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Half year!

Are all of you doing well~?
I’m doing extremely well *\(^o^)/*


Half a year has passed since I went to study abroad!
Time really does fly! lol
I can’t believe that half a year has passed since I came here!

There’s been all sorts of things that I’ve noticed(^^)?
The very first thing that comes to mind is that I really am bad at studies! lol
School is tons of fun、 but I hate just studying all the time! It really isn’t to my liking~(^^) lol
So I’m learning by doing the things I like、 constantly watching Disney movies in English (Ones with subtitiles♩) and talking with my friends♩

I’ve also been writing a daily journal, you know?
Just the day before yesterday, I’ve written up to the very end of the notebook that I’ve been using since January ♩


Even though I could keep up my journals for only 3 days in Japan! lol
It’s all tattered up~!
In a good sense♩


At the start
I would write

This as Dis

♩ lol


See (≧∇≦) lol

Obviously I don’t do it now?(^^;;


Anyway, lotttts of things happened in this half-year!

I’ve never mentioned this、 but on the night that I arrived here、 I had a teething fever、 so I left school early on my first day and took the next day off. I was surprised that something so unthinkable happened ( ̄▽ ̄) lol
I’m unexpectedly delicate ♡♡♡


Well anyway、 I’m grateful for these days of learning, and I’ve got to treasure the time spent ♩





Well, I’ve got an overwhelming lack of vocabulary in class, so I’ll do my bestーーー ( ̄▽ ̄)
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How? lol





I hope to become peace in the earth.


I can’t become the earth, can I! lol
My teacher wrote ‘How?’! lol

What’s more!
My name’s written at the place for ‘Date:’!
What horrible writing!


This is how my English is like (^^) lol
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Name ♩

It’s now June~!
How quick!
It’s winter over here!

Thank you for all your birthday comments (^^)!


Which reminds me、 every time I go to Starbucks, my name will definitely get written wrongly, maybe because of my bad pronunciation >_< lol







Since it’s turned out like this, I decided to give up chinami
And try out Diana!

And then!




It got throughーーーーーー♩

It’s settled, I’ll go with Diana from now on ♡







I found a lovely waterfall some time ago (^^)
I’m doing well (^^)

As usual, I feel sleepy every day。 lol
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Happy birthday to me:)

Today’s the 22nd of May
I’ve turned 24ー(^^)!
I can’t believe it!!!!!

On the day of my birthday、 I went to a place where you can see wild seals (^^)!





Isn’t it awesome?
Are these babies all wild?
They’re taking a nap on the shore‼︎
They were really adorable (^^)!


You can watch them more closely than you can at the aquarium, and I could hear them snoring as they slept ♩


It was an awesome birthday!




It’s been 5 months since I left to study abroad、 but occasionallyーーー
I suddenly feel lonely, but it’s not homesickness、 I’m having fun!


And it was test week the other day、 and I came 1st in the class for the sparking test and writingーーーー!



Reading and listening were sunken ships。
I didn’t really listen to what people talked about when I was in Japan、 so maybe that’s what happened when I came here?
And I didn’t read books in Japan either! lol


I’ll do my best for the next one!








In the past, I wouldn’t have written such a long blog post、 so my level of writing has gone up quite significantly! lol
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It’s been a while

Today I had a listening test. I was happy to get a high score! Reading test was difficult for me. I want learn vocabulary because if I don’t know a lot of vocabulary maybe I can’t read English so that’ why I want to learn it:)

[Note: Above was as written in original blog post]

It’s been a while since I blogged。。。


This week was test weekー(^^)
It’s endedーーー!
Suchー aー joyー!

In order to raise my motivation
I’ll be telling you all my marks!!!

Listening full marks
Reading 10/15
Grammar 39.5/50
Writing 11/12
That’s it (^^)!


Marks that would have been unthinkable to the old me!!!
I miss the times when I was called a genius!
You can’t simply say that you’re a genius if you’ve only just started learning (^^) lol
I’ve grown up。。。♩


I’ll go up in class next week!!!



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An important day

It’s been quite a while! lol

Today is the 3rd of March!
Berryz Kobo’s 12th anniversary!!!



1 year since we entered our hiatus!
I couldn’t hold back my feelings of unease、 but I’m still really enjoying myself now (^^)!
I may not be in Japan right now、 but I’d like to see them all when I get back~(^^)!




Let’s celebrate it again next year (^^)
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It’s been a while!!!
Are you all doing well?

I’m currently on the phone with Shimizu-chan! lol
I said to her!
That I’ll be making a blog post for her!(^^)



Seems like Shimizu-chan’s doing well!

I’m doing well too!
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26th January

[Note: The original post was completely in English, and is presented here without any alterations]

Today is sunny!!! It’s very hot day!!!
After school I went to the shoppingmall with my friends✨
I ate yogurt ice❤️ it was very delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today I go back at home by bus I used the bus second time!!
Today I’m tired…….
I will go to bed early!! Good night

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Over a month has passed since I started studying overseas! I’m still completely unable to speak English (^^) I can hold a conversation at restaurants or when I’m buying ice cream…

留学してから1カ月以上経ちました! まだ全く英語喋れない(^^) レストランとかアイス買う時とか、会話するんだけど結局、笑顔でごまかすクセがついてるの笑 でも留学してすっごくよかったなって思う(^^) 日本にいたら会えない人たちとお友達になれて、たくさんの人に支えてもらってます! だから絶対に英語喋れるようになる!!! とりあえずジェスチャーを控えめにしなきゃね。笑 明日からまた学校だから寝ます! Good night❤️ #こんなに勉強について考えるの初めて。 #とりあえず #毎日 #英語で #日記書いてます #学校 #楽しい!

A photo posted by Chinami Tokunaga (@chinami.tokunaga) on

Over a month has passed since I started studying overseas!
I’m still completely unable to speak English (^^) I can hold a conversation at restaurants or when I’m buying ice cream、 but in the end、 I have this habit of dodging with a smile lol

But I’m really glad that I went to study abroad (^^)
I’ve become friends with people that I wouldn’t have met had I stayed in Japan、 and I received the support of many people!
So I’ll definitely become able to speak English!!! For the time being, I should moderate my gestures。 lol

I’ve still got school tomorrow, so I’ll be going to sleep!
Good night❤️ #ThisIsTheFirstTimeI’veThoughtAboutStudyingInSuchAWay。
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I think that you guys would be interested, so here are the results of my tests


I made mistakes (^^)!



I made really easy mistakesー!


Even though I scored full marks on Thursday’s test!!!




Well, I’ll do my best on the next one (^^)!
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