Tamura Meimi

Good morning.

Lately there’s a lot of commotion and I’m slow to blog, I’m sorry.

Good morning.

I’m Tamura Meimi.

The morning is a good feeling.

Excuse my pajamas.


Putting on the hood with gloves is difficult.



Because of always wearing pajamas for a little while, I don’t sleep in pajamas often. lol

This, it’s fluffy, it’s very warm (*^^*)

Well then, today is the Naruchika live in Sendai.

Yesterday was Naruchika in Aomori!

This week is Naruchika day, you know!

Well then, I hope everyone has a beautiful day today…




○Hello!Station #43

・ 12/18 Single 【”Ii Yatsu”】MV newly opened to the public!!


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Yesterday, when I went to the doctor, “From today you’re allowed to sing.”, I was given permission!

From today I can sing!(*^^*)

I’m looking forward to it~★

Thank you for waiting until now, it was inexcusable,

I’m truly sorry(._.)

Today I’ll try my best!




○Hello!Station #43

・ 12/18 Single 【”Ii Yatsu”】MV newly opened to the public!!


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Overly kind.

Yesterday’s blog comments, one by one I slowly read them.

Everyone, you’re overly kind…>_<…

Truly, truly thank you very much.

Because it’s becoming little by little that my voice appears, I’ll try my best in order to be able to report to everyone with my voice, even one day soon☆

That’s right!

Today at school we had a basketball test!

I took shots, however I didn’t get any in at all…

Still I think that the ball was no good…

I’m consistently in a fight with the ball! lol

If the ball didn’t apologize this way after all, it won’t apologize in my entire life because of this! *sad*

Well, the thing I want to say is, “I’m not very good at ball games.”, it seems like that, you know^^;


With Kuduu☆


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To everyone who came today.

Today we went and did the S/mile Charge at a place called “Kashiwa”☆


But because today I was still under doctor’s orders not to use my voice which is in bad condition, I wasn’t even able to voice a single word.



I’m sorry.



“I want to write my thoughts of today’s Kashiwa”, I think☆



To everyone who came today.

Today the stage was high behind people and steadily their faces, one by one, I was able to carefully see them.

Because there aren’t very many lives or events in Chiba prefecture, I was truly glad that I was able to meet with everyone in Chiba prefecture.

I wonder, “This is the first time I’ve seen S/mileage”, weren’t there a lot of people like that?

Nevertheless, without being able to talk or sing today, I’m filled with the feeling of this being truly, truly inexcusable.

I’m sorry.

Even so, people were waving green glow-sticks for me, seeing them wearing green T-shirts for me, how should I put this, I got a sad feeling, or rather…passed the point of it being a feeling of “this is inexcusable”…

But, I won’t lose this feeling, everyone’s warm cheering, “It’s influencing me to try my best”, I’ve been amazingly thinking, not singing my parts I danced the dances a lot.

The parts where I can’t hear my own singing voice, since I could always hear everyone’s cheering, see everyone’s lovely smiling faces…

I was able to be thankful to everyone once again.

To all the members, I’ve truly caused trouble…

The assignment of the parts of the songs I couldn’t sing and such, it was announced to everyone who memorized them about 15 minutes before beginning.

Therefore I’m truly filled with feelings of “this is inexcusable”, and feelings of thanks to all the members.

And, I respect them.

Today’s live, sad feelings, frustrating feelings, feelings of gratitude, the live gave me various feelings.

Thank you so very much for warm voices at the handshake event☆

They very much resounded in my chest.

I’ll try my best in order to be singing soon, okay.

Everyone in Kashiwa.

I’m truly sorry.
And so thank you so very much☆



Satoyama Satoumi. I’m Tamura Meimi★

The 3 days of Satoyama Satoumi events has ended★

It was fun~!(*´ω`*)

But, because the condition of my singing voice was poor, on the flip side, I wrote my own words and comments, “It’s truly inexcusable”, I think.

I’m sorry.

To all the members, too, I’m sorry.

And, thank you so very much m(_ _)m

Natsuyaki-san coordinated our outfits★


Thank you so very much for 3 days(*´ω`*)



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Take-chanヽ(*^ω^*)ノ I’m Tamura Meimi!!

