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Yanagawa Nanami-chan

This is an announcement to all of you who support Hello! Project

As of today, there has been an announcement regarding Yanagawa Nanami.

Come March next year, Yanagawa Nanami-chan will be graduating from Juice=Juice/Country Girls as well as Hello! Project.

Yanamin’s a hard worker who’s very mindful and sweet
While her clear singing and skilled talking ability leave quite the impression
It really is sad to say goodbye.

I’ll be counting on you to support her until her graduation.

Fukumura Mizuki



Today, at Shosen Book Tower in Akihabara

We had a release commemoration handshake event for 「Makana」
Fukumura Mizuki’s latest photo book

I’m really happy that so many people came for the event
Thank you very much to all of you

My first handshake event as a 22-year-old

And… I tried a to have a grown-up atmosphere and a hairstyle that fits with the outfit

People did say that I seemed different from usual

It was for only a short while,
But it was a lot of fun to be able to hear your thoughts, your favourite pages, your favourite outfits, and so on

There were even people who told me that it was the first photo book they bought
There were also people who said that they’d be taking a look at it after the event〜 So I’m nervous and excited

After the event, I signed a huge poster♪
Please have a look when you go shopping at Shosen Book Tower-san

I got a lovely cake that was shaped like a present, to go with Makana
Ooh〜 It smelled good

To all of you who were there
Thank you very much

Tomorrow Morning Musume。’18 will have a mix of events in Osaka!
I’d like to have fun and talk a lot
All the members will be waiting


Late night Saturday 12:58~
Morning Musume。’18 will be appearing on TBS-san 「COUNT DOWN TV」

Please watch it

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10th anniversary ☆

Konbanpon (*´∀`*)ノ

The 22nd of June
Is the day that Fukumura Mizuki introduced herself as a H!P Egg 🥚

I introduced myself for the first time at Akasaka BLITZ
It’s been 10 years since then

I’m celebrating the 10th anniversary of my enrolment into Hello!
Along with ANGERME’s Takeuchi Akari-chan


For us, it’s the only anniversary we have in our life

Today, I met Akari-chan

Which made me really happy

I joined the H!P Eggs when I was in primary school
I got to experience being a back dancer at Hello! Cons
I went through many Shinjun Kouens

I was picked as Amulet Heart for 「Shugo Chara!」
And got to appear on the anime broadcast segment

I’ve had a lot of experiences while I was here

Of course, it wasn’t just a place for fun
There were plenty of tough times as well.

I made companions that I share deep bonds with

That’s the sort of wonderful place this is

That might be why, in my heart
Akari-chan’s a rival to me


I ask for your support from now on too


I appeared on MBS「Young Town Doyoubi」
Acting as a replacement.
The broadcast will be tomorrow.
I’ll be counting on you m(__)m



23 Jun (Sat) 「Soccer Game King」
Yokoyama Reina’s on the cover!

「Shuukan SPA!」(Ishida.Sato.Oda.Yokoyama)

Wani Books’ 『Morning Musume。20th Anniversary Official Book』 is currently on sale!!!!

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Nyan ☆

Konbanpon (*´∀`*)ノ

This is Fukumura Mizuki, who yelled in celebration the moment the date changed
This is Fukumura Mizuki, whose mascara was applied well today
This is Fukumura Mizuki, who’s already in sleepy mode today


I moved a lot during rehearsals
So I immediately became sleepy once I got homeー




… Just kidding

I bumped into some classmates in the streets today
And got a candied apple that they had on hand

I went to have a meal with my parents before the rehearsals
And lo and behold, Nihei Yuka was two seats away from us

I’d watched Upcoming just a bit before that, so I was like 「?!」
We were in the middle of our meals, so we just said hello

This day was filled with chance meetings

I thought that spring had already arrived〜
So I went out lightly dressed, but it was really cold at night

And since it looks like it’ll be cold tomorrow as well〜
I’ll dress to deal with the weatherー


My dear Plum-tan’s cute, right
Right Right

This is Plum-tan, who’s gone under my sheets

By the way, these sheets are a blanket that I got from Ayumin

The colour is a good fit with Plum-tan

The Oda family’s cat, Momo-chan, is cute too

Today I’ll do that Ta! I! So! U! before going to bed〜


Hello! Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
The guest on the latest show is Wada Sakurako-chan 

Currently, as a trial run, you can listen to radio show #1 
Those who want to give it a try, please give it a listen♪

☆Register for Hello! Mobile here☆


#6Mar #OdaProReply #ILikeBeingInMizukichan’sSheetsNyan
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Arare is eh eh eh eh ☆

