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Snow Festival!!

Good morning 4331[1] Momo

Momochi’s excited today as well!
If you’re wondering why… It’s because I’m going to the Sapporo Snow Festival
For the first time in my life!!

Being able to see such a huge event that I’ve only watched on TV with my own eyes、 and going beyond that, being able to sing on-stage there、 I’m already looking forward to it 4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo
Country Girls’ performance will start from 4 p.m. 1822-sayu Momo Airi

And what’s more, today…
At 9 Feb (Tues) 11:55 a.m. ~ 1:55 p.m.
Nippon TV 「Hirunandesu!」
Will go On Air!!

Continuing on from last week
I’m taking part in the fashion coordination battle!
By the way, here’s last week’s transformation↓


4520154[1] Momo Before 4520154[1] Momo




4520154[1] Momo After 4520154[1] Momo

I ended up as such a beautiful lady that you wouldn’t believe your eyes 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi
(Well、 it’s because the raw material started out great after all!)

Look forward to this week’s!


And what’s more!!!

9 Feb (Tues) 6:57 p.m. ~ 8:54 p.m.
TV Tokyo 「Un no you na Hontou no Shunkan 30byou Ato ni Zettai Mirareru TV」

This’ll go On Air today as well 3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo

There are lots of (Truly truly truly!!) surprising videos that you won’t believe your eyes!

In the middle of the recording、 a series of surprises happened, so please make sure to watch it 1822-sayu Momo Airi


Well then、 let’s do our best today as well 3776 Momo
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Coordinating outfits ♡

Good morning 4222[1] ayumi Momo

As always, let’s do our best the whole day today 3776 Momo

At midday today
Check out 「Hirunandesu」
On Nippon TV 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi

I’m trying out my first outfit-coordinating battle 1822-sayu Momo Airi

As for this usually adorable Momochi


How will she transform⁉︎
Look forward to it 3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo

It’ll start from 11:55 a.m.ー4529748[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo
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Good evening 4222[1] ayumi Momo

It’s gotten colder and it’s gotten warmer
The changes in temperature are extreme
But are all of you
Doing well25735[1] Momo25735[1] Momo25735[1] Momo

Momochi is
As healthy as always4529748[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo

Well then!
The deadline for
The solo bus tour
That will be held on the day of Momochi’s birthday
Is closing in3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo

It’ll be open until the 1st of February4497 Momo4497 Momo4497 Momo4497 Momo4497 Momo4497 Momo

And you know
In about a month
It’ll be the real thing 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi

We’re currently thinking about
What events to do
The song choice and order for the countdown live…
We’re also polishing up what we’re doing for the ◯◯ great gathering
Preparations are advancing steadily 1822-sayu Momo Airi

I’m already looking forward to it 4331[1] Momo

I’d like it if as many people as possible
Were to celebrate Momochi’s 24th birthday
In a grand fashion~
You may think that I’m pretty shamelessー
But if you have the time
Please please participate in the tour 4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo

Details are here


'Momochi to Iku Otomomochi Tour ~Momochi no Otanjoubikai 2016~' Country Girls' Tsugunaga Momoko's fan club tour will be happening!! Let's all make wonderful memories.

‘Momochi to Iku Otomomochi Tour
~Momochi no Otanjoubikai 2016~’
Country Girls’ Tsugunaga Momoko’s fan club tour will be happening!!
Let’s all make wonderful memories.
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Birthday Gathering ♡

Good evening 4337[1] Momo

The New Year’s mood is gradually fading
And we’re returning to our normal daily lives!!

And in the midst of that
I have this happy announcement 3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo

4521003[1] MomoMomochi to Iku Otomomochi Tour
~Momochi no Otanjoubikai 2016~4521004[1] Momo

Will be taking place 3776 Momo

It’ll span 2 days
The 5th of March 2016
And Momochi’s birthday on the 6th of March!!

In other words, it’s a two days one night bus tour 1822-sayu Momo Airi

Lots of things are happening
In this Otomomochi tour
Of course there’ll be a 2-shot photo shoot
And a countdown concert
As well as the legendary spring something-something great gathering 4529748[1] Momo4521024[1] Momo

We’ve already started with meetings about it
And we’ll be preparing all sorts of things 4222[1] ayumi Momo

It’ll be held on Saturday and Sunday、 so you working adults won’t have any problems with paid-leaveーーーー!!!! lol

I’m already looking forward to it

This tour is
Limited to members of
Hello! Project’s Fan Club、 but you can still make it on time
If you join now
So please please
We’ll be waiting for applications from lots of people 4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo

Details are here 1822-sayu Momo Airi

Everyoneー2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi
Let’s have a grand celebration
Of Momochi’s 24th birthdayーっ4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo


(↑The photo is from last year’s birthday 4520154[1] Momo
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Happy New Year ♡

New Year4331[1] Momo

This is Momochi (*^^*)4518286[1] Momo

2016 has started 1822-sayu Momo Airi

How did you spend the New Year25735[1] Momo

Momochi will be busy with
The annually held Hello! Project concerts
From todayー 1822-sayu Momo Airi1822-sayu Momo Airi1822-sayu Momo Airi

