Tamura Meimi

A person with no sense of direction.

I tried my best at S/mile Fantasy! today, too!



I was glad that Sudou-san came(〃ω〃)


Sudou-san, I love you~.



Because I had free time before S/mile Fantasy!, I went shopping alone.



It took a lot of time…




Well, you know…*tear*



It wasn’t my first time there, however I got lost.



Huh?  It seems like I’ve gone past here some time ago…or something…



I was circling the same place round and round…



I’m fed up with myself for being a person with no sense of direction.



My calves are going to swell from hurting.



I heard “You’re someone with no sense of direction” when I was little, I thought “When I get bigger that’ll be fixed”, but it seems like it won’t be fixed…



So shocking~.




Theater Director-san, made pickles for us.




Today for around 10 minutes, Wada-san, Mei, and Kananan, the three of us ate them up. lol


So yummyyyyyyyy.  They are.



Kananan, Mei, and Wada-san, because Theater Director-san’s vegetables from home will disappear because of us, “Next time the three of us should gather and bring vegetables,” we’re discussing that.(^ ^)





We’ll be a three person pickle-loving club~.



Recently we’re hanging out as just the three of us only a little.




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Good afternoon.

S/mile Fantasy is so~ fun(^ ^)



It’s truly so~ amusing(^ ^)


I want a lot of people to see it+゜。*(*´∀`*)*。゜+





Today I’ll try my best at work again.



Lately I’ve gotten cold.


Everyone take care of your health.




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Come to think of it.

What I recently went to watch, was Clowning Eyes.




When I reread it somehow it’s completely different, it made me laugh.




Because lately there’s a lot of things going whoosh right over my head, I need to pay attention, right.




But, I don’t understand how I made a mistake in the name of the work! lol

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With everyone.



Everyone who appears in the S/mileage play.



I’m already being helped to change my clothes…



I truly, gratefully appreciate it.




Erika-chan, and Suzuha-chan help me particularly with various difficult things.  Thank you★






We  are, Ayao and Meio.




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The correct answer is.

The correct answer to yesterday’s questions is, I went with my big sister to see a musical(^ ^)


Well, that purple guy has binoculars, right((*´∀`*))


He’s wearing them around his neck.
So they don’t fall.


We watched the musical The Way of Clowns that’s performing at Theater Creation.


I was very moved.


At the end I couldn’t stop the tears~(;д;)


I cried too much, tomorrow, I’m worried that “Will my eyes not be swollen up then?” but…


As usual they became swollen…


Until our stage performance today they’ll heal…!




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Sense of fulfillment.

Everyone, was the typhoon alright?


I just watched the morning news, Kantou had amazing things happen to it…


I also didn’t want to go outside this morning with the typhoon, however just past noon I went and bought some things that I wanted to buy at Tokyu Hands and LOFT.



I search for things where I can say “That one~” however it takes time and I got sleepy! lol



But because I bought some things, I’m glad(^ ^)


After that, I went to a place where my big sister and I are together.




Where am I? lolol


And what is that? lolol





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S/mile Fantasy!

S/mile Fantasy! is truly fun!



But, I’m amazingly nervous, and it’s consuming my physical strength!




Yesterday we had three performances, it was truly difficult! lol




But, it’s very fulfilling.



In just the blink of an eye S/mile Fantasy! will be over won’t it.




Somehow, it’s awfully lonely(;д;)



I wanted to do more~.



Each time when we stand on the stage for S/mile Fantasy!, I get the feeling where I want to meet all of the members and fans and tell them “Thank you”.



S/mile Fantasy! is the be~st(^ ^)



Personally, before stage performances I always meditate, but with meditating I’m truly able to concentrate(^ ^)



I won’t think about anything.




When I was first taught meditation, too many things went through my head and I could only do it for around three minutes, but now I’ve become able to do it for a long time(^ ^)




Calming myself down, because I’m able to concentrate I’m always doing it((*´∀`*))







Sawayaka Gorou-san, won’t you come to see S/mile Fantasy?




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New members.

Just now, S/mileage’s 3rd generation members were announced((*´∀`*))

Murota Mizuki-chan, Aikawa Maho-chan, and Sasaki Rikako(^ ^)

Rikako-chan is in the first year of middle school! That’s the same year that Mei entered S/mileage~

Mizuki-chan, we’re in the same year, together in “Team Okai” the Okai Chisato-san led dance group, we were together!!

Maho-chan, is an unbelieveable 163cm!


A tall body…I jump everyday for that!

Somehow, it’s very fun, I’m getting nervous(〃ω〃)

I want us 9 people to seem like sisters!

There will be four of us in our first year of high school!((*´∀`*))

“Somehow, when we entered S/mileage it still seemed out of the question, but truly, that…was interesting.” lol

I thought that while watching the 3rd generation members’ unveiling!

Well, you know, auuuuuuras, you know, the 3 people have fully open idol auras, you know!

They’re sparkling! Sparkle, sparkle!!!

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle, sparkle~

After this too, please support us(^ ^)

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S/mile Fantasy!

From today S/mile Fantasy! has begun;  The people who came to watch it today

Think it’s a cult musical, but

It’s a truly fun story(^ ^)




But it’s moving+゜。*(*´∀`*)*。゜+



I love this story, you know.




Here’s the theater sign~!



Our photograph is adorned with “bang”s.




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Urgh, I’m irritated at myself to the MAX.

This morning, while I was doing various things to get ready I missed my planned train and took a later one!

Then, I confused the line I was getting on!  Furthermore I wasn’t paying attention at all, I noticed after I passed 8 stations!

The moment I noticed I was dumbfounded~

My mouth, it was open for like 10 minutes, I couldn’t close it.

From there, I transferred to just the right line, I arrived at my destination, but I was in shock(T_T)

In shock(T_T) in shock(T_T) in shock(T_T)

I don’t know why I made these mistakes.

I just barely made the appointed time…aah…*tear*

But it’s okay!  Because I have bug spray as a weapon, you know!

Everyone, be careful not to get Dengue-san, okay!

I’m okay!  Because I use bug spray, you know(^o^)/

But, how many places, will the mosquitoes bite! lol

Itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy.

Kakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakaka Natsu bikini~*

Now it’s a

Mosquito, mosquito, mosquito, mosquito…. mosquito Fall~

My eyes, were they flashing?  If your eyes were flashing then you’re like me, right!  I was flashing, you know~(^ ^)

Flashing, flashing~

Be careful transferring to the subway**~



T.N.: *This is a line from their song “Dot Bikini”, the “ka”s are an alternative reading for the kanji for Summer (Natsu), and it’s also the word for “Mosquito” which is the kanji she used.

**”Subway” is “chikatetsu” in Japanese, unfortunately there’s no way for the pun to be evident in the English translation.

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