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Blog relay…

Today、 I had a photo shoot!

It was tons of fun!!


I went to all sorts of placesー!

I wish I could tell you more about it soon。。( ¨̮ )


And、 the blog relay has come around to me from Morito Chisaki-chan ♡

I kind of got praised
It’s making me self-concious (o´艸`)


The topic is 「Is It Just Me?」!


When I got back to Osaka after a long time the other day、 I went to the arcade with friends and we played all sorts of things


But whenever I got to an arcade
I’ll definitely play hockey。



At those times、 switching partners
We played 4 times

But I’ve lost my touch。。

I can’t just do power plays。


But、 playing hockey
We had a bunch of laughs, it was fun

Is it just me?



Next up、 Morning Musume。15’s Iikubo Haruna-chan!


Regarding Iikubo-san、

When we were drawing lots for the HinaFes lottery assembly
To see if we would get to perform
Solo、 in teams of two、 or teams of three

I ended up in a 3 person unit together with Shimamura Uta-chan and Iikubo-san!

It’s a combination you’d rarely see。

From now on, look forward to the performance by the 3 of us!



I really admire Iikubo-san’s silky hair and her nice figure!!!!


Hello! Project HinaFes 2015 ~ Mankai!The Girls’ Festival ~
28 (Sat) ・ 29 (Sun) March Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall A / Hall B
Details are here




I took a photo of Happy on the phone、 pecking at it in this way




Well then、 good night

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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I was mistaken as Sayashi-san…

This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!!


Today、 we had our Hiroshima Hello! Con performance~!

Anyway, here’s a photo with Sayashi Riho-san!
Is what I’d like to say。


But I didn’t take one。。



If you look at Miyazaki Yuka-chan’s blog post, there’s a 5-shot there。

Please have a look (´•ω•̥`)



Ah、 when I was removing my make-up after today’s concert ended



「Riho-chaーn、 there’s a rip in your tightsー」。


Sayashi-san’s cute。。




Was what I was thinking、


But clearly、 Fukumura Mizuki-san was facing me。



「What’s up。。」
I was thinking, in a daze



「Eh? You weren’t Riho-chanーー!!!lolol」

「Anyway, your tights are ripped!」

She said。 lol


I could cover the rip if I wore my coat、 but I didn’t have my coat at the time、 so it was really embarrassing


It was super embarrassing、
But even more than that, I was kind of happy。


Next to me、 Oda Sakura-chan said

「What an honour。」
Giving me words from her heart。


And this is unrelated
But when I was removing my make-up、 there was someone who started talking to me。


When I’m removing make-up
My eyes aren’t open、 so I think I was silently making an absurd face。


Who was it。。




With this and that, Hiroshima prefecture’s awesome。


To those from Hiroshima prefecture who were watching for the first time、 and those for whom it wasn’t the first time

Did you have funー?

Next is the Osaka performance!


To those who have the time, please make sure to come and drop by ♪


Also! Please listen!
The word 「Nensai。」 , meaning ‘Please go to sleep’!

It’s in Hiroshima dialect!!

I’ve just found this out!
I went to ask Sayashi-san, who I’m currently interested in, and yes!


That’s amazing。 How’d you know that??


I’ll use it a lot from now on!


And before that、

There were loーーts of cushions at this store, they resembled Happy and Toppy!!


There were lots of them!


I kind of wanted to buy some
But I didn’t have the time and couldn’t buy them。。


I’ve even forgotten
Where I happened to see the store。



Aーah ( ´∵`)





Despite them being so cute。




Ah! When I was with Ogata Haruna-chan
I gave her 2 earplugs~。


It was written in yesterday’s comments that she’s like me, no good with popping her ears。


I had 1 more set!
She was happy when I gave it to her


When I was thinking about popping them in on an airplane
1 of them had gone somewhereーー。


And so、 the two of us using earplugs
Is something I’m looking forward to in the near future。


And with that, good night!

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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I’m Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice。





Just looking at all kinds of hair accessories is fun for me。



And recently this one has become my favorite






The flower shape is pretty right、

I want to find some more。




A while ago Kanazawa Tomoko-chan said she wanted to get a hamster♥︎
And it seems like it came true!



