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:heart2: Yaーy


This is Suzuki Airi :happy::happy::happy:

I had a photo shoot for Ray in the morning!!

The photo shoot ended in the blink of an eye :happy:heart


I’ve still got much more to study!

Now I’ve got bangs、 I’ve got to think up all sorts of poses!!

The photo shoot ended after 9
Then I had breakfast at Starbucks~:rabu:

(Photo 1・・)

Granola yoghurt
It’s a recent favourite of mine heartheartheart

To go with it
The new almond milk latte :happy::sparkleheart:

It was deliciousーーーheartheartheart

And I made lunch in the afternoonーー(´ー`):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

A grown-up’s lunch、 in my own style。 lol
At a store called N_7110 where you can eat delicious vegetables、 they’ve come up with a grown-up’s lunch。
I made it using that as a reference!!


heartChinese yam and king oyster mushroom butter soy sauce

heartStrips of meat wrapped around tofu steak

It’s been ages since I’ve cookedー。
It was fun!!(・∀・)

The ketchup
Suddenly spilled outーー
So it looks pretty clumsy lol

But it was delicious, so it’s all good heart:rabu:

You’ve got to cook occasionally, rightー:sparkle:

I fell fast asleep as I woke up early in the morning。 lolol

Although there were more things that I wanted to do
I was completely fast asleep lol

I really couldn’t wake up
I got up just in time to leave the house

I had a radio recording in the evening :happy::onpu:

The broadcast will be on the 26th at 11:30 p.m. ~ 12:00 midnight!

I joined in the radio show of the idols GEM :happy::onpu:

Please make sure to listen to it, okーーheartheartheart

And today
We had an early full dress rehearsal at the venue :happy:heart

The tour is finally starting tomorrow!!

Tonight I’ll have a relaxing bath
To prepare for tomorrowーーー:happy::happy::happy:

We made a sign to welcome you
So check it out when you come to the venue heart

Let’s work hard tomorrow too!

1・・Starbucks and me。
2・・An off-shot from LARME, which is currently on sale!
A photo shoot in the middle of tons of flowers heartheartheart

Can you see itーー(*u_u):sparkle:

I did 3 hairstyles!!
I’ll put them up little by little heartheartheart

3・・ This is an off-shot too :happy:


MUSIC+#46 is now public!

You can see ℃-ute 「Tsugi no Kado wo Magare」 Recording #03(℃-ute vocal edition) heart
Good night (・∀・):guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Me。

53d525d6_240Good evening (・∀・)
This is Suzuki Airi heartheartheart

A new Suzuki
Sorry if I’m putting on airs lolol


I cut my bangs (・∀・)heartheartheart91bfdb5a_240

What’s more
They’re like see-through bangs :happy::sparkle:


There are all sorts of reasons
As to why the finally familiar long bangs
Were cut at this time、

But I still can’t mention them :xface::sweat:

I’ll get to those reasons eventually。。。

I’ve been growing them for about a year、 so it’d be quite the waste

I was nervous just before getting them cutーー>_<:sweat:

Wellー However
Having bangs after so long
I’m being told that I look super rejuvenated lol

Since I have them a bit different to the previous spray-stiffened style bangs

I’ve got to get used to taking care of it、、、

Please accept
The new Suzuki。 lolol

You know
It made me happy to often be told things like
Your seductiveness has come out recently!
You’ve gotten mature!

It seems that it was thanks to the bangs。 lol

Ah、 but but
With see-through bangs
I can comb them up and enjoy all sorts of arrangements :happy::happy::happy:

Now the strategies to bring UP Suzuki’s girlishness have started。(´ー`):sparkleheart:


And today
We had a full-dress rehearsal for our tour :happy:heart

At the studio
We wore our outfits and did it like it was the real thing。

We’re drawing closer to the real thing!!

