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Blog exclusive ticket pre-orders

Blog exclusive ticket pre-orders for our May 26th Nippon Budoukan concert

have been available since the 18th from noon!!

You have until the 29th at 23:59 to pre-order, so if you haven’t yet,

please do!!!

I’m aiming to deliver a performance that you’ll be able to have fun at, laugh at, and get emotional at just like our Budoukan last year!

You should definitely come.

Just FYI, there’s only 64 days left until the concert!

That’s about 2 months, right!?

Before I know it, I’ll be on stage.

I’m nervous just thinking about it!

For more information, check the link below.↓



Hope to see you all there.

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A job well done

(We apologize. This was supposed to be yesterday’s blog.)


Today we had autograph sessions, double handshakes, and individual handshake events.

This was our first time doing autographs and double handshakes.

Thank you to everyone who came!

Then on March 28th and 29th, we’ll be part of the Hina Fes at the Pacifico Yokohama.

I look forward to the Hina Fes every year!!

Getting to perform at large venues is pretty hype.

The concert is actually seperate from the SATOYAMA and SATOUMI event, so don’t forget to stop by there too!

There’s no entrance fee to the SATOYAMA and SATOUMI event.

I am actually part of a pickling competion. The vegetables are pickling as I type. I will be taking my pickled vegetables to the event and be competing against
C-ute’s Okai Chisato-san,
Morning Musume ’15’s Ishida Ayumi-chan,
and Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka-chan

on stage!

For more information, check the video that’s up on the SATOYAMA YouTube channel!

There’re also a ton of other events with other members, so you won’t want to miss out.

Hope to see you there!


I’m gonna switch topics here but, a while back, I went with Maro(Fukuda Kanon-san) to an aymmy exhibition.

It was my first time going to an exhibition, but I had a lot of fun! There were so many cute outfits!

I ordered a few, so I can’t wait till I get them in the mail!


I’m gonna get a good night’s sleep now.

Good bye



Special Blog Exclusive ANGERME Nippon Budoukan Concert Ticket Pre-order!!
<2015-05-26(Tues.) Concert starts at 18:30>
~Available until 3-29 23:59
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Today I went snowboarding with Wada-san(Wada Ayaka-san)!

It was my first time ever!

I’ve been skiing since I was a little kid, but I never snowboarded even once, so I always wanted to try.

And I was finally able to!

From our starting point, we couldn’t do much, so we took the lift up. I thought I wouldn’t be able to snowboard at all since I’d never done it before, but surprisingly enough, I was able to snowboard quite a bit.

I fell like a million times though. lolol

I want to go again sometime.

We also went to the top, but I couldn’t go too fast down from there, so I slowly slid down with the board turned sideways. lolol

When the slope would get easier to manage, I would turn the board forward!

I had a ton of fun!!

Wada-san helped me out a bunch too!!


I wonder how much pain I’ll be in tomorrow. lol

Well, I had a lot of fun so who cares!!


I took a lot of pictures so I’ll be posting them here and on Twitter a bit at a time.

Tomorrow, we’re holding autograph sessions, double handshakes, and individual handshakes in Tokyo.

There’s a new event in there. I wonder how it’ll go. lol

Hope to see you there!

I need to brush up a bit for tomorrow!

Mei(Tamura Meimi-chan) is always telling me how I need to hurry up and open a calligraphy exhibit, so I need to practice my calligraphy more so that one day I can.

Wish me luck!

Good bye



Special Blog Exclusive ANGERME Nippon Budoukan Concert Ticket Pre-order!!
<2015-05-26(Tues.) Concert starts at 18:30>
~Available until 3-29 23:59

Click here
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Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my older brother’s birthday!

Happy birthday big bro!

I like him, no matter how dumb he might be. lol

Don’t forget about me, okay?

I have so much fun with him, it’s almost as if he were a friend rather than a brother.

Yesterday, I went to a photo shoot with the other members!

I put so much energy into the photo shoot that when it ended, drowsiness mounted an all out attack on me. But because I still hadn’t bought my brother a present yet, instead of going straight home, I did some shopping!

I was so tired, I was practically walking around like a zombie. lol

I had planned to return home once I’d finished shopping, but instead I met up with an old friend!

I was super tired, but I was so happy to see her, I forgot all about it. lol

After talking a bit with my friend, we went our separate ways. The second I got home, drowsiness continued its assault on me, so I quickly took a shower, did a few other things, and the instant my head hit the pillow, my lights were out. lolol

Since I moved around so much yesterday, my entire body hurts. lol

But it was so much fun, I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

I suddenly want to do some exercise.

Some kind of sport maybe!


I’ll look for something to do.

Well, that’s all for today.

Good bye
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Spring Tour

Our spring tour just started this last weekend!

We’ve been to Oita and Fukuoka!!

They were both super fun!

I was nervous about it because it’s our first 9 member tour on top of which we didn’t have many rehearsal sessions so I was even more nervous, especially for the 3rd gens, but I was amazed at how they were able to pull it together and deliver!

