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Berryz Kobo-san

Thank you for your hard work。
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

Yesterday’s Hello! Con。
Yesterday was the last time for us to stand on-stage with Berryz Kobo-san at a Hello! Con。

Up until now、it was like a given that Berryz Kobo-san would always, always be there。


Though it would be nice if today could stretch out for 1 year…
In that case, if only the fun fun Hello! Cons that I love would continue everyday, foreーーーver。

In that case, I’d be able to alーーーways have morning rehearsals with Berryz Kobo just like this、 and stand on stage to perform with them。

That said、
The more I think about it, the sadder I get。


Things that are 『The last』 for Berryz Kobo-san、
Are happening、 one by one

「The last Hello! Con」 for Berryz Kobo-san
Has ended as well。

At the rehearsals、
Just the mere thought of 「Today’s the last Hello! Con for Berryz-san…」 brought tears to my eyes。

A lot earlier、
If I had watched them with the awareness that it was their 「last」…
I would have treasured the time with Berryz Kobo-san so so much more。

I really think that I should treasure the whole time。

I love them, Berryz Kobo-san。

They’re kind and cool、
I love the always brilliant Berryz Kobo-san。

I’ll always always respect them。

Until the 3rd of March、
There’s still time、
So that I don’t have regrets on that day、 I’ll watch them lots、 and burn the sight of Berryz Kobo-san into my eyes…

Berryz Kobo-san are the best。



The only person I didn’t have photos with was only Tsugunaga Momoko-san…。
Tsugunaga-san, get well soon…。

I’m really glad to be able to call my beloved Berryz Kobo-san my seniors。

As a junior、、
I’ve got to do my best to be recognised by the seniors。



Yesterday, I was playing around a bit in the corridors with AiAi from ANGERME, Aikawa Maho-chan~♡



And Nakanishi Kana-san photobombed。
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When you’re down

Thanks for your hard work。
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

When you’re down、
What do you do??

I go to sleep!

If anything, I forget it if I go to sleep!

Otherwise、 I become serious。
I switch to 「Well, it’s all right。 I’ve got this。」 。

I change quickly、 in both a good and a bad way、 so I’m all right, somehow or the other。

So when I’m in the dumps、
Even if I spend time thinking, it makes me anxious、 and I start thinking negatively、 so it’s important to refresh myself at those times。



That was written and saved in my drafts、 but I don’t remember writing it though (lol)

That’s pretty scary! lolol

Yup, yup。
Well、 it is true that I sleep during tough times though…

It doesn’t mean that I’m currently in a tough situation! (lol)


Today is Valentine’s Dayーーー♡♡♡
Chocolates for everyone I work with。

I’ve already given out the ones with my deepest feelings。
I gave everyone… Different Royce chocolates…♡♡♡

Since Tanaka-san likes Royce~*\(^o^)/*♡♡


Today we’ve got Hello! Cons in Osakaーーー♡♡♡
Karin-san’s made a comeback too! Yeah!



With Zukki
Suzuki Kanon-chaーn ♡

How cute。
She’s a real beauty!





Starting the day with Deep Purple。
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Uta Journal

Thanks for your hard work。
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

Right。 This is sudden…
But here’s Takagi Sayuki’s Uta Journal~♡♡♩

The other day、
Country Girls-chan announced their major début。

I was staggeringly happy、 moved with emotion。

And then?
I called out to Inaba Manaka-chan 「Congratulations。 That’s great ( ; ; )」。

And then、
I somehow felt someone’s gaze on my back, so I turned around。

And so、 it was due to Uta-chan looking at me with a chilling glare。 lol

And when I made a face that went
What’s up with that look。、

With a sigh、
Uta went ‘Haa~’、

「Why are you being kind to Manaka-chan、 are you teasing Uta。」 she said, her cheeks puffed out (lol)

Uta’s response was cute… inadvertently! lol

Ahー So so cute。



Surprise Shot♡yeah!
(It was blurry~… Sorry♡)

The parka that Uta is wearing
Was a hand-me-down to Uta from Berryz Kobo’s Natsuyaki Miyabi-san who Uta looks up to ♡♩

She was overjoyed、 she was hugging it like it was precious。

「I want those clothes from Uta-chan」
When I asked that、

「No way。 This is the only thing I’ll never ever give。」 she replied。 lol

She was really happy。♡

That right。

When I took that photo、
While I was happy 「Yeah。 Got a surprise Shotー」、 I got told off。 lol

