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Thank you for your hard workー

Taguchi Natsumi hereー


Today is the day that Tsugunaga Momoko-san graduated 🎉
Well〜 Despite being in the rainy season
It was drizzling before the show、 but not during the show itselfー




That’s Tsugunaga-san for you!



I was amazed by how she sang and danced by herself the whole time、、、
Thank you so very much for your 15 years of hard workー🍑



We gave Tsugunaga-san presents and messages!
I expected Hamaura Ayano-chan to work on it, but she couldn’t since she doesn’t have a copier!
It was made by Nomu-san in the end、 and I think we made a very Kobushi-ish present!




Ah、 by the way
I was glad to be able to see Tokunaga Chinami-san after so long 💓



I couldn’t meet her last time……。
I’m happy that I met her todayーーーーーー✨



★Fan Club member only event★

「Kobushi Factory Taguchi Natsumi Birthday Event 2017」 will be held !

Right right right right 👏

We’re currently taking applications for tickets、 but I think that there are still an excess of tickets (lol)

How! Ev! Er!
I’d be happy if you were to come to my birthday event!!!!!!!!

Of course、 all you nice folks out there 😭
All of you who support me 😭
You’ll come, right!?

Seems like there’ll be songs and talks and dances that’ll let you see the Taguchi who’s gone up a year to the age of 17? I’m already practising diligently for the event!!!!!!


The songs I wanted to do too、、
Hehehe (*´-`*)
Taguchi’s favourite、、 hehehehehehe (*´-`*)
You’ll know what my hehehehes mean
If you come to the event!(lol)


Well、 details are hereー!!
Applications‼️ 29 June (Thurs) 6 p.m. ~ 11 July (Tues) 12 noon。
That’s it ✳




Well then、 tomorrow’s Saturday
And with that, Tagudbye, oyasumikan 🍊


ps. Renatan💓💓💓

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All I can say is that I’m happy!

Good evening!
This is Taguchi Natsumi, who loves Granny Suzu ✨



I got to participate as a guest
At Suzuki Airi-san’s 23rd birthday event 💓



It’s what my heart desired 🎉🎉🎉



Being able to appear again as a guest for this very last one
I’m nothing but blessed!



↑Am I using those words properly?(lol)



I develop mentally at each of these events thanks to Suzuki-san and the staff members!😁
And、 I’m glad that in many ways, I get to help out with the birthday event of my favourite senior whom I admire、 and I get to have funーー!!!!



I got to do a lot of things this time around as well!



I was able to watch Suzuki-san singing from up-close as a sheep、、、。
It filled my heart 😢



This came up at the seeing-off、
But being next to Suzuki-san made me keenly feel just how amazing she is!!!!!




There were lots of girls!!!!!
And of course there were lots of guys!!!!





So happy。
I’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep tonight。😊




Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2017 Autumn 〜PROGRESSIVE

Next one will be in Fukui 😅
Sorry, I was sleepy。。。
Please come by!!!!




Tomorrow’s Tuesday
And so, Tagubbye oyasumikan 🍊


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Thank You So Much For Everything Up To Now

When I woke up this morning,
the Taguchi family’s cat-chan 【Sasuke】
had stopped moving.

Since he looked to be in the same position as when I saw him last night, I think it was surely without suffering in his sleep.

Sacchan had been really doing his best over these three days.
Even though I think it would have been ok if he hadn’t, I wanted him to live longer.

Before going to work I made this promise to Sacchan.
【Since I’m going to work now, wait until I get back okay】
I said、、、。

And Sacchan properly kept to that promise!

I hurried back home,
and when I said,
「Sacchan, I’m back~」
he mewed in a small voice.
It made me happy.
I cried that he waited for me.
Though we had that exchange for three days, on the third day even when I talked to him he wouldn’t reply, so it was rough!!!!

Sacchan has a cute wife!
Since I haven’t told you all, it’s new info right~

Actually, in the Taguchi family, we had two cats!
Though she became an angel before I introduced her to you all、、

But since we’ve come this far I’ll introduce her to you all here too!
Her name is Momonga (means “flying squirrel”)
and we always called her 【Momo】!

Different from Sacchan, Momo-chan was an incredibly friendly cat(lol)
I remember being very happy that she’d accept me kindly even though I’m a dumb brat!

