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misono shop manager-san at cinnamon’s ☆


Today ✨

I got a message that misono-chan would be working as the store manager for 1 day at cinnamon’s、 so I popped my head in before going to work ✨

It was full of customers and really busy!!

I’d expect no less!!

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ✨



I got some takeoutー

Thank you✨

When I went to the store、


I met Amimi who I haven’t seen in a while、

Pink-coloured Momochi、

And the excited Yazawa-chan✨


It was fun ✨


misono shop manager-san will be doing her best until 8 p.m. today、 so everyone, please make sure to try going to Omotesando’s cinnamon’sー✨

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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Berryz Kobo’s last concert!!



At the Budokan、

I went to watch Berryz Kobo’s concert!!!

These girls who have been running along for 11 years as Berryz Kobo、 will enter an indefinite break today。

That last concert!!



Watched by a ton of fans、 it was a truly amazing, emotionally moving performance, overflowing with love!!


I met the girls of Berryz Kobo when they were in primary school、 and they were really tiny、 if I do say so myself~。

In that springtime of youth where you’d want to play with friends、 they practised singing、 memorised choreographies with everything they had、 got nervous appearing in front of people、 I think they must have gone through a really tough time。

But、 as a result of their hard work、、、

They became a group that’s loved my many people。

Watching their last concert、 all of them are now really cool、 their dancing and singing were magnificent、 I keenly felt that they’ve grown up to be truly strong women。

And so、 it’s a bit sad that the group is entering a break。。。

From the bottom of my heart, I want to see more and more of Berryz Kobo。

I think that the fans surely think the same way。


The future of these girls。

From now on、 as these girls have fun、 walking on their own paths with smiles on their faces、 I’d like to secretly cheer them on。

For the 12 years from being the H!P Kids、

Thank you for your hard work ✨

Good job on going full power with today’s concert ✨

Basking the joyful afterglow、 please have a relaxing break ✨

Thank you for the truly wonderful time today✨✨✨

Berryz Kobo are awesome!!!
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To everyone

At this time, I am terribly sorry for causing trouble to all of the staff and co-workers that I’m so indebted to.

From you all, I have continuously received incredibly kind, warm words.
Thank you truly for supporting such a person as me.

I feel heartfelt gratitude.

I have been considering various things in my own way and as the result of speaking with my office multiple times, I have decided to take a break for some time.

I am considering this break as valuable time, granted so that my energetic self can be seen before you all again. So, I’d like to spend each and every day with care.

Until the day that I can restart my career again, I would be happy if you could somehow warmly watch over me.

To those who have continued to send me comments this entire time, I’m sorry to have made you worry.
Thank you truly for the comments. I read them every day.
You all can’t understand how much your warm words have saved me.

My energetic self will again appear before you all so, thank you and please continue to take care of me from here on.

Yaguchi Mari
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Today is,

is the live broadcast from

the “Lincoln” recording at 24:50.   1075


NTV x NHK 60 Ban Shoubu

By all means, please watch it for those who can. 

I will do my best!!!

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A Present From Friends☆

A present was delivered from members who I can’t easily meet. 759315 





First is, from Yuu-chan 



The same slippers as her husband’s.  

The feeling is really good. 

Her husband’s slippers are, very big!!


( ̄▽ ̄)

I was happy that there was also a lot of love from the message card. 759315 


And, from Nachimi 



A biggish pouch 2428 

It has a tender feel,

and because it’s big, it seems that it can be an all-purpose pouch that you can put anything in. 

Maybe let’s put something in~ 

I’m excited~ 1024903[1]


And and,

From Ai-chan 



A stylish bag with a CD and DVD snugly inside the bag1075

as the initial present and a bracelet produced by Ai-chan.   1075


Very happy 


Thank you very much everyone

These are the presents that were delivered from the members that I can’t easily meet, very happy

I will use them with great care. 759315 



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Today’s work has ended☆

Today, after the live broadcast of “Hirunan Desu!” 1075

was the recording for

the TBS program
“Ee? Kore Shiranakatta no?”   1075





I gained a lot of knowledge.

And, it was also a very fun first of the month. 2428 


Good job everyone 


That’s right!

We have entered into February  


Masaya-kun has also finally returned to Tokyo from Osaka~ 

Welcome home 


However, I have become ill 10285

Hey Hey Hey….


Hurry up and ge~t better 759315
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Let’s prevent!!






I have a cold.

I am, somewhat ok.

Are you ok, everyone?


please wash your hands and gargle.
And, please prevent by wearing a mask. 
Let’s protect our bodies by ourselves. 759315
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During Break☆

Today was, a location shoot in the morning 1075

and I recorded a program with my juniors* in the afternoon.   1075


I came back home once.  





22 o’clock~

Because of Amesuta, I will rest for a short while. 759315 



Translation Notes:

* In the original text, this word is “後輩 (kouhei)”. It means someone who is younger than you and who works with (or go to school with) you.
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Morning Musume.’s NEW single 

“Help me!!”

became #1 on the Oricon charts. 2428 


Truly congratulations. 

I am also very happy of the younger member’s #1 who worked hard at it everyday.
I got a report mail from Leader Michishige.1075


It was truly good.759315 



Everyone, thank you. 

Please treat Morning Musume. well from here on.
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Les Miserable☆

People around me have recommended that this is a good movie and it’s been forever since I seen a movie. 1075

I went to see

“Les Miserable”

with Shigeru-chan!!!



It was amazing.

It was truly amazing.

I shed tears often by the deep emotion.

I really observed and this was a film that seems to be from the heart and is good.

Because I didn’t really understand the terribleness that was written, I hope that you will feel it and watch it with your own eyes.

Afterwards, we talked about Les Miserables all night while eating oden.  



My, tearful face. (Laugh)

Shigeru said

“Yaguchi is crying a lot~”.

But, Shigeru also cried a lot next to me. 



My spirits have risen~ 2428 

For quite a long time. (Laugh)



While we ate tomato oden. 

It was really delicious.  320807 

It was the highest of course as we talked while drinking alcohol and watching the movie!!
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