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YajiSuzu theatre! Part ①

Good morning 083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi png

JFN「JAPAN HaroPuro NETWORK #64」 will go on air!!

I talked a lot with Morning Musume。’16’s Makino Maria-chan
And Aikawa Maho-chan from ANGERME、

So please make sure to listen to it, okay 083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi png088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai

※ The On Air schedule may differ according to station, so please take a look at the link for details!!

485[1] png486[1] png487[1] png482[1] png483[1] png484[1] png209[1] png210[1] png211[1] png206[1] png207[1] png208[1] png479[1] png480[1] png481[1]

Well then、 this may be coming out of the blue、、、
But here’s the YajiSuzu Theatre~ 088[1] png kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai001[1] Kumai Bakuwara png Maimi(Insert comedic sound effects here~)

The other day, when we had a break during the handshakes、 using the venue that was devoid of people、 I tried messing around with Suzu-chanーо(ж>▽<)y ☆ lol


Well then、 please have a look 093[1] png Kumai Yurina Maimi
The YajiSuzu theatre will be starting in a moment~~ 007 png Tere Kumai Yurina129[1] png






Y: Yay~~083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi pngToday’s the handshake event that I’ve been waiting and waiting forー001[1] Kumai Bakuwara png Maimi
Airi-chan’s lane、、、 Is it here? 006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi I’m on cloud nine 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina


Y: La de da~h 087[1] Runrun Kumai Yurina Maimi

Y: Got here 093[1] png Kumai Yurina Maimi

Y: Airi-chan’s on the opposite side of this partition??( ゚д゚) I’m getting nervousー(  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)

Y: Take a deep breath、 deep breath~!

Y: *breathes out*ーーーっ039[1] png Okai

Y:、、、Here、、 here I go~、、、039[1] png Okai

Y: Whoa093[1] png Kumai Yurina Maimi Airi-chan 006[1] png rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi

Y: Nice to meet you~018 Maimi Kumai png Okai Chisato083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi png
S: Oh my~ Nice to meet you 007 png Tere Kumai Yurina083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi png

Y: Wow 018 Maimi Kumai png Okai Chisato I’m being overwhelmed with happiness (T ^ T)
S: Ehー Reallyー?? lol

Y: I’ll continue cheering you on from now on as well (〃∇〃) *blush*
S: Ahaha (lol) Thank you~083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi png

Y: Well、 I’ll come again!(T ^ T) Goodbye 128[1] png
S: Yup、 bye bye~128[1] png

Y: Ahhh (>_<) 128[1] png


Y: What’s up with this girl、 isn’t she pretty cute though 008[1] chu Kumai Yurina Maimi084 png Kumai


Y: *Tittering* 047[1] png deredere (Grinning as she reminisces)



The end 086[1] onpu Kumai png
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Celebrating ℃-ute’s 11th anniversary。

Thank you very much for always supporting Hello! Project、
as well as ℃-ute。

The other day、 a weekly WEB programme reported and published photos of Hagiwara Mai walking together with a man。

After that、 all of us members heard about it from the horse’s mouth。
It was a truly rash action that caused great worry to all of you who have always been cheering us on、 and it seemed to be a huge betrayal of your trust。

As ℃-ute’s leader, I apologise from the bottom of my heart。
I am truly sorry。

As we are also the oldest group in Hello! Project、 there are many juniors who are watching our actions、and this was an action that set a bad example、
It truly is inexcusable。

Betraying the trust of the fans、
Our Hello! Project comrades、
The future of all the members・・・・
All of us members discussed various things many times over、 and finally came to a conclusion。

We want to go on with the 5 of us!

If something similar happens again、 there won’t be a next time、
Starting from Hagiwara Mai, all the members deeply acknowledge that。
I don’t believe that what’s been lost will be easily regained、
But each and every member will orient ourselves as ℃-ute, more earnestly than before、 and we would like to regain the trust of the fans。
And、 the 5 of us members would like to make our way towards our next goal。

We took some time to discuss this、 and we took the opportunity of the 11th anniversary celebrations to report this to all of you。

I’d like to apologise once more for the heavy trouble and concern that this has caused。

Please keep up your expectations for ℃-ute from now on。


℃-ute Leader Yajima Maimi


Today、 many people celebrated at ℃-ute’s 11th anniversary event、 and ℃-ute was very happy as well。

I’ll write again about my feelings of gratitude in my next blog post。

Thank you so very much for today‼︎
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An announcement concerning Inaba Manaka。

This may be sudden, but I have an announcement for all of you。

Country Girls’ Inaba Manaka-chan、
Will be taking a break from Country Girls activities for a while。

She’s had asthma ever since she was young、 though the symptoms lessened as she grew. But, from around the end of last year, the symptoms broke again, increasingly so。

Recently、 there have been successive days where she was unable to appear at events and such. Having discussed it herself with her family, doctors, and the office, she will undergo treatment from now on。


