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Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.

At the Your Elm Chiyogodai Shop
we were able to appear bayfm

on the broadcast of bayfm-san’s

「Your Elm Presents with you SPRING FESTIVAL」.
It was also a lot of fun
talking with Yaguchi Mari-san!

I occasionally have
contact with Yaguchi-san.

They’re only silly conversations but
they make me very happy~.

Yaguchi-san is a small, kind senpai!I love her~!
And it made me really happy that Yaguchi-san
complimented Juice=Juice’s performance on her blog!
To me, it’s like she has the same smell as Okai-san and Momochi-senpai.

That’s awesome isーーn’t it!!*laughs*
Even though I kept hitting on Yaguchi-san
saying 「play with me」

she kept turning me down(laughs)
Next time I’ll show you「RaRiRuReRo Kung Fu」.(But you told me you’re not interested *laugh*.)


And yesterday,
The formation of a new unit,「Tsubaki Factory」was announced.

Yamagishi Riko-chan
Kishimoto Yumeno-chan
Niinuma Kisora-chan
Asakura Kiki-chan
Ogata Risa-chan
Tanimoto Ami-chan

I really want to congratulate everyone.
Everyone has done their best while frustrated and crying, and when I saw them giving their all practicing so they don’t lose to their colleagues, it has inspired me to also do my best every day.

Every time I remember when I was a HaroPuro Egg, or Kenshuusei, I think, I wonder if I am also able to continue the feeling from that time now.

All the girls who grew as Kenshuusei,
they have awesome guts.

Their fighting spirit is awesome.

Of course
if there are girls who are burning with desire,
there are also girls who are comfortable.

But when it comes to things I like,
I am passionate.

Since everyone is the same,
when I look at them I think they have awesome power.

So I am really, really

Juice=Juice also will have a serious talk,
and we’ll all decide our next goal.

For our HaroPuro Kenshuusei kouhai to debut, it’s a really happy thing.

As senpai, we have to show them a reliable figure.

I’ll do my best.

Well, from now
*we have Hall Concert Rehearsal!
I’ll do my best~~


~Today’s Song~

Oh,What a Beautiful Morning/Unicorn
Lately I really like Unicorn-san.


At home,
If I have any free time I use the inhaler.


I’m caring for my throat. ✌


*She wrote rehearsal with the kanji for monkey, which is saru, in it.  Making a pun that is pretty much impossible to translate.
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I want to go to Miyazaki

Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.

Today was rehearsal for Juice=Juice’s hall concert.


I’m looking forward to the hall concert too much,
Everyone is sweating to the fullest, and is moving with great momentum.

And singing.

Rehearsals are pretty difficult, but,
when I think about the real performance, I absolutely have to do my best!

Everyone please come play!

This is a picture of when
we went to eat udon at Shigenoi-san’s when we were in Miyazaki for the live.♡♡♡♡♡♡
This is the on picture
where the topic was that Uemura Akari looks like Country・Girls’ Shimamura Uta-chan.


It was reallllllly delicious~♡♡♡♡♡

To have that flavor again…♡♡
To have that happiness again…♡♡

Next time I am absolutely going to Miyazakiー!!
Even if I have to go alone on my day off I am definitely going to Miyazaki!!!

Also, I want to go to London~!

Because of Peter Pan,
and also Hotei-san in London!!


~Today’s Song~

Daisuki Dattan da yo/Yano Maki
Singing as if she is speaking the words, Yano-san’s voice is very kind, and sad,

Yano-san’s characteristic voice
is as if she is crying in some parts.

Loneliness, and when happy,
I want to become someone who is able to sing like that!


Good night~
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Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.

Today was rehearsal for Juice=Juice’s hall concert.

A rehearsal where I hold the mic
is of course fun~!

I also thought about the set list a lot,
and I am really fixated on being able to make it.

So singing is super fun,
I will be studying.

I really want you to look forward to itーー。

Absolutely, those of you who are coming don’t let it be a loss!!

