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Together with Momochi

Today 4451920[1]-Ayumi
I was together with Momochi
For a recording of 『Aru Aru Gijidou』 1788 Sayu63388[1]


The 2 of us were in suits 3038 Zukki-Sayu Akane1049 Sayu

Since I hardly ever wear suits
It was refreshing3582[1] Momo

You know, Momochi 1496 Sayu

Is an adorable junior
Who’s always cheerful
And polite 14865[1]

Though I can’t bring myself to say that
Right to her face… 37931013

I really think so 1049 Sayu

She’s a good girl
Who puts in a lot of effort〜 533-Sayu5658[1]

I’m glad that
We got to work together after so long 495229[1]6908 Ogata

The broadcast day hasn’t been set…
But look forward to the broadcast 1195853

If you don’t mind
Please have a look at my husband’s blog as well 1312[1]2178[1] Eripon
☆ Gianni no Daidokoro ☆
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Michishige Sayumi-chan


Yesterday I went to a
6900[1]Morning Musume。’146900[1] concert 

It was Michishige Sayumi-chan’s
Graduation concert 157863[1]


Yokohama Arena
Was full of glowsticks
In pink
Shige-chan’s colour 2492[1]

Being able to have such a wonderful graduation ceremony
Is the result of
Shige-chan’s continuous hard work 13779[1]

In the past, Shige-chan made people laugh
With her poison tongue
But the Shige-chan who became leader
Was reliable o0020002012556021931[1]

Congatulations on graduating 

And to 6900[1]Morning Musume。’146900[1] who showed us a wonderful performance 
You were extremely cool 

Your singing definitely was great gakidrool1049[1]

Please take a look at my husband’s blog
If you don’t mind 231433[1]157863[1]
☆ Gianni no Daidokoro ☆
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Beauty Parlor


I went to the beauty parlor.


I always get everything cut and color.

I leave the decision to the person in charge, Nakamura-san, but…


Today, I am going to do an order

that I haven’t done in a long time.


This time’s theme is

“Be able to look young”.


“Please make me look young”

I said this abruptly however

it troubled Nakamura-san.


There wasn’t a reason to start abruptly dressing Kameko up to look young.


It had to be a color that I can use for work.


What kind of thing should my work be worried about?




Since it almost seems that

I can report to everyone,

please look forward to it.
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I asked and recieve a order to dress myself up in order to look young from the beauty parlor



whom I am always grateful to.


Just a little.

He lighten up my hair color.


How is it?


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Date with Sakura-chan

I went on date with Uehara Sakura-chan


Delicious roasted beef tongue.





Because Sakura-chan

sang a lot of

Morning Musume’s songs,


I did a duet with her
by being in charge of the harmonization.

I miss this PV.


This was a fun karaoke date

with Sakura-chan last night.
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I Won’t Forget Today

I forgot to take a

picture of the raw juice.


It’s carrot & apple & lemon.


Because I am going to tell you about the recipe and want to receive comments, please write.


1 Carrot

1 Apple

1/6 Lemon


Wash the ingredients well.
Cut them into big pieces when entering them into the juicer.
And enter them in the juicer.


Yesterday, it seemed surprising simple to do with ony a slow juicer.


Because I will drink the carrot juice I made…


Kemeko today was thinking

it would be cool to eat

three carrots and one apple too.


Detox by enzyme power~.
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An Important Ring

This ring…

was the first present that my parents gave to me.



When I was 18,

It was a critical age and and buying a thing

that had a red stone was good. 


At that time, Kemeko was adult-like

and wasn’t very attached.  


In those days’ popularity

was white over gold.

And, if someone had

a golden accessory,

it was an adult image.  


Now that I became 31 years old…

It might suit me.  


I might try to put tomorrow’s outfit together. 


One more… 

I have a ring that I treasure.   

I wore this also at the graduation live but

I remember. 


This was…

a ring that my friends bought

and everyone contributed

money jointly little by little

in order to give this ring before my birthday in 2002. 


A proof of friendship ring

that is packed with lots of my friends’ love. 


But, this ring

maybe looks just like

a eternity ring (correction! engagement ring  ).  



various people…


asked me

“Are you married?”. 


To make matters worse!

Because I was made to do

a wedding reception banquet

by Utaban-san.

(The absent bridegroom’s wedding  )


“Kei-chan is married?”

from my relatives who

called me.


Congratulations on the marriage at the live venue  was the message that was published by fans who

were there. 


It looks like it was a ring

that caused somewhat a very little misunderstanding. 




I will sleep wearing the

important ring of such memories



Paa-chan is

completely in the middle of being fast asleep.  


 Good night.
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 Sleeping Beauty 

has ended safely.  


Those who came 

Thank you.   


Somehow, in the blink of an eye,

the drgaonfly is on the way to Tokyo. 


Because tomorrow is the opening day of the play

“Tabidachi ~Ashoro Yori~”‘s 

dress rehearsal,

I am going to the theatre after this. 


Today is, for some reason, a commotion.

However, being busy is a  greatful thing.  


Ah… by the way,

I am writing this at Omotesando Hills.

The charity art exhibition

ends today at 18 o’clock.

So, those who have time are certainly-. 

Well then, Kemeko

is going.
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I Went Yesterday.

 ROSE. Charity Art Exhibition 

is where I went yesterday.   
I was happy

that my displayed piece was


It was signed by Rody-chan this time too-. 
Using the theme of roses

It looked and seemed cute. 

Because of Unskillful Kemeko was

maybe a good performance. 


 A wind chime. 

Of course, this was also signed. 


I can’t do things like sewing

and it was a hard struggle doing the French knot.  


It maybe became

a cute work by pop. 




The other artist-san’s

displayed objects were bought.   

This pendant was a present for


This work was

by everyone of Mie Prefecture’s Ise’s Omata Middle School who did their best making this item

and partcipating in this charity. 
 Everyone of Omata Middle School 
Thank you. 
Thus, my purchased good’s price

was entirely donated.  


Even if I bought cute items,

them becoming  charity items

was good.   


If I think about how even the shopping goods

became donation,

then I wouldn’t be tortute by the feelings of guilt 

or “I bought too much “.
It’s untill the 29th.
By all means,

please come and look.
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Sanma no Honto no Kamasawagi

It will be broadcast today! :age:

:kirakira: Sanma no Honto no Kamasawagi :kirakira:

January 3, 2012 (Tuesday) TBS 16:30~

Watch it, okay? :raburabu: :raburabu:
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