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Thanks for your hard work~♡
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

Today after school
I had Hello! Con rehearsals!

You know~
This Hello! Con is seriously crazy!

There are tons of surprises that make you think 「That person’s、 she’s doing that!?」、 which end up with me staring in the middle of rehearsals。

Please please make sure to drop by。

Today、 I was chatting with a close friend of mine、
And we discussed 「Let’s go to Disneyland soon」。

And、 in this season、
It’s bound to be packed with couples so…

「Let’s go, with the 2 of us dressed up like a couple!」

I have no idea how that came about、 but that was the result。(lol)

Going to Disneyland would definitely be fun、 but what I like best is that uplifting sense of anticipation leading up to it、 and making plans for the day itself ♡

And what’s more, I’ll be going with my best friend, who’s the person I can let my guard down with, after my family…(*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*)♡♡

Although it’s not like we’ve decided on going…(lol)

But still, I’m really looking forward to it~♡♩

When I was studying chemistry at school today
I was doing my best, my head spinning more than usual。

SeeーOhーTwoー。 or。
Something chloride。 or。
Na。 or something like that…。
It’s difficult! lol

I was helped out by our lady teacher who taught with enthusiasm。

Thank you very much。


And、 something I’m enjoying recently、
Is reading the blog posts of Morning Musume。’14′s 12th gen members ♡♩

They’re soothing。
What’s up with that feeling of freshness。

We’re still fresh too、
We have to do our best!!

↑The blog of the 12th gen members ♡

But… Read my blog too, okay!(・ε・`)

And I’ll be waiting for your comments ♡



Good night。♡


I wonder if you’ll write annoying things like
『Forced comment!!!』
Like always。 lol

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This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

The other day、 S/mileage-san changed their name!

They’ve become 『ANGERME』。
That said…

It’s a really stylish and cool name!

S/mileage made their major début when I joined the Hello! Pro Eggs、

At the live performance where I made my début as a newcomer、 S/mileage-san graduated。

You know、 they were all so brilliant、
「I want to have a major début like S/mileage someday!」

And I frantically pursued after their backs、
I worked and worked hard…

That S/mileage will no longer be S/mileage、 but have now become 『ANGERME』。

It gives me really weird, mixed feelings。

But Murota Mizuki-chan and Sasaki Rikako-chan and Aikawa Maho-chan have been added, and ANGERME will be making a fresh start、 so I’m really looking forward to it!!♡

Today I had a good long talk with、
Murota Mizuki-chan。

「Next time、 let’s go and have monja together!」 she said to me ♡♩

Even if a senior would invite her out for a meal、

A weird distance might be created due to nerves、 she might get too self-concious、 Murota might tire of me、 so I’ve never extended an invitation。

So I was glad to receive an invitation from Murota ♡

We’ll definitely go, ok ♩


I love Murota’s face and dancing and singing ♡♡

Above all、 I love her smile
So I want her to always keep smiling。♡

In order to have a smile that doesn’t lose to Murota、
I’ll do my best too。



Good night。♡

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Thanks for your hard work~♡
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

Today we had promotions at Nagasaki。

It would be great if lots of people would get to know Juice=Juice、
And we’d be known far and wide!

I want them to come to our concerts。

Be it through listening to our songs on a CD、
Seeing how we look in a magazine、
Listening to us talk on the radio、
Interactions through our handshake events、
The words on our blog posts…
Anything’s good if it gets you in。

With each job we do、
People who haven’t known Juice=Juice so far will get to know Juice=Juice、 and if they get a bit interested in us、 that possibility gets even more widespread、 so I’d like to do lots of jobs。




On yesterday’s blog post、
I wrote that it somehow feels heartbreaking when we enter the Christmas season、

But if I were to write down details…


Why is it like that for me。
Honestly I have no idea。

It’s not like I’ve got bad memories of Christmas。

But、 looking at the illuminations、 I feel sad、 I honestly feel like crying。

For things like present exchanges、
Of course I really look forward to those、

But thinking of it makes a place in my heart hurt, and it feels like it shows in my face。

