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Good afternoon (*^^*)

This heat that is like Summer itself!
As someone born in the Summer、I prefer it when it is hot!laugh

I’m looking forward to、
wear summery clothing。

Today、I’m wearing something that is a bit like sailor style outfits♡

This outfit is one that catch my eyes♡
Polo shirt and skirt by Coco Deal (^^)






Although it’s casual、it’s cute。

I’m striving for that kind of set up。
For proper ease of use、I’m choosing something with simple design、so I can use it in many seasons。





I’ve gotten quite used with my black hair、
on the contrary, it calms me。

For the present, I’m planning to go with black hair。


And then、I tried to my best to reproduce the make-up that the make-up artist did on me yesterday and here is the result。





It’s really light。
But、I did it。

so that the eyes are properly defined。。

For the eye-line、only on the inside。
For the outer corner of the eyes. I drew only a litte。

And then、mascara to further defined the eyes。

For the eye shadows、just a touch of pink、、

a little blush as well、pink too。。

With a matte lipstick、
combined with a nice pink colored lip gloss、


If you had black hair、putting on make up with this level of lightness
will be just right it seems♡

With this and that、

I wrote this post、after leveling up my femininity
a little。laugh





The sky is blue。
with no cloud in sight、it’s a nice sky。Sent from iPhone


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Friday night。 (tn: Hanakin in japanese)

Flower。 (tn: Hana in Japanese)

Because it’s Friday night that’s why、 flower。

Today, a friend

gave this to me♡
It was delicious。

Since afternoon, I’ve been busy
moving here and thereー。

While being pressed for time。

But that kind of day is good as well。laugh

With that

that’s all from Ogawa Mana。

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Good morning。

Today, I made sure to charge my music player so I’m able to listen to music with no problem♡

Lately、I’m into Western music once again\(//∇//)\

While in a shuffle mode, I listened to songs by various artists :haato:

I’m going to TSUTAYA again
and borrow more CDs。laugh

With this and that

Today will be Music DAY

Well then、

Ogawa Mana

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Thank you
for all the congratulatory messages\(^o^)/

Surpassing 100, I’m so happy :raburabu:

Today, I celebrate with lots of people

I’m also thankful for the mails from my friends!

That Ogawa、
received a surprise on the work location today

I’m too happy

Thank you very much!

I am happy :music:
As a 19 years old
I wonder what kind of year it will beー?

Because it’s my last year in my tens



Heading towards adulthood、
I want to aim to be a proper adult!

For the last 2 hours of 2nd of July
I’m going to enjoy it  laugh

Those who have not send a congratulatory mails

you still can make itー。laugh

Well then。

Ogawa Mana

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☆Live in Shibuya Glad☆

The Live has ended  :raburabu:

Everyone who came
thank you very much!

To be able to progress day by day
from now on too I will do my best!

Although there are various
bad and good points、I will put my all in the next live
please lend me your support!

At the end of the live
there was an announcement

On 30th of August
I will be appearing in a live event called

MUSIC ENERGY 2012 :nikoniko:

I will be happy if you all
can come and watch :lips:

And then、as extra。

Gotou Yuki who was eating。laugh

And then、

this morning、Robin bought a drink for me♡
Thank you, big sister :music:

With that

Tomorrow is the last day of GW !

Please let it be a wonderful day♡

Ogawa Mana

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☆Free but lonely☆

The exams are finished
I’m now freeー。laugh

Till the end
I’m able to leave no regret ♪

I’m glad!!

And then
since my test has ended
there is only few days left for me to go to school。。

Laltely I’ve been going along well with my classmate
although it’s really fun
to be going to school
time goes in a blink of an eye~。

Going for a meal with friends
taking purikura。

Although, it’s a natural thing right now
that opportunity is steadily disappearing。

That’s why
today I went for purikura。

Lately the purikura
I wonder why does it make the eyes so bold。

Amazing, isn’t it~。


it’s a Friday where once again I felt thatー。

Although it’s sudden
if you goes to a sushi restaurant
what will you eat?

For me
medium fatty tuna and scallop and
flounder and prawn and…
salted salmon roe are what I like。

Well then。

Ogawa Mana

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Good morning。

Now then!
Today is the last day (*^^*)


Only thing、with this
my highschool life really
will almost finish…


For the present
I’m off (*´∇`*)

Well then。

yesterday’s soccer was amazing!
Barcelona was cool。

I better see the final as well (*^^*)

Ogawa Mana

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I tried putting on
natural make-up。


One day remaining for the tests。
Everyday, my head feels like it is going to puncture
somehow I was able to struggle over☆

Tomorrow will really be the last
test of my highschool life
I will study so that I will left no regret!!

Like this
studying till night
is a rare occurence
I will do my best and turn this into memories (*^^*)laugh

And then
half a month left of this year。

Although I did
think and worry
about various things
I want to be positive
I want to live while constantly smiling from my heart。


first is the test。

See you tomorrow♪

Ogawa Mana

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Good morning。

The wind is cold~。
My fingertips quickly turned cold…
Without a moment delay, today
I put on my mask and depart。

My face feels warm。
Just with this, it feels completely different☆

Yesterday、while studying for the test
I was watching 「Mita the housekeeper」
it was really interesting、and yet it moved me to tears I ended up with nasally voice。laugh

Like that
while having a bit of nasally voice left
proceeding today (>_<)

I won’t say that I love it
since it’s my favourite subject I will do my best(*^^*)

Inceidentally it’s Japanese history (*´∇`*)
although there are lots of things that I have to remember
Japanese history is the one thing that I’m not very bad at。laugh

Let’s enjoy the test!
Today’s goalーっ。laugh

With this and that

Today as well
I hope it will be a fulfilling day。

let it be a happy dayー

Ogawa Mana

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☆Absorption of sugar content。☆

While having an intake of sweet things
I’m thinking of doing my best for the remaining tests (*^^*)

I’m eating at


It will become energy for tomorrow!

While watching soccer
I will study。

Well then。

Ogawa Mana

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