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Taーkeー Taーkeー。


The other day、 a mysterious picture of Take (Takeuchi Akari-chan) and Wada (Ayaka)-san and Mei was put up on Take’s blog post、 but that wasn’t all!



Lookie ヽ(´∀`)ノ lol

Though Mei was making a gentle face、 Take really hated it and put up her hands to guard herself immediately after! lol

Take probably hated it~ I’ve got no doubts that she definitely wiped her cheeks after that!

Wada-san said she wiped her mouth as well、、、 lol


This was from the other day。

Take did well to endure it! lolololol


I’ll do my best in Hokkaidoー
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Thoughts still unchanged.

Fukuda-san announced her graduation from both ANGERME and Hello!Project on Hello!Sta.
I learned this earlier.


My first thought was that my favorite idol group, the one I longed after, would be down to one member out of four.


During Budokan rehearsals, from hearing the members sing old songs and singing them myself, so, so many memories from when I supported S/mileage, from when I joined S/mileage, and S/mileage in general came flooding into my head and I started to cry.


At the same time, I realized how much I loved S/mileage.


But we have transformed.


I think that years from now, we might be a group like Morning Musume ’15, with a history and a legend.


So many things have changed so suddenly since last fall, and I’ve been so desperate to keep up with all of them, but with this announcement, I can finally stop and react to everything.


I was sad, but when I saw Fukuda-san talking about how we should think optimistically after her graduation, I wanted Fukuda-san to live a joyful life, and it made me decide to keep working hard after she graduates!


We only have a little time left, but I will treasure every single second I have with her.


I want to do Smile Sisters again.


I’ve been writing, deleting, and rewriting since yesterday, and while I don’t think I can put it all into words, this is how I feel now.



ANGERME will progress every day.


Right now is the only time we can perform as 9.


I want to treasure the time I have as being a part of these 9.


I remember learning in elementary school

that Darwin, who had the theory of evolution, said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change.”


I suddenly remembered those words, and they really are true~. That’s it! lol


I will run full-speed into the time we have left as my beloved 9.



MeiMei .。゜+.(・∀・)゜+.゜Chick
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I had a lot of thinking about Hello!Con.


To start with, it appears as though it was the last Hello!Con with Berryz Koubou-san.


Berryz Koubou-san, because it was long before I entered H!P, they were active as Hello!Project Kids, so they’re my great, great, great senpais.


Those senpais, that there isn’t a next Hello!Con with them, I’m still not really understanding that.


Unintentionally singing Berryz Koubou-san’s songs, singing songs with Berryz Koubou-san…


This time’s Hello!Con, especially yesterday, how many wonderful things that was, how many grateful things that was.  I understood.


During the song called Romance wo Katatte, I was swayed to dance behind Berryz Koubou-san.


Time and time again as I was paired up with Tokunaga-san we waved and shared glances.  Tokunaga-san’s smiling face was sparkling so much it was dazzling.


Berryz Koubou-san, already, have been active as idols for 12 years, “They’re truly people who fully know everything about being an idol,” I thought.


After this, following ℃-ute-san, “We ANGERME have to become a being which will also lead the kouhais,” I felt.


At Hello!Con, I sang Yo no Naka Barairo, however the members I sang it with were Ishida Ayumi-chan, Iikubo Haruna-chan Kanazawa Tomoko-chan, Inaba Manaka-chan, Murota Mizuki-chan, and Aikawa Maho-chan!


Out of those members I was the most senior.


I was very surprised.


I’ll try my best to be a more senpai-like senpai.




A happy seeming Kuduu and Wada-san.


Look behind them too, okay.


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Dry skin.

This cold period, my dry skin, my hands become itchy no matter what.




Any cream I spread on them, even if I warm them, the dryness is dryness, you know~




With Kananan!


Today I rode a taxi, but the taxi driver’s way is to go along interesting roads, for seemingly just a little bit, it was a road which was indented, but I, I don’t even ride the seesaw, with the “Thump thump!” and me being an intense person, I rode and put muscles on my abs today! lol




Look!  A long time ago, when I still had long hair!, I tried to add a little something!


I scribbled on myself to look like Anne Shirley-chan!


Because I’ve always thought that the clothes and hat, make me look like the redhead Anne ( ^ ^ )/





I’ll try my best at today’s Hello!Con, toooooooooooo (ノ▽〃)


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Nakajima Takui-san!

I’ve been listening to Nakajima Takui-san’s Taiki Bansei recently!( ^ ^ )/


Nakajima Takui-san, I want to sing Taiki Bansei with him as a duet sometime!


It’s my current dream!




I want to sing it sometime as a duet!


Until that day, I’ll practice Taiki Bansei with all my mightttttt!


Until the day comes when I can sing it with Takui-san as a duet sometime, I’ll try my besttttt!(ノ▽〃)


Takui-sa~n are you seeing thi~~~~~s?