…What’s up with that。
These feelings。

In primary school、 I looked forward to the advent of Christmas every year、

「How many nights more of sleep do I have until Christmas~?♡」

…I kept thinking about it and being unable to sleep though、 how strange。

It’s kind of uncomfortable。
Looking at the illuminations、 I can’t honestly just say 「Whoa… pret~ty ♡」。

Well、 I think it’s pretty!
It’s not that I don’t want to look at the illuminations!、

I feel that it’s normally pretty and cute、

But I also feel sad somehow。

Yuーp。 It’s a mystery。

And today、 I got on a tramcar for the first time since I was born。♡


I took this inside the tramcar、 but it doesn’t look at all like it’s in a tramcar。 (lol)



These 3 seem to be having fun。(lol)

Tomorrow there’ll be a Nagasaki concert!!
Let’s enjoy ourselves!!♡

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Thank you for your hard work~♡
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

You know。
Recently …

I’ve been watching videos of me singing、
Watching them on Youtube、 I watch countless times, trying to look at myself objectively、

And so I discovered my problem!

It’s the way that my hands move when I’m singing
…There’s something I do, right。

At times、 like when I get to sing solo
There are a lot of times where there isn’t an associated dance move, and I can freely express myself。

At those times、
I’ve discovered that I have a habit when it comes to how I move my hands…

I keep moving the same way、
And I’m not expressing myself at all。

With that said、
I searched up lots of videos of all sorts of artistes singing on Youtube…lol

I learnt a lot of techniques to express myself。

After all that hard work to get to a place where I can freely express myself、 I shouldn’t not make use of my body!

For my habitual hand movements that pop up、
I don’t think I should have them there just for the sake of calming me down、

So I’ll stop
With that wasteful actionー。 (lol)

By the way、
It’d make me happy if you could tell me about some female artiste-sans who look cool!!♡

I’ll definitely use them as a reference!!


Which reminds me、 in the comments of yesterday’s blog post、 there was a comment that asked 「Have you grown tired of rapー?」…

Non non non。☝︎☝︎

I haven’t tired of it~。

I’m still listening to it and I give it the highest praise!


And, and…♡

Yesterday night!
What do you know!

To celebrate the success of 【Engeki Joshibu 「Musical Koi suru Hello Kitty」】
Mano Erina-san、

Brought the Juice=Juice 5、
For yakiniku~~~♡♡♡

When I was a Hello! Pro Egg and when I was a Hello! Pro Kenshuusei、 I’ve alーーーーways been under her care。

…On that point、 as a backdancer to Mano-san、 we’ve stood on stage together。

Mano-san’s songs
Are really packed full of memories for me。 And I love them too!

So for me、
Mano-san is a special senior。

Mano-san, I love youーーー♡♩


She’s a kind senior。
And she’s beautiful、 she’s cute…♡

Every time I see Mano-san on TV or at the movies、
I would boast to my family with a proud look on my face、
「See、 it’s Mano-sa~n」。(lol)

I’m really thankful that I got to work a lot with Mano-san。

I wish that we could work together again at some point…♡♡

Ever since the time when I was first picked up as a backdancer for Mano-san、 I’ve always been a ManoFure!

There aren’t any bad people within the ManoFure。

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Thanks for your hard work~♡
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

Today、 we were at Nagoya
For our tour~♡

With everyone in Nagoya
We made it a super passionate and fun concert。

Today in particular、
I made loads more eye-contact than usual with the audience。

That was great~♡


And, and。
Speaking about it, today is…

Miyamoto Karin-chan’s birthdayーーーーーーー!!!♡♡♡


Everyone offered their congratulations to Karin!
Congratulations♩ Kariーn♩
Congratulations♩ Kariーn♩

She’s a hard worker、 a mass of great efforts。
…That’s the kind of girl she is。

That idol cyborg impression、
It isn’t just something that you’re born with、
It’s something created with your own efforts。

It’s amazing~…。

I wonder where that power resides
In such a small body。(lol)

…That’s what I think。

With Karin、
It’s already been 5 years since we’ve known one another、 so we really know each other’s strengths and weaknesses。(lol)

When we were in Hello! Pro Egg、
We worked together for quite a while、

And we won’t lose to other members
When it comes to 「Egg spirit」、

Because the two of are here、 let’d both do our best in the spirit of friendly competition。

