Tokunaga Chinami

My Rival ♡

The 3 performances at Nakano Sunplaza have ended (^^)!
I’m definitely feeling my age! lol




I’ve never had a rival before、
But now there’s Morning Musume。’15′s 12th generation member Nonaka-san! She’s my junior、 but since I respect her、 I’m using 『san』! lol



Nonaka-san lived in America for 8 years, and is fluent in English~!
I heard the rumours、 but today I tried talking with her in English!
She was amazing!

I had a conversation in English with Nonaka-san on-stageー♩








。。。With wiggle room! lol
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Buddies ♡

Everyone~ You doing well~?
I’m doing greatー(^^)!



We’ve got a concert at Nakano Sunplaza today ♩
In the morning, BeriKyuu had a photo shoot for UTB that’ll go on sale in February and for the front cover of Hello! Pro BEST SHOT! that’ll go on sale in March (^^)


It’s been 12 years since we first met‼︎
We’re the best of buddies (^^)♡








The photo shoot was a place that was like a school、 and it was really nostalgic~。



This nostalgic deskー。。。
If I studied hard and properly at this desk、 maybe I’d become even more intelligent~
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Happy New Year!







It was really fun to celebrate the opening of the year with everyone ♩
Being alone 1 minute before the year breaks makes me restless!




How quick~。

Everyone, I’m begging for your kindness this year as well!
Let’s have a fun year together ♩


♩ Won’t you wish me a happy new year ♩

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2014 is about to end soon!
It passed in the blink of an eye~!


Thank you very much to everyone for this year!
What sort of year was 2014~?
For me, lots of things happened、 but it was funーーー(^^)!



Thank you so very much♩



Bye byーe 2014!
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I’ve updated 2 times again today~!


In the break between rehearsals、 Captain went and bought a mid-afternoon snack for us (^^)♩



She bought chilled mandarins for Chinamiー(^^)♡

Shimi-chan, thank you!
How generous!


Compare that with Tsugunaga、 who’s the same age。
Aren’t you buying anything for us?




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I am happy♩

Today’s Berryzmas event was fun ♩
I shouted out from the bottom of my heart!


It was blissー!!!






♡ 3 Idiots ♡
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First time in this universe!

I have an important announcement for everyoneー!

What do you know!
What dooooo you know!

Late night tonight on 『BZS1422』 at 12.30 midnight, the song from our album that’ll be released in January、 『Love together!』 will played on air for the first time in this universe ♩
You have to listen to it, okay!







Getting in a hammock, I was almost on the ground。
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♡ Crab crab〜 ♡


The other day、 after having promised waーーーーーy long ago
Maimi and I went for crab ♩




It was realーーーーly delicious (^^)
We talked a lot about all sorts of things、 and the time went by in a moment!




♡ Crabs and a beauty ♡
What an awesome combination ♩

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Berryz Kobo’s hall tours came to an end today!
It was really fun!
Alーl of us cried~


The final song of our hall tours
Was a song entitled 『Chotto Samishiina』, ‘It’s a little sad’、、、
But I’m quite sad‼︎


I’ve got all sorts of thoughts about today’s concert、 but I’m not that good with long words、 so I’ll end this here。



I wasn’t just a little sad, I was quite sad (^^)


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Yokohama Arena

It was really cold today!
It’s already winter, I guess。
It’s cold。



And so today, I went to see Morning Musume。’14 perform LIVE in Yokohama Arena。



Yokohama Arena’s nostalgic。


Michishige-san was really really cute~。
I watched today’s concert while thinking about lots and lots of things!
Everyone on stage was really sparkling, and the fans were sparkling too、 it was truly amazing how Yokohama Arena felt like it had become one!

Seeing today’s concert、 it made me feel like having a concert right now ♩



By all accounts, it was a wonderful concert♩
And to Michishige-san, many congratulations on your graduation (^^)!
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