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★13th anniversary★

Today, 30th June、 marks 13 years since we passed the Hello! Project Kids Auditions!!!

I must have been nervous around this time 13 years ago~(^^)


I didn’t audition seriously、
But it’s a good thing that I passed and encountered these wonderful friends!!





10 years since we appeared at the Hello! Con、 it feels really strange not having rehearsals at this time!
But you know、 I sometimes perform at concerts in my dreams! lol





Hello! Project Kids!
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Watch it, okayー!

{Green Room, watch it, okay! Yay~!}
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Found something interesting!


An earring filled with lotーーーーs of dress pins!!!
There are lots of interesting things in this world, aren’t there!





♡ Drink ♡





Country Girls Shimamura Uta has withdrawn from Country Girls and Hello! Project。
When I first met Uta-chan、 her overwhelming cuteness surprised me!
In particular, Uta-chan’s smile after saying her lines in 「Itooshikutte Gomen ne」 left an impression!
It’s sad to part, but I hope that Uta-chan continues to do her best!

And、 please support the 5 member Country Girls!
I’ve only gone through 1 Hello! Project concert with them、 but I hope that they become a wonderful group full of smiles from now on!

Country Girls, do your best!

Tsugunaga, do your best!
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Yesterday I went to Yokohama Arena to watch ℃-ute perform live (^^)!

Everyone was cute and stylish, they were brilliant, it was the best ♩





For some reason, I was super nervous before they started。 lol
It’s been a while since I’ve been nervous~





Yesterday、 I met up with the others after quite a while (^^)!



How relaxing~(^^)♡

Momo and Rii-chan couldn’t come、 but it would be nice if the 7 of us could gather together next timeー right (^^)♩





℃-ute, you all did a truly great job (^^)♩
I’ll be rooting for you on today’s Music Station as well ♩
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Things I love

Good evening~(^^)♩
It’s cold tonight!



Now、 I’m watching my faーーーーーーーーーvourite foreign series ♩


♡ Secret Idol Hannah Montana ♡
I’ve got alーーーl the movies and DVDs、 and I want you to watch it since it’s really really funny!!!
To the extent that I’d like to live in the world of this series ♩
Jackson and Oliver are awesome!(^^)





And 1 more thing!
My favourite favourite taengmoo~(^^)♡
I ate a lot with Shimizu-chanーー‼︎

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A lovely time ☆

Good evening~(^^)♩
My blog feels kind of really empty! lol
I’m all right once I build momentum、 but slip up 1 time。。。 lol



I went to the Budokan yesterday and the day before that (^^)!

It was ANGERME’s the day before yesterday!
Yesterday’s was Morning Musume。’15!


Everyone was shining brilliantly, they were really enjoyable concerts (^^)♡
Concerts really are great, aren’t they ♩




♡ Morning Musume。’15 ♡

H!P’s the best ♩
Yaaーーーーーーーーーーy (^^)♩





Today、 I took a midday nap and so I can’t sleep at night, so I’ll be watching Harry Potter after this (^^)♩
Since there’s a Harry Potter marathon on TV now、 all of you watch it too!


I started to enjoy watching movies recently (^^)!
It’s a bit tough to sit and stare for 2 hours、 but at home, I can relax and watch!




Do you have any movies you recommendー?(^^)
I like fantasy!



Watch Green Room, okay (^^)
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It was nerve-wrackingーーーー!


Today I participated in the H!P Kenshuusei Recital as a judge!
And it was my first time on-stage since the 3rd of March!
I’d alllllllways been nervous from ages ago, you know?(^^)
Now, it makes me relieved ♩


All the Kenshuusei really did their best、
They were better than me (^^)
Even though I did it for 11 years~。 lol


Everyone did a good job (^^)



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Yahho everyoneーーーー!
Today’s blog post is an announcement!


What do you know!


There’ll be a new programme starting on YouTube、 where I、 Tokumaga Chinami and Natsuyaki Miyabi will be acting as MCs!
Its name is!


It’ll be updated every Thursday at 9 p.m.!


Plenty of backstage videos from Hello! Project、 Team Makenki、 Bitter & Sweet and the rest
Will be shown! A cute guest MC will also be appearing every week!



With that said、 the very 1st episode will start today at 9 p.m.!!!
Make sure to watch it, ok!!!






Green ♩


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