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It’s been announced that ℃-ute-san would break up following their performance next June in Saitama Super Arena.

When I joined Hello, and also when I debuted, there were many people much more senior than me, and I was always watching them from behind.
The next thing I noticed, next in age from ℃-ute-san and Tsugunaga Momoko-san was me.

I love Hello.
I really love it.
And so, with the loneliness I feel with my seniors leaving, it’s like huh? I also feel loneliness that Hello keeps on changing.

Since I love love love Hello,
it’s not a mystery why I feel loneliness since I’ve always been here, is it.

And so, when I heard about ℃-ute-san, a great sense of loneliness was my honest feeling.

Looking at ℃-ute-san now continuing activities for more than 10 years with 5 people from the same generation while other groups’ numbers keep changing, there have been times I felt envious.
Chasing dreams together for many years with my generation-mates is something I’m just unable to do.
I really admire the way ℃-ute is now able to perform in virtue of having various experiences together, getting older, and just spending many years together. Getting older allows you to do so many different expressions as a group. As well as having such a high degree of completion and perfection. That’s something that can only be expressed by people who’ve worked together to make it through all the months and years. Seeing that, I feel again how difficult it is to continue on、、and so I admire the performance ℃-ute-san is able to do in that virtue of having continued on, and think they’re just so amazing.
There’s time left until June of next year. Even today there are times when I’m not able to talk to them very easily, but since I want to make lots of memories, I want to have many talks with them as well.

For me, Angerme is an irreplaceable existence、、but in addition I have very strong feelings of pride of being in Hello, and love of Hello.
Since I want to watch over the Hello that my great seniors have created I want to bring even more energy to it, and just due to loving it so much, I want to develop it even further.

Angerme is now becoming one of the most senior groups in Hello.
And so, in order for us in Angerme to be able to lead Hello along we’ll look deeply at the things which Angerme still lacks, and so that ℃-ute-san will be able to relax and run swiftly to the end, Angerme must also work very hard. That’s what I think.

Though I myself have noticed what the form of being an idol past 20 years old is like, since it’s not an easy thing to continue, I think I’ll feel it more and more as time goes on as well. For who I am in Angerme, and for what I can do, as a possibility? I can’t deny the budding feelings of just keeping on, while having those thoughts.
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22 years old

I’ve turned 22。
Thank you very much as well for the birthday event。

The goods and event were packed with things that I love。 It was a lot of fun。
Thank you so very much。
I’m already thinking about doing a song that makes use of a chair next year、 and、 the different forms that next year’s birthday event could be like。 lol
I’m rushing it, aren’t I!
Look forward to next year~ lol


Having turned 22、 I don’t have any particular goals for this year。
I’ll just be focusing on ANGERME and the arts。 Well、 expressing myself as well、 in ways not just constrained to ANGERME。
As I slowly become able to do more things、 there are even more things that I want to do。
For those、 there are things that I have to look into further。

It would be nice if I could express more of Wada Ayaka、 while learning every day。


Thank you very much for your many well wishes。




We took these kinds of shots at the shooting。 They’re slightly edited。 Looks good。




I got all the prizes from the games at the event!!!
Amazing! There were lots of Renoir goods!
Besides that、 there were even my favourite Amato cookiesーー!!!!



Harunan (Iikubo Harubab)
Kassa (Kasahara Momona-chan)
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We went to Hokkaido for a Hello! Con。
We sang Aa Susukino。
Thank you very much。

ANGE were setting up plans to hang out for some reason。
Let me share a part of that conversation with you。

R.Rinapuu(Katsuta Rina-chan)
A Me

R「Wada-san, why haven’t you got a car-driving licence?」
A「I didn’t go for one since I think that I don’t need itー」
R「Please get a licence!」
R「You’re the oldest in age」
Everyone had a really good laugh

To add to that
The plan was for me to get a licence、 and then I’d drive whenever we’d hang out! lol
These juniors! lol
Particularly Rinapu!!

I’ll be the pickup!?(;゜0゜)

Definitely not!!


We told Rinapuu to tell a scary story、
And I thought that she’d look up a scary story on the Internet and read it out。 But、 when she was telling us that it was impossible for her since it was scaryー!、、

We told her
「It’s fine, so hurry up!!」。 lol


Take (Takeuchi Akari-chan) and me





Bye bye
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Ahー Such fun!

