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Announcement about the future!

I’ve got an announcement about the future for all of you today!
Tokunaga Chinami will be studying abroad!!!

Ever since I was in Berryz Kobo、 I’ve always wanted to speak in English!
After Berryz Kobo entered our hiatus、 I was able to learn all sort of things I didn’t know about the making of CDs、 goods、 concerts by 「learning by observation」 as a Hello! Project Advisor、 but I think that I’d like to work hard at English from now on! When I discussed with people from the office, they supported my studying abroad, saying that it would be great for Hello! Project as well to have English capabilities! (^^)

Using a bit of my own time、 I looked at English books、 and the feeling of wanting to study overseas got increasingly stronger! It gushed out!

Hello! Project does performances overseas as well、 and I’d like even more people around the world to know about the greatness of Hello! Project、 I think it would be great if I could help out with that!(^^)

Once I get back from studying abroad、 I’d like to show you a Hello! Project Advisor that’s even more powered up!

I apologise for this sudden announcement。
I’ll be leaving in the middle of December、 but because I’ll be updating the blog at my own pace、 I beg for your kindness as I continue with it (^^)


I can do it!!!
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Congrats captain!

Today is captain Shimizu’s birthday (^^)!
Many happy returns♩


Thank you for always being my partner (^^)
captain is always messing around when we’re together! lol
Even as a grown-up, she still messes around seriously!♩


So, shall we all shout it out this year as well?
Shall we?
Oneーーーーーーーーーーーー Two!
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Good morning♩
today was warm, wasn’t it(^^)!






The other day、 I went to the hairdresser spica with captain Shimizu(^^)!
akemi-san made mine look pretty (^^)♩


picture with everyone♩




have a good day(^^)!
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{Translator’s note: A huge chunk of this blog post was in English, which has mostly been left as-is}
I love meat


                                Yammy!!!! [sic]
Delicious and Yammy [sic] have the same meaning, don’t they?(・・;)
What’s the difference?
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New members ♩

What are you all up toー?


Yesterday Country Girls celebrated their 1st anniversary♩
Congratulations to all of them (^^)!

And! Also!
They announced new members as well (^^)!

2 people were selected as new members for Country Girls, Yanagawa Nanami-chan and Funaki Musubu-chan from the H!P Kenshuusei (^^)!

I’ve stood on-stage together with Funakki~ at Berryz Kobo’s concerts、 which raises my hopes even further for her to flourish (^^)

Yanagawa-chan has just entered the H!P Kenshuusei this year、 and at first、 I thought that Yanagawa was quite the rare name~ (^^)♩
I think that it must be tough at the start, but I’m looking forward to it♩


Country Girls is newly evolving again ♩
All of you, good luck (^^)!

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It’s already cold and chilly and freezing!


I went to the cup ramen museum yesterday (^^)♩


There、 I made an original cup ramen!




You get to put inside a choice of 4 ingredients that you like!
Mine were kimchi、 diced meat、 fried eggplant、 egg!


Fried eggplant kimchi is rare!



Put it through the machine and it’s done ♩
By the way、 the cup ramen next to mine was made by Mama! lol

It was my first time there, but it was really fun (^^)♩




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★happy Halloween★

The city is bustling due to Halloween ♩(^^)
Just looking at it makes me excited!



The other day、 Morning Musume。’15’s Sayashi Riho-chan announced that she would graduate。

We haven’t really talked、 but watching Sayashi-chan dance at Hello! Cons、 I always watched her thinking that she’s amazing~!

She’ll be studying abroad after this、 so I’d like to cheer on Sayashi-chan who’ll be gradually powering up (^^)!
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Good morning (^^)!
Tokyo’s kind of coldーT_T


Last night、 I found something really nostalgicー!



Something from before、 when I was studying Thai!


At talk corners、 I said that I was studying Thai、 but I truly did study itー(。-_-。)




Today is、
I remember it as Uedonesu。lol
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Today、 I found this really interesting book when I went to the book store!



This is a colouring book!!!

The contents are really stylish!
For the time being、I coloured in the hair of Ariel from the Little Mermaid before stopping! lol
I’ll work hard to colour it nicely!




Besides that、 do you dream?
I have all sorts of dreams、 almost every day!
For a recent dream、
I dreamt that Takahashi Ai-san was making pescatore with everything she had! lol






It would be nice if all of you had amusing dreams as wellー (^^)
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「Note: As Chinami posted the whole thing in English, the contents of this blog post have mostly been left as-is.」

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