Absolutely absolutely!
Look forward to it for me!!


When we had our solo live in Hokkaidou
everyone went to the ramen shop.

The two 16 year olds~♡♡

Next to Uemuー is Yuka.
Across from Karin is Tomoko.
Next to Tomoko is me.

I want to go again!
There is a blues
and human beat box group made up of two people called Heymoonshaker.

That’s ridiculously new!
And interesting!

It feels like blues and human beat boxing are quite different from each other, but when those two become one, it becomes novel and interesting~…and reaーlly amazing!

~Today’s Song~

CShirabe Kotoba ni Youjin/Southern All Stars




I’ve discovered Roy・Buchanan.

He’s really amazing.

He expresses his feelings through the guitar, and to be able to express these feelings without using words, I have been moved since this morning.
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My Song

Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.

we were able to perform on Nico Nico Chokaigi 2015~!

At the huge music festival,
among all kinds of artists’ performances, Juice=Juice was also able to sing.

It was extremely fun,
Of course, since there a lot of people who don’t know Juice=Juice, in the space for the live, so I got fired up~.

It was fun, huhーーーーー!!!


And after NicoCho,
we went to LalaPort Kashiwa no Ha,

and there was a live event「Our first Wonderful number 1. Let’s give thanks to those who support us, and cheers」.

Since today also
lots of people rushed to meet Juice=Juice, I was really happーy!

Us getting number 1,
is also thanks to everyone!So,
From now on I’ll do my best more and more!

Everyone, thank you very much!!
at the handshake
there were tons of people who called me「Buu-chan」!

As expected~
As expected of Nishikawa-san~

Next time Sayuki will also give Nishikawa-san a nickhame!(laugh)


Today I’m going to talk about singーing。

I really love singing, but
Please let me tell you a bit about my singing latelyー!

A little bit ago,
more than feeling,  I started to think about putting the technical aspects and nuances ahead of that.

But, when I watched and listened to Kuroda Shunsuke-san’s songs on CD and DVD and stuff,

I thought「Ah, that’s different」.
I thought, I wonder if I messed up the sequence.

Of course technique is important.

But first of all, the feeling comes first, I think.

「Enthusiastically singing」.

In order to convey those「feelings」,
breating, vibrato, accent…all kinds of techniques add color.

If I only run with technique,
I sing without understanding the number one thing I have to be able to convey、、

First of all, there’s something I have to do.
What is the most important thing?

If I think about that,
when I sing super enthusiastically,
I think I am again one step closer to reaching my dream.

What does「Your singing is good」mean?
Kuroda-san is really, really teaching me.

I’m just at the limit,
I didn’t know the most fundamental things~when I reflect.
「Voice like a paint brush」
…I’ll do my best!!!



~Today’s Song~

Nippon e Iku no Maki/Unicorn
My hobby is perusing the lyrics of all kinds of artists’ songs…When I do that I study all kinds of things, and I have fun while I do it, but Unicorn-san’s lyrics are really difficult!

What kind of message is this song conveying, I wonder what the theme is that is written here、、it’s extremely deep.

But it’s fun!!


Good night~.
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Solo Tour

Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.
Today was Juice=Juice’s solo tour
final performance!

Continuing from last June on this first tour, today was finally the final day.

During the time of this tour,
so many things happened it was ridiculous~!!

Even my way of singing,
it is completely different now from before the tour started.

I am changing,
and the members are changing,
if you are constantly watching closely,

we are stimulated,
and we practice because we don’t want to lose,
and sometimes we fight and stuff.
We’ve been all kinds of places,
and met all kinds of people,

And there are all kinds of people from all kinds of places who said they saw Juice=Juice live for the first.

To be able to stand on the stage and perform, was really great~。

My next goal is, of course,
a hall concert.



I love lives!!
Tomorrow I am able to appear on NicoNico Chokaigi.

Today I also will do the news for NicoCho.

My hearts pounding!I’m really looking forward to it!
Everyone by all means, please come play.