「Ohh~ Takagi-san、 please quit it~。 The sleeping face the other day was fine、 what’s up with that~」。 lol

Ah、 actually…
I successfully took a photo of Uta’s sleeping face。(lol)

A look? You want to have a look~?
What should I do~♡ lol

I’ll think about it for a while! lol

Uta always has something like a belly band、
Wrapped around her face when she sleeps、
So her sleeping face is very rare~。

And because of that~、
Will I be given the OK…(lol)

A photo of Uta’s sleeping face exists in my iPhone’s camera roll。

If I get the OK… I’ll bring it out…。(lol)



I took a photo of Uta’s Arale-chan spectacles、

So thinking about putting it UP on the blog、
I got a double-check with Playing Manager Tsugunaga Momoko-san、

「A shot of Uta-chan’s spectacles is the ultimate weapon、 so I don’t want you to bring it out yet。」

…And with that、
I’ll monopolise it carefully。

You definitely would expect no less from Tsugunaga-san。
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Good morning。
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

Yesterday we finished with the Nakano Hello! Con performances~♡

It was hard but quite enjoyable。 It was really fun!

I love Hello! Cons、
So it’s sad that we’re drawing closer towards the end。

And I took photos、
With the girl who was together with me in the dressing room♡



Morning Musume。’15’s Sato Masaki-chan。




Maachan’s innocence is adorable!

It’s fun to talk with Maachan ♡♡


And so, the third replying-to-your-questions corner! Let’s beginー。

■ If you remove the Momochi Musubi from Momochi, what would remain?

→ Scalp

■ I want to know
Uta-chan’s secret cuteness
Or to what extent she’s cute ❤︎❤︎❤︎

→ When sleeping on the bus、 she had something like a belly band wrapped around her face。 lol

■ My current girlfriend is as cute as Takagi-san、 so I’m extremely troubled about which should be the genuine member I support。 What’s the best action?

→ Do not think of your girlfriend and the member you support as the same thing。

■ What’s your favourite part of your own face??

→ Eyes

■ What do you think about fans who change their support to a different girl, and then change back?(>_<)

→ Welcome back。
I’ll forgive you if you come back。 lol

■ Sayuki-chan, good work on the Hello! Con \(^o^)/ I went to watch it todayー!!!During ○○○(song title), the interaction between Sayuki-chan and ChisaAi looked like fun (lol) I wonder if that happens every time??^ ^

→ Yes。
I dance at the cheering seats、 with Okai Chisato-san and Suzuki Airi-san。
Every time, I think that I shouldn’t laugh… But I laugh anyway。 lol

■ What’s Kii-chan’s favourite oden ingredient~?

→Takeuchi Akari-chan ♡♡(lol)

■ Anpanman? Or Baikinman?

→ Baikinman。 Team Rocket。 Disney villains。 lolol

■ In Sayuki-chan’s mind、 which publicity shots had Sayuki-chan looking her very cutest? Please tell!

→ Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo
At my slimmest。

■ What’s the best way to win the heart of Miyazaki Yuka-chan

→ Your heart has already been seized by Yuka。 Before you knew it…。

■ Sayuki-san、 have you ever felt like piercing your ears?

→ No way no way no way!
Just imagining it makes me run。

■ Maro、 Riro、 Muro、 continuing on from that、 what is Sayuki-chan’s Maro name?

→ I’ve got one! Haven’t I written it in a blog post?

It’s 「Saro」ー。

■ Recently、 I’ve started liking Sayuki-chan… but it inadvertently got exposed by Uemu… For my self who has jumped to yellow… Will you forgive me? Keep it a secret?

→ I willー♡
Even though it’s not really a secret now you’ve written it here… I willー♡ lol

■ Is it already too late to comment。

→ It’s not too late lol

■ I’m a male university student who’s cheering on Sayuki、 and I believe that you have a lot of opportunities to wear heels in your outfits, so how many cm do your raise your height UP by? Also, is it hard to dance in heels?

→ My height goes UP by the height of the heels I’m wearing。
And it’s a little hard to dance。

■ For Sayuki、 what is KanaTomo to you? Friend? Comrade-in-arms? Lover?

