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September 10th is?????

°C-ute no Hi!!!!!

The day has finally come along this year (^^)♡


Just now, I had a Hello! Radio recording with Tsubaki Factory’s Akiyama Mao-chan

On our way back, she mentioned ‘Today is °C-ute no Hi, right? (*´꒳`*)’
It made me feel extremely happy (T ^ T)♡


In the same way, it really warms my heart when I see comments and so on
Reminding me that all of team°C-ute are also celebrating °C-ute no Hi ♡

It makes me feel happy that there’s no doubt that there was a time when we lived as °C-ute, and that we live in all your hearts even now (T ^ T)♡


Thank you from the bottom of my heart‼︎

2 years have passed since our group disbanded,
I’ll always be proud of the time I spent as a member of °C-ute, and I love the team°C-ute that loves °C-ute ♡♡♡

Thank you so much for celebrating the day today (^^)‼︎


All of you, please be well ♡
Until the day we meet again‼︎✨ I too will spend every day working hard and having fun with all I’ve got ♡(^^)


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17 years.

Today, the 30th of June,
Marks exactly 17 years since we passed the Hello! Project Kids auditions‼︎


Time really flies, doesn’t it?

The announcement of our success was made on a TV programme, a live broadcast in the afternoon,
This morning, I remembered back to how nervous I was those 17 years ago as we were gathered at the television studio〜!


I was 10, now I’m 27.

These 17 years were truly packed with a lot of experiences and memories.

If that day hadn’t happened 17 years ago, we wouldn’t have met
I wouldn’t have met so many people‼︎


All your encouragement over these 17 years gives me a push to my back, even now, and I’m fortunate to have challenged all sorts of things‼︎‼︎


I’ll do my best and have fun in hopes that I’ll continue growing,
And in hopes that I’ll be able to respond to your support and to more than live up to your expectations (〃ω〃)♡


Once again, thank you so very much for all your support ♡ And I’ll be counting on you from now on too (^-^)



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Miyazaki Yuka-chan ♡

Miyazaki Yuka-chan graduated from Juice=Juice yesterday.


It’s really touching to remember back to when that pure Miyazaki-chan had just barely joined us as a member of Hello!Project〜♡(T ^ T)

Not long after she joined, we did a SATOYAMA on-location shoot together and stayed over in the same room, and that’s what led me to become close to Miyazaki-chan ♡

We’ve even gone for meals together (〃ω〃)

Miyazaki-chan always had this worried look on her face when she joined, but without me realising it, she became the leader of a really lovely group, respected by everyone, and what left an impression on me during yesterday’s graduation concert

Was that all the members said

「She’s someone who’s more gentle than anyone, stronger than anyone.」


From the mouths of the members closest to her. I’m sure that they’ve seen that a lot from her (*´꒳`*)

Going through activities, I believe that each and every member must have hit their own walls, yet I think that it’s fun to pursue dreams that aren’t so easily obtainable,

But despite so many things, Miyazaki-chan was able to fully concentrate on what was directly in front of her eyes, so much so that it seems that she wouldn’t remember those times,

She really worked hardー、、、(*´-`)♡、、、

I feel really grateful and congratulatory so someone like that, who was able to celebrate the day of her graduation while enveloped in so much love like she was.

The love among the members of the group was really wonderful too♡‼︎

While that sort of wonderful mood definitely stems from the feelings and thoughts of each and every one of the members,
Isn’t it also the result of Miyazaki-chan working hard to bring the group together as its leader?(*´꒳`*)


Miyazaki-chan’s airy, kind, broad-minded aura, also her frank honesty, the sense of security she exudes、、、 There are lots of things I like about her (〃ω〃)♡


Miyazaki-chan, who anyone can come to love. She’s really wonderful ✨

From now on, you’ll be starting on a new life (°▽°)♡


Miyazaki-chan showed us that she enjoyed her last concert to the very max ♡(//∇//)
From the bottom of my heart, I hope that we’ll see you try doing what you want to do so that you’ll live life with no regrets, and that we’ll see you enveloped in joy with many smiles ♡ ♡


Firstly, let’s go for a meal later, okー(*´꒳`*)
I’m happy to say that I asked her out for dinner ♡, and we immediately made plans (≧∇≦)
Heheh♪ Ain’t it swellーー(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) lol

It’s been quite a while, so I’m looking forward to itー♡
We’ll talk lots ♪


Well then! There’s one more today.
The graduation of a dear junior of mine、、、.

