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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice


I studied today~

And did lots more besides that!

If I leave it until too late, it’ll probably bring difficulties later。。

Today、 I studied
With the long stretch of free time we had

I feel like I used my time effectively。


~Radio announcement~

2 Feb (Tues) 6:00 p.m. ~ 8:00 p.m.
STV Radio 『Muscle Night』
I appear together with Miyamoto Karin-chan!


And going on sale on the 2nd of February, Juice=Juice
Will be appearing in Gekkan SPA!!

I’m counting on you to check those out


And with that、 good night

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice


Just now
Kanazawa Tomoko-chan reported this herself、 but these were the results of her medical diagnosis at the hospital。
The diagnosis was 『endometriosis』。

I feel that she herself is the person who knows the most
About what this illness is


But I too would like to understand more about this illness
And I believe that all of us would like to give our full support
In hopes that Tomoko will be able to enjoy her activities。

From now on
She’ll be doing activities while taking her medicine

I feel that this may have caused concern and worry to all of you。


The 5 of us will be working hard at activities from now on、 so Juice=Juice begs for your kind support。


That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari。
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Coming-of-Age ceremony…

This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!

Today、 we held events at Tobu’s Ikebukuro Department store as Juice=Juice and as NEXT YOUー!

Thank you to everyone
Who was there despite the cold!!

Kanazawa Tomoko-chan was absent from today’s event。 We apologise。

I hope that the 5 of us can hold performances soon


And、 one month remains until the broadcast date for Fuji TV Keiretsu Drama 『Budokan』 ❤️

I’m already nervous and excited!

But I can’t wait to watch it~

All of you, please watch it too!



Today is Coming-of-Age Day!

Just looking at furisode, long-sleeved kimonos
Makes me feel happy。

Is it fun? The coming-of-age ceremony

To the new adults、 congratulations


We wore furisode for The Girls Live!

Furisode from Suzunoya-san!

With Suzuki Airi-san from ℃-ute ♥

Suzuki-san’s furisode matches so well
It surprised me。



And with that、 good night!

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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Japanese confections…

This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!

Today、 we had rehearsals!

I had to use my head a lot~

Despite fizzy drinks not being my thing
I had 2 cans to drink as I really wanted to drink some。

When I’m using my head、 and there are things that I have to memorise

I start wanting chocolates or fizzy drinks

The cravings are intense。



And、 after it ended

On my way back home, just in front of the elevator
Was a granny with a walking stick who was carrying some stuff, so I helped her carry it up until the front of her room。

And she gave me some really delicious Japanese confectionaries as I had helped her carry things that far。

What a nice person

And after that
I had fun just standing and chatting for a while

The granny was nice

It made me feel warm inside


Well then。

With a Christmas tree



And with that、 good night

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!




I had a shooting for our drama in the morning

But when I was heading to the meeting point in the morning

People from America?

Called out to me
『Excuse me!』

Talking to me in English

『No way。 I can’t help these people』
I thought

But somehowー
What they wanted to say got across to me


They asked me about about the station that they were looking for at the moment
Trying to figure out where they’d have to transfer to get to that station

It was a line that didn’t pass through the station we were at

But I didn’t know about it
So I said 『sorry…』 and went out the ticket gates

Then I found the line that they were looking for!

『There it is!!』 I thought


I called out
『come on come on come on!!!!!』

And said 『look look look!!!!!』!

They said 『thank you!!』 to me!


I wonder if they managed to get there。。


I feel like I did something good❣️❣️❣️


An off-shot from 『Akari』~



And with that、 good night!


That is all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!


The other day、 Miyamoto Karin-chan told me

『Uemuu! There’s only one piece of chocolate left in here!』 as she brought it along。

It seemed that there was a piece of chocolate in that large quantity of sweets。 lol

Thank you very much。 lol



We had a shooting for the drama as well!


Today、 we did this and that for the shooting!

I’m sad that I can’t talk properly about what happened。。

But at any rate, it was fun!


It’s fun to watch people acting

I think that watching it up close was a really good experience。


I want to watch all sorts of acting!



And with that、 good night

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari
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Birthday Event…

This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!


I think that there are already people who are aware of this


But we’ll be holding a fan club member only event 「Juice=Juice Uemura Akari Birthday Event 2015」ー!


I’ve experienced lots of things this year!

They’re all special
For me, this year was a really important and momentous year。

That’s what I think


In the midst of that year、 I’m glad to be able to have a birthday event, an event where I can make special memories ( ¨̮ )( ¨̮ )

Up to now, my birthday events have been with Miyamoto Karin-chan though。。


This time I’ll be alone。。

I feel a bit helpless
But I’ll do my best with everything I’ve got

On the 30th of Deceomber
I’ll turn Sweet 17!

The birthday event will be a bit early, not on the day itself。 I’m glad that I’ll be able to spend it with all of you!

I’ll do my best to make it a fun event, so please please come!


Application period: 13 Nov (Fri)18 p.m. ~ 25 Nov 2015 (Wed)6 p.m.。

Please comeー


Check here for more details


Sweet 17

17, huh。。

If I hadn’t talked about, I could have built up on that a bit more。


If I hadn’t talked about it。

Once I turn 17
Will I look my age




The photo is from when I went to Okinawa for the photo book。

I leapt into the pool。

It was so much fun。

Relentlessly going into the water
The make-up artist’s face

Was like Ahhh。

I was more or less without make-up for the photo shoot

I’m sorry





And with that、 good night


That is all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!


Good morning!


Yesterday、 I was thinking about making at update to the blog
But I fell asleep


I’m sorry!


