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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!


Here are more off-shots from Young Gan Gan ✨



There were lots of really amusing things at the studio!

I really enjoyed myself!
Countless times, I went 『The heck is this!』。。


For example。



Huge jeans。

I continued
To have fun with them。


At the studio

There were several cars
They were ones you’d rarely find, like American ones!

There were lots of them!

There were also some amazing cars。


Who has had a look at Young Gan Gan〜

If you haven’t, that’s no goodー

Have a lookー


And with that、 good night!

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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Young GanGan…

This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!



Have you already checked out Young GanGan!!!

What do you know。。
I’m adorning the front cover!

I’m grateful and glad。

The photoshoot was really fun as well!




Locking in a figure 4 without thinking
My first time trying it out、 lol

The curtain was my opponent。


I’ve got to be up early tomorrow、 so that’s it for today!

And with that、 good night!

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!


Today、 we had our 220 tour at Hiroshima!


Today was hot too!

At Hiroshima prefecture
They use 『〜jake』 in their dialect
It’s super cute, I love it!

There were people from far away
As well as people from Hiroshima itself who came to our concert。。

Thank you very much!!


And、 recently。

Recently、 I caught a Pikachu!



Commemorative photo ♡



I also caught a Meowth。。

If I catch a Snorlax
That’s achievement unlocked for me!!!



And with that、 good night!


That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!


Yesterday、 we were doing promotions in Osaka
It was tons of fun!


I also met Kinose Hikaru-san ♡
She even gave me a gift before the talk event。。

Thank you。。

We’re also going around doing promotions at various other places!

I was with Miyazaki Yuka-chan as well at the talk event
It was the usual YukaAarii ♡

I had fun!!

Spectacle zone。 lol

Thank you very much!

Sorry that I didn’t make a blog update yesterday!
Even though I was at my hometown。。


When we were doing the promotions、 I got a Buono! tote bag from the staff at the Osaka Hello! Shop!

It’s cute ♡



Today、 I brought that bag
When I went to watch Buono!-san’s concert!


The live band was amazing
It was really intense!

The pyrotechnics were cool!

How amazing。

My dreams have gotten bigger
As we head towards our 7th November Budokan performance。


Thank you very much to everyone who came to our handshake event before the performance
Despite the heat ✨


And with that、 good night!

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice

Today、 I woke up early
And had a shooting〜

A shooting at a place I’d visited for the first time。
What a surprising。 How flashy。

I can’t wait to tell you more about it




Without me noticing, the skirt I was wearing today had a stain that looked like some tea had spilled on it
But I was really happy that it came off easily。。

Since it was a white skirt
I was in a shock

It comes off if you work hard at it
That’s what I learnt!


And with that、 good night

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!

I used a two-show with Miyazaki Yuka-chan as my icon

It was a photo that emphasised our sisterliness。

I wanted her to know

How sad it was to change it lol

We aren’t fightingー

Things are proceeding as usual~


There was an earthquake in Ibaraki prefecture yesterday

Are you alright??

I was in the bath
When the shaking started

I thought that I was getting dizzy at first
But it was an earthquake。

What a surprise。

Please be careful, ok




And with that、 good night!

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari。
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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice


Today I went for a meal with friends~

We’ve always been saying that we should go for a meal
And we’ve finally done it。。

If anything, they’re kind people。

Despite it being our first time meeting, I had fun, and the food was delicious。。

I doze off a lot
But I think it’s great to actively go and hang out like this!

It was fun to listen to all sorts of stories~

We’ve promised to hang out again
So let’s go sometime soon



And、 before that

Miyamoto Karin-chan made me
Hand-made whole wheat cookies。。

They were delicious!!

I didn’t know that they were hand-made at first。

Then somehow or the otherー

I wondered if they could be hand-made?

When I asked
She replied 『They areー!』。。


Thank you。。

Maybe I should cook up something next time in order to return the favour。

It’ll be my first time making something with whole wheat flour
So my heart’s already pounding。





And with that、 good night

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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Angry …

This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!


