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I’m Fine!

It’s cold, isn’t it.

For several days I’ve been sick,
and sleeping.
Starting yesterday I got a bit better, and became able to eat again!
Today I got a lot better!
Since I’ve been sleeping the whole time and not coming out of my room,
I thought I’d move a bit and so today I went to see a movie!
I’m that much better!lol

All of you also,
since we keep having cold days, please take care of your health!


Angerme Live Tour 2016 Spring 『Kyuui Ittai』
general ticket sales will be starting in order from 1/16 (Saturday)!

On 1/16 (Saturday) general ticket sales start, and the concerts are
2/7(Sunday) 高崎club FLEEZ (群馬)
2/13(Saturday) 佐賀GEILS (佐賀)
2/14(Sunday) 福岡DRUM Be-1 (福岡)公演

Please support us!
Since it’s a home-like place for us who love live houses、、I recommend the live houses.

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I Quite Like Preserving




Meimei (Tamura Meimi-chan)




At rehearsal for the Hello con, matching shoes I bought with Meimei!Though the colors are different.


You know, something that surprised me today、、
The sound manager-san was、、the same age as me (゜ロ゜)!


I’m shocked!!
That a time would come when I’m the same age
as a staff-san.

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I hear everyone in Kobushi Factory won the Best Newcomer Award at the record awards!


Though I had rehearsal for tomorrow’s countdown live、、when watching it on breaks、、
they’d just begun singing!


Eーveryone was really sparkling, weren’t they!!
Since they were dancing in white outfits、
it somehow reminded me of the S/mileage 4-nin era!!

I want everyone in Kobushi、、
to make lots of their dreams come true together!!



So 2015 will be over tomorrow!!

2015 was really a quick year

But it was a very rich year.

It was my first time having a year with so many very happy and very sad feelings.

So many different things happened, didn’t they.

But having lots of different things happen
makes you stronger, I think!

So if I were to represent my year in one kanji,
it’d be「強」(strength)!
My heart is still becoming stronger!
I wonder how strong it will become、、(゜ロ゜)

Well then!
Tomorrow is the countdown live!

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Meimei’s (Tamura Meimi-chan’s) graduation was announced.

When I heard this from Meimei, I was surprised.

Since Meimei loves musicals so much, when I heard she wants to become a musical actress, I thought, that’s right。。。But it’s a bit frustrating.
thinking she’ll only be in Angerme a little longer、、

I’ve had complicated feelings these past days.

It’s not simply that I’ll miss her or I’m sad、、
hearing of Meimei’s graduation,
I thought of various things like, “What is Angerme?”

And so, I’ve been thinking this whooole time about various things.
Even with many days passing I didn’t know.

But、、what I was listening to during that time as well were Morning Musume.-san’s songs!

Listening to songs from my beloved Platinum-era-sans,
I gained conviction!

That I love Hello! Project!
And so, since I’m in Angerme,
since when listening to Morning Musume.-san’s songs、、
I confirmed to myself that “I’m here since this is what I want to be”!

I think Meimei’s graduation is a big thing for me.

Meimei is Meimei. I am me. Since that’s clear! I thought that what I will do is support Meimei, and send her off with a smile!!!

In this time that’s left,
let’s aーーーll have fun.

Also, we had a Christmas event yesterday, and it was very fun!
I want to have lots of fun times with everyone like this!


「If we spend time together, let’s enjoy it」
that’s it, you know!
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Hello! Con Rehearsal

The Hello! Con rehearsals
Are advancing smoothly

If anything, while we’re going through the Hello! Cons、、、、
I get to meet ℃-ute’s Yajima-san、
So it’s lots of fun!

Today we had bentos together、
After that、 I talked with Yajima-san the whole time (^^)
Which made me really happy ❤
Listening to Yajima-san’s stories、 talking with her、 it gave me lotーーーーs of energy (^ー^)

It’s been a while since I went home、
In such an invigorated mood (^ー^) lol

For some reason、 after the rehearsals ended、、
Eh? Ayacho, have you had your meal~?? Yajima-san said to me、、、
But when I said、、
Didn’t I eat with you just now!!!
Ahh~! That’s right!!(^^)
How adorable (^^)❤


At this Hello! Con、、、
I do something that makes me reallllly happy with a certain person!
Today、 there were those rehearsals、、、
You know、、I’m realーーly happy!!



Bye bye
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Kanon-chan、 congratulations on your graduation!
And、、Hyakkaryouran has ended without a hitch。

It truly was a joy。
I’m grateful。


I’d like to meet the kind and warm staff members that I love once again、 soon、 at a hall tour rehearsal!
In one way or another、 next year、 I hope that we’ll have another hall tour、 where we’ll have the opportunity to craft wonderful concerts with everyone。


My throat hurts、 so I’ll go to sleep soon。
Until I write tomorrow’s blog post。



Thank you very much!!



Bye bye
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Rehearsals for Hyakaryouran started yesterday!


Ah! Everyone!

We’re restarting with Twitter, as mentioned above、、
It’s being started for a month before Budokan!

This is late、、
But once again、 I’ll enjoy our start on Twitter、、
So please look forward to it \(^-^)/

For me、 once again、 I’ll have to learn all sorts of Twitter terminology once more、 like、 hashtags、、
#←I’ve got to get used to using this

New account @angerme_1129


Bye bye
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Momoiro Folkmura

Some time ago、 I got to make an appearance on Fuji TV NEXT’s Sakazaki Kounosuke no Momoiro Folkmura NEXT-san!

I got to sing Suki-chan with MomoClo!
And、 Kanako-chan got to sing Uchouten LOVE (^^)

When we made our début、
We had concerts together、
As well as programme appearances and photo shoots together (^^)

We’re really good friends!

Being able to sing on stage like this again、
It makes me really glad and happy!

And、 that programme、
Will have a repeat broadcast late night tonight at 1 a.m.~!

Please watch it \(^^)/


It was realーーーーーーーly、
Fun (^^)(^^)

Thank you very much!!


Momoka-chan wasn’t feeling well、 and was unable to join in for Suki-chan。。。
It would be great we could also sing together with Momoka-chan next time~!
Momoka-chan, please get well soon (..)


Bye bye
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I gave it my all、 and made this today!




Isn’t it amazing!


Bye bye
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Today we had a Hello! Con in Sendai!
A Sendai Hello! Con、 on the day of my birthday itself!!

I’m really really really happy!
Firstly、、 There was a surprise celebration on-stage (゜ロ゜)

I was so so happy~(^^)

And、 after it had ended、、 We had a celebration with cake (..)(..)(..)(..)(T0T)

I was so so happy!
Thank you very much!

Yajima-san cut the cake for me~(^^)


Lookie lookie lookie please!
Just like a kind older sister、、
I always get spoiled by Yajima-san (..)





My 21st birthday、、、
Was celebrated by so many people、、
I’m really really happy \(^-^)/

Thank you very much \(^-^)/



General tickets for the Hokkaido performance of ANGERME Live Tour 2015 SUMMER/AUTUMN ~FIGHTING NINE~ will start tomorrow 2 Aug (Sun) from 10:00 a.m.!
24 Aug (Mon) 6:00 p.m. performance start ( 5:30 p.m. entry into venue ) Venue:cube garden。

You can get the tickets here!

Ticket Pia

Lawson Ticket



Bye bye
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