We had Hello! Con rehearsals the whole day today。
We were stuck in the studio the whole day、
So we had quite some free time。

I had lunch together with ℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi-san!
We spent our long free period talking the whole time、、 it was lots of fun!!
Having done that、 I’m glad that I can spend more time with Yajima-san now that we’re in the Hello! Con season (^^)

At this Hello! Con、
There’s a comeback by the dance club!
There are dance club rehearsals、
And it’s a genre that we don’t really dance often、
So I can’t get used to each and every movement, but it’s lots of fun (^^)

Look forward to it!


The omurice bento was delicious!



Bye bye
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It would be really cool to be like °C-ute-san、
The more they age, the better their performances become, in all sorts of ways。

Since it gets harder to make progress in performing ability as one ages、 I really respect that aspect of theirs。
And、 I envy them。


I’d like to be like that as well、
I’d like to get along with doing that。



Bye bye
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Today, we had an event at Mori Town.
Thank you very much.


My phone broke、
So I’m now using an iPhone!

Everyone taught me how to use it。
Since I was using an Android、 I’m not used to this。

When I press where the back button used to be on the phones I’ve had up to now、 I can’t go back。
I also haven’t gotten used to pressing outside the screen。

It’s complicated。




At any rate、 I was taught how to type out a blog post。


Bye bye
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4th Year!

I went to school today!

It was fun being able to see my friends after so long~!
Hearing my teacher talk, I really felt how I only have a  year left. It makes me sad!
I’m glad I was able to properly become a 4th year student while battling my schedule!

During my first year
the Monday after a concert day was rough,
and when I told my mother “I can’t do it! I’ll take the day off!”
she told me, “That’s not right, is it.”
However, my mother took me to school by car, and I was sleeping the whole time (^^)
I also remember she bought something delicious for me! lol lol

After she told me that, I decided to never take a day off or skip no matter how tired I am!
I’m really glad I was able to properly arrive at my 4th year!

I want to enjoy this one last year~!!

Today I went to a certain art exhibition for an interview!
It was really fun!

I’ll tell you about it later when I’m able!

Nagoya’s cherry blossoms

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Today、we had an interview and did a photoshoot outside、
the sakura flowers are already blooming!

The photoshoot was with the 2nd gen、
during the break we played by doing the most interesting poses that we could think of while jumping in the air!!


Aaーit was funーー
the photos were so funny、no matter how many times I see it I couldn’t help but laugh。


Although I wanted to put up the photos as soon as I can、
since we still can’t show our outfit, I will put it up once the photoshoot is publishedー






Bye Bye
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Today、we did a campaign at Nagoya the whole day!


We did various things!
Although it’s difficult it’s fun!!


I also was able to visit Toukai Radio-san that hosted Bijyurumu, my arts radio program!It was lots of fun!


In our spare time、I always have an earnest discussion about arts with Bijyurumu’s staffs!!
We talked at Komeda Coffeeshop (^^)
The sandwich was tasty!


Today、I also did something fun during Bijyurumu!
It’s a little different from the usual!


Other than that, I also appeared in various radio programs!
I think it’s going to be rebroadcast in Nagoya、
everyone in Nagoya please check it out!


I will appear with Kamiko (Kamikokuryou Moe-chan) in a magazine called Pia MOOK「日本で活躍するアジア最終少女」produced by AJ!
Please、have a look!
I also can’t wait to read it!


It’s only an offshot、
but it’s really a good photo!lol



With Kamiko!
Just with a touch of a button in the app the atmosphere in the photo change so much!



Bye Bye
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Today、we appeared at Me~TV-san’s SAKURA  FES!


Thank you for coming despite the heat!
I’m happy that other artists’、idols’ fan give us their support、and watch our performance!
Thank you very much


That heat、having to sing that kind of setlist and having continue waking up early for a few days、my eyes were seeing stars。lol

That’s how hot it was。

I think it will be nice having a method to raise the mood that will work anywhere、whether during song or MC!


Let’s try various thingsー


And then、
our good friend Team Syachihoko



Chiyu (Ito Chiyuri-chan)!




We played outside together with everyone from Team Syachihoko
we took lots of photos!
But、because I forgot to take one、the only photo I had is one with Chiyu (^^)

Everyーーーone is so cute!!!!


I hope we can sing together one day!

Since Super Girls-san was collaborating with everyone from Syachihoko、 I wanted to join in!!





From yesterday the general tickets for our concert tour is on sale~

Angerme Concert Tour 2016 Spring『Kyuui Ittai』

■ 5/5( Thu)NHK Osaka Hall (Osaka)

This time, only the Osaka general ticket is not yet on sale!
Please、get your ticket earlyー

For Nagoya、we will be at Nagoya Civic Assembly Hall on 7th of Mei, look forward to it
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