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Thank you very much!

We just finished our event at Saitama’s ÆON LakeTown-sanー

There were lots of people who watched、 from little kids to the elderly

Thankfully, the weather was good ꒰*´∀`*꒱

The ceiling was high today、 and not just from the first flooe、 there were people watching from the second、 and third floor!!

From our point of view too, we could clearly see your faces (*^^*)

Thank you very much for giving us applause and taking photos and videos of us。

It was a realーly fun live performance, it feels like how Kitajima-senshu goes “It feels super great!” (≧∇≦)

I’d like to work even harder!!

We beg for your kindness!!


And after this from 5 past 8 p.m., we’ll be appearing on NHK Radio-san’s 「Netsunetsu PUREZEN! Touhyou Radio」!

Make sure to listen to it、 and please participate in the polls!


Well then、 it seems that the pictures on the previous blog post got erased、 so I’ll try uploading them once more!

Everyone、 how is it??

Once again、 Reina-san、 how is it?


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First Fukushima!

Our first Fukushima event has come to an end!!


To those who came to see us、 to those who were cheering us on from afar、 to those who were seeing Bitter & Sweet for the first time、 thank you very much!
There were also people who stopped while we were singing、 wondering 「What’s going on?」、 and took photos of us
Also、 there were all of you who came and watched us with your warm gazes、 it kind of gave us relief and we were able to sing!
I’m grateful…

Today after we made an appearance in a live broadcast by Radio Fukushima-san in the morning、 the announcer Yagi-san told us about this coffee cafe that everyone in Fukushima knows about、 「Coffee Gourmet」‼︎
We promptly made our way there…

It’s a store with a lovely atmosphere that calms you down。
And here it is、 「Meirii」 who was mentioned one blog post ago。

First appearance on my blog!

Pictured right is Meirii gazing at Coffee Gourmet’s most popular coffee bavarois!
⚠️ Actually there was ice cream placed on top of the bavarois、 but I took it off since I can’t eat it…(;_;)

It’s not that I dislike it!

If anything, I love it!!

And because of that, I’ll hold back until our major début!!!

I’ve got to do my best!!!!
Pictured left is Meirii gazing at banana caramel au lait!


Meirii is a sheep rucksack。

It’s so so cute that now it’s my favourite bag
But I don’t normally bring Meirii around with me、 when I’m doing promotions or taking an aimless Asahi trip、 I bring it out on special days!


And、 I’ve gotten into animal rucksacks…꒰◍ඹ౪ඹ◍꒱✨

The other day、 I saw someone in town carrying a similar Totoro rucksack、 so I’m dead-set on buying one if I ever find it

~Today’s three frames~
At the station



Otsuki-san who we worked with for the live broadcast at Radio Fukushima-san!
We brought out topics like Bitter & Sweet’s personality and the charms of our new songs、 and about tomorrow’s concert!

Yagi-san, who told us about Gourmet Coffee!
We had the opportunity to talk with Yagi-san when we were singing at 「Odore! Live Mania」!


Thank you very much!

And then、 the taxi driver-san who told us of lots of Fukushima prefecture’s good spots!

Thank you very much!

I’d like to come to Fukushima in my private time someday!

Tomorrow we’ll be promoting in Sendai!

Tomorrow from 1 p.m. at Tower Records Sendai Parco store-san’s in-store event space, we’ll be having an In-store Live!

Please make sure to come and see us!
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Good afternoon。

Did you listen to Radio Fukushima-san’s 「Smile!」?

It’s my first time at Fukushima、 but Radio Fukushima-san’s really cosy atmosphere surprised me!

Even though it was my first time, it didn’t feel like it was a first encounter✨
Thank you very much!

After this we’ll be heading to Koriyama to hold a in-store live performance at Tower Records Koriyama store-san!
It’ll start from 6 p.m. and it’s free to watch、 so to those who are nearby、 please make sure to come and have a look, okay‼️


Today I went out with my favourite rucksack!!

It’s named 「Meirii」!

I plan to put photos up on the blog with tonight’s update!
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It’s difficult…

At Five Stars2014, the event that was held on the 30th of December last year、 I wore clothes that were of a different genre than my usual!


Last year、 Reina-san gave me advice
「In winter、 wear shorts and long boots、 it’s stylish and cute! Give it a try!」
So I thought I’d put that advice to use this year

Also、 in Five Stars2014, I’d be appearing with LoVendoЯ-san、 so in order to get advice from Reina-san, I went wearing shorts + boots!

