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I had a recording today~!
That was fun~(^^)
Taiki Bansei~♪♪♪♪


Ah!! That’s right!!
3rd generation Maho-chan (Aikawa Maho-chan) said to me
「There’s a Lourve gallery exhibition。」、
Talking in her usual relaxed way ☆
That made me glad、 so I invited her、
「Shall we go togetherー??」
「That’s all rightー。」 she refused。 lol

But、 explaining further、
‘If it feels like Wada-san is going alone、 I’ll go on that day too。’

She didn’t say ‘We’ll go together!’。 lol
But she said ‘I’ll go on the same day!’。 lol

Even though it would have been fine to say ‘We’ll go together!’~ lolol

You know、、
If I go alone、 it’s kind of like Maho-chan would also go on that day。。lol
Something like that。

I don’t really understand、、 but it’s cute! lolol

Aya’s always alone、
So I’ll always extend an invitation~(^^) I said

The Lourve gallery exhibit、
It’s coming soon! I can’t wait!


Today、 I took shots with Take (Takeuchi Akari-chan)!


And then、 photos with MeiMei (Tamura Meimi-chan) included!


Bye bye
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An announcement

On the 15th! The day after tomorrow、
I’ll be appearing on the programme Ariyoshi Hanseikai~(^^)

I’m counting on you to please check it out (..)

The recording was tons of fun (^^)
That’s right!! When I was at the recording、
I met Time Machine 3-go-san~(^^)
And so、、 Before the recording started、 since I got to chat with Time Machine-san、、 My nerves were realーーーlyー、、 Calmed down~(^^)♪♪

This time、、 What will I be reflecting on~?(^^)

Look forward to it~(^^)


That’s right!
juice=juice’s Aarii (Uemura Akari-chan)、
Made an announcement about Ariyoshi Hanseikai on her blog post! lol

Thank you ☆☆\(^^)/

To Aarii
Please don’t learn from Shirome’s example。

I’ve been completely swamped, preparing for Valentine’s (..)(^^)
Writing messages、、 Who should I give it to、 do I have enough? (^^)
With that、、 Just now、
I made a phone appearance on bayfm SKYGATE TRAVELLIN GROOVEー! I got to talk a lot about the arts~

I gave Valentine’s treats to the people who I’ve previously worked with on that radio show~(^-^)✨

This year、 on Valentine’s Day itself!!
It’s the Hello! Con!
Yes! The Hello! Con (゜ロ゜)(゜ロ゜)

Should I give chocolates~(..)
Definitely、 should I stop~(..)
Ah~(゜ロ゜) What should I do~(..)
Like that!!!! That’s how it is!!(^^) lol

Recently、 my thoughts have been completely like that(^^)
But、 well、 it would be nice to come to a decision(^-^)


Bye bye
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Hello! Con ☆ Karin

In the free time at today’s Hello! Con、
I was always talking with juice=juice’s Karin (Miyamoto Karin-chan)~(^^)♪♪♪♪♪♪

When we can’t meet、、
We send messages、、、 But since we were sitting in neighbouring seats in the dressing room、 we chatted~(^^)

Honestly、、 It was fun、、、、
It made my sides stitch~(^o^)(^o^)

The two of us don’t have any common interests! lol
But、、 the way we think links up。 lol
That、、 She’s really funny、 she’s fun、、\(^^)/
I laughed a lot!!

Yesterday night、 I appeared in Karin’s dreams~❤❤
Today、 I hope Karin turns up in Aya’s dreams~(^^) lol




With Karin~(^^)♪♪♪


Bye bye
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The second visit

I had a job to do in the morning、 and it ended in Shibuya、、
So I went to see the ANGERME billboard with my manager-san~(^^)


Today、 there were people snapping pictures、、
So it was from from a bit of a distance (^^) lol

I built up my courage、
And got close~♪!!



But、 the people around the billboard、 they didn’t notice that it was me。 lolol


But I heard someone say ‘Ayacho!’ once (^^)(^^) lol


After this、 I’ve got an event at Yokohama!!

Ah。 This is until today!

【Hello! Project HinaFes 2015 Special advance announcement】

Reservation period:~6 Feb (Fri) 11:59 p.m.
Reservation URL:

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There are events today!

Today、 there’s an event at Nishinomiya Gardens at Hyogo~(^^)
Please please、 make sure to drop byー~(^^)
In the morning、 juice=juice’s Karin (Miyamoto Karin-chan) sent me a message、、Karin sent me a photo of Karin in the morning \(^^)/
Today、、 I’ve been in a good mood since the morning~(^^)!
Karin Karin Karin \(^^)/\(^^)/\(^^)/
I’m looking forward to meeting Karin again at next week’s Hello! Con \(^^)/
Yesterday、 at the Hello! Con
I took a photo with Morning Musume。´15’s Kuduu (Kudo Haruka-chan) ~\(^^)/
Kuduu always always、
Comes to me saying ‘Let’s take a photo!’ (..)!
Since I hardly ever take the first step~。
Thank you (/▽\)♪
Bye bye
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Today was the Japan Pop Culture Carnival 2014 in Matsudo~♪


It was so, so much fun \(^^)/
We do lives with other idols often..
but we really haven’t ever done a live with another artist.. so that was a whole lot of fun♪♪


We got to do a collaboration with Hamasaki-san from Kanon-chan’s beloved urbangarde~♪


We received urbangarde nail stickers from them, too!
So.. we all put them on our nails and went on stage with them~\(^^)/


They were so cute~!!



