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Double purchaser event:heart2: (^-^)

1ff1e3dd_640 3b41fd76_640 7daa1193_640Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

July has started
Farewell, June
Pleased to meet you, July


Yesterday was the event for the people who bought both the Yajima Maimi produced “My Museum” and the Yajima Maimi Special DVD


We displayed the actual pages at the venue
And there were 6 events

Thank you so much for all your participation

For this photobook,
I used knitting wool, beads, etc. to decorate the pictures myself

When it was time to decorate,

I was given each picture in a transparent file so they wouldn’t get dirty,


and countless I thought “I’m done\(^o^)/”
after decorating a page with all of my might,


but I decorated the transparent file instead of the actual picture(;´д`)


Speaking of which… I wrote about it in an earlier blog, but I dropped all my completed pictures on the train~( ̄◇ ̄;)!!

I talked about a variety of episodes involving the production like that

And then, I also talked about one of each of the 6 photobooks I appeared in at each of the 6 events

As I talked about them, I thought
“I have a variety of memories of each and every photobook…

I was still 15-years-old when I appeared in my first photobook “Maimi”,

and my face still looked innocent

Yeah… I felt nostalgic looking back at all of my photobooks…

It had been awhile since I talked by myself in front of everyone, but I personally really enjoyed it

There were people who had come from really far away, so I was surprised(゜o゜)/

Thanks for coming to meet me

I’ll be happy if everyone enjoyed it


I had stayed at a hotel in the city until yesterday, and when I returned home for the first time in 2 days, my grandmother was there*house*

My grandmother lives really far away, but she came all this way to see the ℃-ute tour finale on the 29th


“Maimi~, I was moved. I’ve never seen a concert like that before.” she said… Well, my grandmother only every praises me (lol), but that’s what she said


Also, while I was getting ready for work, my grandmother was making breakfast

And she returned home with several of the DVDs I appear in in her purse

I hope we can have a concert in the city my grandmother lives some day…


Even though it was only for a short time, I’m happy we were able to meet

Well then, I’ll go in high spirits today

Until tomorrow’s update~

Bonus picture

On the final day of the tour,

we received Hanabatake Bokujou brand “catalana”

A long time ago on the FM-PORT radio program I host

“℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My Me Maimi~”,

I received a letter that said

“Have you heard of ‘crema catalana It’s delicious, so I want you to try it

So I had eaten it before

But I had no idea that Hanabatake Bokujou sold it as well…(≧∀≦)

As expected, the catalana was incredibly delicious

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