Wada Ayaka

Waーi! Harunan

was the Hello!Con in Osaka!!!

I got chocolate from Harunan~☆


(^o^)!!!! Waーi!!!


by chance, we were also both wearing houndstooth~☆

My pants and Harunan’s skirt!
The same print




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The one sitting in-between


With Take-chan in the next seat!
Even though there wasn’t a chair,
Kananan came in-between us,
and sat on top of us to play with the people around us :nikoniko:




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Details of the snowball fight

Yesterday’s snowball fight!!!

Please start looking at the pictures from the top~ :yuki:

Aya vs Kananan vs Take-chan



The end~



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This snow is crazy!

Today we were shooting all day,
and we played outside in the snow!

After we were done,
Take-chan and Kananan and I had a snowball fight!!!


It was fun, full of snow~

But we were jumping around too much
and my cell phone got lost and my manager had to help me out.

I’ll try not to do that again!



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Maiden’s Guide to Paintings

I went to my favorite place
to do things for the book version of the Maiden’s Guide to Paintings~☆☆

I had a shoot..
and wrote something.
And listened to that thing!

I’m gradually getting really excited about putting out this book~\(^^)/

Because, well,
it’s a book, and I just can’t believe it!!

But I’m super happy~☆


Oh! Also,
Tomorrow!! I’m getting published~☆

The Japan News
(Yomiuri Shinbun English Edition)

I hope that you’ll all check it!
It’s about when I went to the large Ukiyoe exhibit \(^^)/♪



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My favorite rusk

This is about my favorite sweets!

My favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite
Harada Rusk~☆\(^^)/☆

This absolutely wonderful rusk
is made in my hometown of Gunma~☆

When I went to buy some to use as Valentines…

A new product!!
(゜ロ゜ノ)ノ :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:


My usual rusk
now has a chocolate and a white chocolate, two varieties!

This new product..
the color is cream!
When I asked the shop worker about it,
they said it was roasted chocolateー(*^▽^)/★*☆♪

It tastes kind of like white chocolate,
but I feel like it’s a much deeper flavor than normal white chocolate \(^^)/☆

it got sold out..
They were only selling this size. (;o;)

It’s soooo good!

Every year, I give the adults in my life this chocolate~!



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My favorite chocolate (^^) :kirakira:


I love this kind~☆

In a mushroom-shaped container..
in a cute box
there are cute-shaped chocolates~☆!

They’re suuuuuuuuucccchhhh cute chocolates,
but no matter what shape I eat, each one is soooooooooooooo delicious! \(^^)/♪

The box is cute, too,
so after I’m done eating,
I put my usual hair ribbons inside it~☆\(^^)/

They’re my favorites chocolates,
so I gave Harunan these in the limited Valentine’s edition!
\(^^)/ :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:


The inside is like this♪”

This type of chocolate is good,
so I buy them for my Valentines, and then don’t give them to anyone. lol!
I’m immersed by myself in these chocolates~☆(^^)☆

When I finish a box of this size,
it will become a medicine box \(^^)/☆



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Today was a Hello!Con in Sendai!

Thank you!

There was still snow left~☆


Snow hut!


We’ll be coming back to Sendai on the fall tour
Please come and play with us~☆!

I’m going to change the topic a little,
but I got to sing a solo today in Sendai (^^)

have sung a solo twice now
it’s Mano Erina-chan’s
my days for you :kirakira:

I love love this song, so just being able to sing it makes me happy!

Of course there are all of the fans in front of me…

The faces of the S/mileage fans come to mind when I sing :nikoniko:



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we had all our events at Nagoya~☆(^^)

Thank you, everyone~☆

My favorite is the individual handshakes,
it makes me happy to get to talk so much!
It was fun!!

I talk a lot during the S/mileage spring tour and the Hello!Cons,
but outside of those,
it makes me so happy to get to talk to a lot of people who also have an interest in art and paintings!

It’s just me
but I’m still super glad if I’m able to convey just a little bit how wonderful art can be!

Of course,
I talk about things outside of art..

My dream is
to have a solo bus tour!
Then, go with everyone to a museum~☆
And if we can, go to see Buddha at a temple,
and convey our daily thanks together to the Buddha☆

I definitely want this dream to come true!♪

I’ll do my best to make this dream come true!!

If I can make that a reality,
I want you all to participate, okay~☆(^^)

That’s my dream’s dream :nikoniko: :kirakira:


the spring tour is coming up,
so please get excited for that, too!(*^▽^)/★*☆♪

I’ll be returning to the snow country after this~☆(^^)!



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We had individual handshakes, polaroid, and drawing events at Osaka (^^)

Thank you for coming out in the cold, everyone!
Osaka didn’t really get much snow~♪

But it seems like things are tough in Kantou!
The snoooow (^^ :yuki: )

Tomorrow we have the same events in Nagoya~♪”

When you go out, please be careful not to fall~(^^)

So then! This week is a birthday~☆
It’s a little late now, but
was for my mature, stylish
super older sister..
One unchanged by the years
℃-ute’s Nakajima Saki-san’s birthday~!

℃-ute-san’s leader
My other older sister Yajima Maimi-san(^^) and

She’s younger than me,
but she’s so much more mature, the very cute Hagiwara Mai-san had their birthdays (*^▽^)/★*☆♪☆

Happy birthday~\(^^)/

we went around on Naruchika together in the fall to regional places, and they really took care of us~☆\(^^)/☆

They really, really do.

I hope that a wonderful year will come upon Yajima-san, Nakajima-san, and Hagiwara-san~(^^)



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