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26th January

[Note: The original post was completely in English, and is presented here without any alterations]

Today is sunny!!! It’s very hot day!!!
After school I went to the shoppingmall with my friends✨
I ate yogurt ice❤️ it was very delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today I go back at home by bus I used the bus second time!!
Today I’m tired…….
I will go to bed early!! Good night

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Over a month has passed since I started studying overseas! I’m still completely unable to speak English (^^) I can hold a conversation at restaurants or when I’m buying ice cream…

留学してから1カ月以上経ちました! まだ全く英語喋れない(^^) レストランとかアイス買う時とか、会話するんだけど結局、笑顔でごまかすクセがついてるの笑 でも留学してすっごくよかったなって思う(^^) 日本にいたら会えない人たちとお友達になれて、たくさんの人に支えてもらってます! だから絶対に英語喋れるようになる!!! とりあえずジェスチャーを控えめにしなきゃね。笑 明日からまた学校だから寝ます! Good night❤️ #こんなに勉強について考えるの初めて。 #とりあえず #毎日 #英語で #日記書いてます #学校 #楽しい!

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Over a month has passed since I started studying overseas!
I’m still completely unable to speak English (^^) I can hold a conversation at restaurants or when I’m buying ice cream、 but in the end、 I have this habit of dodging with a smile lol

But I’m really glad that I went to study abroad (^^)
I’ve become friends with people that I wouldn’t have met had I stayed in Japan、 and I received the support of many people!
So I’ll definitely become able to speak English!!! For the time being, I should moderate my gestures。 lol

I’ve still got school tomorrow, so I’ll be going to sleep!
Good night❤️ #ThisIsTheFirstTimeI’veThoughtAboutStudyingInSuchAWay。
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I think that you guys would be interested, so here are the results of my tests


I made mistakes (^^)!



I made really easy mistakesー!


Even though I scored full marks on Thursday’s test!!!




Well, I’ll do my best on the next one (^^)!
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Happy new year(^^)♩
A happy new year to all of you!

I normally spend New Year’s Eve with the members、 so this New Year’s Eve was kind of weird ♩

I beg for your kindness in 2016 as well (^^)♩

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Good afternoon (^^)!
31st of December!
It’s the last day of 2015!

The Countdown Live in Nakano Sunplaza is today (^^)!
It’s the last day for Morning Musume。’15’s Sayashi Riho-chan, so I hope she enjoys it to her heart’s content (^^)
I’ll cheer you onー

Berryz Kobo entered our hiatus in the 3rd of March this year、 and I’ve got support from all sorts of people once again since then (^^)

What sort of year was 2015 for all of you?(^^)

This year will be the first time I’ll be celebrating the passage of the new year overseas (^^)!
I can’t wait (^^)♩
I still know nothing about English、 but there are lots of people from vairous countries here, so it’s really fun (^^)♩
I’m likely going to enjoy myself
I have no idea when to use ‘do’ or ‘does’ in a sentence ✨

There’s only so little remaining of 2015!
I’ll be doing a bit of school revision after this!

I’ll start reviewing! lol
















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★Merry Christmas ★

Merry Christmas (^^)♩


It’s been a while since I last did an update!



Did Santa-san come for you?
He came to where I was (^^)!
I got presents (^^)♩

This is the first Christmas I’ve spent overseas♩
It’s tons of fun(^^)♩
I had turkey for lunch (^^)!


I went to school before going to study abroad, but there’s still lots for me to learn (^^)!
But that’s pretty fun too!
I’ll speak a lot!
(Probably making mostly mistakes along the way though。)
Recently I magnificently slipped up, constantly mixing up Texas with TAXI! lol



No problem 



Have a good day ♩
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It’s been a whileー♩

I’ve safely arrived abroad、 just before I begin with my studiesー(^^)♩
My heart was pounding harder than usual because I was on the plane by myself、 and I was restless the whoーle timeー(^^)


I still have yeーーーーーーーt to get used to it、
But I’d like to become fluent in English(^^)♩



Even the food is completely different, it’s really interesting (^^)!



Well then、 because I’ll be having lessons, it’s time for me to become a student again after so long (^^)♩
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Instagram and hairdresser and nails♩

Hasn’t it been quite a while?(^^)


This time around、 I’ve started on Instagram (^^)♩
Everyone、 I beg for your kindness (^^)♩


The account name is




And also、 I went to smoothen my hair at the hairdresser spica (^^)♩


As usual, they did a cute drawing for me♩



akemi-san, thank you as always♩


And、 I also got my nails polished on my day off (^^)


As always、 my nails were done by Nakayama Chieko-san (^^)♩





Well then、 I’m counting on you to check out the AmeBlo and Instagram from now on (^^)♩
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Sakurai Takamasa-san passed away suddenly。
It happened so suddenly、 I’m still shaking。


We were often under Sakurai-san’s care at overseas performances、 radio shows、 and interviews。
He was always cheerful、 he’d talk to us with a wonderful smile、 he really lifted our spirits。



There were lots and lots more things I wanted to talk about with Sakurai-san。



I would like to offer my deepest sympathies。
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Good morning (^^)!
Thank you very much for your many comments!
It made me realllllly happy、 that you read all of it even though I’m no good with words (^^)!



Well then!
I went to the Nippon Budokan yesterday to watch ANGERME’s concert (^^)!


All of them were brilliant!
They were cool、 concerts really are fun (^^)♡




Kanon graduated yesterday as well、 thank you very much for your 11 years of hard work!
From today、 Fukuda Kanon will start on a new path as a lyricist、 and I’m really looking forward to it (^^)

At any rate, have a good rest ♩







We watched it together (^^)♡



I look forward to Morning Musume。’15’s concert as well (^^)♩
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