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An announcement。

This is an announcement。

I announced this at today’s concert、
Since there had been noticeable symptoms of my voice cracking, I went to the hospital to get it looked at, and was diagnosed with 「vocal cord nodules」。

Having considered various things、 after the 20th June Nippon Budokan performance which is the final leg of this spring tour、 and the Okai birthday event on the 22nd of June、 I will start with treatment。

This doesn’t mean that I’m unable to sing or talk with my current voice、 but it’s possible that I might be able to sing even better once I’m cured、 and I’d like everyone who comes to my LIVE performances to hear me singing at 100%!! With that thought in mind、 in order to be able to perform even better in the future、 this decision was made with the future in mind!

There will be a period of time during the treatment where it will be necessary for me not to talk, so I will be restraining myself during activities、 but having discussed it deeply with the members and others around me、 that will be the time when I will dealing with treatment。

I’ll do my best in order to deliver you an even lovelier singing voice 、 and、 to heal as soon as possible、 so everyone, please wait!!

It will be fine for me to carry on with activities as usual up to the day of the operation、
So I’ll do my best at full power with the variety jobs I have!!

It may have been a sudden announcement、
But when I was announcing it at today’s concert、 I was actually really nervous、 so I think I might not have been able to get things through well、 so once again、 as I really wanted it to get across to everyone who has always been cheering me on、
I also made an announcement on the blog!!

I may have caused concern、 but I’m counting on you for your support!!

℃-ute Okai Chisato

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