Tanaka Reina

It was fuーn

Otsukareinachaーn :heart:  o0020002012466122806[1] Reina :heart:



Hello!Con has endeーd



As I thought, performing in concert halls is funー :music: :music:



Continuing from yesterday, it was a fun day :heart:



But you know, I got up early so I’m sleepy o0020002012493208038[1] Reina






Everyone who jumped a lot with us, thank you :heart: :heart: :heart:



Since I didn’t know what to do with my free time, I took to snapping photos again and againhttp://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/o00200020123381312471.gif








I’ve been wearing this outfit for about four or five months already, huh~



It’s definitely about time for one last look, right






Sleーepyyーーy(>_<) :guragura: :guragura: :guragura:

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♪Summer girl and friends♪

Otsukareina :heart: :heart: :heart:



Today we went and did two performances as guests in Hello!Con at Nakano Sun Plazaーo0020002012466122806[1] Reina :kirakira:



Berryz Koubou announced their indefinite suspension of activities todayっ。



I want each one of them to do their bestーっっ:nikoniko: http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/o00200020123038285821.gif



My outfit today~ :kirakira:






Marin and Reina★Summer girl fashion





Okamari and Nee-san★Friends fashion




The origin of the “friends fashion” name is



since the two sort of looked alike, wearing clothes that seem to go well together,



it was like, “Don’t they seem like friends?”lol







YesっSummer girl fashion :heart:






Friends fashion :












She came over here to mingle or somethingー。Lol


※By the way, Okamari’s cap is Reina’s( ̄▽ ̄)



During our free time today, the four of us decided to go to Baskin Robbins :nihihi: :kirakira:



Moreover, today the ice cream was 31% offー :heart: :heart: :heart:

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★Tour Final★

o0230004212473339417[1] Reinaface


The final day of our tour has ended :heart: :kirakira:



Everyone who came



and everyone who watched on Ustream



thank you (´∀`)



It was suーper fun



It was the bestーーo0020002012514326533[1] Reina :up: :up: :up: :up:



Today, Takui-san came






as a surprise guest :heart: :heart: :heart:









Singing “Ikujinashi” (coward) with Takui-san was fun :heart: :heart: :heart:








As announced earlier, LoVendoЯ’s Fall release and tour have been decided :heart: :heart: :heart:



Although today has just ended, I’m glad the next things are being decided :nikoniko: :raburabu:



It’s thanks to all of you :guu: :kirakira:



I’ll continue to work even harder from here on as well, so please give me your support :!!: :!!: :!!: !!:

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I’m a busy woman。

Mornin~ :peetta: :paa: :heart:



This is Tanaka who feels bad because she’s getting hungry。



Did you eat breakfast?



Even though Reina overstuffed herself with Chinese food yesterday



I’m better and now, on the contrary, I am a busy woman feeling bad with an empty stomach。






Isn’t this T-shirt nostalgic?



It’s one of the goods from the Cinderella musical I did o0020002012468084110[1] Reina http://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/o00200020123349275581.gif



Today we have an outdoor LIVE, so here is my essential sunblock。






So, I had a lot of dreams today



and a lot of performers appeared in themo0020002012566587313



They were only people I didn’t know at alllol



But somehow, it was fun(´ψψ`)





I’m full of energy today too, so I’ll do my bestっ :heart:







My BOSE earphones that I’ve used for many years…



One ear(bud)…



seems to be damaged。






Um, you know



You know, this



This is quite



a shock。

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♪♪♪I had fuuun♪♪♪

Otsukareーshon :heart: o0020002012958809534[1] Reina



The LIVE endedーo0020002012597128485[1] Reina 



It was reーally fuuun :heart: :heart: :heart:



I had an early morning, but the day ended early too :nikoniko: :kirakira:



I’ll put up some pictures I took with Morning Musume。’14 members :heart: :heart: :heart:






Sayashi Riho-chan :heart:


I wanted to do Sayashi’s make-upo0020002012496478350[1] Reinafor her



but because Sayashi was scolded by an adult、I stopped o0018001812463144257[1] Reinalol



