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Good evening!
Sorry it’s so late at night (^^)!


For some reason I’m not sleepy at all tonight、 I still can’t sleep T_T


Maybe I got exited watching the 2nd episode of The Chronicles of Narnia today?
Reepicheep was cute ♡

Have you watched The Chronicles of Narnia?
They’re really interesting!



Even though I’ve done tham I still can’t sleep~。
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I ate
Really really delicious shabu shabu
With a really really beautiful person in front of my eyes (^^)♡




It was great~(^^)♩







Sleep time。
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Juice=Juice’s 6th single that was released on the 8th of April
『Wonderful World/Ça va ? Ça va ?』、
Got 1st place on the Oricon Weekly Chartー(^^)♩


I’m glad that I got to meet all of Juice=Juice yesterday and congratulate them directly! (^^)♡
Even though I should’ve taken photos, I forgot!



And that’s why I have this photo ♩







Today’s Morning Musume。´15’s new single
『Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru / Yuugure ha Ameagari /
Ima Koko Kara』 will be released!

Everyone, I’m counting on you to check it out!



This photo again。


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Have a look, k ♩

Today、 at the Hello! Project link、 there’s a place you can click for the reopened history of Berryz Kobo!

If you do that, you’ll get to fully understand our roughly 13 years of history from the time when we joined as the Hello! Project Kids (^^)
Fully! lol



The Berryz Selection corner that was in Haro! Sute
You can watch all of it on Berryz Kobo’s channel on YouTube⁈
What do you know! There are things that haven’t been made public, so check it out ok!
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♡!♡ Gathering ♡!♡

Today was sunny sunny sunny ✌︎


Our schedules matched up the other day, so the 4 of us went for a meal ♩



It’s been a while!
For all of us, noーーthing’s changed at all!
Ah! But、 Miya’s hair changes every time we meet!
Shimizu-chan was small as usual and Kumai-chan was huge (^^)♩ lol
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I was surprised to see the news about Tsunku♂-san。
Tsunku♂-san taught us all sorts of things。
Singing、 dancing、 health。
Tsunku♂-san is someone who’s like a father to us。

He came to watch Berryz Kobo’s Budokan performance on the 3rd of March。 He praised my smile until the very end、 which made me really glad!

I think that I’d like to once again continue to treasure Berryz Kobo’s songs that Tsunku♂-san made!


I’ll do my best too!
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You all thought that the resumption of my blog was an April Fool’s prankー!lol
You’re horーーーーrible! lol

Honestly (^^)
I’ll be blogging at my owーーーーーn pace!




In my blogging break、 I made strawberry daifuku!
THE girlishness ♡ lol




You know、I just suddenly thought about trying to make itー When I took on the challenge
What do you know! It was a great success‼︎

It was at the level of what you’d get from a delicious strawberry daifuku-store-sanー! lol




Doesn’t it look good?(^^)


I really made it alone!
I got great praise from my grandfather and grandmother (^^)♩

I’ll make it again (^^)♩







So, until I update again someday!

Do you know about typing?(^^)
It’s not diving? lol
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It’s been a while since I blogged ♩

It’s been ages since I blogged ♩♩♩
Is everyone doing wellー?(^^)
I’m doing fineー!!!



From today、 I’ll be updating my blogーーー (^^)♩
I beg for your kindness (^^)!
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Good afternoon!
What day is it todayー?(^^)







Today is Tsugunaga Momoko’s birthday!!
23 years old!!
Many happy returns (^^)!
You’ll turn 30 soーon。。。


Yesterday I fell asleep before 12, so I couldn’t message her right on the dot。。。

Momochi’s trademark apology
Yu、 yuru、 yurushi







Gomennasai ne~
Meaning ‘I’m sorry’, from Country Girls’ ‘Itooshikutte Gomen ne’









At any rate, many happy returns on your 23rd!







Thank you very much to everyone for your many comments (^^)!




I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a while、 but please wait for me to start again someday (^^)♡
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