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(We sincerely apologize. This was meant to have been uploaded yesterday.)

I’ve been posting my calligraphy on Twitter every day since yesterday!

If you haven’t already, go check it out!

I plan to post a character a day, leading up to our Nippon Budoukan performance on May 26th!

After that, I don’t know. lol

A few days ago, I posted pictures of when I did “Taiki Bansei” on both Twitter and here, but the one I posted on Twitter got over 1000 favorites! I was so surprised!

Thank you everyone!

It made me super happy that so many people liked the calligraphy I did when was I just screwing around! Well, screwing around doesn’t sound good. More like, when I was bored.


By the way, I haven’t been doing this on traditional calligraphy paper! I’ve been using scrap paper!

I know it’s better to do it on the traditional paper, but when I start doing it, I go for like 2-3 hours and use like 50 sheets! It’d be a waste of good paper! lol

That’s why I’ve been writing it on the back of scrap paper!

You may have noticed that the top right corners of the paper is ripped. That’s because some of the paper I’ve used I just ripped from a packet of stapled papers.
Just ignore it! lol

Truth be told, it’s a lot easier to write on the traditional paper! lol

Well, that’s a given. lololol

The way the ink lands during the stroke and the lift are completely different. lol

For those of you haven’t seen the ones I’ve posted on Twitter yet, I’ll post yesterday’s and today’s here too!

This is yesterday’s.↓


I wrote this as a reminder to everyone that my member color has changed from red to blue, so make sure you come repping the correct color!
Also, it was a nice day out yesterday!

And this is today’s.↓


I wrote this one because I love to dance and want to dance more and more! I also want to learn others groups’ dances!
First up would be E-girls’ dances!
Their dances are difficult but they look so cool and I love them so much that I want to get their dances down perfectly!

Oh, before I forget, some footage from the winter H!P concerts’ Dance Club rehearsals was included in the newest Hello Station on YouTube!

The footage is from last year!

That was so long ago!

You know what wasn’t long? My hair. lolol

I made so many mistakes back then. I was awful! lol

But I want to give it another try!!!


That’s all for today!

Good bye
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Takeuchi Akari here

Lately, I’ve been kinda crazy about Ghibli!

That and “Tom and Jerry”!

They just suddenly hit my interests hard!

They’re so darned cute!


Now I wanna watch “Umizaru”! lol


But if I don’t study, I’ll be up a creek!

I guess I’ll start taking my textbooks along with me when we travel instead of manga…

I can do this.

As you can tell, I wrote whatever was on my mind just now. lol


Good bye


ANGERME’s Nippon Budoukan concert is on Tuesday, May 26th!!

Tickets are on sale now and fly off the shelves!


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Second day

Yesterday we had a concert in Sendai.

The ride out of Sendai was bliss. I got to eat some beef tongue and had a zunda shake!

I really do love Sendai.

I want to come back as soon as possible.

We had actually performed at today’s venue before, so it was almost nostalgic.

More importantly, Rikako-chan is from Miyagi Prefecture.

For the encore, all the fans called out to Rikako and the entire stands lit up yellow. I bet Rikako felt great performing in here home area!

Also, Rikako brought us all some snacks!


They were super delicious!


Thanks Rikako!

Then today, we will be performing in Aomori.

I’ve loved Aomori’s apple juice since I was a little kid.

Will I be able to buy some and not drink it before I get home!? lol

I should focus more on the concert than the juice.

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Taiki Bansei

I just realized I haven’t blogged in forever. lol

Aimu soorii. lol

Now onto today’s topic.

Yesterday I suddenly wanted to do some calligraphy, so when I got home, I got really focused and did some.

I did it on the back of some scrap paper. lol

After a while, I decided to try doing “Taiki Bansei”, so I did!

I did it twice. I posted the first one on Twitter but here it is again.


For this one, I tried to make it nice and compact.

I pretended I was writing it in an invisible square on the paper!

And here’s the second one.


I kinda messed this one up, but have you ever noticed that there are two “大” characters in “大器”?

The first “大” is already a “大”, but if you take off the 4 “口”s in “器”, you’re left with “大”! lol

And then you know that 3rd stroke in “大”? lol

Some of you already noticed it

but here it is up close!!


That lower right stroke!

Because of that stroke, I like how this “大器” turned out over the first one!

And then I messed up on the “晩成”. lolol

The balancing and the spacing for “大器晩成” was really hard, but I actually had a lot of fun doing this, so I’ll make sure to do more in the future!

I don’t usually post pictures of my calligraphy, though it’s kind of embarrassing to say, recently I’ve felt more confident in my calligraphy, so the next time it comes out nicely like today’s, I’ll post it! lol

Look forward to it!

But now I’m tired, so I’m gonna go to sleep.

Good bye
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The title is

Two days ago, we had a concert in Hiroshima!

I was a bit worried since it had been almost a month since our last concert, but it turned out to be super fun!

Luckily, the stage was high up. lol

The next ones will be in Miyagi and Aomori Prefectures!

Rikako will have home field advantage.

I can’t wait.

I just realized! Aren’t we already halfway through April?

Before I know it, it’ll be May!

Which means our Nippon Budoukan concert is closing in!