For her friend、lol

She will be at her friends place a lot I think。hehe



Congratulations on finally getting your hamster。


Well, that’s all for now


Uemura Akari。
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It’s Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari!

Today we had a  chance to take Polaroids together with our fans to commemorate the release of our 4th single!!

It was my first hand shake event in a while

and my first ever photo event with fansト!!

I was left with a fresh feeling!
Thank you so much to everyone who came!

And tomorrow I’m heading to tomorrow

so for sure for sure!!

Please come and spend some time with me ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I took a photo of Karin and it came out so well。

I want to show you it but… well… next time!



Also today

Something I love!!

I found some white cocoa and chocolate bagels。

I bought them instantly。

I had some Anakake spaghetti too!!

I’m so full right now.. seriously。

Something Tomoko said today。

『Eating just as much as your tummy wants is just right』

I lol’d。

Isn’t that too much。lol

Honestly, Tomoko’s character is so natural

For an idol, we could say this is a rare type right??

FuFuFu。SO funny。

And Hello! Project’s leader, Michishige Sayumi, is going to graduate so

our new leader is going to be

℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi!

She’s going to be doing her best to make Hello! Project bigger than ever!!!

Of course, watching how Juice=Juice will get better is a good thing right?

And so!
From here on
Please Continue。

To look after us!

Good night everyone!

That’s all for now.

Uemura Akari!
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Juice Day

I’m Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!

「Otober 10th  is Juice=Juice’s day
~1st Season~」!

Thank you so much to everyone that came!

We read all the things you sent to us

They were really funny

I was so impressed!

Thank you!!

If you have the chance, please come and meet us again!

I’m so glad we could spend October 10th together。

And because it was an anniversary

The staff gave us a cake!!


Thank you!!


The candles are so cute。


And as always

It was a chocolate cake。

I ate it happily!

Super Happy。
Super Delicious。

Delighted Akari。



This t-shirt you can see in the photos, is so cute。

I like it。

And today’s announcement。

Juice=Juice first tourー2014News=News~~

Next is October 13th in Yamaguchi prefecture…

We’ll make sure to change the songs to make it more inetresting

I hope you enjoy it!!!

If you’ve seen us before or if this is your first time!!

Please drop by and say hello ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Today’s assessment 。

I couldn’t say my lines。The words all got stuck in my head。


Well, good night everyone!

That’s all for now

Uemura Akari!
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I could see it and yet…

I’m Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!

There was a total eclipse of the moon yesterday。

Did you see it???

I watched it for a while and saw all of the transitions!!!!

『What’s the moon like now?』

No matter how many times I looked

Opening the curtain with a swish

I spent so much time watching it…。

But I forgot to take any photosーーーーー!!

So shocked!。
Truly Shocked!。
Amazing shock!!!。

Even though I saw so many different versions!

What a mistake。。。

But it was so pretty to see

I’m grateful that I could see it!

And so、
I’ll show you a photo of today’s moon。lol


This is all of a sudden but。

One hundred poems by one hundred famous poets!

Do you know about this??

I’m so bad at it、

First of all I read the first paragraph(?)。

(If I can remember it, it’s a miracle。)

But instantlyっ!っIt’s gone from my head
It’s crazy right!!!!!

The people who can do it… I admire them

My partners and other teams, their performances moved me。

How can you remember it?っ

What a curious miracle! I thought.


With Fukuda Kanon from S/mileage

I was the MC for Hello! Station!


Fukuda-san asked me questions and we talked about the musical

We talked about all kinds of things and so


Make sure to watch it!

And you know this time

It didn’t take me ages to finish!

Last time it took me so long to record the show!


I didn’t realize I had grown that much。lol

Click the link!!


ok, good night everyone

That’s all for now,

Uemura Akari!
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Today I thoroughly enjoyed a super lazy day

I watched Sayashi Riho’s birthday event DVD and Juice=Juice’s bus tour tour DVD!!!!

