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Rehearsals for Hyakaryouran started yesterday!


Ah! Everyone!

We’re restarting with Twitter, as mentioned above、、
It’s being started for a month before Budokan!

This is late、、
But once again、 I’ll enjoy our start on Twitter、、
So please look forward to it \(^-^)/

For me、 once again、 I’ll have to learn all sorts of Twitter terminology once more、 like、 hashtags、、
#←I’ve got to get used to using this

New account @angerme_1129


Bye bye
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Momoiro Folkmura

Some time ago、 I got to make an appearance on Fuji TV NEXT’s Sakazaki Kounosuke no Momoiro Folkmura NEXT-san!

I got to sing Suki-chan with MomoClo!
And、 Kanako-chan got to sing Uchouten LOVE (^^)

When we made our début、
We had concerts together、
As well as programme appearances and photo shoots together (^^)

We’re really good friends!

Being able to sing on stage like this again、
It makes me really glad and happy!

And、 that programme、
Will have a repeat broadcast late night tonight at 1 a.m.~!

Please watch it \(^^)/


It was realーーーーーーーly、
Fun (^^)(^^)

Thank you very much!!


Momoka-chan wasn’t feeling well、 and was unable to join in for Suki-chan。。。
It would be great we could also sing together with Momoka-chan next time~!
Momoka-chan, please get well soon (..)


Bye bye
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I gave it my all、 and made this today!




Isn’t it amazing!


Bye bye
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Today we had a Hello! Con in Sendai!
A Sendai Hello! Con、 on the day of my birthday itself!!

I’m really really really happy!
Firstly、、 There was a surprise celebration on-stage (゜ロ゜)

I was so so happy~(^^)

And、 after it had ended、、 We had a celebration with cake (..)(..)(..)(..)(T0T)

I was so so happy!
Thank you very much!

Yajima-san cut the cake for me~(^^)


Lookie lookie lookie please!
Just like a kind older sister、、
I always get spoiled by Yajima-san (..)





My 21st birthday、、、
Was celebrated by so many people、、
I’m really really happy \(^-^)/

Thank you very much \(^-^)/



General tickets for the Hokkaido performance of ANGERME Live Tour 2015 SUMMER/AUTUMN ~FIGHTING NINE~ will start tomorrow 2 Aug (Sun) from 10:00 a.m.!
24 Aug (Mon) 6:00 p.m. performance start ( 5:30 p.m. entry into venue ) Venue:cube garden。

You can get the tickets here!

Ticket Pia

Lawson Ticket



Bye bye
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Today was the second day of the Hello! Cons~(^^)

Today、 something super cute happened!
Please hear me out!!

Kobushi Factory’s MinaMina (Nomura Minami-chan)、、 She says that she likes me、、
But it seems that she got frustrated、 as I’m on good terms with third generation Maho-chan (Aikawa Maho-chan)。 lol

It’s quite the cute episode。

I was next to that MinaMina as we were making a circle、 so we linked arms (^-^)

Today’s photo、
Is with juice=juice’s Karin (Miyamoto Karin-chan) (^-^)


She refers to me as Wada-san、、、
But since we’re friends from when we were in the Kenshuusei、、
I think that it’d be fine if she called me Ayaka-chan! as always、、
There are times when she occasionally calls me Ayaka-chan
It makes me really happy~(^^)


Bye bye
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We had an event at Venus Fort!
Since we haven’t really performed the new songs、、
I feel like all of you haven’t really seen it yet~(^^)
I still、
Haven’t gotten used to singing it!!

I really like Nanakorobiyaoki (^^)

It’ll get released、
On the 22nd of July、、、 There’ll be a lot of events from now on、 so please make sure to drop by~(^^)

Maho-chan (Aikawa Maho-chan) and I、 we wore matching T-shirts!

Warhol (^^)
Campbell Soup Can T-shirts (^^)



Today、 we promised
To wear these T-shirts!~(^^)


Bye bye
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Kanon-chan has announced that she will graduate from ANGERME in the autumn of this year.

It kind of hasn’t hit me
that the Kanon-chan who has been with me for over 10 years is going to graduate.

I remember the words Tsunku♂san said to us! He said debuting in Hello!Project and singing and dancing, that is not the goal. What will you do once you graduate from Hello!Pro? He told us that thinking about that beforehand is important.

I.. had the goal of having fun and being happy in Hello!Pro, so Tsunku♂san’s words have always left that question in the back of my mind.