I hate Miyazaki Yuka。

Stupid older sister! Tanuki!



Blog preorders for the summer Hello! concerts have started!

Reservation period : 13 May (Fri) 12:00 noon ~ 22 May (Sun) 11:59 p.m.
・ Reservation URL:

Please make sure to come!

And with that, good night!

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!


The other day、 I made Kanazawa Tomoko-chan who hates strawberries

Eat a strawberry。

I love strawberries、 and since the strawberries were particularly delicious, I wanted to let her have some。


But、 since she told me that they were sweet
I’m glad I made her eat themー。




Today、 I had a voice training session!

I went with Miyazaki Yuka
And we shared an umbrella today

It’s quite rare
We’re close buddiesーー


And with that、 good night

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari
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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!


Will be having a Budokan performance ✨

I’m indescribably happy
To be able to report it to everyone。

We’ve always said that we wanted to bring you along to even bigger places, but we’re so so happy that we were able to make it a reality!!!!

Well now。 I truly am indescribably happy。



Let me add one thing。

In the announcement video、 the feelings still hadn’t hit me。

So、 after the introduction at the start, I was just dumbstruck。

The video is up on Haro! Sute。
Please check that out as well!



We’re grateful that we got to do the drama 『Budokan』。

Despite us being beginners。 And the staff were really nice。 I was grateful。

After the Budokan shooting ended
They were like 『You’ll be going to the Budokan』 or 『We really want you to go to the Budokan』。

NEXT YOU were aiming for the Budokan
But it was Juice=Juice’s goal as well

There were tons of things that led up to it
But they’re supporting Juice=Juice, even now。

Like they’ll come to our concerts。

Besides that、 there are also the staff members of Juice=Juice’s first radio programme。


Or the people we worked with in magazines
And there are lots more besides them、 and we’re really happy to be able to make a Budokan report to everyone who has been concerned with Juice=Juice

And。 We were able to to report it to everyone who has always been cheering us on。

It makes me happier than anything。

In the middle of our concert。
From where we were waiting on standby

I took a peek at the people who were watching our Budokan announcement video
It made me happy to see their eyes glued to the screen。

What’s more、 there were also people who cried to make up for my part!


It surprised me, how happy the venue got
Which made me happy as well。

Like, why are they that happy?

You know, we really felt how much you were cheering us on towards our dreams。 We felt it keenly。
Thank you very much。

But、 we wondered if there was something we could give all of you。

We tried thinking about why you cheer us on towards our dreams。 It’s excessively amazing。 Moving together with another’s dreams。

You know
Why are you so nice to us?
We gave it a lot of thought。


After thinking like all of you

We think that our feelings of wanting to bring you along to the Budokan

And your feelings of cheering us on towards the Budokan
Are the same。

Thinking that way
We really are linked
To the Juice=Juice family。

Thank you for everything。


I also want those of you who didn’t watch the Budokan announcement video today to come to our concert as well。

If you have the time, please do!

That’s what I’d like to say。。

But it’s on a Monday。

It would be great if you could make some time
And come。

As for that、us 5 members will do our best leading up to the Budokan to make you think that it was worth coming to our concert✨

But no matter how hard we try、 the concert wouldn’t be a success without all of you。

Please make sure to come to Juice=Juice’s Budokan concert on the 7th of November!




As for my personal goalー。

Is there a word that comes halfway between good fortune and capability?

Though Juice=Juice have said in interviews and such that we’re happy to be blessed with good fortune。


There really have been lots of times when I thought that we were really blessed with good fortune。

But、 so that you’ll think
That it’s not just good fortune
I’d like to develop our capabilities and work hard towards the Budokan





For Juice=Juice、the 5 of us will keep in good shape in order to all stand on-stage

It would be great

If we would continue to grow up and make our Budokan concert a success。



And with that、 good night!

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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