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Good evening (^^) 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina


Today I had a certain job



Together with Suzuki Airi-chan from ℃-ute

And Kikkawa Yuu-chanーー007 Tere Kumai Yurina


Ignore the big stamp lol


Look forward to when I can tell you more about it 081 png202[1] UMA Okai081 png


I woke up early today


I took a nap after I was done with work, and so much time has passed、、、、、、


Will I be able to sleep properly todayー(´・ ・`)*downhearted*ーーー
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New unit


Good eveningー004 Kumai Yurina Reina



At this time



A new unit has been formed








★Tanazawa Reirin★



What a tasteful name!!!!!lololol



Reina at drums
Marin at tambourines。


It’s a band with just drums and tambourineーlol



An intense musical performance。





The musical performance would occasionally stop due to laughter。





Our concert plans are









For none to happen in our lifetimes。



We beg for your kindness。



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Grown-up Reina-chan

OtsukaReina 010 Kumai Yurina Reina
Today I had a wonderful, awesome job 079[1] kirakira reina png6913[1] Reina
I’ll let you see just a part of itー007 Tere Kumai Yurina


6913[1] Reina6913[1] Reina6913[1] Reina6913[1] Reina6913[1] ReinaGrown-up Reina-chan6913[1] Reina6913[1] Reina6913[1] Reina6913[1] Reina6913[1] Reina
A fine woman, with champagne in one hand, right? lol
It’ll appear on Koakuma ageha that’ll go on sale 30th October 511[1] Reina2850
The shooting was fun 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png173[1] Reina
All of you, make sure to buy itーーーー006[1] rabu love Kumai Yurina
Promise, okay031[2] Reina031[2] Reina031[2] Reina031[2] Reina
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Berryz Koubou

Everyone who’s always worked hard in the adult world as members of Hello! Project



for 12 years already including their time in the Hello Pro Kids 



With today being the last concert



though everyone will be advancing down their own different respective paths



I want them to do their best from now on making use of the experiences they acquired in Berryz Koubou‼︎



It’s really too bad I couldn’t go see their last concert↓↓



I wanted to see it、、



I pray so hard that today’s concert was a complete success :heart:



Thanks for the hard work until now



Do your best, okay!!!
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Nice shot!




Yesterday’s state of affairs


You know, Berryz’s Miyabi


sent this to me 3768-23768-23768-2






↓This is a good scene!!!!!



I thought this yesterday、but I don’t know how soon Sayu will return after this, and the picture I took with her and uploaded on my blog…could it be that yesterday was the last time for that tooー?。




With C-ute’s Maimi-chan, with whom I appeared yesterday as a surprise guest♪




And Nakazawa-san




I want to watch a Morning Musume。LIVE one more timeー23929[1]23929[1]


As expected、Tsunku-san’s songs are nice!!
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Thanks for your hard work!!

Sayu, you worked hard ’til the very end!


She’ll have all sorts of feelings, right?


But wasn’t she cool?


Sayu’s countenance has also changed since becoming a leader, and seeing her performance today, after a while of not seeing it


she was brimming with confidence even more than before, and after hurting her foot、without leaving the stage at all,


Sayu did her best to perform in a big way, with even just the upper half of her body。


That totally struck homeーー!!!


She had the best graduation ceremonyー!!






The song “Akai Freesia” she sang by herself。It was nostalgic, wasn’t it?


Since the three 6th gen members started from that song!!




Thanks for your hard work these twelve years, Sayu!!!!

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Michishige Sayumi-chan

Tomorrow is, at last, the day of my same-generation-member Michishige Sayumi-chan’s graduation ceremony。


Sayu will probably be nervous, huh 。


The day before Reina’s own graduation ceremony, I was so nervous I couldn’t sleep!!!


I was reeeally excited and happy, but when I thought that the end of my life in Morning Musume。was coming


it’s because it was such a big deal, and a once-in-a-lifetime day。


I was moved by the “Do your best!” messages that came from several people, and the “Thank you for these ten years” emails


It was a day in which I was able to think “Wow, everyone is thinking about Reina even this much”っ。


I think this is the feeling that only a person who has had a good graduation would understand。


I’m sure that with Sayu, too, the members will end up crying when tomorrow starts


and the staff whom Sayu relies on


will pat her on the shoulder、and say “Do your best”、


and each and every thing that happens will be valuable to her, resounding in her heart


and she’ll have a lot of nervousness and anxiety, but it will be fun


and before she knows it, it will be over。I think that’s the kind of day it will be!!!


For Reina, the happiest day in my life so far was my graduation from Morning Musume。!!!!


I’m sure that nothing in my lifetime will be able to surpass that day。


But、I want Sayu to graduate happily, with no regrets, like I did


Well, don’t worry; Sayu will be okay!


‘Cause the 6th gen members are the strongest, right!!!!!



Do your best!!!!!





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Sleeping soundly

Good morning 4378407[1]


I’m on my way from Okayama to Fukuokaaaーーーーa


Today I have two performances in my home town of Fukuoka


My Okayama hotel, you knowー


it was somehow spacious and neat, and I was able to sleep


Maybe Reina can’t sleep if the room is narrow and the lights are weirdly darkー :aseru: :aseru:


May today also be a day of roaring laughter lol lol

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Today, two years ago



I announced to everyone、”I’m doing LoVendoЯ with these members”っ‼︎




※Today I’ll be using “LoVendoЯ”、rather than the name in katakana (a form of Japanese syllabary; how she usually writes the name)。Lol




Two years is like, “It’s so looong” and in a flash, it goes by in the blink of an eye。



Two years ago, I hadn’t thought we would be able to get tie-ins like we are now, put out albums, appear on TV,  do a battle of the bands, or that I would get along this well with the membersー





















We also took a bunch of picturesー




Marin’s hair color is extremely different, huhー lol




Because everyone is cheering us on, it makes me glad that I’ve been doing this for two years up to just now, without returning home to Fukuoka!









Because we’ll do our best, with the four of us getting along and having fun from now on too




Oh yeah!


Reina, you know!


Even though I’m the type who always forgets the day I debuted、and I would realize it when Sayu told me


isn’t this time remarkable?!Isn’t it amazing?!


Leader Reina-chan
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From Ishida Ayumi-san

Today an email came to me from Morning Musume。’14’s Ishida Ayumi-chan


saying “I found this at the Shibuya statioーn :heart:






with this photo attached


This is a happy thingっっ*happy bounce*っ
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