Suzuki Kanon


Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


Please take a look… :shout:





This isーーー!My bedーーーーー :bikkuri: :bikkuri: :bikkuri:


My bed is too occupied by cats and humans(My sister) っっっ :bikkuri: lol


Not to mention Chaa-chan and my sister’s stuff, too!lol



Furthermore、the jersey my sister is wearing is the one I used in middle school。Lol


Well、they’re both cute so I forgive them。(My dumb sister&my dumb cat)


Anyway、yesterday was a serial event :bikkuri:


We held an event at CLUB CITTA for Toki o Koe Sora o Koe/password is 0′s release date


And、yesterday at that venue!


Yesterday was our last single event in the Kanto region(the real end is tomorrow in Osaka!) and we were able to do it in this venue、so I was really excited to kind of be returning to the beginning location for this single :bikkuri: :bikkuri: :bikkuri:


It was fun :heart:


I hope we can get pumped up tomorrow at Osakaー!*\(^o^)/*




This is Beautiful Cat’s Drop(My dumb cat for the second time)。


There was a brownish leopard-print scarf beside me、but I could only see Biichan in my peripheral vision :shout: lol


I’m at work right now.  But since I know Bii-chan is waiting for me at my house I’m just going head home without making any stops  :nihihi:

With that, Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow(´ε)
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Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


Today was another concert in Nagoya :heart:




I was able to sneak into the Kenshuusei dressing room*\(^o^)/* :cracker:


I was nervous going alone, but I managedっ :aseru: :aseru: :aseru:


From the left…

:heart: Wada Sakurako
:heart: Fujii Rio
:heart: Niimana Kisoa
:heart: Makino Maria
:heart: Inoue Hikaru
:heart: Mikame Kana
:heart: Tanaka Karen




Every single one is from the Tokai region、so all of us are neighbors :nikoniko:


There are lots of girls from Tokai~ :eye:




 I had the privilege of taking a photo with Hagiwara Mai-san!!!


We had similar T-shirts :raburabu2:


The shirt I’m wearing、was given to me by Oda Sakura-chan on my birthday :music:


When I visited their dressing room to say hi、Hagiwara-san said “Zukki, we’re matching!” :bikkuri: *\(^o^)/*


I was so happyっ :up:


Today and yesterday、Sato Masaki-chan had to take a break from performing due to not feeling well、so for the past few days I tried to have as much as she would!


I want her to get better right away :music:


When she finally returns she’s going to be so hyper that she’ll probably steal my energy。lol




I returned to Tokyo early today, so I’m going to do some things and then go to bed early :dash: :dash: :dash:


With that, Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 


I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow♪(´ε)
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It’s Suzuki Kanon。

Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


Today was a concert in Nagoya :up:



Forgive my messy hair and no make up- this was after the show :aseru:


From the left-hand side it’s Wada Sakurako-chan、Fujii Rio-chan、Mikame Kana-chan、and Suzuki Kanon!lol


I wanted to take a picture with everyone、but I couldn’t sneak into the dressing room、so here’s hoping I can get my way in tomorrow :nikoniko:




Sorry I look so sleepy- this was before make up…>_<…lol


Rio-chan came to my dressing room and gave me a birthday present :raburabu2:


The contents were totally my taste, so I was happy :nihihi: :lips:


Tomorrow is another concert in Nagoya!


The various typhoons are worrisome、but I’m going to work so hard my power could blast away a typhoon :bikkuri: :bikkuri:


With that, Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow♪(´ε)
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16 years old and 3 days♪

Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


Today I`m going to talk about the cakes that were prepared for my birthday event。 :heart:




This one is Chaa-chan`s :up:


Really、doesn`t it look just like himー??(I`ve said this twice)



Aーnーーーdーーーー :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:


This oneっ!





I received from Cozy Corner-san :bikkuri:


Melon cake :cake:


They know I like lightly pickled cucumbers :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


So they made a cake with that same concept :raburabu2: :raburabu2: :raburabu2:


They even went to the trouble of bringing it all the way to the venue :shobon:


I was so happy :raburabu: :raburabu:


I feel happy just thinking about it~♪( ´▽)


I`m so happy I was able to celebrate with so many people :up


Thank you very much :raburabu2:


Ah、now I`ll take some time to talk about my birthday texts。


Ikuta Erina-san`s came a little after midnight on the 6th!


But the one that surprised me the most was S/mileage`s Nakanishi Kana-chan!




Her text came at the very moment it became August 4th。


Last year、it came on the 4th at 11:59 、so she must have been in a rush to be the first this year too :shout: Lol


But her response was funny、so I forgave her :peetta: lol


I wanted to talk about it at my birthday event、but I couldn`t, so I decided to borrow a place called “The World Wide Web” and write about it there :eye:


I have gained the approval of Kana herself :nihihi: :music:


Thank you, Kana :heart: lol


With that, Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow♪(´ε)
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I turned 16ーー!!♪

Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


I turned 16 :bikkuri:




I`ve been goofing off all day( ´ ▽ ` )


Today was my birthday event :heart:


I had so much fun that seemed seemed to fly by :shout: :shout: :shout:


The event consisted of a game corner and songs!


