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Today I went to the Budokan to watch the Buono!festa〜!!!

In these 4 years、 lots of people had been waiting for this concert by Buono!-san 、 so the smiles of the audience、 their enthusiasm、 they were huge (^ ^)

From the people in the front row of the arena、 up to the audience who were furthest away on the second floor、 everyone had the same smiles、 everyone pumped their fists with the same enthusiasm。

Personally、 I learnt not just from their singing、、
Watching them perform with a band and strings was also a learning experience、 and at any rate、 it was the best!

℃-ute-san、 PINK CRES.-san、 Country Girls-san、 and Buono!-san! Thank you for your hard work〜〜



I watched it with Karin next to me〜♪
By the way、 this fellow was on the seat to my left。 lol



Suzuki-san、 it looked like so much fun〜〜

I hope that you’ll always, alwaysーーっ
Go on singing・・ I watched the show with that thought in mind。。。

It would be nice if someday, I’d also get to sing with a live band ☘


〜Today’s song〜

Rock no Seichi/Buono!
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Since this morning
the air has been damp and humid.

I don’t really like when it’s damp and humid (´・_・`)

This, on this morning,
I smelled something
that made me very nostalgic
for this season.

Since I love
these smell and sounds of nature and stuff,
I cannot say、、、
that I hate this day (^ ^)





Since today there was no LIVE or dance lessons,
to have a day OFF like today,

I didn’t get enough exercise・・

That’s the kind of feeling I have.  *laugh*

So tonight I’ll be sure to do it up.  *laugh*

Friday we go on a trip for a LIVE,
and I will eat delicious food
to my heart’s content (^ ^)

I have to do my best on a weekday~.

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I Wrote a Reply.

Yesterday while listening to
Makino Maria-chan’s regular radio,
I was Takagi Sayuki who fell asleep. *laugh*

Yesterday I received
presents from my fans,
and I read all of the letters.

If I were able,
I would want to reply to all of the letters.

Since I cannot,
I have written a letter
addressed to all the fans
who sent me letters.

When you have free time, please read it (^ ^)




(Letter reads:

To all of you,

Thank you very much for the letters.

In the letters from you, there were some words that were the same, no matter which letter.


“Juice=Juice’s dream, is my dream”.

People who believe our dream will come true,

people who wish for our dream to come true,

lots of these kinds of people exist.


Also the kind of people who say “do your best,” without failing to miss a moment, completely wrap yourself up in it.


Everyone is so nice.

Thank you.


Really, thank you always.

I will keep doing my best.


Takagi Sayuki)



Good night~.
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Today, 6/14,
is cousin number 1’s 18th birthday♡♪

When cousin number 1 and I
were small, we were such good friends,
we were peas in a pod, that we were told
「Are you twins?」(Even though we still fought sometimes. *laugh*)、

When it was time to say bye bye
we always had to say
「bye bye bye with a handshake(kiss)」*laugh*

Even though we were that lovey dovey,
now he has a girlfriend and stuff~.

Long ago,
he couldn’t say Sayuki,
and I’d hide,
and as soon as he noticed I was gone,
he’d say「Where’s Saiki?」
and when he said it it made me happy,
so I hid countless times~☺️

What a nostalgic memory.

Since he was such a nice kid,
I want him to live a happy life.

It would be great if we could be good friends until forever…♡

Anyway, number 1!
Happy birthday♡♡

Saa-chan will
always love you~~☺️♪


If you do your best, no matter where you go or who you see,
you can become happy~。

Please watch your health,
and be grateful for those around you,
and go on living a happy life~(*^^*)






When I looked for a photo of my cousin,
I found a photo from
when we were being athletic (^ ^)♡♡

How nostalgic。。。
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Miura Kazuteru-sama


As a Kobukuro fan
I have a dream
that it would be nice to meet Miura-san at least once~♪

Miura-san is
an amazing person in that he was
Kobukuro’s manager for over 10 years.

Miura-san’s dog
Ricky-kun is too cute,
When I look at his pictures on SNS
it always makes me feel
warm and fluffy (*^^*)♪

If only I could meet him through work or something~~.

