Tokunaga Chinami

I love Berryz Kobo。

Good evening。


This is an announcement for everyone。
It was announced at today’s Hello! Project concert held at Nakano Sunplaza、
That we, Berryz Kobo, will enter an indefinite suspension of activity、 from the spring of next year。




Looking on from the stage、 there were people who were in tears、 and there were people who were surprised、 each and every 1 of you had all sorts of facial expressions。





Having always been together with the members、it’s become something natural to me。
Let’s enjoy to the fullest, the time we have left until the spring of next year。





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I’m going to bed.
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Good afternoon~

Right now I’m at a secret shoot♪
For lunch I’m having a Jojoen lunch set~(^^)♡




Mm~♡ Happy♪
With this I’ll do my best at the rest of the shoot!




And then, I went and saw the Gekidan Otona no Mugicha play “Yubi ni Nokoru Kaori”(^^)


Though GekiHaro is finished, I want to put on a play with everyone again!

“Yubi ni Nokoru Kaori” is showing at Shinjuku Kinokuniya Hall, so be sure to see it, everyone!!!



Also, my mama and I went to eat at a gyoza restaurant in Yoyogi recently♡


It was delicious and made me happy♡



That’s all!
Back to the shoot!
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Nervous pimple.

Good evening.


Listen, while eating lunch at the Budoukan rehearsal, something reaaaaaaaaaaally happy happened!



Here. This is the normal lunch for everyone.


And then, this is Chinami’s lunch!


Do you get it?
There’s 2 dried plum in mine♪
It’s a special lunch! Lucky☆






I thought it was a sign our Budoukan concert would be a big success, but then a punk appeared.

That right. A pimple.
It wasn’t on my face the morning of the Budoukan concert, but when I looked in the mirror after rehearsal, there was one under my nose T_T
It appeared even though it was the day of our long-awaited Budoukan concert.



And then, that punk’s still on my face.




Go away quickly.
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Dream. dream. dreaM. DREAM.

Good morning!


Yesterday’s concert at Budoukan was reaaaaaaaaaaaally fun!



The view from the stage really made it look like we were in space.
I’m happy that there were a lot of people even all the way in the back.




The Budoukan concert was one of Berryz Koubou’s dreams.
My nervousness was off the charts before the performance. lol

My legs were trembling the eeeeentire time until the second half(^^)

I was limp after it was over…lol



But right now I’m relieved that it ended without any issues and a little sad it’s over.

Everyone, thank you so much!




I was so excited I couldn’t sleep at all last night, so right now I’m reaaaaaaaaaaaaally sleepy!

That said, I will go to bed.
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November 29th
Berryz Koubou’s first solo concert at Nippon Budoukan!


At any rate, let’s enjoy it!




I’m starvi~ng…
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Various things of life. Now.

I’m full.

Budoukan is a week away.
I’m nervous for some reason right now.

I just got into bed, so it’s cold.
Warm up quickly.

I gulped down the tororo rice I just ate like a drink.
I regret not chewing it more.

I burned my finger while boiling ramen, and it hurts.
I’m struggling against the stinging pain. I’m determined to endure it.
I put Oronine ointment on it. Start working quickly.

When I look at my room spread out in front of me now, it’s messy for some reason, and it makes me depressed.

I’ll close my eyes so I won’t care about the messiness.



I’ll close my eyes.






I’ll sleep.
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Today is “Opayo!” Shimi-chan’s birthday!!!

Alright, let’s all sing♪

A~ll together!

♪Happy birthday to you~
♪Happy birthday to you~
♪Happy birthday dear
♪Happy birthday to you~





All together now!

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The result of the Holland match was a tie T_T



I watched soccer at the hotel in Hokkaido with Rii-san.
Rii-san took the picture. lol

But today’s match was interesting, even though I could only watch the second half(^^)



When they scored a second time, this is how excited I was. lol


Ah. Even though I’m 21-years-old. lol






Tomorrow’s the last day of NaruChik!
Let’s make it exciting.

Alright, bed time.
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Are you watchin’ soccer?
Japan X Holland!!!
Do you best!!!!!
The most important part starts now!
I hope there’s no tie and Japan wins!



Today we had an event in Hokkaido, and it was really fun!
I ate a lot of delicious things,
so it was a happy day♡


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