Konbanpon (*´∀`*)ノ

We had all sorts of events for
Our mini-album 「Hatachi no Morning Musume。」

The 3rd of March is Hinamatsuri 

At the polaroid shots
There were many pose requests that were related to the Emperor and the Empress  of the Hina dolls as well as Berryz Kobo-san〜

For me, it’s far-and-away Berryz Kobo-san’s day 
Congratulations on the 14th anniversary of your debut

The rainbow-coloured Berryz Kobo-san
Each and every member was really cool
They’ll always shine 

You know, it’s been a while since I last wrote about Berryz Kobo-san

Ahh  Just typing out those letters brings a smile to my face  
I like them so much〜♡


We had group polaroids today 
At any rate, we messed around a lot! We had to be asked to calm down a lot!
Even though we were taking photos, we were always moving around in the booth〜


Today, the group was split
Into the 9ki〜11ki team and a 12ki〜14ki team♪

Ah, we ate hina-arare during break time today 

I’m going to talk about hayfever
It’s tough having hayfever, I can’t open my eyes and they get itchy 

But I had fun talking about all sorts of things with all of you at the handshakes 

To all of you who came today
I hope that you had a fun day 


As of today, the scheduled handshakes have all ended, so I’m sure that there are some of you who weren’t able to see us〜

But in 2 weeks time, our tour will start
There’s also the HinaFes

We’ll be in Osaka again in May
So I hope that you’ll come and drop by again 

When you can’t see me…
Listen to Hello! Radio
「Fukumura no Heya」〜
That’s your only option 


Hello! Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
The guest on the latest show is Wada Sakurako-chan 

Currently, as a trial run, you can listen to radio show #1 
Those who want to give it a try, please give it a listen♪

☆Register for Hello! Mobile here☆


#HatachiNoMorningMusume #VariousMeets #BERRYZKobo
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Mizuki Valentine’s ♡

Konbanpon (*´∀`*)ノ

14th February
♡Happy Valentine’s Day♡

After I was done with work, I made a mad dash!

I went to see Country Girls♪♪♪

They’re the embodiment of cuteness

All of the girls in this cute group
Had hairstyles that were made to excite…

Mai-chan’s twintails were adorable
It’s amazing how she pulled them off so well〜

Funakki was as you’d expectー! She was already covered in sweat roughly about 3 songs after they startedー

That was the first time that I found out about Yanamin’s ‘artistic’ skills…

Chii-chan was unexpectedly strict…

It was a joy to see Risa-chan play a certain part

I enjoyed the songs and the segments♪

As a surprise, they announced their next LIVE show

12 Jun (Tues) Zepp Tokyo

Miyazawa Marin-san was next to me
And the moment the announcement was made, she bit her lip in joy, saying 「It’s a must-go…!」

All of you must have felt the same way, right??

I’m looking forward to it

I had my fill of cuteness today
Thank you
For the wonderful Valentine’s Day

From Mizuki too〜

Happy Valentine💝

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Dearest Momochi-senpai ☆

Konbanpon (*´∀`*)ノ

Today, on the 30th of June
Today, the day she celebrates the 15 anniversary of her idol life

It was Tsugunaga Momoko-san’s last live

The skies were clearrrr〜

That’s Momochi-senpai for you

You know… If I put my current feelings
Into words…

I love her
I love Momochi-senpai

She gave me all these feelings of joy until the very very end

Her cute smile was wonderful
Her beautiful, transparent, and gentle singing

Surrounded by my favourite songs and many people who love Momochi-senpai

Even now, it’s love Pure bliss

While it does feel sad to part
And we’re left wondering if we’ll never see her again

I also feel a mix of other feelings
But amongst those, even more than those feelings
Having been given this much joy at the moment by Tsugunaga-san

I’ve really got nothing else besides feelings of gratitude

And the sight of the 5 members seeing off their senior
Was really cool and cute

Their respect and love
Towards Momochi-senpai

Really got across。

The girls that had been carefully brought up by Momochi-senpai

I hope that the 5 of them will lead lives that resemble the lyrics of VIVA!! Barairo no Jinsei。

The 5 of them have experienced being up-close with Momochi-senpai
And I’m glad that they’ll bring what they’ve inherited from her to H!P from now on

I’ll do my best to support them as well


Tsugunaga Momoko Last Live ❤️ Arigatou Otomomochi ❤

H!P members from all of our groups
Got to appear as the opening acts!