Saachan wouldn’t really listen to me, and hated me so much that he’d give me a cat-punch just if I came close

But Momo would listen to me, and when I think about it now, I thinks he was an incredibly gentle cat.

Momo and Sacchan are married!
After Momo died Sacchan was looking for her for a loーーーng time, and when night came he’d be lonely and going “nyaooooooon”.

But I wonder if he was able to see Momo today?
Surely Momo came to get him!!



They’re both so cute aren’t they?

Thank you so much!!

Also everyone!
When I asked in a previous blog for everyone to send power to Sasuke, thank you for all the comments and concern at handshake events and such you gave!!

Since you all sent Sasuke power, he was able to last for a week even without eating or drinking water!!!
My mother said thank you, too.

Sasuke is happy☺☺☺

You haven’t gotten gloomy have you!?
It’s not good if you did~

If I may say so!
My little sister is learning her multiplication tables,
and today she became able to say up to level 5!
Being able to say all the way up to level 5!!
Big sis is impressed!

Also today, I had dress rehearsal for

Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2016 Spring ~The Cheering Party!~!!!!

When you come to the tour!
Your goods to support Kobushi Factory
Such as T-shirts you bought in previous tours!
And Kobushi Factory microfiber towels and such!
Things related to Kobushi Factory
please bring with you!!!!

↑【there’s probably something good with this】↑

『The Cherry Blossom Front Northward Progression Project』
has at last been completed!!!!
~Concluding chapter(Tokyo Gathering)~

We actually had a photo shoot at Sanrio Puroland!!!
For details, please make sure to check the video!!!


Today is Friday!
Though tomorrow is a holiday, the next Saturday!

Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2016 Spring ~The Cheering Party!~

Hiroshima Concert  Tour Opening Day‼️
I’m so nervoussss!
Tomorrow will always be a good day ✩
Well then, Tagudbye, oyasu-mikan
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Recently here I’ve been watching every day
Angerme-san’s 【Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku】video~♡

In this song my eyes always go to Murota Mizuki-chan(lol)
Her second line ‼️

「Honto no kimochi wa itsu datte hitotsu shikanai」(I only ever have one honest feeling)

I repeat that about 4 times(lol)
Man, I love it (ノ´³`)ノ
Muro is sexy huh (lol)

I also wanna siーng!
「Honto no kimochi wa itsu datte hitotsu shikanai」

Anyhow anyhow anyhow!!!!
My wisdom teeth hurt
Ow ow owー!
Although they haven’t grown in、、、they hurt
I wanna get them out right right right away~
But when I asked my dentist、、、
I heard that when they’re taken out、、、my face will get swollen

I’m terrified and can’t do it、、、、
Moreover、、、though I hear they’d give me anesthesia
anesthesia isn’t effective on me。、、、、
Haa, I’m scared.

was the last performance of our serial event!!!
We had three performances ♡

At the third one、、、、
The MC was、、、Taguchiiii (-∀-`; )
Ah you know、、、、、、I stretched myself out until the end。
Tears were dripping from my eyes

Though there was an accident along the way!
I’m glad I was able to finish the performance without incident ♪

I was happy there were lots of people who told me at the handshake event “Your MC was good~! You were funny~!”✌
It gave me a little more courage that I could do an MC like that!(lol)

Thank youー!!!




Kobushi Factory loves Dachou Club’s material ♡

Iiiiiif I may say so!
Some onigiri I had recently 。
When I thought it would be ok to eat something I bought that morning!
it had passed the expiration date~(lol)
But it was delicious as always ☺
I’ll take care in the futureー。

Starting 4/6!
「KobuTsuba Sweet♪」’s
【Same day sales registration】beginsー!!!

As a “Spring FC Campaign”、it seems we’ll be specially inviting people not in the Hello! Project club to participate、、so those in it and those not, please be sure to come!!!

Though the contents of the event you’re interested in!
are still in the world of the undecided
However, it’ll definitely be a different event than you’ve seen up until now
And so, those who have even a bit of interest in it, let’s come on(lol)
Please come!

Go here!

Tomorrow is Sunday
Tomorrow will always be a good day ✩
Well then, Tadugbye, oyasu-mikan

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1 Shizuokaーーーー!

