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『Aaron Judge♡Kitagawa Rio-chan♡Okamura Homare-chan♡Yamazaki Mei-chan♪*゚』

キラキラWeekly Shonen Champion 2019 No.29キラキラ
Now on sale

Front cover & opening page gravure
Morning Musume。’19 Makino Maria

Please check it out by all means乙女のトキメキ

野球 See Ya 野球
Morning Musume。’19  Makino Maria。


99   Aaron Judge  RF
Aaron Judge-senshu(New York Yankees) is returning from his injury

Morning Musume。’19 15th gen members announced
Kitagawa Rio-chanラブラブ
Okamura Homare-chanラブラブ
Yamazaki Mei-chanラブラブ

Maria is very happy
We will have lots of fun things and happy things from now on

Led by leader Fukumura Mizuki-san
Morning Musume。’19


Please warmly support us from now on
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu

I’m glad I’m a member of Morning Musume。  I’ll create a Morning Musume。 where Kitagawa Rio-chanOkamura Homare-chanYamazaki Mei-chan can be able to think that they’re glad to be in。
Because I always think、I’m glad I’m a member of Morning Musume。
This is what I thought the most even when KaedyYokoyanChiichan joined Morning Musume。

Whenever a senpai graduates・or a new member joins、I reset myself once and think。
『I’m a part of Morning Musume。』
To be continued


キラキラ野球Nippon Life Ce・Pa Interleague 2019野球キラキラ

『Nippon Life Ce・Pa Interleague』

I’ll support them lots

Everyone send a supporting tweet※Until 6/23(Sun)ビックリマーク
Ceka Paka Dance Challenge※Until 6/23(Sun)ビックリマーク
Ceka Paka Japan Nationwide Tour

If you cheer with me together tomorrow and the day after that
Maripaka will be very happy

From Maripaka

Check out Makino Maria’s Instagram

I hope there will be lots of happy things and fun things tomorrow also

Makino Maria

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It’s been 8 years since the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

Continuing the reconstruction。
Not forgetting about the earthquake disaster。

So that the time goes on kindly

Morning Musume。’19  Makino Maria

Yanagawa Nanami-chan

Be a beautiful hearted Yanamin forever ok。
Yanamin always laughing and smiling at any time ・ Yanamin with a really beautiful and kind heart、you were always with Maria。
Thank you Yanamin

Yanamin congrats on your graduation


YanaminLOVE rin desu
from Maria

Makino Maria

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『Aaron Judge&PEPSI♡Announcement♡NHKBS1「MLB×Pro Baseball」♪*゚』牧野真莉愛

野球『MLB×Pro Baseball』野球
3/7 (Thurs) 9:00~9:50

Please watch it by all meansラブラブ

World Sports will be born again this spring!

Continuing from last week・・・
Be on the lookout for Morning Musume。’19  Makino Maria


Aaron Judge-senshu
Selling Judge’s PEPSI。


He updated his Instagram 3 minutes before The Yankees starting lineup announcement
Yay Judge is starting



The Astros Marwin Gonzalez is going to the Minnesota Twins。
James Paxton is starting。
Higashioka-san and Troy Tulowitzki #1 hit home runs野球
Judge was wearing sunglassesサングラス
Kikuchi also threw。Verlander also


Troy Tulowitzki #1 in the current season he now updates the Yankees Instagram a lot。

When I was sleepy・・・
Maria-chan slept in Akane-chin’s lapぐぅぐぅ
To Haga Akane-chan
Akane-chin happy birthday
Please have a LOVE rin year

from Maria

Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring

Now we have the spring tour rehearsals桜

I hope there will be lots of happy things and fun things tomorrow also

Makino Maria

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『Morning Musume。’19 Dinner Show「Happy Night」♡♪*゚』牧野真莉愛

Aaron Judge
Judge updated his Instagram an hour ago
That was as soon as Maria got up early
To be continued

Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!!
Morning Musume。’19 Dinner Show
『Happy Night』

2019 2/17
Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa Hiten

A delicious Morning Musume。’19 for you

After I got off of the stage, I was able to perform really close to everyone who came to see us、it was really fun Being able to get really close to you made Maria very happy

Thank you so much today

I hope there will be more happy things and fun things tomorrow also

Makino Maria

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『María 18 años♡On Sale Commemoration Handshake Event♪*゚』牧野真莉愛

Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!!
Morning Musume。’19 Dinner Show
「Happy Night」
Today、the general sale starts


Morning Musume。’19 Makino Maria Photo Book
キラキラ María 18 años キラキラ

Today 2019 February 2 on sale


リボンOn sale commemoration handshake eventリボン
Shosen Book Tower (Akihabara)-san
Hoshino Shoten Kintetsu Passe ten-san

Thank you to everyone who came
Even if we’re separated we’re togetherラブラブ Marian LOVE rin・・・ Thank you to everyone who was thinking this way

It was like a field trip It was a fun day
Being able to meet you on my birthday Maria is very happy

Wani Books-san・Staff-san
A photo shoot packed with lots of love
『 María 18 años 』
Thank you very much

Maria turned 18
Thank you very much。
アップLOVE rin birthday
Maria is very happy

Makino Maria (18)

I’m glad Makino Maria is a member of Morning Musume。
I’m glad I supported Makino Maria

So that you’d be able to think that・・・

Makino Maria (18)= Full force Morning Musume。

Morning Musume。’19 Makino Maria

I hope there will be lots of happy things・fun things tomorrow also

Makino Maria

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『Aaron Hicks JR♡Report♡ViVi-san Photo Shoot♪*゚』牧野真莉愛

Acceptance period:Until tomorrow 1/17 (Thurs) 23:59!!

Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Fall (Temporary)
Member official blog special priority acceptance


This is going to be the most ordinary ticket agency priority acceptance

Let’s meet at the concert
Morning Musume。’19 Makino Maria

Good evening。It’s Maria。

Today I had a photo shoot for 『ViVi』-sanラブラブ

「Your image color is light pink isn’t it」
The makeup artist was saying to me。
She also had light pink nails
Maria was very happy

My outfit was very cute
After the photo shoot ended
I want to go home like this!!
I thought。I said it out loud

Thank you very much

I’m really looking towards this going on sale

2019 February Edition
Now on sale

2019 March Edition
1/23 (Wed) on sale

Please see it by all means

from Morning Musume。’19 Makino Maria

I hope there will be lots of happy things and fun things tomorrow also乙女のトキメキ

Makino Maria

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『♡xoxo Gossip Girl♡♪*゚』牧野真莉愛

Morning Musume。’19 Makino Maria
 Birthday Event

2019 2/4 (Mon)@ Yamano Hall

Please come

・・・After all!!
I’m also looking forward to next year♪ ♪ ♪

xoxo Gossip Girl

Good evening。It’s Maria。

I had a recording。

I had a rehearsal for our Budokan performance。

Morning Musume。’18 Concert Tour Fall
~GET SET, GO!~Final

12/15 (Sat) Nippon Budokan

Morning Musume。’18 Concert Tour Fall
~GET SET, GO!~Final
Iikubo Haruna Graduation Special
12/16 (Sun)   Nippon Budokan

ハチIn theaters in Japan・Hong Kong・Taiwan、
There will be live viewing!ハチ

After the rehearsal ended、
「Iikubo-san good job on your last rehearsal!」

「Let’s do our best at the Budokan performance!」
We got a cake playing 音譜YJiro no Tochuu音譜ふんわりリボン

So that I can think, I was really glad Iikubo Haruna-san was a Morning Musume。 after the graduation concert is over・・・
I will put on a concert so that I can be able to think。

from Maria

Yesterday、the 2019 opening game schedule was released。
アップOnee-chan sent me a mailラブレター

And then today、
『FIGHTERS THE MOVIE ~Challenge with Dream~』
the overview was released。
アップIida Kaori-san sent me a mailラブレター

2018 is still not over yet、but we’re getting a move on with 2019。

「Doing the preparations towards opening the curtain」
Kuriyama Hideki said at the end of the Fan Fes last month on 11/24。

「I want to give them my all with everyone from now on in my life this time」
This also, Kuriyama Hideki said。
Same with Maria

LOVE Fighters

I hope there will be lots of happy things・fun things tomorrow also乙女のトキメキ

Makino Maria

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『♡2018 FNS Music Festival Night #2♡♪*゚』牧野真莉愛

ふんわりリボンラブラブKashiwagi Yuki-sanラブラブふんわりリボン

I was able to meet Kashiwagi Yuki-san

To be continued

キラキラ2018 FNS Music Festival #2キラキラ
Fuji TV-san

12/12 (Wed) 19:00~23:28
Broadcasting now


Morning Musume。’18
Got to appear。
Thank you very much

Samurai Pose Maria
Pitcher Yoshida Kosei’s Samurai Pose
音譜Renai Revolution 21音譜 The last hook

Decided野球 Samurai Pose

ふんわりリボンラブラブKashiwagi Yuki-sanラブラブふんわりリボン

I was looking to meet Kashiwagi-san。

「Kashiwagi-san, would you be able to take a picture together」I asked her and Kashiwagi-san came to see me even though she was busy。
「Kashiwagi-san、I wanted to meet you*」Maria said that after we took the picture。
「I’m happy」Kashiwagi-san said to me and Maria was very happy about that

Today also Kashiwagi-san is so cute

Being able to appear on the『FNS Music Festival』 made Maria very happy
Thank you so much

Morning Musume。’18 Makino Maria

I hope there will be lots of happy things and fun things tomorrow also乙女のトキメキ

Makino Maria


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『♡Sayashi Riho-san♡♪*゚』牧野真莉愛

Sayashi Riho-san

「Yup。But I’m going to see you again!」
Sayashi-san said to meぽってり苺
Maria is very happy

That was what Sayashi-san said after her last concert乙女のトキメキ

Sayashi-san、let you have lots of happy things・fun things forever and ever

Sayashi-san I love you

                                          from Maria


Makino Maria

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『Yasuda Kei-san Happy Birthday♡Up To Boy-san Photo Shoot♪*゚』牧野真莉愛

Yasuda Kei-san

Yasuda-san happy birthday

Yasuda-san is really kind。The mails that she sends to me also make me really happy
I watched the video of Yasuda-san working in McDonald’s before she joined Morning Musume。。
It’s soーー cute

Yasuda-san、I look forward to working with you for the Winter Hello音譜
雪の結晶1/12 (Sat)雪の結晶

Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!!Hello! Project 2019 WINTER
★Hello!Project OG Guest Appearance Determinations! 

Yasuda-san please have a LOVE rin year

from Makino Maria

Good evening。It’s Maria。

キラキラ『Up To Boy』キラキラ
2019 January Edition
Now on sale

Today、I had a photo shoot for『Up To Boy』-san。
A seifuku photo shoot。
My last high school student・seifuku photo shoot、I’m very happy about it

Thank you very much

『Up To Boy』
Maria is really waiting for it to go on sale
Please look to it ok

I had a photo shoot

After the photo shoot ended、
「Makino、come here!」
Ikuta Erina-san called me。
「Yes」and I went over happily。
Ikuta-san took a super cute picture of me。
To be continued

Ikuta-san is an Iku-Mendoza today as well
LOVE Ikuta-san

I hope there will be lots of happy things and fun things tomorrow also乙女のトキメキ

Makino Maria

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