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Momochi Festival

Good evening (*^^*) 4331[1] Momo

Even though we’re in the later part of November, the weather’s nice and warm today, isn’t it 4222[1] ayumi Momo

I wonder how your day was 25735[1] Momo


Well then! I’m announcing
4521003[1] MomoNippon TV Autumn Momochi Festival4521004[1] Momo!!

↑ The title was named by Momochi。


25 Nov (Wed) 08:00 a.m.~10:25 a.m.

25 Nov (Wed) 10:25 a.m.~11:30 a.m.

25 Nov (Wed) 11:55 a.m.~1:55 p.m.

25 Nov (Wed) 7:00 p.m.~7:56 p.m.
「Shinjitsu Kaimei Variety!
Trick Hunter 
Mendou na Koto wo Isshun ni Kaiketsu!
Aki no Waza Ari SP!」

I’ll be making appearances in those 3582[1] Momo

A huge variety 3582[1] Momo 3582[1] Momo 3582[1] Momo 3582[1] Momo

I’ll be under the care of Nippon TV-san 4529748[1] Momo2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi
For a day

Everyone, please look forward to
4521003[1] MomoNippon TV Autumn Momochi Festival4521004[1] Momo 1822-sayu Momo Airi


Yo 3582[1] Momo Momochi Festival 3582[1] Momo 3582[1] Momo 3582[1] Momo
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Officially recognised by Momochi!

Good evening 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi


For 3 days starting tomorrow

At mallage SHOBU in Saitama prefecture

Asobu。 Kurasu。 Sodateru。


2015 with Yuuki no Tsubasa Aki Fes

Will be held 4529748[1] Momo4222[1] ayumi Momo
This miraculous combination
Has been brought to realityーっ3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo
Momochi × White  Peaches from Okayama
It’s name is…
4521003[1] MomoMomochi curry ・ Officially recognised by Momochi4521004[1] Momo


What wonderful packaging!
Momochi’s own handwriting! Wow!!




The Momochi curry looks and tastes wonderful
By all means, please savour it 4518286[1] Momo
Details are here!!
It’s a sure-fire event
That’s not just for fun
So please make your way
To the event location 1822-sayu Momo Airi
We’ll be waitingー(*^^*)
4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo


NHK Sougou 「Masakame TV!」



Nippon TV 「Sekaiichi Uketai Jugyou」



These’ll go On Air tomorrow 4337[1] Momo

Your schedule after the event

Has also been filled nicely ☆


Please make sure to watch them 3776 Momo
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Auspicious ♡

Celebrations 4518091[1] Momo It’s Country Girls’
1st anniversary of our formation 4497 Momo 4497 Momo 4497 Momo 4497 Momo 4497 Momo 4497 Momo


Thank you very much
For your many congratulatory messages 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi

It’s already been a year since the day
That it was announced
That I would become
Country Girls’ Playing Manager…

It really went by in the blink of an eye。
That’s right、 I’ve also added a year to my age。 lol

What’s more! There was a weighty announcement
At today’s event!!

What do you know…

What do you know…

I、 Tsugunaga Momoko
Have made a complete recoveryー!!!

Yaay 1822-sayu Momo Airi 1822-sayu Momo Airi 1822-sayu Momo Airi 1822-sayu Momo Airi 1822-sayu Momo Airi 1822-sayu Momo Airi 1822-sayu Momo Airi

Last month、 I was diagnosed with vocal polyps
I got to take a break from work
For a short while、 and even when I returned to work
I could only stand on-stage MC-ing
Without being able to join in for songs、
The operation succeeded safely
And with the doctors’ permission
I’ll be able to sing and dance from today。

Once again、 I was able to experience
The joy of singing on this day 4337[1] Momo

I’m sorry
For causing a lot of concern。
From now on、 I’d like to continue singing with everything I’ve got
In order to deliver
An even lovelier singing voice 4518286[1] Momo


And、 that was a weighty announcement…


But even way beyond that
There was a surprise announcement 3582[1] Momo 3582[1] Momo 3582[1] Momo 3582[1] Momo


New members will be
Joining Country Girls!


Wowー! Kyaー 1822-sayu Momo Airi


The 2 members are
Yanagawa Nanami-chan
Funaki Musubu-chan 4222[1] ayumi Momo

The 2 of them are 13!

When it comes to Musubu-chan
She was born
A month before I became an idol!

