Takeuchi Akari

Disney ^_- ☆

I went to Disney Sea with Yajima Maimi-san from ℃-ute a couple of days agoー!!!

That was tons of funーー\(^o^)/

We got on lots of attractions \(//∇//)\

Toy Story Midway Mania 2 times
Turtle Talk with Crush
Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Magic Lamp Theatre
Raging Spirits 2 times
Indiana Jones 2 times
20000 Leagues under the Sea
Tower of Terror

We had gyoza dogs while lining up for the attractionsーー(o^^o)

They were super deliciousー!!!

I’d wanted to try oneーー(≧∇≦)

But we definitely did spend a long time queuing up lolol


We battled in Toy Story Midway Mania!

You know、 we went on it 2 times、 and I emerged victor 2 timesーーー(^_^)v


We also got on Indy Jones 2 times、 the first time around we were sitting at the very front and the 2nd time we were at the very back!!

The 2nd time we were swinging so much that it felt like we would be launched off lolol

It was the first time I’d ridden at the back、 but it was tons of fun \(//∇//)\

I liked Raging Spirits the most (^_^)v

We got on it when it was turning dark, and we could see the castle at Disneyland, it was oh-so prettyー(^-^)/

Ah! That’s rightー!!

We were always walking around wearing matching sunglassesー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

We still wore them at night, so it was dangerous in the darknessーー lol

You know、 there was a couple in front of us when we were lining up for an attraction, and their conversation was super funny!!!

Apologies for eavesdropping。 lol

And、 we talked to them, saying that the 2 of them seemed to get along wellー and that they were funnyー、 and after we had finished riding the attraction, they told us they were fans! \(//∇//)\

That had Akari really flustered!!

That happy and cute couple knew about us!!!

Akari was making an even bigger fuss than these people who had greeted us lolol

I told them that!

The conversation was really funny!!

Please be happy!!

I felt like a celebrity lolol

Well、 it was a fun day, until the very end(^∇^)


We took tons of photos, so I’ll put them up now and again ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ






Let’s go againーーー!!!!!



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So quick!!

It’s already October!!!

Isn’t it too quick!?
The year will be ending in another 2 months time!!!!


I don’t have any memories of September!! lolol
When will September end!?
That’s how it feltーー lolol
Although it was summer, it’s going to be winterーー
Time really waits for no manーー


I’m looking forward to Octoberーーー!!!!!
Ahーーー I want to go shopping!
Today we’ll be having a talk show at the Akihabara Hello! Shop!!!
A talk show about Smile Fantasy!!!

Looking forward to itーーー!!!


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Thank you very much!!

I read your comments!

All of you were surprised, weren’t you! lolol

It surprised Akari at first tooー。 lol

But、 please continue to support us!
And also、 as we head towards the name change!

Also、 knowing that everyone feels so cheerful about it、 and will continue giving your unwavering support, it makes me feel really relieved!!

When we had just joined as the 2nd gen members, there were also people who were cheering on the 2nd gen、 but there were also a lot of people voicing out that staying as 4 people would’ve been better!

Wellー That’s a given!! lol

And so、 I think that there’ll be people who think that the current 6 people are better!

And yet、 when the 3rd gen members join、 I feel that people saying things on the lines of ‘How it was before the 3rd gen joined、、、’ will stop happening when the 3rd gen members are around、 and since I understand how that feels a little、 I think that words like that will leave really deep scars in the newly joined 3rd gen who’re thinking about doing their best!!

I don’t want the 3rd gen to experience such painful thoughts、 so I would like it if each and every person keeps their many thoughts buried within their hearts!!!
Since that’s the first step towards advancing to a brighter future!!!


For me, I really love the 6 person S/mileage!!!
It’s so precious to me that even saying that I love it is insufficient!!!

Since we were 6 people for quite a long time, it might take some time to adjust、 ourselves included!
But for the sake of advancing towards a bright future, we don’t need even a single negative word!!!!


I’m sure that beyond this, there’ll be a lot of fun things waiting for usーーーー!!


So now、 I’m excited!!!!

Which of the Kenshuusei will become our companions!?

I’m looking forward to it!!!!!

