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Morning Musume。’14

Today I had some work together with Morning Musume。’14  4495850 4496028
They’re all young and cute  4495850 4496028

Fully packed with freshness 4495850 4496028

The photo has me mixed in with the Morning Musume。’14 girls 4496823 4496923 4496923 4496923 4496139

This 27 year old…  mother of 3doesn’t fit 4496139 4496139 4497218

Thanks girls 4496679 4496028
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I heard that today Aibon safely gave birth to a healthy girl. :nikoniko: :raburabu:

I’m as happy for her as I would be for myself. :nikoniko: :heart: :heart: :heart: :kirakira: :kirakira:

Aibon has been like a sister to me for ages, and it’s strange for her to to be a mama just like me, but I’m truly happy from the bottom of my heart. :bubbleheart:

I’m sure things will get tough from now on, but let’s do our best together as mothers having fun raising our children. :nikoniko: :raburabu:  :guu:

Take a break every once in a while, okay? :bubbleheart:

Aibon :bubbleheart:
Truly, truly, congratulations on the birth of your child. :nikoniko: :heart: :heart: :heart: :kirakira: :kirakira:
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