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Pacifico Yokohama!!Uozumi

Good eveniーng♪
I had the privilege of performing yesterday and today in the HinaFest at Pacifico Yokohama^_^
As expected, it felt good to have a performance at a large venue~(o^^o)
at Pacifico Yokohama, I wore ear monitors for the first time!!
Because it was a spacious venue、the idea was that the sound would echo、and although I performed with ear monitors in so I could properly hear the sound of my guitar…
I didn’t practice with themっ(; ̄O ̄)

Well、however、、、I was a bit、well、I was quite satisfied with myself, being able to wear ear monitors as a NEW item。Lol

Usually, because the sound is returning from underfoot in a live house、I seldom have the chance to use ear monitors~。
Thank you for providing me with a precious experience( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Also、this time LoVendoЯ also got to do our first handshake event、and I enjoyed getting to talk with everyone in a closer proximity than usual^_^
Everyone who lined up since early in the morning、thank you!!

Midway through、we also went to play at the SATOYAMA&SATOUMI display booth and be a vendor in a hurryー!
Though I was actually going to browse the canned goods that Okamari was selling, you know ♡Lol

Man~、just as Tanaka-san came, everyone was displaying an amazing energy!!Lol
The goods were selling increeedibly hotlyっ!
Once again I thought, “Our leader, Tanaka-san, is amaziiing”っ☆

I couldn’t look through the exhibition corners thoroughly、but when I headed down there, I thought that there should be more opportunities to come in contact with and enjoy nature and local culture♪

Weーll、 after the date changes over to tomorrow, it’ll be a day of memorizing songs。
Let’s be a shut-in。
Oーhh yaーy。

Well then、later~♪


With Marin, immediately following the performance♡





Masaking-san is taking it lol lol lol




The dressing room transformed into a leisure facility。Lol




Looks like I’ll fall asleep easily~!

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The sky was ripped open、Uozumi

Good evening!
It’s been a while since my last update!
It’s gotten cold all of a sudden lately
So how is everyone doing?

Yesterday’s Rock no Gakuen
And also today’s Japan Popculture Carnival 2013 in Matsudo
To those who came, thank you very much!

Our first live in a while, and being able to stand on the same stage as such amazing people, I was really nervous~(O_O)

And the one thing I never expected today was、、、

“You, vulgar creatureっ!!!”

I heard it in person from Uesaka Sumire-san…
I cannot express the depths of my gratitude!!
Thank you so much!!

Man, the me who has become a victim of Sumire-san…ahh, calm down, me  ( ;´Д`)

Oh and also, the person who did the MC today
Sakurai Takamasa-san and Uesaka Sumire-san’s book
「What only a Japan that is unique in the world can do」
I read it!


The discussion about anime, lolita fashion and voice actors were all really interesting, and it’s a book you can’t put down!

The charm of Japanese culture and anime has been seen by people around the world, and I once more realized how being able to interact with it up close was such an amazing experience!
To have stood out with such dark undertones in the wonderful culture that Japan possesses, I feel like we can continue to shine more brightly in the future.
Everyone, please read this book.

Also, I want to attend more anime events as part of LoVendoЯ!!

To those who sweated it out for today’s live, it will get cold tonight so please be careful not to catch cold ^_^

Now then!



bgm: SKILL / JAM Project

p.s  We were burning up at the very end!!!!

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I watched the movie。Uozumi

Good evening.

It was raining today and was a little cold~。

There are already people who are wearing coats and mufflers

Ah~ This is the season where we rely on beanies and stuff…。


Around this time last year, I recall that I went for auditions…。

Just to digress a little, on the morning I had to go to the audition, the shoes I was wearing suddenly broke down so I had to go home to change, and I was almost late to the auditions…I was almost in danger of missing the audition entirely ^ – ^ so dangerous

As I reminisce about this,

Today I headed here…


I went to watch this with my sister on the opening day!


There was a special collaboration drink this time too, so we ordered it★

My sister ordered Homura-chan, and I went for Kyouko-chan…

It tasted sort of like Calpis and had an unusual flavor to it ^ – ^

And as for the movie…

Ahhh…My heart was torn into pieces by the sudden turn in events。。。

That a love too extreme would become warped into something so terrifying…。

If you’ve watched it please tell me how you feel about it in the comments ^ ^

Check UF LICKS out too!

Well later then

bgm: moonlight / moumoon

YUKA-san’s voice is wonderful~


【LoVendoЯ LIVE TOUR 2013 DecembeЯ】

Blog Pre-Application is still in progress!!

■Application Period:October 18th(Fri)12:00~October 27th(Sun)18:00

■Application URL:

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Good evening~

I’m rolling around so I’m busy no way♪

This is Uozumi who just wanted to say that.

Everyone would try to kill me if it were true though (^_-)☆

Just the other day, I watched Uesaka Sumire-san’s live on niconico douga so I’m super hyped up~♪

There was an audience participation simulation game thing and it was really interesting!

Furthermore Uesaka-san is……s-so cute////

“Genshi, Joshi, Taiyou Datta。” is endlessly repeating inside my head.

On November 4th, we will be appearing in the same event…

I want her to say to me in her wonderful voice “You vulgar creature!!!” or something like that…^ – ^

I am greatly indebted to the sponsor, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, even in my personal life m(_ _)m

I often tune in to it~!!!!!