She couldn’t even lift her head。 lol


Welcoming in these 2
I think that we’ll be able to show you a Country Girls
That’s even more powered up
In our 2nd year 1822-sayu Momo Airi


Everyone、 please properly
Follow along with the PM, okay (*^^*) 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi

There were lots of places
Where we were still fumbling around in our 1st year
But it’s thanks to the people
Who have been cheering us on
That it’s been a fulfilling 1 year 4518286[1] Momo
We beg for you kindness
In our 2nd year as well 4518286[1] Momo 4518286[1] Momo 4518286[1] Momo 4518286[1] Momo 4518286[1] Momo 4518286[1] Momo

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Good evening 3582[1] Momo
This is Momochi (*^^*)

In the midst of causing a lot of concern、 today I safely return to work。

To everyone who waited、 I apologise for making you wait。 And I thank you。

Today I appeared at an Osaka school festival 4529748[1] Momo4521024[1] Momo

I stood on-stage after quite a while、 and I was filled with even more joy than usual 4497 Momo

We’ve got a Halloween event tomorrow 1822-sayu Momo Airi

There’s a parade、 I’m really looking forward to it 4331[1] Momo

Look forward to what sort of costumes we’ll be wearing 4521024[1] Momo4521024[1] Momo4521024[1] Momo

By the way, last year…


I was Snow White 1822-sayu Momo Airi

I can’t wait to see you soon。
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Good evening

Good evening (*^^*)
This is Momochi!

Everyone、 I truly would like to apologise for causing you concern。
And、 thank you very much for your many warm messages!

My throat is getting better!
However、 as I haven’t recovered to the point where I can sing、 tomorrow’s concert held at Saitama will continue on with performances by our 4 other members。

To everyone who was waiting、 I apologise。 The 4 of them will give you a powerful stage performance, so please look forward to it!

And、 I’ll be appearing at the Osaka school festival talk show held on the next day at 24th October、 and at Fuji TV-san’s Halloween parade and as a concert MC on the 25th of October!

I look forward to meeting all of you after so long (*^^*)

It’ll take a bit of time for me to fully recover、 but I’ll do my best to show you my voice in full health as soon as possible、 so I beg for your continued kindness。
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Good morning!

This is Momochi (*^^*)
I have an announcement for everyone。
My throat hasn’t been in good condition for a while, and when I went to get examined again at the hospital,  it turned out that I have developed a vocal cord polyp。
I discussed it with the doctors、 and in order to get well as soon as possible、 I’d like to concentrate on getting treated for a while。
Following on from that、 I will be taking a break from scheduled live tour performances and handshake events。
To everyone who was eagerly awaiting and looking forward to those events、 I am truly sorry。
We will inform you immediately once I can resume with activities。
I love singing、 and in order to sing at full power、 and also、 be able to talk up a stormー I’ll get well quickly、 so it would make me happy if you were to wait patiently。
I may have caused concern、 caused worry、 but I beg for your kindness。
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Tomorrow is ♡

Yahhoーっ(*^^*) 4331[1] Momo


Did you know?


Let me tell you!

Will be ending tomorrow~ 3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo


You had no idea, right 25735[1] Momo


Momochi is announcing
The end of September。


To conlcude September
30th September (Wed) 11:55 a.m. ~ 1:55 p.m.
Nippon TV 「Hirunandesu!」


It’ll end with this, right 6912[1] - Momo Sayu Ogata


Everyone、 this sight of Momochi in a sailor outfit
Please properly burn it into your memory 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi



What I’m holding in my hand is a cicada。


Chirpー。 Chirpー。
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Currently being broadcast!

Good afternoon 3582[1] Momo

I appear with accolades
On Nippon TV 「Hirunandesu!」
Which is currently being broadcast 3582[1] Momo

It’s at a really fun location, so make sure to watch it 4337[1] Momo 4337[1] Momo

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Congratulations ♡

Yahhoーっ4222[1] ayumi Momo

It’s gradually gotten cooler
Which makes it easier to go through the days 4337[1] Momo

Well then 4497 Momo
I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now、
But Satoda Mai-san
Who acts as Country Girls’ Supervisor
Has gotten pregnant…

Congratulations 1822-sayu Momo


Following on from yesterday’s announcement
Of Yoshizawa Hitomi-san’s engagement
There’s been continuous good news
From my seniors that I respect
Which makes me indescribably happy 4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo


Will it be a boy?
Will it be a girl? 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi

From the bottom of my heart、
I look forward to the birth of a new life
That’s cute and occasionally cool
Just like Momochi

(↑When this passage by Momochi
Was sent to Satoda-san
She added a huge
✖️ Cross mark ✖️
To it (;_;) lol)


So that Country Girls
Can have a joy-inducing report as well
We’ll do our best with fresh power 4497 Momo

Let’s do itーっ 3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo3582[1] Momo
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Summer… over。

August comes to an end today 4529748[1] Momo4337[1] Momo


For Country Girls’
First summer
We were able
To meet lots of fans
Through live performances and events
It was a truly plentiful summer4222[1] ayumi Momo


To those who came to see us
And to those who supported us from a distance
Thank you to all of you 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi


It would make me happy if
When you think back on this year’s summer
Even if it’s just a twinkle
Memories of Country Girls
Would come to your mind 4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo


So、 it’ll be September starting tomorrow 1822-sayu Momo
I guess there’ll be lots of students
Starting on their new school year 25735[1] Momo

From tomorrow
Let’s do our best together 3776 Momo


4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo

31st August (Mon) 11:55 a.m. ~ 1:55 p.m.
Nihon TV 「Hirunandesu!」

Please watch it 2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi
After thisーっ 4497 Momo



Ozeki-san, Morito-san
There isn’t any time。
This is urgent、 finish up your homework。
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