We were able to take #1 ✨✨
on the Oricon weekly chart!!!!!!!

I’m really happy.
Being able to take #1 like this,
is thanks to all the staff-san who support us and most of all.
All of you who cheer us on!
Thank you very much ☺☺

Not being satisfied with just this, we’ll work hard to be able to grow even more from now on!!!!
Please continue to follow Kobushi Factory ✨
We’re in your care!!

Kobushi Factory in Shizuoka Prefecture’s cherry blossoms
took some pictures!
We did interviews tooー!

The 【Kawazu Sakura】are very pink and pretty
Wherever I looked there were cherry blossoms, so it was like a cherry blossom tunnel!!!
Since it’s the first time I’ve seen so many cherry blossoms like that, it got me crazy excited ✨✨✨

The air was also very clean
It was so clear that I felt like I couldn’t breathe in enough of it ♪♪

If I may say so, we stayed over at Shizuoka, and it was a 4-person room~

It was decided by a ghostleg lottery, with everyone picking their favorite lines, and since for me it was【There’s fortune in leftovers】I took the last line remaining!!!

【There’s fortune in leftovers】is true ((( °_° )))

I was in the same room with Nomura Minami-chan, Ogawa Rena-chan, and Wada Sakurako-chan ♡
Since I was thinking the whole time “It’d be great if I’m with Rena!” I was happy we were in the same room(lol)

Ah!In addition, it was a place where we could see the sea from the veranda!!!!
It was increーーーーdibly pretty
The morning sea is romantic, huh ☺
Is the night sea romantic too‥‥?(lol)


Right?Incredibly pretty isn’t it
The sea really is great~。
Getting up early in the morning, gazing out at the sea,
「Ahh. So incredibly healthy~」
I thoughtー!!!

I got sakuramochi refreshments from my granny and grandpa in Shizuoka, which made me want to see them!
It was too bad I couldn’t~。

I thought this again today,
but after we’ve been seeing everyone the whole week, it feels incredibly lonely when we suddenly don’t

I wanna see you all sooーーーーーーn!

And with that,
since for a release event for our second single,
we’ll be holding individual handshakes and signing events and such!Please be sure to come!

First of all on 2/27 (Saturday)
at Aichi Prefecture:Centrair Hall

And the next day
we’ll be holding Hello! Project Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2016 February・March ~SINGING!~
at Zeep Nagoya (sic), please be sure to come to that too!!!

This is the way I’ll be able to see everyone soonest!
I’ll be looking forward to it!!!!

Tomorrow is Wednesday
Tomorrow will always be a good day ✩
Well then, Tagudbye, oyasumikan

ps. I ate a big sweーet mikan,
      but I didn’t notice there were seeds in it so crunched down on them

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(Room Assignment&Rikakocchi˙-˙ )

Good evening everyone~
It’s Taguchi Natsumi who for two days has forgotten to take off her contacts and so left them in!!

Today, Kobushi Factory appeared on TV Tokyo’s【Oha Star】~✨
Including today this was our 3rd Oha Star, and it was so much fun that my spirits have been at their MAX since the morning ♪♪

In the dressing room as well I was talking by myself the whoーーーle time(lol)
Everyone else never said anything‥‥so I was incredibly lonely
But everyone gradually got more energized and when Oha Star started everyone was at their MAX

My 2016 goal is
【I want to become someone who’s good at making fried eggs】,
and when I tried yelling it out in a loud voice, I felt like I could reach my goal!!
I was incredibly happy to shout out so loud first thing in the morning since it’s healthy too!

Thank you!!!

Well well, today
is the release day of our second single!!!!
And with that,
at Kawasaki 【CLUB CITTA’】
we held a mini live & handshake event!!

I was moved that around 900 people came to see Kobushi Factory!!
Along with that, I’ve gotta work harder and harder so that we’ll be able to take #1 on the Oricon weekly chart!  Since I was able to feel that again, I want to work hard at it!!