→ Work colleague

■ Smacking the wall! Which member would you like to do it to you? And on the other hand, which member would you like to do it to? And which 2 members would you like to see doing it?

→ Ohー let’s answer。
Would like to do it to me: Takeuchi Akari
Would like to do it to: Shimamura Uta
I’d like to see: Kudo Haruka、 Sayashi Riho-chan

If you’re talking about having it done, that’s definitely my pick from among the good-looking guys within Hello!。 …Ah、 sorry Kudo (lol)

I’ve already done it to Uta。 lol
I saw her unamused face (lol)

That happened live during Lilium! lol
And since Kudo really understands that she’s a good-looking guy, she could do it decisively。 lol


And with that!
At the individual handshake events、 signing event、 comment signing event、 let’s have some funーーー!
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New unit

Thanks for your hard work。
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

We had the real performance of 【Hello! Project 2015 WINTER~DANCE MODE!~】。yeah

As it was the first day!、
There’s something inside that really gives an impact。

From the start。(lol)

Wondering how the audience would react、
We were nervous、 but thankfully they got pumped。


I think you may already know this、
But the ANGERME 3rd gen members have started a blog ♡!

The things I look forward to have increased again。

I wonder if Country Girls
Will also start blogging…♡♡

I can’t waitーーー♡!!

Since they’re all soothing!
While going through Juice=Juice’s blog, please check those out too (◍•ᴗ•◍) ♩

Since you’re also going through
Juice=Juice’s blog at the same time, right。? lol

You definitely can’t forget about us!


That’s right。
At this Hello! Con
There are 2 patterns、

Today we had the opening day for
『Hello! Project 2015 WINTER~DANCE MODE!~』、

And one more!
There’s also 『Hello! Project 2015 WINTER~HAPPY EMOTION!~』。

Just as how the titles go、

The song choice for DANCE MODE! are songs with snappy dances、

And the song choices for HAPPY EMOTION! are fun, Happy songs。

I think that both are tons of fun、 so everyone, let’s all make sure to not hold anything back!


A director-san who I’ve been working together since my Hello! Pro Egg days came to watch、

I received advice as well as words that made me happy。

I was truly under that director’s care、
Even now I’m still under that director’s care。

And because of that、 it makes me glad to receive that director’s advice。

It’s like that when I try to look for my own problems、 but being seen objectively and told my problems really lets me learn a lot。


And even more than that…
Talking about incidents today!!


【Announcement of new unit formation】


The members are、
Fujii Rio-chan
Hirose Ayaka-chan
Nomura Minami-chan
Ogawa Rena-chan
Hamaura Ayano-chan
Taguchi Natsumi-chan
Wada Sakurako-chan
Inoue Rei-chan
… These 8!!♡

I’m really really really

When I heard about these members、
Tears flowed。

Due to joy, of course。

When Hamaura Ayano-chan saw me crying、 she said 「Sayuki-chan、 I thought you cried because you hated having a new unit」、

Not a single such thought crossed my mind。

My beloved Hello! Pro Kenshuusei juniors…
8 of them at that!!…

I’m really glad。


Taguchi Natsumi、 Hamaura Ayano-chan、 Ogawa Rena-chan、 Nomura Minami-chan

I’ve been active together in the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei for the longest time with these 4 in particular、

I’ve told them off countless times、 but despite that, they’d always come to me with a 「Sayuki-chaーn」 「Takagi-saーn」…

They’re really cute、 I love them。
So I’m really glad。


You know、 Nomura didn’t even know how to tie her shoelaces。 lol

Since I taught her!!lol

How nostalgic~。

These girls have worked that hard、
Being selected for a new unit like this、 the joy just doesn’t stop。

But、 we have to do our best too!!

So that we don’t lose to the new members, with their vigour。

We should always be at full force, right。

Since they’re doing their best、
It’d make me glad if you went to the events and concerts of the new members、

But don’t forget about us、
Please come and see Juice=Juice too。

Hirose-chan、 Inoue-chan、 Fujii-chan、 Sako、 Renako、 Nomura、 Hamasuke、 Taguchi…

Many、 many congratulations。



Since I didn’t take a photo of all 8、
Today’s is a photo of Hamaura Ayano-chan and Taguchi Natsumi and myself。♡


Good night~♡
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Thank you for your hard work~♡
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

Today we had Hello! Con rehearsals。

Today I danced and danced and danced、
I was covered in sweat (lol)

It unnerves me to dance in front of my juniors。
I’m nervous in front of the seniors too though。 lol


Andー What do you knowーーー♡
It’s Christmas Eve。

Speaking of Christmas、
It’s the day where Santa Claus is busy。

What age were you when Santa-san stopped visiting???

