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Yaguchi-san makes an appearance!

Good morningーー
This is ‘Sayubee’ Takagi Sayuki。

Did you watch
The Fuji TV drama 「Budokan」 last night??

In the 5th episode
The guest was Yaguchi Mari-san。


DachiMayu and Yaguchi-san。 lol

Well~ The drama was interesting~!

On the day of that variety programme shooting、
I met Yaguchi-san after ages~~
Yaguchi-san said 「You’ve lost weight」、
You’d expect no less from her~~~
It made me happy!

Actually, the variety show that Yaguchi-san guests on
Inside the drama、
Will be broadcast on the full version on BS SkyPa、
So please wait and look forward to it

And next week、 it’ll finally be the 6th episode (O_O)

I’ve already watched the 6th episode、
But that isn’t the Karin that I’ve known ever since I was small, that’s Aiko
Karin’s fans、 that’s Aiko, Aiko
So there’s really no problem. It’ll be alright, it’ll be alright. It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine. There’s really no problem.

It might get a bit scary though、、、
Everyone, please look forward to next week!!!


Well then、 yesterday at Nagoya、
We had an individual handshake & polaroid eventーーー。



An off-shot with Tomo from yesterday。

It’s been ages since we did individual handshakes、
And it made me really happy that there were lots of people telling me 「This is our first time at individual handshakes!」!

It made me happy to be able to talk so much after ages, I had fun~~♡♡♪

Thank you very much to all of you♪
Please come again~。

Today we’ve got more individual handshakes & polaroid events at Iidabashi。

Please come~。 lol


~One song from today~

Hansode/Imai Miki

It’s heartrending。 Heartrending。。



I got comments from before、
Saying that they watched Budokan and were reading the blog for the first time。
That made me really happy!

If you’re one of those people、
Please leave a comment!
Even a single word
I’ll be waiting~。♪
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Wanko Soba

Good afternoonーー
This is ‘Sayubee’ Takagi Sayuki。

Today at lunch
We had wanko soba at Moriokaーーーーー♡♡♪





We all ate and ate and ate soba in succession…lol。

After about 30 servings, this person was、、、



「I can’t go onーーー。」
She collapsed (*_*) lol

Though after she said that、
She did her best to eat。。lol


As a result、

Uemuu had 101 servings
Yuka had 55 servings
Tomoko had 50 servings
Karin had 12 servings

And I



8 servings…。 lol

Those were the results!

The ladies at the store were really kind and gentle people、 and we completely got along with them (^ ^)



It was really! Fun!!!
We’ll do our best with our LIVE performance~。

Those who’ll be coming, look forward to it!

~One song for today~

Manma ~Hahauta~/RSP
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Today we had our 220 tour at Saitama!

Kanazawa Tomoko joined in even as she received consultation about her physical condition、
And Miyazaki Yuka sprained her leg、 so she joined in by performing while seated。

While it wasn’t perfect by any means、
I was glad that the 5 of us
Were together on-stage。

To everyone who came、
Thank you very much!



Uemura Akari-san has recently、
Gotten a bit more grown-up。

I’ve grown-up as well。

So we’re fighting less。 lol

Despite it being true that we’ve been on good terms recently!!
For some reason、
There’s a rumour going around that we don’t get along
Why is that! lolol
Even though we occasionally things like
It’d be interesting if we were on bad terms!、
But perhaps
If that’s what being demanded
We’ll be on bad terms just on stage。
That’s right、 we’ll be on bad terms for business。
That’s new…。lol

Please let me hear about your opinions、
On being on bad terms for businessーーー。lol


~Today’s song~

Sayonara Sayonara/Takenaka Eri

Good nightーー。
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Just 3 years。

Good evening (^ ^)/♡
This is Takagi Sayuki。

Today, Juice=Juice’s 7th single
『Next is you/Karada dake ga Otona ni nattan janai』 went on sale!

This time it’s not just as Juice=Juice、
We’re also releasing it
Under the name of NEXT YOU 、
The 5 person group we act as
In the drama Budokan。
How interesting!(^ ^)

With that said、
When we’re Juice=Juice
And when we’re NEXT YOU
There’s no differences
In how we sing!

