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:heart2: Yesterday, Today

7bf888ec_240Good evening ヽ(・∀・)ノ
It’s Suzuki Airi heartheartheart

With a close friend from university
We rushed!!
To go to Disney Sea :happy::onpu:

University classes had ended
057b9650_240And I had the day off from work、
And that close friend was almost turning twenty
It ended up happening because we couldn’t go for a trip to celebrate our last time as teenagers!! :happy:heart

However、 coincidentally my brother had gone to Disney Sea yesterday (*u_u):onpu:

We met up inside the parkー:happy:


We had gone after 6
But the unexpectedly cold weather gave me a surprise !! lol

But、 we made a lot of memories、 and we took plenty of photos heart

And we didn’t have to queue up too much for the rides
We got on them without problemsヽ(・∀・)ノ:onpu:

It was awesome heartheartheart

I entered Disney Sea’s restaurant for the first time :happy:heartheartheart

The place we went to was called Select Five
You could select 5 items of food to go on your plate :happy::sparkleheart:

It was super deliciousーheartheartheart

Also、 I got on a ride that I hadn’t been on before
Toy Story Mania

I was extremely satisfied!!ヽ(・∀・)ノ:sparkle:

After we had left Disney Sea
We chilled at a nearby cafe、、、(*u_u):sparkle:

Since it was late at night、we had to show our IDs for age verification purposes、、、

And we were told
『As the 2 of you were born in April、 we have a surーprise!!
Happy birthday!!heartheartheart』、
We were given huge parfaits、 and birthday cards~heartheartheart

We were really surprised
And it really made us happy~:happy::sparkleheart:

Surprises really do make you glad :sparkle:

My birthday this year
Really was filled with plenty more surprises than usual
It makes me indescribably glad (σ゜∀゜)σ:sparkle:

Since I also had the day off today

Once I was done with university classes

:onpu:Shibuーya woー Aーruーkuー
Hitoーri deー Aー ruー kuー {Forever Love reference: Walking in Shibuya, walking alone}

Just like that、 I went alone to Shibuya
And went to LOFT, after a long time~heartheartheart

LOFT-san、 I love them (*u_u)heart

I’m weak with the stationery floor and the beauty floor。
I was there for quite a while。 lol

And、I had my fill of LOFT lol

I went to a beauty salon which I haven’t been to in a while heart:happy:

I did a treatment for my hair :sparkleheart:

It’s silky~ and smells great~heartheartheart

It makes me feel like I can work harder tomorrow heart

I’ve written two days of stories put together lol

Today it’s up to here :happy:heart

Let’s work hard tomorrow too!

1・・With my close friend!
2・・Birthday cards!
3・・A photo I took during a live performance。 lol

Good night (σ゜∀゜)σ:guragura::guragura::guragura:

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  1. christian ichigo
    Posted April 23, 2014 at 00:58 | Permalink

    someday i’ll be in disney sea. . .^.^

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