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Tomorrow is ♡

Yahhoーっ(*^^*) 4331[1] Momo


Did you know?


Let me tell you!

Will be ending tomorrow~ 3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo


You had no idea, right 25735[1] Momo


Momochi is announcing
The end of September。


To conlcude September
30th September (Wed) 11:55 a.m. ~ 1:55 p.m.
Nippon TV 「Hirunandesu!」


It’ll end with this, right 6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata


Everyone、 this sight of Momochi in a sailor outfit
Please properly burn it into your memory 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi



What I’m holding in my hand is a cicada。


Chirpー。 Chirpー。
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Currently being broadcast!

Good afternoon 3582[1] Momo

I appear with accolades
On Nippon TV 「Hirunandesu!」
Which is currently being broadcast 3582[1] Momo

It’s at a really fun location, so make sure to watch it 4337[1] Momo 4337[1] Momo

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Congratulations ♡

Yahhoーっ4222[1] ayumi Momo

It’s gradually gotten cooler
Which makes it easier to go through the days 4337[1] Momo

Well then 4497 Momo
I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now、
But Satoda Mai-san
Who acts as Country Girls’ Supervisor
Has gotten pregnant…

Congratulations 1822-sayu Momo


Following on from yesterday’s announcement
Of Yoshizawa Hitomi-san’s engagement
There’s been continuous good news
From my seniors that I respect
Which makes me indescribably happy 4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo


Will it be a boy?
Will it be a girl? 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi

From the bottom of my heart、
I look forward to the birth of a new life
That’s cute and occasionally cool
Just like Momochi

(↑When this passage by Momochi
Was sent to Satoda-san
She added a huge
✖️ Cross mark ✖️
To it (;_;) lol)


So that Country Girls
Can have a joy-inducing report as well
We’ll do our best with fresh power 4497 Momo

Let’s do itーっ 3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo
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Summer… over。

August comes to an end today 4529748[1] Momo4337[1] Momo


For Country Girls’
First summer
We were able
To meet lots of fans
Through live performances and events
It was a truly plentiful summer4222[1] ayumi Momo


To those who came to see us
And to those who supported us from a distance
Thank you to all of you 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi


It would make me happy if
When you think back on this year’s summer
Even if it’s just a twinkle
Memories of Country Girls
Would come to your mind 4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo


So、 it’ll be September starting tomorrow 1822-sayu Momo
I guess there’ll be lots of students
Starting on their new school year 25735[1] Momo

From tomorrow
Let’s do our best together 3776 Momo


4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo

31st August (Mon) 11:55 a.m. ~ 1:55 p.m.
Nihon TV 「Hirunandesu!」

Please watch it 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi
After thisーっ 4497 Momo



Ozeki-san, Morito-san
There isn’t any time。
This is urgent、 finish up your homework。
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Good day4337[1] Momo

Yesterday all 6 performances
Of Country Girls’ first live tour
Ended、 without a hitch3582[1] Momo


It went by in a flash。
It was a tour
Where plenty of things happened (*^^*)2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi


To everyone who came
Thank you so very much1822-sayu Momo


You know…?


On this occasion
I have a 4222[1] ayumi Momohappy announcement 4222[1] ayumi Momoto make
Country Girls
Will be having an autumn tour3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo


*applause*ーっ2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi


As much fun as this tour was
The expectations for this autumn tour will go beyond that…

I’d like to maximise and leverage on
Our experiences in this tour
And do our best at the autumn tour4529748[1] Momo2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi


And so、 to those who have the time
Please drop by3776 Momo


For things like details about the schedule
It’ll be reported on
The official site soon、
So please look forward to it4497 Momo4497 Momo4497 Momo4497 Momo


Well then…
This is wrapping up now as well!
I’m off to
The Hello! Project concert4337[1] Momo4337[1] Momo4337[1] Momo
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Yahhoーっ4331[1] Momo

There’s only a bit left
Until August ends~4497 Momo


All you students
Have you finished your summer homework25735[1] Momo


In the dressing room The members of Country Girls
Or while we’re en route on the ShinkansenAre frantically doing theirs
The members of Country Girls
Are frantically doing theirs 4222[1] ayumi Momo


Just looking at them from the side 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi ( ´▽`4519426[1] Momo)


Do your best~(lol)


Please freely
Enjoy your remaining summer break4529748[1] Momo1822-sayu Momo


With that~4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo



4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo

22 Aug (Sat) 6:30 p.m. ~ 9:54 p.m.
TV Tokyo
「Gyouten Panic Theatre」

It’s On Air today3776 Momo
I’m counting on you to check it out4331[1] Momo
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On top of the clouds ♡

Everyoneーっ2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi


Yahhoーっ4518091[1] Momo4518091[1] Momo4518091[1] Momo4518091[1] Momo


Yaaーーーy 4497 Momo4497 Momo4497 Momo4497 Momo

Momochi’s making her appearance 1822-sayu Momo1822-sayu Momo1822-sayu Momo1822-sayu Momo1822-sayu Momo1822-sayu Momo


How did you spend your obon break?
Are there lots of people here who start working from today??