I think that she herself must feel extremely frustrated、 so I’m really worried about her asthma、 as well as her mental state、 but I’m sure that your unwavering support will become Inaba-chan’s strength。

Now, I would like her to not rush, and rest her heart and body。
We too shall be rooting for Inaba-chan’s return。
I’ll be waiting for the day where we’ll once again sing and dance together as members of Hello! Project。

Hello! Project Leader Yajima Maimi
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On the clouds ♪

Good evening 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi Okai Chisato084 png Kumai

I had a recording for 「Yajima no Heya ya na」

The radio programme that members of Hello! Radio can listen to 010 Kumai Yurina Reina093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi


And as for the guestー 012[1] Tokunaga Chinami Niyari086[1] onpu Kumai png


It was Country Girls’ Tsugunaga Momoko-chan 263[1] png261[1] png


Doing a 2-person radio show with Momochi、 it was so fresh that it felt weird 001[1] Kumai Bakuwara png lol

For the segment where we try to draw a likeness of the people who sent us messages、 Momochi went and did it by herself! lol

But、 as the pair that’s the same age、、、088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai
It was really funー\(^o^)/


It’s scheduled to go on air on the 1st of April~、 so please check it out okay‼︎ lol



I’ve been thinking recently that it’s been lively when we’re on the move、
And it turns out that it’s spring break 295[1] png296[1] png 297[1] png


Students and children were heading out、 all looking like they were having a fun time、 which kind of made me feel happy 083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi png088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi Okai

Please continue to enjoy your spring break 004 Kumai Yurina Reina084 png Kumai

Well then、 let’s make tomorrow another lovely day 004 Kumai Yurina Reina118[2] Okai png
Until tomorrow~ 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi Okai Chisato128[1] png
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I want to see through to their hearts。

Ah~ Ah~… Moving around is such a pain~…
Such a pain。

But、 I want to eat bamboo grass。

Hmmー >_< 101[1] Maimi It hurts to bend forwards :sweat:

Yayー Bamboo grassー(//∇//)

Om nom。

Om nom nom。

Om nom nom nom。

It’s just too cuteーーーо(ж>▽<)y ☆о(ж>▽<)y ☆ wriggle wriggle 083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi

Looking at that back、
It looks like it’s someone in costume 006[1] rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi

My best friend and I talked about it、 like ‘Isn’t there someone inside there(≧∇≦)’ 082[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi082[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi082[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi

Also、 what made my heart skip a beat、
Was its feet!(≧▽≦)

They just come at you! It’s adorable 083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi
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Good morning 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi 438[1] Kumai Yurina Hare Maimi

Today、 it’s the birthday of
Morning Musume。’15’s Nonaka Miki-chan 286[1] Maimi Tanjobi Cake288[1] Present Maimi

Many happy returns on turning 16 083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi

Being fluent in English
She gives out a lot of information about Hello! Project to those overseas 093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi 088[1] kirakra Kumai Yurina Maimi

I’m truly grateful 018 Maimi 083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi

Besides that、 I don’t really know
But watching her、 she’s really a good girl~ 082[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi Her good personality gets to you 083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi

I hope that her 16th year will also be a wonderful year 005 onegai Kumai Yurina png Maimi083[1] Kumai Heart Maimi


And093[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi
Today、 at 9:00 p.m.、 YouTube programme
『Hello! Sute』 will be updated 019[1] Maimi Tehepero :sweat:

Please please make sure to check it out 008[1] chu Kumai Yurina Maimi082[1] Kumai Yurina Maimi

Well then、 I’ll enjoy working hard the whole day 006[1] rabu love Kumai Yurina Maimi

Until next time :paa: 002 Kumai Yurina
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Airi vs Maimi

*seething* o(TωT )

Airi-san did it。。。_| ̄|○


She already found itー(°_°)

When we met today、

『Yajiー! I found it ( ̄▽+ ̄)』

Was the first thing out of her mouth \(゜□゜)/


『Eh? :sweat: No way?? ( ゚д゚) How’d you find out?? I thought you’d definitely take over a monthー(iДi) Urgghhh o(;△;)o』

I retract my words
You、 you’re pretty capable~(; ̄ェ ̄)

I have been defeated。。。



To those of you who are thinking ‘What are you talking about??’ :sweat:
Please go back and look through the blog posts by Airi and me _| ̄|○

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You’re still not there yet〜! lol

Hohhohho ( ̄▽ ̄)‼︎

You’re still too green!( ̄▽ ̄)1075 Zukki Eripon Sayu Ogata Haga Airi Maimi


Airi wrote

‘Still not there yetーー Sheeshーー*\(^o^)/* lol’


In her blog post yesterday

Airi still hasn’t noticed it yet~( ̄▽+ ̄)*grin*

It’s not going to end with just that, rightー( ̄ー☆*hehhehheh*

Hurry up and notice~(-з-) lol

I think you must be feeling like

‘What did you do~?’、:sweat:28005[1] Maimi

But until Airi-san notices、
Let’s wait together 4535877[1] Maimi4535977[1] Maimi

It’s just that、、、

Because it concerns Airi-san、
I feel that it still won’t be settled after a month~( ̄* ̄ )

Notice it! Notice it!(。・ε・。)

Here’s a belated

Good morning (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I hope that today will be a wonderful day (*^.^*)

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Bringing the scene of a backstage dressing room to the public!

