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MV is public!

The music video for
4521003[1] MomoWakatteiru no ni Gomen ne 4521004[1] Momo
From Country Girls’ second single
That’ll go on sale 5th August
Has been made publicーっ4337[1] Momo



You know…
It’s clearly adorable 4518286[1] Momo



When you play it back
It might be that
Just once isn’t enough~( ̄▽ ̄)


I recommend wearing a mask
When you watch it on the train 3582[1] Momo


If you were to ask me why
It’s because you’ll end up grinning 4331[1] Momo(lol)


You can watch it here 3776 Momo


Please watch it2049[1] Ogata Momo Maimi


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Today, the 30th of June
It’s been 13 years
Since I became an idol4331[1] Momo


Hello! Project-sama。
Thank you very much
For letting someone like me be part of you。
m(_ _)m(lol)


And more than anything
Thank you so very much
To all the fans
Who have always been supporting us4518286[1] Momo



Continuing on、
As Hello! Project’s
True leader、 ace、
Representative、 symbol
I’ll do my bestー1822-sayu Momo1822-sayu Momo1822-sayu Momo1822-sayu Momo1822-sayu Momo



We beg for your kindness from now on as well, okay 3582[1] Momo



2015.6.30 Tsugunaga Momoko






4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo4517527[1] Momo

It’ll be July from tomorrow!
Let’s get through it in high spirits4222[1] ayumi


2 Jul (Thurs) 9:00 p.m. ~ 9:54 p.m.
Nippon Terebi
「Himitsu no Kenmin SHOW」


Watch it, okー7593[1] Momo
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What a pityー♡

Everyone、 for following these
Extremely enjoyable
PM blog posts for a very long time
Thank you so very much 4331[1] Momo


As we arrive to today…
Guess whatーっ!!!
Blog intensifying week
Comes to an end!


What a shockerー!




How sadーー。








Well, whatever~☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Yaaーy!1822-sayu Momo
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Tomato ♡

Morningー4331[1] Momo
In order to get back in the flow…
I’ll put the usual programme announcement here(lol)


27 June (Sat) 6:10 p.m. ~ 6:42 p.m.
NHK G「Masakame TV!」


It’s this evening 4331[1] Momo
The theme is…
4520154[1] Momo Tomato 4520154[1] Momo
At home
I’ve got mini tomatoes~4331[1] Momo
Holding it like this…
I bring it
Next to my cheek
Make a face for the camera, and take a selfie
If I uploaded it here
Everyone would be overjoyedー…


But~ I~ Wo~n’t~( ̄▽ ̄4519426[1] Momo






Bye byeー!10720[1] Momo
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Several days have passed
Since I made my declaration
Going with the flow of the blog intensifying week…


I’ve hit a wall。


I’ve got nothing to write about~ 3582[1] Momo 3582[1] Momo



What should I do…。


For the time being
When I went for a meal with the members
The other day
I ordered my favourite
《Sea cucumbers》、 so let me tell you
About the reactions
Of the other 4
Who had never eaten it before
When I half-forced them to try it (lol)


4521003[1] MomoAh、 it looks strange
But when you give it a taste, it’s delicious!4521004[1] Momo


4521003[1] MomoUuu~…(*crying*)4521004[1] Momo


4521003[1] MomoAh! The flavour’s delicious!
Mai-chan, it’s all right!
Think of it as a muscular octopus!4521004[1] Momo


4521003[1] MomoNope nope nope nope nope nope
Nope nope… Ah! Nata de Coco!4521004[1] Momo



That’s all I have to report。
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A day has passed
Since we performed our new song…


Momochi’s appearance as a granny
Tickled some people’s fancy
There were also people who thought
That it unexpectedly suited me~1822-sayu Momo


I think there are also people
Who still don’t think it fits
Asking why I’m a granny…。


To those of you who are like that
Here’s a special shot 3582[1] Momo




What do you think?
It was more of a turn-on than you thought, wasn’t it 25735[1] Momo



Doesn’t it seem like a blessing 25735[1] Momo


Take a look at it
And purify your feelingsー3582[1] Momo(lol)
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First public performance!

Thank you very much to those who watched
TV Tokyo Music Festival!
It was fun after that as well, wasn’t it 4337[1]





Were you surprised?!



You know, today
Our new single
o0020002012316183948[1] Wakatteirunoni Gomen ne o0020002012316183996[1]
Went On Air for the first time in this universe 4337[1]


It started with lines
From the heroine Chisaki-chan
And the hero Mai-chan
It’s a school love song
With cute up-tempo hops 1822[1]


And、 Momochi…
Played the granny role (cries)


This time
Our performance
Was shortened
For television
But with the full version、
You’ll understand better
The implication of Momochi being a granny 3776 Momo



Look forward to the unveiling
Of the full music video 4497 4497 4497



Once we were done with our turn、
We took a snap of the 5 of us
Having been relieved from our extreme nervousness 1822[1]



When I was right-most、
They said
o0020002012316183948[1] Momochi-senpai, please feel free to stand in the very middleー!o0020002012316183996[1]

It kind of felt like I was on a train
And was being offered priority seating。(lol)
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Watch it, ok!




24 June (Wed) 6:30 p.m. ~ 10:40 p.m.
TV Tokyo「TereTou Ongakusai (2)」





Because it’s soonー!


Please watch it!





And so, I’m off!





↑ That’s funny~(lol)
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Now I’m mad!

So who was it~?!


I knew that it’d be a blog post to promote programmes…


There were those of you who thought that 3582[1] Momo(*mad*)



It’s no different
From any other blog post…(T ^ T)



You thought that was the end of it?



How shalーーーlow!!!



Momochi wouldn’t be an idol
If she’d let it end there, would she?4331[1] Momo










Taー dah!!!!





24th June (Wed) 11:55 p.m. ~ 1:55 a.m.
Nippon TV 「Hirunandesu!」


I’m counting on you for that as well 4519426[1] Momo




And with that
Good night~4529748[1] Momo4518286[1] Momo
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True to my words!

True to my words!





For the time being…
Let me tell you about the most important thing!


23 June (Tues) 7:56 p.m. ~ 8:54 p.m.
Nippon TV
「Odoru! Sanma Goten!!」


I’m appearing on it
Today o0332049112430425462o0332049112430425462o0332049112430425462o0332049112430425462




Kikuchi Ami-chan 4337[1]
Kojima Ruriko-chan 4337[1]
Momochi-chan 4337[1]


We took a photo together o0020002012321377993[1]1822[3]


I passed them Country Girls’ CD
For promotional purposes!(lol)


But Amimi…


Perhaps she made a mistake
With how she placed her hand?(lol)






At any rate
Please watch it 3776 Momo
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