Even when the 3rd gen members join in、 I’ll definitely still be this way lolol






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New members。Name change。

It’s been decided that 3rd-generation members will be joiningーーー!!!!!!

3rd-gen members from Kenshuusei will join!!!!!!



I’m excited over what kinds of girls will come in!!


Also、the group name “S/mileage” will have a name change!




The reason new members are joining、is because the first-gen members

didn’t know what would be good for us 2nd-gen members to do after they graduated

and it seems that they had fully realized their uneasiness about that、and were thinking about us。


Also、there are parts where we have been acting lightly、

and we have to focus our energies a bit more。

We can’t be chit-chatting like we’re the youngest kids forever。

It seems they decided to add 3rd-gen members because

they also wanted us to mature more as well。



When 3rd-gen members join、we can’t be acting frivolously、

and our juniors will be able to be in the same group as us。We’ll become seniors (senpai)。Which means

we will have to teach them what we’ve learned up to now。



There are still lots of things I don’t know how to do、but I’m sure

there are things that the 3rd-gen will teach me too、so I think it would be good

if I, too, could improve little by little!!!




The new members will debut in front of everyone on 10/4、and I’m really looking forward to it!!!




And、about the group name change、the original S/mileage

was a 4-person group、and from there two members graduated、and it seems that

at that time they had even been considering disbanding。


But they didn’t, and we 2nd-gen members were accepted

and we’ve been doing activities together as six people、and on 7/15 this year

we were able to make our Nippon Budoukan performance a success…。


Making this the end of S/mileage in its present form、

new members will come in、and here our group name will change

and we’ll have a brand-new start。



The new group name will be decided through

general applications!




This is the first step toward our bright future!!!


And、from this point on、even though our name will change

S/mileage will continue to evolve、and I think it would be nice if we could become a group

whose existence will go on for a long time!!


From now on, I want to advance forward and improve alongside the new members!!



And from now on too、please give us your support!!

S/mileage 2nd Generation Member

Takeuchi Akari

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Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the 2nd gen members!!!

Tomorrow we’ll enter into our 4th year!!!

I was in my 2nd year of middle school when I joined, and now I’m in my 2nd year of high school。

I’ve grown up lolol

Those 3 years passed by in the blink of an eye!!

My goal for our 4th yearーーー

That’s what we expect!

I’d like people to say that about us!!

I’d like them to stop saying ‘It’s the 2nd gen again, it can’t be helped’!!!

I want them to start thinking, ‘Now that’s what we expect from the 2nd generation’!

Or rather、 we have to become like that!!!

I’d like it if from now on, the 4 of us 2nd gens would put our strengths together and overcome all obstacles!!!

I feel like with the 4 of us, we can overcome anything together!!!!

You know、 since even with all the hardships we’ve had so far、 we got through it because it was the 4 of us!!!!

Kananan is super reliable。
Or rather、 I’m reliant on her lolol
I think that she’s the person I have to apologise to the most。 And thank。 I’ve often troubled her in all sorts of ways、 and she’s helped me out a lot、 so I’m grateful!
But on the flip side、 I really like the extremely funny Kananan!
I’ll continue to depend on you as the oldest of the 2nd gen members ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
I made a promise with Kananan to go to Odaiba, but we still haven’t gone。。。
I want to go soon!!

Actually, I’ve been together with Rinapuu for about 5 years? 6 years? lol
We were together since we were Kenshuusei lolol
She can really talk about all sorts of things and include Akari lolol
Recently all our discussions have been about wanting to go for the Harry Potter attraction at USJ as soon as possible lol
I respect Rinapuu, who sings with everything she’s got no matter where we’re performing!
Let’s go for Harry Potter soon, okay!! lol

Mei is sometimes mature and sometimes childish, she really feels like the youngest!!!
She’s cute! Like a pet lolol
But her singing packs a punch, you wouldn’t think that she’s the youngest!!
Also, if I’m appearing with Mei in a musical, I’ve got no worries!
How odd! If anything, knowing that ‘Mei’s around!’ makes me feel like I can take on anyone! lolol
I’ll continue to keep my eyes on the Mei who’s sometimes cute and sometimes cool、 and does as she pleases on stage!!

