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From spring。

The other day、 I managed to graduate from senior high in one piece!!!

In these 3 years、 I’ve had a truly fulfilling senior high school life!

Though there were times when I did have to rush out reports lol

I’m glad that I was able to graduate without a hitch!!!

And、 in this spring、 I’ll become a university student!!

Isn’t it a surprise!! lol


Lots of people have been telling me、

『Takechan, you’re going to be a university student!?』
『It feels like you were the least likely though~ lol』

I was told things like that lol

While I may seem like this、 I’ve always wanted to go to university from way back!


I’ll properly balance things with work even when I’m in university、 so don’t worry!!!! lol

I’ll do my best!


I’m already really looking forward to it!!!!



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It snowed earlierーー!!!

Since it was cold since I woke up this morning, I assumed it had, and I didn’t take even one step out of my house!

Well, there are also times when you can’t go out


Now it’s finally time to play board games!

Is what I thought

But, after all, I’m not good with the cold

But I do like Winter a little bit lol

Well, putting that aside, I’ll now introduce the dramas that I’ve been watching lately!

Higanban [Red Spider Lily]
Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai [Please Fall in Love With This Hopeless Me]
Itsuka Kono Koi wo Omoidashite Kitto Naite Shimau [Surely I’ll Cry When I Remember This Love Some Day]
Akutou-tachi wa Senri wo Hashiru [The Villains Run a Thousand Leagues]
Otou-san to Yobasete [Call Me Dad]
Naomi to Kanako [Naomi and Kanako]
Watashi wo Hanasanaide [Don’t Let Go of Me]
Kaitou Yamaneko [Mysterious Wildcat Thief]
Kazoku no Katachi [The Shape of a Family]
Himura Hideo no Suiri [Himura Hideo’s Mystery]


So, this is how it is!!!

This is every one that I’m currently watching

It’s fun to watch dramas every day



Tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow are Hello Cons in Osaka!!!


Everyone in Osaka, look forward to it ok!!


Melon is sleeping on my legs right now lol


Until next time
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Nagoya second day.

Today was a Hello Con in Nagoya as well!!

There were two performances today!

Everyone who came, thank you!!

These were a fun two days!!!

I want to fill up this location as a solo concert one day

I think that, but….

We did!!! lol

But, I’m thankful that we got to do a hall your this spring as well!!!

But before that I have to get my stamina up during the live house so I can challenge the hall!!!

Well, there’s still HelloCon performances left, so for now I’ll concentrate on it lol

I’m getting ahead of myself lol

I’ll do my best in various things!!!

And in that ilk, here with Morning Musume.’16’s Suzuki Kanon-chan, who is from Nagoya!


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On the YouTube program uploaded earlier, Hello!Sta, first generation member Fukuda Kanon-san announced that she would be graduating from both ANGERME and Hello!Project in the fall of this year.


I was so shocked.


Fukuda-san has taken care of me ever since we were in Hello!Pro Egg (Hello!Pro Kenshuusei).


We also have a lot of memories together from our time in Shin MiniMoni


We made a lot more memories after that when I joined S/mileage


Fukuda-san is so funny, all the time

She makes everyone laugh, she pulls everyone along on stage, and I’m so glad to have met such an incredible senpai. I feel that from the bottom of my heart


We personally will work even harder to ensure that we can send Fukuda-san off with peace of mind.


But right before my eyes now is Nippon Budokan, so I really want to make that a huge success.


I want to treasure the time we have together as 9 members.


I am sad, but it’s a waste of time to spend every day with those kinds of feelings, so I hope I can make lots of fun memories from here on out in the time we have left together!




Takeuchi Akari
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Lately all I’ve been doing is watching E-girls’ music videos!

Their newest music video is so cute, it’s seriously a problem!!

But aside from that, yesterday we started our rehearsals for our concert at the Nippon Budoukan!

We haven’t even gone through all the material yet and I already feel like there’s too much.

I’m in quiiite the pickle. lol

I’m not very good at memorizing things, so I guess I have to try a bit harder than usual…

With only 11 days until the concert and me wanting to give you all a better performance than last year’s Budoukan, I’ll set my brain to overdrive and overcome these rehearsals!

I have to get going to rehearsals now.


Oh, I almost forgot. You know how I’m posting calligraphy on Twitter? Is there any particular word you want me to do?

Tell me in the comments what it is if you have one.

It doesn’t matter how long or short it is!

I can’t guarantee I’ll pick yours, but that shouldn’t stop you from telling me!


Okay, now I really have to go.


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Photo shoot

Lately, we’ve been having photo shoots just about every day! lol

They’re tons of fun!

The 3rd gens are so full of energy. lol

And then when they’re tired and fall dead, they look super cute!