We sing combining parts from
NEXT YOU and Juice=Juice。

For both songs、 the composition and lyrics
Were by Tsunku♂-san。

By all means、
Listen to both songs ♪

I beg for your kindness!!!


And today、 it’s a special day。

It’s the 3rd anniversary of Juice=Juice’s formation。

For us, the day of our formation
Is even more important than the anniversary of our major debut。

Because for Juice=Juice
Today is the day we assembled、
And started moving、
Everything started from then。

Three years ago
We were a cluster of formality。
Lots of things happened、
But for the 5 of us
To be able to still be with one another like this、
I think it’s miraculous。

It’s been three years。

From now on。

Little by little。

Without rushing。

We’ll gather up。

Get widespread。

And I hope that、
Lots of people will know about us。

That’s how I hope this year will be like。



To all of you whom I love、
I beg for your kindness from now on (^ ^)


~Today’s song~

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Concerning Kanazawa Tomoko

Kanazawa Tomoko announced today that she has 「endometriosis」。
It’s something that Tomoko can’t do anything about、 and it’s something that can’t be cured even if puts in the effort to get better。

We can’t do anything as well。
It must be tough for Tomoko、 who always takes the lead at answering questions at magazine interviews、 so we’ve got to do that。、
Or we’ve got to talk more at MCs。、
In such a setting、
I feel the word 「Cooperation」 comes the closest。
I don’t know if we can help her out、
But that’s the only thing that we can do。

Tomoko isn’t at fault、
And while we may worry about Tomoko doing her best、
Working hard is something we can’t raise any objections to。

But、 I feel that lots of people are thinking 、
Why did it have to be now。、
Or why did it have to be Tomoko。、
But Tomoko is fighting with everything she’s got、
So I hope that you’ll support us and watch over us、 just as you always have done。

For us、 we’ll be supporting Tomoko by properly covering for her as much as we can from now on。

It’s obvious that Juice=Juice is the 5 of us together。
I’d like to make sure that
The 4 of us have the power to cover for her、
So that she doesn’t have to worry and can rely on us。

Everyone、 we beg for your kind support towards Juice=Juice、
From now on as well。

Takagi Sayuki
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Thank you for your hard work。
This is ‘Sayubee’ Takagi Sayuki。

There’s a certain photo shoot today。

I’m in good condition。
Looking good。

I can’t give any answers、 so please don’t ask any questions。 lol




Before filming starts
I’ve got to practise lots and lots with the script~~。

I can’t wait!



Today’s lunches


There were two choices。




Welcome to the world of fried food。
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Thank you for your hard work。
This is ‘Sayubee’ Takagi Sayuki。

Today we had our 220 tour in Kawaguchi in Saitama prefecture。

As today was Halloween、
I went out of home with a rare hairstyle。



Half-up twintails。 lol

And, and, in the middle of today’s concert、
We sang in Halloween costumes~。



I said 「I’d like to wear a nurse outfit!」 as a joke、
But it really was there。 lolol



But wearing a cute outfit made me excited。

It was really great that the Juice=Juice family seemed to enjoy it as well!

It feels like the surprise was a huge success。

I took lots of Halloween photos、
So I’ll put them up little by little~~。


~Today’s song~

Inu ha Lion ni Naritakunai/Baba Toshihide


Recently、 I’ve only now started watching the morning drama 「Mare」。 lol

I like Tsuchiya Tao-san!
My favourite actress!

The gentleness, that nice personality, the air she has
I can’t bring it out。

Speaking about trends in acting、
I guess it would be Tao-chan’s character。。
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Thank you for your hard work。
This is ‘Sayubee’ Takagi Sayuki。

Morning Musume。’15’s Sayashi Riho-chan
Announced that on the 31st of December this year、 she would be graduating from Morning Musume。

Riho-chan always、
Gives a jolt to those around her、 like the blowing wind

Within Morning Musume。
She’s stronger than anyone、
More earnest than anyone、

As 「herself」、
And as 「Morning Musume。」、

She seemed to be waging a war。

Riho-chan’s younger than me、
But she’s really strong like a grown-up、 a person with a core。
That’s my impression of her。

I’ve been talking with her recently、
And it makes me really happy from within、 I love the smile on Riho-chan’s face。

I can’t believe that Riho-chan who is younger than me is graduating、 and it made me think about a lot of things。

Having thought about it。。。

A Morning Musume。 without Riho-chan、
I honestly can’t imagine it、 it’s sad、 but I think that the Riho-chan from now on will shine in a different colour than she has up to now。


I’d like to properly watch that。
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Thank you for your hard work。
This is ‘Sayubee’ Takagi Sayuki。

Today is Tanabata。

What did all of you wish for?

