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Are you all doing well⁇

It’s slowly getting warmer over here (^^)
So I’m living every day to the fullest, going on walks with friends and eating huge hamburgers ♩




I also made some meat sauce♩



It was really delicious ♩




My studies have gotten way way harder recently。。。



Those relative clauses。。。
Even having read it, I have no idea what it’s about (T ^ T)

Studying really is difficult〜T_T




Well, I’ll do my best, bit by bitーーーー(^^)!
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Wha do you think?

[T/N: The following paragraphs were originally written in English and have been left untouched]

Cooking and housework should be taught at school.

Agree or disagree?????

My opinion is disagree.

●If a school teaches cooking and housework to students,their parents will not do it anymore. They will think it’s not their job and if their children can’t cook and do housework they will complain and they will tell the school. For example “why can’t our children cook and do homework, I think it’s because of your school ” so my opinion is that parents teach both cooking and housework to their children.

●If children and parents do things together, they can have good relationships. I think at the moment many children don’t speak with their parents enough. So they can’t talk about their problems to each other. They should speak more.

●If students are taught cooking at school they might use gas stoves and knives. Actually, this problem depends on the school. For example, when I was at junior high school my class had 37 students with 1 teacher. So it’s too many students for just 1 teacher. So if there are not many students in a class they can use gas stoves and knives,but if there are a lot of students in the class I think they shouldn’t. Because the teacher can’t watch all the students at the same time.

●On the other hand, I think it’s good idea for children to learn how to clean up after themselves. If parents and teachers always clean up for the children, they will never be able to clean up for themselves.

●In conclusion, I don’t think it’s a good idea that students learn to cook at school,but I think that they should learn how to clean.


[T/N: The following statements were written in Japanese and have been translated]

What do you guys think?(^^)

The way we’re doing classwork is changing recently、 we’re giving speeches about our own opinions in front of the class!!!
It’s really difficult〜♩







、、、Could all of you understand it?(^^)
My previous self would have 100% not understood it〜。lol
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keep it up:)

Happy birthday to Yurina




I thought about writing a blog post today as it’s been so long、 but I’ve got nothing to write about in particular‼︎^o^



I cut my hair yesterday ♩

It really is more comfy when it’s shorter ♩
I cut about 20 centimeters?

It was refreshing ♡




Also、 I’ve recently been doing a lot of rock climbing with a friend!

This is another way that I’m growing!
I couldn’t get to the top at first, but now I’m able to get to the highest point ♩



As for English、、、


It’s difficult!!
Things like Past sentences change depending on the action、 and with things like verb phrases? I have no ideaー(。-_-。)
I hate studying!!!
But nothing will get started if I don’t do anything!

And so, I’ll do my bestー(^^)♩

Since I don’t want to have it remain as just a regret when I look back in the future!
I’m currently finding it difficult, and I’m sleepy、 but no matter how sleepy I am、 even if I really would like to go to sleep, I’ll do my best!!!




Can I do it?


I can do it!!!!!!
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A joyous time♩

My tests have endedーーーー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’ve never focused so much for tests before! lol


And now、 my usual custom of announcing my scores after I’m done with tests!
I was really hopeless to begin with、 so I had no shame about announcing my low test scores v(^-^)v
Like, what’s wrong with low test scores?! lol


This is how I did this time around!

Grammar 81/100
Reading 10/15
Listening 14/20
Writing 10/12
Speaking 13/15




And I’ve got classes from tomorrow!!!
But、 I’ve got to put my soul into them due to my underwhelmingly tiny vocabulary♩
Lots of words look similar。。。
For example! lol

I’m ready

Well, at any rate, I’ll enjoy myselfーーー(^^)






Dearest Mumu
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Half year!

Are all of you doing well~?
I’m doing extremely well *\(^o^)/*


Half a year has passed since I went to study abroad!
Time really does fly! lol
I can’t believe that half a year has passed since I came here!