~Today’s Song~

Manatsu no Kajitsu/Southern All Stars


Good night.
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Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.

was the first time I
worked past 9PM since turning 18!
THat is to say…

On the Nico Nico live broadcast
「*Nishikawa Takanori’s IENOMI!!」

I was able to appear.

So much fun!!!

Nishikawa Takanori-san
gave me the wonderful nick name「Bu」.

And everyone also drank the amazake
that I put my all into making…

I was really, really happy!!

Furthermore, Nishikawa-san,
he looks just like my mom, which makes me happy!

He really looks too much like her,
To see him in person of course he looks like her.
I really looked at Nishikawa-san’s face.


He was so kind~~
I want to be together with him agaーーーin!!

Those of you who came to watch,
thank you very much♡♡*\(^o^)/*

It was fun, really.
I want to appear again!!!

Please call us againー!!!



Today the magazine「Blues &Soul・Records 123」is released!

Takagi Sayuki is featured solo.

I got to talk a lot about
my beloved blues.

Since there is still a lot I don’t know, from now I want to study so that I can talk about it more.

Everyone, by all means!
Please check it out~♡*\(^o^)/*


I got Hotei Tomoyasu-san’s model of iPhone case.

I show it off to everyone while I walk. *laughs*


~Today’s Song~

Nishikawa-san’s singing is amazing、、
It really feels like he sings with a lot of soul, or, how should I put this,

「He’s great at singing」and,
「He has good vocal volume」and stuff,
that goes without saying, but

not only that, but there is something else I can’t put into words.

I want to be able to
sing「with a voice like a paint brush」quickly.

No, before that, I have to search.
I’m still not at that step, but one day I will definitely find itー!
Good night~.


*For those of you who don’t know, this is T.M. Revolution’s real name.  The IENOMI part was written in katakana so I’m not quite sure what it is supposed to mean exactly…”ie” does mean house though so I am assuming it has to do with the premise of the show being in his house?
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18 Years Old

Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.
Yesterday was my
first solo birthday event~♡*\(^o^)/*

I was nervous, but
it was so, so much fun.(°_°)♡♡

Since this was an event
this time where I mainly picked the songs,

Between the first and second time,
if you combine the substitution songs,
…altogether I was able to sing 12 songs.

I was honestly ridiculously nervous, but
since I love singing it was ridiculously fun(°_°)♡♡

like like like、、、

I was extremely happy(*_*)♡♡

For so many people
to gather just for me…

When I look closely,
there were people who usually are wearing a different color. *laugh*

But but but,
Since my first solo birthday event was full of yellow, they are extremely kind people.

The Juice=Juice family is warm~isn’t it.
I think that from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you.
Kobushi Factory’s Nomura Minami-chan came to watch٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ♡♡



She also mailed me her impressions,
which made me so happy~~♡

Having a kouhai come to watch,
made me really, really happy!

Nomura, thank you.♡♡


And, Sugai-sensei also came to watch♡♡

I love Sugai-sensei~~!

Since I didn’t think he would come, I was really, really happy~(*_*)♡

But when I asked sensei to come I was extremely nervous (°_°) *laughlaugh*

But when the performance started,
and it seemed like panic was about to set in, I looked at sensei’s face,

Phew. Calm down, calm down.
and I was able to calm my heart down.



He also gave me a birthday present ♡♡

Thank you very much (;_;)♡


And furthermore!
For the2nd performance, this person came as a surprise.



Really I was hoーーーーnestly
To come from another group
purposefully on her day OFF she really is a kind person.

I thought. *laughs*



You can even tell just from pictures,
I was really, really happy. *laughs*

Even so,
lined up with Take I look really adult-like, don’t I. ♡♡*\(^o^)/* *laughs*

We have a year’s differene.
Take, hurry up and become an adult~(laughs)
Furthermore, furthermore, Takeuchi-san,
Prepared a present for me…(laughs)



18 bananas. *laughlaugh*

She got me~
Ever since I was an Egg,
Take has happily called me monkey monkey monkey,  I already have accepted this(laugh)

I lost to that smile. *laugh*

It’s really been mentally drilled into me!