It’ll be starting
From Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo 4222[1] ayumi Momo

From this year
The 7 of us including the new members
Will be showing you
Full blown, wonderful performancesー3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo

Last year we made our major debut
We had the autumn and winter live tour
We released singles
It was a year that was filled with various things。

In this year
We’ll work even harder every day
So that we’ll be able to see you even more compared to last year 4518286[1] Momo

We beg for your kind, warm, unwavering support
In 2016 as well4331[1] Momo
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Good afternoon 4331[1] Momo

2015 will finally come to an end 3582[1] Momo

This year、
Is the year with the biggest changes
In Momochi’s idol life。

After 11 years of activity
Berryz Kobo entered an indefinite hiatus
And I made a new major debut
As the Playing Manager
Of Country Girls。

It was a year with all sorts of incidents, but it was really fulfilling and I enjoyed every day 4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo

It’s thanks to all of you!!
Thank you very much4529748[1] Momo2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi

In 2016, without wavering…
No! Going even beyond 2015
I beg for your warm, kind support1822-sayu Momo Airi

4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo

30 Dec (Wed)4:05 p.m.~
Fuji TV
「Choutokkyuu no FujiBiji School! Nenmatsu Taiketsu SP‼︎」

It’ll be going On Air today! Watch it, okayーっ4222[1] ayumi Momo


Finally, the highlight of this year↓
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Good evening4331[1] Momo

Christmas was yesterday (^^)
How did you spend your Christmas25735[1] Momo

I wonder if anyone noticed that
Santa Momochi went to everyone’s houses
Bringing the gift of love and joy??4518286[1] Momo

Christmas has ended
With all that、 the year’s coming to an endー‼︎
Thus we start feeling that we’ve come to the end of another year。

Let’s fully enjoy
What little remains of 20153776 Momo


4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo
27 Dec (Sun) 2:15 p.m. ~ 3:50 p.m.
Nippon TV

「Uwaa! Damasareta Taishou Saitama no Meisakusen 【Konya 7ji~Nenmatsu Kourei! 4jikan SP】」

It’ll be broadcast tomorrow!
I beg for your kindness4529748[1] Momo4337[1] Momo
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Morning ♡

Good morning 4331[1] Momo

We’re already half-way through December!
That happened quickly (°_°)

Country Girls’ tour
Came to a splendid end
We’re now making efforts
At rehearsals for that annual tradition、
The Hello! Project New Year’s Live 4529748[1] Momo1822-sayu Momo Airi

The cold days are continuing on、
But without losing to the cold
I’ll energetically do my best today as wellー4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo


16 Dec (Wed) 11:55 a.m.~1:55 p.m.
Nippon TV 「Hirunandesu!」

It’s the latter half of last week’s long walk in Kamakura!
It’ll go on On Air at noon today
So please watch it2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi

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Right now ♡

Good morning!!

9 Dec (Wed) 11:55 a.m.~ 1:55 p.m.
NihonTV 「Hirunandesu!」

Is being broadcast right now 4331[1] Momo 4331[1] Momo 4331[1] Momo 4331[1] Momo

I take a long walk around the neighbourhood of Kamakura 1822-sayu Momo Airi

Please please watch it!


And what’s more
Today is the final leg
Of our tour that started in Octoberーーー!!!

It’ll be held from 6:30 p.m.
With Shinjuku ReNY as the venue 4497 Momo 4497 Momo 4497 Momo

I’m really looking forward to it 4529748[1] Momo 4222[1] ayumi Momo

I’ll show you the stamina built up from the walk
At this concert, to my heart’s content!

Please enjoy both 4331[1] Momo

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Momochi Festival

Good evening (*^^*) 4331[1] Momo

Even though we’re in the later part of November, the weather’s nice and warm today, isn’t it 4222[1] ayumi Momo

I wonder how your day was 25735[1] Momo


Well then! I’m announcing
4521003[1] MomoNippon TV Autumn Momochi Festival4521004[1] Momo!!

↑ The title was named by Momochi。


25 Nov (Wed) 08:00 a.m.~10:25 a.m.

25 Nov (Wed) 10:25 a.m.~11:30 a.m.

25 Nov (Wed) 11:55 a.m.~1:55 p.m.

25 Nov (Wed) 7:00 p.m.~7:56 p.m.
「Shinjitsu Kaimei Variety!
Trick Hunter 
Mendou na Koto wo Isshun ni Kaiketsu!
Aki no Waza Ari SP!」

I’ll be making appearances in those 3582[1] Momo

A huge variety 3582[1] Momo 3582[1] Momo 3582[1] Momo 3582[1] Momo

I’ll be under the care of Nippon TV-san 4529748[1] Momo2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi
For a day

Everyone, please look forward to
4521003[1] MomoNippon TV Autumn Momochi Festival4521004[1] Momo 1822-sayu Momo Airi


Yo 3582[1] Momo Momochi Festival 3582[1] Momo 3582[1] Momo 3582[1] Momo
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