Having done that…

The shorts were shorter than I thought、 and my legs were sticking out so much that I was unbearably embarrassed…꒰◍ඹ◻︎ඹ◍꒱

I saw myself in the mirror before heading out、 and it didn’t feel like it was short though

To the extent that I wondered
Did the mirror lie to me!?(ーー;)

Besides、 Reina-san hadn’t come as she wasn’t doing so well on that day, so I couldn’t get her advice in the end


For the time being, I took a photo ⬇︎



Going to a rehearsal like that, I was really in a rush >_<

Once it was on my mind、 I ended up alーways being aware of it

Definitely、 no one noticed it though‥‥

But、 when Kaori-san, who does the drums for LoVendoЯ-san, said
「You're wearing trousers like Reina's!」
It made me glad that she noticed it (*uωu*)

The number of outfits I have that are from a genre I normally wouldn't buy have increased thanks to lucky-dip bags、 pink-coloured outfits that I've never worn before、 I'd like to bring myself up to the challenge!!



And that's what I'm thinking now‥‥ But‥‥ Will I be able to do it

[Translator’s note: Details of her appearances appended to the original blog post have been ommited]
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Idol soul!!

I went to watch Morning Musume。’14 Concert Tour Autumn GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Michishige Sayumi Sotsugyou Kinen Special~ FINAL!!




From beginning to end, it was a storm of deep emotion (ノ∀;`)


On my first stage appearance two years ago、 Michishige-san talked to me when I was in a panic and didn’t know what to do。

She was gentle、
And asked me
「Are you nervous?」。


It wasn’t just that、 she’d also ask to take photos whenever we were together in the dressing room…

She really looks out for those around her、 a senior who’s kind to her juniors!


But listening to the words of each and every comment from all of them to Michishige-san at today’s concert、 it fully conveyed how deeply everyone truly loves and respects Michishige-san!

And、 I’m one of them!


When Michishige-san hurt her leg and couldn’t dance at today’s concert、 seeing Michishige-san still singing and dancing with all her life、 she was really cool、 and、 really beautiful!

This might sound weird coming from me、

But Michishige-san is the soul of idols!!

That’s what I felt again today!



Michishige-san! Congratulations on graduating!
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I handed it over!

Good evening!



It was cold enough in Tokyo yesterday that snow fell!



The weather has been changing drastically recently、 has everyone been able to stick with their usual schedule?


The other day、 I handed over my Hokkaido souvenir to my sensei at a lesson。
(Refer to my blog post on the 
3rd of February)





I handed it over in a bag and upside down so that sensei wouldn’t know what the contents were。


Sensei「Thank you for all your troubleー! (Upon seeing the souvenir) Ah! Shiroi Koibito! I love it!



Me 「(What!! Sensei’s so happy thinking that it’s Shiroi Koibito!) Wait、erm! Please look carefully!><




Sensei「On the opposite side?… Shiroi、 Mori… ki? Is that how you read it?



Me「I’m sorry :aseru:  I had intended to buy Shiroi Koibito! But I’m definitely sure this is delicious as well!






And、 it was received joyfully in that way!


Thank god!



Switching topics、 it might be a bit sudden、 but I couldn’t find what I’m looking for。


My important music notes!


Where did I put it…


It’s a good thing I wrote my name on it…

I just hope I haven’t left it in Hokkaido :!!:


Today’s photo is a photo of me eating cheesecake from Miyazaki’s famous Little Angels cale store-san!


The cheesecake here is awesome!
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Good evening!



Tokyo was blessed with warm weather today!

Though I love the snow、I’m finding it good since I’m bad with the cold  :nikoniko:


Well then、today let me tell you all about something minor that happened to me。


There were some people who wrote it in the comments yesterday…



When I went to Hokkaido a couple of days ago、 I bought 「Shiroi Koibito」 as a souvenir!




… Or should I say、 I intended to buy it。



For the sensei who’s always been giving me guidance、 I thought that I’d get him 「Shiroi Koibito」 as a souvenir!、 and since the store was about to close I bought it in a rush。




And I didn’t notice that I had made a significant blunder…






While we were sorting out the souvenirs that various people had put in a bag!


「This is for sensei…… Ehっ… What the heck is this…!?



That’s right、 everyone had noticed its presence, but it was too late 、 instead of 「Shiroi Koibito」 I had made a mistake and bought a sweet called 「Shiroi Moriki」 :!!: :!!:



「Shiroi Moriki?Was that what I bought?」 I thought、 and it turns out that I did buy it。


↑Receipt {Arrow is pointing to ‘Shiroi Moriki’}



Apologies, sensei :aseru:
But there’s nothing that can be done any more…

I wonder what sort of response sensei will have …><

I think I want to report it in a future blog post。





P.S. I forgot to buy a Marimo for myself´ω;`)
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Good evening(^-^*)/



It’s gotten seriously cold.


