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Berryz Kobo

I love Berryz Kobo。
Everyone, thank you for the lots of love。





We’ll meet again!
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An announcement about the future

Today I’ve got an announcement about the future for everyone!

Berryz Kobo will enter our hiatus on the 3rd of March!
After that, I’ll be making a fresh start as a 『Hello! Project Advisor』 (^^)!


A Hello! Project Advisor is not a member of Hello! Pro、 we stand between the staff-san and the members、 and leveraging on what we learnt as Berryz Kobo、
We hope to make things even better!



And! I’d like to have activities that will let me appear in front of everyone in the future (^^)!
Anyway, please cheer us on! Wait for us, okay (^^)!




With 11 years of activities as Berryz Kobo、 I received this special duty! Yeahー♩ 

It would be great if my various dreams would come true, little by little (^^)♡
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Rehearsals ♩

Today we had a run-through rehearsal for Ariake (^^)!
Budokan and Araike have completely different contents, so look forward to it!
Before the concert、 I definitely get nervousー(・・;)
Does everyone get nervous?


Today、 I was performing in a concert in my dreams,、
So I was surprised when I woke up!!! lol





I’ll be talking a lot after this~(^^)♩



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Partners ♡

Good evening!
Today we wrapped up the 2015 Winter Hello! Cons!
And it’s also the last Hello! Con for us as Berryz Kobo!
Momo was unable to participate due to her being in bad health、 but everyone did their best to make up for Momo’s part!
I hope she gets well soonー (^^)



12 years ago we joined Hello! Project、 and we’ve always been participating in Hello! Cons。
We’ve always been doing concerts during summer and winter in this 12 year period
So I don’t know how to feel about today being the last time。。。
That’s how lo~ng we’ve been participating in the Hello! Cons (^^)!




At the end of the concert today、 BeriKyuu sang the first song we performed on-stage at a Hello! Con, 『Ganbacchae!』!
That was nostalgic~。
Yesterday night、 we all watched the music video for Ganbacchae!, you know~?(^^)



It’s our final Hello! Con、 but there’s still a little time until the 3rd of March, so let’s have fun until then (^^)♩








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Last Nakano and something important to tell you!

Today was our last performance at Nakano Sunplaza ♩
It really was fun ♩
It was a blast (^^)♡

Singing solo was really nerve-wrackingー‼︎
When the venue turned compleーーーーtely orange
It was really pretty, like the tower-climbing scene in Rapunzel (^^)♩


Once the event ended、 the staff-san gave us a cake for our hard work at our last Nakano Sunplaza performance (^^)!







And our juniors came to watch us today♩
Fuku-chan gave us strawberries (^^)!



They were realーーーly delicious ♡♡♡





We’ve got something veーーーry important to tell all of you
So make sure you all listen to JORF 『BZS1422』 tonight from half past midnight, okay!
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Good evening~(^^)!
It was really cold todayー‼︎
I wonder if it’s going to snow?


There’s still more photos from Thailandー(^^)










And so、goodbye~(^^)
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The Thai concert ended without a hitch(^^)!
It was really really fun!

Everyone, thank you for your great cheers ♩
The surprise made us really happy too ♩







Dan-san and Uk-chan who we appeared together in a Thai movie with
Came to watch the concert too (^^)♡




The concert was tons of fun ♡





Well then, 1 cup after the concert!
I’m going to drink taengmo2

1 The title of this post is ‘khop khun kha‘, Thai for ‘thank you’
2 ‘Taengmo’ is the Thai word for watermelon. While in Thailand, Chinami has been raving about the watermelon juice over there.
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Good morning (^^)!
I’m super sleepy that I think I could take up residence inside a futon。 lol



January ends today!
And that means?

I’ve been continuously updating the blog for 1 monthー‼︎
Yaaーーーーーーーーーーーーーy (^^)

Did youーーseeーーthatーー! lol







I had some delicious tapioca recently (^^)
Let me tell you where!



With that, I’ll be heading to Fukuoka。
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Party and time

Yesterday、 ℃-ute held a surprise party for us‼︎

We were told that we would be interviewed, so it really was a surprise when ℃-ute entered the room‼︎

We’ve known each other for 12 years!
It’s the first time all of us gathered in our private time!
It was really fun!






Today was a busy dayー(^^)

I entered a ramen store by myself、 but the storekeeper was really upbeat、 I somehow got powered up! lol


But we’re definitely busy in Tokyo!
I want to go somewhere with plenーty of nature~

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