Tamura Meimi

Berryz Koubou-san.

At yesterday’s Hello!Con there was an announcement that, Berryz Koubou-san, it was announced that they will enter into an indefinite hiatus this coming Spring.

“Because I myself heard it on that day, I still can’t believe!” I think…

With Berryz Koubou-san, getting to do Geki Hello’s Warera Jeanne together, I got to perform the same role as Natsuyaki Miyabi-san.

Everyone, I was very glad.

I love Berryz Koubou-san.

Seeing as until the coming Spring, there’s about half a year.

I want to get to watch them a lot, and study them!


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Music Dragon!

Today, S/mileage, with hosts Taka and Toshi-san, and Honda Tsubasa-san, got to appear on the program Music Dragon.

Because we got to do a fun talk, and sing a song, please watch without fail, okay.


Afterwards, afterwards, about a month ago I injured my foot…

Instead of injured perhaps I should say, hurt a little…

Because of that, I was admitted to the orthopedic clinic, but today when I had it looked at it was already good, “It’s good it’s the end today~” I was told((*´∀`*))

I’m glad on the other hand,
“Everyone at the orthopedic clinic is a very good person, just recently the conversations started to get lively, they just memorized my name however…” I’ve become lonely.


I don’t like injuries, but if I’m injured again I want to go to that orthopedic clinic, I’ve come to love the room there! lol

The lovely young lady and her smiling face, the young lady whom I talk to a lot, the kind doctor, and the fun young man!!!

I’m relieved that I’m injured again! lol


I scribbled on my face.


Therefore, Music Dragon, please treat me well


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Today we had an event at Lazona Kawasaki-san.

Somehow, the CD sold out(*´ω`*)ゞ

Thank you very much((*´∀`*))

I’m truly glad…

Thank you very muchヽ(´∀`)ノ

Today was the first time we had an event at Lazona Kawasaki, the scenery was the best( *´艸`)

It was spacious…I was glad that a lot of people came for us.

I’ll try my best in order to be able to come to Lazona Kawasaki-san again, okayヽ(´∀`)ノ

By the way today’s daily chart was 4th place.

Everyone, thank you very, very much.


Tomorrow I’ll try my best at the event in Diver Cityヽ(´∀`)ノ


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Look~. I’m Tamura Meimi(*´ω`*)ゞ

Today is the event at Lazona Kawasaki-san~.

Look, look~!

My gum inflated like this



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Tower Reco-san.

Today was the event at Tower Records’ Shibuya Store-san~(*´ω`*)ゞ

“Tower Reco-san, truly as if it weren’t enough already~!” it’s enough that we’re indebted to you…

Thank you very much★

Tower Reco’s company president always gives us refreshments when there’s an event at Tower Reco-san.

Today, with fruit juice, delicious rice crackers.

Rice crackers are totally delicious, this is just between you and me, but I stashed six in my bag, soon I’ll be noming on them(*´ω`*)ゞ lol

It seems I’ll get fa~t

Get angry at this me, please~! lol

We’re much obliged to Tower Reco-san each time, I wonder, will we not be able to repay the favor somehow?


You know, you know!  Today, right,

It was daily 2nd place!(*´ω`*)ゞ

Thank you very much.

1st place is difficult this time, but with this mood, I’ll try my best in order for it to become Oricon 2nd place!

That reminds me!  I, it seems often say, however that I really like Takarazuka.

Sometime, I want to have an encounter with Takarazuka and talk with everyone.

This feeling of “I like Takarazuka.”, I want to get people to know it, if my life didn’t encounter Takarazuka, because surely I wouldn’t have done theater, I wouldn’t be in S/mileage either.★

With a level-head, I want to write an encounter with Takarazuka.


Today, right, I swang alone.


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Yesterday in the rain, was the event at Lala Port Toyosu.

But because the event itself was able to be reliable, it was good.(*´ω`*)ゞ

Everyone who came, you won’t catch a cold or anything, right?

While you’re being struck by rain, because I caught voices saying “It’s co~ld”, I’m worried.

Are you alright?


In Lala Port Toyosu-san personally I’ll be very much indebted, going to see a film, and going to go shopping.

Therefore, yesterday, there was rain, but it was good that people came to the event at Lala Port Toyosu-san.

Thank you so very much,

Oh.  You know, you know, yesterday’s daily was, somehow…

Second place.

Everyone, it’s thanks to you(*´ω`*)ゞ

With this mood, it would be good if we got weekly second place, too.



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Nippon Budokan.