Thank you to those who came to the handshake event!!!!
I was happy being able to talk about lots of things ♡♡

Iiiiiiif I may say so!!!
Since 【Oha Star】is early in the morning the members stayed at a hotel, and the room assignments were super awesome ♡♡

It was ♡ HamaTaguRena♡!!!
※Hamaura Ayano、Taguchi Natsumi、Ogawa Rena※

Since we aren’t usually in the same room cause we always get so noisy, this was the first time since Kobushi Factory started that I’ve been in a room with Ogawa Rena-chan ♡♡

I was so happy!!
We were together from there to there!(lol)
And of course Hamaura Ayano-chan watched that scene with a cool face(lol)

When Rena laid on her stomach on the bed and I crawled on top of her to sleep, she didn’t respond at all。。

So I took a picture!(lol)


Sleeping Ogawa. (lol)
It was pretty funny!!!

Today, Wednesday, on YouTube is
posting day for
Please be sure to check it out ♡♡


My beloved Sasaki Rikako ♥
She’s so funny!!!!

Tomorrow is Thursday
Tomorrow will always be a good day✩
Well then, Tagudbye!Oyasumi

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Mission 1

Good evening everyone~
It’s Taguchi Natsumi!!

The temperature has gradually risen and it’s gotten warmer huh
Haa. Come, come spring!

Thinking of spring、、、、、、、



It makes me want to picnicー✨♡♡
Thinking of picnics、
I remember going on a picnic as an elementary school student, and forgetting my leather seat my good friend let me set on hers‥‥☺

So nostalgic.
Spring makes me feel all warm inside.
It’s a wonderful season when the fresh wind blows ♡

Spring, come soon!

‼️I’ll be waーtchiーーーーーng‼️

Well, tomorrow in Fukuoka and Saitama
we have talk & handshake events!!!!

The Fukuoka members are
Fujii Rio     Nomura Minami     Ogawa Rena

These 3!!
I have a very iーーーーーーnteresting mission for Ogawa Rena here ✨

【Add ‘banbanjii’ (bang bang chicken) to the end of each of her sentences】

That’s it(lol)
Since I think Rena surely won’t get it just from that, I’ll give an example!!!!

・Today also Ogawa Rena will do as well as she can!banbanjii

・Yep!I also have something to say. banbanjii

・That’s right~。banbanjii

Like that(lol)

Moreover!!One more trial!!!
When she says banbanjii、
each time she should do it while imitating 【Bambano】san.

Since it’s best if she could say ‘banbanjii’ with her eyes wide!(lol)

Do your best~
Ogawa Rena ✨

As for Saitama,
Hirose Ayaka, Inoue Rei, Taguchi Natsumi
will be holding a talk & handshake event!!

Since we’ll also be getting missions from the Fukuoka event members, please be sure to come see us completing our missions~✨

Tomorrow is Friday
Tomorrow will always be a good day ✩
Well then, Tagudbye!Oyasu-mikan

ps. Bang bang chicken is the best!!!!!!!

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I’m Not a Kid Already〜(ë)

Good evening everyone~
This is Taguchi Natsumi who had someone who was waiting for the train last night call out to me!

You know lately~~
I’ve been into plum kelp tea!!!ʕ•̫͡•ʔ♬✧
Once with plum pulp in them are the best~

Something I personally recommend!
is black tea together with swe~et cake
Not that, but plum kelp tea!!!

Or, plum kelp tea while eating swe~et chocolate!!!

And so, when you eat sweet things or after eating them, drink the taーrt plum kelp tea and get relief in one breath

♡♡I recommend it♡♡

lately the Kobushi Factory members have been calling me


Why. Why is that.

Even though I’m already a 3rd year middle school student‥‥
and I’ll be a fully bloomed high school student starting this spring

I’m not a babyyyyyyy
I’m not a kid alreadyー.
That’s a lie. I am still a kid!
But I’m not a baby ok

If I put on makeup and curl my hair like an adult and be quiet, I’d look like an adult you know(lol)


Hamaura Ayano-chan.

She straightened my hair for me (*´ч`*)

Classic Colonel.

Speaking of which,

Hamaura Ayano-chan is Colonel

I’m Lieutenant Colonel

Ogawa Rena-chan is Major

When we turn into these Colonel/Lt. Colonel/Major and talk, it’s so funny(lol)

For some reason my Lt. Colonel has become a flawless beauty(lol)


Pinks&Kopinks!Last Live 2016 MOMENT

memories / memorize


It’s come to be that Kobushi Factory will be appearing in it~✨

Our Hello! Project senpai group Juice=Juice will also be appearing!

