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On a walk with an elephant ♡

Morning ♡( ・∇・)

I’ve broken up my blog posts of my Thai trip memories、
Into several parts、 and today’s is the last‼︎(^^)

I’ve always said that I want to ride on an elephant if I ever went to Thailand!、

But seeing how tight the schedule was for our 3 day trip、、、。 I gave up。


However、 on the day before my final day
The staff told me that if I woke up early the next day、 we might be able to go first thing in the morning、

Everyone did their best to wake up early for me ♡

We went to Ayutthaya, which was about 1 and a half hours by car‼︎


I was able to ride an elephant, like I’d always wanted to ♡(^○^)

Lookie lookie ♡ I’m getting a hug from an elephant♡(〃ω〃)

I even got to sit on the elephant’s lap、

The elephant’s fur was stiff、 it stung my butt! lol

I’d already fallen for this baby ♡
So cute! Love you ♡(#^.^#) lol

I got on the elephant’s back with my manager-san、 and off we went! ♡

The view was way up high‼︎(´⊙ω⊙`)

We were on the same level as the power linesー(//∇//)

The elephant’s back was shaking hard ♡
I feel like I trained up my inner muscles‼︎(*≧∀≦*)

Lookie lookie ♡
My gaze was at the same level of this double-decker bus that was coming from the opposite direction‼︎ lol

Even the elephants were using the streets like it was normal、
Which was quite an interesting sight (*´꒳`*)

An elephant coming from the opposite direction!

We compared heights as we passed one another♡ lol

After riding for about 20 minutes、
The elephant stopped at a pond、 I guess for refreshments⁇

And then、 there were ripples at the pond、、、

Surprisingly, there were crocodiles‼︎( ゚д゚)

It might be difficult to see、 but that was the first time I saw crocodiles in the
wild ( ゚д゚)‼︎

It’s amazing〜〜‼︎

I was having fun since we were on an elephant’s back、 but if this was a regular encounter、 there wouldn’t be time for photos ∑(゚Д゚)

I’d run away at full speed! lol

Besides that、 there were squirrels running along the power cables just above us、

There was a doggie basking in the sunlight by the road、、、

Be careful, an elephant might step on youー(#^.^#)

It was like I was enjoying myself at a zoo, on the back of an elephant ♡ lol


Staring on at us were the structures in Ayutthaya Historical Park、 which I’ve blogged about before♡

The elephants are doing their best at work tooー(T ^ T)。

I think that they’d have a lot of hard times if they were living in the wild、

But these babies have to carry something heavy on their backs every day、
Walking the same paths every day、、、(T ^ T)♡

I had fun riding it、
And I hope that it’ll get to eat lots of yummy foodー(T ^ T)♡(><)♡

Thank you for letting us have a fun time ♡

I couldn’t comprehend the words of the elephant handler、
But somehow or the other

「Here’s a good photo spot!」、
「Those are crocodiles!」、

The intentions somehow got across‼︎

The elephant handler started humming in the middle of the ride、

I enjoyed that BGM which came along with the elephant ride‼︎


Thank you very much ♡

I’m really really grateful to the members of staff、
Who、 in the middle of our tight schedule

Brought me to Ayutthaya and managed to let me do everything that I wanted to do ♡


I really enjoyed Thailand ♡
I hope to go again ♡、、、、(☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎


Well then、 let’s have a wonderful day today(#^.^#)
Until my next update ♡
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MaiMai’s started an Instagram!

Heyー Heyー♡

Hagiwara Mai-chan has started an Instagram (°▽°)♡

Try looking up mai_hagiwara_22462ー♡

I’m sure that this’ll please team℃-ute (*´꒳`*)♡


There are plenty of comments on my blog posts asking、 ‘Is Mai-chan doing wellー?’ So being able to see MaiMai’s daily life、

Must make all of you happy (°▽°)♡

She quickly uploaded a photo、
And wrote that she was studying abroad♡(*´꒳`*)


Let’s support MaiMai through Instagramー♡(╹◡╹)

Let’s watch over MaiMai’s daily life together ( ̄▽ ̄)♡


Rightー♡ Happy♡ So happy♡(╹◡╹)
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Japan Expo Thailand 2018

I arrived safely in Tokyo yesterday night

Japan、 I’m home ♡

I was hit once again by the coldness of Japan、
The snow that had fallen the other day was still piled up (´⊙ω⊙`)

But apparently、 the temperature in Tokyo will hit a maximum of 10℃ today、 so it’s still fine ♡(*´꒳`*)

Well then、 let’s get on to talking about my memories of Thailand♡

Regardless、 first things first
Japan Expo Thailand 2018‼︎(^^)

When it was decided
That I would be performing live by myself overseas、
I was really uneasy, to be honest (´⊙ω⊙`)

I was panicking and nervous、、、 Would they enjoy just having me by myselfー??!!