Thanks to Take!*laughlaugh*
No~but really,
I was really happy ♡♡*\(^o^)/*
Besides the bananas,
she gave me a proper present…(°_°)♡♡
(Not a kind boy, but
『kind oden』ok. *laugh*)
Take-san, thank you!

Since my beloved members, and sensei came to play I was so happy♡♡*\(^o^)/*

I’m  happy!!

All of my kouhai, my senpai,
the members, sensei, staff-san,
Everyone in the Juice=Juice family…

Really really…Thank you very much ♡♡*\(^o^)/*

18 year old Takagi Sayuki.
I’ll do my best.
Speaking of singing…
my goal for this year is to be able to sing with「a voice like a paintbrush」.

The best in the world…that dream is a big dream, isn’t it.

But I
have a dream that I coーーーstantly have.

(But I still haven’t told anyone *laugh*)

On the day that dream comes true,
I’ll have sharpened my skill.

My beloved singing.
More and more, I’ll do my best.



Backstage there were also banana bananas,
It was really cute♡♡

I’m so happy~♡♡*\(^o^)/*


*This appears to be short for “Yasashii Otoko,” which would mean “kind boy,” but she’s saying instead it means “kind oden”.
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18 Years Old

Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.
Today is my 18 year
Happy Birthday~~(°_°)♡♡

I have already become 18.



From around the world an 18 year old can be seen as an adult.

Words, actions, behavior,
and song, dance…

I think that the demands on me are growing.
I plunged into 18,
My goal for 18 is,
In order to achieve my dream during this year,

I want to become able to sing songs with as much comprehension as possible.

For that reason I will put in more effort than ever before.
When recording,
Since I am in charge of singing, it isn’t ok just to sing as I’ve been told,

since I am able influence the making of a CD,

I’m going to search for more and more things I can do,
I’ll do what I can do face recording.

If I don’t have time,
I will overwork and do that!!

I wan to study music more.

But since I probably can’t go to music school or something,  so I will listen to music myself, and feel it, and think about it.

I want to spread my own music around the world.


And one more thing,
I want people from around the world
to think「she’s an adult」
when they see me.

Until now I have been a nuisance
to the staff-san and my family and stuff, from now I want to to rely on myself as much as possible.



Since I turned 18,
I can work after 9PM.

I had my birthday event.

Since a lot happened,
there is too much to write about it today,

Tomorrow I’ll write the details of my birthday event, ok ♡♡ *cheerful*
And then!
Today I was veーーーry happy.

Really and truly,
Thank you very much.



A cute cake and cute bananas.
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17 Years Old

Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki.
On my last day as 17,
I listened to music in the car while singing along in a big voice on the way to work,

which was rehearsal for『Juice=Juice First Live Tourー2015 ~Special Juice~』,

and the last work was recording…


so I started with music and ended with music.

It was a wonderful day.…♡♡

To tie up my year of being 17
with a day full of my beloved music,

I am really happy.


In my year as 17
all kinds of things happened, huh.

That one year was too jam packed!
to that extent…
Up until now the things I’ve had
suddenly stopped one day,

and things I didn’t have until yesterday,
will be born the day after tomorrow.

My own day to day transformation,
the day to day transformation of my surroundings,
was rotating at an awesome speed,
and even though I followed it, I was frantic.

Occasionally, there were probably also times I couldn’t follow.

But either way, those were very, very
important times.

Of course, if you were to ask, didn’t any painful things happen this year、、

I can’t really nod my head.


But because of that, there was also a lot of encouragement、、、
In retrospect, my family has always supported me.

And the Staff-san were also always watching us.

When we stood on stage,
everyone in the Juice=Juice family was always waiting for us.

Yuka, Tomoko, Karin, Uemuー.
The importance of the members.


Until now there were things I didn’t notice.
Things I didn’t know.
Things I wasn’t able to properly see.
These are things I can’t forget.
It really was an important year.