And from the Hello Pro Kenshuusei,

Onoda Saori-chan will appear!

Please be sure to come!!!

Tomorrow is Saturday

Tomorrow will always be a good day ✩

Well then, Tagudbye!Oyasu-mikan

ps. Since it’s life let’s remember the rhythms.

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I Want Friends‥‥

Good evening everyone
It’s Taguchi Natsumi

Today also we had rehearsal for the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Recital~
Yesterday was dance and today was singing!

Listening to my voice as I could hear it from the mic, I thought “Ahh, you know I’m really singing today~(lol)
Though recently it’s something natural, it’s often something that comes to mind~(´-`)

Also, it makes me think I want to look inside my own head!(lol)
It’d be interesting wouldn’t itー?

Back to the topic、、、
There were things I didn’t do well at rehearsal, and since we were told that all of Kobushi Factory is clumsy with triple time and 2/3 rhythms, I want to practice hard so that I’ll be able to do it without ignoring it


Hashimoto Nagisa-chan!!!

I love Nagi~
Even though it’s not that we’re especially close!!!
or that we’ve been together for a long time~

I get incredibly relaxed when we’re together☺
Also sleepy for some reason‥‥(-_-)zzz
It’s surely cause Nagi gives off a kind aura ///

If I may say so, anyone who looked at the title of today’s blog and honestly thought, “Does Taguchi have no friends?” please raise your hand ( `△´)

Though I certainly wrote in the title
that I want friends!!!

I do have friends.

But I wan new friendsー
I want friendsー(lol)

Ahh, though it’s all right since I have colleagues!

Since it’ll be posted to YouTube, please check it out nen nen!

Tomorrow is Thursday
Tomorrow will always be a good day ✩
Well then, Tagudbye!Oyasu-mikan

ps. I bought cotton swabs.(lol)

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Good evening everyone
It’s Taguchi Natsumi

Thank you always for the likes and comments

Um, do you all know the word “plié”?
Though it’s hard to explain, when we do our stretches the dance teacher is often telling us to “plié~”!
I knew the word,
but I didn’t know the teacher would use plié for stretching too

And in addition,
when I was at home, I started hearing,
“Plié~ plié~”!
When I wondered who was saying plié,
it was actually my little sister who’s still in kindergarten!(lol)

I wondered, “Why does she know the word plié?: but when I thought about it, my little sister
is learning【ballet】(lol)

It seems the word plié is used often in ballet, so she was constantly saying plié, plié(lol)

At first I was thinking “That’s so cute~” but she kept saying plié plié too much that it made me want to cover my ears~

Then when I thought “It’s gotten quiet~” she’d opened up Othello on her desk(lol)

I don’t think there are many kids who are playing Othello now~
Though I played it often with my cousins when I was little, I’ve not played it at all recently and haven’t hardly seen it, so it was nostalgic seeing it again after so long

When I was thinking about that, she’d started playing Othello before I realized it


And by herself!
I laughed at her starting to play Othello by herself(lol)
Little kids talk to themselves a lot don’t they(lol)
I laughed as she kept talking the whole time while playing Othello(lol)

Then all of a sudden she said, “I don’t know what the 7th is” and went to get a pen(lol)
It was really funny

Later on mother got mad at her saying, “Clean up before playing”(lol)

She got up from the chair as if she’d start cleaning up, but started playing again, and so mother got mad at her again saying, “Clean up right now”~

She was talking the whole time!
Even after she started cleaning she kept chatting on, so much that it made me want to say “Shut up!!”!

Moreover she was saying nonsensical English where I couldn’t understand
what she was saying at all~

It kinda felt like I was watching myself (lol)
Since I’ve been a talker ever since I was little, and would often say nonsensical English~

My little sister is surely similar to me in that way huh(lol)

It’ll be tough for her from now on~


It looks like it’s grabbing at my skirt doesn’t it!
It’s a trick *¨*•.¸¸♪

Since tomorrow is Wednesday,


will be posted to YouTube, so please be sure to check it ou~t!

Tomorrow is Wednesday
Tomorrow will always be a good day ✩
Well then, Tagudbye!Oyasu-mikan

ps. Doing nothing but talking back is just like me, little sis-kun.

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