Also also,
we were together with Lovendor, too~\(^^)/


I’m always talking with
Sakurai-san, who produced the event, about art… and there’s one more thing! outside of art.. that we talk about~♪
That is….
My favorite, favorite people…
We talk about Morning Musume, who I will adore for eternity \(^^)/ (Especially the Platinum Era☆)


I want to be like them! I want to be like my beloved Morning Musume!
That’s all there is to it… I do my best every day with that thought in mind \(^^)/


I talk often with Sakurai-san about Morning Musume and how much I love love love them….


Actually, today, with this timing,
I told this, how much I love them even now,
told Lovendor’s Tanaka Reina-san (ToT)

Well, Sakurai-san told her for me (ToT)(ToT)


I will look up to them forever!
And, even now and forever more I will always love them!

I also told her that I love Lovendor, too, of course
I told her myself☆


I got to take a picture!
I was so happy \(^^)/♪♪


It was such a fun fun fun event~♪
Thank you!!


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Tottori, Nagasaki

Yesterday was the Tottori live \(^_^)/
Today was Nagasaki!


I wanted to go to the Tottori sand dunes!
Whenever I go around the country, I remember all the places I want to go to, so the second time I go around, I’ll go! \(^.^)/
I’ll go to the sand dunes next time~!!

Nagasaki.. I ate lots of regional foods!
For lunch I ate Turkish rice..
and for dinner I had Nagasaki champon!

It was my first time eating both of them!
They were so good!

Today, there was a famous arched bridge really close to the venue! So, MeiMei (Tamura Meimi-chan) and Take (Takeuchi Akari-chan) and I went to see it~♪





We searched the whole time on the riverside to find the heart rock as we were walking (^^)




There it is!
The heart rock!


I want to go around to all the nation’s temples and art museums \(^^)/


TsumTsum has become quite popular among the members since yesterday!


It’s like a cell phone game! \(^^)/


I wonder how you play TsumTsum??


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Today, the collection of new group names comes to a close!

I can really feel how much we’re going to change.

Everyone, for thinking up lots of wonderful names, for sending them to us.. thank you. (..)

I’m watching S/mileage’s Budokan footage.

From the very start..
From before the show started..
I felt like I was going to cry..

And it’s coming back ~(ToT)
We really did do a Budokan concert.. (ToT)

Please look forward to the DVD. \(^_^)/

I’m sorry!
I get to enjoy it one step ahead of you \(^.^)/

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is Morning Musume ’14’s Kudo Haruka-chan’s birthday (^^)
Happy birthday~(*^^*)

I love False \(^^)/
But I also like Kuduu \(^^)/ :raburabu:

I hope you have a wonderful year~♪

I have one dream!!
That I’ll be able to meet False once again♪

If I meet False again,
I hope that we will definitely be able to sing together♪


I made one other picture of False..
but I took it from the DVD, so.. lol
I’ll use this one!

Actually, I tried making a birthday movie
out of the False collection stored on my phone…

But when I changed phones,
not a single photo from my False collection transferred (゜ロ゜) And, the other countless pictures I had taken that day were there, jut the False collection didn’t transfer (ToT)

I got out my old phone,
and looked… but they were gone (゜ロ゜)

Why (ToT)

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Yesterday, the fall tour went to Shimane prefecture!


Shimane means… Izumo Temple(^^)
However… I was unable to go to Izumo Temple this time…
Therefore… someday, I’d like to go there in private….
Certainly! Next year, I have to go around Japan twice… so I should be able to go next year~♪


This year, going around the country… I made a lot of memories, and I’ll still be making even more… but next year, to be able to return to the same place, it makes me happy~♪


Everyone around the country, please wait for me!

Ah. In Shimane I had a three-tier lunchbox with soba~♪ It was good~♪


today I’m going to be in Yamaguchi prefecture!


Last night, we travelled from Shimane to Yamaguchi!


On the trip it was noisy and we were all talking nonsense… and then when I looked around… everyone had fallen asleep :guragura:
Seeing that scene… I remembered the world of Smile Fantasy from earlier (^^)

In the play there was a song called one day, what happened yesterday was just like those lyrics (^^)


In Yamaguchi,
I went to a western-style restaurant!

It was tasty~♪♪


Of course, at the live house, the heat is rough.
I had decided upon a hairstyle but it was so tough to do!
It’s easy to leave it down.. but it’s hot (゜ロ゜).
My bangs also get in the way, and they get all gross from my sweeaaat!


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