But at the same time、 I was also happy to finally be able to meet the people from Thailand who have continued to support us♡(*´꒳`*)‼︎♡

I mentioned this in my previous blog post、 but when I arrived in Thailand、 I was really helped out by everyone’s welcoming mood、
It made me feel a sense of relief, I was grateful that everyone was so happy to see me even though I was just by myself、、、♡!

Thank you so much (T ^ T)♡


Even up until I was about to start performing live、 I was really nervous, wondering if I could perform properly just by myself!、

But at the event itself、 the schedule kept on changing!

The event staff were in a middle of a busy rush、 and I was informed more than once that there would a delay of several minutes before I went on-stage!、、、

I was nervous、 wondering when my turn would come、

But my manager-san was like、

This is greatーー(^^)、 this is genuine‼︎(^^)
It’s fun ( ・∇・)♪!

Hearing that somehow made me enjoy it as well! lol

When I took into consideration the staff members who、 even in the midst of all the schedule changes、were doing their best to ensure that the event would be fun

Even if things don’t turn out as planned、 if it’s fun, then it’s all right♡(*´꒳`*)!

And so、 rather than worrying about how well I would do、
I thought about how to enjoy myself (^^)♡‼︎♡
After all, having gone through all the trouble to have a live show in Thailand It’d be a waste if I didn’t enjoy it ♡

And with that、 my nervousness spontaneously disappeared!( ・∇・)

When I came on-stage, lots of people rushed to watch my show
I was really happy to see them right in front of my eyes♡‼︎

I saw a lot of people who had come from Japan、
And people who would always come to see us in Japan、

But there were an overwhelming number of faces that I was seeing for the first time、
I’m really glad that I got to meet them over there ♡


In my new song 「Kore kara Tobinotteku mirai」、

There’s a line that goes

Kore kara Tobinotteku Mirai ha / donna Yasashisa ni Aeru?」 (What sort of kindness will I encounter in this future that I’m leaping into?)、
And I really felt it♡

I encountered such kindness ♡(*´-`)って、、、!♡


I felt the kindness of all the fans and everyone who was involved ♡(*´꒳`*)

Once again, I’m grateful‼︎♡

We wanted to go to many foreign countries in our °C-ute days、
And while we did get to go to several countries、
Thailand only happened after our disbandment。


However、 since we had gone through all that、 I thought that, with the team℃-ute from Thailand, I’d get things heated up by doing ℃-ute songsー!、

So I chose many °C-ute songs‼︎♡

I was glad for the cheers I got every time the intros would play (^^)
Everyone was cheering with the song、
That gave me a lot of joy ♡♡♡


I also danced 「Dance de Bacoon!」 together with the local cover dancer teams ♡

Each group was dressed in replicas of °C-ute outfits、 and they danced so snappily ♡(*´꒳`*)

The whole thing had me as happy as a lark〜♡(≧∀≦)

The staff also took videos、
Which I received ♡

They’ll be my treasures ♡(^^)


I’m really glad 、
That I got to participate in Japan Expo Thailand!!

Thank you so much too to all of you who came from Japan to cheer me onー(T ^ T)♡

I’ll do my best in hopes that I’ll see all of you in Thailand again ♡(≧∀≦)



Well then、 next time I’ll write about the Fan Meeting that was held after the live show ♡(*´꒳`*)


Sorry it’s so long ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )
Until my next update〜〜♡
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Airi、 congratsー♡



Wellー‼︎ It came as a surpriseーー(≧∀≦)♡


My fellow former ℃-ute member Suzuki Airi-chan
Will be holding a Nippon Budokan show on the 9th of Julyー٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶


I was surprised when I found out about the announcementー(°▽°)‼︎


Wowー! A solo Budokan、 isn’t that amazingー♡

A place where ℃-ute used to dream of performing at、and this time she’ll be by herself、、、♡(^^)

It’s amazing how far she can go (°▽°)♡


After ℃-ute’s breakupー、
I hope that she would stand on a huge stage by herself somedayー(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

You know、 talking with Airi about her dreams、

Bring me along、 bring me alongー‼︎(°▽°)
I want to see it again♡(*’▽’*)
I’ll be a member of the audience、 but show me that beautiful sight againー♡

That was what I said!(T ^ T)


And it’s come oh-so quickly!、、、\(//∇//)\

Well〜、 it’s really amazing‼︎
From the bottom of my heart、 congratulationsー♡(T ^ T)

I’m also interested in the album that’ll she’ll be releasing、
There are lots of things to look forward to (°▽°)‼︎