I’m in the middle of worrying about how to do up my bangs。 lol

At any rate
I’m really looking forward to it
I think that the amount of sweat we’re letting out is staggering, so I’ve got to be preparedーー:happy:heartheartheart

Tomorrow I’ve got a photo shoot in the morning (*u_u)

Let’s work hard tomorrow too :happy::happy::happy:

1・・ Before cutting。
2・・ Delight, anger, sorrow, pleasure。 lol
3・・ It’s cutーー(・∀・)

An announcement

Hello! Project HinaFes 2015
~ Mankai!The Girls’ Festival ~
28 (Sat) ・ 29 (Sun) Mar
Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall A / Hall B
Details are here

Good night (*u_u):guragura::guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Buoyant


This is Suzuki Airi :happy::sparkle:

I had a shooting for Ray in the morning!!:rabu:

It was a photo shoot for the fashion pagesーー(´ー`)heartheartheart


It was nerve-wrackingーー>_<:sweat::sweat::sweat:

There were model-sans that I was meeting for the first time、

I had a rare outburst of shyness >_<:sweat:

Kuoooo (ノ_・。):tornado:

And、 I feel that
There’s still lots more that I’ve got to learnーー。。。

Let’s do our bestーー!!

But it was tons of fun heartheartheart

I’ve still got to do my best :happy::sparkleheart:

And after that I had rehearsals :happy::happy::happy:

I let out a ton of sweatー:happy::sweat::sweat:


I’m really looking forward to it。 This tour。

Can’t it start soonerー I’m excited。

I’ve got to prepare my body too :happy:heartheartheart

Well、 Suzuki。
Is going to be a new Suzuki from now on。 lol

Hm? What’s that? lol

Look forward to it lolol


Riーght、 let’s work hard tomorrow too!!
1・・ Me today
2・・ I ate this at Asakusa on my way back from the photo shoot、
Tuna soba (・∀・)heartheartheart

It was delicious :happy::sparkle:

An announcement (・∀・)

Today on ℃-ute’s channel、

Tsugi no Kado wo Magare (Promotion edit)

The Middle Management~Josei Chuukan Kanrishoku~(Promotion edit)

They’re now open to the public!

Make sure to watch them heartheartheart:happy:

Good night (´ー`):guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Unyunyuー


This is Suzuki Airi :happy::onpu:

Yesterday we had an MC meeting
And an outfit fittingーー:happy::sparkleheart:

You knowーー
The outfits are realーーly cute!!ac54ad99_240

They come from all sorts of genres
I’m sure that the fans
Will discover an outfit that they like :happy:heart

Lookー forwardー toー itーーー:rabu:heart


For the MC corners
I want you to look forward to itー:happy::sparkleheart:

The theme this time around is a concert that that’s pumped up by everyone (・∀・):onpu::onpu::onpu:


There’s lots of things to look forward toーー:happy:heart

The rehearsals
Always end in the blink of an eye!!(*u_u):onpu:

Or should I say
It feels like it passes in a flash! lol

I can’t wait for the real thing、、、


And recently
I’ve been having a hard time with my birthday goods :xface::sweat:

I’m doing my best in all sorts of things!!

In order to make something that’ll bring you joy、 I’ll do whatever I can。

Wait and look forward to it, okay :happy:

I’ve got a shooting in the morning tomorrowー:happy:

Let’s do our best tomorrow too :happy::happy::happy:

1・・ An off-shot from our new song 『The middle management Josei Chuukan Kanrishoku』。
HagiSuzu。 lolol

I’ve been taking lots of photos with Mai-chan recently lolol

2・・ Here you go, full body shots。 lolol

3・・ I got this from the lighting-san
A gift of strawberry daifukuー(・∀・):onpu:

It was delicious heartheartheart

An announcement (・∀・)

℃-ute 10th anniversary of our formation on the 11th of June will be a Yokohama Arena performance !

We’re currently taking fanclub advance reservations heart

The deadline is on the 16th at 6 p.m.!

We beg for your kindness (・∀・)

Good night ーー(*u_u):guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Eu eu euーphoric


This is Suzuki Airi :happy::sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Sorry since it’s been a while since I updatedーー:xface::sweat::sweat:

Yesterday we had a talk recording
For 『music-ru TV』ーー(´ー`)

At the studio
We rhapsodised about GamushaLIFE lol

It’s a really passionate song
The lyrics deeply reflect ℃-ute’s history
So I want you to listen deeply to it :happy:heart

Look forward to the trick in the background of the Music Video :happy:

It’s emotionally movingーー!!


