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Front cover…

This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!


I woke up early today、
So I thought that I’d blog and to go to sleep early

This is Uemura Akari ✌︎



The front cover for my first photo book『AKARI』 that’ll go on sale 24th October has been set~


Do you want to see it??










Mosaiced。 lolol


Do you want to see it after this??

Without mosaicーーーつ


You want to have a look?
Should I let you see it??


If you take a look, you’ve got to buy +1 volumes, okay?← Almost by force。


It’s an obligation, you know?




I’ll let you have a lookー
















Wait、 the paper’s folded。 But the front cover is like this!



The contents got shown to me as well


With Labrador Retriever Gou-chan!


There’s also photos with Ou-chan~




I’m glad~


There are still tons of things I’d like to talk about
But I’ll keep it secret ( ¨̮ )


And with that、 good night

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice



We had a performance of 【Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 ~Code1→Begin to Run~】 at Takamatsu!


I had udon!

It was delicious~。 Delicious indeed!


It gave me energy!! Thanks!


And、 there were people who were fans of other idols but somehow or the other had the chance to come for Juice=Juice’s concert

Who came to watch us。


Even if you watch our concerts once, you’re a member of the Juice=Juice family!


Please come as many times as you like ♡


Thank you very much to everyone who came today!




I ate a delicious sandwich with eggs and bacon squeezed in between!


I love bread crusts

I like crusts a lot more strongly than the fluffy parts。♡


If you were to ask me what I like

1st = Chocolates

2nd = Strawberries

3rd = Mangoes

4th = I can’t really make up my mind on this

5th = The miso soup I had at Matsuyama Salonkitty


6th = Pork bone in rib belly

7th = Bread crusts

8th = Carbonara

9th = French bread

10th = Fruits in general (Includes dragonfruits。)


That’s the ranking of things I want to eat right now


But you know、 I also like breads that are as hard as French bread, without anything in them!

But I like chocolate melons too!


If you were to ask me to choose between onigiri and bread、 I’d go for the bread。。



Which do you preferー?


And with that、 good night

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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Second day at Kashiwa…

This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!


Today、【Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 ~Code1→Begin to Run~】 was held in Kashiwa!


A back-to-the-hometown concert
For Miyamoto Karin-chan and Takagi Sayuki-chan~



Today was Kii’s day!




There was a surprise in the middle of the concert
We danced holding bananas!

A first experience。。 lol

That’s something that hardly ever happens。 lol
Bananas on-stage。 lol


And what’s more, before the concert
I watched 「Minions」 with Miyamoto Karin-chan。

This banana story

Was timely!

The minions like bananas

It’s was great to watch the minions!

They were super cute! lol


I recommend it to those who haven’t watched it yet!



Two-shots with Miyamoto Karin-chan ♡



I wanted to capture all sorts of facial expressions
But it went below expectations。

There were lots of shots like
‘I just did that face’

So I’ve got to increase my facial expression repertoire ✌︎✌︎✌︎


After watching the movie
We went to eat a buffet
So I’m fully satisfied♡


Rinka, Thank for today~

And with that、 good night!


That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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This is Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari!



Today、 at Nakano Sunplaza
We held Hello! Project concerts!


3 performances in a day!

A raging wave of 3 performances!

Yesterday、 when I read the blog comments

‘Do you know what “raging wave” means?’。。


I do! I do!
Of course I doーーー(・_・、)





Today is Hug day~!!

Kanazawa Tomoko-chan
Stood in front of the dressing room

She wouldn’t let us through without a hug。。

But hugs are nice~
How reassuring!

I’m changing the topic brusquely


But just some time ago

‘Let’s secretly record a comment
With Uesaka Sumire-san!’

I discussed with the staff-san


It seems that
The comment was be played at an event in Russia。

Even just that was quite a shock!


I got two photos of Sumire-san from that time。。

Just by talking with someone like me

Broke into tears。


I feel like apologising。。

I love Sumire-san!



I’ll keep this forever。

I definitely won’t lose it。
I’ll decorate my room with thisー!


I’d like to meet Sumire-san again。。♡




And with that、 good night

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!



Today at Sendai
We held a Hello! Project concert!


It made me happy to discover
People wearing Juice=Juice T-shirts or with our towels on their heads!


Even people who didn’t really know much
About Juice=Juice!


In order to make you even more interested
That you’ll want to come to our concert tours


We’ll do our best at the Hello! Cons too ✌︎



And today
ANGERME leader

Wada Ayaka-san celebrates her birthday!

Wadacho’s 21!

Normally、 when you’d talk to her like normal
You’d think she’s about 18!



「Recently、 has your body been feeling well?」

「Aren’t you tired?」

She’d ask me while rubbing my shoulders。。


It really brings me peace of mind!


Perhaps since she’s a leader。
She even notices the small things


That sort of consideration
Must be the kindness of a grown-up。。


That’s what I think!

Today、 I did my best in curling my hair。

And then、 Wadacho asked me

「Did you curl it?」

At the time, almost all of the curling had come undone。

And yet


「I seeー! I seeー。
Even though it’s so cuteーー」




Saying that, she fixed my curls。


If it was the usual
My hair would return to its usual straightness。 lol


Happy birthday ( ¨̮ )( ¨̮ )



And with that、 good night!

