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30th June

When there are 7 people (7 things)
It naturally seems like just the perfect number…
Or I guess you could say I feel a sense of affinity…
Looking at this,
It makes me want to figure who’s who
Based on the height! lol
I guess that I’m the 3rd from the left?
It’s already been 17 years
Since we became companions.
That happened quickly〜!!
Everyone’s working hard on their own paths
I have to do my best too and not fall behind.




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Lots of places picked it up
Thank you very much 
I was really surprised
At the huge amount of responses that I got!
I’m really grateful 




I still haven’t found words
That can express how happy I feel
I feel that
It would be improper
To just settle it with such simple words.
‘The 1st chapter’ ended and I went solo
Trying out a path
That was completely different than what I’d done before.
Now I’m in ‘The 2nd chapter” of my life
As a 「model」
I’m still a newbie…
But I’ll devote myself to going down this path
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Any resemblance??

Following the trend.
I’m using the app filter
That changes my face into a baby’s
I’d deleted the app
So I had someone do it for me、、、
、、、Any resemblance?? lol
This is probably how I looked
When I made my debut! lol


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I went flower-viewing with Maa-san 🌸
The weather was good too – perfect for flower-viewing ☀︎
There were lots of people
Who had spread out picnic sheets
And were having meals while viewing the flowers (^^)
The wind was blowing too,
So the sakura petals were fluttering about in such a pretty way!




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15th anniversary

Today, the 3rd of March, is Hinamatsuri ♡
For girls
It’s an important day!!
To all you girls
Congratulations (^^)
Today, give yourself praise
And reward yourself
For working hard every day
Do things
Like use a facial pack
That’s slightly higher quality than your usual! lol
Please give yourself
Some self-therapy (^^)
Since it’s something you’re unexpectedly unable to do
If you don’t keep it in mind!
It’s also another special day
Berryz Kobo
15th anniversary
Congratulations to us 
To all of you
Who continue to watch over Berryz Kobo
Thank you so very much!!
“Starting members”
It’s been 15 years since the day we were told that.
To start with,
Even though we’d gone from 8 members to 7
We never changed after that
And remained active with the same members
At the time
We spent more time together than we did with our families
We were like sisters!
We really were like family
Being with them was as natural as breathing
We’d often get asked
「Are you friends? Are you on bad terms?」
That’s neither here nor there
We were members of Berryz.
So we were neither on good nor bad terms
We would just answer 「It’s just the usual」 lol
We didn’t distinguish between good or bad
We just needed one another!
It’s the same with family, right?
It wasn’t about good or bad relationships between us
We’re a group of people
Who raised ourselves in life
And became a source of power to ourselves.
So they’re special to me
Now, we’re walking down
Our own paths towards our own goals
I definitely get energised
Whenever I have the occasional encounter with the members ♡
Berryz is the best!!!!!!!
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 Happy Valentine 


Did you give away chocolates??
Did you receive chocolates??

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With Morning Musume。’19’s
Makino Maria-chan
We compared heights!! lol


Seems like
Maria-chan wants to grow in height a little more,
But she had been informed
That she would no longer be growing taller…
But since she’s still young
I think that there’s still a possibility that she’ll grow
For me,
When I felt insecure about my height
I dreamed of
Being roughly the same height as Maria-chan (^^)
Now that I no longer have those insecurities
I like my current height
For idols
There’s a really strong association
That we’re cute with small builds,
But slender idols
Like Maria-chan
Can use that uniqueness as a weapon
So I hope that she shines
As H!P’s height ♡


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Good evening!
I got to participate in
The Osaka performance
Of the Hello! Project Concerts!!
I was joined by Miya at this show ☆


♫ Asian Celebration
♫ Tomodachi ha Tomodachi nanda
We sang 2 songs (^^)
Thank you very much
To all of you at the venue
Who danced together with us ^ ^!
The purple and green glowsticks
Were really pretty,
And the view was really nostalgic ✨
It’s been a while since I last performed in Osaka,
It was a lot of fun!!
I was able to get my favourite 551
So I’m fully satisfied!! lol
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15th anniversary

♡ Berryz Kobo♡
Was formed today,
On the 14th of January
It’s our 15th anniversary
Thank you very much
For all your many
Celebratory messages

It’s been 15 years since Berryz Kobo was formed on the 14th of January. I’m really grateful for your many blessings. I wouldn’t have imagined this 15 years ago… For me, the time that I was active as Berryz Kobo is a lifelong treasure. Thank you all ♥


Time passes
And we’re walking down our own paths
(From Berryz Kobo’s ‘Love Together’)
And that’s how it is.
Time passed by in the blink of an eye
It makes me really happy
That somewhere in the nooks of your minds
「Berryz Kobo」
Still continues to exist, even now
Thank you very much 
The things that I gained through Berryz Kobo
Will tie back to my confidence in the future,
And I’ll do my best as a soloist!
It would please us
If you would continue to watch over warmly
Over each and every one of us (^^)
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Country Girls no Tadaima Radio Housouchuu

Radio Nippon
Country Girls no Tadaima Radio Housouchuu‼︎
I’ll be making a guest appearance (^ ^)
The broadcast will be
15th October 12:30 a.m. 〜 1:00 a.m.!!



Programme homepage
【 Here 】
It’s been a while since I was able to chat with Yamaki-chan and Funaki-chan
It was fun ♡
I was reminded
About the H!P love and kindness
Of the staff at Radio Nippon
Whom we owe a lot to (^^)
Thank you very much!!
Please make sure to give it a listen ♩
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