I’m extremely generous
So I was feeling like I’d buy whatever my sister wanted~

So what would you like~?
When I asked her that…

She mentioned the name of a perfume。








My dear sister。
It’s too early for you to be using perfume。

Even for me、 I’ve always gone with my normal flavour until now、 not applying perfume…

It’s complicated。(lol)

The reason I don’t put on perfume…
Is because I fear making a mistake。lol

You know、 for each perfume
There’ll be people who say 「It smells good!」、
And people who’ll go 「urgh」, right~

At handshakes and such
I don’t want them to think 「urgh」。 lol

Although there are scents that generally go well with everyone~…。

What sort of scents do all of you enjoy?
I’d be glad if you would clearly tell me the name and scent of the perfume。

Good night。

I looked at the comments of Karin’s blog post、 about the name for that monkey、

Those who wrote 「Sayuki」 or 「Saruki」
Raise your hands。

Confess。 If you do it now, I won’t be angry。


(I wanted to try using what the grown-ups always say。 lol)
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Thanks for your hard work~♡
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

Today after school
I had Hello! Con rehearsals!

You know~
This Hello! Con is seriously crazy!

There are tons of surprises that make you think 「That person’s、 she’s doing that!?」、 which end up with me staring in the middle of rehearsals。

Please please make sure to drop by。

Today、 I was chatting with a close friend of mine、
And we discussed 「Let’s go to Disneyland soon」。

And、 in this season、
It’s bound to be packed with couples so…

「Let’s go, with the 2 of us dressed up like a couple!」

I have no idea how that came about、 but that was the result。(lol)

Going to Disneyland would definitely be fun、 but what I like best is that uplifting sense of anticipation leading up to it、 and making plans for the day itself ♡

And what’s more, I’ll be going with my best friend, who’s the person I can let my guard down with, after my family…(*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*)♡♡

Although it’s not like we’ve decided on going…(lol)

But still, I’m really looking forward to it~♡♩

When I was studying chemistry at school today
I was doing my best, my head spinning more than usual。

SeeーOhーTwoー。 or。
Something chloride。 or。
Na。 or something like that…。
It’s difficult! lol

I was helped out by our lady teacher who taught with enthusiasm。

Thank you very much。


And、 something I’m enjoying recently、
Is reading the blog posts of Morning Musume。’14’s 12th gen members ♡♩

They’re soothing。
What’s up with that feeling of freshness。

We’re still fresh too、
We have to do our best!!
↑The blog of the 12th gen members ♡

But… Read my blog too, okay!(・ε・`)

And I’ll be waiting for your comments ♡



Good night。♡


I wonder if you’ll write annoying things like
『Forced comment!!!』
Like always。 lol
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This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

The other day、 S/mileage-san changed their name!

They’ve become 『ANGERME』。
That said…

It’s a really stylish and cool name!

S/mileage made their major début when I joined the Hello! Pro Eggs、

At the live performance where I made my début as a newcomer、 S/mileage-san graduated。

You know、 they were all so brilliant、
「I want to have a major début like S/mileage someday!」

And I frantically pursued after their backs、
I worked and worked hard…

That S/mileage will no longer be S/mileage、 but have now become 『ANGERME』。

It gives me really weird, mixed feelings。

But Murota Mizuki-chan and Sasaki Rikako-chan and Aikawa Maho-chan have been added, and ANGERME will be making a fresh start、 so I’m really looking forward to it!!♡

Today I had a good long talk with、
Murota Mizuki-chan。

「Next time、 let’s go and have monja together!」 she said to me ♡♩

Even if a senior would invite her out for a meal、

A weird distance might be created due to nerves、 she might get too self-concious、 Murota might tire of me、 so I’ve never extended an invitation。

So I was glad to receive an invitation from Murota ♡

We’ll definitely go, ok ♩


I love Murota’s face and dancing and singing ♡♡

Above all、 I love her smile
So I want her to always keep smiling。♡

In order to have a smile that doesn’t lose to Murota、
I’ll do my best too。



Good night。♡
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Thanks for your hard work~♡
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

Today we had promotions at Nagasaki。

It would be great if lots of people would get to know Juice=Juice、
And we’d be known far and wide!