And today
We had rehearsals for our spring tour :happy:heart

Well、 we’re starting on firming it up!!

We’re lining up our dancing once again
Pursing ℃-ute-ness!!

We unexpectedly don’t have time!:xface::sweat::sweat:

I’ve got to get into good condition too :sparkleheart:

But you knowー I’m really looking forward to itーーheartheartheart

Are all of you looking forward to it??(・∀・):sparkle:

The pangs of excitement just don’t stop!
I’ll do my bestーーー:happy:heartheartheart

That said、 the other day
At the convenience store, I bought tea and milk and something unexpected (*u_u):onpu:

That would be chai tea!!
What’s more, it’s 40 kilocalories :happy::sparkle:

It was really refreshing and easy to drink
How delicious :happy:heart

If you find it, try giving it a drink :happy::sparkle:

Riーーght! Let’s work hard tomorrow too :happy:heart

An announcement (・∀・)

MUSIC+#45’s URL:happy:heartheartheart

・ Opening discussion
・ Jinsei Ame nochi Tokidoki Hareru / Horiuchi Takao (Music Video)
・ ℃-ute 「Tsugi no Kado wo Magare」 recording #02(String quartet edition)
・ Guest: Sekine Azusa (Up UP Girls (Kari))
・ Ending discussion


Scenes from the string quartet recording for
Tsugi no Kado wo Magare will be broadcast、、、

I really wanted to go and watch this :happy:

I’ve always wanted to go and study at the scene of an instrument recording

But I’ve never gone as they never fit my schedule >_<:sweat::sweat::sweat:

I think it’s a very valuable video

Make sure you watch it, okayーー:happy:heartheartheart

Good night (*u_u):guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Buoーyant

ac8cbb64_240Good evening (・∀・)
This is Suzuki Airi :happy::sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

It was nice and warm
So I left home in an euphoric mood、、、

We had rehearsals for our spring tour :happy::onpu:3c8124f0_240

We’re done with almost all of the positioning heart

After that I should sort it out in my head。


The rehearsals ended early
I went shopping and had dinner with Hagi-chan :happy:

Once again、 was at Negishi。 lolol

We went to Akakara but it was completely packed
When we asked the store worker how to get to another brach
『…~There、 there’s a Negishiー…』

The moment that was said、
The 2 of us crossed eyes
And completely entered Negishi mood。 lolol

Akakara, where’d you go~ lol :sweat:

Until next time, I guess (#^.^#)

Negishi was delicious!!

After that we spent time talking at a cafe
And parted~(#^.^#):sparkle:

There are rehearsals tomorrow

I can’t afford to oversleep :happy::sparkleheart:

Riーght。 Let’s work hard tomorrow too :happy:

The photo is with Mai。

An announcement (・∀・)

Tomorrow, 11 March (Wed)!
The first public unveiling of the music video for 「Tsugi no Kado wo Magare」 from ℃-ute’s new triple A-single that goes on sale 1st April is scheduled to appear in the Nippon TV programme 「Oha!4 NEWS LIVE」(4:00 a.m.~5:50 a.m.)!

Good night :happy::guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Morning。

This is Suzuki Airi :happy:heartheartheart

Yesterday, I fell asleep
While typing out my blog post lol

I’ll type it up to the end、 then put it UP :happy:

Yesterday started with
A shooting for the goods
That’ll be sold at my birthday event on the 12th of April (・∀・):sparkleheart:eb1f59e9_240

This time again
There are outfits that’ll surprise all of you heart

I’ll be doing my writing on the goods and all sorts of things after this, so look forward to it :happy::sparkle:


And after that
We had rehearsals for our spring tour~:rabu:heart

There was a bit of a clothes fitting too (*u_u):sparkleheart:

The outfits this time are cute tooーーー:happy::onpu:

I was really stumped
Over things like what hairstyles to doーー(´ー`)heartheartheart

Unexpectedly, there isn’t time ヾ(・ε・`*):sweat:

I’ve got to get my body in shapeー:happy:heart

And once yesterday’s jobs
Had wound down and ended (*u_u):star:

I went to the hairdresser’s (´ー`)heart

I got a treatment。

I had my scalp cleaned the other day

So the treatment really went well
As there was nothing on my head to get in the way