With all that, I have been living in good health(?).

Well then, I shall return to my fortress and practice the songs for the event.

I discovered this when I went to Animate previously!!!


Please tune in to Rabuon too~♪


【LoVendoЯ LIVE TOUR 2013 DecembeЯ】

Blog Pre-Applications are ongoing!!

■Application Period:October 18th(Fri)12:00~October 27th(Sun)18:00

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No one knows about Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san…really ∑(゚Д゚)???

bgm: Gyakkou / Ishikawa Chiaki-san

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It’s raining、Uozumi

Good eveningー!

It seems like the typhoon will be back again…
The rain isn’t giving up yet is it (*_*)

But the sound of rain is good for sleeping I realize. My friends say so too.

Ah~uh, I’m somehow in the mood to get into a Mobile Suit and rid the world of evil ^ – ^ (Magical girl costumes are a little…w Embarrassing w

But the villains in anime sometimes have admirable qualities too…。
Like Rurouni Kenshin’s Shishio Makoto or Inuyasha’s Sesshomaru etc etc!

Well, you need enemies in order be a hero.
Without enemies you would be out of a job lol
Heroes go to employment agencies too.

Does everyone know of any cool villain characters??Like the characters that you like!!
If you do, let me know (*^_^*)

By the way, the characters I like are
Bakemonogatari’s Shinobu-chan, Eva’s Kaworu-kun, Yondemasuyo Azazel-san’s Beyan or Beelzebub 931st・Beelzebub Yuuichi ^ – ^
Do you know them??





【LoVendoЯ LIVE TOUR 2013 DecembeЯ】
Blog Pre-Application in progress!!

■Application Period:October 18th(Fri)12:00~October 27th(Sun)18:00

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We’re counting on you!


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I love being at home。 Uozumi

Good evening~♪

It’s gotten cold so quickly (O_O)
It was still hot until recently, but now I feel like the season has gotten really busy somehow.

I’ve been cooped up in my room for several days in a row while surrounded by blue light (no relation to Yokohama), and as a result when I ventured out for the first time in a while my skin couldn’t deal with the air outside (._.)(._.)(._.)

Putting a Mac in front of a Mac, it feels like an endless corridor of reflected images!


With a new mouse the responsiveness went UP.


As a breather I’m going to read Noragami before sleeping.


I want to eat delicious mackerel curry…

BGM: I dentity / Miyano Mamoru

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Back again at AkaBlitz。Uozumi

Good evening!

Today I went Akasaka Blitz…

To watch Kaori-san who plays drums for U_WAVE’s concert!

It was my first time watch Kaori-san drumming from the audience, and I was excited even before the show started. And then

Oh man…

It was really an amazing live。。。

It was a mesmerizing atmosphere that felt like something out of a musical, and I felt like I was lost in it.

We got to watch from the right side of the stage

But Kaori-san is really just too cool /////

My eyes had hearts in them the whole time.

Of course the rest of the members were also really cool and I couldn’t stop staring from start to finish!

Watching the guitarist Nomura Yoshio-san play had its highlights and comedic parts…and I absorbed a great deal from watching ^ – ^

It really was a day that made me think about how amazing the power of music was.

Even if I had something bothering me, I can forget it in that kind of atmosphere, and even feel better afterwards…



That’s how it is.



Valvrave season 2 has started so I’m going to rewatch everything from the start

bgm: abstract nonsense / Neru Feat. Kagamine Rion

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Good evening.

How are you spending the long autumn nights?

If you ask me that…

Sukiyaki is the usual.


In extravagance feat. matsutake mushrooms




It’s simple and good to eat with lime.

I can’t get enough of it!!!

This was quite some time ago though…lol

Does a person who dislikes sukiyaki even exist in this worldー(・・;)

I dislike fish but there aren’t that many people who dislike meat right…?

Please check out UF LICKS too!

You can watch Ame Agari no Yozora ni♪


Since I was asked…

I’ve got 3 piercings on my right ear and 4 on the left^ ^

bgm: Ano Natsu Kara Ichiban Tooi Basho/GLAY

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Interview information☆ Uozumi

Kon-nya-nya-chiwa( ´ °ω° ` )

On Ticket Pia’s WEB, a LoVendoЯ interview has been uploaded♪

Please check it out(*^_^*)

*Interview Page

*Girls Band feature page

Summer’s making a comeback。。。


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To the sea。Uozumi

Good evening!

Even though it’s cold outside, I ended up all sweaty while running to get onto the train. I give up.

I went to Enoshima the other day!



It’s probably my first time in Enoshima!!

The station was Ryumiyagiー♪

I walked to the sea.
In 8cm heels www

As I thought, the sand got between my toes and I was all sweaty halfway through w

On the beach I wrote For the Team and erased it…^ ^

In the morning the rain went somewhere…


It was so beautiful~♪

And my late breakfast…


It’s hereーーーー!!!

My first Eggs’n Things.

I heard rumors about it before
But they really don’t skimp on the cream do they.

Has anyone been there??

I took my time enjoying it.

I want to walk some mre~♪

Maybe about a year or so later ww

Until next time~♪

bgm:  Renai Circulation /Sengoku Nadeko(Hanazawa Kana)

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