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Yesterday, the 22nd of November、 was the birthday of Berryz Kobo’s captain Shimizu Saki-chan (^^)!

Many happy returns (^^)♡

If we’re talking about Captain、、、

She has this image as a dancer, but for me it’s definitely got to be this!



No matter what age Captain becomes、
I want her to stick through with saying ‘Opayo!!!’!!!(^^)




So this year too, everyone
Oneーーーーーーーーーーーーー two!



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Good evening~(^^)♩

Something happened that made me really happy!

With Berryz Kobo’s last single
『Romance wo Katatte/ Towa no Uta』
We made a triple update for
「Top Rank」
「First week sales」
「Cumulative sales」~(^^)♡


It’s thanks to everyone!
Thank you so very much (^^)!

I want lots of people to listen to it~


I’ll continue to do my best from now on (^^)♡
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Berryz Kobo’s new song went on sale today ♩
Everyone, did all of you GET a copy~?(^^)

『Romance wo Katatte』
『Towa no Uta』
Both are wonderful songs, so check them out ♩
The outfits look good tooー(^^)!


And on the 21st of January
Our best album 「Kanjuku Berryz Kobo The Final Completion Box」
Will go on saleー (^^)♩
There’ll be a new song in it, so please look forward to it!








This was announced at today’s event
On the 3rd of March next year、 we’ll be having a Nippon Budokan concert!
On that day、 Berryz Kobo will cease activities for the time being。




28 Feb (Sat)、1 Mar (Sun) There’ll be a LIVE concert at Ariake Coliseum!




Every day really passes in the blink of an eye。。。
Each and every day is precious。


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It’s come again~。
It’sーー arーー rivedーー。









You want to know just what it is that’s come?





Growing pains。
Even though I’m already 22 years old, my legs might be growing longer、 occasionally I get growing pains。。。

Tonight, I’ll raise my feet hiーーーgh and go to sleep。


Good night。



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Happy Halloween♡

    ♡Happy Halloween♡

Today is Halloween ♩
Berryz Kobo had a concert in Sapporo ♩

You know, it was realーーーーly fun ♩
Everyone was dressed up ♩



Don’t we look greatー?(^^)




I was dressed up
As Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story (^^)





Wearing this full-blown outfit was greatー♩




I’m going off to eat crab now, so bye byーe。
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Recently we’ve been to all sorts of places for concerts or events ♩
The Nagoya concert was a blastー♩

Today、 we just dawdled in the Kyoto town before the concert~(^^)♩



Kiyomizu-dera ♡



Nature’s truly great, right ♩


Senbon torii ♡






Maasa and I were counting the number of torii、 but since we didn’t have time, we only counted up to 473 (^^)♩




We had delicious pike (^^)





It’s really heart-warming to get in touch with nature (^^)♡
Everyday feels plentiful♩




Well since I’m sleepy, I’ll go to bed~
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Extremely fun!

The 2nd day of the Zama performances of our autumn tour ended without a hitch (^^)♩
Concerts are fun!

Extremely fun!



After the concert、 Maa tidied up the dressing room (^^)!
It’s only at these kind of times、 she’s completely not an idol but a MAMA。 lol

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★ Naruchika ★

Good evening!

We had a Naruchika concert in Ehime today (^^)

All of us went to have oudon for lunch (^^)♡


It was really delicious ♩
And the concert was really pumped up ♩





Tomorrow’s Tokushima Naruhika performance has been suspended due to the effect of Typhoon 19。。。
Sorry to those who were looking forward to it。

























Yurushite-nyan ♡。。。。。




(Sorry。 This pose was the limit, I couldn’t smile at all。 lol)



For some reason, today we did this absurd hairdo。




Although my charm point is my smile、 I couldn’t smile at all in these photos。
There’s still a ways for me to go。


I’ll do my best! lol
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I love Berryz Kobo。

Good evening。


This is an announcement for everyone。
It was announced at today’s Hello! Project concert held at Nakano Sunplaza、
That we, Berryz Kobo, will enter an indefinite suspension of activity、 from the spring of next year。




Looking on from the stage、 there were people who were in tears、 and there were people who were surprised、 each and every 1 of you had all sorts of facial expressions。





Having always been together with the members、it’s become something natural to me。
Let’s enjoy to the fullest, the time we have left until the spring of next year。





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I’m going to bed.
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