Takeuchi Akari

Fi-finally tomorrow。。。

From tomorrow
S/mileage’s 2013 fall tour Smile Chance
will startっ!!!!
I’m nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous。lolol
But it’s the first tour in a year, and next year I want to do it in a large place so more people can attend, and best of all the first day will be in my hometown of Saitama !!!!
It’s my first live triumphal return, so I want to succeed somehow or another!!!
I’ll be nervousー
But, I got pumped up with all of the members at rehearsal, and absolutely have the confidence to enjoy myself!!!
I hope it’ll be the best start ever!!!
All the people who are coming please look forward to it!!!!!
When I realized and accepted that there are a lot of people who said they wanted to come but can’t, I decided  that next time I’ll
do my best to bring them with feelings!!!
So people who can’t come this time please don’t despair!!
Next time we’ll do our best together to get everyone excited so we can have a bigger venue
For the time being, since Akari has a lot to do for tomorrow’s confirmation, everyone!
Today I met with Berryz-san for the first time in a while!!
I was happy!!
We talked tons!!!!
And、today is Pocky and Pretz day!!
I ate Pocky with S/mileageーー!!
The three of us ate together during waiting timeー!!
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It’s Japanーーーー!!!

The Japan series has finally been decided in Japan!!!!

At the 7th game, yesterday the Giants and the Rakuten had an exhilarating development!!!!!

And, the Rakuten won today’s 7th game 3-o!!!

And then、the Rakuten were victorious!!!

The Giants were strong too!!!!

It was close!!

But、I got to see a fun game!!

Good job Giants!!

By the final 9th  pitcher Tanaka had the victory!!

He was pitching yesterday, but today his throws were amazing!!!

The Giants missing a win was frustrating, but when the Rakuten’s win victory was decided I think they and everyone in Tohaku felt accomplished (^^)

I thought I was going to cry when Senichi Hosono and Akaminai Kinji hugged each other !!

The douage after that was so highーー^o^*

It’s Japanーーーー!!!!

It’s Japanーーーー!!!!

Big congratulations on your first victory!!!

The MVP was Mima Manabu!!!


But next year the Giants will be victoriousーーー!!!

Welll goodnightー!!


*Translator’s note: Douage refers to holding someone up in the air/hoisting them on your shoulders in celebration

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Today I hung out with Up Up Girls’(仮)
Furukawa Konatsu-chanー(≧∇≦)
Although it’s been forever since I saw her, the two of us laughed non-stop without a pause.
Konacchan is interesting as always!!
We shopped、got hungryーーwhere do we go??
Without getting lost the two of us went directly there lol
We ate ramen for the first time in a while ferociously!
We talked, and it was really fun!!!
I wanna hang out with her againー(^^)
I kept saying let’s hang out let’s hang out but we could never match out schedules, so I’m glad we were finally able to!!
I wanna hang out with her againー!!
2 shot with Konacchan!!!
スマイレージ二期メンバーオフィシャルブログ Powered by Ameba-__050300010001.jpg
Konacchan and I a long time ago。
Back when I was an Egg、we were split up into groups and told to do a dance, Konacchan and I were in the same team, and we gave all of the team members new nicknames lol
Akari is
Everyone from my Egg days talked to me!lol
I miss themーー
I wanna see everyone again!!
It seems I’ll be able to this time!!
A lotー!!
・ Naruchika ℃-ute×S/mileage ~Behind the scenes at the first day Obihiro performance
・ Tamura Meimi~Solo song「Chotto Matte Kudasai!」
etc etc・・・
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truth Usa-chan!!

Usagi-chan looked after me during Jeanne truth version!
On the final day I was asked by the staff
『Take, do you want to come with Usagi?』
so, I got to go to the commemoriation!!!
Somehow when I put this beside me I calm down greatly…
Therefore, I have a feeling it’s gotten to the point where the staff and current members don’t say “Take-chan,” but “Take”ーlololol
Call me as I want to be calledー!!lololol
○「Warera Jeanne」member comments immediately after the final day performance,  and a solo song by Tamura Meimi  !
 <Hello!Station #34>
○ On NicoNico Live、 a total Hello!Project member appearance
 「Hello!Project 2013 SUMMER COOL HELLO!~Sorezore!~ ~Mazekoze!~」
Exclusive broadcast, special edited version!
9/29  starting at 9:00!

