Uemura Akari

Manner of walking…

It`s Juice=Juice`s Uemura Akari!



all of the members have been talking about

how we all have a different way of walking (*^◯^*)

Kanazawa Tomoko=Walks with sexappeal

Takagi sayuki=Walks with heavy feet
(Like a baby chicken)

Miyazaki Yuka=Bounces merrily
(Close to a skip)

Miyamoto Karin=Walks briskly, as though she’s in a hurry


how do I walk??

I dunno σ^_^;

If anyone has noticed, please tell me!!

It`s decided that I will appear in girls!!

When I wore seifuku、
the zipperー?
was quite a mystery!!

I guess it`s high tech。lol



It goes on sale in the second half of July,

so by all means please take a look at it!!!!

With that、goodnight

That`s all for Uemura Akari!

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Early rising…

It’s Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari(。-_-。)

I’ve been waking up early in the morning

Up until now

even though I was asking people to wake me up
and setting my alarm clock,

I still wasn’t waking up early…

But now I’m used to it
and so my alarm wakes me up!!!

I’m so happy✴︎

Anyways, rather than my own power
or my alarm clock’s power…

I can now wake up early
I’m really glad~(*^◯^*)

In addition to that!!



When I requested the new Starbuck’s menu

an employee kindly told me

『I recommend putting caramel syrup on these!』

So next time I order I’d like to add caramel!


So cool♫

With that, goodnight♪

That’s all for Uemura Akari(≧∇≦)

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Right now…


I had the privilege of being the MC
for Hello!Station#​66!!

Everyone、have you already seen it?

Were you surprised
that I was so professional???

Because I worked hard,
but we still had to re-shoot over and over and over again (cries)

It was the longest time ever spent recording

is what I was told。

I’ve gotta try

to make my next MC go more smoothly



If you haven’t watched it yet
by all means, please do✴︎

I’d love it if you could write your impressions in the comments(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)


And、for the first time in a while, it’s

~Kuu’s Iyashi Time~




I’ve gotta get up,

so I can stretch!!!!!

is what I think Kuu was saying~^_-☆

That’s what I’m gonna do tomorrow!!

With that, goodnight♪

That’s all for Uemura Akari(o^^o)

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Hello! Station…

It’s Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari!

I had the honor of being the MC for 「Hello! Station #66」

It’s going to be uploaded tomorrow, 5/7, at 9 o’clock!

All of the Juice=Juice members、
besides me,

have been MC’s before.


Just as I was starting to wonder, “When will it be my turn?”

It’s finally come!

I worked really hard。



It was like that.

By all means please watch it!!

And also、before that

I ate sorbet.

Who discovered sorbet?
I wondered about that.


Is it a name?

Sorbet Jones or something like that??


When Akari said that,
Miyazaki Yuka and I

said in perfect harmony,

『It seems that way!』

Before that
When everyone was talking with one another
Yuka and I were moving around together!

It was great。

That’s all for Uemura Akari!

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Taking a stroll…

It’s Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice ♥︎

Today I had the whole DAY off、
So I took a stroll around the place I stay at!
From where I had moved、 I walked down a predetermined route。


While walking, there was this place and that kind of store!!!!

I made lots of discoveries…
I’m unspeakably happy✴︎✴︎



And as my hair is long
I tried to use my hair in a pose that would make my face look slightly smaller…


It’s weird。



With that, good night ♪
That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari (。-_-。)

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It’s Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice (o^^o)

Recently、 we got ice cream!

Along with that ice cream
There was also dry ice

And then Miyazaki Yuka、 she had a paper cup from somewhere、

『Where’d it come fromー』
I thought。




She came back with this!!!!

Smoke was coming out of the cup、and was it undergoing condensation!?