It’s so close yet I’m so far away.

That aside, the title has been decided on!!

Here goes!!!!



The title is!!

ANGERME STARTING LIVE TOUR SPECIAL at the Nippon Budoukan “Taiki Bansei”


Doors open at 17:30. Concert starts at 18:30.

General public tickets go on sale the 19th.

If you haven’t bought one yet, please buy one soon!!

Or at least consider it!

All the behind the scenes work is slowly getting done, so look forward to it!

“Since there are 9 of you now, we have these kinds of things planned,”

are just some of the things we are being told, so I’m getting really hyped!

I hope to see you there!!!

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A date

For the first time in a while, I went out with Morning Musume ‘15’s Fukumura Mizuki-chan today.

First we went to a My Melody Café!

It was super cute.

There was a stand by the entrance where we could take pictures, so we did!


Look at how much fun that guy is having. lol

After that, we went to karaoke.

While this was our first time out together in a while, it was actually our first time at karaoke!


I got a good number of songs in.

It was super fun!

Being in different groups, our schedules don’t match up very often, so that made today even more fun!!

When will our schedules match up next??

What if it’s not for like half a year? lol

Whatever. I guess I just have to wait.♪

Oh yeah!

This Saturday we have a concert.

In Hiroshima!

I’d better start remembering the choreography or else!!

Get ready for Saturday guys.

Good bye
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Kobushi Factory

Today I went to see the play

“Week End Survivor”

starring Kobushi Factory!

The ending made me go “Woah! Really?”

Everyone looked super cute!

There were also some hotties! lol

All of Kobushi Factory were visibly very new to acting. I watched the entire play wishing them luck! lol

In the end, for their first play ever, all 8 of them did a great job!

It must have been tough remembering all those lines………

I say that, though I’m pretty bad at remembering lines myself… lol

Sudou-san also played a role in this play. Her acting is so good. I thought she was super cool up on stage!

I remember back when we were in a play together, she would memorize the lines so quickly that, even if we were still reading lines off from the script in hand, she already had her lines perfectly memorized!!

Sudou-san is so amazing!

I was really glad I was able to see Sudou-san after such a long time and Kobushi Factory!!

Apparently they performed the play 3 times today…

3 performances must be killer. Can you imagine how drop dead tired they’d be at the end of the day?

Well, the day has ended so get some good rest Kobushi Factory, Sudou-san!

It seems tomorrow is the last day!!!

Don’t get lazy just because it’s the last day!

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Today I went to an AS1422 recording session with Mei (Tamura Meimi-chan)!

Those’ll are on the 6th and 12th!

Starting from the 6th, the broadcast time will change to 0:30!

We’re airing half an hour earlier now!

Make sure not to tune in at the wrong time.

I also wore heels today for the first time in a while!

It was so tiring to walk in them that now my feet hurt. lol

I think I’ll give myself a nice foot massage tonight…

I felt like wearing them today since I’ve been wearing nothing but flat boots and sneakers lately.

It’d be impossible to wear heels everyday though. lol

Speaking of lately, it’s been warm out so I’ve been going out for walks!

I’ve also been blogging a lot.



Good bye
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High School Senior

Starting yesterday, I am senior in high school.

I forgot to make a post about it yesterday. lol

In about a year’s time, my high schooler life will be over.

It feels like just yesterday I graduated from middle school.

At that time, my friends and I decide we should all hang out,

and now we’re about to graduate again. lol

All of us middle school friends have not been able to get together even once. lol

I mean, I’ve hung out with some of them, but not all at once.

I’d be nice if we could get together.

Let’s see how this next year pans out.

Onto a different subject now but, yesterday I heard “Taiki Bansei” play on the TV and I got super hyped! But I don’t know what it was used for. Maybe a “Mechaike” commercial??

I can’t really remember. lol


I thought to myself!!!

I want everyone to be able to here and know “Taiki Bansei”.

It made me super happy!

Also, earlier I suddenly asked myself how many days were left until out May 26th Nippon Budoukan concert, so I looked it up.

There are…

54 days left!

Just a bit under 2 months!

Time flies.

Apparently, a lot of people put in pre-orders for tickets through the blog link too!!

All that’s left now are the general public tickets!

I sure hope they sell out!

I can’t help but be super excited for the concert!

I hope to see you there.


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Soul soothing

Because the cherry blossom tree in my grandpa’s yard was in full bloom, one of my relatives took an old calendar and made it into a picnic blanket that we sat on and looked at the tree!

It was so cute to see, it made my entire day!

And then today, I went flower viewing for the second time this year with my grandma and relatives!

We hadn’t planned on going, but on the way home from shopping, we saw a park with a ton of beautiful cherry blossoms, so we all quickly decided to go!


At the park there was a guy with a cart selling chocolate covered bananas, so I bought and ate one.

I really like chocolate covered bananas.

That guy wasn’t there when we were walking by the first time, so it made me even happier!

I also ate some squid tentacles…

Can’t forget about those. lol

I had a lot of fun today!

I’m really glad I was able to see my relatives and go to my grandparents’ house after so long!

My relatives are so cute, it soothes my soul just looking at them.

We should all get together again!

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