Tanaka-san!! Album!! Tokunaga-san!! Naka-chan!!

Yesterday I went to Tanaka-san’s graduation concert!!!
Anyhow、Tanaka-san is really cool!!
is what I thought!!
She was enjoying the live from her heart, or rather、I thought she was really awesome!!
Akari is really as satisfied as I can be being able to see Shabondama ^o^
Moreover、since Tanaka-san did the speaking lines (^_^)v
She was super cute ♪(´ε` )
Though I don’t feel at all like Tanaka-san won’t be at the next Hello! concert、please do your best with your band activities as Lovendor-san!!
When Lovendor first appeared they were super cool and gave me goosebumps \(^o^)/
I wanna go see Lovendor-san’s liveー!!
Tanaka-san、congratulations on your graduation (^∇^)
Today is the release of 2 Smile Sensationーーーー!!!!
Were you able to GET it??
Are you listening to it a lot??
Have you??
Isn’t it full of divine songsーーー!!!!
I wanna do our album event on the 26th right away!!
I wanna siーーng (≧∇≦)
I can’t waitーー(^o^)
Those who’ve listened to it, be sure to give me your thoughtsー I’ll be waiting ♪(´ε` )
Those who haven’t gotten it yet, please try listening to it!!
You won’t regret buying this album!!lol
I’m confident of thatーーー( ̄▽ ̄)!!
Also also、we’re in everyone’s care for applications to our album event on the 26thーー!!!
Since it’ll also be the day when S/mileage turns toward our 3rd anniversary and break into our 4th yearーー(^_^)v
I wonder if something won’t happen (._.)??
I’m a bit afraid of what that might mean、so let’s pray nothing will happen!!!!
Please be sure to come play with u~s (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
Also also、today is Tokunaga-san’s birthday!!!!
Tokunaga-san is my favorite in Berryz-san ^_^
She’s really cute (^^)
She sends us comments on our radio every time too、、、、、lol
But before、when I was able to do radio with Tokunaga-san as the 2 of us, it was incredibly fun、and was the first time I was able to talk like that with a senpai!!
I was so incredibly happy when I thought that (^з^)-☆
From now on as well、please continue to be the Tokunaga-san full of energy!!
Congratulations on your birthday (≧∇≦)
Also also also、after school was over today I hung out with Kanananーーーー♪(´ε` )
We bought matching clothes (*^_^*)
We bought some mysterious things too lol
I’ll show those things to you soon, okay d( ̄  ̄)
And、a picture from when we went to eat at a beef tongue place!!


Kananan’s serious look lol
So funny, isn’t it!!
And with that、today’s blog had so much contentーーー!!!
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Live S/mileage!! Takeuchi Akari!!

The S/mileage live broadcast has endedddd.


It was very fun. \(//∇//)\


Please certainly watch it  again next week too.  (^ー゜)


And, I have a handshake event tomorrow. (^O^)/


It’s BLT’s U-17!!!




Please certainly come to this too. (^_-)-☆


Wellll!! (Laugh)


Shut up!! (Laught)


This is my speech that I said about the live S/mileage broadcast!!!


Bye Bye. (^^)/~~~

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Want to Sleep Because of Having Too Much Fun ☆彡 Takeuchi Akari!!



With Wada-san!


Today was the first bus tour-!!


I was able to see your smiles in Yamanishi at the S/mileage bus tour!!


First day has ended. \(^o^)/


For everyone who came!!


Thank you. (^O^)/


Please treat me well tomorrow. (^^)


Today, I finally did the live but I was able to talk about a lot of various things during the MC that the sign was given when the staff in the wings said hurry up when I was having too much fun and chattered.


I felt like I got more closer to everyone today. (^-^)


It was truly truly lots of fun.  (^o^)


Moreover,  we recently reported this to the people who came on the bus tour but the legendary live S/mileage Ustream show is returning for a limited time. (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)




There was only one time when I appeared on the show. Because I wanted to do it to a great extent, I am really happy.  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Because there was so many fun things at the bus tour and it looks like my head is screw up, I will be sleeping shortly today after this!!!