Within Juice=Juice、
Karin’s the most able to talk about work、

So as fellow members、 as work buddies、

I’d like to us to be in a relationship where the both of us elevate one another、 even beyond what we’ve done so far。

Many happy returns ♡

Have a love happy year~(*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*)♡♡


And with that!
Good night。♡

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Pay attention to the P.S.! lol

Thanks for your hard work~♡
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

Today、 the Juice=Juice 5 made our way into Okayama prefecture~

We did promotions on radio and through interviews、 and after that we had our tour ⍤⃝♡

We definitely got to go to all sorts of places through our tour、

It makes you realise things like
「Okayama’s awesomeーーー!」。

2014 is a year where we were able to visit a lot of places for the very first time…。

I’m glad!
You know, if I hadn’t got into Juice=Juice, there would be lots of places that I might not have gone to my whole life, but I got to visit them、 and fall in love with them…♡

It’s really something to be glad about ♫


Speaking about gladness!!!!!

Here’s some big news。

It’s about Takagi Sayuki’s little sister
Famous for her extreme salty treatment…。


~A story from yesterday night~

I had to leave home early the next day、 a 3 nights 4 days trip for our tour。

When my sister was heading back to her room after saying 「Good night」、

「○○ (my sister’s name), you won’t see Saachan for 4 days starting tomorrow, is that it~?? You won’t see her for 4 days~(´. ॄ.`)?」

She was told something like that。

And then she returned to the room、
And from behind me…

She hugged me。

She was just too cute、 I was crushed。

Why are you so cute! Love! I love you!

Not just for 4 days、
I’ll do my best for a month!

It’s a story about the sister I love~♡ lol



With Miyamoto Karin-chan~♡♩


Good nightー。


My comment numbers have been low recently~

Is it because you’ve fallen for the young, new members! lol

Hey hey~(lol)

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Thanks for your hard work~♡
This is Takagi Sayuki ⍤⃝♥︎

We got to participate in Michishige Sayumi-san’s graduation concert today、 as the opening act。

Performing at Yokohama Arena、
It was really expansive、 there were a lot of guests、

I was moved。

It was fun!!

Without getting nervous、 I was able to enjoy myself, singing and dancing (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*)♡


And after doing the opening act、 we observed the concert。

Michishige-san’s indeed
Extremely beautiful、 I was drawn in。

Seeing her standing on-stage with all her might for the sake of the fans、 the tears started flowing。

Honestly、 she was impressive to the very end。

Each and every word that came from Michishige-san felt really really precious。

Thank you for a job well done!!!

I haven’t really talked much with Michishige-san、 and yet I still knew that Michishige-san was gentle。

Because she’s liked by lots of people、 there are a lot of people who surround Michishige-san。



With Morning Musume。’14′s
Haga Akane-chan~♡♡


Good nightー。

The kiss between Michishige-san and Sayashi Riho-chan。

It was a surprise、 but it kinda made me glad too。 lol

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Thanks for your hard work~♡
This is Takagi Sayuki ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾

We had a dress rehearsal for Engeki Joshibu 「Musical Koi suru Hello Kitty」。


Today we’ll be strapping down for the performance、
And the feeling that the real thing is soon approaching has me all restless。

And tomorrow is Tanaka Reina-san’s birthday!!!

Ahhhh。 I’m restless。

In just a bit、 it’ll be the day that Tanaka-san was born ♡♡

Congrats, congrats。
I want to see her!♡

Today’s the birthday of my generation-mate!

I sent a message~。

She’s a reaーーーl cutie、
Evーーーeryone loves her、
I think she’s an amazing girl~。

Many happy returns。
Have an enjoyable year。


And recently、 Miyamoto Karin
Has been looking up 「Emotionally moving stories」 on Youtube。

(…Just a piece of mini-gossip。)


That’s right!
You know, at yesterday’s individual handshake event ♡?

A tiーny girl cameeee ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄੭ु⁾⁾♡♡

She was seーriously cute。

You know、
I love babies!!!!

Even kids that aren’t smiling、
Kids that won’t hug me、
Crying kids、
Kids that kick、
All of them are cute。

But you know?
The girl that came yesterday、
Was realllllllly cute!!!!!!!