For writing that song for us, truly truly thank you so very much!!!!!



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Hiroshima Hello!Con (ノ▽〃)

Today, there was Hello!Con in Hiroshima!! ( ^ ^ )/


Everytime in the songs, I look at each and every fan’s eyes, however today, most people looked at other people, I couldn’t make eye contact (´・ω・`)


A consolation prize ( ^ ^ )/


But, today, in the MC corner, the top three people whose on and off difference is intense were chosen, because I put on a one person musical I really stood out, you know!


I’m grateful to Momochi-senpai who changed the subject (ノ▽〃)


The subject of my one person musical was the same as last time, however to the me who did that as one person, it’s hilarious, however that scene, the truth is, it was a very sad scene.


Therefore, I want to show that sort of place too starting next time(ノ▽〃)




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I wanted to go to Memphis.

Today, it was the closing day of Memphis which I wanted to go to.


What I’m thankful for, work is to blame that I couldn’t even go once. *tear*


Sigh.  I, I’m so sad I could cry~~~lol


I’m getting angry at myself


Sigh. Sigh.  I wanted to watch Hamada Megumi-san playing Felicia one time…


I wanted to watch Meg-san Felicia…..


Aah, I should have gone no matter what it took




I wanted to watch Yoshihara Mitsuo-san playing Bobby, too…


The songs, I wanted to hear them~.


I wanted to go~!


I’ll absolutely go to Sunset Boulevard.
I’ll see either pattern!


I’ll go to Titanic, too.


I’ll go to Elisabeth, too.


I’ll go to Mother Teresa, too.


I’ll go no matter what.


Today too, because I couldn’t go until work finished, when work was over, I went to Akasaka ACT theater.


Probably, during the performance time…


Even just going to infront of the theater, I was glad~


I got to savor the feeling even a little.




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LaQua and exchange event!

Yesterday was the event at LaQua-san~


LaQua-san is spacious, next to it there’s a rapids roller coaster, it was amazingly fun! ( ̄▽ ̄)


But, yesterday, the rain was pouring down.


We weren’t directly touched by the rain, but it was very cold, therefore “All the fans were even colder,” I think…


I’m sorry.  Do you not have colds???


You have one, if coughing appears, if sneezing appears, please try to remember that.


About us.


Wha~t. lol


If there are people who caught a cold, I’m truly sorry (・д・`)


A~nd, after that, at Shinjuku Tower Record-san an exchange event~!


The first time, was with the wonder-chan AiAi




The second time, was Kananan!




The exchange event with Kananan, it was very intersting! (ノ▽〃)




Popcorn picture 2


Mei is taking out the popcorn.


It was amusing~


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The other day, AiAi (Aikawa Maho-chan), KanaKana (Nakanishi Kana-chan), and I, MeiMei, we three went to a Sanrio exhibition as a trio~







This picture is MeiMei and AiAi! lol


Sanrio is of course amazingly cutely captivating, you know~


Because I love Sanrio, I wanted everything at the exhibition~! (lol)





Kananan and AiAi rode the bus~!


It’s truly cute, you know~




That, is the place Mei is making popcorn.


The picture of the popcorn, because there’ll be a sequel it won’t be overlooked in the next report~


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Yesterday was Hello!Con in Sendai~


Miyagi prefecture, it’s Daaishi and Rikako’s home area, you know~(ノ▽〃)




At yesterday’s Sendai performance we chose the best three old fashioned people~


Me, because I love Shouwa songs, anime, and dramas, I didn’t hate it!  On the contrary I was almost glad~~~~!


When I was little, more than the anime which was airing in Heisei realtime, I watched Shouwa anime videos.


My favorite one was “Majokko Megu-chan”!!


Err, I loved the sexy feeling~!


But, I also loved “Himitsu no Akko-chan”~


In addition “Aim for the Ace!”, “Mamaa-chan”, “Sally-chan”, “The Genie Family”, “Arale-chan”, and similar ones of the period, I watched almost all of them!
I also liked “Candy Candy”~


Afterwards, “World Masterpiece Theater” and such! (*´∀`)


What did everyone like in “World Masterpiece Theater”???


Mei, I watched various things, but what I especially liked was, “Nan to Joo-Sensei”


It’s not Nanto! Joo-Sensei*!


It’s Nan to Joo-Sensei!


A girl is called “Nan”, and Jo-Sensei is the leading part of the story, but do you know it?


“Many people know Little Women,” I think, the second oldest of those four sisters is Jo, this is her story after she became an adult, and a teacher!


It’s somewhat nostalgiccccc~


Is there anyone else who liked “Nan to Jo-Sensei”?




Rinapuu took this peeping photo!




*T.N.: The actual English version of the title is “Jo’s Boys”, but it literally means “Nan and Miss Jo”.  However “Nanto! Jo-Sensei” means “Whatever! Miss Jo”.
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