I want them to come to our concerts。

Be it through listening to our songs on a CD、
Seeing how we look in a magazine、
Listening to us talk on the radio、
Interactions through our handshake events、
The words on our blog posts…
Anything’s good if it gets you in。

With each job we do、
People who haven’t known Juice=Juice so far will get to know Juice=Juice、 and if they get a bit interested in us、 that possibility gets even more widespread、 so I’d like to do lots of jobs。




On yesterday’s blog post、
I wrote that it somehow feels heartbreaking when we enter the Christmas season、

But if I were to write down details…


Why is it like that for me。
Honestly I have no idea。

It’s not like I’ve got bad memories of Christmas。

But、 looking at the illuminations、 I feel sad、 I honestly feel like crying。

For things like present exchanges、
Of course I really look forward to those、

But thinking of it makes a place in my heart hurt, and it feels like it shows in my face。

…What’s up with that。
These feelings。

In primary school、 I looked forward to the advent of Christmas every year、

「How many nights more of sleep do I have until Christmas~?♡」

…I kept thinking about it and being unable to sleep though、 how strange。

It’s kind of uncomfortable。
Looking at the illuminations、 I can’t honestly just say 「Whoa… pret~ty ♡」。

Well、 I think it’s pretty!
It’s not that I don’t want to look at the illuminations!、

I feel that it’s normally pretty and cute、

But I also feel sad somehow。

Yuーp。 It’s a mystery。

And today、 I got on a tramcar for the first time since I was born。♡


I took this inside the tramcar、 but it doesn’t look at all like it’s in a tramcar。 (lol)



These 3 seem to be having fun。(lol)

Tomorrow there’ll be a Nagasaki concert!!
Let’s enjoy ourselves!!♡
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Thank you for your hard work~♡
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

You know。
Recently …

I’ve been watching videos of me singing、
Watching them on Youtube、 I watch countless times, trying to look at myself objectively、

And so I discovered my problem!

It’s the way that my hands move when I’m singing
…There’s something I do, right。

At times、 like when I get to sing solo
There are a lot of times where there isn’t an associated dance move, and I can freely express myself。

At those times、
I’ve discovered that I have a habit when it comes to how I move my hands…

I keep moving the same way、
And I’m not expressing myself at all。

With that said、
I searched up lots of videos of all sorts of artistes singing on Youtube…lol

I learnt a lot of techniques to express myself。

After all that hard work to get to a place where I can freely express myself、 I shouldn’t not make use of my body!

For my habitual hand movements that pop up、
I don’t think I should have them there just for the sake of calming me down、

So I’ll stop
With that wasteful actionー。 (lol)

By the way、
It’d make me happy if you could tell me about some female artiste-sans who look cool!!♡

I’ll definitely use them as a reference!!


Which reminds me、 in the comments of yesterday’s blog post、 there was a comment that asked 「Have you grown tired of rapー?」…

Non non non。☝︎☝︎

I haven’t tired of it~。

I’m still listening to it and I give it the highest praise!


And, and…♡

Yesterday night!
What do you know!

To celebrate the success of 【Engeki Joshibu 「Musical Koi suru Hello Kitty」】
Mano Erina-san、

Brought the Juice=Juice 5、
For yakiniku~~~♡♡♡

When I was a Hello! Pro Egg and when I was a Hello! Pro Kenshuusei、 I’ve alーーーーways been under her care。

…On that point、 as a backdancer to Mano-san、 we’ve stood on stage together。

Mano-san’s songs
Are really packed full of memories for me。 And I love them too!

So for me、
Mano-san is a special senior。

Mano-san, I love youーーー♡♩


She’s a kind senior。
And she’s beautiful、 she’s cute…♡

Every time I see Mano-san on TV or at the movies、
I would boast to my family with a proud look on my face、
「See、 it’s Mano-sa~n」。(lol)

I’m really thankful that I got to work a lot with Mano-san。

I wish that we could work together again at some point…♡♡

Ever since the time when I was first picked up as a backdancer for Mano-san、 I’ve always been a ManoFure!

There aren’t any bad people within the ManoFure。
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