I’ll be supporting you! Airi-san ♡


You know、 I haven’t seen her at all recently、
So here’s a 2-shot that I pulled out from my past photos‼︎


I’m putting up a cute Airi-chanー(*’▽’*)♡


Well then、 let’s all have a HAPPY day today♡(^^)


Until my next updateー♪( ´θ`)
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Tsubaki Factory♡(;_;)

Many congratulations on receiving
The Japan Record Award Best New Artist Award (T ^ T)♡

I was emotionally moved by your beautiful tears (T-T)
I’m really glad for you、、、。(;_;)

At the end of 2017、
I received such joy from it as wellー(T ^ T)♡

Somehow or the other、 it feels so promising ♡♡♡
I hope that they’ll never forget how they felt、 until whenever ♡(T-T)

And、 from now on as well
I’d be glad to see the lovely tears of those girls many times overー♡(;_;)


Shine more and more! Tsubaki Factory♡
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And、 right now、 from my best friend with so much free time

Got’cha. I’ll be taking my time to read this. *Thump thump*

*Thump Thump*. It came with a photo ♥☺

I got that、、、(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

What a surprise‼︎
I didn’t expect my best friend to buy itーー(´;Д;`)


Thank youー♡(T ^ T)
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Kudo-chan! Congratulations on graduating ♡

Good evening。

I went to the Budokan to watch the graduation concert of Morning Musume。’17’s Kudo Haruka-chan。

Once again、 Kudo-chan、 good job on your 6 years as part of Morning Musume。、 8 years if we count your tenure as an Egg。


That tiny little Kudo-chan
Has become such a wonderful woman、、、。

I’m not really sure what sort of position I should have watched her with(;_;)

When she joined Hello! Project、
She was so small and tiny、、、 Her outfits were so loose, tucked in at her waist (*´-`)♡

And yet、 when I watched her from backstage at times when I wasn’t performing、 seeing her dance while making large movements with everything she had

Really really left a great impression on me。


In the H!P Eggs、 when she took up the role of the older sister、

She would come to concerts as a representative of the Eggs、 and would address the official guests、


I was surprised, thinking 「She’s pretty level-headed、 despite being younger than me ( ゚д゚)‼︎」、


There were also times when she cried after the official guests had returned、
Since she hadn’t addressed them well、、、、Σ(‘◉⌓◉’)


She was such a young child at the time、
But I remember thinking that she was a kid who had a real sense of responsibility‼︎


My frivolous self would address them a lot more carelessly than Kudo-chan, I must have seemed pitifulー、、、(*_*)


Just as Fukumura Mizuki-chan said、
Kudo-chan really was a pillar of Morning Musume。

Like an unsung hero! Even though she wasn’t the leader、
She took care of those many girls in order to maintain the balance of Morning Musume。、 but she would say no at times when she needed to say no、、、


While it might be easy for those she told off to come to hate her、

I think that the reason that Kudo-chan is so loved by everyone、
Is because she loves everyone just as much。

Is never snide、 and doesn’t bring up things later、 which is also something that I find wonderful about her。

What’s more、 whenever she thinks that she’s done something that she shouldn’t、 or if she feels like she’s caused trouble、、、 she’ll be honest about it and apologise、、、。

Seeing her like that、 no matter when、

It always makes me think that that’s the reason while she’s idolised!

And so、 everyone accepts Kudo-chan’s honest words、、、!♡

Morning Musume。’17 already have a wonderful leader and subleaders、


But looking at Kudo-chan, I think that behind-the-scenes、 she was in a similar leader positionーー♡‼︎

The members mentioned it today too、
But she pays attention to those around her、
She acts in a way that put others before herself、
She’s someone who makes others want to follow her!、、、♡


Even if she didn’t actively take steps for it、 she has a charm that gradually captures those around her ♡

Kudo-chan herself is a shy person、
So she wasn’t the type who could easily come and talk to the seniors、

But that contributes to her cuteness as well
Her natural charms are her greatest weapons (°▽°)

Within H!P、 there are a lot of Kudo fans♡( ◠‿◠ ) lolol

All of them sent off Kudo-chan with love、、、 That was truly dazzling ♡


Lively smiles definitely suit her!(*≧∀≦*)♡


The refreshing feeling of having done her duty as part of Morning Musume。 has made her sparkling eyes turn brilliant as she embraces her dreams of the future。


Sharing laughter and tears with all the other members、、、 It’s really amazing to have companions like that、 to share emotions with like that。

I got a glimpse of something wonderful、、、。(*´-`)♡

Please always treasure that presence of yours ♡


From now on、 you’ll be walking the path of an actress, which is something that you’ve always wanted to do‼︎

As someone who chose the same path、

I really understand the feelings of Kudo-chan who’s thinking ‘I’m nervous、 but I’ll still rise to the challenge!’‼︎


Let’s both do our best‼︎‼︎‼︎
Let’s make lots of our dreams come true!


