´ー`) 445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi

Take a look at Ray for details of the make-up process♡

Wahahahaha ♡
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We’re done with the Hello! Consーー!!!!

And、 for dinner、、、
There wasn’t any gratin ( p_q)(´□`。)


Waaahーーー(T ^ T)


Hey hey!!!
For nights at Nagoya, make gratin!!

Why wasn’t there any gratin!!! lolol


Well, but the cream stew was delicious
So whatever。 lolol


Delicious things are a person’s joy。


、、、I’ve really gotten into photo editing! lolol

Looks like it’ll snow tomorrow!>_<>_<>_<

To those who’ll be going to school or work tomorrow
Make sure to be prepared for transport disruptions!!!

Don’t slip on ice!!(´∀`)6087 Airi Maimi6087 Airi Maimi

Until tomorrow ♡
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♡ Playing around。

I tried playing around with the camera。 lolol

Rabbit Suzu。


Rabbit Yaji。


Rabbit Hagi。


Rabbit Oka。


Rabbit Naka。


There’s also a pig version。 lolol


And then、 Okai-chan came along。 lolol


Trying it while having another meal。 lolol


And my favourite is this。 lolol


The members of ℃-ute are in good health today as well *\(^o^)/* lolol


I’ll do my best at the concertーーー*\(^o^)/*
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♡ Everyone

Good night *\(^o^)/*


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Yaho ーーー*\(^o^)/*
Today、 I’ve got something I always wanted to announce to you, but the timing kept eluding me!!!*\(^o^)/*

At the Countdown Live
Buono! made our comeback (´ー`) 445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi


The outfits were new ones that had been made for us ♡
I’m so happyーーー*\(^o^)/*445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi

And、 what do you know!!!

On the 25th of August

We’ll be having a Nippon Budokan performance!!


A Buono! concert in the Nippon Budokan、、、
There’s a song where the word Budokan appears in the lyrics
So ever since way back
Budokan has always been a dream within a dream for Buono! (´ー`)445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi445-2 Sayu Airi

We’ve stood on the Budokan stage several times、 but we dreamt that we’d definitely sing that song if we stood at the Budokan stage doing a concert of our own *\(^o^)/*

It’s really been ages since we had a concert of our own!!*\(^o^)/*

I think I was still in high school the last time we held one。 Honestly!!

What we’re going to do is still a blank slate at the moment
But it’ll definitely be a fun, rocking concert!!!

It’ll be during summer break ♡
Please make space in your schedule!!♡


Ah!!! That’s right!!!

My image colour in Buono! is pea green ♡ lol

Pink is Momochi, so don’t make a mistake!! lolol
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