Although there are a lot of people who say that they feel like Akari dislikes her、、、lolol
That isn’t the case。。。lol

I can’t really bring out in my demeanour、 so I get a bit uptight、 but I love them all from the bottom of my heart!!

The 4 of us 2nd gen members would like to beg for your kindness from now on too!!!

And、 when the 2 original members are with us, this group becomes the best!!!


It’s like there’s nothing we can’t overcome when the 2 of them are around、 so it makes me super happy to have joined a group with these members!!!

From now on too、 the 2nd gen members will grow up in this way!!!

Will everyone follow along!? lolol

I hope that the 6 of us will put our strengths together and do our best!!

I love the 6 person S/mileage!!!

We hope for your continued support!!!

Today’s AMeRiKa call made us happy!!!!!

And with that、 I’ll do my best at tomorrow’s tour in Fukui prefecture!!!!



The cake was delicious\(//∇//)\


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Berryz Kobo-san

At the Hello! Con we had the day before yesterday、 it was announced that Berryz Kobo-san would be entering an indefinite hiatus in the spring of next year




I got to perform in the musical Warera Jeanne with Berryz-san last year、 and we’ve been friends since then。
They’re really kind, lovely, cool, wonderful seniors、 so I couldn’t believe it when I heard about it。




However、 it’s something that was decided by all of the members through their discussions 、 and since there’s still time until the spring of next year、 I’d like to watch and learn even more from Berryz-san、 and I’d like to cheer them on with everything I’ve got!!!!

The very 1st song that Akari got to sing when she passed the Hello! Pro Egg Audition was Fighting Pose ha Date Janai


Just so you know!!!

And so、 it’s song that I really really love!!!!


Berryz Kobo-san are senpais that I really love!!


My memories of Berryz-san are a treasure!!!!!

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The bestーーー!!!!!

We had an event at LaQua yesterday!!!!

A huge amount of people came to see us, which made me glad ^_-☆

And、 we finished with our rush of events yesterdayーーー\(^o^)/


We got to hold events at all sorts of places、 it was really fun!!!!!

For this event、 there were a lot of people that I got to meet for the first time, which made me really happy (^o^)/

Also、 there were people who went, ‘It’s been a while since I’ve comeーー!!!!’

There were also many of them as well、 and it somehow made me glad ^_-☆

Whatever the circumstances、they came again!
They made their way here for S/mileage’s sake!

Even that just makes me happy!!!!


Besides that、 it also made me happy that there were lots of people not just from Japan, but from overseas as well!!!

But、 it makes me a bit frustrated that we haven’t been to the countries of those who had come to us *sweat* *sweat*

Therefore、 I want to work even harder so that Japanese people, and of course foreigners as well, will come to like S/mileage、 and then we’ll do an overseas live!!!!

Since Akari’s never been overseas、 I’ve really got an interest in what’s abroad!!!

It would be awesome、to hold a LIVE overseas!!

I’ll do my bestーーーーV(^_^)V

With that being the case、 a lot of people have gotten to know S/mileageーーー!!!

Thinking that、 it makes me overjoyed!!

I’d like the number of people who like S/mileage throughout the country to increase、 and to do LIVE performances at all sorts of places!!!

We’ll do our best!!!

I also want lots and lots more people to come to the Nippon Budokan performance on the 15th of July!!!(^o^)/


Events are really funーーーーー*\(^o^)/*

I want to do moーーーre!!!!

And、 there was a S/mile charge in Nara today!!!

You know, it feels like it’s been a whileー!!

The ceiling was really low today, so everyone couldn’t jump with us、 but to make up for that、、、、

We could clearly hear everyone’s cheers of supportーーーー!!!!

Thank you very much!!!


Tomorrow there’ll be a S/mile charge in Kyoto!!!!!



Just like what I did for my school trip in my 3rd year of middle school!!!

Also、 the train we took to get to Nara today was the same as that school trip, how nostalgicーー!!!

There are 2 performances tomorrow!!!

All of you in Kyoto, let’s all look forward to itーーー(^ν^)

Currently Takeuchi’s excitement level is at its peak lolol




I’ll read manga lolol


Oh no!