I wonder why Hello!Pro can’t be the goal?

I remembered these words when I was thinking about Kanon-chan graduating, and now, I finally understand what he meant.

I will support Kanon-chan with her decision to graduate!

Still, we will continue working as 9 people until autumn!!
Because first, we have to make Nippon Budokan on 5/26 a huge success!

The 9 of us will continue to work hard, so please continue to support us.

I guess..
This means Ayacho will be the only first generation member left.
I think some people might be kind of worried about me.
However.. I’m not without my beloved, adorable, precious, lovely second generation and my third generation playmates! lol

I have gained amazing partners as time has gone on, so I have no worries (^^)

You know that we have a fantastic relationship. Don’t you. (^^)

I think a lot of people were shocked by the sudden announcement..
But first, please watch over us at Nippon Budokan on 5/26 (^^)

Nippon Budokan as ANGERME, as 9 people!
It’s not the time or place to be sad.
Please get ready to have fun!

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The relay blog has come around!

The blog relay has come around to me!
It came along from juice=juice’s Kanazawa Tomoko-chan~(^^)
I’ve never seen her charged up、 she’s really relaxed (^^)

Kanon-chan often mimics KanaTomo’s singing~(^^)

It really does sound like her~(^^)!
Next time、 I’d like to see KanaTomo and Kanon-chan collaborate~(^^)
Ah! Also、、
When KanaTomo wrote about me in her relay blog、 she wrote about Buddha statues、 that really made my day :nikoniko::raburabu:

KanaTomo、 thank you~(^^)

And with that、、
The theme of the blog relay is
「Is It Just Me?」

There’s a lot~(^^)
I like Buddha statues、 I like paintings、the arts、 I like art!
My next travel plans、
・ I’d like to go to the Buddhist image exhibition at Nagano Prefecture’s Zenkō-ji-san which starts from the 5th of April (^^)
It’s once in every 7 years \(^-^)/
The Amitabha-san from three Buddhist images in a united halo!
Also、 there’s a triennial in Niigata in the summer!
A local art festival。
If I have the time、 I’d like to go to Niigata~(^^)

Since I seem to only talk about those things、、
I’m often told I’m austere!

The people who are on the same wavelength as me are from my father’s generation、 my grandfather’s generation :music: There aren’t many young girls that get this excited about this kind of topic~(^^) I’m often told \(^-^)/

It seems that young girls don’t really have austere hobbies (^^):kirakira::kirakira:
But、、 If you limit it to idols、、
There might not be anyone who likes Buddha statues and paintings like I do (^^):raburabu:

Is It Just Me?
Perhaps (^^)


The next relay blog、
Will be Morning Musume。’15’s Haga Akane-chan☆

I haven’t really talked with her (..)

But、、 The other day、
MeiMei informed me of something!

「It seems that Haga-chan likes Kuduu too。 Wada-san!」!

And so!
Even though I’ve said this countless times!!
False is who I like!!

Next is、、
Haga Akane-chan!


【Hello! Project HinaFes 2015~ Mankai!The Girls’ Festival ~ 】

Will be held at Pacifico Yokohama
28 (Sat) ・ 29 (Sun) March!

Details here


Bye bye
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Berryz-san’s performance yesterday was really wonderful (^^)

I became a Kenshuusei as I loved Hello! so so much、
And so、 even though I never thought that I’d become like my seniors who were always singing and dancing、、
What made me change from that was BeriKyuu-san! Therefore、 to me、 BeriKyuu-san are seniors that I love and treasure!

Berryz-san made their début when they were in primary school、 so I think they must have endured many hardships that I wouldn’t know of (..)
There definitely were a lot。。 In Berryz-san、 there’s Sugaya-san who’s the same age as me、 she’s been doing it since she was small, even though we’re the same age、 she truly is amazing~(^^)
How cuteー(^^)!

Actually、、 I own all sorts of CDs and goods of Berryz-san (^^)

For the sports festival goods、 there are photos where you don’t know who’ll you get、、 I wanted Natsuyaki-san’s photo、、 I traded photos to get it (^^) lol。

I got the photo of Natsuyaki-san (^^)
I still have it and treasure it, even now~(^^)


I hadn’t made my début、but I’d been a Kenshuusei for 5 years since primary 4th、 so I grew up always always being able to see Berryz-san from close-by (^^)

So、 I’ll write just a bit about my memories of Berryz-san (^^)

When I was a Kenshuusei、
It was the first time I was appearing for a play、、
Berryz-san’s 「Reverse Watashi no Karada doko desuka」
That was the play。 I had no idea what a play was。 I can’t actー。 I don’t want to do itー。 That was how I felt。

I was in middle high at the time?

