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We played the game ☺︎

This is Ono Mizuho


Thank you very much 

For your many likes and comments!
Douyou kodomo no Uta Konkuuru (Competition for Children Reciting Nursery Rhymes) Grand Prix Taikai
Has come to an end〜!
From the edges of the stage
We got to see reports
Of what was happening at the competition
And we could feel the nervousness 
This year,
We danced together with Daisuke-oniisan
And some kindergarteners!
Even it was for a short while
We got along with our small friends…
So it was sad to say bye bye to them 
I hope we’ll dance together again
Today, Daisuki-oniisan sang
Satakaze Kozou no Kantarou and Sekaichuu no kodomotachiga
I feel that for Amefuri Kumanoko, for whom those nursery rhymes were being recited for,
Those rhymes were amongst its favourites!
I didn’t remember them clearly, 
But when I heard them, I felt a strong wave of nostalgia
They warmed my heart, 
So I sang along to myself!
I got to dance along to 
Omocha no Chachacha 
When it was sung by Mari Yoshiko-san,
The original Uta no oneesan!
Yesterday, when I was singing that song at home
I was told that 
I used to sing and dance it together with my mother when I was small!
I don’t remember it at all, 
But I could sing the song naturally!
Singing nursey rhymes 
Is something that everyone’s gone through
So the rhymes get naturally ingrained in the mind!
Isn’t that amazing〜!!
I was able to experience 
The wonder of nursery rhymes 
Today’s the 11th of November!
Pocky & Pretz day 
There were 2 members who, right on the mark,
Brought along Pocky.
Ogata Risa-chan and Onoda Saori-chan!!
And what comes to mind when talking about Pocky?
The Pocky game! lol
Can you tell who my partner was〜? lolol
I’m glad that we could share happiness!
Thank you  
By the way,
Are you a Pocky person? Or a Pretz person??
I guess that I’m a Pocky person〜??
I like Toppo too!




These are announcements




 On Radio Nippon

Weekly on Saturdays late night at 1


Miyazaki Yuka-san  and I



Act as 

On this show 



We’re accepting 

Your thoughts, messages,

And  SATOYAMA&SATOUMI experiences






Send them there!


We’ll be waiting 




Have you ever been hit by sleep paralysis?!
I experienced it for the first time recently! lolol

And that’s it! This was Ono Mizuho ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Hello everyone


Thank you very much for your likes and comments

I read all your comments〜


Ono Mizuho here



I got to watch and learn from Tsugunaga Momoko-san’s last live!


She was really cute, from beginning to end!

Tsugunaga-san is a great senior

Who has led Hello! Project。


It’s sad the Tsugunaga-san has graduated、

But just like Tsugunaga-san

Tsubaki Factory too、

Would like to become a group that’s loved by many people


Today we had rehearsals

For the summer Hello! Project concerts


Going through the rehearsals、

There are some songs that I just need to work on a bit more on remembering the moves!


And I’ll do my best

To properly double-check with all the rehearsals we’ve done so far!


And tomorrow、 at AEon Mall Kisogawa

We’ll be having a release commemoration event for our second single!

We’ll be performing 『Waratte』 for the first time


I’m really nervous、

But I’d like to make it an unveiling

That’ll make you glad that you came to watch!



Here are some announcements

Tsubaki Factory 2nd singlr release commemoration mini-live & handshake events

𓃰 𓃱 𓃲 𓃟 𓃠 𓄅𓃰 𓃱 𓃲 𓃟 𓃠 𓄅


〈Venue〉 Aichi ・ AEon Mall Kisogawa

𓃰 𓃱 𓃲 𓃟 𓃠 𓄅𓃰 𓃱 𓃲 𓃟 𓃠 𓄅


〈Venue〉 Osaka ・ Abeno Q’s mall


I’m staying up a bit late today、、、

That’s all! This was Ono Mizuho ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Nice to meet you✧*

T/N: Unfortunately all of the very expressive text images that she used don’t appear here, so be sure to check the original blog post linked below to get the full dose of cute!

Hello everyone

and nice to meet you!!

I’m a new Tsubaki Factory member

Ono Mizuho✨

I was allowed to join the blog… I’m really happy!!

Since this is my first blog, I think I’ll do a self introduction


I was born on September 29, 2000, I’m a Libra

I’m from Tokyo, in my first year of High School, 15 years old✩⋆*

My specialty is playing the flute

My hobbies are enjoying movies, and watching recipe videos of sweets


My favorite foods are…

Well I have a lot, but my most favorite is almond jelly [dessert]!

My least favorite foods are…

I haven’t met anything that I don’t like yet!!!


A senior within Hello! Project that I admire is Morning Musume.’16’s Satou Masaki

I’d like for a lot of people to be able to get to know me through this blog from now on



Today was the Tokyo performance of the Hello! Project Trainee Recital 2016 September ~Singing!~✨

We new members joined, and we had our first performance as 9 members!

How was it??

I was extremely nervous, but all 9 of us rehearsed together so I tried to be confident and did my best!!


And and…!!

On the first day, Tsubaki Factory’s major debut was announced as a surprise

I’m really, truly happy.

From now on I’ll experience many new things as well as obstacles, and I’ll overcome them all.


There are still a lot of areas where I’m not the best yet, so I’ll do my best to learn and become my best yet by January of 2017!!


Please support me well





This is a photo from the FC when the new members were unveiled

From the left, Akiyama Mao-chan・Onoda Saori-chan・and me✩⋆*


An announcement

Starting today✨

It’s the Hello! Project Trainee Recital 2016 September ~Singing!~

Tsubaki Factory 9 member lineup performance, the 6 new H!P trainees performances and such… the highlight is all the announcements!!!




Well, that’s it! This was Ono Mizuho ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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