It’s been ages since it was this silky!(・∀・):sparkle:

(Photo 1)

Whatever it is, health is number one :happy:heart

On my way back
I wanted to get things like fabric softener and bathing powder

I aimlessly went shoppingー
And went homeーー(*u_u):sparkle:

I wanted to wash my clothes at home before going to sleep

But I skipped over all sorts of things
And went to sleep。 lol

It was morning when I woke upーーー:xface::sweat:

But you know、 this morning was really nice and warm
It feels like the advent of spring

And I was ecstatic :happy::happy::happy:

The pollen is hard on me
But I definitely do enjoy the spring :happy:heartheartheart

Get warm quickly (´ー`):sparkleheart:

Riーght! Today
There are rehearsals after this too :happy:

Let’s work hard today too!

2 Off-shot from Young GanGan!
3 Polaroids。

An announcement (´ー`)

9 Mar (Mon)

It’s on sale (#^.^#)heartheartheart

I’m ofーーf (・∀・)heartheartheart
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:heart2: Too much cedars

ff04145f_240Good evening (・∀・)
This is Suzuki Airi :happy:heartheartheart

The pollen is horribleーー>_<:sweat::sweat:

Sugi ga yabasugi - The cedars are just too much!(・∀・)

、、、I tried that at today’s MC
The pun got a tiny bit of laughter。 lol b484bcd2_240

Right。 Let me collect myself。

Naruchika was IN Hamamatsuー(*u_u):sparkle:

Thank you very much to those who came (・∀・):sparkle:



◎ Eel broiled in soy sauce
◎ Hamamatsu gyoza
◎ Shizuoka oden

That’s what we had to eatーーー(´ー`)heartheartheart

All of them were so movingly delicious!!

That said、 I never thought
That we’d have oden brought to the dressing room >_<:sweat:

That was a surprise!!

The usual fare of daikon radish and konjac、 plus eggs were obviously delicious

But the black fish cake, a local speciality, was delicious tooーーー(´ー`)heartheartheart


It was true bliss。 Appetising。 lol

I’d like to eat more of Hamamatsu’s delicacies


Seems to be the name of a popular fist-sized hamburg steak store (´ー`)heart

I’d like to go there next time (*u_u)heartheartheart

Since there’s still more Naruchikas to go
I’ve got to do my best (´ー`):sparkle:

All of us went to Starbucks on the way back。

Suzuki bought a coffee cream latte when I went there
And a coffee cream frappuchino on the way back。 lol

It was delicious :happy::sparkle:

Also、 at the stands
◎ Eel bones
◎ Red bean burger
I bought those!! lolol

I really had my fill of Hamamatsu lol :happy:

I love eel bones。 lol

Let’s work hard tomorrow too!


1・・Everyone at Starbucks。
2・・Eel bones
3・・Red bean burger。 My look of astonishment at how thick it was。 lol
It’s got mochi in the middle (・∀・)

Good night (´ー`):guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: care.

9f12681b_240Good evening (・∀・)
This is Suzuki Airi :happy::sparkle:

Was a DAY for taking care of myselfーー(´ー`):onpu:

At these times
I’d usually go to the hairdresser’s、 and for reflexology (・∀・)heart


But I did something different today for a change of mood (´ー`):sparkleheart::sparkleheart::sparkleheart:

Scalp washing (・∀・)! lol

In order to maintain the silkiness of my hair
It’s important to take care of your hair
But then I suddenly thought
Shouldn’t it start from the scalp! (*u_u):onpu:

This time it was at Ritt’s-san in Shibuya!!
It’s refreshingーー(´ー`)heartheartheart

You know, they started by inspecting my scalp with a camera
Then they carefully washed and massaged it!!:happy::sparkle:

It felt goodーーー!!
It’s good to have this kind of care done occasionally!!
And after that、 for dinner
I had motsunabe with my father and my mother :happy::sparkle:

As my younger brother has started on his university training camp
We couldn’t eat together
I’d like the 4 of us to go there againー(*u_u):sparkleheart:

It was deliciousーーー:happy:heartheartheart

When I got home
I had a relaxーーing bath

I’m watching television while eating this pudding that my mother bought。

I kind of like these kind of times when I can be off :happy:

On the TV
They’re doing a ranking of songs that remind you of this season (´ー`)heartheartheart

The classics of the past
And the new songs that have become recent classics

Are being announced one by one

But the songs of my memories also rankedーーーheartheartheart:happy:

♪ Haruka / GReeeeN

The song we sang at my middle school graduation ceremony。 From when the intro started playing on the TV、 I sobbed unintentionally。

We practised it lotsー。 We challenged this part、 splitting it into guy and girl parts。 Our teacher suddenly broke into tears at this phrase。 lol

Music is wonderfulーー!>_<heart::sparkle:

It suddenly throws you back to the pastー:happy::sparkle:

I’d like to sing a song that’s loved by people for a long time too (*u_u):onpu:

♪ Ato hitotsu / FUNKY MONKEY BABYS

They played the video from their break-up concert at Tokyo Dome。
As I’d gone to that concert
Wellー I was in tears >_<heart

Ano soーra heーー!!
I remembered stretching our hands at the time、 and before I knew it、 I was singing enthusiastically in front of the TV。 lol

I want to see them again。 I guess I can’t。
You know
I’m still not in the mood for sleep。 lol
There’s a Naruchika tomorrow!!
I’m thinking that I’ll make a green smoothie in the morning :happy::sparkle:

Riーーght。 I guess I should sleep early :happy:

Let’s work hard tomorrow too!

1・・ When the rain suddenly poured。
I sheltered from the rain with a snood、、、

2・・ Cosmetics I discovered at Shibuya today。
Each of them were 500 yen、 but they’re nice and really simple so I’ll be using them often :happy:

An annoucement (・∀・)

Hello! Project HinaFes 2015
~ Mankai!The Girls’ Festival ~
28 (Sat) ・ 29 (Sun) March
Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall A / Hall B
Details are here

Good night (*u_u):guragura::guragura::guragura:
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:heart2: Momochi


This is Suzuki Airi :happy:

The pollen in the air is pretty bad todayー
I’ve been sneezing like crazyーーー。

That’s the kind of day today is lol
It’s the birthday of Momochi、 Tsugunaga Momoko-chan :happy:heartheartheart


Many happy returns (´ー`):sparkle:

I talked a bit about Momo for the blog relay and I’m doing so again today

Doesn’t it seem like I love Momochi!! lol

Although I do love her。 lol

For Momo、 first as a member
As Buono!’s leader
And as a person, there’s a lot of things that I respect about her。

At times when I don’t really notice any changes
When I pass by Momo、 she’d quietly say

『Airi was good at ○○』 or
『℃-ute has become ○○』

She’d give advice or words of praise、 she talks really directly to me。

Anyone can give words of praise
But giving advice and suggestions
Is pretty hard to do
There’s only a limited number of people who will do that。

What’s more
I feel that her advice goes back and forth between
The point of view of the members and the point of view of the fans。

I’m always really grateful。 lol

Even when she’s working alone
She steadily goes through what she has to go through
She doesn’t give in no matter what anyone says、 I really respect that。

It’s like ‘This kind of person exists, someone who can switch from messing around to seriousー’ (*u_u)

In her own personal time
She’s really like a normal 23 year old。 lol

When I went to a concert by Yuzu-san with Momo、 the face she was making was probably something you wouldn’t be familiar with。 lol (・∀・):star:

I like that sort of Momochi tooーheart

But what hasn’t changed
Is her enthusiasm for work。 lol

Enthusiasm for work and Yuzu-san。 lol

Let’s go to another concert, okay :happy::onpu:

That said
Here’s a photo with Momochi for todayーー:happy:heart

She says she’s nyan nyan 22 years old

Momochi’s got to say goodbye to that、 but I’m looking forward to it (´ー`) lol :sparkleheart:

Have a wonderful year :rabu::haato:

Ah、 that’s right
『Young GanGan』 has gone on sale :rabu:

This time around it comes with a clear file!
Get yours soon :happy::haato:

I’ll put up 2 off-shots!
Those bangs are my own hair。
3・・One with atmosphere。 lol

I’ll do my best today tooーーー(*u_u):sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:
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