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Something I forgot!

Good day (^^)!
It’s been a while since I blogged!!!

It’s already autumn!


I forgot a bit about what I blogged、 and noticed something!



Do you remember this?(^^)
A question to all of you!
I never answered it!
I really do apologiseー(^^)

The answer is


A sealー(^^)
Doesn’t it look like an eggplant???



Don’t catch a cold, okayー!
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Yesterday I met with my great-seniors Inaba-san and Iida-san (^^)♩
Also Omitsu-san as well (^^)♩


We talked for about 2 hoursーーー!!
I’ve never talked so much with my seniors like this before、 so it was a bit weird (^^)!
It was a really lovely timeーーーーーー!!
H!P’s the best!
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Good evening (^^)!


It’s now September!
I guess it’s about time for autumn?




This year will be the autumn of reading!!!
That’s what I decided!!!
Commencing with the strategy to increase my knowledge!!!
I’m reading this book todayーーー160 Uchuujin Tokunaga Chinami
I hope I don’t get bored of it。


Sekai no Zekkei Palette 100 - Palette of the World's Stunning Vistas

Sekai no Zekkei Palette 100 – Palette of the World’s Stunning Vistas

I’ve hit upon lots of places I want to go to! lol





Tomorrow, September 10th, is ℃-ute no Hi :music:





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Kobushi Factory



It’s Tagucchi-senpai (Taguchi Natsumi-chan)(^^)!




Today’s the 2nd of September!
The day of Kobushi Factory’s major début!

I met with all of Kobushi Factory today (^^)♡


I’m doing the 『What an idiot~!』 pose with Tagucchi ♩




Congratulations on your major début (^^)♩
Let’s go for ramen together next time ♩
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Everyone, it’s been a while ♩
Are you doing wellーーーー?


Today, the 25th of August, is Miya’s birthday ♩ :xmas:
23 years old ♩♩♩
How grown-upーーーーーーーー(^^)!


If you get more tanned than me again, I’ll show you how to prevent skin damage ♡










Good night!
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Nostalgic memories♡

On right: 'Best friends'

On right: ‘Best friends’

I found a nostalgic photo!!!

It’s a photo I took together with ℃-ute’s Maimi at Disneyland over 10 years ago!!!

We’ve always liked Pooh-san ever since we were small、 so we took it in front of Pooh-san’s Honey Hunt~(^^)♩



All said and done, our pose is youthful!!!!!




I want to go to Disney~(^^)!
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Today I just happened to meet
My best friend Maapii (^^)♡

It’s been a while since we last met~(^^)♩








She really does calm me down。。。
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Tokkuma ♩

I met Kumai-chan todayー(^^)♡
It’s been a while ♩





We stood and talked for 2.30 minutes! lol
A flower bloomed as we talked ♩





I’d like to do another rap ~(^^)♩

★ Tokkuma’s latest rap ★

Doon! Doon! Doon!

Kyou mo Ame。 (It’s raining today)
Itsumo Ame。 (Always raining)

Doon! Doon!

Dakedo Watashi no Kokoro Hare。 (But my heart’s sunny)
Ki wo Hare。 (My mood is sunny)
Mune Hare。 (Chest held high)
Haru Mune nakute Kibun Sage。 (If my chest isn’t held high, my mood drops)

Doon! Doon!




This was performed at Kumai-chan’s birthday surprise the other day ♩


What do you think? lol
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Kuma Kuma Kuma

Today is Kumai-chan’s birthday (^^)♩
Many happy returns!



We’ve promised to go for a massage since forever! But since I still haven’t found the tickets、 it’ll have to wait!
I’ll search for them with everything I’ve got! lol


Hope you have a wonderful yearーーー♩
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