During the pre show rehearsals, I got even more nervous watching the 3rd gens because of how often their mistakes were being pointed out, but then I remembered that I have a lot of things I need to improve on too…

But after we finished the first show, I was filled with feelings of fun and all the nervousness disappeared!

Also after the first show, since we had some time left over after the reviewing for the second show, Muro (Murota Mizuki-chan) and I did Rassen Gorerai in the dressing room. lolol

But you know, Mei’s version is even better. lolol

We all just burst out laughing at the “Just a minute, just a minute their guy”. lolol


And then, on the way home, I ate yakisoba.

It was delicious!

Since our next concert was in Fukuoka the next day, there was no need to get impatient about performing again!

I’ve also been messing around a bit during the songs! lol


We do a bit too much during our performances. lol

I love that I’m able to just do whatever in the middle of a song.

The more I get used to this tour, the more I’ll be able to have fun!! lolol

I have fun during these things too.


This tour, we each sing solo once. When my turn came up this weekend, I was so nervous that my hands and voice starting trembling and I was disappointed in myself for not being able to finish the song properly.

Why was I so damned nervous? lol

I mean, my voice does tremble a lot… lolol

But my hands were shaking so much, I thought I’d drop the mic.


If I got this nervous, I’ll probably get just as nervous next time.


I’ll try not to.

I’m so mad at myself. lolol


Alright! I can do better.

If someone could just tell me how to…




Apart from that, Fukuoka’s performances were super energetic.

I had fun there too.

Thank you to everyone who came these two days!

Our next performance isn’t until April!

Wait, it’s almost April!?

Times flying too fast. lol

Oh yeah! Before leaving Fukuoka, I bought some mentaiko and sweet potatoes as souvenirs!

I also had a strawberry smoothie with Maro(Fukuda Kanon-san) and Kana(Nakanishi Kana-chan) at the airport.


It was crazy delish!!!

I want another one.


After two days of concerts, my legs swelled up so much I could have sworn they were going to burst. To make matters worse, they swelled up even more on the plane.

Oh my god…

Well, I have to get to work now.


This bouquet was given to us by the Mechaike staff on the opening day in Oita!!

I was super happy!

Everyone was literally jumping in joy in the dressing room. lolol

Thank you Mechaike staff!!

Yesterday’s Mechaike was really funny. lol


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Our tour kicks off tomorrow!
I’m so excited.

People of Oita!!

Let’s have fun on the opening day.*\(^o^)/*

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Yesterday was Maro’s (Fukuda Kanon-san’s) birthday!

Maro’s 20 now!

Happy birthday.

I think it was really amazing how, even months before her birthday event, she was already deciding what songs she wanted to sing, constantly going over songs while we were moving from place to place!

Maro has a beautiful singing voice.

I also wish I could talk as well as her.

Don’t stop being the same old funny Maro!

Must be nice being 20!! lol

Enjoy being 20!!

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Not too long ago, I went to watch Sanpodouraku’s last play!

When I was a Hello Pro Egg, the first play I performed in was one of Sanpodouraku’s, so I was super surprised when I heard they were breaking up.

Since that was the first play I had ever performed in, and since I was still in elementary school, I bet I was quite the cheeky girl back then… lol

There’re a lot of things I’d like
to apologize for about back then. lol

I also remember crying a lot during the whole thing since I was quite the crybaby too.


Back on topic, today’s play, “Centipede” was really entertaining!

After the play ended, I took a picture with the play’s script author, Oota-san!


I actually went to watch the play with former Hello Pro Egg Kitahara Sayaka-chan!

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Coat Wearing

I started wearing coats lately.

Here’s a picture of when I took care of Morning Musume ‘15’s Fukumura Mizuki-chan, Suzuki Kanon-chan, Ishida Ayumi-chan and ANGERME’s Katsuta Rina-chan’s coats. lol


You can’t even see me under all that!!

Rinapuu’s having a good laugh about it too. lol

I bet if I stood in a corner without moving no one would know there was actually a person under all that. lol

Talking about something completely different, I recently wanted to start drinking those green smoothies again!!

They’re really useful when you’re in a hurry in the morning!!

That and it’s great for your looks and health!

You also get full from just one!!

Should I have one for breakfast tomorrow?

Why not!?

Because I don’t have the right ingredients! lol

I gotta go buy some fruit.

But not right now!

I’ll make it once I have all the ingredients!

I’m tired now so I’m going to sleep.


Good bye
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Spring Tour

I finished the spring tour rehearsals for the day.

While I’m sure it was a lot for the new members to take in, since we had to adjust all the songs for 9 people, we had some trouble too. lol

The new members have a lot to learn, but they sure are giving it their best!!

It reminds me of Gyakushuu no Chou Miniskirt.

We 2nd gens used to get scolded almost every day back then by the instructors.

I mean, we still do sometimes.

Even though I’m nervous about the tour starting this weekend, I have to make sure to give you a quality performance or else you won’t have fun, at least, I think!!

The weekend can’t get here any faster.

It looks like we’re going to Oita Prefecture first.

Are you ready Oita residents!?


I’m tired so I’ll end it here.


I’m gonna give it my best.

Good bye
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