And my dream that director Fujita* would
come see our LIVE came true for one luxurious moment,
Since I often hear that if you can wish it, it will come true!
I will wish for it.  *laugh*

A wish、、speaking of which,
I have a notebook where I write down my dreams,

Since someone always says,
if you write it there it will come true,
so I have it♪

And, sometimes I open it and re read it、、
and I go al~~right!。。(^ ^)♪

There are a loーーーt of dreams.
So many I cant count them!

Anyway I can only do my best!





Since I don’t have a photo,
here’s a bit of a nostalgic one. *laugh*

My bangsーーー
are shortーーー
that’s shadyーーー(°_°)。。*laugh*



I have watched all of Kobukuro’s

Kan Jam, Sakigake!Music、Music Fair、M station、A-studio、、、

Of course they were amazing~、
Kobuchi-san and Kuroda-san.

My eternal aspiration~~.

There are still
all kinds of performances on shows I need to see from before,
I’m looking forward to it, I’ll do my best~♡



Lately I am able
to talk about Kobukuro-san
on a daily basis♡♡

Of course I enjoy
talking about something I like.
I’m happy~♡

As always,
thank you so much for reading.


*I believe she is talking about Kobukuro’s stage manager, which she referenced in a previous entry I did not translate.
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A Performance at Nippon Budoukan Has Been Decided!

At today’s LIVE at Nakano Sun Plaza, there was an announcement,

That we, Juice=Juice,
Will hold a LIVE at Nippon Budoukan on 11/7!!!!!

Aw, awesome、、、!!!!!
It’s like a dream。。。

All kinds of artists in Japan,
who have talked about a dream of performing at Nippon Budoukan,

I have seen a lot, a lot of figures standing on the stage of Nippon Budoukan, and singing happily through their tears.

Since  Nippon Budoukan is a venue I have aimed for,
to really be able to stand on that stage、、。

Everyone who has been able to come to a LIVE at least once before no, and to those who weren’t able to attend the announcement, I think that there are definitely people who were made happy when they watched the news, or SNS, and heard「Juice=Juice are going to Budoukan!」.

When I see everyone’s faces, I think from the bottom of my heart that it’s really great that we were able to make this announcement.

When I think about that*, that phrase from that song, to do that、、、(°_°)(°_°)
Sorry about that (*_*)


Since there are lots of people who have supported our dreams, and together we have cried tears of joy, in the past and now I am overflowing with feelings of gratitude.

During the 220 Tour, I have met all kinds of people in all kinds of places, and I have clear memories of each of those people, since I became a part of Juice=Juice.

Everyone, we are dreaming together.
You have believed in us, and are coming with us.

I’m really happy。。。
Really, happy。。。

When we stand at Budoukan, no matter who looks at us, I want us to be a group that is worthy of performing at the sacred place called Budoukan.

When I’m able to meet with various people, one by one they have a wonderful power, and lately there are lots of happy things.

I’m happy to be alive.
I’m happy to have met these people.

Anyway, now that the Budoukan performance is clearly in sight, I am so, so, happy, that I am full of gratitude,  but instead of getting high on the excitement of it all I think I want to focus all my energy on running straight towards Budoukan.

Anyway today, because of those of you who always watch over us like family, and worry about us, and support us, I am really so glad we were able to make this announcement today.

Really, truly, thank you very much.

From now on I’ll also do my best.





Really!Thank you!!!


*I’m not 100% sure but I think she’s talking about the line “kokoro no soko kara” from “Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo”, meaning from the bottom of (my/your) heart.
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Yaguchi-san makes an appearance!

Good morningーー
This is ‘Sayubee’ Takagi Sayuki。

Did you watch
The Fuji TV drama 「Budokan」 last night??

In the 5th episode
The guest was Yaguchi Mari-san。


DachiMayu and Yaguchi-san。 lol

Well~ The drama was interesting~!

On the day of that variety programme shooting、
I met Yaguchi-san after ages~~
Yaguchi-san said 「You’ve lost weight」、
You’d expect no less from her~~~
It made me happy!

Actually, the variety show that Yaguchi-san guests on
Inside the drama、
Will be broadcast on the full version on BS SkyPa、
So please wait and look forward to it

And next week、 it’ll finally be the 6th episode (O_O)

I’ve already watched the 6th episode、
But that isn’t the Karin that I’ve known ever since I was small, that’s Aiko
Karin’s fans、 that’s Aiko, Aiko
So there’s really no problem. It’ll be alright, it’ll be alright. It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine. There’s really no problem.