I’ve got to sleep to prepare for tomorrow!!!


I’ll read manga tomorrow morning!! lolol

Recently、 I’ve been reading Hunter × Hunter every day (^ν^)


Because we’d be stopping over today, I brought 5 volumes with meーーlolol


Killua from Hunter × Hunter is cute \(//∇//)\

Putting that story aside、let’s look forward to tomorrow’s LIVEーーーーー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

This was taken when I was reading。。lolol



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【This is last night’s blog entry. (Staff)】
Speaking of these words for the first time or so is good, even now I can’t believe it

The moment it was announced I truly didn’t know what was what

I still don’t know what’s what!

But, I’m totally glad!!!

Even so I have approximately the same amount of anxiety!!

But, if it’s S/mileage we can do it!!

Because until now I’ve never personally experienced a similarly difficult thought I’ve come to forge!!!

Because as it is becoming long to write, I’ll get up early tomorrow morning and write my feelings all together!!!

Today for the time being…..

I’ll sleeeeeeeep!!!!!!!



・ 4/30 release NEW single “Mystery Night!” music video now open to the public!

・ “Weekly Smile”~3/15 Spring Tour Fukuoka performance

○Engeki Joshibu Musical LILIUM -Lilium Shoujo Junketsu Kageki-

Ticket blog priority acceptance starting!!

Acceptance period:

Acceptance URL:
http://eplus.jp/lilium-blog/ (PC, cell phone-wide)

※One customer per one public performance, acceptance will be until the fourth ticket.
※Main priority isn’t by order of arrival, it will be by lottery.
※The Tokyo performance concluding program 6/15(Sun.)15:00 public performance acceptance will not be covered.

○4/27(Sun.)”LIVE GiRL POP Vol.3″ performance decision!!


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Fi-finally tomorrow。。。

From tomorrow
S/mileage’s 2013 fall tour Smile Chance
will startっ!!!!
I’m nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous nervousnervousnervousnervous。lolol
But it’s the first tour in a year, and next year I want to do it in a large place so more people can attend, and best of all the first day will be in my hometown of Saitama !!!!
It’s my first live triumphal return, so I want to succeed somehow or another!!!
I’ll be nervousー
But, I got pumped up with all of the members at rehearsal, and absolutely have the confidence to enjoy myself!!!
I hope it’ll be the best start ever!!!
All the people who are coming please look forward to it!!!!!
When I realized and accepted that there are a lot of people who said they wanted to come but can’t, I decided  that next time I’ll
do my best to bring them with feelings!!!
So people who can’t come this time please don’t despair!!
Next time we’ll do our best together to get everyone excited so we can have a bigger venue
For the time being, since Akari has a lot to do for tomorrow’s confirmation, everyone!
Today I met with Berryz-san for the first time in a while!!
I was happy!!
We talked tons!!!!
And、today is Pocky and Pretz day!!
I ate Pocky with S/mileageーー!!
The three of us ate together during waiting timeー!!
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It’s Japanーーーー!!!

The Japan series has finally been decided in Japan!!!!

At the 7th game, yesterday the Giants and the Rakuten had an exhilarating development!!!!!

And, the Rakuten won today’s 7th game 3-o!!!

And then、the Rakuten were victorious!!!

The Giants were strong too!!!!

It was close!!

But、I got to see a fun game!!

Good job Giants!!

By the final 9th  pitcher Tanaka had the victory!!

He was pitching yesterday, but today his throws were amazing!!!

The Giants missing a win was frustrating, but when the Rakuten’s win victory was decided I think they and everyone in Tohaku felt accomplished (^^)

I thought I was going to cry when Senichi Hosono and Akaminai Kinji hugged each other !!

The douage after that was so highーー^o^*

It’s Japanーーーー!!!!

It’s Japanーーーー!!!!

Big congratulations on your first victory!!!

The MVP was Mima Manabu!!!


But next year the Giants will be victoriousーーー!!!

Welll goodnightー!!


*Translator’s note: Douage refers to holding someone up in the air/hoisting them on your shoulders in celebration

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