Takahashi Ai


I’m so into it





I’m making it again ♡



Just, I’m still undecided on



if I should make a snood next or
just a regular scarf.




And continuing on with the knit theme



yesterday’s Takahashi.





knit #FRAY I.D
denim #American Apparel
socks #sock shop
photo #Pachil




I took this with Pachil that I got from WEAR. 

This is really good!

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U-160 Under160cm Girls’ Stylebook




Ito Chiaki(AAA)、 IMALU、Takahashi Ai, Takechi Shiho, Funayama Kuniko, Yamamoto Yuuki, etc Fashion Charisma and Size Small Girls’ private outfits on display!


Only those under 160cm are allowed!*


This is a fashion book for girls who enjoy fashion but can’t wear anything beyond size Small.


“U-160 Under160cm Girls’ Stylebook”









Takahashi Ai is also participating in this!
Definitely check it out!

*About 5’2″ – basically, petite sized.

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“Kurukuru to shi to shitto”







I went to see Gakki’s play.


As I thought, Gakki has such a powerful voice even though she’s so tiny.
She’s so amazing :kirakira:


Seeing the stage


seeing a play




And I really felt, ah I knew I just love theater.
I want to act too!!!!!!!


I’ll do my best!!!




“Kurukuru to shi to shitto”


They’re doing it at Ikebukuro Owl Spot so please ♡

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I went for a massage for the first time in a long time.


It was my first time wearing this face mask but it felt so nice (^-^)
Lately my skin has been crazy dry but
now its so elastic and dewy, it doesn’t even seem like my own skin!


I thought, ah its so important to take care of your skin.


Dryness is the enemy 



*The name of this plaster mask treatment is “Korugi.” It is a Korean word so I’m not sure if it has a special meaning.

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A very very happy message came from Nakazawa-san, saying that she is carrying a brand new life inside her ♡


I’m so so happy!!!


Nakazawa-san, many congratulations о(ж>▽<)y ☆

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Cold pressed juice




I’ve been interested in it for a long time so I finally got to try a juice cleanse. (I forgot to take a photo before I drank it…lol)


Since I can’t eat food it’s been a bit tough but, I did my best with the thought, “its for my body!” !



This is the 6th and last one ♡








Even though it was just 1 day, it was hard. So
the people who do this 3 days in a row are seriously incredible!


I’ll try it again next time!



For Abe-san






a berry “B.”



He drank that for breakfast instead of food ♡
If there are others as well, I’ll try those too!

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kid′s Dream Cake




I participated in the kid’s Dream Cake Sales Event
at Ginza Cozy Corner’s
Yume no Christmas Cake Contest 2014
as a Kid’s Dream Supporter!





This is the winner Kotaro’s work ♡


The smile on Kotaro’s face the moment that he saw his own designed cake was sooo wonderful ( ´艸`)


After all, cakes make you HAPPY :music:


The happiness reached all the way to me ♡♡♡




The cake that I was allowed to design was
this one!





They let me design a cake for the newly formed Morning Musume after Sayu’s graduation!


To Morning Musume, who will start activities as a 13 member group in 2015,


please continue to progress forward from here on ♡










With Kotaro and his little sister ♡



They were really TOO CUTE ( ´艸`)


I’m going to spend my Christmas with Kotaro’s cake too 2002[1] Christmas Tree :kirakira:



They are limited to 200 cakes so, everyone hurry!


I’ve already ordered mine♡ lol

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Since today’s theme was Christmas
Torii-san made this cute, way too cute outfit for me ♡




It is Santa


and also Hikarie





and so, I’m carrying a TODAY’S SPECIAL bag that I bought at Hikarie’s.







I’m AI Santa.


Its a present.




Back in my days in Morning Musume, everyone used to exchange presents often ♡


So nostalgic


This year I won’t let people find out what their presents are and I’m going to surprise them!


But, they always end up finding out.


Last year I thought that I’d make it a surprise


since I wasn’t sure if the size would fit him, I had Abe-san go to a nearby store and get fitted.


Wow it has already been a year since then..


It really just flew by!



Everyone, how will you spend your Christmas?





As for me, abbbssssolutely nothing is planned yet.


What should I do?
Abe-saaannnn !!!

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I went to a Morning Musume ’14 concert.


As the last stage for Michishige Sayumi-chan as a member of Morning Musume, it was the absolute coolest.


Thank you for all the hard work over 12 years!!!



Together with the OG ♡









Miki-chan, Ishikawa-san, Yasuda-san, Makoto ♡


Even though there were less opportunities for me to meet up with everyone after my graduation, I somehow feel so relaxed when I do see them ( ´艸`)



But on top of that, Sayu was so cool
and also so beautiful ✨
It was a Sayu-esque, very very wonderful graduation!!!


Geez, I was a crying mess from the very moment it began.
I thought once again, yup, Morning Musume is the BEST!


I’d like Sayu to rest up as much as she can, equal to the hard work that she did these 12 years in Morning Musume (^_-)☆


For the Morning Musume continuing on, let’s be good to each other!!!

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SATOYAMA&SATOUMI movement with Yuukino Tsubasa 2014

Nippon Broadcasting Special Show
“SATOYAMA&SATOUMI movement with Yuukino Tsubasa 2014”



Today 12pm~2pm!
Live show at LaLaPort TOTOKYO-BAY Central Plaza!




someone like me

is working as their main personality.
Ha haha.
This is a very important matter you know

I wonder if I’ll be okay..


I’m unsure but..


I’m going to just forget about all the worries and just have a good time (^-^)/


Nippon Broadcast Special Show
“SATOYAMA&SATOUMI movement with Yuukino Tsubasa 2014”


Main Personality Takahashi Ai, Jojo Gundan
Assistant Personality Shinoda Junko
“Yuukino Tsubasa 2014″ Personality Hosokawa Kayoko, Hyodo Yuki


Today 12pm~2pm!
Lala Port TOTOKYO-BAY Central Plaza, live show!
Make sure to listen okay!

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