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Good evening。
It’s Yanagawa Nanami。

I have some information for everyone。

I、Yanagawa Nanami
in March of next year、
Will graduate from Country Girls、Juice=Juice
and Hello! Project。

On 11/5 it will have been 3 years since I joined Hello! Project as a member of Country Girls。

These 3 years
have been the deepest of all those I’ve lived in my 16 years so far、
and each day left me with a satisfaction that can’t be replaced。

Last summer、
in a new organization of Hello! Project,
I started doing activities with Juice=Juice、
and being active in both groups I gained a lot of vital experience。

During that、this past year
I’ve been thinking more and more of my own future and my current activities。

Being an idol has been a dream of mine since I was little。

Although it’s a miracle just that my dream came to be、
I’m really full of feelings of gratitude
that I’ve been able to meet
and be supported by my wonderful senpai、
and strong-hearted colleagues。

Especially because of that、I’ve thought lots and lots
about this decision
but the result of me reflecting on it myself again
was the feeling that it’s necessary for me to part from being「Idol」
and grow as「Yanagawa Nanami」。

First of all
for the next year
I want to properly prepare for advancing in my education、
find my own dreams、and head forward to a new goal。

I’m sorry for surprising you
with the sudden announcement。

Though my time as an idol is limited、
I want to make it precious while taking it all in。

And more than anything、
I want to repay the kindness
of everyone I love。

For that sake as well
I’ll do my very best
until next spring。

From now on
please continue to support Hello!Project、Country Girls、Juice=Juice
and Yanagawa Nanami。

Yanagawa Nanami

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