Muro (Murota Mizuki-chan) has been telling me lately that she really likes my clothes!

That makes me really happy.

But the second Muro compliments me, Rinapuu (Katsuta Rina-chan) comes hurling insults.

Lately I’ve been calling Rinapuu Sune-chan!

Sune-chan comes from Suneo-kun from “Doraemon” because she can be just as pompous as him!

And thus, Sune-chan was born.

In response to that, she calls me Nobita!

Suneo and Nobita. Always at each others’ necks. lol


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We’re performing in Otaru today.

Our next concert after this one is the Budoukan!

It came so suddenly.

Too suddenly! lol

After yesterday’s concert in Sapporo, we all had some seafood for dinner!

It was unbelievably delicious.

The concert was also fun. lol

I had a great time with the members backstage. They were all seriously super funny. lol

They were so funny, a picture wouldn’t do the job. You would have to watch a video to understand. lol

I was laughing all day.


I had a ton of fun!

I took this picture of Maro(Fukuda Kanon-san) and me after the concert.


This is her favorite pose for pictures!

Time to get ready for today’s performance.



ANGERME STARTING LIVE TOUR SPECIAL at the Nippon Budoukan “Taiki Bansei”
Tuesday, May 26th at 18:30

Tickets are on sale now and flying off the shelves!!

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Ticket Pia

P-Code 262-506

Lawson Ticket

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The spring drama season has barely started and I’m already looking forward to the summer season. lol

“The Gutsiest Frog” (Dokonjou Gaeru) is getting turned into a drama! That series is from when my mom was a kid! I’ve never watched the anime, so I’m curious what it’ll be like!
Apparently it takes place 16 years after the original, so Hiroshi-kun will be 30!

I wanna watch it right now!!!

Another one I want to watch is Death Note.

I loved the Death Note movies so I’m really looking forward to this!!
The cast hasn’t been announced yet, so my excitement starts from there!!
I can’t wait!

The last one I know about right now is called
“Hanazaki Mai Just Won’t Quit” (Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai).
This is actually the second season.
I watched the first season last year, so I’m really excited for this season!

This season’s dramas are super good, but I can’t help but want to know about next season’s!

I’ll post more about the summer line-up once more get announced.
July is still far away though. lol

I’ve been watching dramas all week thinking about how excited I am to go to Hokkaido next week!

And would you look at that, next week is already here. lol

Time flies when you’re having fun watching dramas!

So that means watching dramas everyday! lol

But now it’s time to have fun performing for you all!


This is us playing in the snow when we came to Hokkaido last year! lol



ANGERME STARTING LIVE TOUR SPECIAL at the Nippon Budoukan “Taiki Bansei”
Tuesday, May 26th at 18:30

Tickets are on sale now and flying off the shelves!!

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Ticket Pia

P-Code 262-506

Lawson Ticket

L-Code 78416

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I cut my hair

Yesterday, I cut my hair.

And quite a bit of it too!


It had gotten all the way down to my shoulders, but not anymore!

But it was fun having it that long. I could braid it and all kinds of things.

It hadn’t had it that long since about the time I entered the group. lol

But I feel more like the real me with short hair like this!

It’ll also be better like this with summer on its way!

I also darkened my hair a bit since the color would just fade in summer anyways if I made it light!

I feel good about my decisions!

I feel good in general!

Then tomorrow and the day after, we have concerts in Hokkaido!

In Sapporo and Otaru to be exact.

I had a great time there last year, so I’m really looking forward to going!!

Wait for me, people of Hokkaido!

Now there are only 23 days left until our Nippon Budoukan concert!!

I hope to see you there!!!






ANGERME STARTING LIVE TOUR SPECIAL at the Nippon Budoukan “Taiki Bansei”
Tuesday, May 26th at 18:30

Tickets are on sale now and flying off the shelves!!

↓Buy tickets here↓
Ticket Pia
P-Code 262-506

Lawson Ticket
L-Code 78416

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I’m going to post some of the calligraphy I’ve been posting on Twitter!

I can’t just post them all at once, so I’ll post them in chunks!

I’ll start with 2 today!

Here’s the first one!


I – I did this kanji because it looked easy to do! lol
It was!

And the next one!



I did this kanji because I really like how it looks and I like the implications of the word!

My next post will be more calligraphy!

Look forward to it.



ANGERME STARTING LIVE TOUR SPECIAL at the Nippon Budoukan “Taiki Bansei”
Tuesday, May 26th at 18:30

Tickets are on sale now and flying off the shelves!!

↓Buy tickets here↓
Ticket Pia
P-Code 262-506

Lawson Ticket
L-Code 78416

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