The corner was… :shout: lol


A game of King Devil and The Assistant with Fukumura Mizuki-chan and Ishida Ayumi-chan in which I put my beloved teddy bear Chaa-chan up for beー :shock:


But I ended up safely repossessing him :nihihi: :choki:


Because I love Chaa-chan :music:


Oh yeah, that`s right!


A cake was brought out、but somehow it turned out to be Chaa-chan`s cake!!!




Doesn`t it look just himー??? :kirakira: :kirakira: :kirakira:


There are still a lot of pictures I want to post、but I`m going to split them up and then post them 



Something else that made me suーper happy is that Iikubo Haruna-chan came to my event :heart:


It made me happy that she came in spite of it being her day off :up:


Of course、I`m thankful for everyone who attended my birthday event :music:


The staff、the members、and all of the fans :up:


I`m going to work hard so I can repay you :raburabu2:


I`ll write more blogs about my birthday event on another day :music:


About the songs and such :nikoniko:


I think I`d like to just immerse myself in the afterglow of my happiness today :nikoniko:




Everyone who came today、I am eagerly awaiting your impressions :music: :music:


With that, Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow♪(´ε)
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15 years old for the last time♪

Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


At Nakano Sun Plaza、my senpai Berryz Koubou made an announcement


After next spring、they will be suspending activities indefinitely。


All of us had been told that morning、so when the concert began I didn’t really feel anything…


Even now after a little time has passed、I can’t wrap my mind around them really suspending their activities…




Until next spring!


I want to burn Berryz Koubou-san’s performances into my memories :up: :up:




With S/mileage’s Katsuta Rina-chan :heart:


Our plans to hang out just aren’t coming true :aseru: :aseru:


But I want toー :gan:



Yay :music: :music:


With that、Otsukanon, 15 years old for the last  time( ´ ▽ ` )


I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow(´ε)
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Bravo Ayachoー!Day。♪

Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


Today I got to go out to eat with a person for whom I’m reallly grateful :music: :music:


They were so thrilled for me when I handed them a Morning Musume。’14 CD  :nikoniko:


I hadn’t seen them in half a year。


Even so, it appears that they had been supporting my work。


It reaーーlly brightened my spirits :music:


It brightens your spirits up to hang out with people you love, right!


Do all of you have someone who makes you feel that way??(*^▽^*)




The coordinated costumes for The Girls Live, which was broadcast today!!


11th generation member Oda Sakura-chan coordinated the costumes :up:


Riho Sayashi-chan is behind me。Lol


The outfits were very cute and Sakura-like :heart: :heart:




This is the yukata that was only available for the Mezamashi Live goods~( ´ ▽ ` )


I love the color and design of this yukata :heart: :heart:


I’m going to add a full-body picture later!If I don’t forget :nihihi:






And :heart: Today is S/mileage’s Wada Ayaka-san’s birthday :bikkuri:


Happy birthday♪( ´▽)


I hope Wada has a wonderful day♪(´ε)


With that, Otsukanon ´ ▽ ` )


I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow( ´▽)
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Mezamashi Liveー(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)♪

Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


Today was the Mezamashi Live :heart: :heart: :heart:



I broke a huge sweat :bikkuri:


It was so hot :ase: :ase:


We had the honor of performing Shabondama :up:


11 years ago on this very day Shabondama was released!


I’m glad we were able to perform Shabondama for Michishige-san’s final Mezamashi Live :raburabu:


I hope we can perform on Mezamashi Live again next year :up:




This picture is pretty unflattering、but the sweat really was like a waterfall((((;゚Д)))))))


Even so、I had a lot of fun(=´∀)(´∀=)

Thank you to everyone who came :bikkuri: :bikkuri:


With that, Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow♪(´ε)


Please watch Hello! Station(´ε)
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Waking up early tomorrowー*sweats*

Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


The Osaka performance is over :bikkuri:


Yesterday was the first YAPPARI performanceっ!


How was it?? :nihihi:


This time we’ll be performing until September、so when we come to a place near your area, by all means please come :raburabu:



I received clothes from ℃-ute’s Chisato Okai-san :heart:


I’m so happpppppy :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:


That’s why we took a picture together :bikkuri:






My dressing room equipment。


I can’t stand it if my stuff isn’t organized like that :aseru:


Oh and as for the two brushes I have、the pink one is for ponytails・undoing ponytails。


The brown brush is for when I’m not using any hair-care products!lol


Using those two brushes and a thin comb、I’m able to perfect my ponytails。


That’s all for my dressing room equipment。


With that, Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow♪(´ε)
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I got to hang out with S/mileage for a little bit♪

Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )




Yesterday I  was eaten by Biichanー♪( ´▽)


As you can see, she gets hyper at night :aseru:


She grabs on to my hand and chews it and it looks like she’s doing a doggy paddle…!lol

It h-h-h-hurts:!!:


It’s funny :bikkuri: But painful :bikkuri:




Work ended early today so I went for a walk whilst listening to music~ :raburabu2:


If I walk alongside the tile I’m able to walk more quickly。


Do you know what I mean??


Very few people doー :gan:



Today’s post was a little short again、but Otsukanon( ´ ▽ ` )


Watch Hello!Station


I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow♪(´ε)



I got to hang out with S/mileage for a little bit :up: :up: :up: I was excited(*^◯^*)
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