How is everyone doing?


I’m still cheerful as ever!


It’s gotten cold all of a sudden, so please take care of your health.


By the way, today is Pocky Day :!!:


Furthermore, it’s also

Nurses’ Day (good day)

Battery Day (Put +and -together to form eleven)

Socks Day (1111←don’t they look like socks)

Nikuman Day ((11)」this looks like the nose of a pig)

Beansprouts Day

Chopsticks Day

Chimney day etc…



Somehow, when you put all the 1s together it’s like「Oooh :kirakira: 」.


For this year, today has the most significance :!!:

It’s LoVendoя’s Reina-san’s birthday!


Reina-san, happy birthday [*crackers*]


I’m always in Reina-san’s care on the YouTube program UF LICKS!


Furthermore, I got to perform as the opening act in their concerts, appeared on Music Festa together, and she’s always been nice to me :!!:


When we’re together, she teaches me stuff I wouldn’t have figured out what to do on my own, as well as giving me tips when I’m lost and teaching me to see things from a different point of view!
I’ll be in your care from now on too


Thank you so much ^^



Now then, the song I’m listening to today is Oku Hanako-san’s「Birthday!




This song is a favorite of my friends, and is full of memories for me!


When I met my friends back when I went back to Nagasaki the other time, they said「It’s a little early but Happy Birthday」and gave me presents while singing this song to me.


Next time when I want to send someone else off with a smile, I will be sure to pick this song every time!


It’s a great pop song that makes you think “it’s great to have been born!”

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Without even saying hello

Good evening!


I went to the park this morning, and when I started singing to myself, a foreigner who happened to be passing by clapped for me!


I was really happy but also a little embarassed :aseru: :aseru:



Now then, on a different topic, this is about something that happened last night.


Normally, so that my piano practice won’t be interrupted, I arranged with my mother for her to call me around 10pm at night.


So when the slightly sleepy me answered the phone, my mother suddenly said this.



Mom「What’s GranChanVolley short for?



She said this to me.


Without even saying hello first.



With me being half asleep
? How would I know



Mom「Then GraCoro?


※GraCoro…The name of a product from a McDonalds commercial

Mom「(lol)Oh, it’s just that there was a CM about GranChanVolley just now, and I thought Asahi might know! And then I thought of GraCoro right after that!




Me「Yeah, I never even thought about it!



We had such a conversation.


Afterwards my mother went「That’s all I wanted to ask! Bye!

>And then she hung up on me.



She really only wanted to ask just that.




But at the same time, I realized I liked such pointless conversations about daily life.




Also! Another of my Nagasaki-based documentaries has been uploaded to YouTube!

Please watch it if you like!

This time it shows me walking around Nagasaki with my friends!


The 3 of us climbing the hills of Nagasaki, and eating stewed pork buns etc!


There’s a lot this time too!

When I watched it myself, more than just the nostalgia, I was really grateful to my 2 friends.


Thanks for always supporting and smiling at me!



The song I listened to today is KOKIA-san’s「Arigatou」!



The singing and the lyrics resonate within my heart.


When something important to you is always nearby, you tend to take it for granted, so you only realize how much it means to you after you lose it.


It’s a song that tells us not to take things for granted, but to be thankful that they exist at all!


This song sinks deep into my heart :!!:

 (This is yesterday’s post)

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2 shows in a day!

Good evening^^



Today, the Hello!Pro Shop event’s emcee made a mistake with my name and called me「Tanaka Asahi」, but I’m Tasaki Asahi :bikkuri:


I was nervous too, but thanks to the emcee’s mistake, my anxiety melted away :nikoniko:

Thank you very much!^^*


Now then, the Hello!Pro Shop in Akibahara event has ended :redtulip:

To everyone who came in support, thank you very much!



There were some technical issues today, but I learned something new from that as well.


I got to sing Fukuyama Masaharu-san’s Sakurazaka for the first time in ages today!


It’s really been a while, and whenever I listen to it
I think it’s a really great song.


I sang Sakurazaka for the first show, but for the second I got to sing my as yet unreleased new song, Koi Gokoro :kirakira:


I was really nervous, but being able to sing it in front of everyone allowed me to figure out the parts where mistakes were easily made, among other things.


When I next sing this song, I will focus on these points for practice!


By the way, Koi Gokoro was uploaded as an unreleased song on satoyamachannel so please watch it if you like :music:


I’ll work hard for the next event :bikkuri:


I might just play that song next ^^


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