Wada Ayaka

Hello Concert Nakano

Today was the Hello Concert at Nakano!

I’m sure there are many people who already know but..
there was an announcement from my sempais in Berryz Kobo.

I feel really really sad.

I was able to work together with Berryz-san in the musical called Warera Jeanne.

Everyone was truly so kind…
After the musical ended, they were always so nice at the Hello Concert sites and stuff. They were like big sisters that I really really super duper love.

And so…
I feel really sad.

I’ll pray for the activities of everyone that I love.
I’d like to make lots of memories before next spring (^^)

Berryz-san, I really really really really love you (;o;)

Sorry to change the subject a little bit but
since it was a Hello Concert, I was able to take photos with all kinds of people (^^)


With Harunan (Iikubo Haruna chan)!
Like what a coincidence, Harunan and my sandals matched~♪

And then, and then..


Ayumiinn (^^)
(Ishida Ayumi-chan)
Ayumin is so cute~♪
Ayumin, I really like u~♪

As I thought, thanks to Lillium
I was able to become friends with everyone in Morning Musume ’14 (*^ー^)ノ♪

Bye bye

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Waーi! Harunan

was the Hello!Con in Osaka!!!

I got chocolate from Harunan~☆


(^o^)!!!! Waーi!!!


by chance, we were also both wearing houndstooth~☆

My pants and Harunan’s skirt!
The same print




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The one sitting in-between


With Take-chan in the next seat!
Even though there wasn’t a chair,
Kananan came in-between us,
and sat on top of us to play with the people around us :nikoniko:




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Details of the snowball fight

Yesterday’s snowball fight!!!

Please start looking at the pictures from the top~ :yuki:

Aya vs Kananan vs Take-chan



The end~



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This snow is crazy!

Today we were shooting all day,
and we played outside in the snow!

After we were done,
Take-chan and Kananan and I had a snowball fight!!!


It was fun, full of snow~

But we were jumping around too much
and my cell phone got lost and my manager had to help me out.

I’ll try not to do that again!



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Maiden’s Guide to Paintings

I went to my favorite place
to do things for the book version of the Maiden’s Guide to Paintings~☆☆

I had a shoot..
and wrote something.
And listened to that thing!

I’m gradually getting really excited about putting out this book~\(^^)/

Because, well,
it’s a book, and I just can’t believe it!!

But I’m super happy~☆


Oh! Also,
Tomorrow!! I’m getting published~☆

The Japan News
(Yomiuri Shinbun English Edition)

I hope that you’ll all check it!
It’s about when I went to the large Ukiyoe exhibit \(^^)/♪



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My favorite rusk

This is about my favorite sweets!

My favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite
Harada Rusk~☆\(^^)/☆

This absolutely wonderful rusk
is made in my hometown of Gunma~☆

When I went to buy some to use as Valentines…

A new product!!
(゜ロ゜ノ)ノ :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:


My usual rusk
now has a chocolate and a white chocolate, two varieties!

This new product..
the color is cream!
When I asked the shop worker about it,
they said it was roasted chocolateー(*^▽^)/★*☆♪

It tastes kind of like white chocolate,
but I feel like it’s a much deeper flavor than normal white chocolate \(^^)/☆

it got sold out..
They were only selling this size. (;o;)

It’s soooo good!

Every year, I give the adults in my life this chocolate~!



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My favorite chocolate (^^) :kirakira:


I love this kind~☆

In a mushroom-shaped container..
in a cute box
there are cute-shaped chocolates~☆!

They’re suuuuuuuuucccchhhh cute chocolates,
but no matter what shape I eat, each one is soooooooooooooo delicious! \(^^)/♪

The box is cute, too,
so after I’m done eating,
I put my usual hair ribbons inside it~☆\(^^)/

They’re my favorites chocolates,
so I gave Harunan these in the limited Valentine’s edition!
\(^^)/ :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:


The inside is like this♪”

This type of chocolate is good,
so I buy them for my Valentines, and then don’t give them to anyone. lol!
I’m immersed by myself in these chocolates~☆(^^)☆

When I finish a box of this size,
it will become a medicine box \(^^)/☆



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Today was a Hello!Con in Sendai!

Thank you!

There was still snow left~☆


Snow hut!


We’ll be coming back to Sendai on the fall tour
Please come and play with us~☆!

I’m going to change the topic a little,
but I got to sing a solo today in Sendai (^^)

have sung a solo twice now
it’s Mano Erina-chan’s
my days for you :kirakira:

I love love this song, so just being able to sing it makes me happy!

Of course there are all of the fans in front of me…

The faces of the S/mileage fans come to mind when I sing :nikoniko:



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we had all our events at Nagoya~☆(^^)

Thank you, everyone~☆

My favorite is the individual handshakes,
it makes me happy to get to talk so much!
It was fun!!

I talk a lot during the S/mileage spring tour and the Hello!Cons,
but outside of those,
it makes me so happy to get to talk to a lot of people who also have an interest in art and paintings!

It’s just me
but I’m still super glad if I’m able to convey just a little bit how wonderful art can be!

Of course,
I talk about things outside of art..

My dream is
to have a solo bus tour!
Then, go with everyone to a museum~☆
And if we can, go to see Buddha at a temple,
and convey our daily thanks together to the Buddha☆

I definitely want this dream to come true!♪

I’ll do my best to make this dream come true!!

If I can make that a reality,
I want you all to participate, okay~☆(^^)

That’s my dream’s dream :nikoniko: :kirakira:


the spring tour is coming up,
so please get excited for that, too!(*^▽^)/★*☆♪

I’ll be returning to the snow country after this~☆(^^)!



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