Takahashi Ai

Teacher Miki



Since I didn’t have a show today, it was a maintenance day!!!


I took one of Miki-chan’s yoga classes.


Miki-chan was the teacher!!!


Seriously amazing!


Someday I’m thinking of getting my yoga qualifications too so, next time I’ll ask her all kinds of questions ♡


Since today we did relax yoga, I want to try taking a different one too :kirakira:


Teacher Miki!
Thank you very much ♡♡♡


I was able to meet with Eri for the first time in a while too so, it was a fun hour :kirakira:


Eri and I promised to get some tea next time ♡


I’m looking forward to it

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I’m continuing from the “The Girls Live” from the other day ♡



Next up is Fuku-chan orFukumura Mizukichan♡



one-piece&shirt / RASVOA
necklace / H&M
sneakers / DIESEL



All while thinking, Fuku-chan would absolutely never be in this kind of outfit…
I tried putting this together♡


But it looked SO GOOD on her!!!


Fuku-chan, thanx for looking so cute in these clothes ♡



More are still coming uppp.

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Continuing on!!!



Zukki, or、Suzuki Kanon-chan♡




top / RASVOA
skirt / dazzlin
necklace / Q-pot.
boots / Dr.Martens

I chat with Suzuki a lot on LINE and stuff so since everyone’s foot sizes are different, I was able to get her advice when asking, like “could you wear these?” and stuff..


Thanx a lot ( p_q)




Thanks to her, she turned out reaaaallly cute ♡






Actually the size of the Dr. Martens that she wore that time


is already too small so, she said to me,


If you can fit into them, I’ll give them to you ♡ and she did ( ´艸`)


So happy ♡


Suzuki, thanx (≧▽≦)

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Next up, Iikubo Haruna-chan♡





all in one&bag / RASVOA
shoes / H&M



Since it was so simple, I had her hold a bag but, she had to hold it all the time while dancing. She really did her best for me ( p_q)


Thanx so much。゚(T^T)゚。



She has a good figure and she’s beautiful so, it was really fun to dress her ♡




Thanks to this, Harunan and I exchanged info on the chat app LINE lol lol


Since the foot sizes are all different, I sent her pictures of the types of shoes and stuff…she collaborated with me a lot!


Thanx a lot。゚(T^T)゚。

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I was allowed to put outfits together for Morning Musume ’14 at “The Girls Live” ♡


This time I relied on “RASVOA” :kirakira:


Just…with the number of members, I had to put together 10 different outfits ( p_q)


It was really tough but


like, I had sooooooooo much fun putting together outfits that were mixed with their personal clothes and stuff ♡


I mean, for a while its been all that I could even think about ( ̄ー ̄) lol


And so, since we went through all the trouble


I think I’ll introduce them one by onnneee.


First up, Michishige Sayumichan :cupid:



top&denim / RASVOA
ribbon / American Apparel
earring / lilLilly
bag / lowrys farm
sandals / Dr.Martens



For Sayu, there were very Sayu-esque clothes but I went ahead and picked some UN-Sayuesque clothes that would look good on her :kirakira:


After she put them on she was as cute as I thought she’d be and then, I kept piling on the accessories ( ´艸`)


To Sayu, who dressed so cutely, thanks a bunch :raburabu:




But even so…putting together 10 outfits was really tough


Stylists are really amazing :dash: :dash:


*special thanks to MaxPerkins for the translation tip :)

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Next up, Ikuta Erina-chan♡



tops,lace tops&short / RASVOA
crown / wc
choker / i tokyo me
boots / Dr.Martens




There were looottss of Ikuta-like clothes at the shop too so, it was easy choosing stuff for Ikuta too :kirakira:


But, being “like” isn’t enough to make it interesting so, I paired it with lace and put a crown on her head ♡ lol


I was undecided between that and a knit hat but…I’m glad we went with the crown :cupid:


It looked crazy good on her :kirakira:




Ikuta, thanx о(ж>▽<)y  :kirakira:



I’ll post the rest next time.


Okay then, good night ZZzz….

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Continuing on, Oda Sakura -chan



one-piece / RASVOA
dungaree / Influence
inner / American Apparel
beret / moussy
necklace / LEPSIM
sneakers / adidas



Actually her outfit didn’t originally have the beret but, at the very last minute I was all “try wearing this!” and when she put it on, it was just SO CUTE that she wore it for me ♡



Oda-chan was also so cute ( ´艸`)


Thanx for look so cute in these clothes





This time I was able to direct the hair and makeup too so, even though I totally was undecided on what to do, we put the hairstyle to fit this and that and putting it all together was the triangular eyeliner wing :kirakira:


Makeup artist, I’m sorry for asking you to do so many things。゚(T^T)゚。


But, everyone was SO CUTE ♡

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Next up, Kudo Haruka-chan 




shirt&short / RASVOA
suspenders / GU
sox / American Apparel
boots /Dr.Martens



Kudo’s taste in clothes is similar to my own so it was easy to put her outfit together. 



She was realllllllllly cute ♡


Kudo, thanx for wearing the clothes so cutely о(ж>▽<)y ☆



So actually, I kind of made a theme and so there would be consistency.
(though, I don’t know if the theme came out lol)


The theme is, a splash of white!


I hope that you’ll pat attention to that from here on.


The picture are still coming uppp.

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The impromptu dress rehearsal for Ann of Green Gables has come to an end!


Tomorrow is the preview show.


My heart is thumping。。 :heartbreak:


I’m nervous but, I’m also really excited :raburabu:



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French toast

This morning, I tried making french toast for the first time in a while ♡

When it comes to french toast, my favorite is making it with french bread ♡

It was yummy  :music:


But, the french toast that my mom makes is the #1 most delicious ( ´艸`) :kirakira:

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