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Everyone, it’s been a while ♩
Are you doing wellーーーー?


Today, the 25th of August, is Miya’s birthday ♩ :xmas:
23 years old ♩♩♩
How grown-upーーーーーーーー(^^)!


If you get more tanned than me again, I’ll show you how to prevent skin damage ♡










Good night!
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Nostalgic memories♡

On right: 'Best friends'

On right: ‘Best friends’

I found a nostalgic photo!!!

It’s a photo I took together with ℃-ute’s Maimi at Disneyland over 10 years ago!!!

We’ve always liked Pooh-san ever since we were small、 so we took it in front of Pooh-san’s Honey Hunt~(^^)♩



All said and done, our pose is youthful!!!!!




I want to go to Disney~(^^)!
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Today I just happened to meet
My best friend Maapii (^^)♡

It’s been a while since we last met~(^^)♩








She really does calm me down。。。
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Tokkuma ♩

I met Kumai-chan todayー(^^)♡
It’s been a while ♩





We stood and talked for 2.30 minutes! lol
A flower bloomed as we talked ♩





I’d like to do another rap ~(^^)♩

★ Tokkuma’s latest rap ★

Doon! Doon! Doon!

Kyou mo Ame。 (It’s raining today)
Itsumo Ame。 (Always raining)

Doon! Doon!

Dakedo Watashi no Kokoro Hare。 (But my heart’s sunny)
Ki wo Hare。 (My mood is sunny)
Mune Hare。 (Chest held high)
Haru Mune nakute Kibun Sage。 (If my chest isn’t held high, my mood drops)

Doon! Doon!




This was performed at Kumai-chan’s birthday surprise the other day ♩


What do you think? lol
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Kuma Kuma Kuma

Today is Kumai-chan’s birthday (^^)♩
Many happy returns!



We’ve promised to go for a massage since forever! But since I still haven’t found the tickets、 it’ll have to wait!
I’ll search for them with everything I’ve got! lol


Hope you have a wonderful yearーーー♩
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Good evening~(^^)!
Hasn’t it been a while?


Did you noticeーーーーーーーー?
The blog’s header has changed (^^)!
It’s a new photo ♩
I might have aged a bit ♩


When we were doing the photo shoot for that photo、 I thought I’d take a selfie to use on the blog、 but I was just so bad at it、、、
So I don’t have any photosーーーー(^^)♩


I’ll show you this photo of what I’ve gotten into recently!





What do you think this isー?
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It’s here!

For some reason、、、
I really feel like studying now!!!
But I have no idea how to study!!!



Now that I’ve got to this age, I’ve finally started to want to study!
Now、 I have this crazy desire to study for some reason!!!

Like kanji or English or maths!
I’d like to be able to do all of those、 as well as everyone else~。
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Hope they come true (^^)♩


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Today is the 23rd birthday of my best friend (^^)!
It’s unbelievable that she’s 23!
Times flies (^^)!

Let’s fool around again (^^)♡
Even though we’re not doing something silly, it ends up with us fooling around! lol


At any rate, have a lovely year (^^)♩


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★13th anniversary★

Today, 30th June、 marks 13 years since we passed the Hello! Project Kids Auditions!!!

I must have been nervous around this time 13 years ago~(^^)


I didn’t audition seriously、
But it’s a good thing that I passed and encountered these wonderful friends!!





10 years since we appeared at the Hello! Con、 it feels really strange not having rehearsals at this time!
But you know、 I sometimes perform at concerts in my dreams! lol





Hello! Project Kids!
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