How friendly!!!

When I put out my hand
I wondered ‘Will she cry??’

The lady who was carrying the girl in her arms
Told me 「She always goes ‘Sayuki, Sayuki’!」…

Even though just imagining it was cute enough、

You know what happened next?
With a smile…

She said
「Sayuki」…➸( ˙-˙=͟͟͞͞)♡


That was Just. Too. Cute. (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)♡

I was already dizzy in admiration (*´﹃`*)♡♡♡

And then she blew me
A super duper duper cute flying kiss、
I was already about to collapse。

Haaーn ♡
She was just too cute。

Even in my memories, she’s still cute ( ; ; )♡


I want to meet child actors like
Shizuku-chan and Igarashi Hinata-kun!

I’ve passed by Hinata-kun at TV stations、
And caught glimpses of him、

And I’d yell out excitedly

Looking at little kids makes me happy。

Mmー But inside me、
Even 4 year old kids are still 「babies」。

But the members
They all say、
「4 year olds aren’t babies any more~」。

For all of you
Until what age do you think a kid remains a baby??

If they aren’t babies any more、
What’s next?? They’re children??

I’m interested, so please tell me。

Good night






Or so you thought??
That isー I’m not going to sleep yet ♡ Hehe

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Thanks for the hard work~♡
This is Takagi Sayuki ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾

At Ajinomoto Stadium、

They held a 「Ajinomoto Stadium 6 hour Endurance Marathon」

And we participated as live guests。


Ajinomoto Stadium
Was realーーーly huge!

In my first year of middle school, I went to Ajinomoto Stadium to watch a Kobukuro concert!

How nostalgic…
It’s somehow emotionally moving。

And when the marathon started、
I thought back to that moment in primary school, when we were starting on the marathon rally。

At that moment、
There’s this realーly odd sense of tension。

Your heart starts thumping、
You get restless、
Your heart gets fluttery、
Basically, you can’t calm down。

Even though I hate marathon rallies、
Watching everyone run today

It’s been a while since I tried running~
I just happened to feel like that a little。

All the runners
Good job~♫

Please have a relaxing bath today
And wash away all your fatigue ☃♡

Under the blue skies
Magic of Love felt great…٩(๛ ̆ 3 ̆)۶♩♡


Juice=Juice got to take a photo
With AjiPanda-san~。

In this photo、
I’m talking to AjiPanda-san。 lol

How adorable~(•ө•)♡


Good niーght。

In a bit, it’ll be the birthday of my generation-mate。
The day after that is Tanaka Reina-san’s birthday、 both are important days。

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Thanks for your hard work~♡
This is Takagi Sayuki ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾

We trained for Engeki Joshibu 「Musical Koi suru Hello Kitty」。

We’ve already entered into November、
So the real thing is fast approaching!

Of course I’m looking forward to it、
But I’m a bit… uneasy。

It’s like I can’t enjoy it with everything I’ve got。

There’s a bit more left until the real thing、
So there’s only a limited time left to practise。

All of us should treasure our practice time even more。


Well then、 changing topics、
I rented the DVD for this foreign series 「Once Upon a Time」 and I’m halfway through watching it at home。

It’s really funny!

I want to continue watching as soon as possible ♡
I’ve got to rent it ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

I love fantasy stories、
So it’s really fun ♡!


This is another change of topic…

But today、 the formation of Country・Girls was announced。♡♡

From the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei
Inaba Manaka-chan
Yamaki Risa-chan
…Those 2 were selected!

Many congratulations (T . T)♡

I’m the same age as the 2 of them!

Even thought the 2 of them are the same age as me、
There’s no sex appeal at all… For me, that is。(lol)

And so another huge development
Has happened in Hello! Project。

I’ll do my best!
Juice=Juice has to do our best too。

We can’t get careless!

At any rate、 the 2 of you
Many congratulations。

Let’s all do our best。


Good night。

I started tweeting on Twitter from the middle of last night、 but I think I’m going to do my best with getting active on Twitter!

Please check out Juice=Juice’s official Twitter account from time to time, okay~♡♩

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