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Uemura Akari here!
It’s already become yesterday’s news!!
H!P Premium Juice=Juice CONCERT TOUR 2019 〜JuiceFull!!!!!!!〜 FINAL Miyazaki Yuka Graduation Special was held at the Nippon Budokan!!
How did you feel about it!
Looking at Yuka in that pretty dress
Makes my mind go senseless


But, but
I think that I have to do my best too!
There’s nothing in the future
That I’m worried about!
We’ve got a new structure!
From now on, though who knows when,
For all we know, it might be right off the bat
But we’ll get dyed in Juice=Juice’s colours!!
From now on, we’ll still be YukaAarii
Yuka will be an otaku though
And with that, good night
That’s all, this was Uemura Akari!
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Uemura Akari here!
Today, a tiny bit of 25-sai Eien Setsu has been made public!!
Everyone was so relaxed that there were actually several members who fell asleep in those pyjamas lol
I’ll put up off-shots once the full version of the song has been released!!
Please wait for them〜💕
With Rinka!!


And with Sayuki!!


Lookie lookie
A sweet on a string!
It was delicious!



And with that, good night
That’s all, this was Uemura Akari!
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Uemura Akari here!
This was when I was playing with Tomoko during one of our individually-separated events
Or I guess you could say I was using Tomoko as a plaything
Here’s a photo of Tomoko dodging!
I tried my best, without giving up,
But again and again, all our photos are of her dodging
I wanted to put up other photos but all of them are photos that I can’t put up lol
All of them are hilarious though 🤣


I don’t really remember this photo
Tomoko’s hands!!!
They look so cute!!
Even when Tomoko’s pulling a funny face
It doesn’t look like it
She’s so pretty, whatever she does!  



Ticket Pia has exclusive advance preorders for our Budokan performance
But the deadline is tomorrow at 11:59 p.m.
We’ll be counting on you!
And with that, good night
That’s all, this was Uemura Akari!
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Uemura Akari here!
Work ended early today〜!!
I went to get a massage
And went shopping!
I ate at Ikinari Steak!🥩
My meal at Ikinari Steak
Was delicious 😭
I really wanted to eat at Ikinari Steak since yesterday lolol
I had a 300g wild steak !
My tummy’s filled up〜
There were white strawberries at Yuka’s birthday event the other day!!
A rare white strawberry!



This shot somehow got taken lol
Look at the face I’m making! lolol
And with that, good night!
That’s all, this was Uemura Akari!
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Uemura Akari here!
Toda I had lunch
With Yamabe Miyu-chan〜〜🥗
Thank you for joining me despite your busy schedule 😭


We took this photo
While we were waiting for dessert〜〜
And then dessert came along 🍨
Chocolate cake and Danish pudding with caramel sauce 💚


So stylish〜
The 2 of us have similar tastes in food so we often end up ordering the same things 😊
We spent ages today trying to figure out what to get for dessert…
The 2 of us couldn’t make up our minds between these 2 choices and ended up ordering both to share 💕
They were delicious〜
And Miyu-chan!!
Gave me a birthday present 😭
A bracelet!!!
It was so cute…
I immediately put it on〜〜




Thank you…
And with that, good night
That’s all, this was Uemura Akari!
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Uemura Akari here!
I had some delicious macarons recently!
Pistacho and blackcurrant!


YukaAarii colours
I bumped into Shimizu-san and Suzuki-san and Michishige-san today〜
They’re all so sweet〜
I really think
That my seniors are amazing.
They’re pretty cool
I saw some lovely cherry blossoms as I was on the move today!!
I’m in a flower-viewing mood
Well then, good night
That’s all, this was Uemura Akari!
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Uemura Akari here!
Tomorrow and the day after
It’ll finally be the actual HinaFes…
Let’s do our bestー!!
I’ll be uploading photos from Hong Kong Disneyland
I’ve got lots
So I’ll be uploading them a little at a time〜
Since I walked around Disneyland
With my camera in hand
When I checked out the data, the amount of photos I’d taken was crazy…
I’ll be bringing them out a little at a time!
Angry Rinka


Kissy Rinka


Recently, Rinka’s been expressing herself a lot with her face〜〜
And with that, good night!
That’s all, this was Uemura Akari!
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Uemura Akari here!
I keep on forgetting to upload this, but as you know, you can find Yuka a lot at An MILL [sic] stores.
I sent Yuka a photo of just her signboard. lolol
After that, when I was on the phone with Maa, she said「Akari, take a photo with the signboard tooーー!!」
The signboard was placed outside the store where there were a lot of people passing by, so I got self-conscious and quickly took a snap, but by some miracle, it didn’t come out blurry lolol
That needed courageーー
So my hair was really moving all over the place


Everyone, go and take photos too okay
And with that, good night
That’s all, this was Uemura Akari!
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Day one…

This is Uemura Akari!
Day 1 without Yanami.
Currently, we’ve all got the day off today
I feel like I’ll see Yanami when I go to work tomorrow
What do you mean I’m mistaken? lol
I know, I knowーーー
I know that I’m mistakenー
But already
I’m feeling new emotions!!
What a contradiction…




Photos from yesterday
These shots that I just threw in
Are photos that you haven’t seen before.
Sorry that I can’t put up each and every photo I have
I wish I could have uploaded them earlier!
Today, I went for shabu shabu with Muroー!
Just the two of us
It’s been a while since I last met Muro
But like always, it was funー
And with that, good night
That’s all, this was Uemura Akari!
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At long last…

This is Uemura Akari!
I hung out with Yamabe Miyu-chan the other day〜!!
We’re BeeRii ❤︎
Even when we made plans
Our plans never came together…
But at long last, we managed to meet upー


I’d always been interested in the tapioca from this place and since Miyu-chan told me that she liked the tapioca there, we ended up going there 😍
We went for lunch after that which was really delicious!!
We spent ages looking at the menu, wondering what to get, but in the end, the 2 of us ordered the same thing! lolol
We talked about what we’d order next time〜
I’d like to hang out again sometime soon〜
Told me that she liked Bitansan!
I’m so happy about that〜〜😁
And with that, good night
That’s all, this was Uemura Akari!
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