The performance from Morning Musume。’17 was
「Aozora ga itsumademo Tsuzuku you na Mirai de are!」

I think that this is a song that connects the memories of H!P

Up until now, I too have performed countless times on the same stage with Momochi-senpai, singing together with her

Did you notice that I was sending out a 「Koyubeam」 the whole time from the chorus

I sent out as much love as I could with my performance on-stage

I had proposed that we sing this song today, and it came true♡

Since it’s a fact that Fukumura is here right now
Because I met Tsugunaga-san

Tsugunaga Momoko-san

I was really really happy

Thank you very much for the 5479 days of wonderful memories and plenty of wonders

Momochi-senpai, I love you




Tomorrow、 there’ll be a live broadcast from 1〜10!
Morning Musume。’17 will be appearing on NiTere-san 「THE MUSIC DAY Negai ga Kanau Natsu」

Morning Musume。’17 will be in the 3 p.m.~4 p.m. time block。
It’ll be a 13-member performance

Please make sure to watch it ok

The new programme that’s being broadcast on TOKYO FM-san’s network of 38 key station around the nation
『marukome Morning Misoshiru Nomouyo!』
There’ll be a 5 minute programme starting at 10:50 a.m.〜

The first broadcast
Will be delivered to you by Fukumura Mizuki and Yokoyama Reina!
Please look forward to it

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With Momochi-senpai ☆

Konbanpon (*´∀`*)ノ

Tomorrow is…

I’m feeling really weird right now。
Tsugunaga-san, who has spent 15 years in H!P

In the midst of that、 the things that we were able to do together in the 9 years I was in H!P
Talking with Tsugunaga-san、 being able to sing together with her

All of those are treasures to me

I wonder how I’ll feel when I’m sitting and watching her as part of the audience tomorrow

I’ll also burn into my memory the sight of the performances by the 5 juniors that were raised by Tsugunaga-san!

It was really sad when Berryz Kobo-san entered their indefinite hiatus

But I’m glad to have met the cool Tsugunaga-san who acted as the PM
Working with her、 experiencing that high level of professionalism
And inheriting it

Tsugunaga-san as part of Berryz Kobo
Tsugunaga-san as PM

I’m glad that I got to encounter both Tsugunaga-sans、 that I got to learn from her

As our turn to MC for yesterday’s Hello! Sute came to an end
She said 「I’m glad that I was able to MC with Fuku-chan for my final time」…♡

Momochi-senpai said something like that at the very end
She’s such an amazing person ♡
As disgusting as I was


At Ariake Coliseum
She suddenly took my hand firmly with a 「Fuku-chan, come here」… and gave me her signature in an instant

Because I couldn’t say a thing???
Momochi-senpai came to me >_<

The final day for Momochi-senpai

Tsugunaga Momoko last live ♥Arigatou Otomomochi♥

We from Morning Musume。’17
Will be appearing as the opening act

I’ll stand on stage
With as much gratitude as I can muster

Praying for good weather

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Sparkle ☆

Konbanpon (*´∀`*)ノ

It was warm today, wasn’t it

But I thought that it would be cold、 so I brought along a scarf just in case

I ended up not using it in the end

I had a radio recording for
「Morning Musume。’17 no Morning Jogakuin 〜Houkago Meeting〜」

The 3 members involved were
Ishida Ayumi-chan
Sato Masaki-chan
Fukumura Mizuki

We had Kacchan as a special guest
Kaga Kaede-chan

Her 2nd appearance since January!
Our conversations were a lot more deeper compared to her last appearance〜♪

22 Apr (23rd for those listening on STV Radio)
29 Apr (30th for those listening on STV Radio)
At 12:00 midnight~
Please make sure to listen to it♪

And today
I got to watch and learn at

Tsugunaga Momoko HAPPY DINNER TIME
〜Momo ni Sachiare!〜

It was the last performance of these series of shows by Country Girls’ Momochi-senpai

It was truly emotionally moving

It ranged from cover songs to nostalgic songs

Her truly wonderful singing voice
Permeated through the soul and the body

I was reminded anew
Of how wonderful Momochi-senpai’s singing is

I’ve got to practice hard as well〜



A 2shot with Momochi-senpai(∩˃o<∩)♡



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HinaFes & Satoyama Satoumi ☆

Konbanpon (*´∀`*)ノ

2 days of huge events
☆Hello!Project HinaFes 2017☆
☆Asobu。 Kurasu。 Sodateru。 SATOYAMA&SATOUMI he Ikou 2017☆

Well〜 They were tons of fun!
I’m fulfilled
Year after year, I get to greatly enjoy myself

I got to appear at all sorts of booths and events this time around, it was fun

Though I’m from Tokyo…
Well, I can’t change that fact


This time around, Morning Musume。’17 collaborated with Marukome-san to make the Morning Miso Soup
There was a booth that depicted us as we appeared on the packaging, it was really cute ♡
Marukome-kun, thank you

As a present, you could get a tote bag that was limited only to this event〜♪

There’s a Mizuki done in Marukome-kun style on it ♡

We also did things like announce the Idol Nama Gassen at the HinaFes
It made me happy that there were so many new things!