There are many strips of paper
On the bamboo leaves at shopping malls and stations、

I enjoy reading those。

The wishes on strips of paper written by children

Are kind of heart-warming。
Ones that make me unintentionally giggle。

They surprise me, 「Kids nowadays are so precocious!」。 lol

As for what I’d write、
I’ve thought about it, but when I get to writing on the paper strip, I have no idea what to write。

I have huge dreams、
But if I wrote it on a paper strip, it would be no different from something I wouldn’t want to show everyone~。



I’ve got a friend who lives in Niigata。

Kobukuro-san was what led me to become friends with her, she’s a housewife who’s in the KobuFami、

She’s a real nice person。

Kobukuro-san will be holding a concert at Niigata this weekend、 and she’ll be going for that concert、

And for some reason, I’m looking forward to it too!!

I’m sorely itching to hear her stories~♡♡(´・_・`)

N-san、 you’re a good person。
All of the KobuFami are good people。


You all commented on my 14th May blog post
「Kobukuro Takagi Sayuki」、

Lots of KobuFamis read it、

But reading the comments made by the Juice=Juice family、

They said 「Takagi-san’s fans are all really kind and warm people」!

Reading that brought tears to my eyes。

That’s right・・
You’re all kind (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

It’s a weird feeling、 like my family is praising my family。

It made me feel glad~。


Ah! I watched the MV to
Country Girls’ 「Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne」。

It’s really adorable 1fhands1fgirls1foldwoman♫♡

You know、 it’s a given that the 5 of them are cute、

But the lyrics!
There were jittery faces、
And there were countless scenes that made my heart skip a beat。

Like 「Anata ha Sukoshi Tanjun」
Or 「Kaerimichi sokkenaku 「Mata Ashita」」

There are many parts besides those that made my heart skip a beat。

That’s right、、!!(lol)

The look on Momochi-senpai’s face before the final line was awesome, I had a good laugh。

Love it~(lol)


Playing the role of the cute boyfriend
In Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne
Ozeki Mai-chan~♡♡


~Today’s song~


「I wished to Tanabata-sama that I’d be by your side」

This song is cute。

「I transferred schools・・」
Like、、 It’s adorable。。


I’ve got to exercise~。
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Thanks for your hard work.
Sayubee aka Takagi Sayuki here.

Today was member
Kanazawa Tomoko’s 20th birthday♡♡*\(^o^)/*

Happy birthday Tomoko!

Tomoko has a rough and wild image, but really she is a serious and kind person.

No matter what she is doing, Tomoko is accurate and performs well.
That is talent.

But, when going over our preparation for lives and events and stuff, she does more than anyone else, and I didn’t realize from the beginning that she is really serious.

If I say she is really a good girl, I think all of the fans will understand.

Actually, she also likes to chatter,

and within Juice=Juice she is probably the most human like. *laugh*

Within the members she’s probably the closest to being on my wavelength!

Well, I feel like we only talk about frivolous things, but it’s really fun. *laugh*

It’s thanks to Tomoko!*laugh*
Tomoko’s mother, ○○○-san.

I’m sorry for always causing you such trouble.

Even now when I cheerily receive ○○○-san’s kindness I am moved to tears!*laugh*

Tomoko is such a good girl
thanks to ○○○-san I bet!!

Thank you for giving birth to Tomoko♡♡
I definitely don’t think now that Tomoko has turned 20
she is going to change in any particular way.(Her personality and stuff!)

From now on please keep enjoying life
in a Tomoko-like way.

Since Takagi gives such a noisy life,
and we’ve done all kinds of things,、

and from now on there will be no difference in the time spent doing these things、、(laugh)

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