I would be glad if the day would come someday when we become co-stars ♡
For that to happen、 I’ve got to work hard at improving myself‼︎


Kudo-chan、 you did a great great job for a long time‼︎

Idol Kudo Haruka、
Was the cutest、 the coolest、 the most beloved ♡
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Warmth in my heart ♡

Good dayー♡(^^)


It’s a bit late、、、

But I finally took a look at it (^^)

Before ℃-ute’s breakup、 at the fan club event we held in Okinawa、 I received a red file filled with messages from the fans、、、(;_;)♡

Wellー、、、 It moved my heart (T ^ T)♡

It was also nostalgic、、、♡


It was something that I received as a surprise from the fans、、、


But you know、 I left it unread (T ^ T)


I felt like、、、 I didn’t want to open it yet、、、。


However、 I finally felt like reading it (*´꒳`*)


Our days with all of you、 the many memories、
Seeing what sort of messages each of you wrote (о´∀`о)、
Simply said、 it was packed with so much emotion、、、 which made me happy ♡

Ther were lots of comments from not just my fans、
But lots of other people、
That’s team℃-ute for you〜(//∇//)♡(〃ω〃)


It’ll be a lifelong treasure ♡
It may be late、 but thank you ♡(^^)

Today’s Sunday ♡

There are lots of little kids inside the train、
It feels like a holiday、、、(//∇//)♡

I hope that today will be another wonderful day (^^)

I’ll update laterー(^^)♡
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Kobushi Factory。

Good afternoon‼︎

Yesterday、 it was announced that Taguchi Natsumi-chan would be withdrawing from Kobushi Factory、 a group made up of my juniors、、

The group has ended up with 5 members。

Honestly、 I’m worried about the 5 of them。。。


For a group、 each and every member really plays a huge role、
Each member is irreplaceable、
So to lose members、 it must leave them feeling extremely worried、 extremely sad、 extremely frustrated。


And I’m sure that it goes the same for the fans as well、、、。

Looking at the blog updates from the members、
They’ve already set their sights straight ahead。
However、 I think that inside、 they must be waging war with an earth-shattering feeling of unease、、、。


I’ve gone through similar experiences myself。


However、 the support we got from everyone who was cheering us on really gave me strength at the time。
There were people who told us ‘Let’s do our best together‼︎’、
There were people who didn’t give up on us、 who believed in us、、、

And I remember strongly thinking that I’d have to make sure that I would return the favour someday‼︎


Just like how we were back then、
For those girls right now、
All your cheers will really provide them with reassuring support、、、。


I beseech you、 please believe in the future of those girls。
Please become companions who will overcome the sadness and uneasiness with them。


I witnessed the very moment
That Kobushi Factory was formed。
I wish that the feelings those girls had at the time will never disappear、 that feeling of embracing their brilliant future。

Dreams aren’t things that are easily obtained。
Along the way、 there may be plenty of temptations、 there may be plenty of times when one feels like running away、

However、 at those times, I hope they recall how they felt at the very beginning、 and I want them to remember that there are people who are giving them their utmost support、 there are people who are cheering them on towards those dreams。


For the sake of the people who have followed along until now、
For the sake of your own selves、 for the sake of the group、、、
I want you to show the underlying strength of Kobushi Factory。

Please become a strong, resilient group that’s gone through all sorts of experiences。
Since seeing the sights that lay beyond that、 together with the companions who have surmounted it with you、 it’s definitely the greatest feeling ever‼︎‼︎‼︎


Good luck! Don’t lose! Kobushi Factory‼︎
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Today’s announcement ♡

Good morning ♡

The weather’s great today、 isn’t it (o^^o)
The wind’s cold、 but getting hit by the sunlight makes me feel nice and warm ♡

Currently、 Abema video is streaming
「Shoujotachi no Ketsudan 〜Micchaku!! Hello! Project 20shuunen Audition〜#3」!(°▽°)

Please make sure to look up 『H!P』 on the AbemaTV app、 and give it a watch!(o^^o)

And、 at 5:00 p.m.〜
Hello! Radio original programme 「Tonari no Yajimanya」 will be uploaded (o^^o)

My guest will be Shimizu Saki-chan (^.^)

We had a pizza party as the recording went on (*≧∀≦*)‼︎ lol


Shimi-chan, engrossed in the pizzas♡ lol

We ate lots、 and we talked lots、 so please listen to it okー(*≧∀≦*)♡

Well then、 I hope that today will also be a wonderful day ♡(o^^o)

I’ll update again
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