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Lip Service. |
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Lip Service.

Ohayo ♡ (good morning)

Osoyo?(osoi = late) Maybe???lol 

Well yesterday

Though a lot of people around me are becoming blessed with children

or getting married、

I have two friends

who aren’t married!!Those two people

are saying

“I wanna get married” or “I’ve gotta get married” or “I want a marriage partner”

so I’ll say things that I couldn’t say in front of those two. lol

I’ve been thinking, 

is a marriage partner something to look forー?

Is a marriage partner even a thingー?

Not having a partner now

made me think 

if I don’t have to change before looking for a partner

and completely change my status quo.

Is marriage really that important???

Look at me、、、!I’m the last one to get married、、、。

Since I’m bad at Japanese

what I’m trying to convey won’t communicate


since it’d make me frustrated

and I’d lie。

But for that me also。

there are people who haven’t lied once

That’s the songs Tsunku-san has written for us

it’s probably the only way I can communicate normally in Japanese.

I could only change

if I come to hate music.

Depending on how I sing or how I express it

Music would accept me too.

Therefore what those girls wanted to say.

If they want to change their partner. They can only change themselves.

Since if you lie yourself, then your partner will also lie.

If you think of your partner as just another thing
your partner will also think of you as a thing!!

That’s what I wanted to say.

But I couldn’t、、、。

Therefore it’s in a blog、、、。
I’m sorry.

If you don’t get it, then just ignore me!lol

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