But、 the Yuka that’s afraid of balloons
Was holding that cup、 laughing…

Since I didn’t know the reason why smoke was coming out
『Why is there smoke!?』
I asked

『Magic!(´・ν・`)』 she told me、
In reply…

Kanazawa Tomoko went『 Ah lol』

Since I felt that she understood、 I insisted that she tell me how it was done。

When you put dry ice into water
Smoke comes out (o^^o)

What’s the 『magic』 in that!!!lol

It’s pseudo-magic。

But isn’t it kind of magic、 if you get tricked?

But、 how do you get hold of dry ice??


~Miiー AND Kuuー’s therapy Time~

It’s a rarely seen two shot!!That’s all、 from Uemura Akari (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
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It’s Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari!!

Today、 I got to properly measure my height!!

I’m 164.4 cmー、!

Despite me thinking that I hadn’t grown any taller lol

But、since I’m personally aiming to be 165 cm、 I’d be happy to  get closer to it!

Another 0.4 mm [sic]ーー!!(*^◯^*)


And、 I’ll be happy!

Making an appearance on the blog after a long time!

When I inserted my finger into the space between the cage the first time、 it went 『Munch!!』 and pecked me with its beak, that hurt。

Since the 2nd time around it was just play-biting
I was relieved ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Nails need to be clipped(;_;)

Also, to everyone

Do you eat the skin of roasted potatoes?
Or do you not eat them?

And with that, good night♪

That’s all from Uemura Akari (*^◯^*)


Release event…

Today the mini-live performances & handshake events for our 3rd single 『Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS』.『Are Kore Shitai!』 have come to an end!

So quickly…

At today’s third performance、 some unreasonable behaviour slipped in、 it was tiring but couldn’t be helped。


Within this period, I attained the goal I had set for myself, to increase my new acquaintances by 10 people! I relished that achievement!

Definitely, having a goal is important!

And、 everyone who came despite being busy、 everyone who woke up early and had to revitalise their sleepy bodies to come here、 everyone who waited after the event had ended。

I truly am grateful。

Thank you very much!

Thankfully this timing schedule-like choreography was pretty from the beginning (o^^o)

And backstage、 Miyazaki Yuka (Leader)、  Kanazawa Tomoko (Subleader) were reflecting。


Yuka was originally, how would you say it、worri… Actually、 she does seems to be reflecting、 but is Tomo reflecting?
It might just be the timing of when Akari took the photo lol



No、 it isn’t related to the timing of the shot。
She’s not reflecting at all (;_;)
She smiling…
Yuka is reflecting。



Reflecting properly。

With that, good night ♪

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!!

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An important important announcement concerning Uemura Tojifaa…

It’s Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari!

It’s the first time I’ve written such a long title。

I’m putting it out here

At today’s release event、 I received a pressing, grave announcement… Uemura Tojifaa that I have been raising…。

Has withered。

Despite me always、 watering its dry soil as it was put in a place with good ventilation、 talking to it、 listening to music together、 occasionally letting it bask in sunlight。

When I’d get home、 Tojifaa would be first in line waiting for me。

It’s tough。


Parting is painful。

Tojifaa、 I started bringing it up in midwinter before the snow started falling、 so might that have been to its detriment?

And、 to everyone who has come to love Tojifaa。

I deeply apologise、
Thank you very much。

I’m sorry、 Tojifaa

With that、 good night

That’s all from Uemura Akari!


[Photo: Tojifaa, thank you for everything until now]


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It’s Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari☆彡

Today、Kanazawa Tomoko、Miyamoto Karin、and I received a cake to celebrate our graduations!!!

A chocolate cake(o^^o)♪

It was really good!!


Thank youヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

And you know、Juice=Juice has an official Twitter, right?

I’d thought that Kanazawa Tomoko-chan also isn’t using it, but she has been, right!!

I didn’t know that。

Only I didn’t use it。゜(゜´Д`゜)゜。

I think I’ll use it if I feel like it ( )


although I’m causing concern like「I wonder if Uemura will be able to graduate seriously?」、I want to enjoy the little bit of time I have left at school!

With that, good night☆彡

That’s all、this was
Uemura Akari!!!

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