“Well there are a lot of people who know” I think, S/mileage, it was decided will have a Nippon Budokan performance on July 15th.

It was announced at yesterday’s HinaFest evening performance, however even now I can’t believe it.

It’s like a dream.

Tsunku♂-san, came with the reward, I’m not yet like the person who will stand up in Budokan.

I don’t have any choice over the remaining three months, however I’ll try my best in order to be able to show a performance of “Truly this is Tamura Meimi.” with a good meaning…in order to be able to enchant.

These three months won’t be an easy road, however only looking ahead, I’ll live.

My thoughts on HinaFest, I’ll write again later.





・ 4/30 release NEW single “Mystery Night!” music video now open to the public!

・ “Weekly Smile”~3/15 Spring Tour Fukuoka performance


○Engeki Joshibu Musical LILIUM -Lilium Shoujo Junketsu Kageki-

Ticket blog priority acceptance starting!!

Acceptance period:

Acceptance URL:
http://eplus.jp/lilium-blog/ (PC, cell phone-wide)

※One customer per one public performance, acceptance will be until the fourth ticket.
※Main priority isn’t by order of arrival, it will be by lottery.
※The Tokyo performance concluding program 6/15(Sun.)15:00 public performance acceptance will not be covered.

○4/27(Sun.)”LIVE GiRL POP Vol.3″ performance decision!!



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From the Hello! members,

Nakajima Saki-san, Fukumura Mizuki-san, Iikubo Haruna-chan, and Satou Masaki-chan I received these!


Handmade cookies from Nakajima-san( ´ ▽ ` )☆

Of course something handmade is good, right☆☆☆
They were crunchy, on the topic of handmade, we~ll, a kind feeling, or how should I put it, having a feeling with love…they were deliciousヽ(*ノ∀`*)

From Fukumura-san, Dokin-chan chocolate((*´∀`*))

From among Anpanman series chocolate, I was asked “Which do you wa~nt?”, but because both seemed delicious, when I said “Either one is go~od!”, I was given “Well then Dokin-chan☆”!  I can say with confidence that I love this chocolate(*ノ∀`*)

From Iikubo Haruna-chan, cutely wrapped chocolate!!

To start with, the package is cuteee? er, I opened the package, put in a mouthful and it spread out in my mouth~( *´艸`)”Swe~et melty~”…*

From Maa-chan a snowman chocolate*

A pink snowmanヽ(´∀`)ノ Maa-chan is cute, huuh*The snowman chocolate was crispy and delicious(*ノ∀`*)

Everyone, thank you so very much(*ノ∀`*)

I wonder, what should I do for White Day?




○S/mileage Live Tour 2014 Spring~Smile Charge~

From 3/15 in Fukuoka, the setlist will completely change!!


○3/14(Fri.)”Diver City Idol Festival 2014″ performance!


○3/29(Sat.)・30(Sun.)”Hello!Project Hina Fest 2014 ~Full Course~” open exhibition!


★YouTube “Every Performance SubSubtitle Announcement!”

★Accepting Special Priority Tickets



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Ee Ka!? I’m Tamura Meimi!☆

Eeka eeka eka eka eeka

Eeka eeka eka


Eka eeka


Today to my friend sitting next to me,

“About how many people come to concerts and such~? Like two?”

Was said! lol

Regardless of me two people will come! *cries*

At school without an aura like that.  That’s how I am…

I don’t even have it on stage! lol

Well, at that sort of places I do, right, because at school I’m subdued!

Also to my friend that often speaks with them

“Mei is some sort of idol, I truly can’t believe it, you know~! lol

The Mei we see in the MVs and such, is completely different from school Mei!”

They say! lol

Well, because the two general rules at the end of the day are wear the school uniform, and the hairdo below the ears, it’s definitely more subdued than “Ee Ka!?”‘s hairdo!(*^^*) lol

I can say with confidence that I’m energetic in class, but you know!?★


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Good morning.

Lately there’s a lot of commotion and I’m slow to blog, I’m sorry.

Good morning.

I’m Tamura Meimi.

The morning is a good feeling.

Excuse my pajamas.


Putting on the hood with gloves is difficult.



Because of always wearing pajamas for a little while, I don’t sleep in pajamas often. lol

This, it’s fluffy, it’s very warm (*^^*)

Well then, today is the Naruchika live in Sendai.

Yesterday was Naruchika in Aomori!

This week is Naruchika day, you know!

Well then, I hope everyone has a beautiful day today…




○Hello!Station #43

・ 12/18 Single 【”Ii Yatsu”】MV newly opened to the public!!


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