We’re done with the 2nd day of Hello! Project concerts in Nagoya 4535876[1] Maimi4535975[1] Maimi

Before the performance、 I entered Country Girls’ dressing room 4535876[1] Maimi

They hadn’t appeared in these outfits before the performance、
So I couldn’t make it a live broadcast _| ̄|○

It’s a delayed broadcast 4537441[1] Maimi4537439[1] Maimi4537438[1] Maimi


Facing the mirror、 doing up her hair…

Inaba Manaka-chan 4537441[1] Maimi4537439[1] Maimi4537438[1] Maimi


She looked over here 4540173[1] Maimi\(//∇//)\
Manakan is outgoing and always smiling 4535880[1] Maimi4535876[1] Maimi

There’s a Manakan highlight in this concert~(≧▽≦)
It’s really stylish (ノ´▽`)ノ4540173[1] Maimi
I was charmed~4538906[1] Maimi



I found a girl facing the desk, earnestly scribbling down something _φ(・_・


*glance* 4540173[1] Maimi


How lovely 4540173[1] Maimi
This is Yamaki Risa-chanー4540173[1] Maimi4540173[1] Maimi4540173[1] Maimi

I talked with her backstageー4537441[1] Maimi

Yamaki-chan、 she heaped praise unto me…(>人<;)
It was embarrassing、 so I won’t write about it here :sweat:

You know what、 thank you ;^_^A4540173[1] Maimi

The thing she was writing on might become promotional goods someday 4535880[1] Maimi4535876[1] Maimi
Look forward to it~4537444[1] Maimi4538715[1] Maimi

Going deeper、 there were these two 4538906[1] Maimi4535880[1] Maimi


Staring at the mirror、 doing something~(o^^o)


*glance glance*4537441[1] Maimi4537439[1] Maimi

In their new song 『Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne』、 the 2 of them were going out with one another
But normally they’re always together too~4541952[1] Maimi4535880[1] Maimi

Isn’t it a soothing sight?4541952[1] Maimi

When the Haro! Sute edit of the music for 『Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne』、

Was put up on the YouTube programme 『Haro! Sute』、 I watched it repeatedly、 countless times 4537441[1] Maimi4537439[1] Maimi4537438[1] Maimi

I’m sure I pushed up the view count quite high! lol

It’s so cute that you heart skips a beat、
So it’s a must-see for everyone 4537598[1] Maimi4537598[1] Maimi4537598[1] Maimi


Finally with Momo-baa, Tsugunaga Momoko-chan 4537441[1] Maimi4537439[1] Maimi4537439[1] Maimi


Recently I’ve really gotten into calling her 『Momo-baa』 4541952[1] Maimi lol ( ̄▽ ̄)

Well、 for that、
If you check out their new song、 you’ll get it 4537441[1] Maimi4537439[1] Maimi4537438[1] Maimi

Our eyes always meet when we’re on the stage rehearsing for the Hello! Project concerts、、、

But today、 I was engrossed playing around with Airi、
I forgot to look at Momo-baa and she got madー(・Д・)ノ

I’m sorry, gomennasai ne4537422[1] Maimi


And with this and that、
At the Hello! Project concerts、

Whether backstage、 or stage front、
I really enjoy myself 4541952[1] Maimi4541952[1] Maimi4541952[1] Maimi

I hope all of you who joined in had funー??4537441[1] Maimi4537444[1] Maimi

To everyone who made your way there、
And everyone who couldn’t、

Thank you very much for your support 4541952[1] Maimi4541952[1] Maimi4541952[1] Maimi

Next will be the Hokkaido performances 21610[1] Maimi4537598[1] Maimi

Haven’t been to Hokkaido since I went in May, with Airi and our parents 4535876[1] Maimi

I’m looking forward to the next timeー4541952[1] Maimi4541952[1] Maimi4541952[1] Maimi
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Thump!( ゚д゚)

Let me talk about this morning…4535876[1] Maimi

Someone grabbed my shoulder at the station、
Squeeze! ( ゚д゚)

『Yajima-san, right??(・∀・)』


Taken by surprise、
I went 『Whoa!\(゜□゜)/』、

Super surprised, I turned back






It turned out to be


Tsugunaga Momoko、 23 years old。。。(T ^ T)



Stop doing things like that in the morning~ぅ26315[1] Maimi
It’s hard on my heart~_| ̄|○


With a hee hee hee 4530830[1] Maimi

Momochi was lively in the morning 4535967[1] Maimi:sweat:

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