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!



Recently、 I went to Okinawa prefecture for a photo shoot~


I really like the food of Okinawa prefecture


Sea grapes
Sugar cane ice cream
Aguu pork
Sliced pork
Okinawan shallots
Pork shabu
Bitter melon champloo
Soki soba



Sugar cane ice cream
Sea grapes
And Aguu pork are my favourites


And the scenery is really great!


I’ll show it to you tomorrow!

It’s super pretty!


Even though I wanted to give souvenirs to the members

I haven’t given them yet


I wonder if they’ll like it♡


And with that、 good night

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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I’m Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!



At the Yokohama Arena performance for 9→10 Shuunen Kinen ℃-ute Concert Tour 2015 Spring ~The Future Departure~


Got to perform as the opening act~

The view we could see from on-stage

Was really really

It was really great
That we got to perform as the opening act。✌︎✌︎


And、 after that
We watched ℃-ute-san’s concert!

The fireworks went boomー!!!

When they were launched

And there were tons of surprising things besides that。

I watched it
While fully enjoying myself ♡

Listening to the members’ comments
Made me feel like crying

My nose was running。。


The feelings of their 10 years of activities in the entertainment world were conveyed frankly

Such things happened。
It really got through。


At any rate
It was an emotionally moving live performance!

And、 the members
Were unbelievably pretty。

And there were still surprises。

Miyazaki Yuka-chan who was next to me
Reported everything in detail。 lol


It was fun!


With Miyamoto Karin-chan!


And with that、 good night!

That is all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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Lake Biwa…

This is Uemura Akari from Juice=Juice!



Today、 we’ve got a concert
At Shiga Prefecture!!


The 1st performance has ended
But I’ve still got energy reserves left!!!


It must be the power of Lake Biwa’s water


The human body is mostly water
And perhaps
Inside me it’s mostly Lake Biwa’s water


Since the water of Lake Biwa has come back to it’s home of Shiga Prefecture!



It’s bringing out energy ( ¨̮ )( ¨̮ )( ¨̮ )



The 2nd performance is about to start soon!!


The members are completely prepared!!



To everyone coming to the concert!

Let’s enjoy ourselves ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و



I’ll drink Lake Biwa’s water
Get energised! Do my best!


Today、 an idol-san
Came to watch our concert!




I got gifts
Something to be happy about!

Thank you very much!
They were delicious ♡



And I got lip gloss
From Takagi Sayuki~


I’m indescribably happy!



Rightー、 I’m heading off for the concert!!


That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari!
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This is Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari!


Today、 Kanazawa Tomoko-chan and I had a recording for 「JapaLabo」!!


It was my first time appearing on JapaLabo-san!


It was hosted by Uesaka Sumire-san
And Sakurai Takamasa-san

It was a really fun mood
I laughed countless times!


And、 from Sakurai-san
What do you know! I got signed booksー!





From my Hello! Project seniors!


・ Sekai Kawaii Kakumei

・ Otome no Kaiga Annai


Those were the books!



And this is just around the time that my teacher said、
「Please read books」。。




I was thinking about what picture book I should go for
I tried looking at things like pop-up books, but they’re pretty short


So these books
Came just at the time that I wanted to read!


Thank you very much Sakurai-san!





And、 today is the birthday of my friend’s pet dog





Many happy returns ♡

Friendly、 instantly soothing
I love Rea ♡


I love Reatta even when it jumps on the desk to play and gets in the way。 lol

And tomorrow、
We’ve got a concert in Wakayama prefecture!!


I can’t wait!

To everyone who’ll be coming!

Let’s have a fun time togetherー!



And with that、 good night!
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Opening Act…

This is sudden。。

But at theatres throughout the country
There’ll be a public live viewing


Where you can watch
Berryz Kobo-san’s Budokan performance tomorrow!!


How quick。 It’s tomorrow, huh!

Tomorrow、 I’d like to properly watch Berryz-san’s final performance、 and learn from it!!!


And、 now I’m immersing in the memories!!(´•ω•̥`)

Since Naruchika was the first tour for Juice ni Juice [sic] 。

Berryz-san taught us all sorts of things、 they left a truly great impression
I love them even now。♡



For Juice=Juice、 we’ll be performing as the opening act

So we’ll be at the performance stage a bit early
I’m indescribably glad ( ¨̮ )( ¨̮ )( ¨̮ )




And、 there are also handshake events tomorrow, so please make your way there ♡


We’ll be waiting!!!!!



To everyone who’ll be coming!

Let’s enjoy it together, okayー


The other day、 I got a gift of Rin pudding
From the staff-sanーーー♡


It was super delicious!!

The pudding and the caramel were separated and you could balance it yourself、 that was nice ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و


I want to eat it againー


I really envy the name Rin。

Rin (凛) or Rin (凜)

Both are nice

But at any rate、 the name Rin-chan is cute。。





And with that、 good night

That’s all、 this was Uemura Akari
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