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Next、 I encountered a cute junior of mine!!!

Sugaya Risako!
This day was mindblowing о(ж>▽<)y ☆


Someone suddenly tapped me on the shoulder
I was like

And Risako said

I immedidately recognised Aichan~♡

Risako was cute as usual
Incidentally, the friend she was with was cute too
I guess it’s true: Birds of a feather flock together。 lol


I met so many different people
What a day!
It was a really really happy day ♡♡♡

While we’ve been meaning to go for a meal
We still haven’t done it
We promised to invite Fukuda Kanon-chan and go with the 3 of us ♡

I can’t wait!
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She’s my junior
But she’s not like a junior
There’s lots that I can learn
From Tsugunaga-san ♡



This girl has turned 24!

Is she some sort of witch。。
It’s like she’s still in her teens!
She’s cute and her skin’s so fair
Yet she has an acrid tongue
And a sharp mind

I look at her, and I think that she truly is amazing~。

While I say that she’s my junior
There’s only a difference of about half a year
So it’s like we’re more or less from the same generation。

I’m glad that we got to work together after so long ♡

I’ll be going to watch
Country Girls’ tour ♪

I can’t wait!!!
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Miyamoto Karin-chan


Karin from the cute Juice=Juice
Came to me saying

Please let me take a photoーー♡

I always look at your magazine appearances!
She said。

It was kind of adorable。。о(ж>▽<)y ☆


Thank you!!!
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I’ll put up a photo that hasn’t been shown yet♡

I went on a date with my beloved junior, Sayashi for the first time in a while!

I bumped into her by chance on my way home
so “Let’s go out for tea!” is what happened ( ´艸`)

This is the first time it was just the two of us out like this? and since we were close
I’m thankful that we got to talk about all sorts of things♡

When I think back on it, I alone did almost all of the talking.. haha

I wonder if that was ok…I wonder if it made Sayashi tired… ( p_q)

What will regretting it now achieve ha

Today, Sayashi was wearing a haco. parka that I designed!!!

Even though it was a coincidence, that she was wearing the parka when I ran into her, truly made me so overly happy that I felt like I could cry

Thank you, Sayashi♡

To have such a cute junior as her, I am really happy!
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Sasaki Rikako-chan




I met Angerme’s Sasaki Rikako-chan today at the office ♡


With her cuteness and in this MA-1 bomber jacket, she was just too stylish ( ´艸`)


The Abe household has got our eyes on Sasaki ♡


Today she was all sparkly again
and very cute :raburabu:






I bet she’ll just get
cuter and cuter
and more beautiful from here on~



I’m looking forward to it♡
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Thank you for watching UTAGE ♡♡♡


It was my first music show in a long time so
I was crazy nervous but, I had a realllllllllly good time :music:





Just, rehearsals were totally different from the real show in terms of environment and nervousness so
it felt like my heart was going to explode..


AKB’s Sashihara-san and Kamii-chan helped me, with my bad memory, a ton..I was really grateful ( p_q)


Thank you so much for helping me a bunch!!!


Only…I lost the chance to get a pic
Oh well。゚(T^T)゚。



I’ve been wanting to do a collaboration with the girls of AKB forevvvvveerrrr
so even though I’ve already graduated, I’m really happy to have my dream come true!



Just being able to sing together like that again with my dear Yasuda-san…I was so happy!!!




Whether in rehearsals or in the dressing room, we were dancing together the whooolllle time



This feeling was really nostalgic ( ´艸`)



It was so fun!





I was able to meet Kumamushi-san!






I was able to tell him that, I sang
Kumamushi’s “Attakainndakara ♪” at my casual dinner show~


Haaa, I was so nervous ( p_q)



I was dead tired because I was so nervous but
it was a comfortable feeling tiredness ♡


And I was happy that the guests got all pumped up too~


But even so, why is it that
Nakai-san makes me so nervous huh lollol


Even without him, I’d already be nervous you know。゚(T^T)゚。


It was really, really fun!



I’ll do my best so I can make another appearance!!!
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Ma Ri A





I only participated for 1 day but
I had a really fun time learning (*^▽^*)



I’m gonna post pix from the dressing roommmm!


I had wanted to take one with Makoto though。゚(T^T)゚。

I’ll have to get one next time!



To everyone who came out


thank you so much :raburabu:
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Finger knitting



I went to have some fun at the event booths too ♡


I did my first finger knitting
It was fun ( ´艸`)




Thanks to everyone who participated too!!!!!
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makoto makoto makoto!




My dear Makoto, I love her SO MUCH ♡


After lots of worrying, that’s my answer.


But from here on forever, it is Ai and Makoto ♡


That will never change for all of eternity!



I’m going to support Makoto’s 2nd life with all my strength ♡


So, I won’t feel sad or anything like that



My beloved 5th gen


we’re friends forever and ever!!!



5th gen Forever :cupid:

*Ogawa Makoto recently announced she is retiring from the entertainment industry
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Berryz Kobo




My darling kohai,
Berryz Kobo, had their last live!


I went to the Nippon Budokan.



Geez, my eyes were watering already from the very start。゚(T^T)゚。







When we all sang Ganbacchae! together, they were still Hello Pro Kids and super tiny


and those same girls grew into adults
and properly decided for themselves
their futures from here on


Even though I had gone to see them in concert and on stage here and there



I felt once again


ahh they are now grown upppp~


Even though they were SO small。゚(T^T)゚。



I’m sure they had many hard times but
it is because they supported each other, and could be supported, that they were able to overcome those times. I think that is why they were able to have such a wonderful live show.


And those girls were so super cool!





I cried SO MUCH!!!!!


It was really just the BEST live!!!!!


Singing sure is great, isn’t it!
Dancing too!


From here on, each will go forward separately in their lives.


It is sad but…something to look forward to too♡

Thank you so, so much for working hard!

Berryz Kobo is the BEST!!!!!
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