There’s been all sorts of things that I’ve noticed(^^)?
The very first thing that comes to mind is that I really am bad at studies! lol
School is tons of fun、 but I hate just studying all the time! It really isn’t to my liking~(^^) lol
So I’m learning by doing the things I like、 constantly watching Disney movies in English (Ones with subtitiles♩) and talking with my friends♩

I’ve also been writing a daily journal, you know?
Just the day before yesterday, I’ve written up to the very end of the notebook that I’ve been using since January ♩


Even though I could keep up my journals for only 3 days in Japan! lol
It’s all tattered up~!
In a good sense♩


At the start
I would write

This as Dis

♩ lol


See (≧∇≦) lol

Obviously I don’t do it now?(^^;;


Anyway, lotttts of things happened in this half-year!

I’ve never mentioned this、 but on the night that I arrived here、 I had a teething fever、 so I left school early on my first day and took the next day off. I was surprised that something so unthinkable happened ( ̄▽ ̄) lol
I’m unexpectedly delicate ♡♡♡


Well anyway、 I’m grateful for these days of learning, and I’ve got to treasure the time spent ♩





Well, I’ve got an overwhelming lack of vocabulary in class, so I’ll do my bestーーー ( ̄▽ ̄)
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How? lol





I hope to become peace in the earth.


I can’t become the earth, can I! lol
My teacher wrote ‘How?’! lol

What’s more!
My name’s written at the place for ‘Date:’!
What horrible writing!


This is how my English is like (^^) lol
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Name ♩

It’s now June~!
How quick!
It’s winter over here!

Thank you for all your birthday comments (^^)!


Which reminds me、 every time I go to Starbucks, my name will definitely get written wrongly, maybe because of my bad pronunciation >_< lol







Since it’s turned out like this, I decided to give up chinami
And try out Diana!

And then!




It got throughーーーーーー♩

It’s settled, I’ll go with Diana from now on ♡







I found a lovely waterfall some time ago (^^)
I’m doing well (^^)

As usual, I feel sleepy every day。 lol
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Happy birthday to me:)

Today’s the 22nd of May
I’ve turned 24ー(^^)!
I can’t believe it!!!!!

On the day of my birthday、 I went to a place where you can see wild seals (^^)!





Isn’t it awesome?
Are these babies all wild?
They’re taking a nap on the shore‼︎
They were really adorable (^^)!


You can watch them more closely than you can at the aquarium, and I could hear them snoring as they slept ♩


It was an awesome birthday!




It’s been 5 months since I left to study abroad、 but occasionallyーーー
I suddenly feel lonely, but it’s not homesickness、 I’m having fun!


And it was test week the other day、 and I came 1st in the class for the sparking test and writingーーーー!



Reading and listening were sunken ships。
I didn’t really listen to what people talked about when I was in Japan、 so maybe that’s what happened when I came here?
And I didn’t read books in Japan either! lol


I’ll do my best for the next one!








In the past, I wouldn’t have written such a long blog post、 so my level of writing has gone up quite significantly! lol
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It’s been a while

Today I had a listening test. I was happy to get a high score! Reading test was difficult for me. I want learn vocabulary because if I don’t know a lot of vocabulary maybe I can’t read English so that’ why I want to learn it:)

[Note: Above was as written in original blog post]

It’s been a while since I blogged。。。


This week was test weekー(^^)
It’s endedーーー!
Suchー aー joyー!

In order to raise my motivation
I’ll be telling you all my marks!!!

Listening full marks
Reading 10/15
Grammar 39.5/50
Writing 11/12
That’s it (^^)!


Marks that would have been unthinkable to the old me!!!
I miss the times when I was called a genius!
You can’t simply say that you’re a genius if you’ve only just started learning (^^) lol
I’ve grown up。。。♩


I’ll go up in class next week!!!



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An important day

It’s been quite a while! lol

Today is the 3rd of March!
Berryz Kobo’s 12th anniversary!!!



1 year since we entered our hiatus!
I couldn’t hold back my feelings of unease、 but I’m still really enjoying myself now (^^)!
I may not be in Japan right now、 but I’d like to see them all when I get back~(^^)!




Let’s celebrate it again next year (^^)
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