Let’s enthusiastically get through
This hot summer 4497 Momo


Our second single
4521003[1] MomoWakatteiru no ni Gomen ne / Tamerai Summer Time4521004[1] Momo was released on the 5th of August、 and a truly great number of people listened to it 4518286[1] Momo

Thank you very much 4529748[1] Momo

For me
They’re songs that I love
So it would be great
If they could get to even more people 4222[1] ayumi Momo

Please tell your family
And the :redtulip: Otomomochi :redtulip: around you
That Country Girls
Are wonderful! by word of mouth
I’m counting on you~4331[1] Momo4331[1] Momo4331[1] Momo4331[1] Momo4331[1] Momo


Well then!
Let’s continue with this fun summer 3776 Momo


4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo

17 Aug (Mon) 11:55 a.m. ~ 1:55 p.m.
Nippon TV 「Hirunandesu!」

Is after this~4222[1] ayumi Momo
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Finally released!

Everyone!4518091[1] Momo


Today’s the day that
Country Girls’ second single
4521003[1] MomoWakatteiru no ni Gomen ne / Tamerai Summer time4521004[1] Momo
Goes on sale2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi


Rightーっ3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo


Both songs are
Perfect for summer
So I’d like
As many people as possible to listen to them 3776 Momo


This week we’ll be having
Release commemoration events
Within the city
Please come to see us
And make some memories of summer4337[1] Momo


By the way, this afternoon

5th Aug (Thurs) 11:55 a.m. ~ 1:55 p.m.
On Nippon TV 「Hirunandesu!」

We’ll be making an appearance1822-sayu Momo

As it’s a live broadcast
We’re all nervous and excited4518091[1] Momo4518091[1] Momo4518091[1] Momo

At night、 Nippon Housou
「MyuuKomi + Plus」
We’ll be appearing
On a live broadcastー4337[1] Momo


And the other day、
I was under the care of
au Headline-san 4529748[1] Momo1822-sayu Momo
For 「Idol mo Iccho! Tsugunaga Momoko 」
Which has already been made publicー4518286[1] Momo

You can browse it
Through smartphones and tablets~4222[1] ayumi Momo


I talk a lot about our new songs
So please
Check it out here4337[1] Momo4337[1] Momo4337[1] Momo


Well then、 once again
I’m counting on you for the new songs4520154[1] Momo

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It’s been aaaaages!

It’s been a while!


I completely forgot
About the blog’s existence
I’m so sorry (;_;)

I’m the



August starts today!
After 4 more sleep cycles
It’ll be our single releaseーっ!


Whoaーっ4529748[1] Momo6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata



Eh? On the blog
What should I write about?


For the time being、
Since it’s been a while since I last updated
As means of apology
I’ll upload a photo of Manaka-chan
Making a self-satisfied face4497 Momo4497 Momo4497 Momo




Am embarrassing photo of my junior

I’m the


Well then!4518091[1] Momo
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WEB only! *angry*

Yahhoー4222[1] ayumi Momo

Hasn’t it been hot recently (・・;)
Are we already experiencing summer?


Just a while back、
I went for a 2 person shooting
With Chisaki-chan 4331[1] Momo


What photo shoot, you ask?…

Morito Chisaki Blue-ray [sic]
「Greeting~Morito Chisaki~」

That’s what the shooting was for 4517579[1] Momo


You can watch the digest
Here3582[1] Momo


A truly great production
Was completed…
But did you all know?


Another production was created
On the same day…


Its name is!

【WEB only】
『2nd Greeting ~Tsugunaga Momoko~』

For this production、
When Chisaki-chan was having her make-up done
Or when she was in the midst of changing outfits
Anyway, when there was free time
The staff-san who had free time
Did the shooting。


Being used this way! *mad*

WEB only⁉︎
Change it to a productー(°_°)‼︎
There’s no demand? *cries*


What’s more、
About two days before
4521003[1] MomoTsugunaga, go to the shoot location as well~
Morito’s coming apart due to nerves。
You can also eat houtou!4521004[1] Momo

That was what I was told
Ah、 the PM
Has these kind of jobs as well 1822-sayu Momo


And when I got to the location
With a grin
I was told ‘Rightー Let’s shootー!’…


By the way、
Momochi didn’t have a make-up artist!
Even though Chisaki-chan had one!
I had to make myself up! *mad*


The cameraman-san
And the make-up artist
Were so-called amateurs。
Only the model was a pro 4518286[1] Momo


And with that
A high-quality production
Was completed!


From here2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi

Even with all my complaints
It was a pretty enjoyable shoot
So please watch it 4337[1] Momo(lol)





4517527[1] Momo 4517527[1] Momo 4517527[1] Momo 4517527[1] Momo 4517527[1] Momo 4517527[1] Momo 4517527[1] Momo 4517527[1] Momo 4517527[1] Momo 4517527[1] Momo 4517527[1] Momo 4517527[1] Momo 4517527[1] Momo 4517527[1] Momo


15 Jul (Wed) 11:55 a.m. ~ 1:55 p.m.
Nippon TV 「Hirunandesu!」

I’m counting on you for this as well
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