17 years old…Until now in my life I think it is the number one year I have had all kinds of things happen, but, I remember it all clearly,

It was fun. I was happy.

But it was food. I’m  happy.

17 was really, really a fun year.

The people who have influenced me,
everyone, everyone,

truly, thank you very much.



My last photo as a 17 year old.

The next time I meet everyone,
I’ll be 18.

Goodbye, 17 year old me.
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The 5 of us Together.

Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.
Today was the solo live in Saga~
As expected it was fun~

At yesterday’s Miyazaki performance,
since I sang and danced in a state in which a strange power entered my body because I was nervous,

At rehearsal this morning,
I can’t move my body!is what I was like.

It was muscle pain *laugh*.

But even with my body that tired, the live was so much fun I forgot all about it!
At today’s live,
as a surprise we celebrated my birthday.



The venue was filled with banana colored lights…
I was moved.

I was so happy!
The moment I got on stage was I like「Wow!」and without thinking I was overflowing with smiles.

The world view of music.  I have to do it.
I thought, and I tried to hide my smile but inside my heart I was grinning ear to ear.(laugh)

Everyone who was waving banana colored lights,
thank you very much (*_*)♡♡
Today was my last live as a 17 year old.

Of course I will visit the day that I say「Today is my last live as an 18 year old」in the blink of an eye.

But the time that is passing now,
I have previously thought about whether or not you really only live once.

Over and over again I write in this blog, but there are things I am oblivious about,

and when I think about things that are ordinary, they aren’t ordinary to me.

If a normal every day thing suddenly stopped, I don’t think there would be anyone without regrets,

so I want to do what I can to feel all kinds of things in my life~.
Tomorrow is my last day as a 17 year old.

I need to finish my preparations for 18. I’ll do my best!


Today all the members of Juice=Juice
went to karaoke together~♡♡*\(^o^)/*



(I eased into wearing this hat, I love it. *laugh*)

Since it’s been a while since I went to karaoke I was happyーーー♡♡

This was the first time the five of us went to karaoke (O_O)

When it comes to karaoke,
you put in songs that you probably cannot sing, for the time being.

This is normal for myself and Tomoko and stuff,

But Uemura Akari-chan
uses her smart phone to listen and practice before entering a song!



What the heck.  It’s cute though.

Miyamoto Karin-chan’s Fudanjuku that she sang was pretty wonderful. *laughlaugh*

She also completely did the monologue part, and it made us laugh.

Yuka-chan san Aragaki Yui-san and ℃-ute-san and stuff. ♩

We were really able to have fuuuuuuun!!
Next time the 5 of us want to go on a trip~is something we talked about.

「Reserving a hot spring~」and
「A tatami room would be good~」and stuff
We swelling with wild wild ideas.
And at night
we went to a yakiniku restaurantーーー♡♡



I’m happy the 5 of us were able to spend the day together~٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ♡

Next time when we can take our time more, I want to play again ok~.
Today everyone
was in high spirits when the live ended,
and we carried Kanazawa Tomoko(laughs)



Why was it so much fun *laugh*.
For some reason I don’t understand it was ridiculously fun~。

So fun~*laugh*.
This kind of feeling,
right now is probably as loud that it
rivals ANGERME. *laugh*

When the 5 of us are in the dressing room, we gleefully enjoy ourselves.(laughs)


~Today’s Song~

This isn’t good.
I’ve gotten into them.

When I don’t have anything
Ahー, I want to listen to Bump’s songs!

is what I think.

They have an amazingly characteristic world view,
Even so, you can’t listen to them all the same, even though they all have Bump-like parts, all the songs are completely different in their goodness、、isn’t it wonderful~。

To be able to quickly grasp the individuality of my voice,
I search for it every day while I sing.

But since I want to become good at singing,
to study, and practice,

since it’s something I like it’s really fun!I don’ suffer at all.

So I want to do my best more and more!!


Good night~.
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