Let me do it again sometimeー :heart: :heart: :heart:








Iikubo Haruna-chan :heart:o0020002012892227921[1]-Reina



And Michishige Sayumi-chan :heart:




I’ve been listening to Morning Musume。songs, so I want to go to karaoke now (Lol)



Reina also wanted to participate



in songs like “Ren’ai Hunter” and “One Two Three”ー




I said (///∇///) :heart:



Will we be able to someday?Lol





I also want to sing “Ookii Hitomi” with Sayu again :heart: :heart: :heart:



Today really was funー :up: :up: :up:



Everyone who got pumped up with LoVendoЯ, thank youっっ :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:



I’ll do my best in my solo LIVE tomorrow :nikoniko: :guddo:

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Un…titled (Lol)

Yep、hello~o0020002012935348514[1] Reina black




↑A slightly-triumphant look(Lol)


Since the lighting in the dressing room yesterday was so good*、I took a ton of pictures o0020002012565296736 :heart:






Including my appearance from the back o0020002012552871635[1]




So then~


I’ll work hard today toーo :heart: :heart: :heart:

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I use it habituallyっ

Mornin’っっo0020002012597128485[1] Reina


I also went to bed before midnight yesterday and slept a loーtっっhttp://blog-project.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/o00200020123355444931.gif



I’m happyっ:heart: :heart: o0020002012892227921[1]-Reina:heart: :heart:



That is, it’s raini━━━━━━━━━━━━━ng (°Д°)





I’m using my own iPhone case habitually :heart: :heart: :heart:


By the way, so is o0020002012949046649[1] MamaMamaっっ :heart: :heart: :heart:


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One year since graduation☆

Yahoっ★o0020002012597128485[1] Reina


Today is the day that one year has passed since Reina graduated from Morning Musume。o0020002012472456649[1] Reina


I saw your blog comments



(It says: “Everyone, thank you–”)


One year went by faーstっっo0020002012529706859[1] Reina


One year passed in the blink of an eye :nikoniko: :kirakira: :paa:


Though I’ll be active as a member of LoVendoЯ,


to everyone who is coming along with me even now, thank you :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


And those who have only recently started to support me too, thank you :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Please support me from now on tooo0020002012390620944[1]




Yahhoiっっo0020002012597128485[1] Reina :music:

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Osaka Otsukareina♪

Yahoーo0020002012935348514[1] Reina black :heart:



Our LIVE ended some time agoー :heart: :heart: :heart:



I had the most fun today too :heart:


Thanks, everyone :raburabu:


In today’s live house it was easy to see us even from behind, and easy to doー :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu:







Nee-san’s new nickname lol



Onee。(like “big sis”)






Now I’m in transit, heading for Nagoya in a tracksuit and without any make-up~~(・ω・)



Tomorrow morning I’ll appear in Aichi’s live broadcast CBC【Hanasaka Times :tv::!!:




Everyone in Aichi, watch it if you like, okay o0020002012472456649[1] Reina



It seems I’ll go on around 9:30 in the morning  :!!: :!!:



Well, I wonder what time we’ll reach Aichi :aseru: :aseru: :aseru: :gan:



We definitely still have a long journey ahead。







We’ll also be doing an in-store event in the evening, so come, okaーy :music: :music: :music: :nikoniko:




This was on the table when I entered the dressing room todayo0020002012480501185[1] Reina








The CD that Sayu said she would hand to me signed at all costs:!!: :!!: :!!: :!!: :!!:Lol



Man, I’ve been listening to the songs since a while ago, Michishige-san。Lol lol



Moreover I was called『Reina-chan』and stuff since the time I debuted (Lol)



Is it okay if I auction off this CD?(´ψψ`)






I’m kiddiーーng :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: Lol



Thank you, all of Morning Musume。’14 :up: :up: :up: :up: :raburabu2: :kirakira:

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(It says “Good night”)



o0640064012940432213[1](It says “The LIVE was fun”)


Bye bye :heart:

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