Even though it was only a short while ago。

Maybe a year ago?…

It really has that “old times” feeling。。。
I don’t know how else to call it!!

I remember when we were told that we would be appearing at her event

I was over the moon!!!

Maybe I can’t be seen?。
Maybe nobody will notice?。
I was bouncing off the walls with nerves

When I was in backstage。

And so I was able to watch the live show。

How can she dance so beautifully??

and her form when she sings… it left a deep impression on me。

It’s a tearjerker of a story right!lol

It made me yearn to be like her even more。

And our bus tour DVD…

Have you seen it???

First of all, we all sweated so much。

It was super fun
Almost like the show was going to come out of the tv screen、
I enjoyed it so much!

And so, if you haven’t seen it yet!

Please check it out!!

I’m bowing to you。

And Happy too

He’s bowing to you too!

Cute。He makes me feel better。
Such a happy blue bird ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


That’s all for now, Good night!

Uemura Akari!
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It arrived…

Today the script for our upcoming musical “Koi suru Hello Kitty!”

was delivered!(。-_-。)


I’ve been anxiously waiting for it and wanting to perform it。

I finally get to read it!!!!!

This musical is the first time that Juice=Juice

gets the starring role。

We did work with Mano Erina on a different musical in the past

but when I compare it、

I think we have to work hard not only to make this one as good

but to make it even better than the last one!

And so、
We’ll do our best to make the best product we can!!!


Our practice won’t start just yet。

As I’m wishing for the rehearsals to start

I’m thinking about how best to say my words。

Scripts certainly aren’t a simple thing!hehe


Miyamoto Karin-chan

found a ladybug on my clothes

and took it off for me!!

It’s been so long since I saw one!

So I took a photo!


It was quite tricky to get a good shot…。

It started walking…


I got a shot of it with my beauty spot。


And then it flew away!

That’s all for now, Good night!

Uemura Akari!
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It’s been a while

I’m Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!

Today, in my home town
We held an event!

Even though the weather was suspicious、
To everyone that came

I’m full of thankfulness!

Also something that I missed。

Triumphant Return=Raining

Is what I was thinking about。

That takes me back。lol

The people at the top、and the people on the stairs
Even if it rained、They held their umbrellas and didn’t go home
They watched us despite the bad weather、It made me so happy to see that。

Don’t catch a cold!!

Usually, Kanazawa Tomoko does the talking but
As a special one time only, it was up to me to do the talking today…。

As I thought, our sub-leader is super important。
Having that presence on the stage。
That’s something I have to learn from her。

That’s how I felt at that time。

I’m not saying this just for show you know。

Isn’t she great?
I heard people saying this from the stage!!

And then!

As a surprise
My friends came to see me, thank you。

Even my friends who came to see me

normally, thank you so much。

Friends are really precious right。

Friendship is everything。

Thanks to everyone who came to see us for the first time too!

Our next event had to be cancelled because of the typhoon

I was really looking forward to it

Too bad…

Even though the date has changed

I want our female fans to come to our events(;_;)

I want to meet you again soon!

And so, it’s been a while but
Here is my bird, “Happy”ー!!


That’s all for now, Good Night

Uemura Akari.
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Third Time

I’m Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!

Today we have a mini live show and a handshake event to commemorate the release of our fifth single ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

We had three shows in total
And I made sure to enjoy each one!

And it was quite dark outside
So the penlights you all had were really pretty!

The five member colors lighting the sky。

Oh yeh! Recently

It’s kind hard to know if it’s going to be really cold or not
So I always bring a warm jumper or jacket with me just in case!!

I think it’s better to be safe than sorry

Everyone should be careful not to get ill!!!

Also, on Juice=Juice day

Which is October 10th!

We’ll be asking for opinions from all of you in the style of a cd’s booklet.

We want you to write anything you like, for example how we have improved etc

And if you come to the event…

You’ll get a Polaroid present!!


We’ll be waiting for your applications!

Please send them ASAP!

The details are here

⬇︎                ⬇︎

That’s all for now, Good night

Uemura Akari!!
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