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Today on location in LA for J-MELO, I went to La Salle High School ♡






I’m wearing the backpack that I received ♡ lol lol   





It was a hallway like something out of a tv show or movie so I felt really excited ♡



With the Japanese Club who interviewed me ♡






They told me sooo many things like why they joined the club, the things they like about Japan, and the things they are interested in.
Listening to them I discovered new things so, it was really interesting!






With club founder Misha and Miho and NHK’s Harada ♡






La Salle High School was really the best!
To think they can go to such a wonderful high school…I’m like way jealous!!!
And above all, I was so happy that there were so many kids who liked Japan, and I felt so stimulated!


I’ll do my best at tomorrow’s party too!!!!!






I’m here in L.A. !!!
I’m excited but my heart is pounding..



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Ta – Ta – Tami!
She said these were souvenirs ♡ and gave me Sailor Moon socks  :kirakira: :kirakira: :kirakira:


I’m SOO happy..
Tami, thanx ♡
o0180016213108066946[1] Aichan Chu

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Morning Day♡




Today when I went to Shibuya, Morning Musume ’14 ♡


Seriously amazing!


Morning Musume is steadily getting cooler and cooler so, it is really fun to see ♡♡♡




Today I had tea with my big sempai Iida Kaori ♡♡♡


Iida had sent me a message suddenly, “are you in Shibuya now? I just saw your husband Abe”!   

That person was actually someone else but, we had juuusstt gone to Shibuya too so,
I invited her saying “If it is okay with you, do you want to get some tea!?” ♡




I was super crazy nervous but,
I was able to introduce her to Abe-san!
And I was able to play with her son!
And, above all, I was sooo happy to be able to have tea with Iida ( ´艸`)


When I was writing my Blog, I thought it was such a Morning Day so I made that the title ♡


Well then, goodnight ZZzz….

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Today I attended the Works Applications “HUE” new item exhibition.


HUE is a “fast and intelligent” service, almost like an efficient personal secretary.


And so, this time I was in a, capable? personal secretary-esque outfit ♡







Yoshizawa looked so cool in her pant-suit ( ´艸`)


This Yoshizawa was the Chief of the Advertising Department for a day so, Yasuda and I had a competition to see who would sit as the main secretary.




The result…




an unbelievable




victory ( p_q)








I felt so bad to leave my sempai behind like that but, I was suppppppper happy!!!



But! In my heart, the winner was undoubtedly Yasuda!!
Even when talking about home-life, she is really a wonderful wife and I really admire her!


I’ve gotta learn from her..






And finally,





In the dressing room with Yoshizawa ♡


Yoshizawa, with her wispy newly cut bangs, was so cute :cupid:

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PEACHJOHN ~ I’ll be making an appearance in their first winter edition.







I was able to wear soooooooo many of these room wear things like this!
All of them were so cute that I got all giddy :cupid:


Please check it out if you’d like…♡

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It is HUGE lol
But they are easy to see things on and easy to use!!!  


#iPhone6plus #new #gold

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Nippon Budokan

Yesterday, I went to the Nippon Budokan to watch Morning Musume ’14 in concert ♡♡♡
There was an announcement for the new member so…I watched while my heart was pounding like crazy from excitement ( ´艸`)


Unbelievably, there were 4 people!!!!


So I was surprised but, I watched while thinking, it’ll just get more and more fun from here on won’t it ♡



And so, yesterday on 9/30 was the day I graduated from Morning Musume.


And plus, at the same Nippon Budokan..


To think that 3 years later I could sit in the audience and watch everyone like this…I’m really so happy ♡♡♡




On the day before on the 29th, with 10th gen members that joined Morning Musume ♡




(from the left, Iikubo, Kudo, Takahashi, Sato, Ishida)


I was only members together with the 4 of them for 2 days but, even now when I see them on stage, their  steadily maturing figures are so charming, they are so cool!!!



And, the 9th gen!


(From the left, Suzuki, Fukumura, Takahashi, Ikuta, Sayashi)


As for the 9th gen, we were together for about 9 months so, when I say how big they all got, I just felt like craying.
But, they will certainly grow even more so, I hope they try harder and harder and pull Morning Musume forward!


I wanted to get a photo with Oda too ( p_q)
Oda is turning into an adult too so, her chic voice was really the best!!!
Next time I’ll ask her for a pic ♡





It was SO fun ♡



As I thought, Morning Musume is the best♡♡♡
I don’t mean to talk about myself but, I feel from the bottom of my heart how truly happy it is that I was put in this group.



And, Sayu ♡
You’ve gotten even cooler!!!
Your beauty has grown and, in any case your expressions are crazy, and I got goosebumps so many times!!!
To think you could make such amazing expressions…You were really just too amazing ( ´艸`)


There are 2 months left till 11/26.
Have fun to your hearts content!!!!!

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I met ℃-ute yesterday too ♡
I was sitting next to Nakky so, I talked her ear off ( ´艸`)


Nakky, sorry ( p_q)


I had just met them just the other day but, everyone really grew up!!!!!


Even Maimi, like, she’s like even more grown up than I am!
It kinda sucks.


Just kidding!


She really feels like a beautiful older sister so, I thought it was wonderful!


I’ve gotta get lunch with everyone in ℃-ute♡♡♡
(though I’m just going ahead and saying it lol)


After first making plans to go eat with Mai, I’ll look into planning it ♡

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Airi wore the trainer that I produced!
What a good kohai, isn’t she..(ノ◇≦。)




thanx Airi ♡

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