Ayacho, please shine at your utmost best.


I found a photo with Miyazaki-chan which was quite nostalgic, so here you goー♡



#YajimaMaimi #MiyazakiYuka

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Heisei is ending.

Mum, Dad,
Thank you for bringing me to life and raising up.

Thank you to everyone whom I’ve ever come into contact with over my 27 years.

I’ve lived a really joyful 27 years.

Thank you to Heisei, which has given me plenty of experiences and touched my heart in many ways.

I hope that things go well in Reiwa as well.



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Okai Chisato.

Former °C-ute member Okai Chisato-chan has announced that she will be entering a hiatus on her own blog.

As it’s something Chisato decided on and since it’s Chisato’s life,
I fully respect Chisato’s resolve.

It’s a path chosen by a special person to me.
I hope that Chisato will always be happy, with a smile on her face.



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Hiroshima edition ♡

The Hiroshima edition of WATCHY’s 1-minute videos has been UPloaded ♡(^^)

Watch it at WATCHY「Enjoy Tourism」

Hiroshima’s a wonderful placeー♡
I’d like to go there again (//∇//)

A lot of Okayama edition videos have already been UPloaded, so I’ll be counting on you to check those out too (о´∀`о)



#Yajima Maimi #WATCHY

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Is it still morning time…‼︎

Good morningー‼︎

Today, I woke up really early…

I was surprised that it was still morning time (°▽°)‼︎

I’ll be starting on a new challenge today‼︎

Gonna work hard and enjoy it ♪

Everyone, have a wonderful day too〜(^^)

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Today, I had a shooting for 「CAR Top March edition」 that’ll go on sale on the 26th of January (^-^)

I’ll be on the cover (*^^*)♡
I’m really happy about it ♪

The shooting was lively and a lot of fun (*´꒳`*)

When it goes on sale, please make sure to check it out, okay〜(*´꒳`*)

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Hello! Con ♡

Nakajima Saki-chan and I appeared together as guests at today’s Hello! Project concerts♡‼︎

There were lots of fans of other groups at the venue, but the moment we stepped on-stage, everyone turned their glowsticks blue and red,

And got fired up together with our °C-ute songs (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)♪

That made me so happy〜(≧∇≦)
Thank you so very much‼︎

My heart was soothed our cute juniors, like always ♡

With Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka-chan, and
Morning Musume。’19’s Makino Maria-chan‼︎

This is Morning Musume。’19’s Sato Masaki-chan‼︎

My next appearance will be on the 12th of January ✨
I’ll be appearing together with Okai Chisato-chan and Nacky ♡(*^o^*)

I’ll be counting on you for my last day as a Hello! Con guest‼︎♡

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With Saki ♡

Good afternoon‼︎^ ^


I went for shabushabu with Shimizu Saki-chan yesterday night〜(*´꒳`*)

I think this is the first time I had a meal with Saki
Since the voice training members went for monja in the summer?(^^)

And it’s really been ages since it was just the 2 of us ♡

Saki told me about this great shabushabu store she recommended,

Even the appetizers were delicious (*´꒳`*)♡

We talked lots, we ate lots,
We had a joyful time (*´-`)

I would like to treasure this time ♡♡♡

Saying bye-bye as we wished each other a happy new year〜♡
Immediately reminded me that the year would be changing!

I was still on cloud nine on my way home,
That I messed up my transfer,

But I didn’t mind it ♪(°▽°) lol


I look forward to the day when we’ll meet again (〃ω〃)
Saki, thank you ♡


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