It might get a bit scary though、、、
Everyone, please look forward to next week!!!


Well then、 yesterday at Nagoya、
We had an individual handshake & polaroid eventーーー。



An off-shot with Tomo from yesterday。

It’s been ages since we did individual handshakes、
And it made me really happy that there were lots of people telling me 「This is our first time at individual handshakes!」!

It made me happy to be able to talk so much after ages, I had fun~~♡♡♪

Thank you very much to all of you♪
Please come again~。

Today we’ve got more individual handshakes & polaroid events at Iidabashi。

Please come~。 lol


~One song from today~

Hansode/Imai Miki

It’s heartrending。 Heartrending。。



I got comments from before、
Saying that they watched Budokan and were reading the blog for the first time。
That made me really happy!

If you’re one of those people、
Please leave a comment!
Even a single word
I’ll be waiting~。♪
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Wanko Soba

Good afternoonーー
This is ‘Sayubee’ Takagi Sayuki。

Today at lunch
We had wanko soba at Moriokaーーーーー♡♡♪





We all ate and ate and ate soba in succession…lol。

After about 30 servings, this person was、、、



「I can’t go onーーー。」
She collapsed (*_*) lol

Though after she said that、
She did her best to eat。。lol


As a result、

Uemuu had 101 servings
Yuka had 55 servings
Tomoko had 50 servings
Karin had 12 servings

And I



8 servings…。 lol

Those were the results!

The ladies at the store were really kind and gentle people、 and we completely got along with them (^ ^)



It was really! Fun!!!
We’ll do our best with our LIVE performance~。

Those who’ll be coming, look forward to it!

~One song for today~

Manma ~Hahauta~/RSP
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Today we had our 220 tour at Saitama!

Kanazawa Tomoko joined in even as she received consultation about her physical condition、
And Miyazaki Yuka sprained her leg、 so she joined in by performing while seated。

While it wasn’t perfect by any means、
I was glad that the 5 of us
Were together on-stage。

To everyone who came、
Thank you very much!



Uemura Akari-san has recently、
Gotten a bit more grown-up。

I’ve grown-up as well。

So we’re fighting less。 lol

Despite it being true that we’ve been on good terms recently!!
For some reason、
There’s a rumour going around that we don’t get along
Why is that! lolol
Even though we occasionally things like
It’d be interesting if we were on bad terms!、
But perhaps
If that’s what being demanded
We’ll be on bad terms just on stage。
That’s right、 we’ll be on bad terms for business。
That’s new…。lol

Please let me hear about your opinions、
On being on bad terms for businessーーー。lol


~Today’s song~

Sayonara Sayonara/Takenaka Eri

Good nightーー。
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Just 3 years。

Good evening (^ ^)/♡
This is Takagi Sayuki。

Today, Juice=Juice’s 7th single
『Next is you/Karada dake ga Otona ni nattan janai』 went on sale!

This time it’s not just as Juice=Juice、
We’re also releasing it
Under the name of NEXT YOU 、
The 5 person group we act as
In the drama Budokan。
How interesting!(^ ^)

With that said、
When we’re Juice=Juice
And when we’re NEXT YOU
There’s no differences
In how we sing!

We sing combining parts from
NEXT YOU and Juice=Juice。

For both songs、 the composition and lyrics
Were by Tsunku♂-san。

By all means、
Listen to both songs ♪

I beg for your kindness!!!


And today、 it’s a special day。

It’s the 3rd anniversary of Juice=Juice’s formation。

For us, the day of our formation
Is even more important than the anniversary of our major debut。

Because for Juice=Juice
Today is the day we assembled、
And started moving、
Everything started from then。

Three years ago
We were a cluster of formality。
Lots of things happened、
But for the 5 of us
To be able to still be with one another like this、
I think it’s miraculous。

It’s been three years。

From now on。

Little by little。

Without rushing。

We’ll gather up。

Get widespread。

And I hope that、
Lots of people will know about us。

That’s how I hope this year will be like。



To all of you whom I love、
I beg for your kindness from now on (^ ^)


~Today’s song~

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