If you log in on the 26th
You’ll have a chance to GET an 「Idol Nama Gassen」 premium attendance ticket

Please make sure to register at the official site

As long as you just log in, whenever will be fine


And the HinaFes。

Today’s midday performance was the Tsugunaga Momoko Premium
The evening performance was the ℃-ute Premium

They were the best
HinaFes is the best

Particularly the Momochi-senpai Premium
The venue started out in a rose-coloured mood

With the Country World and the appearance by Buono!-san
Even the music brought tears to my eyes…

Natsuyaki-san、 Suzuki-san、 Momochi-senpai
Their beautiful voices
Their cool dance moves
Their various expressions
They were all wonderful ( ´͈ ᵕ `͈ )

I couldn’t believe it when it ended
But it was truly wonderful, it was such a joy

At the end, we all sang 「Arigatou Otomomochi」
I’m truly happy that we were able to sing together

And、、 I took a 2 shot、、、
That I’ve always dreamed of

With Momochi-senpai

Even though it was just a single request、 my voice somehow wouldn’t come out
But since I thought that I might not be able to take a shot if I missed this chance、、、
I mustered up the courage to ask her, and she replied 「Sure〜」

Thank you very much。

But I don’t have the courage to put it up、 so please wait until my heart has calmed down

And Risa-chan、 thank you for your support

℃-ute-san’s was at night ✨
Ishida Ayumi-chan mentioned this at the MC segment
That we love how ℃-ute-san switch between their ON/OFF modes

Morning Musume。’17 are also fully aware of how much we’ve learnt from the seniors

Even though they’re always so airy and cute
They’re sexy and cool when they break into a dance

They’re really cool

In the past, I used to wonder if I’d be like that after the passage of 10 years〜

But that’s not it、 it’s what I accumulate that’s important

I’ll do my best in hopes of becoming someone as wonderful and attractive as ℃-ute-san!!

Today might be my final stage performance with the seniors
Those were the feelings I bore in heart as I sang

These 2 days were fun

To all of you who attended it
Thank you very much

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Birthday ☆

Konbanpon (*´∀`*)ノ

Today, the 6th of March
Is the birthday of Country Girls’ Tsugunaga Momoko-san

Happy birthdayヽ(*´∀`)ノ

Her birthday event、、、
It must have been fun〜
I wish I could have gone for it〜

A couple of days ago, when I had rehearsals、 I met Momochi-senpai by chance ♡

When I was taking a break, she called out 「Fuku-chan〜」
With my heart beating like mad, I went to where Momochi-senpai was

She showed me the setlist to her birthday event ♡

The choice of songs were very much what I’d expect from Momochi-senpai
I was sure that the fans would be overjoyed with those songsー!!

Her last photobook 「Momochi」 went on sale today

I got to check it out before it went on sale

Morning Musume。’17
Made a lot of noise as we took a look at it

It’s a photobook where you can fully enjoy all sorts of Momochi-senpai
It’s overflowing with a wonderful sense of transparency

This is the Momochi-senpai that I wanted to see!!!
I think you’ll fully appreciate it while saying that!!!

How the pages are organised and the tint of the outfits are amazing as well

Ah〜I’m sure that those who got to celebrate her birthday and furthermore, get their hands on her photobook
Must be super HAPPY〜(*n´ω`n*)

I wonder if this year’s birthday turned out to be quite the deeply memorable birthday celebration

As I thought about it during my breaks
I did my best at today’s rehearsal

I really want you to watch this spring tour
I’m confident that you’ll enjoy yourself!

More than anything
It’ll be the first tour for the 13th generation members
And the first since the 12th became seniors

What Morning Musume。’17 will show you is
A fun atmosphere that switches to a cool charm、 and the sight of us doing as we please

I want you to watch allllllll of it


Tomorrow from 5:00 p.m. at Tokyo: Ikebukuro Sunshine City-san’s Fountain Plaza
We’ll be holding a release commemoration mini-live & handshake events for our 63rd single
「BRAND NEW MORNING/Jealousy Jealousy」

Please drop by

Ah、 did you know that today is Younger Brother’s Day?
I wanted to write something about my younger brotherー

Late night tonight at 1:00~1:30 on TV Tokyo-san
Eripon will be appearing in 「Konnichiha、 Joyuu no Sagara Itsuki Desu」

I’ll get in the bath early and watch it〜
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