I didn’t have any interest in acting、、 But I’d get to practise every day with my favourite Berryz-san、 which was really really fun、 it made me happy、、 It wasn’t because I enjoyed acting、 but play-acting together with Berryz-san、 appearing with them was fun、 I truly was bliss to me~(^^) :raburabu:

For the lines、
I said things like 「Sugaya-san、 what happens when you mix this and thisー?」~(^^)
To make a single word (^^)(^^)

But、、 For me at the time、 I didn’t really mind either way if I had lines or not、、 I’d be able to act in a play with Berryz-san! That was the greatest joy~(^^)

Also、 seeing Berryz-san acting、
Becoming a group、 making their début、 having to memorise lines。。 I remember thinking
That they had it toughー。
At the time、 Sugaya-san who was the same age as me memorised realllly lonーーg lines、、Seeing it made me say ‘You really remembered it!’、、 Even though we were the same age、 I strongly thought that she was really amazing!
I definitely couldn’t do that!!!! (^^)


I guess that was my greatest memory of Berryz-san from my time as a Kenshuusei (^^)
I became part of S/mileage、、
And then、、 I had increased opportunities to stand a lot on the same stage with Berryz-san at Hello! Cons、
But I couldn’t talk a lot with my great seniors Berryz-san。

In the middle of that、、、
I got to do a musical entitled Warera Jeanne。 When I heard that I’d be doing that musical、、 I’d be able to act with Berryz-san again~(^^) (^^)(^^)

That made me really happy :raburabu:

Besides、、when I heard that we’d be playing reverse roles with Berryz!、 for me、 it was like a dream \(^^)/\(^^)/

Besides、、 I was reversing with Sugaya-san (^^)
That had me really worried、、 but more than that、、、
I was overjoyed (^^) :raburabu:
You know、 since before、、 even though the only thing I could say to Sugaya-san was what happens when we mix this and thisー?、、 We’d be doing the same role (;o;) Words can’t begin to express how happy I was (^^)


But、、 That musical was really tough。
Every day、 every day、 I memorised songs and memorised lines。。
But、、 Since for me、 there was something that made me really glad、 I did my best!!、、 Around me there were my seniors as well as my favourites、 Berryz-san、 so at any rate、 I couldn’t drag my feet。!

Memorising songs together with Sugaya-san、、 Memorising lines、、 Double-checking、、 It might look like simple work、 but it was really really tough。 At times、、 when we were memorising the songs together、 Sugaya-san’s tears would flow。 I had no idea what to do、 but Tsugunaga-san would come to comfort her、、 I was desperately trying to hold back tears (..)
It was like even Sugaya-san who was really good at singing and acting found it tough。 So、 we didn’t learn it at the same pace、、 I had to learn my lines before Sugaya-san as much as possible、 and Berryz-san often couldn’t come to practise as they had other jobs、、 So as much as I could do、 I covered for them! (^^)


They were seniors、、 but we really helped one another out、 and Warera Jeanne became a really really good musical (^^)
Therefore、 Warera Jeanne is one of my treasures (^^)


And then、 they were really kind to me、、
Even though I feel that I still can’t talk to the seniors, even now。、 All of them、 they’re like older sisters to me (^^)

All of them、 talked to me with an 「Ayachoー」、、 It would be great if you could pamper me even more and more and more。(^^)
There were really lots and lots of things that I learnt from them (^^)


Thank you so very much。(..)(..)(..)


From the time you joined as the Kids、
About 12 years!
Thanks so much for your hard work (..)

Your lives from now on、、
For your hardships up to now、 I hope you’ll be visited by even more joy~♪


I love Berryz-san ♪
It rekindled my love for Hello! Project ♪
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Berryz Matsuri Second Day

The second day of the Berryz Matsuri has ended (^^)

Today we did Otome no Gyakushuu、 and、、
We got to sing Berryz-san’s 「Gag 100-bun Aishite Kudasai」(^^)

It was tons and tons and tons of fun ~(^^)


Getting to sing such a cute song、、
Was really fun~(^^)


These photos are from when we were performing Otome no Gyakushuu。

Until the final song on the 3rd of March、 I’ll solidly cheer them on!
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