This is what I wrote yesterday



The other day、 there was a ball version of darts in the dressing room。



There、 Kanazawa Tomoko-chan and Miyamoto Karin-chan played with it。。


I don’t know if this is the result of Kanazawa Tomoko-chan aiming for a strong score

Or if she was aiming to stick it on her clothes from the start




I didn’t hit the target even once。

It seems like they hit Rinka’s clothes。

Oh my

But it’s great that it led to a burst of laughter!


Above all、 Rinka’s face doesn’t show any dissatisfaction


Speaking about Rinka





Spot on。


Her points were completely good!


I didn’t do it, so I have no idea

But watching Rinka
You’d think that it’s simple, isn’t it?

But looking at Tomo

It might be difficult。。

We can’t be sure if she was aiming at the target or not from the start

It’s something to really think about。 lol



Time together with the members
Is fun


That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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White cat-eared angel…

This is Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari!



I read your comments on my blog post yesterday~



There were songs that I hadn’t heard before

There were songs that make me think
『That’s a song I like!』

There were also people who were like
I can’t chooseー。。( ´∵`)


Sorry for troubling youー


Everyone。 Thank you very much!
I’ll listen to all sorts of songs!





And、 today。

We held a concert in Kawaguchi!


For me、 it’s been a while since I performed live

I’m really glad to be able to perform live in a healthy state。 I really felt it!

Our 5-person dressing room and concerts are really fun~♡

All of you had a lot to say to me at the handshake events as well。 That made me glad。




And。 Today is Halloween


Already starting from yesterday

I saw girls with face-paint。

Or people in cosplay

I saw it while thinking 『Oh! Such high quality!』



For Halloween, Juice=Juice too


Sang and danced several songs in cosplay~




Miyazaki Yuka = Alice in Wonderland

Kanazawa Tomoko = The Queen

Takagi Sayuki = A nurse

Miyamoto Karin = Little Red Riding Hood

Me = White cat-eared angel



That’s how we were!


I actually wanted to put on face-paint, but to go to that extent is kinda。 lol


I put on

White wingsー

Cat earsーー

A cat’s tailーーー

An angel’s halo ( ¨̮ )

Lots of stuff!


I don’t normally do cosplay or put on cat ears
So it was a bit embarrassing。

I got used to it eventually though。 lol


I was completely white!

Like this







Please let me hear your thoughts on our cosplayー


At today’s concert、 the Juicers were also in cosplay。


It was like we were in another dimension
But that was really fun!!


Concerts that are different from the norm are fun too, right


We also had a NEXT YOU performance as well~

We got so sing a new song too!
It was made by Tsunku♂-san
So the rhythm is really fine。。


I’ve got to quickly be able to sing this song stylishly (;;)



How was our new song??


Also、 the point of our new songs is our gleaming shoes! And there are 3 patterns! lolol

Please give it a watch!



From now on as well、
I’m counting on you to cheer on NEXT YOU



Something that was heart-warming for me today。。

In the middle of the concert
Rinka said 『Uemuuー Welcome back!』 in part of the lyrics!

It was a big surprise but it made me glad ( ¨̮ )



And with that、 good night!


That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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Important stories…

This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice

The other day、 I came down with acute tonsilitis
And had to rest at the hospital。

This was the outcome of the discussion I had with my teachers about the concerts on the day before yesterday、 and yesterday。 I would be taking a break。



I truly caused concern
To all of the Juicers。

And of course、 the members as well。



For the photo book release commemoration event
Once I was done with the IV, I immediately went there from the hospital

I think that it surely must have been a surprise。



However、 I was given lots of words of encouragement at the handshake event。。

I also read all of the comments on the blog。

It was nothing but words that really cheered me up aplenty。


That there are lots of people who are so dependable
So kind, it makes me absolutely happy。 And at the same time as I felt that


To all of you、 as I was unable to take care of my own physical condition and caused a lot of trouble
I can’t help but really loathe it。


So from now on
It would be great if I could deliver performances that can repay you。


I’m now completely healthy!

I’ve really recovered completely ( ¨̮ )

I can’t wait to do a live performance!
Next’ll be Nishikawaguchi! On Halloween

I’ll do my best to make up for Saitama prefecture。

Cosplay。。 Will there be any?? lol





Here’s the good news first。



I held a release commemoration event for my photo book 『AKARI』 at the Hello! Shop!


It was delayed for a bit
I kept you waiting。。


But I was able to show you
Lots and lots of snapsーー ( ¨̮ )


It’s also thanks to all of you。

I was told that the photo book seems to be doing well~

Thank you so very much!

If you happen to see it in a store
Please check it out a little!


And、 ending with bad news。

The senior that I really look up to。


Morning Musume。’15’s Sayashi Riho-san
Will be graduating at the 31st December Countdown Live


This was sudden to me as well, so I was surprised。

I was shocked and startled as well。

Even now、 I can’t believe what’s written in her blog post。


However、 if Sayashi-san wasn’t around
I never would have thought of wanting to study dancing
I think I wouldn’t have entered H!P


Thinking that, I was reminded once again the extent of how great and how big Sayashi-san’s presence was for me。


I’ll continue to always respect Sayashi-san。


I still contact her even now。

She said 『Akari-chan, it’s fine to be like yourself』


Recently、 there’s been all sorts of huge incidents for me, which made me think about all sorts of things。

But there are times when thinking leads you down a negative train of thought。


So those words really made an impression。

Thinking about it
Sayashi-san’s really amazing


I really do love her


I’m shocked shocked shocked shocked but Sayashi-san made a huge decision in her own way、 and the Sayashi-san who had a huge influence on me will be someone whom I’ll always look up to。



And with that、 good night

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari。
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