But, before that, the Hanshin Tigers played against the Hiroshima Toyo Carps, winning the match with the score of 9-2.




And, Nadeshiko JAPAN finished in a draw with Sweden. ^^;


But, because Sweden is really strong and there is a ten centimeter difference in height, I thought it was amazing that Nadeshiko JAPAN restrained Sweden in a tie.
I want Nadeshiko JAPAN to try their best. (^_-)


And, and, lastly…


High school baseball!!


Saitama Prefecture’s representative is Uragaku!!


I settled on Urawa Gakuin. (^ー゜)


Uragaku yay. (*^^*)


Koushien fight. ♪(´ε` )


Please try your best. (^。^)


Well then, this entry became long but tomorrow is the last bus tour!!


I thought that I want to try to enjoy with all my heart. (^O^☆♪


Sooner or later, I also want to do a Hawaii tour!!




Bye Bye. (^^)/~~~


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Orix Theater

7/22 was the last day in Osaka!!

It was super fun. \(^o^)/

And super tiring. :sweat:

Today we had a super long medley, you were able to listen to lots of songs. (^-^)

And during the new song corner, S/mileage revealed our new song out on 8/22 “Suki yo Junjou Hankouki,” in Osaka!!!

This song is cool and I like how its different from our usual songs. ☆ミ

But I’m glad everyone got into it. ♪(´ω`)

Keeping up this good mood I’ll do my best in Nagoya! (^_-)

This has been Takeuchi Akari (^^)/~~~

Note: This is a translation of the Hello! Project tour diary which is available by subscription service to the Pocket Morning app, so there is no link to the entry online.

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Niigaki-san! Mitsui-san! Congratulations on your graduations!!


Yesterday I went to see Niigaki-san and Mitsui-san’s graduation concert. (*^^*)

I saw the Mayuge Beam live for the first time. (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

It made me super happy. (o^^o)

Maaan the concert was super moving. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

I couldn’t help crying. (T ^ T)

I mean, from now on I won’t be able to stand on stage with Niigaki-san!!

When I thought that, it didn’t seem real at all, but I was able to see Niigaki-san and Mitsui-san’s performances today, so I’ll do my best to make even a little use of what I saw today♪(´ε` )

Mitsui-san will still be in Hello! Project, so we may be able to stand on stage again together, but I won’t be able to see Mitsui-san in Morning Musume anymore, so I kept my eyes fixed on her!!

Also, there was the surprise announcement of the 11th generation member audition!!

Everyone around me was super surprised too! (◎_◎;)

When Tsunku♂-san comes out it really makes your heart race. f^_^;)

Also, I was thinking that I’d like us to have a concert at the Budoukan too.(^O^)

I really wanna do it!!
I really wanna do it!!
I really wanna do it!!

So I’ll do my best. \(^o^)/



Congratulations on your graduations. (^ ^)

And thank you so much!!!

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Christmas… EveEve (^з^)-☆ Takeuchi Akari!!


Today, we had an event for “Please
Miniskirt Postwoman!” in Hyougo Prefecture (^∇^)

Everyone who came despite the cold!!
Thank you m(_ _)m

Today, at my self introduction, I said a team’s name, but the wrong one _| ̄|○

Well, things like that happen \(//∇//)\

I’ll do my best next time ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I say I love soccer and baseball, but I love high-school baseball and high-school soccer too ☆彡

There was a soccer match recently, and every year in summer there’s baseball matches at the Koshien stadium, so I always look forward to summer vacation \(^o^)/

By the way…

Today there were 3 shows, and while the sun went down, it got colder too, and in the end it was super cold! (◎_◎;)

But, there were people wearing short sleeved shirts, and lightly dressed people too, so that surprised me (^O^)

Today, please take a good warm bath (⌒▽⌒)

But, it was super fun (^_-) -☆

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!
And, our Nagoya event!!

I’m looking forward to it! (^∇^)

Please come see us tomorrow (=^ェ^=)

I’ll be waiting for you ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪

So, bye bye ( ^_^)/~~~

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