Today is Take-chan’s birthdayヽ(*^ω^*)ノ

She’s 16 years old, right☆

Take-chan, she’s really reliable, however it doesn’t seem that way in reality,

Her appearance is stylish, but she’s playful on the inside,

Her hair is short, however her voice is cute,

She’s tiny, but her dance is bigger than the others’,

She burst into the gap, didn’t she? lol

No~, but Take-chan is amazingly strong, “Mei should follow her example”, I think.

Take-chan is always giving Mei good motivation with various meaning, you know☆

It’s arbitrary, however among second generation members, because I think “Mei’s number one rival is Take-chan”, if Take-chan wasn’t there Mei wouldn’t have gotten to here, I’m truly grateful((´∀`*))

Take-chan, I think “After this there’ll still be a lot of difficult things”, but treat me well( *´艸`)

Let’s try our best together, okay!?

I looooove you☆

Let’s go to see a movie again, okay((´∀`*))





○Hello!Station #42

・ 12/18 Single “Ee Ka!?” MV newly opened to the public!!

・ S/mileage Live Tour 2013 Fall~From the Mito performance “Choto Mate Kudasai!” “Shortcut” transmission!


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Information for everyone.

I think, “Well talking to people who already know”, I since Wednesday morning this week had hurt my singing voice the day before, as a result I went to the ear, nose, and throat doctor, during this week my voice left me and was of no use.  And, I was given doctor’s orders to stop.

Because of this, for the SATOYAMA event, I won’t be able to talk or sing…

I’m truly sorry.

For me, talking and singing is my job, however…

I’m filled with frustrating feelings and feelings of “this is inexcusable”.

To Staff-san and all the members I’m sorry for a lot of bother and worry…

To all the fans I’m sorry for a lot of bother and worry.

“Take-chan’s birthday”, I say it’s a happy day yet I have to write such things on my blog…*cries*

Take-chan, I’m sorry…

I’ll write a birthday blog to Take-chan still after this.

But I’ll try my best, so that one day soon I’ll be able to send my voice out to everyone!




○Hello!Station #42

・ 12/18 Single “Ee Ka!?” MV newly opened to the public!!

・ S/mileage Live Tour 2013 Fall~From the Mito performance “Choto Mate Kudasai!” “Shortcut” transmission!


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Yokohama. I’m Tamura Meimi☆

Today was S/mileage Charge in Yokohama, however…

First of all,

I’m sorry.

Since yesterday I’ve been hearing the strain in my singing voice, today that’s gotten worse…..

I’ve lost my voice.

This is the thing I was most afraid of, I do things to be careful, however it’s miserable.

Other members are covering for the parts I can’t sing live, we’re collaborating with sound-san to get the highest quality alternative
Somehow we did it to completion, however…

I can’t send everyone things through my voice like usual.

I’m sorry.

Throughout this thing, however members are singing Mei’s parts in songs,

All of the fans at the handshake event

It’s not impossible, okay!
Are you alright?
Heal quickly, okay!
Get well soon!

etc, who voiced a lot of things like that to me, truly thank you so very much!

Due to injuring my singing voice, I couldn’t reply to everyone’s words, one by one your words pierced my chest.

To everyone, I’m filled with feelings of gratitude and feelings of being sorry.

Truly thank you so very much.

MeiMei( *´艸`)Chick



○Hello!Station #42

・ 12/18 Single “Ee Ka!?” MV newly opened to the public!!

・ S/mileage Live Tour 2013 Fall~From the Mito performance “Choto Mate Kudasai!” “Shortcut” transmission!


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Today and tomorrow I have a test…

Today, I went and did 3 subjects, but of course, it’s clear that tests,

I ha-ha-ha-hate…!


That’s truly so.



Tomorrow I have math, but because I didn’t appear for very many math lessons, I don’t understand it all(°_°)

Because not appearing at lessons is an excuse, right!(*_*)

Yes!  I’ll stop!!!

*Sighs* I have to study…




This one, Fukuda-san took of me some time ago!(*´ω`*)


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Senri Selcy!

Today we had an event in Senri Selcy!

We’re greatly indebted to Senri Selcy-san…

Thank you very much!!((´∀`*))

And everyone in Osaka, thank you so very much(*´ω`*)

Of course the people of Osaka are the best!

I wonder, when are we going to Osaka next?

Today’s picture!


I collaborated with everyoneヽ(*^ω^*)ノ

And with Fukuda-san☆


We looked a little like we were in plain clothes.


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